3 days and 3 nights in Rathambor – part 3

Hokeyyyyy Part 3 is served. I hope u enjoy do comment!

Snuggling into the soft cotton sheets Kalpi sighed with bliss. Must be Sunday. Everything was quiet outside, perhaps aai and baba hadn’t woken yet. She didn’t want to open her eyes at all, never had she had such a refreshing sleep. Pulling the sheets tighter around her she snuggled into the soft downy bed…hmmmm..something didn’t add up…..SOFT DOWNY BED? Usually at home the floor was rock hard!

Her eyes fluttered open where had she woken up wondering with more than a little trepidation. For a moment she was stumped and then recalled the events of yesterday. A smile broke out on her face and she hugged her pillow. Raghav…She sighed and turned on her back softly speaking his name to herself. He had been so wonderful with aai and then stood up for her in the restaurant and then…sitting in his arms watching the sunset had been just to amazing to put into words. She had never understood how one individual could feel so in tune with another. But last she remembered she had been upstairs on the terrace with Raghav in his arms watching the glorious sunset? How did she get back down here?

Interrupting her thoughts the bathroom door clicked open and out stepped Raghav bare except for his low slung black leather jeans. He was busy running another towel over his short wet hair. Eyes wide they froze on his lean fit torso.

“Ahh…Good morning! I am glad you are awake!” His eyes were warm as they rested on her.

She couldn’t move, she couldn’t close her eyes, lean, teak and fit he was walking directly towards her. Her mouth ran dry as she watched a rivulet of water run down his torso over his flat stomach down the hair line and splash on the well fitting black leather. Muscle and sinew in perfect definition. She could see his mouth move, he was uttering words to her, smiling at her and then that gorgeous adoring smile turned into a frown as he got no response.

“Kalpi? Kalpi? Are you OK? He stared at her wide eyes.

“As there is only one bathroom in the honeymoon suite I had to share. Kalpi you need to get ready fast! We have a Motorbike safari booked this morning. Come on lets go!”

Still she sat frozen on the bed, her hands clutching her sheets like a life line.

A huge grin broke out on his face as he cottoned on to her state. “Kalpi I do believe I’ve shocked you! Get used to it….because after we are married we will be sharing a lot more.” His eyes spoke volumes.

“For now I think we better get going, But if you want to stay in bed today, I really don’t mind!” His hand shot out and tugged at her sheet, eyes full of mischief as he saw her eyes had become impossibly wide and her cheeks a bright red.

With a squeal she bolted off the bed and ran into the bathroom, shutting the door firmly behind her. Through the door she could hear him laughing away.

“Kalpi you will need clothes in there unless you plan to come out in your towel. Make sure you wear jeans or something like that this morning.”

“Raghav go away if you want me to get ready!” Terribly flustered she shouted at him through the door.

Damn! Why had she forgotten her clothes outside, but she didn’t want to go there now, seeing him like that made her insides melt and she was sure to go bright red again. She stuck her tongue out at him through the door for teasing her so mercilessly, then turned on the shower so he would get the message and leave, when she heard no more laughter she tiptoed back to the door to see if she could hear him outside.


Cautiously she opened the door and found that he had left her room closing the door behind him. A smile broke out on her face, he was keeping his promise as he had said regarding her privacy. Grabbing the required clothing she ran into the shower to get ready in record time.

They reached the reception just in time, a few other people were waiting for various outings. Moti appeared out of nowhere and escorted them to a car park where a motorbike like Kalpi had never seen before was parked.

“Sir your transport. Now here is a map of where you can go with this bike. There are certain areas where for obvious reasons your bike cant go.”

Eyes wide Kalpi started at the beast of a bike and then at Raghav. Was he serious about this?

“You did say I am behaving like a teenager, well I used to do a lot of bike riding then, don’t worry you will be quite safe with me…all my girlfriends will vouch that I’m a good ride.” he said tongue in cheek.

Kalpi glared at him at the mention of other girls, to which he just smiled and grinned knowing totally that he was annoying her.

Suddenly around the corner a girl appeared, young pretty, she was crying her eyes out and following her was a young man, who seemed to be apologising profusely.

“Baby doll..don’t mind them, I love you!”

“But how can I get married to you when they hate me!”

“That’s the bride and groom, wedding party arrived last night. They have been arguing ever since.” Moti grinned. “just wedding jitters.” He said as way of explanation. “We see them all the time. Now if you are fine and have no questions I will be going Sir, Madam. Oh yes, there is also a packed lunch in the cool box at the back.”

Raghav nodded and tried to slip Moti a note.

“No sir, you gave me more then enough yesterday. Thank you.” With that he briskly went back to his duties.

Completely oblivious to them the couple disappeared down another path still arguing loudly. “I am not going to marry you!”

