10. Maan ke Mumtaz – A Romantic FF by Jane ;)

“Daadima Mujhe nahi jaana koi Fancy Dress Party Mein! Aap ko to pata hai ke mujhe yeh sab pasand nahi hai!” Maan said angrily his tone final.

“Lekin Maan Mr Mehta bahut purane dost hai family ke, aur usska beta Vijay is throwing this fancy dress ball for his bride to be. Everyone is going to be there and I think you and Geet should go.” Daadi implored.

“Fancy Dress Ball? Woh kya hota hai.” Geet asked Daadi.

“Beta waha sab log costumes pehen ke jate hai, Tum Ashwarya Rai ban ke ja sakte ho aur even Indira Ghandi ..tum ko jo dress pehne ke jana hai woh ja sakte ho.” Daadi explained patently.

Aise party bhi hoti hai? Geet thought to herself yeh to bahut maazedar idea hai, lekin Maan ko yeh sab pasand nahi hai to…chalo kuch baat nahi. She sighed softly to herself.

Maan looked at his beautiful wife as her thoughts clearly expressed themselves on her face. He heard her soft sigh to herself and felt like kicking himself. And Daadima raising her eyebrows and nodding in Geet’s direction pointing out the same thing didn’t help. They both glared at each other.

Why did he forget that Geet had never been exposed to anything like that, he had been there and done it all but his beautiful Geet in so many ways was totally innocent of such pleasures. Mostly over the last year before their marriage she had only known hard work and so much suffering, guiltily he thought some of it at his hands.

He felt like a real heel. He nodded to Daadi when Geet wasn’t looking, giving her the signal to say she could send the reply slip. Geet would be going to the ball he decided and he knew just what they would wear.

The next few days passed quickly and Geet forgot all about it. There was so much work to do in the office Khuarana constructions was now one of the top construction companies in all of India.

But the boss was frowning. Maan stood in cabin his brow creased thinking about how to best play this. He needed to send Geet home early so she could freshen up and he could spring the surprise on her but he knew his Geet. If he asked her to go she would probably decide she was going to stay the night at the office!

Trying to think of something he walked out of his cabin into hers. ”Ummm…Geet umm Mein ekdum bhool gaya ke meine Mr and Mrs Vishal Patel ko bulaya tha aaj dinner pe.”

“Mr and Mrs Vishal Patel?” Geet questioned “Yeh kuon hai..meine to yeh naam khabi nahi soona!”

“Haa …..Geet mein tumko baatana bhool gaya yeh muhje mile the …errr last conference mein aur meine unko dinner pe bula liya…Ha…yeh barabar hai” Maan said more to himself as if he was trying to convince himself of the truth.

He looked at Geet. Did she buy it? She could always tell when he was trying to lie so he practically pushed her out of the door.

“Geet tum jaldi jawo aur shower le lo mein bas abhi aata hoon tumare peche.”

“But Maan..Dinner ka kya hoga?” She said panicking as he seemed so earnest about her getting home and ready for their guests.

“Errr Meine Nakul ko phone kar sab kuch samja diya hai…tum jawo air seetha shower mein jana mein abhi aata hoon.”

Geet muttered to herself as the driver took her home. “Kya hogaya hai Maan ko. He doesn’t normally forget things like this must be the extra work they had been doing recently.” With that in mind she rushed in and went to have a shower before her guests arrived.

She came out of the shower with a towel wrapped around her sarong style, drying her hair with another and stopped dead. The bed was full of boxes of all shapes and sizes and Maan was leaning nonchalantly against the door frame his arms folded waiting for her.

“Yeehhh..Yeh kya hai?”She whispered in surprise.

“Tum khol ke dekh lo.” He said smiling indulgently at her his dark eyes warm, just loving the look of total delight on her face.

She climbed on to the bed holding on to her towel and started opening the boxes…there was a gasp every time she opened a new box, her expressive eyes wide as saucers as she looked up at Maan.

“Maan yeh sab kya hai?” She looked again at all the boxes in front of her. There was a amazing embroidered Lengha suit in shades of blue, shoes to match, exquisite old fashioned type jewellery, heavy earrings, necklace, tikka, bangles, payal, rings and there was even a type of head dress with a feather. Everything was exquisite she couldn’t believe the stone work and stitching it was fit for a queen.

Maan approached the bed smiling at her as she came up on her knees.”Geet tum ko yaad hai Daadima woh Fancy Dress ball ka zikkar karte the? Tab mujhe laga ke tum ko aise party me maaza aayega so maine yeh sab banwaye tumhare liye.”

“Tum meri Mumtaz banoge aur mein Shah Jahan banke chaloonga.” He said as he leaned in to steal a quick needy kiss from her astonished lips.

“I thought since you are always saying that I behave like the Badshah of Delhi this fancy dress would be appropriate.”

“Maan yeh sab apne mere liye kia.”Geets eyes welled up with tears. She flung her arms around his neck not caring if the towel slipped and hugged him tightly to her. Her body shaking with sobs.

