A Test of Love – chap 1-2-3-4-5-6

This is a posted on a special request by Alima! Was previously titled back to Delhi I will be posting one chapter a week. This story has love (of-course, Passion oodles of it! Adventure my own very special Villain who I really loved a lot, and loads more besides.

After their SR in the tabela (lol) takes their relationship to a new level for Geet of course maan has those feelings too.. but this time around Geet’s longings r more and to add fuel to this matter, when they return to Delhi, daadimaa has got a news for them.

Daadi says that it’s a tradition/ ritual/ practice that in this particular month(or say a week), husband and wife shouldn’t be together and have to sleep separately.!!!
I hope it is what you wanted :)))

Enjoy :))


Chapter One
His lips were on her. She was drowning in sensation after sensation. His hands roamed freely, caressing,stroking, every inch of her skin felt alive. He was a master as this. He possessed her inside and out. A moan broke from her lips and her body suddenly shuddered awake.

“Maan!!!” she called out in the dark but he wasn’t there.

She was covered in a fine sheen of sweat. Her dream so vivid she body still quivered with passion. Her groan of frustration filled the dark still night air. Unfulfilled she thumped her pillow and sank back into the bed.

They had come back to Delhi a day ago. Both very excited at the prospect of being at home and finally being able to be together and also get privacy.

But Daadi had scuppered all their hopes.
Apparently it was a long held tradition in the family that the oldest son and bride had to sleep separately for 5 days at this time in the calender. On the fifth day a pooja was performed and only after that they were allowed to be together.

Maan had argued with Daadi but with no hope. Geet had kept quiet although she was extremely unhappy about it. With a final glare Maan had walked out of the Haveli and gone to work.

Geet spent the day shopping with Daadi. Daadi took her to buy new clothes and also things for the Pooja on Friday night when this restriction would be lifted.

But all Geet could think about was the night she had spent in her husbands arms in the Jungle. She had never realised that making love would be like this.

Dev had just used her and she hadn’t really had any thoughts at that time except that her mum had told her it was her duty. To say the least it hadn’t been at all a good experience for her.

But with Maan it had been an amazing experience. He had taken her on a journey that had blown her mind. At every step he had coaxed a response from her. His sinful mouth relentless in its mission to give her as much pleasure as possible. His hands drove her mad, caressing, eliciting a response from her, he had also encouraged her to also explore him. Her shy hesitant touch seemed to drive him wild with excitement but he hadn’t rushed to take his pleasure.

Running her hands over his hard contours she had become delirious with excitement especially as her touch seemed to send him into paroxysms of delight. She had become totally wanton in his arms. Moaning his name out loud, head thrashing from side to side, her short nails digging deep into his back as he pace became faster and faster. He had held her hips tilting her so he could thrust deeply into her. When he had felt her start to contract around him he had placed his cheek against hers thrusting deeply, had said Geet let go! And she had. To be overcome with pleasure so intense she thought she would die in his arms. He had made sure that she received the ultimate satisfaction before he reached his own.

He had possessed her body and soul that night in the Jungle. They were now two souls untied in body and spirit. And she had been looking forward to much, much more of being in her husbands arms at home exploring him.

“Geet?? Geet yeh dekho!” Daadi looked at her to ask her opinion about a Saree that the sales assistant was showing her,

Daadi’s voice slowly penetrated her lusty thoughts. She blushed a deep crimson.

Daadi hid a smile, she knew that this restriction she had placed on them both would be wearing her hot blooded grandson’s patience but Geet as well?? A naughty smile broke on her face as took in Geets crimson blush.

“UHHmm!” She cleared her throat. “Geet yeh dekho pasand hai??”

Geet nodded she didnt trust herself to speak she was sure that Daadi could see each and every thought clearly displayed on her face.

Shopping finished they had headed home. As soon as Daadi entered the haveli she had said she was tired out and had gone up to her room to take rest. Geet had slowly wandered upstairs to her room wondering how to fill the hours till Maan came home.

She went and had a cool shower after the heat of the day had made her all sticky. Coming out she went to the window overlooking the hall downstairs and spied Maan.

He was working out. His chest bare, his every action full of concentration. He was moving fast and furiously working with nanchuks.

As she watched, her mouth ran dry. She closed her eyes. Oh! dear God ! what was happening to her. She couldn’t look at him without wanting him. Is it like this for everyone she wondered. She opened her eyes and looked down to see him staring up at her with same intense hungry look that she was giving him.

Maan stared up at her. Hair wet looking fresh and pink from her recent shower she was temptation beyond belief! His body flooded with heat becoming hard in a millisecond. He needed her so desperately already with one night away from her he had been in a foul mood 4 more nights and he would become insane.

After having been to paradise how could a man be expected to wait this long. He cursed under his breath. He didn’t believe in all these rituals but for Daadi’s sake he was prepared to suffer.

Giving Geet one last hungry look of regret he walked away from there before the temptation became too much for him.

Without her even realising she had moved, Geet was running downstairs after him.

“Maan! Maan! Ruko!! please!” she called to him, as she ran down the stairs.

Maan turned to look. She was running down the stairs so fast he was sure she was going to trip and break her neck. As usual Geet was not thinking of the consequences of her actions.

“Geet !Stop!!! Gir jawogee!” he shouted at her.

She ran straight into him her champals slipping on the marble. His arms came around her like steel bands supporting her.

“Geet! Tum theek ho na??”

She couldnt speak. He was holding her so tightly against him as if he would never let go. She inhaled his fragrance, a heady combination of sweat and arousal. It threw her mind and body straight back into his arms in the jungle.

“Maaaan!” She gasped. Unable to stop her hands from wiping a rivulet of sweat that ran from his neck onto his chest.

Maan’s eyes closed in pleasure and pain. He too could feel her response to him. His body became even harder almost to the point of pain.

As her fingers followed the path of that drop of sweat he watched her face.

He could see she was so aroused. She quivered with anticipation in his arms.

“Geet! Please!” he gasped .
“Stop! If you continue I wont be able to stop myself from taking you upstairs right now!!” He rasped out as if in pain.

Geet withdrew her hand from his chest as if she had been scalded. Her pained eyes looked at him. He was trying so hard to keep his promise to Daadi and she was driving him to loose control.

She gulped, “Sorry Maan.” Then averting her hungry gaze from his blazing eyes she walked slowly upstairs again. She would have to stay away from him. Otherwise it was not fair on him. She sat glumly on the lonely bed.

The next three days passed as slowly for both of them. Maan threw himself into his work completely unable to trust himself at all to be near Geet. He remained in the office till late and left really early.

He rang her. And she rang him several times a day. But they couldn’t trust themselves alone with each other.

For Geet passing the days were more difficult. There was only so much shopping, cooking, and entertaining one could do. Her face took on such a glum sad look several times Daadi thought she should tell them to abandon the rituals. Maan was like a bear with the sore head. The slightest thing sent his temper off to explosive levels. Adi did his best to keep the staff out of his way.


Maan watched Geet sleeping in his arms. Her head resting on his chest. Her cheeks still faintly flushed and pink. He gently reached out and brushed his thumb over her lush bottom lip unable to help himself.

A sigh broke from her and she smiled in her sleep. Her long tresses clung to his damp skin, staking their claim to him. She was wrapped around him like a soft silken blanket. After a week of abstinence, he let out blissful sigh. Replete for now, he smiled down at her sleeping form like well satisfied Sher gently stroking her hair.

But he was not sleepy, the dawn already approached. The suns pink rays reached out like fingers racing to touch and light the world a new.

His mind was also racing. Somebody trying to steal from KC? He knew he had several business rivals but who would have the temerity to actually try stealing from him?? Only one man he could think of who would even try. Singhania.

Yes, he was sure that the man they had caught yesterday was somehow connected to him. He would look at the police report tomorrow and chat with Adi. He stretched gently trying not to wake her.

Geet felt the warmth under her move, she slowly opened her eyes and looked up at him sleepily.

“Maan, aap ko neend nahi aarahi hai?”

Then as a thought occurred to her she frowned “Kuch problem hai?” her eyes now wide awake, she asked worriedly.

Maan’s eyes twinkled in delight as he looked at her tousled state. He had not planned to wake her, but now that she was awake….

Rolling over and taking her with him, he said smiling softly against her lips “Haan, problem to hai, aab solution bhi nikal na paadega!

“Maan!” She gasped. But whatever she was about to say was left unfinished as his lips closed over hers again.

Much later that morning……………………

Adi looked up from pouring over the police reports. The office had gone extremely quiet. Then he saw why. Maan Sir was heading in.

Worriedly, Adi pushed his glasses up his nose and hoped that everyone was doing their work as they were supposed to otherwise they would be done for.

But as Maan Sir drew nearer his jaw dropped , Maan Singh Khurana was smiling at everyone and wishing them a good morning!

Adi nearly fell of his chair. What the…!! All last week he had been wondering around like bear growling and snapping at everyone and today, today he was beaming??

Adi smiled, looks like Maan Sir has had a good ‘ahem’ sleep, he smiled to himself thank god for Geet.

Maan entered Adi’s office.

“Er, Adi woh police reports aa gaye?? “

Adi quickly hid his smile and said “Haan Sir!” handing him the reports.

Maan skimmed over the report.

“Damn! Inse to kuch pata nahin chal raha hai, ke uss admi ko kissne hire kiya tha. Mujhe to uss Singhania ke oopar shak hai. Lekin yeah baat kaise establish kare?” He looked at Adi his eyes in deep thought.

