8: Jealousy can be a Beautiful feeling – A Romantic FF by Jane

Maan quickly slipped on his Black Nehru type Jacket and adjusted it. Having just come of a flight he had rushed home to change into formal evening wear. Khurana Construction had tonight thrown a party on completion of a very large project.

They had built 3 Holiday Villages for Mehta Industries. Unfortunately a new business venture in Bangkok had taken him away three days ago so he hadn’t been able to be there to finalise the arrangements but he knew that Geet and Adi were quite capable of organising the party without any problems.

The loud buzz of the phone distracted him from combing his hair. He picked it up and saw it was Adi.

“Haan… Adi aap log waha pahoonch gaaye na?” He asked.

“Haan Sir, Hum log to pahoonch gaayee, but Sir aap aaanne wale hai na?” He stuttered anxiously.

“Haan..Adi mein bas aata he hoon,” something in Adi’s voice had struck him as odd and he questioned “kyu? Kuch problem hai?”

“Errr Geet…” he started, then decided not to expand….”Nahi kuch problem nahi hai Sir bas aap jaldi aawo,” He said with a plea in his voice.

Maan frowned to himself kuch to garbad hai. He placed his comb back on the vanity and his eyes caught sight of Geet’s bangles. He reached out and gently stroked them, just to hear the tinkle of glass, his eyes closed with pleasure as he remembered that melodious tinkle her bangles had made as she had been playfully running her fingers across his chest the night before he had left to close the deal in Bangkok

He smiled to himself that sound could easily drive a man mad!

Tonight. Tonight she would be in his arms again. He felt like a starving man awaiting to go to a banquet. The fever of anticipation raged through his body.

Geet! With that one thought in mind he went to the party.

Adi tried to extract himself from the ramblings of a client and his wife. Maan Sir would be coming any moment, he needed to extract Geet, otherwise he knew exactly what would happen.

But Unfortunately he had been cornered by Mr and Mrs Singh, long time clients of Khuarana Constructions.

“Tou Adi aap ke shaadi hui?? Aap Maan Singh Khurana ka right hand man ho na ?” Mrs Singh. questioned Adi, pinning him with a look which made Adi feel as if he were a Butterfly about to be skewered on a very sharp needle.

She pulled out a photo of her daughter from her handbag and shoved it in front of him. “Yeh meri Gulabo.” She said gushing at him. “Sarva Gun Samparn hai yeh meri Gulabo!” She said placing her chubby hand on his arm.

Adi stared at the picture and nearly fainted!

Yeh to bilkul Gabbar Singh ke beti lagte hai. He thought as he looked back at Mrs Singh nervously,

“SSSHaadi??? err Mrs Singh errr I have to go!!” Adi practically ran from there to find Geet before Maan came.

Maan’s eyes scanned the room looking for her. He spotted Adi wrestling with a very Large woman and running for his life. A grin broke on his face. Poor Adi women were always after him for their daughters. He would have to do something about him and Pinky soon.

He half turned, about to go towards Adi when he saw her. He whipped back round and stared his dark eyes widened as he took in the picture.

Geet had her back to him. He could see that she was wearing a black lace Saree that wrapped itself lovingly around her slim body. Her blouse just a slim band that was held by a gold clasp. as usual her long hair she had moved to the front leaving her beautiful back totally exposed.

As she turned towards one of the men standing next to her to explain something, his mouth went dry, she looked stunning. Her simplicity and natural grace made her look beautiful. Long earrings were her only adornments. She was smiling sweetly and it was only then as he dragged his eyes away from her he noticed that she was surrounded.

Surrounded by men who were practically salivating over her. Mr Mehta the client he had built the Villages for was fawning all over her smiling and gesturing wildly. In fact he noticed all of them were being over dramatic in trying to make her laugh.

