12. Sparkling Hot!- Maaneet Love story

Hello Shelllooooooooooooooooo!! Here is your Sundae Sunday…..I hope you like it.

Maaneet are in a fighting mood, I love it when they fight cos they so SIZZLE :))


Do comment what you liked and what did not, love to read them.




They both glared at each other. Eyes sparking lips pursed, faces stormy. Dark Chocolate intense with anger, warm brown hurt and annoyed.


Maan slapped his hands on his desk, trying to bring his temper under control. He leaned into her space, “Why? Why do you always have to interfere? Even when…” he quietly said, rolling his eyes sarcastically and continued “Even when I told you to leave the situation alone.”


Geet fumed. She mimicked his actions slapping her own hands on his desk and leaning into his space, glaring at him right back in the eye, “because I have every right to! Pinky is my friend. I do not like to see her upset and crying”


“And I do not like to see Adi moping around like a wet fish!” He declared. “He is my right hand man, he makes decisions that are worth millions to KC everyday. And now because of your interference he is moping around and he cant even to manage to button his shirt correctly.”


Geet’s mind went back instantly to a time when Maan had come into the office with his waistcoat buttoned up all wrong and her face broke out into a unexpected grin, shocking Maan.


“GEET!” He practically bellowed. “You have managed to make Adi useless to me and you are laughing! Just go.” He said pointing to the door, “And I warn you IF you interfere further you will have me to answer too. His eyes dark reflecting the fury of his temper.


Face flushed, her eyes flashed, giving him a glare that would have shrivelled lesser mortals, she stomped from the room, her temper back with full force. He was shouting at her, he was actually shouting at HER, she muttered to herself, her head shaking furiously making her Jhumkas dance ferociously.


The whole office had come to standstill and was staring at her as she walked out of his office into hers. They hastily averted their eyes and pretended to carry on working as Geet gave then all an encompassing look that spelled trouble.


Her phone rang, reaching across her desk she picked it up. It was Pinky.


“Geet, did you managed to speak to AAAddi?” she hiccuped then started sobbing for all she was worth.


Geet grimaced at the phone. If Pinky would calm down maybe she would make some sense, but all she did was cry and sob.


Feeling the sensation of being watched, she looked up to see Maan’s dark eyes glaring at her through the glass partition. She could almost see the cogs in his superior brain turning. His dark scowl told her he knew it was Pinky on the phone from the expressions on her face. Damn, why did he read her so well. She fumed at him even as his dark eyes sparked back at her.


Calmly going up to the glass, she pulled the blind shut between the two rooms. She just could not talk to Pinky properly whilst he was scowling at her like that. The last expression on Maan’s face before the blind slats fell into place, was incredulity for a split second and then his face became such a mask of anger at her action that she was glad she could not see his face.


Trying to dismiss his scowling face, she turned back to the issue at hand, sitting down on her chair calmly tried to speak to Pinky.


“Pinky if you tell me what happened we may be able to sort this out.”


“What did Adi Sir tell you? Pinky questioned in a accusing tone.


“Pinky I have not been able to get one word out of Adi. Woh tou muah latka ke beetha hai bechara. He is no use to man or beast at the moment. You had better tell me what happened.”


Pinky sobbed even louder.


Geet groaned “Pinky! Suno, rona bandh kar aur tell me what happened!”


Pinky came out with whole spurts of sentences that sounded like utter gibberish.


“Pinky, whatever you are eating put it down, I cant understand a word you are saying.” She admonished totally exasperated.


In between sobs, hiccups and biting into a Samosa, which apparently she could not out down, Pinky told her that she and Adi had gone out on a date finally. But Adi was being very strange, not talking, very nervous so she had tried to make him jealous by smiling at someone else on another table to see if he would snap out of his nervousness. Adi had taken that very badly and refused to talk to her after that clamming up completely.


Leaning on her desk, Geet propped her head in her hand in despair. Adi was so nervous about going out in the first place and then Pinky had gone and made it worse! Will these two ever get it together she wondered. She knew that Adi Sir liked Pinky and vice versa but they were hopeless at getting it together. That precisely why they needed her help she thought.