They talked for a while about the options and the bid.

Eventually Adi said “leave it with me Sir, meine thodi inquiry to shuru ki hai, magar chupke se, so as not to arouse any suspicions.”

“OK , Adi. Lets keep our eyes and ears open, I am going to make sure that Singhania doesn’t win this bid for Mehta Industries.” he said in a determined voice as he left Adi’s office.

Just as he was about to go into his office he saw that Geet was walking in, looking all flustered and muttering to herself. He had left her sleeping late this morning, as it had been his fault that she had been awake most of the night. He smiled to himself; she looked like an adorable spitting kitten.

As if aware that she was being watched she looked up at him and glared. He turned and walked into his cabin knowing what was about to come, he didn’t want to cause a scene in the office.

“Maan!” She said as she walked in behind him into his office “aapne mujhe kyun nahi jagaya??” she glared at her watch, “12 o’clock ho gaye!!! Aur itna sara kaam hai!”

All last week she hadn’t come into the office because they couldn’t bear to be near each other with Daadi’s restrictions placed on them. So there were piles of work to do.

“Geet, Geet calm down. I didn’t wake you because,” his voice deepened and turned all sexy “I had kept you awake most of the night. It was only fair that I let you sleep.” His eyes trapped hers giving her a knowing look.

Geet blushed a bright crimson.

She said softly, a small smile played about her lips, “aap bhi to nahi soye the.”

He approached her and linked his arms around her, giving her a completely Dusht Danav look said “Geet, Maan Singh Khuarana ko neend ki koi zaroorat nahi hai! Mujhe to bas……….Geet ki hi zaroorat hai.”

“Maan!” She smiled shyly, then pushing him away playfully she said “yeh lafenge wali baate aap choodo, mujhe bahut kaam hai abhi.”

With a naughty smile and a backward glance that spoke volumes, she flounced out of his office to work.

Later that evening……………

Adi looked at his watch again that informant was supposed to meet him at 7 and now it was 8. He looked around, “yeh sunsaan jaga!!” he laughed nervously to himself as he glanced around the deserted area outside of a derelict building. If the informant didn’t turn up in another 10 minutes he was going. It was getting dark.

Out of the shadows a figure emerged.

Adi started shaking.

“Tuummm!” It came out as a squeak. He cleared his throat, it wouldn’t do to look scared. “Tum information laye ho??” he said gruffly putting on his deepest voice.

“Bolo to, haan, aur tum paasa laye??” he said his face still remained in the shadows.

Adi had seen many spy films. He said in his deepest voice, “pehle information, baad mein paisa!”

The informant emerged out of the shadows, Adi nearly fell over. He looked just like kaalia out of Sholay!

Kaalia handed him an envelope.

Adi opened it and skimmed through the first page making sure that it was actually worth paying for. He was an accountant after all!

“Hmm!” He said , “yeh lo tumhari mithaii” (secretly he had always wanted to be in a bollywood film)

Kaalia examined the wad of cash and disappeared into the shadows from where he had come.

Adi looked around nervously again and walked fast to the car. Maybe he should leave this kind of thing to Maan Sir he thought. Maybe he wasn’t cut out for all this subterfuge.

About the same time back at KC office………………………..

Maan came back from his meeting with planners. The office seemed extra quite after the days hubbub. The ideas for the bid were going very well he thought to himself as he walked into his cabin. Picking up the glass of water on his desk he drank thirstily. His tummy grumbled loudly reminding him that he hadn’t had any lunch either.

It was then he spied the envelope on his desk. He picked it up. “Maan Singh Khurana” was typed on it in bold. Opening it he read its contents.

It said: “Stop your inquiries now. Tumhari biwi kuch zaayda khubsurat hai. You dont want anything happening to her do you? After all we know how much your Geet means to you.”

Immediately his faced became clouded with anger. He threw it back on the desk with disgust.
How dare Singhania even think about doing anything to Geet! He would kill him first! His eyes blazed with anger.

And then another more frightening thought occurred to him. If they had put the note in his office they would have been quite capable of getting to Geet!

He looked up, his heart beating faster, through the glass partition that divided their office.

She was sitting there working away still. The AC air blew soft tendrils of hair across her face, which she kept trying to push back. Her face was strewn with concentration as she finished scribing a point. He watched as she closed the file with a satisfied smile and stretched her arms in the air, stretching voluptuously, her head thrown back, as she tried to work the kinks out in her neck.

Fear slammed into his gut, its iron grip squeezing his heart. He closed his eyes in pain. He thought of all those times she had been in danger. His fingers gripped his chair, knuckles white.

NO! He was not going to let anything happen to her! Not whilst there was breath left in his body. He opened his eyes and looked at her.

She saw him looking through the glass and frowned at his expression, and then smiled at him, her face lighting up as love shone from her eyes.

For a moment he just stared at her. She was his world, his everything. Damn Singhania! That the man could stoop that low. But then he knew that Singhania was nothing more then a glorified thug.

Then he saw the dark red roses on her desk,displayed in a large glass vase.
Singhania! He practically ran out of his out of his office and into hers.

She stood up frowning at him again as she saw his face, it had such an intense look about him.

“Maan!” She looked at him enquiringly.

He skidded to a halt, stopping himself. he stood for a moment gathering his wits he didn’t want to transmit his fear to her. The flowers had knocked him for six.

“Er..Geet yeh roses kisne behje?” he said trying to sound as casual as he could.

“I thought you sent them?” Geet frowned at the roses. She was just about to reach out and touch them when he snaked out a hand to stop her, his fingers closing over her wrist like a vice.

Maan! She gasped totally flummoxed by his action.

He put his finger to her lush pink lips and said “Chup!”

Gathering her into himself, his arms held her tight, as if trying to absorb her into himself, shut out the world and keep her safe forever in his arms. He breathed her in her fragrance , her fragility, her strength. A tremor ran through his body at such a close call.

He broke away from the embrace and threaded his fingers through hers. His eyes roaming over her face, intense and hungry.

“Chalo, Geet ghar chalein” he said. Quietly.

Geet looked at him. Something was definitely bothering him. But as usual he wasn’t going to come out with it straight away.

They went home. He seemed to be in deep thought throughout the journey home. He was also quiet throughout dinner, both Daadi and Geet noticed.

Daadi assumed it was a work issue that he was trying to solve.

But Geet knew it was something else. The way his eyes kept following her every move. His expression intense. She would get to the bottom of it, she couldn’t bear to see him worried like this.

Maan left straight after dinner making an excuse that he had to work.

Geet followed him upstairs a little while later. She saw him taking to someone on the mobile. Gathering up her clothes she went and had a shower. She emerged a little while later to see that he was still talking.

“ Yes, I want everything in place by tomorrow. Yes tomorrow! No later!” She heard him say just before he terminated the call. He turned and looked at her for a moment his expression closed., grabbing a towel he headed for the shower.

Geet sat on the bed, drying her hair and wondering what had got into him. Fidgety and unable to comprehend what was going on in that superior brain of his she got up and went to the window her mind running through the sequence of events that day.

The moon was bright and its rays shone through the window casting beautiful shadows in the garden below. Everything looked so peaceful and quiet.

He came out of the shower and saw her standing at the window drying her lovely long tresses.

He reached down to the bedstead and flicked off the light letting the moons blue rays reach in cast silver and blue shadows across their bedroom.

Geet turned and looked at him her hands frozen in her hair.

“Geet!” he said softly “come here.”

Her eyes roamed over his bare chest. A towel hung low on his hips. But she was mesmerized by the look in his eyes. She slowly walked towards him as if an invisible thread was pulling her.

As soon as she reached him, he lifted her high in his arms, his lips closed over hers in deep intense kiss as he lowered her on to the bed.

That night Geet saw a side of him that she had never seen before. He made love to her so intensely. There wasn’t a centimeter of her skin that he didn’t touch, caress and make dance to his touch, with his hands and that Oh! so sinful mouth.

It was all about her.

He didn’t let up a moment from his sensual assault. He made her moan, writhe and scream out, he was relentless in his mission. He turned her into a mass of liquid need in his arms, and then and only then did he relent, possessing her completely.

In the aftermath of such exquisite intensity, as her body still shook with tremors he held her tight in his embrace, raining soft kisses on her face.

She drowned in those dark chocolate eyes as they showed the intensity of his emotions to her. Her husband, always so strong, so passionate, so intense, poured all his love out to her in his touch, kiss and his possession.

Her eyes overflowed with tears at his exquisite loving. They ran down the sides of her face.

Mishty!….shhhhhhh!” He soothed lovingly, as he gently caught a tear on his finger pad. The moons rays turned the tear drop into a shining pearl. He looked at it, his eyes intense as they saw a reflection of himself in her eyes, him only him.

He vowed to himself as looked in those deep pools of ocean, that any tears she shed will always be tears of joy and nothing else.

Where she stopped and he began he didn’t know. But she was everything to him. He was not going to let anything happen to her.

Geet was the one who stayed awake this time late into the night. Maan lay sleeping with his head cushioned on her softness completely spent, even in his sleep his arms possessively and protectively thrown around her.

Something had triggered this. And she wanted to know what it was. Tomorrow she would get to the bottom of this, she vowed to herself, as she wrapped her arms around him and succumbed much needed sleep.

