A Test of Love Chap 7 & 8

Chapter Seven

Six months later………………

UllllllllllU, Kothaaaaaaaaaaaa!!”

Geet’s scream made Maan drop a log on his foot, he had been in the process of lighting the logs in the beautiful circular fire in the middle of the room.

He cursed savagely under his breath and then thinking Geet might be in some kind of danger hopped and ran to the bedroom in the chalet.

They were in a incredibly luxurious chalet in Switzerland. Mr Mehta’s chalet. After winning the contract both husband and wife had been working extremely hard.

Mr Mehta had surprised them both by gifting them a holiday, which included travel on his private jet to Switzerland and to stay in his exclusive chalet in the Alps.

At first Maan had declined, not accustomed to accepting anything from clients but Mr Mehta had insisted. In fact he had grown so fond of both of both of them that he had started calling Maan beta, then as he had looked at his Geet’s crestfallen face he had finally agreed.

Since the time she had been shot, then the bomb scare they had been working very hard non stop to fulfil the Mehta’s contract. Geet needed a holiday and if the truth be told, he needed one too, he wanted to spend some quality time with Geet alone. He often forgot how much of a workaholic he was.

Geet was incredibly excited but didn’t even have time to pack as herself and Maan were still busy with Mr Mehta’s extremely large and complex project so she had asked Daadima and Nakul to pack for both her and Maan.

Maan reached the bedroom and saw that Geet was fine but she was staring into her suitcase and muttering curses in Punjabi and looking at a note in her hand.

He sighed with relief, thank God.

Geet tum chhilla kyu rahi thi etna zor se?” he queried.

Ullu! Kotha! Mein ghar ja kaar usske gaardan marod doonge!” she said vehemently.

Maan face broke into a grin, when his wife cursed in Punjabi he found her even sexier. Someone is in serious trouble he thought.

Umm…. Geet yeh pyaare pyaare sabd tum kiske liye bolti ho?” He asked throwing her a dust danav smile.

Nakul!! Ullu! Kotha!” She reeled of a few more curses.

Kya hua Geet?” He asked again. She thrust the note roughly into his hand and sat down on the bed looking quite forlorn.

Nakul had written: Bibiji Daadima busy thi to unhone mujhe aap ke liye pack karna kahan….. Then in English ………hope you have a nice holiday in Swaziland. Nakul.

Swaziland?” Maan looked confused.

Haan Maan, Swaziland! Aur meeri suitcase dekho usne sab light kapde pack kaare hai! There are no warm clothes at all! It snowing outside I am going freeze!” She moaned her face all sad.

Maan started laughing “Swaziland ..Africa mein hai, jo hot climate wala hai! ha ha ha!!”

Maan you keep laughing! Aapke suitcase ke haalat bhi aisse hai!!” she said sarcastically, pointing to Maan suitcase which had light shirts and Pants.

Maan stopped laughing and peered into his suitcase and let out huge groan.

Nakul! Idiot! Switzerland and Swaziland mein confuse ho gaaya!”

He peered out of the window. It was snowing only lightly. As they had arrived early in the day they could make it to the nearest town to buy some warm clothes. Luckily they even had access to a car courtesy of Mr Mehta.

Chalo Geet hum log jaldi karenge tou we could go shopping in the nearest town and be back before evening.” He said grabbing his wallet and passport.

Geet threw her arms around him, her eyes lit up.

Maan! Shopping?” she said all excited.

Maan filled his arms with her, breathing her in. She looked so radiant. Unable to help himself he brushed his lips across hers tenderly. Then lost himself in her kiss as she opened her lips and gave herself to him unconditionally.

When they broke apart they were both breathing heavily. Maan placed his forehead against hers and looked deep into her soft brown eyes filled with love just for him.

Hmm.” he said softly “we had better go now or else we might not make it all!” he said throwing her completely dust danav smile.

She smiled back sweetly at him a pink blush on her cheeks and nodded, although her eyes were telling him that she was in two minds whether to go or not.

Quickly they both put on a few layers and jumped in the Lexus 4X4. There was quite a lot of snow everywhere but the roads were clear and the new snow fell lightly.

Back in Delhi…………………….

Dev sat in his office at KC. He was now in charge of a major part of the construction project for Mehta Industries.

He was working practically 24 hours a day. He couldn’t get the thought out of his head that he had been instrumental in Geet nearly getting killed. Again.

That night would be ingrained in his memory forever. When Maan had burst into his room, late, bare chested, jeans hastily pulled on. His face like a thundercloud. His eyes blazing blue murder, he had looked like a warrior about to kill.

Maan had literally lifted him out of the bed by his arms, his anger a living force thundering through him and pinned him to the wall.

Shaking him until his teeth rattled in his head.

Demanding to know why his mobile number was one of the ones called by Singhania.

Dev had been flummoxed. He had no clue. But Maan had started shaking him and throwing him about the room like a madman.

