4: A Blast from the past – Brij returns – A Romantic FF by Jane ;)) (full version)

This a retro story where Brijveerji, Geet’s brother comes in to Maan and Geet’s lives and tries to blackmail Geet into giving him money.



Geet almost dropped the phone. Her heart jumped into her mouth.

That voice. No it couldn’t be!


“Tum ne mere saath accha nahi kiya!! You ruined your families reputation, you put me in jail and what a lovely cosy life you have made for yourself!! Lekin, Geet I am back!!”

The phone dropped from her nerveless fingers, clattering to the floor loudly. But she hardly heard it over her terrified heartbeats.

She sat in her office her heart pounding as if she had run a mile. Sweat broke out on her brow. The memories of their last encounter played as clearly as if it were yesterday. His hands around her throat squeezing and squeezing. The madness in his eyes as tried to set fire to her.


Her first thought was to jump up and tell him. She looked up through the glass partition, his chair was empty.

Terrified out of her wits, she had forgotten that he was away in Bangkok for a week.

She picked up the phone from the floor to call him. Her nerveless fingers started to press the digits and hesitated. She switched it off. No point worrying him. Knowing him, one call from her in this frantic state and he would jump on the first plane back to her.

Trying to calm herself down she reached for the glass of water on her desk and drank thirstily.

How did he get her number? Why had he called her? Now? Had he called from jail? What did he mean I am back?

The questions ran through her mind. She sat back and thought about it.

Brijveerji would never change. Daarji had come to terms with her new life as had her Babaji and Mummyji but Brij would never change.

She calmed herself down. No point worrying Maan he had been through enough lately. She though of telling Adi. But what was the point, she didn’t want to worry him either.

Taking a deep breath she looked around the KC office and felt better. The daily workings of the office were ongoing at full speed. Adi and Pinky were sharing a packet of crisps. It made her smile. She felt instantly better.

Damn Brijveerji she was not going to let him ruin her mood. With that she went back to work with renewed energy.

At the other end of town………………………….

He hated her with a vengeance. His eyes burned fiercely with the fires of revenge.

She had ruined his perfect life. He had been the king in Hoshyaarpur. No one dared to cross him ever. He did whatever he pleased. Kept the families reputation unsullied at any cost.

Now he was on the run, escaped from jail. Daarji aur sab log didnt want to know him. His so called friends had all turned their back on him. They had become soft, got married and had children whilst he rotted in jail.

He kicked the scrawny stool lying next to him with all the pent up anger as he sat in in his dingy, dark, damp, rented room. He remembered the comforts he had at home, his eyes blazed in anger. Where everyone had been at his beck and call.

That damn landlord had been at him again to pay up the months rent. He would fix him soon as he got the chance. And Geet, he would make her pay for this. It was all her fault.

Yes that’s what he would do. He needed money. Maan Singh Khurana ke paas daulat he daulat hai.

He smiled a menacing smile to himself, his mind plotting on how to get his hands on it.

He knew how to make her pay…oh yes he knew exactly how to make his little sister pay up.

He would bleed her slowly. Killing her quickly was too easy.

Three days later at the Haveli………………………………..

Geet came up wearily up the stairs. Today had been particularly busy at the office. There had been so many issues that Adi and herself were run off their feet. With Maan away as well, it added extra burden on their workload.

But she smiled to herself, it was never going to be easy being at the top. And KC now was at the top in all of India. Her phone rang, thinking it was Maan she didn’t even look at the caller ID.

“Maan, app ko bas yeh waqt mila?” She moaned at him playfully, “ Sara din meine intezar kiya aap ke awaaz ko sunne ke liye.”

“Tou sunno GITTTHHHH!”

“I know you love your Maan so much,” Brij spewed the words out as if they were totally abhorrent to him.

“If you don’t want anything to happen to him, especially now that he has finally recovered his memory, then you need to do what I am asking you.”

Brijveerji! Dread filled her heart.

“Kya?” Geet gasped out, her eyes wide with fear. Sick to the stomach at the thought of Maan being hurt again.

