9. My first ever FF – Maaneet

As promised a Maaneet FF : This was my very first ever FF that I was challenged to write!!

So many errors and terrible everything…well here goes nothing ;))

Do comment 😉

Maan strode angrily into the bedroom. Wrenching off his tie and waistcoat he threw them on the floor. That Nain Tara who the hell did she think she is? Tomorrow he decided that he would call a meeting of the Board of Directors and put her in her place. How dare she threaten Geet and his Company, His company! She was nothing but an upstart Bitch that needed to be

taught a lesson. A lesson Maan thought, as a small smile played about his lips, A lesson he would enjoy very very much teaching her.

He opened the cupboard doors and stood there for a moment thinking out his plan absently started undoing the buttons on his shirt. Out of the corner of his eye reflected in the full length cupboard mirror, He saw Geet emerge from the bathroom. A sharp indrawn breath escaped him. Geet his beautiful, passionate wife now. He gripped the cupboard door tightly as he drank in the picture she presented, fresh from her shower her hair was on one side, wet and dripping. A towel wrapped around her body tucked neatly into the valley of her breasts. His body hardened immediately in response. He watched her walk into the room, unable to move, frozen for a moment, totally immersed in the sight of her reflected in the full length mirror, like a begger presented with a feast. All other thoughts vanished from his brain.

Geet smiled softly as her eyes rested on the dark blood red roses that Maan had brought home last night. She reached out and took a plump red bud in her hands pulling it towards her she kissed its soft petals. A blush spread across her porcelain skin as she remembered how wanton she had become in his arms last night. She closed her eyes, her head fell back of its own accord and without any conscious thought she let the plump bud caress her lips trail across her chin down her neck across to the tops of her breasts.

An inarticulate sound escaped his lips as his eyes traced her actions, startled Geet opened her eyes and saw Maan standing there staring at her reflection in the mirror.

Maan saw the faint red tinge on her skin where he had caressed her last night, his eyes blazed with passion as he remembered being buried deep inside her body, Her legs drawn up and locked high around his waist. How her short nails had made deep crescents into his shoulders. Of how he had clasped her to him so tight, how her head had been thrown back in ecstasy as he took her to a mind blowing climax, watching her tremble violently in his arms had sent him over the edge

into his own completion. In the aftermath of their mind blowing mating he had nuzzled her neck, rained soft kisses on her face until her violent trembles had turned to soft sighs and she had fallen asleep in his arms. She was innocence and sensuality rolled into one. A mind blowing combination that he could never get enough of.

Without her even realising Maan was somehow standing before her. Flames of passion danced in his eyes as he locked on to her. She couldn’t believe it she was now

his wife. He was hers. Her passonate husband. Her body flooded with pleasure at this magnificent sight. His chest partially exposed, she reached out to touch him and saw that she was still holding the rose in her hand. With a new found boldness she softly trailed the rose across his lips. over his chin, down to his chest. In his haste to help her continue her journey Maan ripped the rest of his shirt buttons apart, they tore open flying of in different directions landing with soft thuds everywhere. A shocked gasp broke from Geet’s lips at his action. Then with a smile as bold as Eve she carried on her with her journey across his washboard stomach and rested the rose bud on the top of of his belt.

Maan rasped ruk kyu gaye Geet? His eyes closed he tried to get some semblance of control over himself. His himmatwale Geet. She tested his control beyond endurance and she knew exactly what she was doing the little witch. He opened his eyes and looked deeply into hers.

Suddenly Maan was distracted as he watched as a rivulet of water trail from a strand of her hair slowly making its way across her shoulder towards the valley of her breasts. He

hooked a finger into her cleavage and loosened its tie, the towel fell apart landing on the floor around her ankles, he watched its sensuous journey suddenly feeling insanely jealous of its actions. Only he was allowed to touch Geet so intimately!

Slowly the trail of water continued its now unhindered progress between her beautiful exposed breasts across the planes of her belly and down to her navel forming a large drop that glistened like a diamond in her belly button.

