A Delightful Surprise!

Helloooooo Sunday Sundae is here, I am afraid I haven’t had time to pen TPR but in its place I am uploading a filler from the vault I hope you enjoy it ;)) slightly revised, Old is Gold ;))

Chudail!!! Kothi! Ullu ki Pathee!!” Geet muttered curses under her breath as she peered through glass between her and Maan’s office.

Her temperature had risen and was rising even further as spied the goings on.

Adi’s new secretary, Cherry, was sitting with Maan. OH NO! not just sitting, to Geet it looked as if she had practically climbed on to Maan’s lap!

Flicking her long hair, pouting her red glossed lips and wearing a skirt so short it resembled a belt, she had been with Maan enclosed in their office all morning.

Geet muttered a few more choice curses under her breath as she looked on. What were they talking about. Short of pressing her nose to the glass she couldn’t tell. It seemed to Geet that she was spending an extraordinarily large amount of time with Maan when she should be with Adi, after all she was supposed to be Adi’s secretary.

she had tried to interrupt already quite a few times on some pretext on another but in the end Maan had glared at her and shooed her out of his office.

Maan bhi na…” he looked as if he is really enjoying all this, she thought as she saw him smiling and joking with Cherry, he could lay on the charm when he wanted to she knew that. She looked at her husband through the glass he was so utterly beautiful. So absolutely fit any woman would fall for him and it looked like this Cherry already had. Angrily she paced her office.

Mera Maan kitna handsome hai! Babaji! I am sure she is after him!”

He had just leaned forward to show Cherry something in a file, but Cherry wasn’t paying any attention to the file, Geet could tell she was breathing hard and fluttering her eyelashes at him. He was so close to her and the way Cherry was staring at him, almost salivating all over him!

‘OOH!’ Groaning in frustration she pressed her face to the glass, just as Maan turned and caught her staring. She jumped back pretending to pick up an invisible pencil from the floor, straightening up she showed him her back.

Cherry!! Cherry!! Yeh naam hai ke fruit!” She muttered angrily pacing up and down her office.

Frustrated to the nth degree she slammed herself down in her chair tapping her fingers in agitation on her desk.

Adi walked in and caught Geet muttering under her breath.

He quickly hid a smile and said “Err….Geet, tumne woh Sunita Enterprises ka project ko dekh liya? Muhje woh file chahiye Usske figures check karne hai.”

Geet looked up and glared at him. Her face was a picture of agitation. Adi tried very hard not to laugh.

Adi Sir! Tumhari secretary Maan ke saath subah se kya Ghoos poos kar rahi hai?” She asked him angrily.

Suddenly from the office next door there was a loud peel of laugher from Cherry and Maan which made Geet jump up and glare at Adi even harder.

Kuch nahi………Err Geet yeh Maan Sir ek naya project discuss kerte hai with Cherry. Aur doosri koi baat nahi. And G..Geet what can I do if Maan sir wants to work with her?” Adi stoked the fire a little more, hiding yet another smile as her face clouded over with anger.

Errr Dekho mujhe woh Sunita Enterprises wali file jaldi chayie.” Adi added trying to get away quickly, maybe he shouldn’t have said that.

Geet found the file and handed it over to him, still really annoyed that he was letting his secretary work with Maan all day, telling him with her eyes that she was not happy with his explanation or buying what he said at all.

Just as he left Maan walked in, coming right up to her.

Geet mujhe woh Sunita Enterprises waali file chahiye.” He said smiling at her and stroking her arm.

Snatching her arm away she glared at him. He looked puzzled at her action. His dark eyes looked at her moment, his brow raised in question but he didn’t say anything. Looking into his face she saw nothing different, he didn’t seem to have any idea that she was mad at him at all.

Geet woh file?” he asked again, looking innocently at her.

Adi Sir le gayee abhi abhi, mere pass nahi hai!” She declared and sat down in a strop and started to write something ignoring him.

Geet…. kuch hua? Tumhari taabiyet to fine hai na??” He asked suddenly concerned. His eyes roamed over her quickly making sure she wasn’t hurt anywhere.

Maan! Geet stressed rather heavily then usual. “Mujhe kuch nahi hua.” She looked at him, her eyes boring into his “lekin aap ko kya ho gaya hai??”

Mujhe?” He queried back. “Mujhe tou kuch nahi hua! Yeh kaisa sawal hai?”

Geet muttered under her breath “tou woh…. ha ha, he he kya tha Cherry ke saath?

Babaji, shaadi ke abhi to 5 months bhi nahi hue and he is bored of me and looking at other girls!”

What did you say Geet? I didnt quite catch it.” Maan asked innocently.

She glared at him so hard he shrugged his shoulders and walked out hiding a sexy secretive smile.