Chapter Three

Maan adjusted his tie with sure firm fingers. His mind raced. There were many things that needed to be put into place this morning. Thinking about the threat to Geet, it had occurred to him that he needed to step up security around Daadima and also Adi. As Adi was already making those inquiries.

He wouldn’t put it past that man to attack the vulnerable. Singhania would sell his own granny to make a fast buck.

Geet came out of the shower and he looked at her. God! she was so beautiful. His eyes roamed over her, with a grimace he noted the slight redness on her neck where his beard had grazed her last night. He needed to be more careful of her lovely porcelain skin.

She saw him and blushed, he gave her a tender crooked smile. Their eyes locked and the memories of the night flooded into their minds. Last night they had reached a place, an understanding, a total melding of body and soul which had almost been spiritual.

Geet could still feel the intensity of his possession, an involuntary tremor shook her. She walked up to him and wrapped her arms around him. Hugging him tight. Trying to sooth away whatever was worrying him.

He wrapped his arms around her. His Geet. His eyes adoring her he kissed her forehead, moving to her closed eyelids and then tenderly her sweet lips.

It was such a sweet kiss full of tenderness and love Geet sighed.

Gently tucking a stray lock behind her ear he said “Geet I need to get to the office early today so I am leaving now. We need to tie up the loose ends for the bid and get it sent in today by 6pm, that’s the deadline.” he confirmed.

“Maan haan I will be there as soon as I can. I will get breakfast packed up for you,” she said. Giving him a quick last squeeze before going downstairs.

Maan Picked up his Blackberry and called the security firm again to confirm that what he had asked for last night had all been carried out according to his instructions. Confirming the details he quickly went so see Daadima.

“Maan beta aap ander aaye” she said as he knocked on her door. “Kaal to aap bahut deep thought mein lagte the, problem solve hua?” she asked looking at him.

“Haan kuch to idea hai abhi, aagee dekhte hai. Umm Daadima mujhe laagta hai ke aap ke security thoda aur badhani chahiyee, errr aaj kaal bahut pagal log harte firte hai.” He said trying to sound as casual as possible.

But Daadima wasn’t about to be fooled , she pinned him with a look that spoke volumes.

“Maan saaf saaf batawo kuch hua? Is it connected to that theft from the office??”

She was after all the lady who built up KC for what it was with his grandfather, he decided to come clean with her.

“Haan Daadima, woh attempted theft was connected to a bid we have put in for a major project for Mehta Industries. The bid if successful would bring us much kudos and the return is no less then 70 Corors. Thus the bidding rivalry is very …lets just say intense. That’s why the upgrade in security.” he finished watching the information sink in.

“Aur Geet??” She asked looking extremely worried.

“Haan meine Geet ki security bhi bhadi hai. She will have a body guard at all times when I am not with her. But I haven’t told her yet, she will be more worried about me then herself.”

Daadima understood, “OK beta. I will be vigilant.” She said as they both came downstairs.

Geet had already packed up his breakfast for him and sent Ramlal to put it in his car.

“Maan, mein thodi der mein aati hoon. Daadima ke sath kuch kaam nipta ke.”

He smiled at her and went off to work.

At the Khurana offices Adi was already at work. He had read the report from the informant. There were many clues that pointed to Singhnia but nothing concrete as yet. He picked up the phone and contacted a few more people who owed him favours.

Just as he finished he saw Maan Sir walk in. He had grim determined look about him. Maan came directly into his office.

“Sir I have received the report from the informant,” he laughed nervously to himself as he remembered Kaalia’s face.

“There are lots of clues but nothing concrete as yet that points to him directly. I have asked some other contacts.” he finished handing Maan the report.

“Did you get this yesterday?” Maan asked a frown on his face.

“Yes, Sir yesterday evening.”

Maan groaned inwardly. He had already put Adi in danger.

“Adi I am stepping up security for you. You will have a body guard with you at all times when you go to meetings and out of the office. The security people should be here soon.”

“Body guard??”Adi repeated shocked. “Mujhe body guard ke kya zaroorat hai? And then as a further thought occurred to him “Maan Sir kuch hua?”

Maan told him about the letter, leaving out the bit about Geet.

But Adi saw his face and straight away said. “Geet! Usne Geet ko threaten kiya??” He searched Maan’s face for an answer, when he saw his expression he said, “Maan Sir, Geet ko kuch nahi hoga, we will be extra vigilant.”

His face set “aur yeh bid to hum he jeetne wale hai!” He said determinedly to Maan. “We will not let Singhania win.”

Maan walked up to Adi putting a hand on his shoulder he said “Adi you are a good friend. You must also be very careful.” His eyes spoke volumes. Adi was invaluable to him and Geet.

With that he walked out of his office only to see Geet walking in very quickly, looking behind her furtively. She walked straight into him.

He closed his arms around her, comforting her, she looked a little frightened.

“Geet, Geet kya hua??” concerned he looked at where she was looking to see what she was running from.

“Maan! She looked up “I had a funny feeling that someone is following me.” But then she smiled at him, “its probably nothing.”

Maan looked towards the entrance. He saw who she thought was behind her. He nodded to the man Indicating that he should come to his office. Then taking Geet’s arm pulled her into his office.

“Geet. Meine tumhare security badha de hai.” he said cupping her face gently his eyes adoring her, trying to sound as nonchalant as possible.

Everything suddenly fell into place for Geet. She looked deeply into his eyes to see the fear for her lurking in the background even though he was trying to sound casual as possible.

Yesterday the deep intensity of his emotions had flowed through in his lovemaking and now this. Obviously this was the trigger. From somewhere there must have been threat to KC, her mind whirred, probably something to do with the bid they had been working on.

“Aur aap ke?? “ She pinned him with look that spoke volumes. She knew he would have done nothing about his security.

He was saved from answering her as just then there was a knock and a very respectable middle aged man walked in.

“This is Major Bal Singh. He is going to go with you everywhere. When I am not with you. Geet you must listen to him!” then as he saw her stubborn set chin he added “please!”

“Haan Memsaab, Mr Maan Singh is right. You must be extremely careful.” Then he stopped himself from saying any more as Maan gave him a piercing look.

If Geet realised what a scum bag Singhania was she would insist on him having at least two or three body guards!

About the same time in Adi’s office………….

Adi reached up to get a file from the top shelf.

There was a knock on his door. “Come in” he said without looking round.

“I am your body guard” said female voice from behind him.

Adi dropped the file and fell backwards in shock, right into her arms like a ripe plum!!

(Geet style! Cue! Mahiiiiiiii Mahiiiiiiiiiiii)

He looked up at her. She was beautiful! Long straight hair tied efficiently into a ponytail. Lovely dark brown eyes. Heart shaped face. Her lips were moving but he couldn’t hear anything he just smiled and smiled up at her like a love sick puppy.

“Maainka..Sharma “ Her words slowly penetrated his foggy brain. “My name is Maainka Sharma” she spoke again still holding him in her arms.

“Aur mein hoon Vishwamitra! Errr, I mean Adi!” he gasped up to her.

“Eh??” she said dropping him like a hot potato.

Adi fell on the floor in an incongruous heap. Pushing his glasses back up his nose he stood up nervously fidgeting.

“TTuumTuummm meri body guard ho???” he stuttered at her. His expression totally shocked. He then looked at her once again and ran out of his office to Maan’s leaving Maainka stunned at his bizarre behaviour.

Without knocking he ran into Maan’s office into the middle of an all mighty row Maan Sir and Geet were having.

“If you are not having a body guard neither am I!” He heard Geet say as she glared at Maan.

They both turned and glared at him and his untimely interruption.

“Adi!” Maan barked “kya hai??” Tested to the limits of his patience by Geet.

Woh! Wwwwohh! Meri Bbbbb Body Guard Lakdi hai! He stuttered his eyes wide and frightened.

“Lakdi hai???” Maan and Geet both said looking at him in puzzled amazement.

“LLLLLadki I mean” he finished. Nervously twisting his tie.

“Adi calm down. Ms Sharma is a highly qualified body guard, one of Major Singh’s best, black belt in no less then three Martial arts.”

They both looked at Maan and spoke at once coming out with excuses to why they didn’t need any body guards.

Maan slammed his fist down on the desk. “Now listen both of you!” he said glaring at them both.

“Adi get back to work. We have a deadline to meet. I want you both in the conference room in half an hour. Ms Sharma will go with you wherever you go. No arguments!” as Adi was about to open his mouth. “You need constant protection and she will going be to be escorting you home also!”

Adi nearly fainted. “Hhhomme!”

“Yes home! Now please Adi, I have a lot of work to do.” He said pointing to the door.

Adi walked out shaking with fear at having to face Maainka again.

“Now Geet I dont want any arguments from you either. Major Singh will go with you everywhere, when I am not with you. And don’t you try and loose him either!” he finished glaring at her. His dark eyeswere on her, daring her to contradict him.

Geet stuck her chin up at him and said “If you are not having any security, then neither am I!” throwing that at him she flounced out of his office with a backward glare.

As she walked out of his office a thought occurred to her.

“Chaddo!” She muttered to herself. She was after all Mrs Maan Singh Khuarana and no longer without means herself. She looked at Major Saab and said “please come with me!”

She would fix that stubborn husband of hers. Smiling to herself she went about sorting the details with Major Saab.

They worked without stopping to get the bid in on time. It was finally sent under armed guard to the Mehta offices.

Having worked very hard all day, Maan sent a really nervous Adi home with Ms Sharma. Taking Geet home himself.

