A special gift for Geet…

Thank you for your patience…a small sweetener…a lot of you may have read it but hey ho..u still may smile and I noticed it wasn’t on the blog! How did that happen?

Another Chocolate Sundae for you all on Sunday from the Vault (which is emptying rapidly :)))
This was written a long time ago when Geet was pregnant. Its short but I hope you enjoy it. Some notty notty nottiness on Sunday ;))))
Please excuse the mistakes as usual ;)))
Please comment and tell me if you did enjoy it. Its a particular favourite of mine ;)))

He was reading in bed again! Aaarghh! As she turned towards the dresser, her eyes caught sight of the little gift box lying by his side. It drew her near just as he had planned. He watched her pick up the box and shake it from the corner of his eye. He put the book down and watched her unwrap the gift with childish glee.

Cream? He Had bought her Cocoa Butter Cream?!

He watched indulgently his eyes twinkling with delight as her expression changed from gleeful excitement to confused acceptance.
She turned over the tub of Cocoa Cream in her hand opened the lid and inhaled its fragrance.
A burst of caramel and vanilla filled the air.

“Nice..” He heard her mutter, trying not to sound ungrateful. Not looking at him.

Maan had to stop himself from laughing out loud.
His Geet was so adorably predictable.

“Errr Geet meine padha tha ke Cocoa butter Cream pregnancy mein use karee to stretch marks nahi hothe. Aur tumahari skin itne sundar hai I know you won’t want stretch marks if you can help it.” He said looking at her so earnestly.

She looked so adorable, her hair loose and spread out over the pillows. Her beautiful soft brown eyes focused in the tub of cocoa butter with perplexity.
She had started to wear his shirts to bed now more often then not . She knew that he found it so sexy even sexier then all those frothy creations that Annie and Daadi had insisted she buy for her wedding trousseau. He knew that she loved being in them it reminded her of special moments with him in Maanali and the out house.

She looked at him with love in her eyes. He had bought it for her so her skin would stay beautiful and supple. It was just like him to think of all the little things to make life so wonderful for her.
She thanked Babaji everyday for him. He was everything she had even thought of in a husband and much, much more. He had given her so much love she could not imagine life without him now.

“Thank you Maan.” She said reaching out to touch his cheek her eyes soft with love. And then blushing as her ever hungry eyes ran over his bare chest. She just could not stop looking at him he was just perfection.

“Mein laaga loonge baad mein,” she said smiling at him closing the lid of the tub.

He placed his hand overs hers….”Errr Geet.” He said taking the tub out of her hands and reopening it.
“Mujhe lagta hai ke I should do it because you may not reach all the places you need to,” he said giving her his most earnest and innocent look dying to touch her silken skin.

Geet looked at him…did he really mean that?
He wanted to put it on her so she wouldn’t miss anywhere? Babaji what did I do to deserve such a wonderful husband.

“Maan…nahi mein laaga loongi baad mein.” She replied “Aap ko taklif leneki zaroorat nahi.hai.”

But Maan was already busy with the buttons on his shirt that she was wearing and had opened them all.
He adjusted her so she lay down on the bed. Then parted the shirt and just looked at her for a moment….God she was so beautiful. His eyes raked over her. He would never get enough of looking at her, his Geet, his Mishty.
She blushed as he adored her with his eyes. He smiled his Dhust Danav smile at her, his face lit up with delight and looked at her with a long moment, his dark chocolate gaze promising many more delights later as she blushed furiously.
Nothing turned him on more then her being turned on so quickly just by him looking at her. He leaned down and with great tenderness kissed her soft lush pink lips and pulled the shirt back to cover her, he didn’t want to distracted just yet, he had other plans.

Her still fairly slim waist but now there was a lovely swell on her stomach which he just itched to stroke. He took a large amount of cocoa cream in his had and started to stroke it over her tummy in soft gentle strokes. While he stroked he started to talk to the baby.

“So little Geet tum soonti ho na?” (he had already decided it was going to be a girl)
“Mein tumhara Papa Maan Singh Khurana bolta hoon. I want you to be just like your Mummy.”
Then looking up at Geet he said…. a little pagal, a little fun but most of all bright, brave and beautiful.”

Geets eyes filled up with tears.

Maan looked up her from his stroking and whispered to the baby..”lekin tum baat baat per rona shuru maat karna. Kyu ke Maan Singh Khurana bhal bhaalo ko daara deta hai but when he sees tears in your mums eyes he cant stand it. And if he sees tears in baby Geet’s eyes he will kill whoever put them there!”

He continued his stroking of the cream over her entire midriff teasing her with his eyes and his fingers as did so. Watching her eyes as they shone bright with unshed tears and love for him.

“Aur phir ek do saal ke baad hum tumhare leeye ek doosra bhai aur behn layeenge. Aur us waqt tum jaalna maat. Hum dono tumhare Mummy aur Papa tumko bahut pyaar kareenge hameesha.” He carried on talking.

“Aab tum so jaawo Baby Geet. Aur mein tumhare Mummy ko kuch pyaar ke baate kar le.” He finished stroking a gentle hand over the swell of her belly and placing a gentle kiss there.

He looked up and saw that Geet had tears freely running down her face. He raised himself up and lay next to her propping himself up on one arm, gently he wiped her tears away and softly kissed her lush pink lips. His teeth sinking into her bottom lip playfully.