“Tumne meri zindigi beegad de!! Abb bas mujhe paisa chahyee!! Bas 1 Coror dedo aur mein chala jawonga.”

Geet recovered from her shock at hearing his voice again and then as his words registered her shock turned to anger that he was actually demanding money of her.

“Mein kuch nahi dene wali aap ko! I didn’t ruin your life Brijveerji you tried to murder me! Your own sister. Tum ne jhooti shaan ke naam apni behn par vaar kiya. I am glad you went to jail. Aur mein daar ne wali nahi hoon aap se!! She told him furiously and terminated the call.

Geet stood shaking with dread and anger in the middle of the room. How dare he demand money from her. She was not going to give in to her fear of him.

The room suddenly felt chilly, she sat on the bed wrapping her arms around her. Memories she had buried deep in her mind came rushing back with a vengeance.

Brijveerji. The cold fear that always hung in the air when he was around. The slightest thing would set him off. The amount of abuse he reaped on her for being 5 minutes late from school. For daring to talk back, for even thinking of having some fun.

So many times she had received physical abuse by his hand. Beatings, his temper always at explosive levels he didn’t hold back handing out painful punishments for even minor transgressions. So many times she had taken the brunt of it trying to protect Lacchi and Tito.

She took a deep breath. She would not give into the fear again. She was no longer the young girl he used to terrorise. She was a different woman now. She had Maan. He gave her all the courage she needed to cope with anything, even Brijveerji.

The phone rang again.

Angrily she picked it up and said “Mein aap ke saath baat nahi kaarne wali! Mein aap se daarti nahi hoon!”

“Mishty…daarna to chahyee mujhse, I am coming back in two days time. We have a lot of catching up to do,” Maan said in a sexy sultry voice. “I have missed you so much, everyday here is empty without you. I have been dreaming of all sorts of things I want to do with you”


She closed her eyes with pleasure. Tears filled her eyes. She smiled tremulously through her tears. It was such bliss to hear his voice.

“Mishty, Mishty are you there??” he asked concerned about her lack of response.

“Haan, I am here,” she whispered into the phone, swallowing her tears, she didn’t want her fear to come across to him. She quickly dried her tears.

“You are crying!” He stated. “Why? Kuch hua?” he had picked up a note in her voice that concerned him. She sounded frightened although she was trying to hide it from him.

“I am not crying.” She said trying to convince him.

“Mishty you cannot lie to me. I heard the tinkle of your bangles as you wiped your tears from your cheeks. Meri mishty ke her ek jhalak Maan ke dil mein baasi hai.” He stated.

She felt the love in his words. “Maan I am just missing you.” Geet whispered into the phone.

She could see, in her minds eye, the concern that would be etched in his face for her now. How his mind would be debating whether to jump on a plane and come back to her straightaway.

“So that’s why you remembered everyone else except me when you lost your memory.” She teased trying to distract him from her tears.

He laughed a sexy laugh “lekin I have made up for that haven’t I ? Meri mishty ko meine bahut zyaada pyaar kar liya, lately”

“Haan !” She laughed back. She blushed as remembered the passionate nights he had spent loving her, as if he couldn’t get enough of her after his memory regained, all the love and the gifts he had showered on her for making her life so difficult again for a while.

“Geet are you there?” He asked again concerned that she was not her usual self.

“I am here Maan, just come back soon.” She said softly.

“I miss you terribly too. Look after yourself.” she whispered to him as unwanted she thoughts about what Brijveerji had said popped into her head again.

“Mishty I am fine. I will see you soon. Goodnight….abb jaane ke pehle mujhe kuch meetha meetha de do!”

“Meetha…kya?” She asked back confused.

Then she smiled as she heard him blow a kiss into the phone “ Kuch aissa! He demanded.

She blew him a kiss and wished him goodnight as he said “I love you Mishty.”

After terminating the call Maan’s brow creased, his eyes narrowed in speculation. Something was up but she didn’t want to tell him.

He looked at his schedule on his phone for the next day. He had arranged to see some new luxury beach villas in Koh Samet. He had been thinking that KC should start a new venture of top spec villas on beaches in South India.