Geet had come running in after Maan a few minutes later and had to physically pull at Maan to get him to calm down. His eyes blazing, Maan had grabbed his mobile and pulled up the number in question in the history and demanded an answer.

Then finally Dev had clicked.

That number had been a call from a Market Research Company. A very sexy sounding young lady had been on the other end of the line flirting outrageously with him. And him being him had flirted back just as outrageously.

That night Dev realised that over a number of calls to him, the woman had been milking him for info about KC and Maan Singh Khurana. She had set a honey trap for him and he had fallen into it like the biggest idiot that he had been. She must have been working for Singhania and he hadn’t even known that the information he had been giving her would be used against KC, Maan and Geet.

Once he had realised and told Maan, the look on Maans face had said it all. His eyes had looked at him with such disdain. Dev had hoped the floor could have swallowed him up and he could have disappeared for ever.

He knew that if Maan had thought Singhania was on the Moon he would somehow get there to revenge his Geet.

After that he had thrown himself into work completely. After what he done without realising made him surely the biggest idiot alive.

Back in Switzerland………………

As Geet watched the soft snow fall as Maan drove. She sighed wistfully remembering a very special moment.

Maan do you remember you set up that snow machine for me? You try to make every one of my wishes come true.” She said softly, her eyes shone with love as she looked at him.

Haan yaad hai Geet. Meri mishty ka wish is my command.” he replied smugly.

Geet looked at him and laughed, “Hmmmmm, Maan aaj aap very romantic mood mein ho! Waise I remember it you were not always like this, in fact you were a complete Dust Danav when I first joined KC.”

Achaa!” he said his eyes glittering with humour and passion “I will show you how big a dust danav I can be when we get back to the chalet!”

His eyes reflected his love for her. It had been so long he thought since he had a carefree day like this with Geet. At the moment KC was doing so well they seemed to be busy all the time. And at the forefront of his mind was always the threat to Geet by Singhania where ever he was.

Maan had programmed the Sat Nav and they reached the nearest town by the afternoon. Like carefree children they went from on shop to another buying and trying on clothes.

Maan insisted and bought so many clothes for Geet. And secretly even managed to buy some seriously sexy lingerie and nighties for her when she went into the trial room to try other clothes.

Exhausted from shopping they went in search for a restaurant.

Maan, ither kuch samosas, aloo tikki, chaat mil jaaye to kitna accha hoga!” Geet said wistfully, totally famished, her mouth salivating at the thought.

Geet ither aissa kuch nahi milne wala. But I think I will like the food here…Umm pasta! He said as read the menu outside the restaurant.

Pasta!” She said making a face at him, “Maan mujhe to kuch tikkha tikkha, chaat paat khana hai. Itne shardi mein assia he khanna maaza aata hai!” She said making a face at him her eyes imploring.

He glared at her “Lekin Geet yeh Switzerland hai Delhi nahi. Yaha aisa kuch milne wala nahi. Come on lets go and eat and then we had better start going back before it gets dark.” He said pulling her into the restaurant quickly after casting a look up at the sky, the snow was falling slightly thicker now.

Somewhere in Dubai………..

Singhania had settled every well in Dubai. The weather was perfect. The business good, he was making money, lots of money. And the women….well, what could he say! As long as he didn’t step on and any Sheikh’s shoes he would be fine he thought smiling to himself.

The Villa he had ‘acquired’ had beautiful views of the ocean. He had quickly started mixing with the Elite and they seemed to like his suave sophisticated style. He was enjoying himself immensely but he never forgot that he had to leave Delhi because of that upstart Maan Singh Khurana.

He had been gutted when his cake plan had not worked. But not defeated.

Yeh o hota hai in my business! He had thought to himself. He would think of something else soon, he was not in any hurry, he sipped his whiskey and watched the waves break over the surf. The sea air was good for him anyway after being cooped up in Delhi’s pollution for so long.

He had been helping out a recent contact to get permission to build in India where before it had proved impossible as he still had significant pull in India.

That contact would eventually lead him to Maan Singh he thought to himself, smoking a fat cigar as he formed his plans, blowing perfect pretty smoke rings in the air.

Yes, he would continue to be a very good friend to his new contact. Architects were such useful people he thought smiling to himself as he saw the luscious Layala walking towards him in her red bikini.

In an another part of town in Dubai ………………..

Sasha sat at her desk wondering what to do. She had uncovered something that worried her a great deal.

She sat back her life had changed so much in the last year since she had left KC. She just had not been able to stay there any longer once Geet had homed in on Maan.

At that time she had hated Geet with a vengeance but now a year had passed and she had realised that not only had Geet been a victim of such a huge crime by Dev but that Maan Sir had never really loved her at all. He had thought of her as a good employee, a valued worker at KC and the daughter of a trusted Munshiji but nothing more.

Funny she thought, how much difference stepping away from a situation and a year makes. Maan Sir had supported her decision and helped her financially to move to Dubai when she had found a job there. He had not been happy about her going but respected her decision to make a new life for herself. Now she was working for a very smart Architects firm in Dubai which built various projects all over the world. As she had experience in India she had become the head of that division.