There was also a younger man who seemed to be edging closer and closer to her. He recalled that it was Mr Mehta’s son, what was his name?? Chintu? Gullu?? it was something idiotic. He remembered yes, Chintu. He recalled last time they were in a meeting how he had kept looking at Geet. He should have done something about him then, he muttered a curse under his breath.

There were at least 6 of them gaping at her. He didnt like the way they were looking at his wife. No! not at all!

He heard someone talking next to him. “Woh ladki kuan hai?” He looked around at them as they were talking so loudly and looked slightly worse for wear with drink.

“Kuan? Oh! woh Kaali Saree wali woh to Maan Singh Khurana ke biwi hai. Geet. Haina lajawab, usme to jo naasha hai who yeh whisky mein bhi nahi…hai pee loon…he sang… pee loon…….” He finished looking into his drink swivelling it around his glass.

“Kaash woh meri biwi hoti to mein usske meri bahoon me le ke..” He looked up and caught Maan’s blazing glare.

“Maan Singh Khurana!”He gasped and spluttered elbowing his companion.

Maan strode over to them his every stance spelling out that they had crossed the line, quietly he said a few choice words to them that had them melting away as if by magic.

His frustration now turning into annoyance at having to keep men away from his wife left right and centre he turned back to look at Geet. As he watched Mr Mehta’s son put out his hand and placed it on Geet’s shoulder his fingers pressing into her skin.

A sudden red haze clouded Maan’s brain, his body stiffened in anger. Jealousy tore at his heart. His eyes blazed, his body shook with the force of his feeling. He wanted to tear that Chintu’s arm off right their and then. How dare he touch his Geet!!

He strode forward. Anger thundered through his every pore, people took one look at him and scattered from his path.

“Geet!” he said loudly, inserting himself like a barrier between Chintu and her. He slipped his arm around her waist possesively pulling her close into his side. He looked around at all of them in turn his glare spearing them one by one, as if to say, Mine! All Mine! His dark eyes challenging anyone to say anything. He did not care that they were his clients. No one, no one was allowed to look at his Geet that way and get away with it whilst Maan Singh Khurana was there.

His gaze stopped at Chintu who had touched Geet his eyes blazed, the younger man suddenly turned very pale and making a lame excuse disappeared. In fact all them even Mr Mehta suddenly found that they had things to do and disappeared fast as their legs would carry them.

Maan! Maan! Geet looked at him. It was quite obvious that he was angry. But at what she did not have a clue. Everyone had been very nice to her. She had been quite happily chatting with the clients about the project and some of the challenges they had managed to overcome when Maan had appeared acting like a caveman!

He looked down at her his anger palpable. “Geet tum ne yeh kya pehna hai?”  He rasped out. His face a mask of anger.

She looked down at herself. It was a perfectly decent Saree. In fact Dadima had bought it for her a few weeks back.

“Kyu?” She questioned back, “Achee nahi lagte?”

He looked down at her. What could he say? He could not say she looked bad because she looked utterly stunning. It was’nt  the clothes, she would look beautiful in a sack . He muttered under his breath all those men who were salivating over her would testify to that.

Her innocent eyes looked back at him confused at his behaviour. His eyes scanned her face and became totally absorbed in looking at her lush pink lips. His anger suddenly depleted and was replaced by the sweet heady rush of arousal. He had been away from her for three whole days. He did not want to be in the middle of this party with his beautiful wife. He wanted to be at home in his bedroom where he could shut the door behind them and feast on her lips to his hearts content. His fingers gently caressed the soft skin at her waist out of their own violation. He wanted to gather her in his arms and kiss her senseless, to hear her moan his name out loud.

He wanted to…………….

“Maan? Aap kya soch mein pade ho?” Geet questioned, “Sab log dekh rahe hai!! Maan!”

Her words penetrated the heavy fog of lust in his brain. He looked around and yes, people were staring. He took a deep breath and tried to bring his erratic thoughts under control, the feasting would have to wait.

Adi approached them both asking him to say a few words. Glancing at Geet and then at Maan to see if he was all right.