“Geet…Geet sweetheart please don’t cry,” he gently titled up her chin to him and looked into her tear streaked face, wiping her tears gently with his fingers.

“Tum ko pata haina jaise Shah Jahan was completely besotted with Mumtaz as I am besotted with you Geet. Tum he meri sab kuch ho…tum ho to main hoon Geet.” He finished softly his eyes blazed with love for her.

Then he reluctantly put her away from him, his eyes not missing the fact that the towel had slipped, saying, “Aab jaldi karo hum ko taayra ho ke jaana hai meri mishti. Mein shower leke aata hoon tum dress ho jawo.” He said extracting a matching Sherwani from another box on the dresser and heading for the shower.

Geet was so excited she started getting dressed putting on her lingerie then she put on the long skirt and slipped her arms into the top. She looked at her reflection in the mirror, realising there was no way she could wear a bra with the top as it was backless tied only with doories. She slipped out of her bra and pulled the top on again. But hard as she tried she could not tie the doories to the blouse and there seemed to be dozens of them and her fingers were tangling them even more.

As Maan came out of the dressing room with his Sherwani on, Geet forgot all about her efforts he looked so beautiful Geet just could not stop staring him. The Sherwani clung to his muscular lean body so lovingly. As he buttoned up the remaining few she could not help but drool, the heat pooled in her belly. Maan caught her looking at him with hungry eyes and smiled a completely devilish smile “Kya hua Geet, is there a problem?” knowing full well his effect on her.

“Umm Kuch nahi,” she blushed stuttering and continued with her efforts tie the knots.

He watched her for a moment and then could not resist “Mishty mein kar deta hoon.” he said coming to stand behind her.

His hands reached up and took hold of them from her nerveless fingers, starting to tie them for her one by one he watched her face in the mirror intensely. There were a dozen or so ties that laced across her back. It left most of her beautiful long back exposed.

He realised that she could not wear a bra with this outfit, he couldn’t help thinking that later on he was going to get great pleasure in undoing these slowly and peeling the off her top. He let his fingers caress her exposed skin each time he tied a knot whilst his eyes blazed a heated promise of l things to come later.

He watched as the pink flush of arousal spread on her skin. He tied the last one and he placed a lingering open mouthed kiss on her nape.

“Maan…”. A gasp escaped her lips.

“Geet I want to finish dressing you myself.” His voice came out unexpectedly throaty, his body was already in overdrive.

He then sat her down and proceeded to dress her in all the jewellery finishing by placing the chunni and head dress on her.

“Haan ab tum meri Mumtaz lagtee hoon. Maan Singh Khurana ki Mumtaz Mahal.”

Geet stood up and turned to face him “Aur aap mere Shah Jahan.”

She looked so utterly beautiful he knew that everyone was going to be staring at his Geet. He knew it was going to be hard for him as if another man so much as looked at her it made his blood boil but he was slowly learning to live with it now as he knew she was his completely, he smiled to himself today as his Mumtaz he could not wait to show her off and make everyone else jealous.

With that thought he put on his matching paghdi with pearls precious stones and a feather. Taking her hand in his they went to the party.

Part Two

They sat in the back of the car drinking each other in. Geet had been a knock out success at the party just as Maan had predicted. Everyone had admired her and she had enjoyed herself immensely. He had watched all the men salivating over her and couldn’t help from glaring at them. Then he had to smile to himself as only he got to take her home and make love to her, he couldn’t wait, he was already so aroused and wanted her so desperately as he imagination ran riot with all the things he wanted to do with her.

Geet had also noticed all the women eyeing him up but as usual he was totally oblivious to the females glances that ate him up. Her Maan looked so regal as Shah Jahan as if he was born to be king.

Geet smile to herself he certainly behaved like one a lot of the time. She had also noticed that his hand had never wandered far from the small of her back caressing the skin there, pulling her into his side when some man glanced at her for too long. He was totally possessive over her and she revelled in it.

Geet took hold of Maans hand and whispered softly “Thank you Maan.” Her eyes spoke volumes, her total love for him shone back at him. All he could see in her eyes was a reflection of himself. “Thank you” She said again “Aapne mere liya itna kuch kiya.” Her eyes welled up.

He looked at her and said “Then say those three words to me now Mishty!”

“Those are three words Maan.” Geet declared with a naughty smile on her lips. “Thank you Maan, see three words exactly.”

His dark eyes blazed her her “You know which words I want to hear Mishty.” His hands reached for her he pulled her to him.

Geet’s eyes became pools of mirth as she saw the annoyed flush on his cheeks.

She reached up and caressed his face. “Maybe you wanted to hear me say, you looked handsome” she said smiling wider. “Those three words?”

“Acha to nahi kehna hai to khuch baat nahi, I will make you pay my Mishty, dekhna how I make you pay he said against her lips” His dark eyes blazed with a challenge as he covered her lips with his own. Not caring if the driver saw them or not.