Romeo had kept in touch with her all this time. Although initially he had been extremely annoying, he actually turned out to be a good and loyal friend. He also kept her updated about events at KC, especially all the excitement about Geet getting shot and the Mehta bid.

Whilst she had been working for a new client who wanted to build homes in India she had uncovered that someone had been obtaining permission to build by underhand methods, giving bribes and threatening Government officials who wouldn’t take bribes. And she knew that this person was the new “friend” of her boss.

Planning permissions that had been nearly impossible to obtain legally had suddenly started being passed left right and centre.

She was getting quite worried about this and after a little digging she was advised by one of the others in the firm to leave well alone. Whispers in the firm were that Singhania was not man to mess with. This had rung alarm bells in her head and she had contacted KC to speak to Maan only to find that he was away.

Early evening in Switzerland…………………

The snow had started to get heavier now as they headed back to the Chalet. They had eaten. Geet grumbling as everything was so bland.

By the time they were near home, the snow fell hard and fast. They could just about make out the small road that led up to the chalet.

Geet, we will have to leave the car here and walk. The car is sliding too much and I cant see a thing.” Maan said peering through the windscreen without much luck.

He pulled the Saab over to the side of the road as best he could.

Err..Geet be careful when you get out its quite slippery.” he said stepping out of the car.

Geet had been fumbling with her seatbelt, when she looked up and he was no where to be seen!

Maan!” she screamed, scrambling across his seat in haste to see what had happened. She leaned down and she saw that he had slipped and landed flat on his back!

She screamed with laughter! Her eyes full of mischief and fun.

He had been telling her to be careful and he had landed on his back! Carefully she stepped out of the car and went round to his side still laughing.

Maan glared up at her. She held out her hand to him he took it and swiftly pulled her on top of him.

Tu meri maazak kerti ho Geet?” he said with mock anger, his eyes full of fun. He started rolling in the snow with her.

Maan…Maan…..Stop!” Geet squealed as the cold snow go caught in her hair, went down her neck and fell on her face.

Breathlessly, he stopped with her on top of him. She looked like an Angel he thought. His eyes roamed over her face. She was smiling at him her soft brown eyes sparkling with fun.

He would never get over the fact that she had nearly died in his arms that day. His precious Geet. He wound his fingers into her hair and pulled her to him his lips closing over hers with heated fervour.

Maaaannn.” Geet gasped into his mouth. And then was lost in the passion of his kiss. He delved into her honeyed sweetness exploring with his tongue duelling with hers passionately.

When they broke apart from the kiss they were both breathing heavily.

Geet, I love you!” he rasped his eyes roaming over her face with intensity.

Geet looked down at him, he was so beautiful her Maan. She smiled at him lovingly and then with a twinkle in her eye grabbing a handful of snow she rubbed it on his face.

Maan let out a Roar!!

Tum bachne wali nahi ho aaj!” He screamed at her.

But Geet had already leapt up and started to run towards the house squealing as Maan started to throw snowballs at her.

They fought all the way to the chalet by the time they had reached the door they were both laughing, shivering and freezing. Teeth chattering they entered the chalet and stopped dead.

It was a lovers dream.

Someone had been in to the chalet. The fire was lit and roaring. Vases filled with plump dark red roses were placed everywhere. On the dining table there were lit silver candelabras, magically twinkling.

There was a small intimate table by the fire set with a Chocolate fondue set, with skewers of strawberries, various fruits and marshmallows.

Deep red rose petals were scattered on the white rug before the fire.

Astonished they walked hand in hand through the chalet. They found candles lit everywhere, even the jacuzzi bathtub was filled with bubbling hot water with rose petals twirling around in its vortex.

The bedroom was filled with lit candles and again rose petals were scattered on the bed. Next to the bed there were placed pretty bottles of various massage lotions and creams.

Everywhere there was the heady sweet smell of roses.

Yeh kisne kiya?” Geet whispered to him in awe. It was incredible.

Pata nahi!” Maan said his expression grave. Instantly on alert for anything sinister.

He kept hold of Geet’s hand in his securely as they walked back to the open plan lounge, he spotted a note on the dinning table. He went up to it and opened it.

It was from Mr Mehta.

‘Maan and Geet I want you both to enjoy your stay here you have worked too hard on this project. Its time to relax and enjoy.’

Best regards

Ram Mehta.


Geet had started to say something but Maan took one look at her and interrupted.

Geet! You are freezing!” he said pulling her hastily back into the bathroom. Her lips were turning blue and she was shivering like mad from the cold.

He turned the shower on full blast to hot. Stripping her quickly he thrust her under the hot water. Saying emphatically “nikal na maat until you have warmed up.”

He shut the door as he went to check the whole chalet to make sure that it was Mr Mehta and nobody else who had arranged this for them.

Just as he was checking the Chalet his phone rang.

It was Adi.

Maan knew it must have been extremely important for Adi to have called.

