11. Hungry Eyes – A Maaneet Story

This was written when Maan had lost his memory and had accepted Geet as his wife and yet not…………..



But these long lonely nights………………….

She had woken up again restless and aroused her body covered in a fine sheen of sweat. Her dreams full of Maan.

By telling her that he wanted to make their relationship work he had once again ignited her hopes. She had looked into his eyes as he had said that he would try his utmost to make her happy again. Finally after so many weeks of torture, he accepted that she was his wife.

She believed him as he said he was truly sorry for making her suffer so much. She had also meant what she had said to him that it was nothing compared to all the happiness he had given her.

She would not only wait for him in this lifetime but many other lifetimes to come.

She filled her days with hope but the nights…………….Oh the nights were the longest without him.

She had banished all those feelings from her mind, it was too painful to even think about when he couldn’t even say one civil word to her.

But now…….but now she could not help but let those thoughts tumble out of her from time to time. And they did especially at night.

Memories that had burned in her mind forever, memories that he had no recollection of making with her.

So many times as he walked past she had inhaled his spicy male scent and it had driven her to distraction. Her hands had stilled at whatever task she had been doing, her eyes had closed of their own accord as she had remembered being in his arms.

Of holding him tight, of burying her face in his chest, of merging herself into him as he clasped her against his hardness.

All those moments throughout their stormy relationship in which they had deliberately avoided each other because they were so combustible together, but now it was all one sided, she had to avoid him so that he would not see the hunger that ate her up.

Now, more and more those feelings threatened to overwhelm her. She no longer had any control over her body as it swayed of its own accord towards him as he came closer to ask her something.

And yet she could make no demands on him. Their relationship was so fragile, strung together by the faintest thread of hope.

Trapped like a fly in a spiders web of sensuous thoughts she struggled and fought, but the feelings burned and bound themselves tighter around her. There was no escape.

Each day was slowly killing her. Her eyes watched his fluid movements. His every breath, his every expression, the twist of his lips, the stormy eyes all burned into her soul.

Her hungry eyes fed this ever growing monster of need in her.

So overwhelming and real, so intense were the memories of herself in the throes of passion in his arms. Drowning in the liquid fire in his eyes. Dying a sweet, slow death that mirrored his.

Watching him burn under her touch, the way his body trembled as he hissed out his pleasure. The way his fingers wove and dug themselves into her hair to clasp her convulsing, quivering body so that he could take her lips in a soul searing kiss that catapulted them into ecstasy.

Moonlit nights full of love filled passion. Swirling thoughts, weaving dark spells that sucked her ever deeper into their vortex.

It was all his fault.

He had made her like this. He had made her whole being drown with his knowing looks, sing to his every caress, his every dark whisper, and now like a drug addict in the grip of withdrawal her body demanded fulfilment.

His nearness caused havoc with her senses, she wanted to reach out ….no…… was more then that, she NEEDED to reach out and feel that heat again.

Once or twice he had caught the hungry look in her eyes. She had averted her gaze hastily.

If her Maan had caught such a look from her before he would have dropped everything and taken her home for a loving so intense, she would have cried tears of joy in his arms.

But she now all she had left were her memories.

A pained heavy sigh escaped her…….Would it ever be the same again?

Tossing and turning she was unable to sleep. Memories gripped her in a vice, so real, so beautiful and yet so painful, her lost love…… she could barely breathe.

Frustrated with herself for being unable to get rid of these thoughts, she jumped out of bed and walked out into the dusky moonlit corridor. The cool marble against her bare feet, a balm to her feverish body.

He sat at his desk in his bedroom, unable to work even though he had so much to do.

He had been so restless for the last few nights. Incomplete, angry, that such important parts of his life were missing from his mind.

But slowly glimpses of the past were starting to glimmer in his mind especially in the quiet of the night.

But they were just glimpses, nothing more then that. He was still hesitant to think that his memory might be returning but hopeful. Many times he felt as if he were peering through a foggy window unable to see clearly, feeling more then seeing.

He grasped at these tentative shards of hope. Surely somehow these glimpses would fall into to place like a jigsaw one day.

It was all because of her. Her fragrance surrounded him. Distracted him, filled his lungs with sweetness and hope.

The way her jhumkas danced in her ears. The way her face became so animated when she talked to someone. The way her bangles tinkled and stilled as he came near.

