13. Ek Ungli! – A Maaneet fundae ;))

Heloooooooooo shellooooooooooo a Choc Rocky Road Fundae ;))
Some notty fun!

Its something from the vault revised I do hope you enjoy it ;)))
Do comment and tell me if you enjoyed it or not ;)))


Ek Ungli!


Geet glared at Maan sometimes he was just so annoying, her soft brown eyes sparking furiously at him.

All day they had been squabbling. Maan had been working non-stop on a project for the last 3 weeks. The deadlines were tight and he Maan Sinjgh Khuarana had promised to deliver the completed bid on time. And by hook or crook he had. The bid had been handed in yesterday.

But Maan had immediately jumped into another project without even a gasp for breath. The staff were all completely frazzled. She wanted Maan to stop working so hard and take a breather. She wanted him to let the staff take a rest for even a day. That was not asking too much .

But No! Maan Singh Khurana set the pace and everyone had to follow!

Maan glared back his face clouded with annoyance. Why was she always trying to interfere? He did not need a rest. The staff did not need a rest. There was so much to do. And he was annoyed that Geet wanted everything her way. A company like theirs did not have time to rest.

Maan you need to look after yourself. I am not going to let you work this hard! It was not long ago you had memory loss” She stated putting her foot down.

Geet! what has that got to do with anything? And Do NOT interfere in my work! There is so much work to do, you have no idea. I need to make sure its done properly.” He stressed.

Then walking straight up to her he glared and said “ Waise Geet, tumko mujhe ek ungli pe naachane ke aadaat pad gaye hai! Maan Singh Khurana ko jo karna hai, woh he karega!” he told her in no uncertain terms.

He was the boss and she had to learn that.

Throwing her a very annoyed look he stalked off to work.

Geet stood there fuming for a while. She was only worried about his health. If he was not going to look after himself she would have to teach him a lesson!

Ek ungli per naachi ti ho mein…….hmmmm” Geet said to herself as she lifted a forefinger in the air and tapped her chin with it. “To dekho ek ungli ka kamaal Mr Maan Singh Khuarana.!” She said with naughty smile on her lips. She knew just what to do.

Quickly she got ready for work, wearing his favourite white and red suit.

The KC offices were very busy as usual. Geet kept herself out of her husbands way till late afternoon. She knew that she was a total distraction for him and wanted him to get his work out of the way before she put her plan into action.

Coffee?” She said placing the steaming hot black coffee and a sandwich in front of him.

Maan looked up at her and stretched, making Geet’s mouth run dry. Her eyes drank him up. But he was not even looking at her! He had been working non stop since he sat down.

Is that the time?” He groaned glancing at his slim wrist watch. “There is still so much to do!”

Haan, but have your coffee first” she said tenderly , running a single finger over his cheekbone and across his beautiful bow shaped lips. She then threw him a dazzling sweet smile and she left his office.

Maan sat there wondering what that was all about. Then he smiled to himself, maybe that was her way of apologising for her silliness this morning he thought to himself. Still smiling he quickly polished off the sandwich and went back to work.

She watched him through the partition and smiled. She could see that he had been effected by her touching him.

She set her plan into action. half an hour later, picking up a file she went into his office again.

Er Maan you were looking for this file earlier, I found it for you.” she said running her finger up his arm to his shoulder.

Maan still absorbed in his work said loudly at the distraction “Geet!” and looked up. But she gave him such a sweet innocent smile, he could not say anything more to her. She looked so sweet in white he thought like an angel.

Haan rakh do!” He rasped out.

Throughout the afternoon she went into his office on one pretext or another and ran her finger over his arm, shoulder or cheek each time smiling at him innocently as he looked at her.

Maan was torn between getting annoyed at her distractions whilst he worked and enjoying her attentions.

On the last visit she leaned down to pick up a file she had deliberately dropped and ran her finger across his leg scoring her nail into it from his knee right up his thigh .

Maan’s blood pressure shot up. He dropped the pen he was holding. He sat up straight as a bolt his body overheating within seconds.

Geet! Geet tum kya kar rahi ho?” He gasped out his dark eyes looking at her in shock.

Kuch nahi! Bas haath lag gaya, when I was trying to pick this file up.” She said using her soft brown eyes to full advantage, she gave him a totally innocent look.

Maan gave her another puzzled look …haath lag gaya?….As she waltzed out of his office he muttered to himself “usska haath lag gaya aur mere chaain kho gaya!”

He shook his head trying to dispel the erotic thoughts that now crowded his mind and carried on with his work.

Geet smiled to herself her plan was definitely working. She looked in through the glass partition and could see that he had been totally affected by her ek ungli.

She carried on like this throughout dinner by bedtime she could see that Maan was in a real state. His dark chocolate eyes followed her every move. He noted her every touch, how she deliberately used her finger to drive him mad.