Haan, Adi what is it?” He asked whilst he walked through the rest of the chalet checking all the windows and doors.

Maan Sir!” Adi said his voice full of excitement, “Maan Sir!”

Kya Adi?” he said impatiently.

Maan Sir Singhania ka whereabouts mil gaye!” Adi replied.

Maan stood stock still. His eyes closed in hope and excitement. He gripped the phone tighter “Adi” he whispered “Is this verified information?”

Haan Sir 100% verified” Adi said. And he told him about his talk with Romeo and Sasha.

Maan thanked Adi for the good news and they talked a little more and he terminated the call. His mind raced. Once they went back to Delhi and Geet was safely back at the Haveli under Major Saab’s watchful eye. He would himself go to Dubai and seek out Singhania. His heart felt lighter after a very long time.

Thoroughly excited he went about preparing for a sweet evening of feasting with his Mishty, smiling to himself.

Geet” she heard him call, “put this on when you come out.”

she watched through the steam of the shower as he placed something on the dresser and went out again.

When Geet came out of the shower, she towel dried her hair and looked at what Maan had placed on the dresser.

She gasped out loud, when had he bought this for her?

It was beautiful and totally outrageous at same time. Pure black delicate lace for the top coming over her breasts down to a V up to her navel where it changed to a silky beige flowing skirt down to her feet.

She slipped it on, it caressed her skin sensuously. Experimentally she did a twirl in front of the mirror and the silk skirt swished against her thighs. She blushed furiously at the thought of her husbands reaction as she saw herself in the mirror.

Her eyes closed in sheer excitement and anticipation.

She felt his arms slip around her from behind her and pull her into him, her eyes flew open. Their eyes locked as she gazed into the mirror.

Maan.” she whispered staring at his reflection. He looked as if had a shower too, his hair was damp and he was wearing a black towelling robe which ended at his knees. He looked sinfully sexy. As he pressed himself against her back she revelled in the hard warmth leaning back into him feeling totally loved.

His eyes blazed with passion as they roamed over her. He had been looking forward to seeing her in this ever since he had bought it earlier.

He nuzzled her neck softly whispering to her “Tum mere liye he baane ho! Sirf mere liye.” He rasped against her ear totally in tune with her thoughts.

Meri Mishty”he whispered softly “tum itne sunder ho.”

He placed wet open mouth kisses against her neck, his beard grazed her silky skin and a moan of pleasure escaped her lips. He kissed the small scar on her shoulder that reminded him everyday to thank her Babaji for her life.

Now he would seek closure to the dark thoughts about Singhania that always ran through his mind. Whether Singhania would try something else to hurt Geet or other members of the family. Finely he felt that he would be able to take action.

Geet watched the emotions run across his face in the mirror. She turned in his arms and pressed herself close to him.

Kya hua Maan?” She queried softly. Her soft brown eyes noting the deep thoughts that were lurking in the depths of his eyes.

He just gazed at her for a moment his expression intense. His world. His Geet.

Chalo mere saath” He said softly, taking her hand and leading her to the lounge. Where he had dimmed the lights. The fire glowed warmly in the middle of the room. Its warm red and orange colours casting shadows across the beautiful room.

He led her to the fire. Geet noticed that he had lit the warmer under the Chocolate fondue. He took her hand and they sank down on the cushions next to the fire.

Their eyes met, suddenly the oxygen seemed to be in short supply. In the warm light of the fire, his sooty lashes cast spiky shadows across his cheekbones. The dark black of the robe contrasted against the warm bronze that was his skin. She could never get enough of looking at him. He was perfection, her Maan.

Tension reached fever pitch as her husbands eyes roamed over her, heat emanated from him. His hungry eyes noted her damp hair that was drying rapidly into a soft brown halo. Her warm flushed cheeks as she withstood his blazing appraisal. Her lush pink lips parted, her beautiful soft brown eyes wide and aroused.

He reached out slowly, she watched his every action, dipping a lush red strawberry into the oozing warm chocolate and he placed it against her lips without breaking eye contact.

His gaze intense, he watched as she parted her lips and took in the strawberry, chewing it slowly. A drop of chocolate stuck to the outer edge of her lush lips.

He watched without blinking as she swallowed, his blazing eyes following its progress down her throat as her chest rose and fell.

Geet could feel the heat emanating from him, she could see that he was keeping a tight reign on himself as always.

But she wanted to drive him insane as he did her. In a move as bold as Eve she raised herself on her knees, dipping a marshmallow into the rich warm chocolate she offered it to him.

He took hold of her hand at the wrist taking the seductive offering and her finger tips into his mouth. His dark chocolate gaze imprisoned hers as he sucked on them gently nipping at the tips causing Geet to let out a moan of pleasure.

Her eyes closed at the sheer sensuality of his move and her breath started to come out in soft gasps.

He was watching her as she opened them. His gaze intense, eating her up, his dark eyes full of passion for her. She felt her self drowning in those eyes. Just looking into them undid her completely and her body gave an involuntary shudder.