But more then that, it was those soft brown eyes.

He felt himself drown in them, they were deep as the ocean and as he looked into them, like a still calm sea they reflected only him. His heart rejoiced at this even though as yet his mind hesitated to dive into their depths and die a sweet death.

The way her eyes looked at him full of love, full of hope, and a couple of times he had also caught a completely different look in her eyes as she gazed at him.

Hunger for him had burned bright and feverish in those soft brown eyes of hers. That look had triggered such a violent emotion in him he had not been able to control his body at all.

He had been totally shocked by his body’s reaction to her hungry look.

Always priding himself on being able to control his emotions and reactions he had been unable to comprehend such heat, such instant arousal. Had the passion between them been that strong that even now although his mind didn’t recognize it, his body undoubtedly did.

He had realised then, that she was the key to his flashbacks. She would unlock his memories, after all they were all memories they had made together.

Shaken out of his wanderings by the soft music of payals outside his room he got up and went to the door.

He smelt her fragrance well before he caught the shadow of her slipping quietly down the stairs.

Where was she going at this time of night? Was she too, unable to sleep?

Was she restless like him?

He followed her unable to help himself, drawn to her like a moth to a flame.

She walked down aimlessly, trying to quieten her feelings. Without her realising her steps took her to the courtyard.

Moonlight on the curtains shone silvery white as they fluttered like ghosts. They framed the courtyard as if it were a magical theatre.

As she walked in between them, she was sure that they whispered his name to her again and again.


There was no escape for her. Every room in this Haveli held ghosts of the past for her.

She ran her fingers along their white silken length, her mind recalling the intensity of that moment when he had caught her watching him because her earring had betrayed her.

A small wistful smile played on her lips. He had looked so beautiful. His moves so fluid whilst performing his kata. His body had gleamed like some golden God in the soft light.

Desire for him had struck her at the moment for the very first time. Her inexperienced mind totally confused by it and yet powerless to fight it.

His nearness, his spicy smell, the intensity of his dark chocolate eyes as they bored into hers looking for an answer.

She knew what his eyes had been looking for but she had not been able to tell him that she loved him at that moment. She had tried to keep away from him. But even then he had stood up for her against Ms Rathod.

That day she recalled, he had touched her as if it was his right. His actions had told her in no uncertain terms that she belonged to him.

Drawn deeper into her memories, her fingers gripped the white silk, her eyes closed as she relived her precious moment, even now she could feel the warmth of his breath on her as he replaced the earring in her ear. That was the day her mind, body and soul realised it had found its mate.

The memory of that moment came tumbling to her so hard and fast she moaned his name out loud ‘Maan!’

His name exploded violently from her around the quiet room, bouncing off the walls, coming back to settle over her like a silken whisper. She stood in the middle of the room her breath coming out hard and sharp, hand clasped to her chest in torment.

His face contorted in pain as he watched her. His eyes stormy and dark with feeling. Hearing his name explode from her lips like that shook him to the core.

She looked so fragile. So alone.

He could see that she was in the grip of a powerful emotion. Her whole body tense as a bowstring.

It triggered a feeling so intense in him, he staggered back as the memory exploded in his mind.

He put his hand up to his brow closing his eyes desperately trying to capture that fleeting feeling quickly before it disappeared.

In his minds eye he saw them both standing in the middle of the room exactly where she stood now, she was wearing a pink salwar khameez, her hair was loose, it swayed gently in the breeze.

Somehow what she was feeling now had reached out reignited that spark of a memory in him.

He watched himself adorning her with an earring, all the time looking at her face. She looked so incredibly beautiful, like a frightened dove, wanting to be touched by him but afraid of him at the same time. He remembered feeling all protective over Geet at that moment.

He had also been angry about something he recalled. But he was angry on her behalf, not at her. He could see himself talking to her, but the recollection was too vague to remember what he had said.

But the fact that he remembered something excited him. He hoped that in time all these fragile fragments would collect together and form a whole at some point.

His dark eyes sprang open with hope to tell her, only to see her dash tears from her cheeks with the back of her hand and run blindly as if all the demons of the past were chasing her.

Geet! He called out to her but she had already gone.

He ran after her. But she had vanished.

Thinking she had gone back to her room, he went to check on her. Only to find it empty.

Where had she gone?

