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TPR chap 29 updated

Sunday Sundae is served….ahha will Geet be able to calm him down enough to tell will just have to read!! Hopefully dil aapka garden garden ho jayeega ;)) Do comment love to read them.

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TPR – chap 28

The Sunday Sundae is served, and its damn sizzling! Do not read if you cant stand the heat!! Pankha, AC…hell, just sit in the fridge! You have been warned….starry night…water flowing…I don’t want to say any more ;)) Enjoy!!

Do comment and tell me what you liked and what you didn’t, love to read your comments.


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Chapter 27 – wild and wet!

Enjoy TPR update chap 27.


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Mb Poems

Two more added 😉

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TPR chap 26

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Hello Sheelolooo This weeks Sundae is different. Not TPR but SR revisited. This I wrote a long time ago at the request of a friend. I hope that I have been able to create the whole scene in your minds eye for you. If I succeed in doing that I will be happy. Please do tell me if you like it.

After their long awaited wedding, the long awaited SR that never happened except on Jane’s pages 😉 ) No lanterns, No itchy hay, just love and passion 🙂

Hello Sheeloloo…

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