If he managed to move the meeting to an earlier time he could catch the last plane back and arrive back on the early morning shuttle, its was only a short flight. He called his contact and started to make the arrangements.

Next day…………………………………………..

Maan groaned with frustration. Everything time wise had been going so well. He had met with his contact and was on his way back. But his car had developed engine trouble. They were in the middle of nowhere. He could not get a phone signal either.

Damn! He cursed. The driver had gone off to find a part for the car awhile ago. There was nothing to do but sit it out. He wondered if Geet was OK. Was it a work issue that was concerning her? No he was sure if that had been the case she would have told him. It had to be something more serious. She had sounded frightened.

He kicked the tyre in frustration. He hated this delay. He needed to get back to her. He looked into the distance totally oblivious to the lush green beauty of his surroundings.

At the KC Office………………………………..

Geet couldn’t concentrate. However hard she tried. Brijverji’s threat to Maan had scared her. She knew her brother was just mad enough to do anything.

She dialled Maan’s number yet again. Needing to just hear his voice.

No answer again. He would have been out of the meeting by now. So why didn’t he answer the phone?

Adi spied Geet twisting her duppata in a frenzied manner through the glass as he walked by. She looked positively scared. He went into her office.

“Er Geet kuch hua??” He questioned.

Geet raised worried eyes to Adi. Should she tell Adi she wondered. If she did Adi would start worrying. And it may all turn out to be nothing anyway.

“Kuch nahi Adi Sir….er Maan ka phone nahi connect hota. Bas.” She said. Then stood up, smiling at him. “He is still probably in a meeting.” She said.

Adi reassured her “Please dont worry Geet. I spoke to Maan Sir earlier today He is fine. He is probably out of signal range. He said he would be taking a flight back home today. So he will be back soon.”

“I better go and finish of some more work before he gets back.” Adi worried nervously as he thought about Maan’s reactions if the files were not ready that he had asked for. With that he left Geet.

So he was coming back earlier then expected. She smiled to herself.

“Thank you Babaji” she whispered and carried on with her work.

Early next morning……………………………..

Maan quietly crept into their bedroom. Dawn was just breaking across the morning sky, its soft rays filled their room casting pink and orange colours across the bedroom. She had left the window open and the curtains swayed and danced at the dawn of the new day in the cool morning breeze.

Thankfully he had made it to airport for the last flight out of Bangkok.

He looked down at Geet and smiled tenderly. She was sleeping on his side of the bed, hugging his pillow and wearing his white shirt. Soft brown tendrils from her hair spread themselves across the sheets as if they were searching for him. As he watched she turned on to her back throwing one arm up in abandon.

She looked so beautiful his Mishty. Her eyes that caused his heart to skip a beat, were closed in sleep. Her lashes like dark fans against her porcelain skin. Her cheeks were flushed a soft pink in the warm room. He smiled a crooked sexy smile, she had the Air Conditioning off again.

Her lush pink lips sighed and he heard her breathe his name out.

How did she manage to look so innocent and seductive at the same time, he wondered.

He groaned to himself as desire ran through him like a ten ton freight train. Unable to help himself. He sat on the bed beside her and reached out to caress her cheek gently.

Her soft sleepy eyes opened at his gentle touch and focused on him.

Maan! She breathed out softly. She smiled sleepily at him.

He became totally lost in those wondrous pools, that were windows to her soul, as she looked at him with so much love.

“Mishty! I have missed you so much!” He whispered as looked at her his eyes blazing with love and passion for her.

She reached up and wound her arms around his neck. Holding him tightly to her. Breathing him in

She trembled against him so happy to have him back safely.

He gathered up her softness against him. Holding her in his arms pulling her in tightly letting her feel his love for her. He breathed her in she smelled so divine. She was so warm and sexy.

“I am not sure you missed me at all!” He teased her tenderly biting her earlobe playfully.

“Chup! Bilkul chup!” she whispered softly as she covered his lips with her own.

Mishty! He gasped his eyes blazing with love as he met her fervour with equal delight.

She loved him with intensity. With total abandonment. He was back and he was safe. Without him she had felt so empty.