He went downstairs and searched the sitting room and the kitchen, in case she had gone for a glass of water but she was no where to be found.

He started to worry. Finally he tried the terrace as his last hope. He found her there. She was curled up like a kitten sleeping on the swing under the flower covered Gazebo.

The moonlight shone on her face and a dark pain touched him as he saw the dried tear trails on her cheeks. She had cried herself to sleep. He could not help but feel that it was him who had put those tears in her eyes. Caused her pain yet again.

The other day like a thief he had stolen into her room and read the letters he had written to her. She kept them in a beautiful bangle box hidden in her vanity drawer. In each one of them he had once again promised not to make her cry. Promises that seemed every time to have turned to dust.

He took a deep gasping breath. His face contorted in pain. It seemed that fate always played cat and mouse with them.

He reached down and gently scooped her up in his arms. Instantly she curled into him, they fitted so beautifully he thought, as he looked down at her in his arms. Her soft warm body against his hard contours.

He walked quietly through the Moonlit corridors to her bedroom holding her high against his heart. Looking into her beautiful serene face.

Reaching her bedroom he laid her down gently and covered her with a blanket.

She softly spoke his name in her sleep as he removed his hard warmth from her as if her body knew that he was no longer with her, a frown creased her forehead.

Unable to help himself. He put his lips to her frown and gently kissed it away. And then out of their own violation his lips sought hers and he kissed her softly.

His whole body sung with pleasure. It felt so right.

A sigh of bliss escaped her against his lips. She wound her arms around him her sleepy movements instinctive. Pressing her soft body up against him.

Sheer need thundered through him. It shocked him to the core.

He broke off the soft kiss before he was unable to stop himself from going further and left, his mind in turmoil.

No, he would not tell her just yet that glimpses of the past were coming back to him now and again. It would not be fair on her to build her hopes too high until he himself was sure.

The next day…………………

Geet woke with a start. Her dream had been so vivid. Her fingers touched her lips. She was sure that Maan had kissed her. His stubble tickling her as before. His tongue duelling with hers seeking out the honeyed sweetness of her mouth.

It must have all been a dream. She groaned and chastised herself. She had to face reality even though their relationship was on a even keel now, it may never be as before.

But how had she got to bed? Last thing she remembered was sitting on the swing and crying. Did Maan bring her back to her bedroom? Had he carried her back? She had no answers.

Every time she had reached a point of happiness with Maan fate had conspired like a jealous wife and pulled them apart again.

She looked at the time and her eyes filled up again. So many times they had been late getting up as one or the other had instigated a kiss that had led to a passionate loving that made them completely for get the time.

She would not build her hopes too high now, live for each day as it came. Drying her eyes she jumped out of bed to get ready for the day ahead.

A week later at the office……………….

Geet looked up from her screen, her attention again distracted by the thought that she was being watched. She looked through the glass that separated their offices and caught Maan staring at her.

His eyes were blazing with need as they gazed at her. Scorching fingers of heat reached out at her the flames licking and spreading all over her body.

Her whole being so thirsty for so long responded and burst into life, as if the first fat drops of the Monsoon rains had fallen on her parched soul.

But then his eyes hooded over and he went back to reading the papers in front of him.

Geet slumped in her chair like a deflated balloon. What just happened ? She groaned almost in pain reaching out with a shaky hand for the glass of water on her desk.

For a moment hope had rushed into her heart. This whole week she had felt him watching her so intensely. His dark eyes following her every move. It had been so hard to keep acting normal when he watched her like that. But she did not want to say or do anything that would jeopardise this new relationship they were trying to build.

She shook her head trying to dispel such fanciful thoughts from her mind, and drank the water thirstily.

Maan groaned to himself. He hadn’t meant for her to catch him looking at her like that as yet. Over the last week so much of his memory had come back to him. Slowly the fog was clearing. With everyday that passed, every hour he spent with her the pieces of the jigsaw were falling back into place.

And then yesterday the silliest thing had brought it all rushing back to him as if a dam had burst inside his head and every trapped memory had flowed.

Adi had been talking to him when Adi’s phone had rung out of the blue, it wasn’t his usual jingle, it was a Hindi song that had released the flood of memories.

Pee loon………….Pee loon………the song had played.

