Jungle mein mangal – A Maaneet story.


Here is something a write a long time ago, you will be able to tell by the way its written LOL!The way its written may be terrible but the story is sweet well at least I think so πŸ˜‰ When we were all moaning about Maan Singh Khurana needing to go back to Delhi. Enjoy ;))

The wind howled mercilessly as they drove back. Dev had managed to ‘borrow’ Balwant Singh on a pretext to go with him to Delhi. It had taken a lot of persuasion but he had managed it.

A crises had arisen at KC which needed Maan to be there. They had left two days ago and now were driving back in Maan’s car after completing the work and assuring Dadiji that they would be bringing Geet back with them.

They were nearly back to Beeji’s house when a storm had arisen making driving conditions difficult.

β€œDev abb bahut ho gayaa. Geet is ready to go back and frankly so am I. Khurana Construction needs us back. Adi is doing a wonderful job but I need to get back to work,” Maan said as he peered through the windscreen at the dark trees swaying ominously in the strong winds.

β€œYes, Bro aab time ho gaya aur Beeji ke opnion bhi change hone lagee hai Maan ke bare mein.”

Maan thought of the day he had left he just about managed to get a hug from her. I cant wait to get Geet back home and have some privacy! He muttered to himself. This is a mad house. Saala Lucky sara din sar pe bak bak karta hain, aur Uncle Jugnu!! Unke to mein Rehab mein bahut jaldi behjne wala hoon!!! NO desi and definitely NO Angrezi for him!!

They reached the house and Maan quickly tied on his Paghdi and became Balwant Singh again.

But as they walked in they quickly realised something was terribly wrong.

β€œAree Kothe!!!” Tej was shouting at a man pushing him about. β€œTume ne kither Geet ko chooda?”

β€œAur tumharee himmat wapas lutne ke kaisee hue Geet bina?” he screamed at the man shaking him ferociously.

Maan’s antenna went on high alert. Geet? Worriedly, he looked at Dev and they both entered into the family room just as Beeji said Hum Maan Singh ko kya batayeenge aab. β€œGeet meri bacchee!” she moaned.

β€œKya hua Geet ko!” Maan questioned loudly.

Bolo! Mujhe abhi batwao!” he commanded at the astonished family, forgetting that he was still supposed to be their driver.

β€œGeet aaj baazar mein gayee thee yeh driver ke saath lekin yeh toofan mein gaddi ke accident ho gayya aur yeh kotha kuud pada gaddi se aur Geet Gadi mein reh gayee. Gaadi jungle ke khaade mein gaye.Aab ussko yaad nahi hain yeh sab kaha ho gaya!” Beeji finished staring at Balwant in astonishment.

Maan stood stock still. His body shook with the force of his fear and anger. His Geet was out there somewhere in pain, possibly badly hurt, frightened, maybe even………..nahi! nothing can happen to her. He glared at Beeji and Tej reached up and pulled his paghdi off and threw it carelessly aside.

β€œTum unko sab kuch bata dena!” He barked at Dev. He needed to reach Geet. He needed to find her with every moment that passed, he feared for her safety.

Tej shouted at him β€œBalwant tumhari itne himmat!” he reached out and took hold of Balwants shoulder.

Maan glared at him! Was about to explode when he realised that anger would solve nothing. He calmly took Tej’s hand and gently took it off his shoulder.

β€œTej…”. He looking directly into his eyes, β€œDev will explain everything. Now I must go!”

Tej looked at him in astonishment Balwant had spoken in perfect English?

β€œDev aap en log ko sab bata deena,” he reiterated looking around at all of them Then going up to the frightened driver he spoke softly but firmly to him noting the directions he gave.

β€œTej tum bhi nikal jawo! Geet ko dhoodne,” Beeji ordered.


β€œKoi ke zaroorat nahi hai,” Maan said again in a firm commanding voice. β€œMein Geet ko dhoond loonga. Woh meri biwi hain! Mujhe kissi ke zaroorat nahi padege!” He declared to their astonished faces.

Signalling to Dev to take care of things he left to look for Geet.


Geet moaned in pain. She had managed to jump out the car before it had landed in the ditch. But her ankle had twisted painfully.

A dark shape loomed in front of her. She screamed with fright. A sudden flash of lightening showed her it was only a tree and she clutched her manglesutra in relief.

Maan….Maan her heart thundered in her chest as she limped forward painfully. But Maan had gone to Delhi. She had to get back to the road somehow that was her only hope of being found..

A sharp gust of wind blew her duppatta right off and whisked it away.
Her teeth started to chatter as the cool wind ripped through her light clothes.