“Maybe I wont be marrying you either.” Kalpi angled her chin and glared at him. “Maybe you should marry one of your previous girlfriends.” She turned and was about to walk away when he grabbed her hand and swung her hard to face him, his eyes suddenly so intense and serious.

“You think I would marry anyone else? You are in my blood, you are in my every breath, and YOU are mine! Regardless of what happens you will always be MINE and mine only! His hands gripped her shoulders and gently shook her as if he had to make her understand.


“Kalpi!” He mimicked her shocked tone. “I am serious Kalpi, a lifetime has passed me by and I haven’t noticed I was so busy succeeding in business and shying away from emotional ties, now with you I am learning to live again. Now..”.he grinned at her serious expression, “come on lets escape, I have so many years to catch up on and I want to show you and experience with you all your new experiences, it will give me a thrill to experience everything anew. Will you let me share?”

Nodding a yes, her eyes filled with tears, his eyes were so adoring. Taking advantage of her state he swooped down and brushed his lips against hers. Making her gasp in shock.

“Ummm so sweet!” he licked his lips.

Giving her no time to recover or protest he urged her, “Come on! Lets go!” Giving her a helmet, he made sure she was properly clipped, then put on his own. Firing up the bike he mounted it.

Blushing furiously but unable to stop herself from grinning at his totally uninhibited show of affection, Kalpi slid on behind him. Shyly reaching around his torso she wrapped her arms around him and held on tight. Impatient to go he revved the bike and then with a roar of happiness he sped them off on their adventure.

By the time they came back, Kalpi’s eyes were bright with excitement and thrill. He had driven them around so many places, glorious ruins, forest, open road, they had stopped atop a mountain top and had a sandwich lunch on the edge of cliff. The wind had been in her hair and the thrill of hugging him so close to her all morning had added extra sparkle to her eyes. And to top it all every-time she looked at him in his black leather pants, white T that stretched across his fit torso topped all with a black leather jacket she hadn’t been able to take her eyes of him at all. She had to pinch herself several times to make sure this was not a dream.

She loved the way his eyes had adored her all the time. Warm, dark, intense, framed by thick sooty lashes they caressed her soft skin, fluttered over her lips as she ate, as her lips became moist with with juice he licked his own as if somehow tasting hers. Intently he had watched the rapid pulsating beat at her throat with such hunger that many a time she had to look away from their intensity as he practically made love to her without even touching her. What almost undid her was his habit of biting his lower lip, many a time she wanted to reach out and soothe it and once as his eyes noticed her obvious fixation he watched her reaction with immense pleasure especially as it sent a compulsive shiver through her frame. That look of his said ‘oh yes , you know don’t you…that we are going to be so good together….’

Hand in hand they went back to the villa. Moti was waiting for them next to the plunge pool and provided them with a light tea and refreshing drinks. After he set it all up he vanished again. Kalpi was pleasantly surprised to see that the snacks were spicy and tasty. Raghav had arranged them for her she knew. She tucked in happily although Raghav had trouble with the spice.

“I don’t know how you can eat this hot!” Moaning, he downed a glass of lime aid. His eyes were watering and his mouth was burning.

“Sir, I ‘m used it.” Grinning she topped his glass again with more lime aid.

His eyes darkened looking into her eyes directly he said, “Every time you say ‘Sir’ even by mistake now I am going to kiss you thoroughly.”

Kalpi’s food went down the wrong way totally. She coughed and spluttered Raghav got up from his chair and rubbed her back calmly, he was grinning from ear to ear as if he knew what his statement would do to her. As she finished spluttering he sat back down and pulled her on to his lap.

“But S…Raghav,” She corrected her self quickly as he moved his mouth towards her. “I cant call you Raghav at work!” her eyes were wide with anxiety as she thought about what he had just said.

“You can and you will, its my wish. And anyway after we get married you cant be still calling me Sir!” He raised a brow at that ridiculous notion. “So get used to calling me by my name. “ He smiled at the fact that she hadn’t tried to run from his lap so distracted she was by the thought that he would carry out his threat. He took full advantage of it as he wrapped his arms around her hugging her softness to him.

“R..Raghav, are you sure it will work out. I mean there are so many differences between us.”

“No difference is insurmountable if you think about it. We have spent a wonderful morning together in each others company, there were no issues were there.” His tone was husky.

“That’s because we are away from all of our usual life, work, aai..baba…Sammy sir..Paakhi.”

“We will make our own world Kalpi, just you and me.”He said with intensity. He was just about to add to that when there was a knock at the door.

With a muttered curse he let go of her as suddenly she realised where she was sitting and tried to jump off his lap faster than an Olympian. Rolling his eyes at the way she put distance between them he went and opened the door. One of the hotel boys stood with his arms full of bags.

“Great! They have arrived.” He instructed the boy to bring them in and put them on the bed.

Feeling curious Kalpi ventured in, “What are all these bags?”

“They are all for you. Go have a look.”