After dinner he went upstairs as he had some work to do. Geet came up to find him reading some reports showered and sitting up in bed. Still mad at him for not listening to her earlier she made a face at his tender smile, her eyes furiously sparking at him, letting him know in no uncertain terms that she was mad at him and went to have a shower.

Maan smiled to himself he adored her in this mood, his little spitting kitten and carried on reading.

She came out of the shower to see he had snoozed off. His report lay across his chest. She gazed at him with love, he was so beautiful. Her anger forgotten completely she reached out, gently climbing on the bed, she took the report from his chest.

He was also so stubborn her Maan. But the fear for her life that had driven him yesterday also resided in her for him. Just as he couldn’t imagine her in any pain whatsoever neither could she him. But she had sorted that out today with Major Saab. She knew he would be mad at her. But that was for tomorrow.

Tonight he was hers and she had plans for him. She reached up and gently put her lips to his and kissed him with need. She wanted him. Tonight she wanted to drive him crazy as he had done to her yesterday. Tonight, she would explore him. She wanted him with the same intensity as he did her.

His eyes opened and looked into hers. He saw himself reflected in them. Only him. They shone back at him with love. He felt himself drowning in those beautiful eyes of hers. His gaze became focused on her lush pink lips that had just kissed him.

“Geet!” He rasped. His arms coming around her possessively to pull her too him as she leaned in feathering soft kisses across his chin and then lower.

But she pushed him back on the bed and carried on down his neck and across his chest pulling at his black vest. He pulled it off in one go, his muscles rippling under her soft mouth, in the grip of powerful emotions at her actions.

His reaction made her as bold as Eve. She looked at face, his eyes were shut tight. A hiss of pleasure broke from his lip as she set about exploring his hard contours, allowing herself the luxury of touching him at will. Enjoying her power over him that sent his body trembling with need for her.

Much later as they lay entwined, in a lovers embrace, spent and sated. She whispered to him “Maan aap he mere sab kuch ho. Maan ke bina Geet hai hi nahi.” She said as looked into his dark chocolate eyes surrounded by those sinful long lashes. Her eyes implored him to understand the depth of her feelings for him.

She didn’t need to say any more. His eyes blazed with love for her.

His grip tightened on her, he smiled a completely dust danav smile at her, with his eyes dancing with delight he asked innocently “Nahi Geet, I cant understand what you are saying to me at all! You need to show me again!” he finished nuzzling her neck.

As the next day dawned. Maan’s mobile received a text which said that Khurana Constructions bid has been successful along with Singhania’s.

The stakes had just got higher.


Major Saab picked up his morning espresso and drank the strong dark liquid with relish. He looked at the bags full of money and smiled. He had never seen so much money in his life especially having spent most of his life in the army. He flicked open the suitcases and greedily drank in the sight of all those notes.

Yesterday after being dismissed for the evening by Maan Singh Khurana he had received a very interesting call. That had led to him meeting Singhania.

Singhania had persuaded him that he would pay double what Maan Singh Khuarana had paid if Major Saab would look the other way. And he had paid.

He had said to the Major, after all at his age, money would be more important than loyalty.

Hmm….” Major Saab reflected, he loved being in this business.

Across town………………….

Across town Adi lay awake in bed thinking about Ms Sharma, Menaka what a beautiful name he thought to himself. He laughed as he remembered that he had said he was ‘Vishwamitra!’ and groaned at himself, “Adi tu ekdum budhu hai.”

Yesterday she had escorted him home and insisted on coming up to make sure that his flat was OK.

In his nervousness at her proximity he had overturned the key and the lock had stuck. He had had pulled at the door and tried the key, but it wasn’t giving.

He had been pulling at the door when she had closed her hand around his and gently turned the key. The lock had sprung open without any trouble. He had looked at her in awe and she had given him a sweet smile.

Adi’s face broke into a huge grin as he remembered that smile, he hugged his pillow tighter.

Menaka…………..suddenly alarm bells started to ring and his dream was broken by the Six o’clock wake up call of his mobile.


Adi felt for his glasses on the bedside table, putting them on he smiled to himself and shook his head at his idiotic dreams.


Now if Adi had realised what Ms Sharma had been thinking about this morning he probably would have fainted.

Menaka was thinking about Adi as she made her way across town to his flat. Early yesterday she had thought he was completely mad when he had run out of his office leaving her standing there.

But as she had watched over him in the day, she saw that he was extremely intelligent, with a keen and sharp mind. All the staff looked at him with deference. He was Maan Singh Khuarana’s right hand man after all. Maan Singh and his biwi Geet both spoke to him with respect.

The fact that he blushed everytime his eyes accidentally fell on her made her smile. Usually men came on to her big time and she had to put them down especially some of the sleazy politicians she had looked after in her line of work.

She reached his flat and knocked on the door.

A loud crash emanated from inside, going into autopilot she reached for her gun, lifted her leg to kick and rushed at the door only to see too late that Adi was opening it.

But she was unable to stop her momentum and they both fell backwards on the floor with her on top of him in a tangle of arms and legs.

Time stood frozen for a moment as they looked into each others eyes.

Menaka quickly recovered. She looked down at him and questioned “Adi Sir? Are you OK?? I heard a loud crash?”

Adi couldn’t speak. He couldn’t even think! His brain had gone into meltdown. He had never had a woman on top of him in his life! He lay on the floor grinning at her foolishly.

She was asking him something.

But all Adi could hear was…..

O re piya haye………………………..
O re piya haye…………………………..

Udne laga kyon man baawla re……………………………
Aaya kahan se yeh hosla re……………….
O re piya haye………………
O re piya haye…………………………………..
(Aaja Nachle)

The dreamy music was playing loudly in his ears.

She shook her head. She was getting no reply from him. Menaka pushed herself off him in a fluid movement, checking the surroundings quickly making sure that he was in no danger.

As she looked down at him, she saw that he was still lying there on the floor. His arms flung out wide, grinning up at her, his eyes all dreamy, unable to help herself she smiled.

He was really quite adorable.

She tried again. “ ADI!” Her voice finally penetrated his dreamy state and his eyes focused. He looked at her and blushed, clumsily getting up as quickly as possible under her watchful gaze.

“Umm Adi Sir what was that loud crash I heard when I knocked on the door?” she queried wondering what had happened to him.

“Ummm Ms Sh Sh Sh Sharma,” he stuttered as he pushed his glasses firmly back up his nose getting a little more control over himself now, “I fell over a chair trying to get to the door” he replied truthfully, blushing again.

Menaka couldn’t help it, a chuckle escaped her which she quickly hid behind a fake cough when she saw his pained expression.

“Yes,” she thought to herself “really quite adorable”, as they left for the office.

At the Haveli…………………….

Geet stretched luxuriously on the bed. Maan had left already as he had a meeting for most of the day with Mr. Mehta about the details of the project. He had woken up early and had been preparing for the meeting when she had told him about the security she had arranged for him with Major Saab.

As she had predicted he was furious but she had not backed down an inch. If she was to have protection then so was he. He was not as invincible as he thought. They had an almighty row about it. She had nearly broken down when she had told him in no uncertain terms that if anything ever happened to him she would surely die.

As he had seen that look of intense pain in her eyes her stubborn passionate husband had totally melted.

Gathering her up into him, he had taken her lips in a soul searing kiss. As the tremors of fear had run through her he had soothed her with his kisses and his caresses. One thing had led to another and he had tumbled her back onto the bed.

What had followed was a thorough and intense mind blowing loving that left them both completely breathless and completely alive!

Babaji!” she gasped to herself “Where does he get the energy??”

Coming back to reality she looked at the time and shrieked, jumping out of bed. She had a meeting herself with Adi and some interior designers later on that morning.

She quickly ran to the bathroom to shower to quickly get ready for work.

Major Saab was waiting when she got downstairs and they left for the office.

She sat in the car reading through the material she needed to be aware of for the meeting. Major Saab was chatting away to the driver. She looked up briefly to muse on a point, just as a stray dog ran across the road. The driver braked hard to avoid it they all fell forward and then back with a big bump.

Major Saab’s phone fell tumbling out of his trouser pocket and onto the floor of the back of the car.

Just as Geet picked it up it started to ring the display said ‘Singhania’

She looked at the display her eyes wide and then up to see Major Saab’s eyes fixed on her. He practically snatched the phone out of hers hands, turning away to face the front.

The phone kept ringing ominously. He looked back at Geet through the passenger side vanity mirror. Finally answering the phone he said “kaam ho jayega” and cut them off.

Geet sat back in her seat. Singhania!

She had to talk to Maan. But she could see that Major Saab was looking at her and watching her every action through the mirror. She fidgeted nervously with her duppatta and breathing a sigh of relief as they drove into the car park of the KC building.

Throughout the morning she didn’t have a chance to talk to Maan. Even when she and Adi left to go to the meeting there was no opportunity as they they were both busy and that Major Saab never left her alone, not even for a minute.

Finally she saw her opportunity to talk to Adi as they stood outside on the steps of the offices waiting for the car to come around of the Interior Designers they had just seen.

“Adi Sir,” she quietly whispered as saw that Major Saab was talking to Menaka. “I need to talk to you.”

But Adi’s eyes were on Menaka. He was smiling at her.

“Adi Sir!” She whispered a little more urgently “ I need to talk to you now!”

At the same time…………………….