Maan drove at a furious speed through the deserted roads. No one in their right mind would be out in a storm like this. Thank God it wasnt raining so far. He reached approximately the spot where the driver had mentioned. Quickly running to the boot of the car he grabbed some useful items from his camping gear and stuffed them into a backpack which he always kept in the back.

He slowly walked up and down the road until his torchlight found the tyre marks where the car had run off into the jungle. He followed them in shouting Geets name.

Geet limped forward. Babaji! It was so dark. She hated the dark. Her ankle throbbed painfully. She sank down in pain. A few minutes she would rest and then try to get back to the road.

Maan moved deeper and deeper into the jungle. He had gone past the car. But Geet was nowhere to be seen. Fear tore at his heart. Where was she? Walking fast as possible he slashed and pushed at whatever came in his way. Suddenly he spotted her duppatta. He grabbed at it as it had been caught up on a branch. She had to be near he surmised.

Trusting his gut instinct he moved forward.

Geet gingerly stood up and limped a few places.
Kuch nahi dekta …” she muttered looked around anxiously every dark shape, every shadow was now scaring her. She realised with a heavy heart that she had been moving deeper into the jungle. In her fear she didnt look where she was going. She tripped over a tree root a scream tore from her lips echoing along with the howling wind.

Maan stood still…yes that was defiantly a scream. He headed in the direction of the scream.

Geet pushed herself up she felt battered and bruised all over.

Maan…Maan ….tears rolled down her face. Pushing at a branch she moved forward only to bump into something rock solid.

Another scream left her lips. A bright light shone in her face and she heard β€œGeet!” Strong arms came around her pulling her close.

β€œMaan!” she moaned in relief as she sank against him.

He cupped her face and looked at her for a long moment noting the faint bruising on her forehead, the tears trails, the slight graze on her chin.

Geet! He pulled her tighter into his embrace. He had found her thank God. He breathed in her fragrance. He buried his face in her neck crushing her to him, his relief at finding her was palpable.

β€œTum theek ho na?” he asked anxiously.

Geet nodded. She couldn’t believe it. He had found her. More tears rolled down her face as she looked at him with amazement.

β€œI will always find you Geet. Wherever you are.” he placed sweet kisses on face wiped her tears gently as he pulled her tighter into his embrace.

A sudden clap of thunder had her burrowing into his chest even more. Drinking in his strength, his warmth, her Maan.

He noticed that she was shivering quite badly.

β€œShhhh! Misti tum ko kuch hone nahi doonga! Mein hoon na.” he looked around there was no way he was going to find his way back to the road in the dark. They would have to find shelter here somewhere.

β€œChalo Geet hum ko kahi shelter dhoondhna hoga.” He gently threaded his finger through hers and moved towards what looked like a clearing.

He felt her falter and stopped immediately. β€œGeet Geet! Kya hai are you hurt?”

β€œMaan my ankle…I twisted it when I jumped from the car.”

Without hesitation he lifted her high into his arms. Tucking his precious burden close to his chest. He strode forward.

β€œMaan please you cant carry me in this jungle! I will walk Maan out me down!”

He totally ignored her, β€œWhy didnt you say anything?” indicating her ankle he admonished her. He strode forward. After some time he came in to the clearing, a flash of lightening illuminated some large rocks which looked they would offer some shelter he strode towards them.

β€œGeet dekho yaha hum raat kaat sakte hai,” he said looking down at her lovingly. Thank God he thought to himself as large drops of water started to fall, it was about to rain pretty heavily.

He let Geet down next to one of the boulders and went round the crop of rocks to see if there was anywhere they could shelter. Finding a shallow cave he went back to Geet.

β€œGeet! Chalo,” he said picking her up again, β€œI have found a cave.”

β€œCCCave!” Her teeth chattered β€œUssme koi junglee janwar…bhalu kuch hoga!”

Maan laughed, β€œGeet ither kuch nahi hai aissa,” he entered the cave and shone his torch. The cave was quite shallow but it would afford them good shelter at least for the night.

He gently put Geet down and took off his backpack.

He turned to go out. Geet shreiked β€œMaan Maan aap kaha jate ho?”

β€œI will be back in a minute,” he said handing her the torch. He knew how scared she was of the dark.

He came back a few minutes later with large amounts of firewood and went out again to get more. This would have to last them the night.

Geet sank down to the floor, the cave wasn’t so bad at least they were sheltered from the wind and rain.

Maan came back and started a fire with great efficiency. He pulled out a blanket from the backpack and spread it near the fire.

Geet limped over to it and sank down by the warm fire. Her teeth were still chattering.

Maan came and sat beside her. Slipping out of his shirt he wrapped it around her. He turned her so she lay down on the blanket and his hand went to her ankle.

β€œMaan, aap kya karte ho?” Geet gasped in pain as his hand closed gently around her ankle probing and checking her injury.