“Pinky tum ne yeah kyu kiya? Waise bhi Adi Sir was so nervous and you smiled and flirted at someone else.” Geet moaned at her friend.


“Geet but I was only trying to make him jealous and move things on quicker.” She started munching again in between wailing.


“OK OK, ab rona maat I am will go and talk to Adi Sir.” Consoling Pinky as best she could she cut the call off. She had to sort this out, these two were incapable of talking to each other in a sane manner.


Placing the phone on her desk she started into space, she had to find a way to talk to Adi, without Maan finding out, she would slip into Adi’s office right now. Maan probably would not think she would try something so quickly as he had just told her off about it.


She slipped out of her office peering into his to see his sitting lost in thought. Taking a chance she walked past quickly towards Adi’s office.


In his office Maan was seething with anger. His blood was at boiling point. Firstly she had interfered in Adi’s private life then she had gone against his wishes when he had told her to stop, then she had the temerity to laugh when he was telling her off and last but not least she actually closed the blinds on him. On HIM!


And she had put icing on the cake by talking to Pinky even when he had just told her again not to interfere. The scowl on his face was so fierce that the girl from accounts who had entered his cabin unknowingly retreated even faster without giving him the file she was supposed to.


He stood up abruptly he would go to Adi and tell him to snap out off his love sickness. They had to prepare a proposal for Suman Enterprises by this evening. As they were old family friends of Daadima, he had even invited them to dinner at the Haveli this evening where he was going to hand them the details.


He charged out of his office just in time to glimpse Geet slip into Adi’s cabin.


A red mist clouded his brain. He would not have his authority usurped in his office. She was deliberately going against his wishes and he was now sure, and goading him too. He swept into Adi’s office like a powerful Tornado, swinging open the door with serious force.


Geet had her mouth open and was talking to Adi, who was still sitting looking very miserable and unhappy.


As he stormed in Adi and Geet both froze to the spot, the anger emanating from him was a tangible force.


“Geet!” He said so quietly, it was almost a whisper, but the quietness was just on the surface she saw that his whole body was so tightly wound up like a loaded spring that any moment he was about to unleash the full force that was Maan Singh Khuarana on her head.


She looked at Adi who was transfixed on Maan like a rabbit caught in headlights, his mouth wide open his eyes dark with fright. Perhaps this was not the best time to talk to Adi she thought, she snapped her mouth closed and hastily escaped past Maan, head held high.


He turned and watched her exit, hands on hips, she felt his blazing eyes practically bore a hole in her back all the way to her office.


His quiet deep tones caught her ears as he started talking to Adi, slamming the door shut behind her.


She fumed in her office sitting down in her chair with some force. Why did he have to come in at that moment she had just been about to tell Adi that Pinky had been silly and she was sorry.


Her phoned bleeped absently she picked it up to see a message from Maan.


‘If you are not TOO busy interfering in other peoples lives I would like to remind you that we have guests for dinner. Make sure you behave.’


She stared at it, blinking rapidly, her own fuse blowing at the sarcasm in the text.


What the hell did he mean by behave?


She slammed the phone down on her desk even as it beeped again.


‘And open these blinds I want to see if you are actually working on the proposal and not talking to Pinky’ his message catapulted her already seething temper into outer space.


“Dust Danav!” She gasped outraged.


Her eyes narrowed, as evil thoughts about what she would love to do to him flitted through her mind. Well she would ‘behave.’ Mr Maan Singh Khurana would have no concerns about her behaviour at the dinner tonight.


With that thought she stood up reaching for the blind rods she started opening them slowly.


Maan looked up at her from his chair, his pen poised on the edge of his lips. He watched her, his dark eyes speculative. She gave him such a sweet honeyed smile, people who did not know his Mishty would have melted into a puddle right there and then. But he knew her too well and that smile did not quite reach her sparking eyes. There was trouble brewing.