Not so far away Maan sat in traffic. The meeting had gone very, very well with Mr. Mehta and his board of Directors. They had liked his ideas and Maan was sure that KC would win the contract.

But then a dark cloud came over his face as he thought of all the underhanded tricks he had uncovered this morning by Singhania. Damn that man.

His phone rang. He picked it up and looked at the display. ‘Unknown caller’ it said. Usually he didn’t bother to answer such calls but something in his gut prompted him. He pressed the answer button and spoke

“Maan Singh Khurana.”

“Hello! Mr. Maan Singh Khuarana” said a reedy voice. Immediately Maans hackles began to rise.

“Kaun hai yeh?? he barked into the phone, his expression angry.

“Mein? Mein to aap ka ek well wisher hoon.”

“Tum ko kya laga, that I wouldn’t know about your meeting with Mr Mehta. I know every word that was said. You think you are so clever Mr Maan Singh Khuarana! You maybe smart but I have my own way of doing things and getting my way. I have no qualms about using….lets just say more interesting methods. I did warn you but you wouldn’t listen and now……..”.he left it unsaid.

“Now What?? Maan barked into the phone, his blood at boiling point. His brain whirred there had to be a mole in Mehta’s board of Directors.

“Haan well wisher! Dekhona tumne to kitne enquiries ki meri bare mein. Lekin maine to seedha tumhra Major Saab se mil kar tumhari biwi ka bandobast kar diya.”

Singhania! Maan’s breath stopped.


“And I am phoning you to tell you she is looking quite beautiful standing there on the steps of the Malabar Towers. And dekhona kuch bhi ho saakta hai. Aaj kal kitne paagal log phirte hain…..If you are fast you can just make it in time to say goodbye.” he finished the call with a sinister laugh.

Icy fear gripped him.

He leapt out of the car into the oncoming traffic. Leaving the driver and the security with him astonished at his actions. After a moment the security man with him caught on that something was terribly wrong and followed him into the traffic.

Maan ran as the cars screeched, crashed and swerved around him. Malabar Towers was around the corner. He leapt across the dual carriageway barriers and into the road where the building was situated. He could just make out Geet and Adi standing on the steps chatting.

He screamed GEEEEEEEEEETTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But in the din of the traffic horns, his screams were lost. She was too far away to hear.

As he ran near, he saw a car approach and roll down the window.

It all happened as if in slow motion right in front of his eyes. And he could do nothing about it.

The adrenalin and fear that had taken over since he had terminated that call had heightened all his senses. In that millisecond he noticed everything about her. How she stood so straight. How her hair blew softly in the breeze. The unconscious sensuous way her body moved. The smile that lit up her face.

Gun shots rang out. He watched as Menaka leapt on Adi pushing him out of danger.
Major Saab jumped in front of Geet but a shot caught him. It went straight through him and hit Geet.

Although injured Major Saab pulled out his gun with Menaka following suit and ran after the car, which was thankfully getting caught up in the slow traffic.

He saw Geet standing for a moment looking totally puzzled at what happened. Look up and then as their eyes connected, he saw the surprise in her eyes as she saw him running through the traffic towards her like a madman his expression full of fear.

He reached her as just as she started to crumple. He caught her in his arms, sinking down on the steps holding her to him.

Geet!” His eyes ran over her frantically, his heart beating fast, only to see the sickly sight of dark red blood seeping through her duppata.

He pulled the duppatta off to see where the bullet had hit her. It seemed to be in her shoulder.

Frantically he made the material into a ball and pressed on the wound to stop it bleeding, his face in the grip of intense fear and pain.

Maan!” She gasped reaching up to cup his face, the love for him shining out of her beautiful light brown eyes.

“Tum ko kuch nahin hoga!” He whispered to her, his voice riddled with fear “Kuch nahin hoga!”

He saw her blink in amazement as a tear drop fell from his eye on to her face. He hadn’t even realized that he was crying.

She smiled tenderly up at him just before she went limp in his arms.

Geet! Geet!” He gently shook her but she had passed out.

He was oblivious to the chaos that had ensued all around him. Major Saab, Adi, Menaka were all around him saying things but he was not listening.

He looked at his Geet lying limp in his arms, his face contorted in pain.

Looking up to the sky he let out a primeval scream of pain that shook to the core all that surrounded him.


Adi looked at Maan Sir, his eyes full of tears.

“Geet ko kuch nahi hoga!” He repeated again and again to Maan. Trying to reassure himself and Maan.

Major Saab had already taken control of the situation. Maan’s security men had caught the gunman and driver and were holding him secure.

He said to Maan “The car is here, we need to get her to hospital, urgently”

Several of the security men leaned down to take Geet from his arms.

Maan suddenly snapped back to control. He looked around, his eyes taking in the whole situation. Exactly where everyone was and what they were doing.

Major Saab and Singhania would have to wait.

Placing icy control over himself, his eyes blazing with grief and anger, he menacingly said, “Nobody touch Geet!! glaring at all of them. They all shrank back in alarm at the vehemance in his voice.

He scooped her up into his chest with extreme care and headed for the car. Adi had managed to secure a police bike escort for them as police were rapidly descending on the scene.

As they drove frantically to the hospital. Maan held her tight. She kept drifting in and out of consciousness. She was repeating his name over and over again.

“Mishti…” He spoke tenderly to her. “Mishti mein yaha hoon, tumhare paas” His lips gently kissing her forehead “I am not going anywhere” He pulled her tight into his body, trying to transmit some of his warmth and strength into her, keeping the pressure on her wound.

She looked like a beautiful broken porcelain doll in his arms. She had become so pale and cold.

He felt so utterly helpless. He was going to kill that Singhania with his bare hands he thought. His eyes blazed in anger.

Thankfully the bleeding had slowed now, it was at least a good sign, he thought to himself.

He heard Adi phoning the hospital to alert them of the situation. Adi also phoned the DGP alerting him of the situation so that there wouldn’t be any problems with Media and police. DGP Saab had promised to do everything in his power to help and also promised to come and talk to Maan Singh Khurana at the earliest opportunity.

Maan looked at Adi and nodded his thanks. He was too strung up to say anything at the moment. He knew Adi understood. He could see Adi was as tense and worried about Geet as he was, Adi loved Geet like a brother he knew.

At the hospital Maan carefully exited the car carrying precious burden. The Doctors were ready for them. He gently laid her on the trolley bed and they wheeled her in straight to the emergency theatre.

Over the next few hours they worked on her. Maan didn’t leave her side at all. Even when the doctors asked him to leave, he gave them such a menacing look they didn’t dare ask him again.

Thankfully the bullet had completely missed all of her vital organs. She wouldn’t be able to move her shoulder for a while but she would recover completely in a few weeks time they assured him.

Maan sat next to her bed tense, waiting for her to wake up from the anaesthetic hardly blinking. He felt a gentle hand on his shoulder, he turned to see it was Daadima. She looked at him and saw what was in his heart.

“Beta,” She said to him gently “Don’t blame yourself. There is nothing you could have done to foresee this. This is clearly the work of someone who is totally unscrupulous and very dangerous.”

“But Daadima, if I hadn’t been so adamant to win this bid I could have seen what kind of man we were dealing with.” he replied totally unconvinced that it wasn’t his fault.

“Nahi beta! What you did was right. And what this person has chosen to do is wrong! Business mein to rivalry and competition hote rehte hai. But this……….” She looked at Geet lying on the bed looking so fragile “this is just thuggery. And to try and hurt KC and you by shooting Geet is nothing less then cowardice!” she finished vehemently trying to make him understand.

She could see that this would remain with him and fester. She was not prepared to let that happen. She knew that Geet would say exactly the same to him as soon as she recovered.

“Maan beta, get this thought out of your head right now! This was not your fault!” She reiterated firmly looking at him straight in the eye.

“Lekin Daadima, woh sab kuch mere samne hua…..aur mein kuch bhi nahi kar saaka. She could have died today.” He finished on a pained whisper, his worst fears coming to his lips.

Daadima reached out and cupped his faced gently smiling at him with her eyes full of tears.

“Beta, Babaji would never part two souls who loved each other so much, so cruelly. Vishwas karo Geet ke babaji par.”

She looked him in the eye and set the challenge.

“Aur beta, don’t waste your energy on what could have been. You must put your energy into finding the proof and putting whoever did this behind bars.” She told him firmly.

A tear fell from his eye at her words. He thanked Babaji and regained control over himself again.

“Haan Daadima!” he said firmly back in control, his task clearly outlined in his mind.

“Yeh to mein kaarke he rahoonga. I will not let him get away with this. Even if it takes me a lifetime.” Maan vowed to Daadima looking at his beloved Geet.

Daadima looked at him with love and pride. Yes, her grandson, she knew would accomplish the impossible to get justice for this heinous crime.

“Chalo aab mein chalte hoon beta. Take care of your self and Geet. Mein kal subah awoongee.” With a smile of reassurance she left.

For the whole of the night, he just sat next to Geet’s bedside keeping vigil. He was not going to let her out of his sight for a second. Even though the doctors had reassured him many times.

He just didn’t believe them until his Geet regained consciousness, he wasn’t going to move from there. The icy fear still gripped him.

As the dawn’s pink rays crept softly across the sky Geet recovered consciousness. To see Maan was holding her hand tightly and staring at her. His eyes intense and red with pain and tiredness.

“Maan…”she spoke his name softly as she smiled at him. Trying to sit up but grimacing and falling back on the bed in pain.