A dark flush spread on her cheeks as he have her a completely knowing look, his eyes promising a lot more of that to come.

She could not think, she could not move, frozen as she was trapped by his scorching gaze.

He tugged at the hand he was holding and tumbled her against him. His mouth homing in on the chocolate stuck to her lips. He nibbled at her lush lower lip making her shudder with pleasure.

Geet! You taste sweeter then any chocolate” he rasped.

They teased and feasted on each other, driving each other to the brink before he picked her up high in his arms and headed to the bedroom.

It wasn’t until the winter sun rose across a bright white landscape that he let her sleep.

Replete from a loving that was incredibly beautiful, intense and mind blowing. She slept with her head on his chest completely exhausted from his relentless energy.

He lay awake holding her tightly, his fingertips tracing soft feather light patterns across her silken skin.

His plan had to be made extremely carefully. Singhania was not just any two bit crook. And to top it all if Geet found out what he was planning she would worry, no he couldn’t tell her or she would not let him go to Dubai after Singhania.

He watched her sleep. His Geet.

His eyes sparkled with cold menace as he thought of what he was going to do when he found Singhania.

A new day had begun for Maan. A new day which held the promise of soon coming face to face with the man who had tried to kill his Geet.

Chapter Eight

At a late evening party in Dubai……………………………

Layala watched in fury as Singhania flirted outrageously with Husniyah. It seemed he was already bored of her and wanted a new muse.

Well, she thought with a sinister smile what Singhania didn’t know was that Husniyah was already the mistress of Sheikh Azam Bahir Dalair bin Ali-Maktum.

How rude of Singhania to go after the his host’s woman. Just as well the Sheikh had not yet arrived at this party otherwise there would be serious trouble for Singhania….but hey, she thought whispers could always fall on the Sheikh’s ears and she knew the Sheikh was a very, very possessive and evil man, she would always find another sugar daddy, Dubai was full of them.

She smiled to herself and went in search of just such a person who could whisper all the goings on to the Sheikh.

Singhania sat back in the lounger watching everyone at the party, choosing his next victims and sipping excellent Whiskey. Although not nearly as excellent as the extremely Rare bottle of Glenfiddich 1937 he had acquired yesterday, one of only 61 in the world, which now was his prized possession. That had, indeed been a rare find.


He had paid an extortionate amount for it, nearly Twenty-one thousand US Dollars, but he didn’t care he would find some way to make the money back he thought, as he lasciviously eyed up Husniyah who was also smiling back at him.


Yes, a quality tasting of Husniyah and then a celebration tasting of the Glenfiddch! What a sublime thought. He smiled to himself.


He arranged to meet her the next day in Jumeirah discreetly.


Back in Delhi……………………………….


Major Saab watched Maan as they discussed this new development. He was trying to persuade Maan to leave the sleuthing and the criminals to the police. But Maan was not listening, Maan’s eyes burned fiercely with the anger of revenge.

Major Saab had seen this destructive anger many, many times before. But he had grown very fond of Maan and his lovely wife Geet and he did not want Maan to dirty his hands with Singhania’s blood. He was sure if Maan did come face to face with Singhania, Maan would try and kill him.


Major Saab decided he would speak to his friend, a high ranking Lieutenantin the Dubai police and see what could be done about Singhania before Maan got to him.


Maan left the meeting and went home. He had already had Adi book the flight to Dubai for two days time telling Geet that he had to meet with a business client. He wished he could have gone earlier but he had business meetings in Delhi to attend.


It had been a over week since they had come back from Switzerland. He had not breathed a word to Geet about Singhania. If she even had a hint of it there would be an all out Punjabi Shernie ka hamla on him he thought, smiling to himself.


He had been smiling a lot this week. The week in Switzerland had been exquisite.

They had filled their days with sightseeing and fun and the nights with passion and love. He would never get enough of her. Her love, her nakhras, her spontaneity, her unique fragrance, her beauty, her smile and her passion for him.

She had surprised him many times last week by her boldness and that had made them reach heights of unimaginable passion. Her soft, shy, hesitant touch had driven him completely mad, sending his body into paroxysms of delight.

Her own desire increasing as she watched his face in the throes of passion. She explored him taking great delight in seeing him loose control at her touch.

Sometimes, they had just sat cuddled up in front of the fire. Talking endlessly and laughing about their office skirmishes of the past, talking about what they wanted to do in the future together. He told her how he wanted to show her the world and see it anew through her eyes.


More and more he thought he would go insane if he couldn’t loose himself in her. She was his reason for living. His everything.


He walked into the Haveli just as she was coming down the stairs. She was wearing a sky blue salwaar khameez looking like a dream. His dream.


Maan aap aa gaye? Major Saab ne kuch Singhania ke bare mein kuch kaha?” She asked casually, walking up to him. Her eyes carefully examined him.