Her eyes looked directly into his, they did not even flicker, then with a exaggerated twist of her hips she walked back to her chair, sitting down she picked up a file showing him the front cover dramatically, then slowly and deliberately she turned her chair away from him.


As victories went it was not a huge one but she had SO enjoyed it. Smiling to herself gleefully she went back to work.


Damn her, why was she so sexy when she was in this mood, Maan grumbled to himself. But there was no way he was going to back down. It had taken a lot of man talking but he had managed to snap Adi out of his stupor. He was not going to let him fall into that mood again whilst he was needed so badly for the Suman Enterprises proposal.


Fidgeting uncomfortably, he brought his wayward thoughts under control and went back to work on the proposal.


With her back to him, Geet smiled to herself. An idea that was so delicious had presented itself to her. Oh, yes she would be a model wife tonight. An ideal Bahu for Mr Maan Singh Khuarana.





Later that day……………..


His phoned beeped he glanced at the message.


‘Maan I am going home early to make preparations for the evening, I hope you don’t mind, SIR,’ she asked politely.


‘SIR’ She just loved to goad him further he thought scowling at the message.


Looking up through the glass at her to see her smiling that syrupy smile at him again. He nodded casually at her making out her ‘Sir’ had not annoyed him, he could see big trouble brewing in her eyes as plainly as if it were written on her forehead.


She flounced out of her office without a backward glance. His smiled to himself whatever he could say about his Mishty, it sure would not be that she was predictable he thought.


Geet hurried home she did not have much time. She had finished her parts of the proposal and handed them to Adi under the watchful eye of Maan just half an hour ago. For what she wanted to do she would have to search in her wardrobe for all the correct accessories. She would also have to brief Vinod and the other servants to just to go along with it.


She rushed into the Haveli, talking to Vinod and the servants first. Then rushed upstairs. It took a little while to find all the things she wanted, as she normally did not wear this kind of stuff at all. Practically running into the shower, she was hoping to get ready before Maan came.


As she came out her phone beeped. The text from Maan said he would be actually be bringing Mr Sharma and his wife with him as they had come into the office. A smile of pure naughtiness broke out her face. Even better, she thought, then he would not be able to do a thing about her plan. With that in mind she sat in front of the vanity mirror and went to town with her idea.


A little while later, Maan walked in to the Haveli with his guests. Mr and Mrs Sharma and their Finance officer Mr Hussain and Adi who he had also called.


“I am sorry that Daadima and the rest of the family members are not here. Daadima has gone to stay at her sisters for a few days. And the others have all gone on…….” He stopped mid sentence as his eyes caught sight of Geet walking down the stairs.


His jaw fell open. What the hell!


Next to him Adi gave a very nervous laugh. Which brought him a dark glare from Maan’s eyes.


Geet walked calmly down the stairs a 100 Megawatt smiled fixed to her face. She registered Maan’s shocked face and just swept past him to greet Mr and Mrs Sharma and Mr Hussain.


Adi whispered to her under his breath “Geet tumne yeh kya kiya?” His eyes flickering over Maan’s stiff shocked posture. “Marne wali ho!” Then blinked rapidly as the sparkle from all the jewellery Geet was wearing blinded him temporarily.


Geet turned towards Maan meeting his furious eyes calmly, he had wanted her to behave so she was. She had become ideal ‘Bahu.’ Typical Indian serial style, after all she had watched plenty of serials with Daadi.


Her Saree pallu pulled over her head, huge red bindi on her forehead, her whole body decked in serious amounts of Gold, necklaces, huge earrings, arms dripping with bangles up to her elbows , wearing a garish bright Red Saree, she looked so bright she could have lit up a small house.


Mr and Mrs Sharma and Mr Hussian were all staring at her too. When they had last met her she had been so simple they could not believe the change.


Adi cleared his throat nervously shaking Maan out of his incredulous ‘Ghooring’ of Geet. “Err please sit down,” he said to them all remembering his manners.