He watched her face as she gave herself to him completely, holding nothing back. Fiery passion ran through him as he gave her back all of him and more. Where she ended and he began he didn’t know all that he knew was they were two halves to one soul. Incomplete without each other.

A long while later, Maan lay holding her tightly in his arms. The passion had been mind blowing as always. But he had sensed something in her that she was holding back. A fear that had her trembling against him as she had seen him.

“Geet, what is it? Something is worrying you.” He asked gently.

Geet held him tighter. Burying her face against his chest. She didn’t want any thoughts about Brijveerji to intrude on such a sweet moment in his arms.

“Maan. kuch nahi hai. Bas I was missing you.” She whispered against his chest. She raised herself against him and teased trying to distract him “Lekin….it looks like you didn’t miss me that much!”

A sexy grin broke over his face. His eyes roamed over her hungrily. His dark chocolate eyes dancing with delight.

“Achha!! What makes you say that?” he said his voice deep with passion. “Is it because I haven’t done this yet?” he asked sinking his teeth into her lush lower lip, making her gasp.

“Or is it because I didn’t do this?”He said kissing the furiously beating pulse on her neck.

“Maan! Please just love me!” she demanded as she quivered against him.

And he did.

Much Later that day in her office…………………………

Geet beamed as she worked.

They had both been so busy the minute they had stepped into the office. But every now and then their eyes met across the glass and a tender smile full of love was exchanged.

Her world felt right. He was back and safe. She looked up and watched him through the glass partition.

He was talking on the phone to someone suddenly he frowned and threw the phone down in anger. He strode angrily out of his office towards the main entrance.

Dread filled Geet’s heart she ran after him. She heard a shout.

Adi noticed both Maan and then Geet running out of the office. He saw the intense fear in Geet’s face and followed her as she ran towards the entrance after Maan.

She ran out of the door just as Maan’s car burst into flames.

MAAN!!!!! Was he in the car? She ran towards it, her heart in her mouth.

GEET!! Stop!!!!! Maan screamed at her as he saw her run out of the door towards his blazing car.

Geet turned towards his scream, he was running towards her through the thick black fuel laden smoke. He was safe!

Her eyes scanned the area to confirm her fearful suspicion. Brijveerji stood nonchalantly across the street. Smiling at her. His eyes filled with madness, telling her that this was a warning.

Adi reached her and stood next to her taking in the situation with horror. His eyes followed where Geet had been looking and he saw a shadow slip away into the crowd before he could make out who it was. Something triggered in his mind which he couldn’t quite place.

Maan reached her and pushed her back inside away from the danger.

As he stopped and looked into her terror filled eyes he asked “Geet! What is it??? Geet!!” Gently shaking her!! “Geet”

She wrapped herself around him tightly. The mad look in Brij’s eyes had seeped into her heart. But she would not let anything happen to her Maan.

She looked into his beautiful face with love. She would do anything to protect him. Anything.

Chapter 2

She swayed against him as her knees threatened to give way. The madness she had seen in Brijveerji’s eyes threatened to overwhelm her with darkness. Her fear for Maan increased a thousandfold.

Geet! Maan rasped out. He caught her against him, lifting her high against his chest he walked towards his office. Adi followed in their wake shouting orders to the security staff to take control of the situation outside.

He laid her on the sofa in his office. She was so extremely pale he thought, reaching for the glass of water on his desk he put it to her lips.

She took a sip of the water but all the while her eyes drank him in.

His dark chocolate eyes, framed by those impossibly sooty long lashes, that held concern for her, his bow shaped lips that were asking her if she was OK, his warmth , how gently he held her for all his strength.

It was up to her. She needed to sort this out. If she even said a word to him she knew he would go completely mental with security for her but do nothing for himself as always.

Brijveerji was playing with her, she knew. He would not attack Maan just yet. She would play his game but by her rules, she vowed to herself.

Although Maan had recovered most of his memory there were still some areas he still did not remember. Causing him more stress could potentially stop or delay his full recovery.

She closed her eyes and tried to gain control over herself.

“Geet! Geet!” Maan said frantically thinking she was about to pass out again. “Adi! jaldi doctor ko bulawo!!”