“Mishty I love you so much” he whispered. Smiling at her his eyes shining with love at her.
She smelled so heavenly now.
The warm fragrance of vanilla and caramel spice filled his lungs as he breathed her in. The smell was so delicious, he wanted to eat her up. His eyes clouded with desire as he looked at her, his dark gaze turning liquid chocolate with heat.

Suddenly Geet thought of something. She sat up next to him and looked at him purposefully.

“Maan ….yeh cream aap ko bhi laagani chaahiye!” she said taking a large amount in her hands rubbing it between her palms warming it up.

“Mujhe? Mujhe eeske kya zaroorat hai?” he replied his eyes looking at her with confusion.

She sat up on her knees next to him leaning over him her mind focused on the butter in her palms.
“Maan…aap ko zaroorat hai!”
“Mein kehti hoon na!” She said to him her eyes full of intent.

“Kaha? Where do I need stretch mark cream?” He questioned her, his eyes wide. Wondering if the pregnancy had effected her brain.”

“Waha!” Geet said looking at him. She was not taking no for an answer.

“Where you keep growing bigger all the time!” She said earnestly.

Maan just looked at her for a moment, his eyes wide, had she gone mad??
Then an incredulous expression came over his face…GEET! He looked at her with total shock.
Did she mean…did she mean…where he thought she meant??
His predictable Geet had given him quite a shock. Did she really mean to rub cream on him THERE!!!

“Maan?? Aap eisse kya dekhte ho mujhe!??” She rubbed the cream between her palms again and raised them purposefully.

“GEEEET tum kya karte ho?” Maan almost shouted thinking she was going for him. His arms going across his body defensively.
He was not having cocoa butter cream anywhere in that vicinity! No way!

“Maan aap bacche ke jaise kyu behave karte ho?” She admonished him.
Then she grabbed his arm and started rubbing the cream over his biceps with determination.
“There that doesnt hurt does it?? Your muscles are always expanding here so this will help keep the skin supple!” she said rubbing the cream good and proper into both his arms.

She looked at him. His expression was of sheer shock his eyes wide as he stared at her actions.

“Maan …Maan kya hua….???” She asked totally puzzled by his expression.

Suddenly Maan started to laugh…and once he started he couldn’t stop.

“Maan, why are you laughing? Etna zyaada? Kya hua?” She questioned beaming at him with delight, happy to see him laughing away.

“Geet mujhe laaga……….mujhe laaga…ke tumko ….ke tumko yeh cream waha lagani hai!” He said now roaring with laughter.

“Waha? Waha kaha?? She asked totally confused by what he was saying.

Then as he roared with laughter even louder, it suddenly dawned on her what he meant!!

“Babaji!!” she shrieked then grabbing a pillow she started to hit him playfully.
They both fell about laughing and playfully pillow fighting on the bed.

“”Maan! aap bhi naa! Ekdum Maha Dhust Danav ho!” she giggled falling into his arms laughing.
His arms closed about her hugging her to him. She had brought so much love and laughter into his dark life. His eyes looked at her adoringly, as his fingers entwined themselves into her hair pulling her closer to him.
Then his eyes became focused on her smiling lush pink lips.
“Mishty you are my Sunshine, I cant live with you in my life.” he whispered as his lips closed over her and they became totally lost in each others love.


16 responses to “A special gift for Geet…

  1. Mazni

    October 6, 2014 at 4:48 am

    This special gift is worth the wating 😉maan babu n his naughty thoughts 😊😀😀 lovely story.

    • janememe

      October 6, 2014 at 8:02 am

      Thanks Mazni, happy you enjoyed it ;)) Maan and his defo notty notty thoughts ;))

    • janememe

      October 6, 2014 at 8:08 pm

      thanks Mazni, glad u had fun ;))

  2. sohni111

    October 6, 2014 at 10:57 am

    rofl…. the same thought came in my mind as well as maan….. haha

  3. Radhika

    October 6, 2014 at 3:46 pm

    oh god I died laughing! Chee Babaji Maan ka gutter mind! hehehe

    • janememe

      October 6, 2014 at 4:23 pm

      Hahahahahha….what else was he supposed to think Radhika *wink wink* glad you enjoyed! I love making u guys laugh! Happy Maanday!

    • janememe

      October 6, 2014 at 4:24 pm

      Sohni111..Lollllllllllll HI5! You know him well ;))

  4. karamjeet

    October 6, 2014 at 11:58 pm

    Awesome …..loved it…

  5. savitha.

    October 7, 2014 at 9:06 am

    Rofllllllll…too good… ha ha ha..naughty maan & ever innocent geet 😉

    • janememe

      October 7, 2014 at 2:25 pm

      Innocent Geet? ahem ahem u remeember when she cornered him in the bathroom?

  6. Chetna

    October 14, 2014 at 12:26 pm

    hi welcome back! Terrific fab OS! Superbly written! Bt it ended so quickly! Naughty shameless Maan! enjoyed this OS! Waiting 4 more GHSP os! Pls do post soon!

    • janememe

      October 15, 2014 at 4:39 pm

      Hey Chetna
      Thanks for your comments, Maan tou bechaara is honest hahahha
      Gosh your dil maange more as always…cho chweet 😉

      • Chetna

        October 24, 2014 at 6:58 pm

        of cos dear! Missing Maaneet! Ur stories bring them back! n u write so well n have 2 ask 4 more! 🙂

  7. preetialbert2013

    October 21, 2014 at 4:49 pm

    Lovely os

    • janememe

      October 21, 2014 at 8:09 pm

      thank you So much for liking Preeti ;)))


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