That evening Maan could see that Geet was in a seriously bad mood. She was jumping on everything he said putting wrong meanings to his words and glaring at him. Thank God Daadi and Anwesha were away for a night in Mumbai.

He knew exactly why she was behaving like this but he had his reasons for spending the morning with Cherry. In fact Cherry had been invaluable to him this morning.

He smiled to himself. She looked so adorable when she was this angry like a little spitting kitten. Her eyes all big, sparking with fire, her look throwing daggers at him. All he wanted to do was gather her in his arms and kiss her senseless.

Geet caught his smile and her eyes sparked angrily at him. Getting up suddenly she declared she was going to bed early.

Geet..why are you in such a bad mood? Kya hua?” He asked smiling softly at her. He stood up and gathering her close linking his arms around her waist.

Geet shirked him off and stomped off to the bedroom.

Maan followed her up to the bedroom. Now, he was getting annoyed at her.

Geet stop!” He fired at her.

But Geet had already disappeared into the bedroom.

He entered the bedroom just as she disappeared into the bathroom.

Geet, what’s going on! Why are behaving like this?? Saaf Saaf bolo! he questioned through the bathroom door.

He was just about to go in when Geet stomped out and without saying a word to him climbed into bed.

He glared at her

Geet? Kya hua?” he asked again, annoyed to the core.

She didn’t say a word.

Exasperated he grabbed his towel and had a long cold shower. When he came back into the bedroom he could see that she was pretending to be asleep.

Calmly he climbed into bed. He knew exactly how to resolve this.

Oh Geet…” he said ever so casually… “before I forget we have to go to a party tomorrow evening. Sunita Enterprises are having a launch party for their project. I want you to make an BIG effort and wear a beautiful Sari and try tonlook stunning. Wear that black lace Sari that you bought the other day. The new one.

Geet half heard him and then it clicked suddenly what he had said about making a BIG effort!

Babaji! She ALWAYS made an effort! That just tipped her temper into explosive mode.

Furiously she sat up. Her eyes sparked at him.

Maan! O! You!” She spluttered…she was just about to give him a further piece of her mind when he caught her in his arms. Pulling her hard against his chest, his mouth closed over hers and anything she was about to say was lost in her husbands thorough and devastating kiss.

She pushed at him in her anger but he was so much stroger and her traitorous body responded immediately to his master touch. Her anger dissipated in the heat of his sensual assault. She became totally lost in his lovemaking. Forgetting everything her arms crept about his neck and her fingers threaded themselves into his lush dark hair in an effort to pull him closer.


Chup! I just want you to feel…”

After that there were no more words, he took it slow and sensual, exploring her thoroughly, ignoring her pleas to hurry, he was not about to be rushed. He was relentless in his mission to give her as much pleasure as possible.

He wanted her to feel his passion for her, his love, his need. He watched her face, his dark desire filled slumberous gaze intense as she became slowly but surely submerged in the spell of sensuality he was casting. He loved to watch her face she hid nothing giving herself completely to him as always.

Letting her feel his immense need for her. He built a slow, slow fire that took them to a sensual place that only together they could reach.

Geet was his beginning and Geet was his end. He wanted to show her that he loved her and her only. Only when she screamed out her pleasure against his chest clinging to him did he let himself lose control and seek his own fulfilment.

When finally replete, she lay sleeping on his chest, he gathered her closer, softly kissing her hair as he whispered “I am sorry Mishty, I couldn’t tell you today but tomorrow you will know.”

The next day for Geet started happily but the afternoon soon turned into a disaster as she saw Maan and Cherry leaving to go somewhere, as they walked out they were smiling and joking as if …Where were they going?

Adi Sir Adi Sir!” She all but fell into his office.

Yeh Maan aur woh Chuda…errr Cherry kaha ja rahe hai?” she demanded both anxious and angry at the same time.

Adi looked up anxiously at her state.

Geet….. Geet…sit down. Woh log meeting mein jaa rahe hai. Aur kuch nahi. Please sit down.” He quickly gave her some water looking at her pink flushed face.

It took a while but he calmed her down and she eventually went back into her office.

She was being silly she thought to herself. Maan loved her she knew. Even last night he had taken her to heaven again and again in his arms showing her how much she meant to him. Yes that’s it, she was being silly.

4 O’clock came and went he hadn’t returned with Cherry.

5 O’clock came and went and he still hadn’t returned with Cherry

At 5.30 she began to anxiously pace up and down her office.

By 6 O’clock she began to despair and think all sorts of wild things that had her muttering and cursing Cherry in a totally unfeminine way!

At 6.15 Adi came in and told her to go home and get ready for the Sunita Enterprises launch party. Maan had just rung him and told him to tell her that he would meet her there and she was to wear the black lace Sari.

Adi was to take her home.

Geet nearly exploded! Why hadn’t Maan called HER!