“Maan please I am fine.” She said opening her eyes and cupping his face tenderly. “I do not need a doctor.”

“I…..just thought for a moment…” She bit her lip as she remembered thinking that he had been engulfed by flames of his car. She had died a thousand deaths in that moment. Taking a deep breath she said “But I am fine now.”

Pinky came in and called Adi saying the police were outside. Adi followed her out to meet them.

Maan’s eyes roamed over her. She still looked very pale.

“Geet I am taking you home right now. You need rest.” he declared as only he could, his arms already reaching to pick her up again.

She smiled at him tenderly, the love shining out of her eyes, she stood up holding on to his outstretched arm. “Maan please, I haven’t got time to go home. I have so much work to do. But first tell me who were you talking to before you ran out to the car?” she asked casually as she could.

Maan’s eyes narrowed, it had been an anonymous call.

“Er koi admi ke awaaz thi” he replied his eyes lost in thought as he tried to remember that voice. He hated that. Was it because of his memory loss or was just because he could not place that voice right now? He was not sure. He hated this helpless not knowing feeling.

“What did he say?” Geet questioned.

Maan looked at her but his eyes had a far away look in them as he tried to remember.

“He just said he had something really important to tell me and he would be waiting near my car and when I said I was not bothered he could come in to the office if it was that important he started to say other things….” Maan stopped he did not want to tell her what the caller had said about her.

That’s what had him furious that he had gone to see who it was. The voice had started to say that Geet was ‘charitraheen’, Geet was a ‘daag’ on her family. His eyes blazed with anger.

“So what happened when you went out?” Geet questioned further, she had to know if Maan had seen Brijveerji.

“There was an envelope placed under the wipers as I went close I smelt burning and suddenly the car went up in flames.” He replied as he went over the events himself.

Adi came back into the office before Geet could question him further.

“The police are here. They want to ask you some questions Maan Sir.”

“OK Adi show them in. Waise I want to get to the bottom of this.” Maan said determinedly.

Whoever had called him and set fire to his car but more importantly said things about his Geet, he wanted them caught and punished.

“Errr Maan I just need to go and finish some work.” She needed to go before the police came. If the Police asked her any questions and she lied to them Maan would surely see it in her face. His keen intelligent eyes missed nothing.

“OK Geet but aaj we will leave early! He said his eyes on her face, still concerned that she looked extremely pale.

She smiled at him tenderly and went back to her office noting the senior police officer and Maan were chatting away grimly.

She sat down in her chair feeling quite dizzy. Willing herself to get a grip she took a deep breath.

How was she going to do this without involving Maan?

Sitting back she thought about it. The solution eventually presented itself to her.

She got up and went to Adi Sir’s office. Going in she made sure the door was closed behind her firmly.

Adi looked up from his work as she sat down opposite him.

“Geet, are you all right? You still look pale.” He asked worriedly as he saw how she twisted her duppata in a frenzied manner.

“Adi Sir, mere personal account mein kitne paise hai??”

“Ppppersonal account?” Adi queried.

“Haan my personal account that Maan and you set up where my salary is paid.” She reminded him.

Maan had insisted that her salary be paid into her own account. He has teased her that it would keep her ‘atma saaman’ intact. It was her money for her use however she wished. She hardly ever touched it not needing it for day to day expenses as between Daadiji and Maan they saw to her every need and more. So she used it make charitable donations where she saw fit.

“Adi pulled up some details on his laptop. Geet tumhare personal account mein abb 77lakhs hai after that large donation you made to ‘Victims of Dowry’ charity. Kyu??”

“Adi Sir please can you arrange for that money to be withdrawn. I need it urgently. But please do not tell Maan about this.” Geet pleaded with Adi.

“MMMaan Sir ko kuch na bolu?” Adi shuddered at the thought of the consequences of that action.

They had all once again seen the Maha Dusht Danav ka avtar when Maan had lost his memory. His face became pale as looked at Geet wondering if she knew what she was asking of him.

“Geet tum to meri dost ho….kyu mujhe gates of hell mein dhakel ti ho?” He questioned nervously.