It had shocked him, firstly that his memory had come rushing back so easily, secondly that it had come back so suddenly and then thirdly it had come back at the instigation of a Bollywood song!

Then he had realised why, because that song had been a turning point in their relationship. It had played at the Demello’s wedding. He had realised he had loved her immeasurably then. He had conspired with the Demello’s to create just the right atmosphere for her so that he could tell her.

He had held her and kissed her, he had felt her overwhelming response even though what had followed was again a bitter strike of fate.

He sat back in his chair and had let it all wash over him.

He had not said a word to Geet about it since it had happened as he was still so shocked himself. But just now as he had been watching her work through the glass partition he had been unable to control his feelings at all.

He loved her more then life itself. Geet was his beginning and Geet was his end.

With a smile in his heart, he began to plan how he should tell her.

Later that evening back at the Haveli…………………………..

They had eaten together as they did every evening. But everyone had gone out, leaving just her and Maan together. She was hoping that they would sit together and chat as they used to. But Maan had been preoccupied with something, disappearing straight after dinner stating he had some work to do.

For some reason Geet felt bereft.

She too went to her room at a loss, her mind in turmoil.

Standing at her bedroom window, she stood gazing down at the Moonlit Rose garden but her eyes were not seeing. Her mind crowded with thoughts of what happened at the office earlier.

She just could not get over the heat that had emanated from him. It was so like before. He used to look at her all the time through the glass between their offices, making her melt under his scorching gaze.

Wistful and sad, She breathed in a deep sigh, the heavy sweet fragrance of Roses filled her lungs. Needing to get out of her room she went down to the Rose garden.

Aimlessly she wandered from Rose to Rose inhaling its fragrance, she saw a beautiful white Rose, it was so perfect she reached out to hold it and the stem snapped in her hand.

She gasped in pain as the thorn tore into her hand.

Her eyes closed, her thoughts instantly filled again with Maan. The way he had looked at her earlier. It filled her again with bitter sweet memories.

She reached out and took the plump white bud in her hand pulling it towards her, she kissed its soft petals.

A blush spread across her porcelain skin as she remembered how wanton she used to become in his arms. She closed her eyes, her head fell back of its own accord and without any conscious thought she let the plump bud caress her lips, trail across her chin, down her neck remembering how his lips used to blaze exactly the same path.

“Geet!” he called out to her as he entered her room. He looked around she was no where to be seen. His preparations complete he had rushed to find her.

Frustrated he turned and was just about to go and search somewhere else when he caught sight of her in the rose garden downstairs.

He watched transfixed as she let the rose bud trail across her lips and trace a path down her throat.

A moan escaped him. He practically ran down to the garden towards her.

Geet! He rasped out softly.

Caught completely unawares she turned her heated hungry gaze to him. Her raw need reflected so clearly in her eyes.

It seemed to her that a shocked gasp escaped his lips.

His face was in shadow whilst the Moonlight shone on her agitated state like a spotlight.

Totally embarrassed at having been caught like this by him, she took flight. He caught her wrist and stopped her from running.

“Maan!” She gasped out “Please…….!” Her back to him, she couldn’t take any pitying looks from him, not now, not at this moment when she felt so vulnerable.

He reeled her in slowly his arms imprisoning her from behind. His lips sought the fluttering pulse at her neck and he kissed it.

She trembled like a leaf in a storm in his arms. Suddenly it was too much for her in her fragile state. She sought to escape him.

Wriggling out of his grasp she made to run off again. He gripped her wrist harder. She struggled against his effortless grip.

And then he whispered in her ear something that made her stop in her tracks.

And then louder “Mishty!”

Her head whipped around to face him. Her beautiful soft brown eyes wide with shock.

His dark eyes trapped her, soft molten love flowing out of them. He cupped her face so tenderly and pulled her into him.

“My Mishty, tum mujhse kaha bhagoge?” He whispered as he rained soft kisses on her face. She looked at him unable to comprehend what was happening.

Dark chocolate looked into soft brown. His eyes focused on her with so much tenderness and love that she swayed against him, her knees giving way.

He had called her his Mishty!

She could not take her eyes of his face, tears started and ran unheeded down her cheeks. He was smiling as he bent down and scooped her up in his arms. His eyes telling her it was true.

There was no need to say anything, his eyes told her that he remembered everything. She reached up and wound her arms around his neck tightly, burying her face in his neck as he took her back into the Haveli. Holding her high against his chest.