“Haan Haan aap bethiye Ji” Geet said sweetly. “Ji aapke files lelu?” She asked sweetly indicating the files in his arms.


She could see the fire glowing in his eyes, she just smiled back at him sweetly.


He looked at her from the tips of her toes adorned with toes rings, travelling slowly up her garish Saree to her slim waist surrounded by a thick gold waist belt to up to her neck where it seemed dozens of chains hung, jhumkas that could have passed of as chandeliers and that huge bindi that could be used as target practice. She looked utterly ridiculous and she knew it.


He knew exactly what and why she was doing it. Maybe that text to her about behaving had been a little overboard, but this……this was bordering on the insane. He wanted to wring her beautiful damn neck but at the same time he wanted to strip her of this ridiculous outfit and kiss her silly. God! She excited him beyond measure.


“Ji aap ke liye drink bana du?” She asked him her voice dripping with honey, then turning to the guests she asked them all just as sweetly. He sat down on the sofa, on full alert, his dark eyes just drinking her in. It was going to be an long and interesting evening he thought.


She felt him watching her intensely. His dark gaze hardly moved from her as she became serial bahu for the night. Groaning under itchy suffocating nature of it all, she stood up even straighter. How did those women wear all this stuff, she could hardly move her arms for the weight she thought.


She could clearly see the shock in his eyes at her antics, a little anger but more then that something else as well, her pulse fluttered, she loved him in this dark broody mood. That intensity in his eyes she knew could very well translate into a night of sheer ecstasy so easily. But she wasn’t about to give in to her lustful thoughts until he apologised for shouting at her.


Her behaviour was impeccable all night. She sang praises of Maan and his accomplishments totally omitting her part in the proposal. He did not say a word. They ate, she insisted on serving everyone herself, serving it all beautifully. Made delightful nonsensical conversation about handbags and blouses with Mrs Sharma who conspiratorially smiled at her as she witnessed the rising tension between husband and wife.


By The time they all left, Geet was ready to drop into bed, her whole body ached. Maan had gone to drop them off at their hotel. She took the opportunity to grab her night clothes and disappear into the spare room, still mad at Maan for sending her that text and shouting at her.


She reached up to undo her heavy pallu from her head. Pulling off the huge bindi she placed it on the vanity. Slowly she removed the heavy chains from around her neck, closing her eyes and sighing with relief as the weight came off her chest.


“What do you think you are doing?” Maan asked quietly, as he leaned against the door frame casually watching her.


She turned to look at him her eyes sparking defiantly. “I am going to bed.”


“Here?” Maan asked softly his question a silky whisper.


“Haan!” Geet declared turning back to the mirror letting the pallu fall off her head she began to pull off her bangles.


He didn’t say a word, walking up to her he leaned down and picked her up in his arms.


“Maan No!” She squealed and fought for all she was worth.


“Geet stop it, you will hurt yourself.” He said calmly.


Oh she was so mad! How dare he just pick her up and take her back to their bedroom. She hit out at him her temper getting the better of her. Her hands caught in his shirt and she pulled hard. All his buttons tore open some of them falling to the floor with a small pop.


He just shifted her in his arms calmly and threw her over his shoulder like a fireman.


“Maan!” Put me down she squealed.


Calmly he walked back to their bedroom he placed her in the middle of the bed and went back to the door to secure the lock.


She was off the bed in a second trying to run for the door, but her Saree caught on the bed post and she was flung back onto the bed like a fly caught in a trap.


His eyes glittered over her as he saw that her hair had come loose in all her efforts to get away and the Saree had come off exposing all her lush curves so snugly encased in a red brocade to his heated gaze.


She looked magnificent, all flushed and pink, quivering with rage. He just wanted to eat her alive. But he had to tell her something first.


“I just spoke to Adi at length and Adi has now called Pinky and they are both fine. Adi is taking Pinky out again tomorrow.” he told her.