She was really going to give him a piece of her mind. Now really annoyed she went home with Adi, who rushed her upstairs to her bedroom not even giving her a minute to think. He kept saying the guests were going to come early and she should get ready as quickly as possible.

Cursing profoundly, she quickly changed into the Sari Maan had wanted her to wear doing her make up and put her earrings on.

She heard Adi call out to her. “Geet are you ready, P..Please hurry up!”

Hastily she slipped her feet into sandals and opened the door annoyed at the whole situation, not looking up she moaned at Adi.

Adi do you know where Maan is..?” and froze. Looking incredible in a black Nehru collar jacket and black trousers, he was standing there just outside the door, he gazed at her tenderly, love shining out of his beautiful dark chocolate eyes but before she could even open her mouth she was whisked around and blindfolded.

Maan? Maan?” she squeaked “what was going on?” She couldn’t see anything.

Shhhh……..Geet” her husband’s voice calmed her.

Chaalo mere saath.” Holding her hand and guiding her safely he took her to the Terrace.

Maan…Maan yeh sab kya hai? Please Maan yeh blindfold nikaal do na.”

Abhi naahi Geet…shhh…” he soothed “sab kuch paata chaalega tumko thodi der mein.”

She felt the cool breeze on her skin as they reached the terrace, he walked her a bit more and stood her still, whipping off the blindfold in a quick fluid movement. Geet blinked in the darkness.

Maan…yeh sab kya hai?” she whispered into the quiet night air.

The lights came on bright and sparkling. Suddenly there was a loud cheer.

Happy Birthday to you Geet.” All her office friends and Daadi, Anwesha, Arjun were all standing there smiling at her.

Happy Birthday to you my Mishty” he whispered softly against her cheek stealing a quick kiss from her lush pink lips.

Adi came along with Cherry.

Geet, yeh Cherry meri cousin hai. She is an event organiser. Maan Sir wanted your party to be fantastic so they have been organising it for days.” he explained to her smiling.

Her soft brown eyes filled with tears.

Maan! Aap ne mere liye itna sab kuch kiya… aur mein..” she hiccuped..she couldn’t go on. She buried her face in his chest. She had totally forgotten all about her birthday in all her jealous rage.

Maan, smiled and gazed down at her his eyes filled with love for her.

He gently hooked a finger under her chin, whispering “Geet you are my whole world…My days begin with you and my days end with you. In my life there is no place for anyone else now or ever.”

She looked up into her husbands beautiful face, all the love she felt for him poured out of her eyes, reverently she whispered against his lips “Maan I love You!”


14 responses to “A Delightful Surprise!

  1. Chetna

    January 7, 2013 at 7:55 am

    Hey Jane…fab surprise! Loved it! A jealous n possessive Geet! Bt Maan only being secretive as he planned something special 4 her bday! Superbly written! 🙂 Maan really loves n adores her! Geet 4got her bday! Hw abt an epilogue 4 A test of Love! Thanks

    • janememe

      January 7, 2013 at 2:53 pm

      thanks Chetna glad you enjoyed it 😉 I better update TPR first before any epilogues otherwise I will get killed!

      • Chetna

        January 8, 2013 at 5:53 am

        Thanks dear….bt any chance do u have nymore of these stuff in ur vault lol. Old id defn gold. If yes pls post! 🙂

      • janememe

        January 9, 2013 at 10:47 am

        I do have one or two hidden away, will bring them out in emergency ;))

  2. Maankigopi Madhu

    January 9, 2013 at 1:00 am

    HAHAHAHAHA .. Love this adorable Jealous Geet … and Maan .. Hayeeeeeeeee .. ❤ Loved the update 😀

  3. Julie

    September 6, 2013 at 5:47 am

    Loved it! Maan only has eyes for Geet but who can blame Geet for being jealous??

    • janememe

      September 6, 2013 at 8:58 am

      Hee I love when geet gets J and Maan can see it and winds her up ;))

  4. karamjeet

    March 3, 2014 at 4:34 pm

    Awesome……..but wanna read jealous Maan tooooo……plzzzzz update something on Maan jealousy i read already one of ur story on jealous Maan but waana see more stories tooo …..sooooo plzzzz post something soon….

    • janememe

      March 3, 2014 at 9:29 pm

      yeah Karamjeet – haiii we all love a possesive J maan…keep reading you will see soon ;))

  5. savitha.

    March 15, 2014 at 10:54 am

    loooovvveeeelllyyyyyyyyyyyy 🙂

  6. Julie

    July 27, 2014 at 7:03 pm

    Amazing, fantastic, beautiful. I was completely lost in this story!

    I loved it.

    • janememe

      July 27, 2014 at 7:10 pm

      Aww thanks Julie glad u enjoyed ;))


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