He walked up to the door of his, their bedroom, entering slowly. She looked around in awe. Soft light filled the room, every surface was strewn with beautiful lit candles. Sweet and heady fragrance of jasmine and rose filled the air. The bed strewn with fresh flower petals.

Soft music played in the background and her eyes widened even more when she heard

Pee loon….Pee Loon………….

teri neele neele naino se shabnam……….

teri sang ishq taari hai ……..

Tere bin jee nahi sakta…………..

Emotions crowded her mind. She looked at him her eyes sparkling like diamonds with tears of joy, her face beaming happiness.

“Kab?” She whispered the question, her love filled eyes drinking him in.

He looked at her, his dark eyes so stormy, the emotion choking him, Unable to speak for a moment.

A single tear trailed out of his eye and ran down his cheek. He had been so lost and lonely without her these past weeks, when he had been unable to remember.

Reaching out she brushed it away tenderly, crushing herself against him. As they both laughed and cried at the same time. Even her question seemed so irrelevant now.

They stood for so long wrapped up in each other just looking their fill, touching in awe, caressing each other as if it was their first time again.

Then as the fever of need grew and took over he tumbled her onto the petal strewed bed. They loved each other reverently, as if unable to comprehend that what had been lost to them was now returned.

He drove her insane, finding, caressing, remembering all the spots that made her wild in his arms. He held her convulsing, trembling body and played her like a master, her body sang to his touch.

His lips relentless in their pursuit to make her cry out loud with pleasure. And she in turn made him tremble and moan out loud as her soft lips blazed trails of fire across his heated body.

Tumbling each other into ecstasy, their eyes locked onto each other, not wanting to let go, stretching it out until it was almost unbearable in its intensity.

Finally, as the pink rays of the morning sunrise began to fill the room with its warmth they slept. Sated and replete holding each other tightly not wanting to let go as if this fragile dream might disappear again.

As his eyes slowly succumbed to sleep, he looked down at her, his heart bursting with happiness to see his Mishty sleeping peacefully, resting her head on his chest, her cheeks pink and flushed, her lips swollen from his kisses her arms holding tightly on to him, her damp tresses clinging to him.

His world was right once more, he felt complete.

The End ❤


11 responses to “11. Hungry Eyes – A Maaneet Story

  1. Sarah

    July 1, 2012 at 8:43 am

    Hayeeee :D….wish the Geet CV’s could learned something from u! 😦

  2. janememe

    July 1, 2012 at 9:12 am

    Awww thanks Sarah ;))

  3. savitha.

    November 26, 2013 at 1:21 pm

    janey janey janey…i hv read this so many times, but was too overwhelmed to comment lovely..kaash geet cvs had your brains..why all these so called cvs hv to think hard..just keep it simple basic..that was the USP of geet..simple love story with freshness..there were so many unexplored track which they could have take up instead of dishing out new characters one after the are one hell of a talented woman..wooo hoo babes!!! ❤

    • janememe

      November 26, 2013 at 3:13 pm

      Awww thanks Savitha what a fab thing to say. Would this have been so good …kaashhhhhh! sigh sigh chalo koi dusra neseeb mein 😉 heheheh.

      • savitha.

        November 28, 2013 at 4:40 pm

        if at all in this life time gurmeet & drashti decide to make a comeback together..I will promote you as their creative head..and no one will over rule your story & vision..period!!

      • janememe

        November 28, 2013 at 9:08 pm

        hehehe i accept :))

  4. savitha.

    March 15, 2014 at 10:19 am

    re re reading 🙂 😥 🙂 sniff sniff 😀

    • janememe

      March 15, 2014 at 10:32 am

      rofllllllllllll why u sniff sniff?

  5. ramykrish

    August 18, 2014 at 4:59 am

    Omg ,how did I miss thing Janey.Superb you are.Want to yell at GC and DD to stop their stranger nautanki and come back to act Janey’s GHSP.How is it?

  6. fermeen30

    December 12, 2016 at 12:27 am

    Loved this story, excellent. My heart is still sighing with all sorts of emotions.

    • janememe

      December 12, 2016 at 11:27 am

      Fermeen30 did u get any work done at weekend ;))))))))))))) ? Ke story ke duniya mein doobing ;)))


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