“Adi Sir kuch aisee baat hai. I need the money desperately.” Geet’s eyes pleaded with him.

Adi sat back in his chair, now worried. Why would she need that much money so suddenly.

He looked at her. He thought about the moment when his eyes had followed where she had been looking earlier and seen the shadow of a man slip away into the crowd.

“GEET!” He gasped out terrified. “Someone is blackmailing you!!” He concluded.

Geet lifted her stricken eyes to his. Now that he had grasped the truth there was no point beating about the bush any longer.

“Adi Sir Brijveerji is back and he said he needs money. If I do not give him money he said he will hurt Maan. I cant let anything happen to Maan he has been through so much recently” She told him her voice riddled with pain and fear for Maan.

Adi looked at her. He knew Geet would go to any lengths to protect her love just as Maan Sir done many times. He smiled at Geet a brotherly smile full of pride at her determination to sort this out all by herself.

“Geet I will keep this from Maan Sir on one condition, whatever you need to do, we will do it together. I wont let you face this alone.” He said firmly to her.

Geet nodded to him tears in her eyes at his words.

In another part of Delhi………………………………………………….

Brij walked purposefully back towards his dingy rented room, smiling to himself. He had seen the terror in Geet’s eyes as the car went up in flames. Her face had said it all. Yes he would definitely get money out of her he thought without any trouble whatsoever.

She had reduced him to this and he was going to make her pay.

“Areeeee OO Sandh!!!” Someone shouted behind him. “Mara paisa kyaarye daish??? Saala sab log aate hai aur paisse diya beena mara kamre mein rehte hai!!!”

Brij swished around his eyes blazing with anger. Chimanlal his Gujrati landlord was walking towards him shouting at the top of his voice in his usual Hindi Gujrati mix.

His shouting drew a crowd in the small gaali leading up to the his room.

“Te to kahyuke mane paisa de doge! Aa vaat na tron deen thai gaya !” Chimanlal shouted as he came nearer Brij.

Brij looked at him and sneered.. The man barely came up to his chest. Rotund, his eyes full of kaajal, , his lips bright red with paan spit, wearing a jhabha and dhoti he reminded him of a corrupt politician.

“Kutra! Kamina! Mara paisa apii de nahi to room khali karke nikal jawo!! The little man demanded jumping up and down.

The crowd looked on with avid interest a this display, enjoying the possibility of a fight brewing

Gaali deta hai!!!! The sneer vanished from Brij’s face. How dare he swear at him, he lashed out and slapped the little man right across his face.

Chimanlal looked startled. No one dared to slap him in his own area.

He looked at Brij and said ‘Tane bhaari padse, bahoo bhari padse! With that he walked away vowing to make Brij pay.

Brij’s lip curled into an angry scowl. Saala mujhko gaali deeta hai! His angry eyes glared at the crowd that had formed around him.

He pushed through them. He didn’t have time for all this he had to sort out where to meet his little sister. So that she could hand him the money he so desperately needed.

He entered the dark room and flicked on the tube light. It flickered as if it was teetering on the edge of death. He glared it in anger nothing worked in this damn place!

Once he had the money he would go back to Punjab and enjoy himself. He would call her tomorrow and arrange to meet her outside Gurudwara Shish Ganj in Chandani Chowk. Today he wanted to let her fear ferment.

By Tomorrow he was sure she would have the money for him. She loved her Maan too much to put him any danger. That made him smile.

Much later that evening at the Haveli……………………..

Geet climbed wearily into bed. Maan was reading some reports. She felt so tired. The fact that she had not told Maan about Brijveerji constantly played on her mind. Her conscious pricked her. But she reminded herself that the doctor had advised them not give Maan any stress.

Maan watched as she climbed into bed. She looked very pale. This mornings incident had taken a toll on her he thought. Maybe he should have insisted and brought her home early.

“Mishty,” Maan leaned over her gently caressing her face. “Are you all right? You still look quite pale.” He tenderly brushed his lips over hers.

She lifted her palm to caress his cheek her whilst her other hand wound itself around his neck playing with his short hair. Her eyes full of love.