Maan jumped up.

“Geet hilna mat!” He ordered. He looked down at her and smiled at her crookedly. His eyes blazing with love for her.

He tenderly tucked a stray lock of hair behind her ear, now that she had awoken, he felt some life creep back to him. Although she still looked incredibly fragile and pale.

His eyes filled with tears. He couldn’t even bear to see her with a cut finger and now this!

“Maan!” She gasped up at him unable to see tears in his eyes.. “I am fine” she assured him. “Aapke punjab ke shernie ek bullet se nahi maar ne wali!” She joked feebly.

“Meri himmatwali Mishti..” he said overwhelmed by her bravery, he cupped her face, leaning down he gently kissed her sweet lips. She reached up with her good hand and wiped the tears from his face.

“Aab aap ghar jaye, aur aaram kare. I will be fine.” she reassured him drowsily, her eyes slowly closing as she succumbed to sleep.

He tenderly tucked in the blankets around her. Caressing her face.

“Aaram!” Maan paced the hospital room. Until he had that Singhania behind bars there would be no aaram for him. He was prepared to stay awake day and night to make sure that happened. He would use every resource at his disposal.

He would find out who the mole was at Mehta Industries. Who was supplying Singhania with inside information? He had so many questions that needed answers.

He also thought about what Singhania had said about Major Saab. But that didn’t make sense as Major Saab had thrown himself in front of Geet as soon as he sensed danger. He sat back down and started to formulate a plan.

By the time Geet woke up later that morning. He had his clothes delivered from home, gone and taken a shower (after he had put an armed guard at her door). Secured the room next to her as a meeting room. Moved in a desk and his computer into her room and was busily working.

DGP Saab had come early and Maan had talked with him a length with regards to his suspicions. He knew already that Singhania would have been known to the police for his underhanded methods, but DGP Saab had given him and insight to many other crimes that Singhania was suspected in. But also enlightened him to the fact that he had never been caught as usually the proof wasn’t there to convict him of anything.

DGP Saab also told him that the driver and the gunman the security men had caught yesterday were both singing like Canaries! But unfortunately they were only small time crooks who did not know who was leading from the top. It seems they were contacted and paid by some middlemen. Singhania was always careful to hide his tracks.

He promised Maan to keep the investigation his top most priority after that assurance he left.

After that Major Saab had come in, his arm in a sling from his bullet wound. It seemed the bullet had just grazed him. Maan thanked him for trying to save Geet, but Major Saab said he had just been doing his job. After some further discussion about the office security he too left.

Mr Mehta had also come to see Maan. He had been really upset to see Geet so lifeless. He had really started to grow fond of both of them. Maan told him in confidence about his suspicions and the the threats he had received. Mr Mehta was totally shocked. He promised to carry out investigations of his own with regards to a mole for Singhania in the board of Directors.

Geet lay there watching him as he worked. Her heart overflowing with love for him. His face was so focused and deep in concentration. He was to her, totally beautiful.

Her eyes closed as memories flooded in her mind of deep dark nights, of lying in his strong arms, of his intensity and passion, feeling him inside and out, of his touch that drove her to the brink time and time again to catch her when she fell, his sinful mouth relentless in his mission to make her scream out with pleasure, of the sweet nothings he whispered to her, of him loving her almost reverently, of drowning in those dark chocolate eyes as she sank deeper and deeper under his spell, of laughter filled days and passion filled nights.

Her Maan…………..

He was instantly at her side. Had she said that aloud??

“Geet, are you in pain??” he asked his brow creased in a frown.

Smiling up at him she said “Nahi! Please don’t worry I am fine.”

“Lekin Geet, when was the last time you had pain killers.” He grabbed the medicine chart reading it quickly, he frowned and looked at her, she looked awfully pale, He pressed the nurse button rapidly.

Geet groaned to herself. She knew he was going to be unbearable soon with his fussing and over attentiveness.

The nurse arrived almost instantly. She knew his reputation by now and didn’t want to be at the end of Maan Singh Khurana’s wrath! Casting a frightened glance at Maan she attended to Geet.

Finally when they were alone. Geet told him what had happened in the car with Major Saab. They were both puzzled about his intentions. If really was working for Singhania he wouldn’t have tried to save her the concluded.

“But then why all the calls and secrecy?” Geet asked him. Maan told her not to worry. He would keep an eye on the Major. For Geet’s safety he would not leave her alone with him again either, he thought to himself.

By late that evening Geet was tearing her hair out. She was recovering remarkably well thanks to the care she had received from the doctors and nurses.

But Maan was driving her mad!

He wanted to do everything for her. He wouldn’t let the nurses do their job. The only thing he couldn’t do was administer the drugs and change the wound dressing, but even through that he didn’t move from her room. Apart from that he insisted on combing her hair, changing her gown, giving her a sponge bath (which he said he enjoyed very much and he insisted it was payback for the torture she had put him through when he was in hospital), feeding her and even insisted on carrying her to the bathroom!!

He was treating her as if she were a fragile piece of china. Not letting her do anything, even lift a finger. It was driving her mad. She wanted him to be himself. To get annoyed with her, to glare at her, to pull her tightly to him. She wanted her Dust Danav back.

When Daadima came Geet begged her to persuade Maan to go home. Daadima laughed. She told Geet that at this time a whole army wouldn’t be able to move him out of her room.

Maan just glared at them both, he didn’t care what anyone thought, he was not moving from her side.

By the morning of the fourth day the whole hospital was tearing their hair out.

Poor Adi, he was running in an out from the office to Maans makeshift office in Geets room completely at the end of his tether with Menaka sticking to him like glue everywhere.

He kept begging Geet to calm Maan Sir down as Maan was going around like a wounded lion growling at anyone and everyone except Geet, who he was treating with kid gloves.

Especially as there was no breakthrough with the investigation or further leads to Singhania.

Geet had recovered sufficiently well, she begged the doctors to let her go home. The Doctor was also pleased with her progress and jumped at the chance to send her, but mostly more then her, Maan Singh Khurana home.

He wasn’t sure if the hospital could take any more of him. But Maan insisted on a second opinion and had a specialist flown in from Mumbai, who thankfully for Geet, told him the same same thing.

Later that day Geet was given the all clear to go home, but told to take it easy. After that they would try physio to get her shoulder back into shape. Since it was her left hand Geet was finding it difficult to do many things.

She was really excited to be going home and the hospital was even more excited that Maan Singh Khuarana was going too.

By the time Geet had reached home though, she was tired, even though Maan had carried her to the car and to their bedroom. He noted that she had lost weight already. He was still treating her like she was made from spun glass.

Daadima was very happy to have her back home. She prepared some of Geet’s favourite foods to try and tempt her to eat a bit more then she was eating at the hospital. As usual Maan fed her even though she was getting quite adept at eating with her right hand. Then she fell asleep almost immediately exhausted already.

Both Daadima and Maan watched her sleeping and thanked God that she had pulled through so well. Daadima nodded to him, tears of joy in her eyes to see Geet at home again and left them to rest.

He pulled up an armchair chair next to the bed, afraid of sleeping with her in case he accidentally touched her shoulder and caused her pain.

He sank down in it wearily. His phone beeped. He looked at the text. It was DGP Saab he had texted that he had some information for him re Major Saab and Singhania. He would like to see him tomorrow.

Maan texted back to say he would come and see him, his mind still racing with all the unanswered questions, he slowly succumbed to much needed sleep.

Geet was frantic. She couldn’t find Maan. They were all chasing her.

Brij veerji was running after her with a sword. The metal gleamed in the moonlight menacingly. She gasped please! Nahi…Veerji….. she ran and ran in the woods but he seemed to be just behind her at every turn, then his face turned into NainTara’s, her sarcastic evil laughed rang around her as she let go of her hand on the balcony…………..Nain Tara! She was falling and falling she reached out but Maan was not there to catch her……………then she was on the steps again of Malabar Towers. She watched in horror as the gunman fired at her………………..

“MAAAANNNNN!” Her scream rang out in the quiet of the night.

At her scream Maan woke instantly. She seemed to be in the grip of an intense nightmare. Her body was trembling with fear, beads of sweat had broken out on her forehead. She sat up suddenly breathing as if she had run a mile.

“Geet Geet!” He reached out and gently caressed her face he was too scared to pull her into him in case he hurt her unintentionally. Softly speaking to her, stroking her hair.

Her body started shaking with heart wrenching sobs, her tear drenched eyes locked on to his. She needed him. He hated himself, he couldn’t do anything to help her.

“Maan please hold me!” she sobbed “woh log mujhe maar daalenge!”

In that moment he died a thousand deaths. He hadn’t been there to save her this time. This nightmare was a testament to that fact. He couldn’t wait to get his hands on Singhania, he was going to tear him limb from limb!

He wanted more then anything to gather her up to him and sooth her fears, but he was too scared of her fragile state.

“Maan! Please!” she begged trying to reach him.

“Its all my fault I should have never let this happen to you.” He said his deepest thought tumbling out of him. His eyes reflected his intense pain.

“Maan! Nahi! this is not your fault” she told him. “I dont want you to blame yourself at all. This is Singhania’s fault and no one else.”she said “I need you!”

“But Geet!” He looked at her, his face twisted in pain at his helplessness, his eyes imploring her to understand what he was trying to say to her, “I could hurt you Mishti, your shoulder is not healed yet.”