Umm Geet nahi, kuch khaas nahi.” He replied but he couldn’t quite meet her eyes. He hated lying to her but it was for her own good. “Inquiries still continuing, errr Geet , you remember that I am going to Dubai in two days time, will you get things ready for me?” he asked, linking his arms around her waist and pulling her close to him.


He was lying. She knew straight away. He just didn’t have it in him to lie. Especially to her.

She already had her suspicions and now It all fell into place for her. The reason he was going to Dubai was to seek out Singhania. She had sensed last week that he had found out where he was and was keeping it from her.

The thought of Maan being hurt in his mindless need to seek revenge on her behalf frightened her to death. She trembled with fear as awful thoughts crowded her mind.


Still enclosed in his embrace she wrapped her arms around him tightly as if to stop him from doing anything to jeopardise his life.


He felt her tremble and hugged her tighter.

Geet kya hua?” He whispered into her hair. His hands soothed down her back.


She pulled away slightly to looked into his concerned face and smiled through her tears.


Kuch nahi Maan, I love you!” she whispered to him softly as she cupped his face and placed her lips to his, trying to drown herself in him.


There was no way he was going alone, she thought as she clung to him. No way!



The same evening at a posh Restaurant in Delhi……………….


Menaka looked across the table at Adi. He looked awfully nervous she thought. Although the fact that he had actually come to dinner with her was a huge hurdle she had crossed. She smiled at him gently placing her hand over his on the table.


Adi felt her soft touch on his hand and music suddenly burst into life in his heart.

Menaka was asking him what he would like to eat.

But all Adi could hear was……


Hulchal hui, zara shor hua………

Dil chor hua, teri aur hua………


Hulchul hui, zara shor hua………..

Dil chor hua, Teri aur hua…………..


Aisse chaleeeeee jab hawa…………..

Isqh hua, hee hua…………………


Aisse chaleeeeee jab hawa…………..

Isqh hua, he hua…………………



Kya? Adi aap kya bole?” Menaka asked laughing her eyes sparkling in delight at him.


Had he said that loud Adi thought!


KKKuch nahi!” He said pushing his glasses back up his nose nervously.


Adi looked back at her. She was so beautiful he could barely get his words out.


Just then his phone rang. He picked it up it was Geet.


Geet, haan haan, Geet NO! Maan Sir will kill me!!!” with a desperate plea to Geet to change her mind but she was adamant, he finally acquiesced and terminated the call.


Menaka looked at Adi. Something was troubling him.


Adi, Kya mai aapki kuch help kar sakti hoon? She asked willing to do anything to help him.


No. Thank you Menaka, I don’t want to get you into to trouble as well. If you just give me a couple of minutes I will sort this out for Geet.” He replied firmly back to her. He dialled the number he needed and arranged matters confidently and assertively completely at ease in his domain.


Menaka smiled, his loyalty to his friends was one the best qualities she loved about him apart from his cute blushes and his far away expressions that came over his face when he was looking at her sometimes.


Ishq hua…………….” she hummed softly to herself and then laughed at Adi’s completely shocked expression.

Adi thought OMG she can read my mind! He blushed bright pink 😉



A day later in Dubai……………….


Singhania laughed with elation. He loved Dubai. Yesterday he had meet Husniyah and indeed, he had a wonderful tasting. He had spent the whole day with her. She had called earlier today as well, she sounded a bit subdued but wanted to meet again.


Why not, he thought to himself, She had insisted on sending a car around for him. He had sent off Layala on a shopping spree again.


He eyed the bottle of Glenfiddich. Hmmm… he was dying to taste it. He reached for the bottle with care, caressing it lovingly.


But just then his manservant announced that a car had arrived for him. He gave the bottle a long regretful look and left for a clandestine meeting with Husniyah again.


She had sent a Limousine for him, all the windows were blacked out. A dark suited man came out of the limo and opened the door for him.

Perfect, he did not want anybody to see him meeting her either he thought as he climbed into the car.

Later that week at Delhi Airport………………

Maan settled into his first class seat. He hated not having told Geet about Singhania. But he had no choice, she would have never let him go. He had left her under the care of Major Saab.

He hated being away from her even for a moment. He recalled the sweet lingering kiss she had given him earlier, he couldn’t imagine life without her.

But he had a mission to complete and he did not want her in the line of any danger at all. His eyes glittered with menace, he just could not wait to get hold of Singhania.

He pulled out reports from the briefcase that Major Saab had prepared for him and started reading them just as the plane took off. Someone settled in the seat next to him but he did not bother to look up

He was suddenly distracted by a fragrance. Geet. But how could it be?

He looked at the passenger next to him and his eyes widened in shock.

Geet sat there, her eyes sparking furiously at him. Her set stubborn expression said it all.


Haan Geet!” She said firmly. “Do you think I would let you go and sort out Singhania on your own? Maan, aap ko jhoot bolna aata nahi zaara be.”

Her eyes filling with angry tears and she just looked at him.

Why can you not let the police find him and leave it at that? What happened was not your fault.” She said to him vehemently.