Her brow pleated she went to the bed and opened one bag after another and peered at the contents. Incredible designer outfits filled each bag, each more exquisite then a another. Names like Ritu Beri, Manesh Malhotra, Tina Tahilani popped up at her. All with matching shoes and clutches. She couldn’t even imagine the cost of these. Unable to breathe she turned a very pale face towards him.

“I cant wear these Raghav!” It came out as a horrified whisper.

“Why not?” his brow pleated with confusion. “They are your size, I made sure of that. Don’t you like them?”

“Like?” She looked down at the incredible fabrics, embroidery, the designs. “I love them.”

“Then whats the problem?” He would never get women he thought, running his hand through his short hair with confusion.

“Raghav these are way beyond my reach.”

“I am not asking you to pay for them, they are a gift, for my honewali biwi!” He stared at her completely puzzled. He had thought from what Paakhi had been going on about and his previous girlfriends that women loved being gifted designer things? But as he watched she closed all the bags one by one setting them back in order.

“You have to send these back.” This was about yesterday, she knew He was embarrassed to go to the restaurant again with her in her ordinary clothes.

“Kalpi? Its not like that at all! After yesterday…..”

She didn’t let him finish, “If you are that embarrassed to be with me in my usual clothes why did you bring me here? To this posh hotel?” Hurt filled her eyes and she ran out of the bedroom brushing past him and out of the villa not knowing where she was heading.

“KALPI! Listen to me!” He called after her

But she was already beyond listening, sobs racking her slight frame. Knowing this gap between them would never be breached!

For a stunned moment Raghav stood motionless. What the hell had happened here? He looked at the bags of clothes with incredulity, running his hand over his hair in a gesture of shock he grabbed his key card closed the door and went after her.

It took him almost half hour an to find her. She was sitting with the bride from the morning. Her face was a little pale and definitely he knew she had been crying.

“Kalpi? I have been so worried.” he looked so unhappy and puzzled.

“Raghav..I am so sorry..I was just coming back to you when I found Manisha here crying her eyes out.”

She was already coming back to him? Thank god she had changed her mind about whatever it was that triggered her running off. Getting up from next to Manisha she walked up to him and stood close.

“I am sorry I ran off like that…I was just so overwhelmed. Its going to take time for me to get used to you gifting me things. I know you would have bought them for me thinking that I would love them and I do, I really do. Please forgive me.” Her tone was soft and husky.

He had to make her understand, his hand reached out and caressed her cheek. “I wasn’t embarrassed yesterday, why did you even think that? I told you that you were the most beautiful woman in that place by far and I meant it. I love you exactly as you are. I couldn’t care less how you dressed as long as you are with me. I just wanted to give you those clothes thinking you would enjoy them.”

Love shone out of her eyes at him. “I know..I ‘m so sorry I ran off jumping to the wrong conclusions. But listen, actually its amazingly lucky that you have ordered such fabulous clothes for me, Manisha here has been crying her eyes out because they had lost her bag with some of her event outfits. I am about her size… do you think?”

How could he deny her anything. Her dark doe eyes were so hopeful. How was she so generous when she had to fight for everything? If it were possible he loved her even more at this moment.

“If that is what you wish.” He nodded.

A ravishing smile broke out on her face as he gave his acquiescence. On impulse she reached up and brushed her soft lips across his.

Raghav’s breath stopped. He stared down at her his body flooding with the urge to crush her to him and let her continue with her impulsive urge, but she had already skitted away and was talking to Manisha who’s pale face brightened a little. He watched as she dragged Manisha up and pulled her

towards their villa.

Grinning and nodding his head in complete disbelief that he found such a beautiful soul for a life partner he followed them.


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  1. ratimukherjee

    May 20, 2014 at 5:18 am

    Can there be anyone in reality as caring and adoring like Janey’s Raghav – NO!! This is amazing hun. And kalpi is getting all ready for the “golden night”….i tell you..ha ha ha ha. She is painted inexplicably innocent. Just fab babes. Will wait for the next chapter eagerly. Mwaahhh for this one 🙂

    • janememe

      May 20, 2014 at 7:37 am

      LOlllllllllll he is preping her well and good ;)))) buahahahahha glad ure enjoying :))

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    waiting for part 4

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      Yup will post as soon as am able ;))

    • janememe

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      Ahi wait kaarna paadge- no time at moment ;(( soon as poss i will write- glad your enjoying ;))

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    this is superbbbbb
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    I’m waiting 🙂
    plz give the new part faster
    I want to say that u r super duper creative .
    u r just awesomeee 🙂

    • janememe

      May 27, 2014 at 7:46 am

      Aww thanks cute angel ;)) I so stuffed with work at moment I cant promise it very fast but will defo churn out next part asap!! Sweet! If you like this you may like all my other Maaneet stuff and Accidental Love (M&B type). Happy reading ;))


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