He teased her mercilessly until she placed her arms around his neck and they became totally lost in each other. When they got home and the driver left, Maan picked her up and carried her to their bedroom.

“Aab Shah Jahan apne Mumtaz ko pyaar ki bhaasha sikhaenga.” He declared, letting her down in front of the full length mirror. He turned her to face the mirror then started to take all her jewellery off slowly. Piece by piece, watching her face, his eyes eating her up, he let his fingers caress her soft silky skin, peeling off her chunni, her necklace, taking off her earrings. Slowly taking off her bangles and then his fingers hovered over the ties the moment he had been looking forward to all evening.

One by one he untied them, slowly placing a kiss on her back where each tie had been, his heated gaze watching her reaction in the mirror. By the time he reached the last tie at the top Geet was shaking with need. Her eyes had glazed over with passion, her soft lips parted, her breath was coming out in soft gasps, her skin flushed pink with arousal.

“Maan……” she was about to say something but Maan placed a finger to her lip and shook his head in a No.

“Geet just feel, I want you to just feel” he said.

Then slowly ever so slowly he peeled her top off uncovering her gloriously full and aroused breasts as he watched her in the mirror she arched as if to help him get the top off making her breasts more pronounced the nipples tight and proud and his body that had been already hard with wanting her went into overdrive. But he had already decided that he was going to take things slowly so he was determined to do just that. He peeled the top off completely and carelessly threw it on the floor.

He then let his hands slowly caress their way down her arms lacing his fingers through hers he lifted her arms and placed them around the back of his neck so she arched like a bowstring.

Looking at her in the mirror again at the erotic picture she made Maan thought she had never looked more beautiful. Geet watched as her husbands hands started to caress her bare midriff and slowly ventured upwards she could see his dark intense eyes following his hands, a dark flush appeared on his cheeks as he slowly closed his palms over her breasts cupping them, caressing them playing with the engorged nipples. She heard him groan her name into her ear as the weight of her full warm breasts filled his palms. He bit gently into her ear lobe his body shuddering against hers.

“Maan… …please…. “ A moan of pleasure escaped her lips as he continued to torment her with his hands. He knew exactly where and how to touch her, she was at the point of madness she needed him now!

He undid her long skirt and stripped it off her along with her panties until she stood in front of him in all her glory. He saw how aroused she was but he was determined to give her more pleasure. He picked her up and carried her to the bed gently placing her on the covers he quickly disposed of his clothes.

Geet watched her husband with reverent awe. He was so beautiful and so heavily aroused, his eyes dancing with the flames of passion, she revelled in her power over him.

Joining her on the bed he came over her gathering her close letting her feel his immense need then slowly started to kiss her everywhere starting with her neck he placed an open mouth kiss that made her arch into his aroused body then taking her nipple into his mouth he sucked gently until she arched and moaned, paying homage to both her breasts in turn, he slowly ventured lower taking his sweet time, letting his lips caress kiss and nibble her silky soft skin, he grazed her gently with his stubble, he knew that she loved that. When he reached the core of her femininity he didn’t listen to her protests, he explored her until she became mindless with need.

“Maan please….please now…..” Geet clutched at the muscles in his shoulders her body arching off the bed.” Please!”

“I want you to tell me I love you Maan.” He rasped against her mouth poised above her his promise to make her pay danced in his eyes.

“Maan!” She implored her eyes tightly shut her hands pulled him to her.

“Open your eyes and tell me!” He demanded his lips trailing across her face.

Her eyes fluttered open, clouded with passion liquid amber stared back at him as she whispered. “I love you! I love you! Oh dear god I need you!”

With a muttered groan he felt his control go. He lifted himself over her and joined them together with a deep hard thrust into her welcoming body. Taking great satisfaction as she screamed out his name with pleasure. She clung to him as the sensations overwhelmed her. He filled her completely stretching her tight muscles.

“Geet!” Her name burst from his lips as her nails dug hard into his back as he moved deep and hard within her taking her higher and higher. Slow and deep, taking his time, watching her face, taking pleasure in her pleasure.

They became one, dancing the erotic dance of love together, taking pleasure in each others bodies, as only two lovers who were so in-tune with each others needs can become. Together they climbed to a mind blowing climax that left them both gasping for breath holding each other tightly they collapsed on the bed.

It was a long time before their breathing became normal. He gathered her close rolling on to his back taking her with him so that her head rested on his chest. Geet fell asleep almost immediately, safe and totally sated once again in the circle of his arms.

As Maan looked down at his beautiful sleeping wife lying in his arms he thought that Shah Jahan must have felt the same about his Mumtaz, as this feeling, this love, this need, this obsession he felt for Geet.

He wowed to take Geet to see the Taj Mahal as soon as possible. Smiling to himself that he really did feel like the king of Delhi today he drifted of to a contented sleep.

The End ❤


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