14. A Fantasy Honeymoon – some Maaneet deliciousness by Jane ;))


Maan woke feeling that something was amiss. Geet. …Kaha gayee? He looked around the empty bedroom of the Villa and saw that the doors to the patio were open. Moonlight flooded the room casting silver and blue shadows across the large king size bed.

Geet! His heart beat faster kaha gaye ess waqt? He got up quickly from the bed, shrugging on a robe he strode out to the patio. He saw her immediately, She stood smiling with her feet in the surf, as the waves crashed softly on the shore, her long hair blew softly in the calm tropical wind. She was wearing his shirt that ended mid thigh, calmness enveloped him that she was safe and then heat flooded his body at the picture she made.

So much had happened over the last 9 months. Firstly her life had been put in danger by his own family, his own blood! Even on the day of their wedding there had been an attempt on her life by Brij her brother. Then the Miscarriage and lastly when Geet had left home because of him. He didn’t feel he would ever be able to forgive himself at all. But thank God, Geet had forgiven him and finally and he had been able to redeem himself in Beeji’s eyes.

After they had come back to Delhi he had planned a surprise honeymoon where they could be completely alone, away from everyone, away from family and the ever intrusive media. He had booked a Villa on one of the remote islands of the Maldives.

This island had only one villa and it was completely private and exclusive. They had been dropped of yesterday and Geet couldn’t get enough of the beach or the sea. She had never been to the sea before so she had been extremely excited. She spent all day yesterday exploring the island, running in and out of the surf, collecting pretty shells and driving him mad.

She was a siren. He thought to himself and he, Maan Singh Khurana was completely and utterly under her spell.

The moon lit up the night sky shimmering on the dark obsidian water, its rays danced on the waves creating playful patterns. Geet watched spellbound unable to believe how beautiful her life had become since she had married Maan. She playfully scribed Maan’s name in the sand around her adding the three words he kept making her to say to him all the time. Especially in the deep dark of the night when she lay his arms.

Maan her husband, Maan her lover, she pinched herself just to make sure she wasn’t dreaming.

Suddenly as if he had emerged from out of her thoughts, Maans arms slipped around her from behind pulling her close to him.

Startled Geet gasped “Aaappp??”

Maan nuzzled her neck tickling her with his stubble… “Geet, were you expecting someone else here? Hmmmm? Tum ither kya kar rahi ho? under chalo..”.he said popping open a button on his shirt and slipping his hand in to caress the silken skin.

“Aur, I love seeing you in my shirt, bas yeh he pehn ke phirna yeh island per.”

Geet blushed and then as his fingers found more sensitive parts of her “Maaaannnn…….bas appko to yeh he soojta hai har waqt!” Geet gasped her breath catching as he traced erotic patterns on her soft skin, loving the warm solid strength of him behind her.

“Maan Singh Khurana ne khabhi time waste karna nahi seekha aur, kbahi itna haseen muaka bhi nahi chuknewala” he declared arrogantly carrying on with his most enjoyable task.

“Aur Geet I can only think about you, day and night” he whispered against her neck playfully biting her lobe. “I want to drown in your eyes. I want to die in your arms. I am surely the luckiest man alive, you are so beautiful Geet I just want you to myself, If I had my way I would keep you locked up in a ivory tower just for me!” he laughed.

“Maan, aap bhi na!!” she giggled back “aur Khurana Construction ka kya hoga??”

“Tum ko abhi KC yaad aa raha hai?? mujhe to..” he whispered his voice laden with passion “abhi kuch nahi yaad aata, seevaye yeh” he breathed in her sweet fragrance, pulling her back into his body even tighter. “Geet!” he rasped, he needed her now!
His hands started to cause havoc on her senses.

A sudden loud splash distracted her. She looked up and saw some very large fish jumping and splashing about.

“Maan woh….woh kya hai??” she said pointing to the fish.

“Hmmmm….”Maan said pulling her tighter into his body busy letting his hands roam over her freely. “Hmmmm???”