Surprised that he had taken such an action she stopped doing what she had been and looked at him. It was a mistake. His shirt hung wide open, her mouth ran dry as caught sight of his gleaming pecs and washboard stomach. She saw the molten heat in his eyes, they set fire to her traitorous body in milliseconds. She frantically pulled at the Saree to try and get free. She could already feel herself responding to his heat, her fingers dug into the fabric.


Oh! why was she so weak. The fabric tore, disgusted with it, she pulled the scraps off an threw them aside glaring at him.


“Mishty! I am sorry” He was on the bed, his eyes on her beautiful defiant face, a Tiger stalking his prey.


They looked at each other, eyes full of challenge and desire, clothes disarranged, breathing erratic, both wanting. The heat between them charged to a combustible temperature.


“Maan….So you interfered as well!” her eyes challenged him, she sat up on the bed facing him, flicking her unruly hair back, she gave him a triumphant look, it fell about her in soft brown waves.


His breath caught in his chest, she looked so incredible in her tight red blouse and red satin slip, his very own Gypsy Siren.


“I had to, how could I deprive Adi of the delights of having a woman in his life” he said silky, his eyes molten with heat, “one that drives him crazy with her antics.”


“Is that so?” She was rapidly falling under his dark seductive spell, resistance was futile. But she was not finished. “So its all right for you to ‘interfere’ in their lives but not ME!” she threw at him poking him in the chest.


“One who can run rings around me,” he whispered softly, continuing to weave a dark spell around her. “One who wants everyone around her to be happy and fall in love.” He gently removed her jhumkas nibbling at her earlobes, gently pressing her back down on the bed.


Looking into her passion clouded defiant eyes, he proceeded to kiss her quivering, fluttering stomach as he removed the heavy belt from her slim waist. She arched off the bed , throwing her arms over her head in abandonment, as his tongue circled her navel and he blew softly onto it.


“Maan! Please………..” Gasping for air.


A moan escaped her as he lifted her foot in his hand, he slowly removed her toe rings one by one. Then coming up once more he settled himself over her, lacing his fingers into her hair, she looked so exquisite he wanted to drown himself in her sparkling passion filled eyes, loose himself deep within her.


But she was not going to be undone by him tonight so easily, tonight she was in a mood to make him moan with want for her, make him suffer for not listening to her in the first place.


With a quick move she slipped out from under him and as he turned with moan at his loss she straddled him, looking down at him, her eyes full of defiant passion.


He looked so sexy she thought as she saw the dark flush on his cheeks, skin glistening with the fine sheen of heat, desire made his dark eyes molten for her.


“So I was right to interfere in the first place. Hmmm Maan, those two need all the help they can get.”


Haan, my Mishty, I apologise for getting so worked up,” he smiled up a crooked smile at her full of love and heat, “you are right they need all the help they can get but I don’t want to talk about them, I don’t want to talk at all!” He rasped out reaching for her.


Triumphant at her win, she pushed him back on the bed, she allowed her need to take over, whispering against his lips “I have been on my best behaviour tonight,” her voice toying with him.“I deserve a reward.”


“Mishty!” He rasped. He was lost. Completely lost in her playful warm sensual gaze as she explored him with her mouth, kissing, touching the newly exposed skin of his chest. She pushed his torn shirt off his shoulders and he was only too happy to shrug it off for her.


Her finger pads teased his hard contours, he sucked in a deep breath as she tormented him.


“And you know that I am always right,” she said as she mimicked his move using it on him, circling his navel with her tongue and blew softly on it. A pure masculine hiss of pleasure burst from his lips, all coherent thought left his brain, he would have agreed to anything now.


He laced his fingers in her hair as she came back to his lips. He wanted her so badly, his defiant unpredictable Mishty.


“Whatever you say my Mishty and believe me you will get your reward,” His eyes glittered with humour and need, his arms closed around her as he said against her lips “You were such a good ‘wife’ I think I will need to spend all night rewarding you,”


“Maan,” she moaned against his lips as his hands became busy, “I knew you would see it my way in the end!”


The End ❤




































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  1. savitha.

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    Officially DEAD ❤

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