Maan looked away from her, his expression angry as a thunder cloud. His mind raced how had she known. Adi? Major Saab! Where was Major Saab??

Geet, I left you in the care of Major Saab?” he asked quietly, his eyes blazing, his anger palpable at this turn of events. If the plane had not taken of already he would have insisted that she stayed behind. But then she would have figured that out already and waited until such a time that he could not remove her. She was not his Mishty for nothing.

Haan, Major Saab is sitting in another part of the plane. He insisted on coming along.” she replied.

And don’t blame Adi Sir either. Its entirely my choice and I choose to be with my husband.” She declared settling into her seat.

Geet!” Maan muttered through his teeth angrily. “I don’t need you to be there with me. As soon as we get to Dubai I am putting you on the return flight back!”

They both glared at each other like gladiators just itching for a fight. Neither giving an inch.

Just you try!” She flung back. “OH!” She was so angry at him steam was practically coming out of her ears. With that she folded her arms and sat back in her chair not looking at him.

Neither of them spoke at all throughout the flight to Dubai.

Both of them lost in their own anger and concern for each other. The pain of loving someone so much that even the thought of anything happening to them could shatter their hearts into a thousand pieces.

Sasha met them at the airport. She even greeted Geet in a friendly manner which had Geet looking at her twice. Sasha being nice to her?? But she took it in her stride she had more important things to worry about.

Sasha had arranged for them to stay in a really luxurious villa with sea views.

Geet had been trying to placate Maan after landing. But Maan was not having any of it.

He was still very angry with her. He still had not forgiven her for coming to Dubai with him. Did she not realise that she could be in danger again! How could she have even thought of coming after him.

He watched her, his expression intense and grave as she ran down to the sea in her bare feet running in and out of the surf in delight. Only one thought raced through his mind. She was now on the same soil as Singhania.

She turned and waved at him smiling, her eyes twinkling at him with love. He felt as if his heart had been gripped an squeezed hard. Visions of her broken and bleeding in his arms clouded his mind. He closed his eyes in pain as he remembered that long drive to the hospital.

NO! he banished the thoughts from his mind. He needed to concentrate.

The sooner he finished Singhania off, the sooner he would be sure she was safe.

Major Saab contacted his friend in the Dubai police, only to find out that Singhania had gone missing in the last two days.

Two days ago……………………

Singhania climbed into the car and a frightened gasp escaped his lips. Two very menacing looking men with guns sat across from a man who looked even more frightening.

Sheikh Azam Bahir Dalair bin Ali-Maktum watched as the man who had dared to

lay with his favourite mistress, climbed into the car, his face dark with anger and scarred from many battles, he looked at Singhania with a hawk like gaze.

He wore the traditional robes of an Arab. The extreme white of the robe gleamed like a beacon in the dark musty air of the car drawing Singhania’s eyes to him immediately.

Come, please sit.”he said politely pointing to the floor of the limo but his eyes glittered with cold fury at Singhania.

Singhania tried to back out of the car but he was ushered back in at the point of a gun.

So you know my Husniyah very well it seems. Indeed very well indeed. But what to do! I dont like to share at all!” he said menacingly to Singhania.

Singhania spluttered…”I didn’t know she belonged to anybody…really I didn’t know..ppplease!!”

They made him sit on the floor between them watching and laughing at him talking in Arabic across him. Sweat broke out on his forehead in the fully air conditioned car.

He had fallen into this one by his own utter, utter stupidity. And he could see no way out. They had been driving quite a few hours now. He had no clue in what direction or where they were going.

As the car slowed, he looked up hopefully, perhaps they had just wanted to scare him. But then blackness descended on him as he was hit on the back of the head with a vicious blow.

When he woke up he found himself in the burning hot desert his hands and feet tied. The scorching sun beat down on him mercilessly. His throat felt like sandpaper. He tried to sit up but he could barely move as they had tied him up so tightly. All he could see for miles and miles was the dangerous beauty of undiluting sand dunes.

He struggled harder trying to escape his bonds, ending up rolling down the sand dune. His skin blistered as the hot sand scorched it, his lungs filled with dry dust and heat. He spluttered and coughed.

His memories seemed to intensify in the incredible heat, he thought about his life, he had pulled off the most complicated, delicious corporate scams. Loved many a beautiful woman and enjoyed the best of life and drank the very best of Whiskies. Did he have any regrets? Not really.

He laughed to himself he had always known that it would be whiskey or a woman who would send him to his death. So he lay there unable to do anything else but burn.

His last thought as he passed out was…… Damn! I never got to taste my Glenfiddich!

Later that day at The Villla………………..

The Dubai police, Major Saab, Maan, Geet and Sasha all sat around looking at the evidence amassed on Singhania. They had enough evidence to raid his house.

Maan had not liked the fact Major Saab had involved the police. But Major Saab had reminded him of the incredibly stiff penalties in Dubai if you take the law into your hands. So he had no choice. But he muttered to himself he would get to him first. He would make sure.