“Maan mein toot nahi jawoonge! Mujhe aapke zaroorat hai!”she sobbed to him in no uncertain terms. She wanted to be held in his arms, to feel as if she had come home. To feel safe.

He could not help himself any longer, he climbed on to the bed and gathered her up to him in an embrace. Lifting her, he sat back on the bed with her in his lap, mindful not to touch her shoulder. Her body still shook with tremors of fear.

“Shhhhh! Mishty…..I am here. Shhhhh!” he soothed. Breathing in her fragrance. It seemed to have been such a long time since held her like this. He settled her against him leaning back against the headboard.

“Please dont leave me.” she whispered up to him her soft brown eyes still wet with tears.

“Nahi tum so jawo meri bahoon mein. Mein kahi nahi jawoonga.” He said softly his dark eyes full of tender love for her. He tenderly kissed her hair, her forehead and her eyes.

Geet laid her head against his chest and fell asleep cocooned in the warmth of his love.

Maan pulled the blanket over them both as he cuddled her close.

Tomorrow he was going make sure that he had answers to his many questions!

Chapter Six
I hope you enjoy it. Please dont forget to comment. I love to read your detailed thoughts.

Late that night in another part of town………………….

Singhania smashed the glass of whisky he was holding into the wall with a savage throw. The police were getting closer. They hadn’t caught up with him yet but they had been systematically questioning many of the henchmen and contacts he dealt with on a daily basis. This was effecting his business and he was not happy about it at all!

Looks like I underestimated that Maan Singh ka baacha! he thought savagely.

That contact in KC did tell me that he was too fond of his biwi, a little scare for her and he would back down, but he is not doing what I wanted him to do at all!! Persistent little bastard that he is.

His phone rang, he picked it up and answered “Kya! Kaalia ka ghar pe raid paada!” he threw the phone down in despair. It was not going the way he planned at all.

Damn it! Kaalia could lead to them to him He had done business with him, many times. They seemed to be getting closer and closer…he wiped beads of sweat from his brow even though the AC in his room was on full blast. There maybe evidence at Kaalias house, that would implicate him he had to do something now! Things were getting much to close for his liking.

Even his mole in Mehta’s industries had gone quiet completely. And now it looked like KC would definitely win the contract.


And that bastard Major Saab he took two full suitcases of money from me and then threw himself in front of Maan Singh’s Biwi!!!

Rage boiled up inside him. It was all going horribly wrong.

He picked up the nearest object to him and was about to throw it in rage when he saw that it was Glenfarclas 1969 Single Malt Whisky!!!

He looked at it incredulously! Damn it! That upstart nearly made me waste such a beautiful whisky!He shook his head to clear it, stroking the bottle lovingly he gently put it down on the table beside him as if it were a favourite child.

Damn that Maan and damn that Major Saab!

Singhania was not going down without a fight.

He sat back down in his armchair pouring himself some more of the divine drink for inspiration and thought to himself, kuch dhamaka to karna padega, after all Singhania had a reputation to upkeep.

He sipped the fiery liquid enjoying the burn as it ran down his throat to warm his cold heart, he smiled to himself, soon he would fix them all.

Very early next morning……………………………

He watched Geet sleeping in his arms absent mindedly stroking her hair.

Thankfully the nightmare had not revisited her. He had been awake for ages. Waking up with Geet wrapped around him like a silken blanket had sent his body into overdrive. His self-control was at breaking point but he had to keep away from her a little while longer until she recovered. She still looked pale and tired easily at the moment.

Geet moaned his name and pressed herself into him even closer. He groaned in frustration. In an effort to control his rampant thoughts he concentrated on thinking about types of cement and its uses in his industry!

Early Morning at the KC office…………………………

Menaka watched Adi working. Over the last week since the incident she had been particularly careful about his security. That had put her in contact with him nearly 24hrs a day. The only thing she didn’t do was sleep at his flat but the rest of the time she was glued to his side.

Her initial thoughts that he was adorable had grown and transferred into deeper feelings. He was different from any other man who she had encountered. He was always polite, incredibly hard working, very intelligent. He hadn’t tried anything at with her that was untoward, in fact he swerved around her keeping as much distance as possible.

He no longer blushed every time their eyes met now that he was a little used to her. She even found his silly jokes amusing. But what was she going to do about it. If she even let so much as a hint slip to him she was sure that he would run a mile. She would have to approach him with caution.

She looked at him and smiled to her self. Hmmmm, Menaka ko yeh Vishwamitra ke tapasya to bhang karne he padegee!

Later that morning across town at the offices of the DGP………………..

Maan strode into the meeting with DGP Saab. He was somewhat surprised to see Major Saab there as well, he had thought the DGP had information about him. His keen sharp eyes saw that Major Saab was looking mighty pleased with himself.

“Maan, awo hum tumhari he rah dekhte the.” He said smiling at Maan.

Major Saab came to me yesterday with a number of items and some evidence that may help us. We have also found on raids across town of Singhania’s known contacts, some papers and mobile phones. We have managed to get a little further with the evidence against Singhania but its still not enough” He summarised to Maan.

“Major Saab it seems has been in contact with Singhania. Infact Singhania was trying to buy his loyalty with this bag of money. Major Saab played along with him to try and obtain as much evidence as possible against him.”

Maan noticed Major Saab looked a little guilty as he looked at the bag of money, he wondered what that was all about.

“Anyhow,” DGP Saab continued “We will try and see if we can find finger prints or other such forensic evidence from the bag of money. But I want you to look at these phone records that we have obtained by warrant from the phone company. You wanted to know who the contacts maybe in KC and also Mr Mehta’s firm you may recognise a number from here. Look carefully.” he said handing Maan the long list of phone numbers.

Maan studied the list of numbers carefully, the list was quite long but Maan made sure he looked at all the numbers. There was a number that seemed to nag at him but he couldn’t quite place it.

“Nahi, DGP Saab I don’t recognise any of these numbers,” he said. He was not happy, instead of getting answers they were still faced with many more questions.

Both the Major and DGP Saab sighed.

DGP Saab muttered “This Singhania covers his tracks too well! Still we have enough evidence now to bring him in for questioning. I will send out the word to bring him in. But without sufficient evidence he will just walk. He also has some very smart and expensive lawyers. The only avenue we can think about at the moment is that maybe bringing him in will scare some of his contacts into talking a little more.”

They all agreed that would be a good idea. And the DGP left.

Maan went up to Major Saab and said thank you, I didn’t realise that you were collecting evidence against Singhania, in fact Geet got quite worried about the incident in the car.

Major Saab placed a hand on Maans shoulder and said, “Haan I thought so too. But I had to play along with the call and not say anything to her as the driver was also in the car. You never know who is listening and who isn’t!” He said smiling at Maan.

Maan shook his hand, he would never forget that Major Saab had tried to save Geets life, he would always be grateful to him for that.

A week later Maan sat at his desk brooding. They were still no closer to finding Singhania or getting enough evidence to charge him with anything.

Geet was recovering very well. Very well indeed. Infact she was already moaning at him to let her get back to work. But he had been adamant that she stayed at home for a few days longer. She still in his mind, needed rest.

They had even won the Mehta Industries contract, they had found out yesterday, but even that didn’t dispel his gloom. He so badly wanted Singhania’s blood.

The image of her bleeding and unconscious in his arms was etched on his mind. If anybody, It should have been him who had taken that bullet not Geet. The long hospital hours when he had sat there waiting for her to wake up, her blood that he had washed from his hands.

Those tear drenched eyes of Geet, That fear on her face, that nightmare she had, was all ingrained in his mind forever. He would make Singhania pay for every drop of blood that she had spilt and every tear that she had shed.

He sprang up, his eyes blazing with anger and started pacing the room. He had tried every contact he knew but everything was coming to a dead end. He stood still and aimlessly looked through the glass into the office where everyone was working quietly.

Looking at then he suddenly snapped back to reality. He noticed that even they all seemed to be on tenterhooks and gloomy. Usually there was some amount of banter going on or noise. Today there seemed to be pin drop silence as they all worked heads down.

He had to do something about this he thought.

Yes!! an idea came to him. He would get Adi to organise a party in celebration of winning the Mehta contract, which was, anyway a great achievement for the company and also going to make them serious amounts of money placing KC at the top of the list of construction companies in India.

That would also be a chance for Geet to dress up and have some fun.

His mind filled with memories of her in that white saree, of that night when they had danced for the first time. She had looked like an angel sent to this earth just to torment him. That night he had filled his arms with her unable to help himself.

He groaned to himself. Having her sleep in his arms every night and not make love to was killing him slowly. Desperately trying to regain some semblance of control over himself, he phoned Adi to make the arrangements.

That evening he told Daadima and Geet what he planned. They were both very happy that Maan had decided to have a party at KC. Daadima had also been concerned about trying expel the gloom that had settled over everyone since Geet had been shot.

That night as they lay in bed he told her about Major Saab and what he had been trying to do. Geet was very happy that he had turned out to be the man that they had thought he was and not sinister at all.

“Maan, I am really happy that you have planned this party. I think all the staff will be also be excited. “ She said nuzzling his neck. Breathing him in. Playfully biting his earlobe.

“Geet! Geet STOP! tum kya kartee ho??” he stared at her incredulously, gently pushing her away.

She looked at him with disdain. A look that said you know very well what I am trying to do!

“NO! Geet you are not a hundred percent yet! He reiterated adamantly “I could hurt you, your shoulder is still healing.” he pleaded, it was killing him, but he had to think of her welfare first.