“Maan chodo na…dekho woh kya hai??”

Reluctantly Maan looked up and saw what she was looking at.

“Geet woh dolphins hai.” he said smiling…”they are very playful, very intelligent creatures. I have swum with dolphins before it’s a fantastic experience.”

Geet leaned back into his body. Feeling all loved and protected.

”Kash…mein swim kar saktee hoon..” she said wistfully.

Maan looked down at his beautiful wife, he wanted to fulfill her every wish.

“Tum ko mere per bharosa hai?” He asked her softly. His other plans would have to wait a little longer.

“Bharosa?” Geet asked astonished.”Yeh kaisa saawal hai?”

“To Chalo” he said smiling “mein tumhe le jaata hoon dolphins ke saath swim karne ko, waise they are in the shallows, so its not to deep there. Lekin baadme mujhe kuch special inaam chaaiye..hmmm..manzoor hai?”

Geet was so excited she immediately agreed. Then gasped in shock as Maan shrugged off his robe.
“Aaapp to …aappp to….kuch nahi” .she averted her eyes.

Maan laughed… “Geet!” he hooked a finger under her chin. Stealing a quick sweet kiss.
“I am sure the dolphins wont mind” he said his eyes full of mischief, “they are not wearing any clothes either” he said.
Lifting her into his arms he waded out into the sea.

Geet gasped as the cold water hit her body and then following his instructions she wound her arms around his neck as he slowly waded out into the sea with her. Every now and again her body rubbed against his, causing shivers of excitement in hers.

She watched his face lovingly as he concentrated on getting her safely near the dolphins. The inquisitive Dolphins came to check them out straight away frolicking around them, splashing and jumping in and out of the water .Geet clung to Maan watching the dolphins with excitement. They watched and played like children for a while at one with the intelligent creatures.

Their laughter filled the air as the beautiful moonlight shone on them brightly as if enjoying and sharing these special moments of two people so deeply in love.

“Thank you.” she said shyly as the dolphins swam away a while later.

He had pulled her tighter into his body and she could feel every inch of him against her. His white shirt that she had been wearing had become transparent in the water, the moonlight outlined her body to his hot gaze.

Frissons of excitement ran through her at every close contact with his body. She had never known that it would or even could be like this. Her whole being had become tuned to his every little movement as if her body knew that it had found its mate… its soul.

“Geet” he whispered., “tum kitne sunder ho” he had by now reached where he could safely put his feet down into the sand.

Somehow without her even realizing they had reached the shore. He lifted her again high into his arms and strode with her into the bedroom straight into the wet room shower. Turning on the jets he let her slide down against his body.

“Maaaannn!” She gasped as the warm water rained down on them both.

“Geet….” he whispered against her lips his eyes slumberous and searingly hot with passion.

Warm steam rose all around them cocooning them in a special haze that heightened their senses.

Bhool gaayee?? Promise kiya tha, kuch special inaam mujh ko deene ka, abb woh time aagayee hai inaam lene ka, he whispered softly, stroking her wet hair away from her face, his thumb caressing her lush pink lips. His eyes blazed with need for her.

His lips closed over hers and Geet became totally lost in her husband’s passion as his tongue sought out the sweet honeyed taste of her. Her whole essence filled with him as she gave herself up to him completely.

As they became lost in each other, the calm tropical winds sighed, lush green palms swayed gently, waves broke softly against the shore caressing the sand and ebbing away.

The moon shone brighter as if to say take your time, I am in no hurry to go tonight.

Tonight, I will shine bright just for you, as I have shone brightly for lovers since time immemorial.


2 responses to “14. A Fantasy Honeymoon – some Maaneet deliciousness by Jane ;))

  1. sgayatri

    February 27, 2015 at 3:33 pm

    enjoyed the post dreamy

    • janememe

      February 28, 2015 at 6:43 pm

      Thank you SGayatri ;))


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