Late that afternoon they raided Singhania’s villa. They found Layala having a pool party. But no Singhania. She said she had not seen him for days.

The police allowed Maan along with Major Saab to look in the villa. Maan made sure that Geet stayed in the police car under armed bodyguard.

They walked through the villa. The police were already rifling through things to find more criminal evidence.

He is Dead!” Major Saab suddenly announced.

Dead???” Maan questioned. “What do you mean he is DEAD???” he looked at Major Saab incredulously.

Because he has left this behind,” he said pointing to the Glenfiddich 1937.

This would have to be his most prized possession. If he has not taken this with him and left it out just like that it means he was meaning to come back and drink it. This Whiskey is worth nearly 20K or more. And I know for a fact that Singhania was completely obsessed with rare whiskies.” He explained to Maan.

Yes definitely dead!” Major Saab declared.

Maan looked devastated. His face contorted in confusion.

Major Saab’s face suddenly broke into a huge smile. He looked at his friend in the Police his eyes beseeching.

His friend smiled and slapping him on the back said “Take it my friend a gift from the Dubai Police, we don’t drink alcohol anyway.”

They left the villa and sat back in the car, Maan completely deflated.

Singhania dead!

Kya hua Maan?? Did you find him?? what happened??” Geet queried anxiously.

Maan sat back in the seat, he slipped his hand around Geets waist and pulled her close to his side. But he did not say anything. He couldn’t.

He had been so hyped up to tear Singhania limb from limb, this…………this just seemed so wrong.

Major Saab leaned forward and placing his hand on Maan’s shoulder said “Its best this way Maan. You don’t want to have his dirty blood on your hands. I am 101% sure that he is dead. I have researched him for so many years I know all his little habits. There is no way he would have left that bottle behind otherwise.”

We should all be thankful to whoever did take care of Singhania.” He said stroking the bottle in his hand.

He then explained the extraordinary turn of events to Geet who had been watching her husbands reaction closely. She could see he was gutted not to have been able to get his hands on Singhania.

But she was glad. Glad that he had not been in any danger, Glad that Maan had not got to Singhania, glad that Maan didnt get a chance to get Singhania’s blood on his hands and thankful to Major Saab for involving the Dubai police.

Back at the Villa late in the evening……………….

Geet came out of her shower her mind lost in thought. So much had happened today. Maan had hardly said a word since they had come back and she knew why. He was still fighting his own demons about not getting to Singhania himself.

She looked around the villa But couldn’t see him anywhere, her heart sank where had he gone without telling her??

Moonlight shone through the glass that surrounded the lounge with its panoramic views of the sea, casting an ethereal blue and white light on the sand.

Then she saw him.

The moonlight made him look so extraordinarily beautiful, bare chested, his muscles rippling, he was working out fast and furiously in the sand. His movements a thing of beauty as he worked off his aggression, his fears, his helplessness.

As she watched him tears ran down her face without her even realising. She could understand his inner demons that made him fear for her life. That is exactly what she had felt when he had tried to leave her behind in Delhi.

They needed to heal each other.

She ran down the stairs to him. He saw her running towards him and stopped and his eyes trapped hers as he opened his arms, she ran into them wrapping her arms around him tightly. Never wanting to let go. She pressed herself to him immersing herself in him. Breathing him into her.

Mishty!” He whispered burying his face in her neck, breathing in her fragrance. Holding her tightly. They stood like that for a long moment before he gently pulled away to look into her beautiful soft brown eyes.

His expression dark and intense, he looked at the tears that glittered on her lashes like diamonds. His own eyes suspiciously moist. She was so utterly beautiful. His Geet. His world.

He needed to loose himself completely in her.

He picked her up high against his chest and carried her inside. She wound her arms around him burying her face in his neck.

What followed was an incredible merging of two souls. A slow, passionate loving where neither of them held back, but gave themselves to each other unconditionally, each completely loosing themselves in the other. He showed her by the touch of his hands and lips how much he loved her just as she reciprocated by giving her all of herself and more delighting by the boldness with which she explored him.

Tender touches, souls searing kisses, lips that teased, tasted and aroused to fever pitch. They looked into each others eyes as they merged into one, to see themselves reflected in the others heart. She moaned his name again and again as their bodies and souls united as he moved over her. Two bodies but one soul, they reached a place where nothing mattered except the deep love they felt for each other.

Healing each others pain and need with love throughout the long, long night.

Late into the night at hotel in Dubai……………….

Major Saab sat back in the armchair on his balcony which overlooked the city. He had just finished all the paperwork with his friend and come back to his hotel room.

Fantastic architectural wonders reached up to touch the sky all around him. Their lights twinkling merrily back at him.

He opened the bottle of Glenfiddich and poured himself a good measure in a crystal glass.

He raised the glass in the air and looked at the beautiful amber liquid, he swirled it gently and said loudly into the soft warm breeze of the night.

To Singhania!”


  I hope you enjoyed this maybe Singhania will come back one day what do you say??






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