β€œLagta hai light sprain ho gayaa hai.” he reached for the backpack again found a bandage and wrapped it around her ankle.

He looked up to see her watching him, love shinning out of her suspiciously moist eyes.

He smiled a completely Dust Danav smile at her… β€œMaan Singh Khurana ne bahut trekking ke hai,” he said making her smile.

He stretched out beside her on the blanket. Propping his head on one arm he looked down at his beautiful wife. Tucking a stray lock of hair behind her ear he breathed in a sigh of relief that she was safe and lying next to him.

His eyes roamed over her sweet face, watching as she blushed with awareness of his warm male body lying next to her. Her lush pink lips parted as she looked at him, the chemistry between them a tangible force. Her eyes roamed over his bare chest without her even realizing.

He caught her looking at him and smiled a devilish smile. He knew exactly the effect he had on his sweet shy wife.

The rain pelted down with force outside as they lay in the now warm cozy cave. The firelight lit the inside caressing the rocks casting them in a warm glow.

Leaving the whole world behind they lay on the blanket in the cave encased in its warmth as the flames crackled and the shadows danced over their bodies.

Geet looked up at his beautiful face her hand reached out and she traced the fine cheekbone lightly with the pads of her fingers following the line of his beard she reached his lips. His lips that had the ability to drive her insane with wanting, those lips that said the words that touched her soul.

β€œMaan paata hai har waqt when I was lost, all I could think about was you….when…if… I would see you again. Maan …and then you came.” She whispered to him as she traced the out line of his lower lip causing him to intake a sharp breath.

His eyes closed at her sensuous touch, the dark sooty long lashes threw spiky shadows across his face. The pain and fear that he had kept buried deep within him whilst looking for her thundered through his body.

When he opened his eyes and looked at her Geet gasped at the sheer force of his love that shone back at her.

β€œGeet” he whispered as if in pain. β€œWhen I heard you were lost in the jungle I was so scared and angry that you were hurt lying in a ditch somewhere. I wasn’t here to look after you, to protect you.” He cupped her face gently. β€œGeet tumko haar waqt meri bahoon mein sammet loon, Haar waqt meri nazzar mein kaid kar loon…..Aur Geet ko Maan ke zaroorat paade or Maan na aaye yeh to ho nahi sakta. Geet you are in my every breath, every thought, you are my soul. You are my world without you there is no Maan.”

He looked into her eyes as deep as the ocean. She looked so adorable his Geet. Unable to stop himself he leaned over and kissed the faint bruise on her forehead, his lips caressed the graze on her chin softly as if to wipe away the hurt. He gathered her close into his embrace. He wanted to feel the reality of her. He wanted to hear her strong heartbeat mingle with his.

His lips closed over hers, kissing her softly until her mouth flowered under his. He sought out the sweet honeyed taste of her. His tongue dancing with hers as they became totally lost in each other. Softly he nuzzled her neck. Causing her to gasp as his beard grazed her. Tracing the contour of her jaw line with his lips he rained kisses on her face.


β€œMaan!” her breath came thick and fast against his lips, her fingers traced the strong contours of his shoulders and back.

β€œGeet” he whispered looking down at her, β€œtomorrow we will go back home, aab mujhe yeh Beeji ke driver baan ke yeh pagal khaane mein nahi rehna. I want you back at home.”

Her love shining out of her eyes at him she replied, β€œHaan Maan, but it doesn’t matter to me where we are as long as I am in your arms that’s my home.” She finished smiling at him as his lips closed over hers once again.

As the storm subsided outside a different kind of storm raged inside the cave. For a long while there were just sighs filled with bliss and happiness that mingled and merged with the soft breeze that wound playfully through the jungle.


9 responses to “Jungle mein mangal – A Maaneet story.

  1. monikaseth

    May 18, 2012 at 11:46 am

    wow awesome great fantastic dear love it

  2. gomati

    May 18, 2012 at 11:46 pm

    awesome Janey..was a real surprise! πŸ™‚

    • janememe

      May 19, 2012 at 2:39 pm

      have you not read it before Gomati? I wrote it ages ago?

  3. Radhika

    May 19, 2012 at 4:44 pm

    cute and sweet would be an understatement… but on second thought it was beautiful!

  4. akshata

    June 4, 2012 at 8:00 am

    beautiful written jane.

    • janememe

      June 4, 2012 at 7:23 pm

      Thanks Jungal mein Maangallllllll! even IPK are doing it ;))

  5. savitha.

    March 15, 2014 at 11:15 am

    kaash they had used this for their so called maha episode..its so perfect πŸ™‚

    • janememe

      March 15, 2014 at 11:25 am

      Kaashhhhhhh…never mind maybe someday we will make this soap :)) Now we just need finance and actors!


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