Geet stood up on her knees on the bed. Hands on hips, her eyes spitting furious sparks at him!

“Maan, I am 100% fine. But if you don’t want me…then I don’t want you either!” she declared. With a glare that could have shrivelled lesser mortals, she moved her pillow as far away from him as possible and settled down to sleep in a real huff.

Maan smiled and looked down at her. She was already asleep within minutes. He worried that she tired too quickly as yet. He moved up to her and immediately she turned in her sleep and snuggled into him. He softly tucked a stray lock of hair away from her beautiful face and grazed his lips across her lush pink ones, gently.

He whispered softly down to her “Its not that I dont want you my Mishty, its that I want you too much and so desperately that I would have a hard time not getting carried away. So until your are fit I will have to wait.” With yet another groan of frustration, he too went to sleep cuddling her close.

Next day, early evening………………

Geet pulled out yet another saree from the cupboard and threw it down on the bed. She just couldn’t decide what to wear. A huge pile of colourful clothes lay strewn across the bed in an untidy pile, all more beautiful then the other. But Geet wanted tonight to be extra special. She would get him to stop this nonsense about her not being well.

Tonight! She muttered to herself, she would make sure that he lost the iron control that he had placed on himself.

Then she saw it. The one that would drive him insane. With a huge grin she pulled it out of the cupboard and went to get ready.

Maan came home to take Geet to the party. He had a special surprise for her. He had Adi book the same place where they had first danced. He had also had the whole place decorated exactly as it had been that fateful night.

The whole staff was excited about wining the contract and now the party. Thank god the gloom had vanished from their faces. But he had been mindfull that they still had not caught Singhania and security was extra tight.

He watched Geet as she came down the stairs.

His jaw dropped! Dear God!

His mouth ran dry and his brain went into meltdown. She was a Siren in Deep Red. The saree was draped lovingly about her slim figure like a second skin. It shimmered as she walked. Her hair was loose like a brown halo and she had brought it to the front. Beautiful heavy antique jhoomkas were her only adornments. She didn’t need anything else.

Their eyes locked, and he watched her without blinking as she swayed sensuously down the stairs. She came to the last step hesitating to give him the full effect walked straight past him.

His eyes closed tightly, his sooty lashes casting dark spiky shadows across face. His hands clenched into fists by his sides. An inarticulate sound escaped his lips as he opened his eyes again.

Geet smiled a knowing little smile to herself.

Her blouse was just a little strap of embroidery that adorned her long and beautiful back. Strands of pearls and jewels adorned the doories that hung so enticingly just begging him to tug them.

It was all he could do, not to pick her up and take her upstairs right now!

“Geet!” His voice came out hoarsely “you cant come like that!” He said to her, as she turned to face him shimmering and enticing him.

“Kyu??” she asked ever so innocently and then as Daadima came down the stairs she asked her “Daadima, don’t I look nice??”

Daadima looked at Geet and said “You look especially beautiful tonight Geet. Jawoo tum log abb der ho jayeegee.”

Maan shut his eyes tight once more trying to place control over himself again. Took a deep breath, glared at Geet and walked out to the car.

Geet looked at Daadima and they both smiled giving the thumbs up to each other, waving a quick bye Geet followed him out.

Across town at Delhi Airport………………….

Singhania settled into his first class seat with a charming smile at the hostess. God! He laughed to himself the police didn’t have a clue who they were dealing with did they?? It had been so easy to leave the country. He decided that it was getting a little too close for comfort so maybe a long holiday in Dubai would help until things cooled down here.

It had been so easy. He had promised himself that he would fix them all and he had. And the funny thing was , he smirked to himself, Maan Singh Khurana himself had given him the opportunity. An opportunity so delicious, he salivated now just thinking about it. He still had his methods. Money could buy anyone from the highest to the lowest.

When he had heard about the wonderful party Maan Singh Khuarana had planned he decided he would send him a present.

He mused, kuch meetha…………….!

That party would go off with a bang he thought to himself laughing and then once he started he couldn’t stop.

The other passengers looked at him as if he had gone mad.

The plane took off just as the police got to the airport.

At the party…………………….

The party was going well, Maan thought. When Geet had seen what he had done, right down to the decorations, she had thrown her arms around him in delight. Grimacing as she had forgotten the injury still caused her pain.

“Geet!” Immediately he had admonished her for being reckless.

“Nahi! Maan.” she had whispered to him hugging him tight. “Mujhe kuch nahi hua. I cant believe you did all this for me.” Her eyes had filled with tears. She smiled tremulously at him.

He placed his forehead lovingly against hers and whispered back “Meri Mishty ke liya mein kuch bhi kar sakta hoon.”

As the evening wore on Geet was driving him insane. She was flirting and at every opportunity touching him here and there. When they were dancing she moved in close to him clinging to him, he was going to go mad very soon he thought to himself. He had allowed himself the luxury of placing his hands at her waist caressing the silken skin, breathing her in.

Once the cake came and they cut it. He was taking her home and give her something of what she had been begging from him tonight. No, not something, a LOT of what she wanted he thought to himself smiling.

Thankfully very soon Adi wheeled in the beautiful huge cake. A magnificent creation on a large pretty base. Everyone was excited. They all gathered round the cake, waiting for Maan and Geet to cut it.

Maan firstly thanked everyone for their hard work in helping to win the contract. He gave special thanks to Adi, Geet and a couple of the other senior members of his office. There was a huge round of applause.

Major Saab’s phone rang just as Maan and Geet were about to slice the cake.

He answered the call and after listening for a second he ran towards both of them. Skidding to a halt next to Maan, he grabbed at his wrist to stop him from cutting the cake.

There was a commotion as everybody wondered what Major Saab was doing. Had he gone mad?

Maan understood immediately something was wrong. He gripped Geet closely to him sliding his arm around her waist his fingers digging into her soft skin, he pulled her into his side immediately.

Major Saab shouted for eveyone to be quiet. Menaka was instantly at his side. There was pin drop silence as Major Saab examined the cake from all angles. Pulling out a army knife he ever so gently cut a hole in the base. He could see wires.

Maan looked at what the Major was looking at.

A Bomb!

There was a sudden gasp of realisation from all the staff. They all looked completely scared out of their wits.

He gripped Geet even tighter. But as ever he was in control. “Major Saab evacuate kare??”

“No time beta. Its set on a timer as well, if you had cut it it would have gone off and if not its still set to go off as its on a timer.” He answered grimly. But Menaka maybe able to help us.

Menaka looked at the bomb which the Major had exposed.

5 Mins left!

“Sir!” she said to him. She had just finished extensive training in bomb disposal.

“I can diffuse this.” She held out her hand and the Major gave her the knife.

She studied the bomb and its mechanism for a full two minutes, whilst everybody held their breath. Then with a small muttered prayer she cut the wire that stopped the timer with exactly two minutes to go.

Time stood frozen for a moment as everybody grasped what had just happened. Then as Menaka stood up and smiled, there was a huge cheer for her.

Adi came up to her and hugged her tightly.

Maan and Geet both grinned at this spectacle. Hugging each other.

The party did go off with a bang after that. Maan and Geet as the hosts were the last to leave. Maan drove home in silence his mind buzzing with all that had happened. They had both thanked Menaka and Major Saab profusely for saving the day.

They reached home. Geet climbed out of the car and started walking to their room. In all the excitement she had forgotten totally what she had set out to do earlier.

But Maan who was walking behind her had his eyes fixed firmly on her delectable back and those doories that had been taunting him all night!

She reached their room, walking in with a yawn.

She turned as she heard him say.

“Not tired are you, Geet? I do hope not! He closed the door behind him with a distinct click.

Walking up to her like a tiger about to feast he stood stock still for a moment drinking in her beauty, her fragrance, his eyes roamed all over her caressing, touching, undressing.

His eyes liquid dark chocolate, slumberous with desire.

He slipped his hands around her waist, his fingers sensuously touching the silken skin, making her breath coming out in gasps. He turned her, so her back was to him.

He looked at those doories that had been taunting him all evening and tugged them apart with a practised pull. Pulling her back into him he kissed her now exposed nape.

Geet moaned out her pleasure. “Maan……..please!”

He turned her in his arms, his eyes ablaze with passion, he looked deeply into her desire filled eyes.

“Are you sure you are all right Geet? I don’t want to hurt you, my need is great, I want you so badly!” he rasped burying his face in her neck. He pulled her into him letting her feel his need.

“Maan!”she gasped, “please don’t stop. You could never hurt me. I need you too, just as much as you need me.” She looked into his beautiful dark eyes. Those eyes that reflected her, only her and his love for her.

With a purely masculine groan of satisfaction at her words he lifted her high in his arms and took her lush lips in a kiss that reached her soul.

After that there were no words said for a long long time, only sighs of pleasure and dark words that enticed and excited.

Geet fell asleep almost immediately completely sated and spent in his arms. She was completely exhausted with his relentless energy. He had taken her again and again to the gates of heaven.

Relentless in his mission to give her much pleasure as possible. He had been so extra careful of her injury and had made love to her with such intensity and reverence that she had cried in his arms.

Maan too had fallen asleep completely satisfied.

But Something was still nagging in his head but he could not quite place it.

Late in the night his eyes suddenly opened and he gasped out Dev! That telephone number that had been nagging at him for days was Dev’s mobile number on Singhania’s Mobile list.

But that’s another story……………………………….



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