What was she trying to do? She was not going to distract him from his work!

He gave her a look that spelled trouble. She just smiled at him sweetly and told him that she was going to bed early as she was so tired.

Maan looked at her totally puzzled but didn’t say anything.

He was still annoyed that she had been trying to interfere in his work. By the time he went up to bed Geet was fast asleep. He looked down at his beautiful passionate wife and smiled.

It was he thought a very good thing that he kept her in check now and again after all he was the boss!

He was Maan Singh Khurana and he wasn’t going to let even his Mishty dictate to him. With that thought he slipped out of his clothes and went to bed.

Geet awoke as first pink and golden rays of the sun crept slowly into the room. Filling the room with morning glory. Raising herself on one elbow she looked down at her husband.

For a moment she just took in her fill. He was so beautiful. Sinful dark thick lashes created spiky shadows across his cheeks. Relaxed in his sleep his arms thrown over his head in abandonment, his chest bare, the silk white sheet had wrapped itself lovingly across his flat washboard midriff.

Her mind filled with her promise …her subhaah shuru aap ke saath…. then with a naughty smile she put her plan into action.

Raising her forefinger she started tracing soft patterns from his forehead across his aquiline nose to his lips. She slowly traced the outline of his beautiful bow shaped lips, those lips that made her heart flutter every time they smiled at her, those lips that so many times had brought her to ecstasy, she traced their shape and softly blew on them.

She saw Maan stir as he started to wake and she smiled to herself. She moved her finger slowly, softly down across his stubble covered chin to his throat and across to his chest. She started making light patterns on his chest.

She repeated her actions starting with his forehead and down his nose. His eyes flew open.

Maan woke up in a state of heated arousal. Geet watched as his sexy slumberous dark chocolate gaze focused on her.

Geet…Geet…tum kya kartee ho, are you trying to drive me insane?” He rasped out now wide awake. He started to take her in his arms but Geet shushed him and pushed him back on to the bed. She continued her exploration with her finger.

Tracing soft patterns across his chest . She let her finger explore him, tracing patterns round and round she leaned over and blew softly onto his chest.

A hiss of pleasure escaped his lips, a dark flush appeared on his cheekbones.

Her soft long brown hair fell over his body. The beautiful long hair that he loved to wind his fingers in, caressed him. His fingers wound themselves into the long tresses, his fingers digging into her scalp as her finger drove him to distraction..

Mishty, you are driving me mad!” he gasped out. His eyes locked on to her finger as she softly outlined his lips with it going down his throat and onto his chest.

Am I?” She enquired innocently her eyes locked on to his heated gaze.

Hmmmmm aap kya kehte the, yesterday morning?”

App ko yeh manzoor nahi ke mein aap ko ek ungli per naachha te hoon! Bas…….. to aab to mein yeh ek ungli yahi rok deti hoon! She said fluttering her eyelashes at him.

Her eyes wide with laughter she removed her finger off his body.

Mishty!” He rasped out, completely bereft as she removed her finger off his body.

Suddenly the light dawned in Maan’s eyes. He smiled a devilish smile, he wanted to eat her up his nakhre wali Mishty. She brought so much love and laughter into his life.

Geet, Maan Singh Khurana ne haar maan li tumhari yeh ek ungli se!” He said wrapping his arms around her. His eyes full of devilish fun.

Maybe I should take a couple of days off and take you somewhere we can be alone.” He whispered threateningly, his eyes full of humour and passion

Swiftly changing positions and pinning her to the bed he took the finger she had been using to torture him, placed it in his mouth and gently bit it, his blazing eyes locking on to hers.

And this is for driving me mad all day with your finger.” He told her as she laughed.

Tumne to mujhe saara din tumhare ek ungli par nachaya, abb tum  Maan Singh Khurana ke hoto ka jaado dekho!”  He said covering her mouth with his own kissing her with heated fervour.

Geet smiled as his lips covered hers, at her strong willed passionate husband.

Yes she knew exactly how to make him dance to her tune with one finger! :))))



5 responses to “13. Ek Ungli! – A Maaneet fundae ;))

  1. Maankigopi Madhu

    March 27, 2012 at 8:32 pm

    Poor Maan had nooooooo chance 😉 . .. Go Geet Go 😉 Loved it Janey 😀

    • janememe

      March 28, 2012 at 8:11 am

      OOO I am glad u loved it…I had such fun writing this one 😉 Thank you babes 🙂

  2. rxu

    May 17, 2013 at 2:27 am

    That was a cutr piece.

    • janememe

      May 17, 2013 at 7:56 am

      Thanks RXU for your comment ;)))

      • janememe

        May 17, 2013 at 7:58 am

        Ek Ungli is one of my favs too ;))


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