“Maan Sir aap aagayee? Good! Good,” he said casting nervous glances at him. “Aap kuch thank yous bol de to bahut accha hoga…err Sir.”

Maan looked at Adi and nodded his acquiescence.

“Err…. Geet mein abhi aata hoon,” he said giving her waist a quick squeeze and then going up to the front with Adi. He shook hands with Mr Mehta warmly trying to erase some of his earlier behaviour and they started to say a few thank you’s to some of the key project workers.

Geet stood there totally confused and very annoyed. Why had Maan suddenly behaved like that. She looked down at herself again. There was nothing wrong with her Saree.

She muttered to herself, “Babaji! Kya hua hai Maan ko? Teen din baad mile hai. Aur itna gussa?” With that thought she went to get a drink. She approached the bar and asked for juice. And waited for the speeches to finish.

Chintu, Mr Mehta’s son who she had been talking to earlier was standing near the bar. She approached him but he took one look at her and them at Maan on the podium and disappeared casting her a wobbly nervous smile.

Geet was furious now. Maan and his possesiveness was making her job difficult to do. She went and sat down on a bar stool muttering to herself.

Speeches finished Maan came back to find her at the bar. She was sitting by herself her gorgeous face set with a very annoyed look. She saw him approach and slid off the stool and started to walk away from him.

“Geet! Geet!” He muttered. The music started on the dance floor, he reached her clamping a firm hand around her wrist he spun her back into his arms on to the dance floor.

“Maan! Mujhe nahi dance karna aap ke saath. Teen din ke baad aap aaye ho and the first thing you do is get angry!” She looked up at him her eyes flashing furious sparks at him. Trying to wriggle out of his tight embrace.

“Geet!” He pulled her in even closer against his body, breathing in her sweet heady fragrance. His fingers caressed the soft silky skin at her waist. God he had missed her.

His eyes trapped hers with a look that melted her bones.

“Geet, when I saw all those men staring at you like that. And those other men talking about you. And then to top it all when that Chintu touched you!! Usska to haath mein nikal ke phek du!” He told her angrily through his teeth.

“Tum ko paata hai koi bhi tum ko chhoo ta hai to mujhe kuch ho jaata hai. Tum Meri ho Geet SIRF Meri!” He declared arrogantly.

She looked into his eyes that spoke the truth. The intensity of his emotions displayed clearly on his face. His dark sooty lashes so sinfully long, his straight nose and those bow shaped lips that drove her mad with wanting.

She could understand that jealousy. When other women looked at him she felt the same way. She wanted to tear them apart.

He looked so beautiful in his black Nehru jacket her Maan. Her anger abated, she smiled at him lovingly, wrapping her arms around his neck she laid her cheek against his and whispered to him “Aur Maan aap mere ho! Sirf mere!”

Her love for him shone in her eyes. He couldn’t wait any longer. He brushed his lips lightly against hers not caring who was looking. Threading his fingers through hers he purposefully strode towards the exit. His eyes sought Adi’s. Finding him he nodded for him to wrap things up. Adi smiled a knowing smile and turned back to his guests.

“Maan! Maan lekin yeh sab log! Party?” She questioned as he bundled her into the car.

“Chup! Bikul Chup!” He said putting a tender finger to her lush pink lips. He drove fast and furiously back home. Once he reached home he took her hand and hastily took her to their room. Locking the door behind him he reached for her enclosing her in his arms tightly, his hands caressing the silky skin at her waist, he gazed into her lovely face.

“Aab bolo, kya kehna tha?”  he questioned his eyes blazing with need and passion.

“Shhhhhhhhhh!” She whispered back smiling a sweet naughty smile at him. “Mere husband ne bolne ke maana ki hai!”

He smiled a completely dust danav smile at her lifting her high into his arms he said, “ Haan! aab to action ke zaroorat hai!” He said as his lips closed overs hers and they became lost in each other once again.


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