A Gasp of pleasure broke from Geet’s lips and she trembled as Maan let his finger trace the route the water had taken, slowly, oh so slowly down to her navel. He sank to the floor on his knees before her clasping her hips in his hands he licked the drop of water right out of her navel.

Her hands wound themselves into his thick dark lustrious hair. She tugged his hair without even realising what she was doing.

She tugged at his hair to stop him suddenly overcome by shyness.

He looked up at her. Her eyes were half closed, her face flushed, her hair was drying around her in a brown halo. She looked like a siren, temptation beyond belief.

Kyu roka mujhe Geet? Tumharai Himmat kahi gaye? Hmmm

Maan please…her eyes pleading with his.

To pheer khabi haan….he didnt want to do anything she was not ready for. They had all the rest of their lives for him to initiate her into all the ways he wanted to make love to her.

His tongue snaked out and twirled around her navel. He felt her tremble with need even as her knees gave way and she sank to the floor in front of him.

He shrugged out his shirt and pulled her to him. His lips found hers and he nibbled and caressed them until like petals of a flower they opened.

Geet returned his kisses with fervent delight. Her arms wound themselves around his neck as she pressed her breasts against his chest in an effort to relive their stinging ache. The tips digging into his rock hard chest.

Urgency became paramount. Maan needed to be inside her now. He laid her down on the rug on floor and hastily finished undressing. With a trembling hand he lifted a stray hair of her cheek and tucked it behind her ear.

Geet blushed as her eyes rested on his beautiful naked body. He was so aroused she felt her self tremble with anticipation and even a little fear even though she knew they fitted perfectly, but as soon as he came over her, poised at the heart of her femininity to enter her, her body welcomed him. He was her mate, her love, her life. Her Maan.

Maan had seen the slight apprehension in her eyes and stopped holding himself in check although his control was near to breaking point.

Gently he whispered in her ear Geet Tum ko pata hai na ke tumhare assar mere per kya hai.? Tum Meri ho! Sirf Meri, Meri zindagi Mera pyaar….Maan ke Geet!

He watched her face suffuse with colour his name burst from her lips. He entered her slowly and carefully stretching the tight muscles filling her to the hilt. And as he took her once again to the gates of heaven Geet once again became complete.


7 responses to “9. My first ever FF – Maaneet

  1. Jaans

    January 10, 2012 at 8:19 am

    janey…superb superb…what a entry for the first one for maneet. just loved it. i love msk and our sherni geeeet.

    janey tussi great ho…dont want to miss you will be here for us always.

  2. TJ

    January 10, 2012 at 8:38 am

    Janey baby, u are spoiling me too much….. and i m loving it…..
    *TJ fanning herself* the cold weather is not helping to cool down…..
    awesome beginning….. So they r already married…..
    waiting for the next part dear…..
    enjoy ur holidays…..
    love u loads…. muahhhh….. ***HUGS***
    🙂 🙂 😀 😀 :* :* :* ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. indepgal

    January 10, 2012 at 1:16 pm

    what a beginning!!! hawwtt! haawwwttt! haaawwwwttttt!!!

  4. priyachand

    January 10, 2012 at 9:19 pm

    omg! what a hot beginning! wow jane,this in not os right? u r planning to continue, right? u shd! really hot! i have to switch on my AC i think! thank u

    • janememe

      January 11, 2012 at 7:51 am

      No this was OLd one…I have not started seasom two yet guys ;))

  5. Raaki Kaur

    January 10, 2012 at 10:12 pm

    Well done Janey, well written, loved all the intense passion and desire. You certainly know how to build it up slowly. Looking forward to reading the next one, hopefully soon! 😉

  6. janememe

    January 11, 2012 at 7:53 am

    Thank you Guys ;)) LOve your support.

    THis one I wrote a very long time back. When I start seasome 2 Geet u will know ;))


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