“Haan mein dheek hoon” she whispered to him. “Just tired. Did you get any answers from the police about the incident this morning?” Needing to find out how far he had got with the police.

“No.” He said they are still looking into it. He rained soft kisses on her face. Gently squeezing her in his embrace trying to absorb her tiredness and caress it away. Kissing her softly.

Geet buried her face in his neck. She breathed him. Melting into his embrace, drawing from his strength. This was the only place that made her feel whole, in his arms. Complete.

As he saw the dark shadows of worry under beautiful eyes he softly whispered “Mishty, aab tum so jawo, I still need to finish reading these reports for tomorrows meetings.” With another gentle kiss he let her fall asleep.

Her mind still in turmoil at keeping secrets from him, she feel into a troubled sleep.

The nightmare fell upon her greedily in her troubled state of mind.

Brijveerji was squeezing and squeezing her throat his hands like steel bands throttling the very essence of life out of her. He wanted to kill her. There was no escaping the madness in his eyes.

Then she was back in Hoshiyaarpur. The hot coal burned her hand. Daarji and Brij had made her take the cruel punishment The pain excruciating as it burned her palm, she was on fire.

Brijveerji was laughing, sneering at her and then she screamed as she saw Maan sitting in his car as it burst into flames.

“Brijveerji please NO!!!!!!!!” She screamed out into the night.

Maan awoke instantly at her tortured scream. The soft blue moonlight fell on her thrashing form. He saw that she was in the grip of a nightmare that had her face contorting in pain. Her fist was clenched as if she was in agony.

“Mishty!! Mishty I have got you. Brij is not here!” He pulled her thrashing frightened body into his comforting her, soothing her gently.

“Open your eyes! Look at me!” He demanded gently. “Open your eyes Mishty!” As she pushed at him blindly trying to get away.

She opened her terrified eyes and saw Maan’s face etched with worry looking down at her.

He hissed with anger at the fear he saw in her eyes. Her tears trapped the light of the moons rays and they glistened like diamonds on the tips of her lashes.

“Maan!” She gasped her breathing erratic, winding her arms around him tightly she held on to him as if she never wanted to let him go.

“Your car exploded, I thought you were in it…. the fire!” she sobbed into his chest it had been so close this morning.

“Shhhhh!” He soothed. “Nothing happened I am here shhhh! Nothing happened.”

He gently took her quivering lush lips in a sweet tender kiss. His fingers gently brushed away a stray strand from her face.

He rolled with her so she lay on top of him. Her head resting on his chest. Holding her tight against him.

“Geet did you get so frightened this morning?” he soothed her gently his finger pads tracing soft patterns against her back.

Her deepest darkest fear came tumbling out.

“Maan I thought you were in that car.” She whispered clinging to him. “I couldn’t bear to loose you again. Those months when you were hurt and could not remember me almost killed me. I could not bear anything else happening to you.” She finished hiccuping into his chest.

Maan smiled down at her. “Mishty nothing is going to happen to me”. His arms held her tightly understanding her fear.

That word ‘Charitrahein’ suddenly popped into his mind. Why had Geet had a nightmare about Brij so out of the blue?

He vowed that he would get to the bottom of who and why someone had set his car on fire and said those things about Geet.

Just as she was vowing to herself that she would not let anything else happen to him again.

Each lost in thoughts about the others safety.

He kissed her forehead gently. “ Aab tum so jawo meri bahoon mein, I am here my Mishty.”

They both fell asleep finally into a peaceful sleep holding on to each other tightly.

The next morning at the office…………………………

Adi came into her office with the bag of money. Peering anxiously through the glass to see if Maan Sir was watching.

He had told pinky by accident. He cursed himself again for that. As soon as he saw Pinky lately he started to babble!! He had to control himself as he knew that Pinky could easily blurt out information. The only thing she kept down was her food!!

“Geet…errr everything is in the bag.” He indicated theatrically.

“Adi sir aap thodi kaam nautanki kaare to accha hoga!” Geet glared at him. It was bad enough that Maan kept looking into her office throughout the morning worrying about her.

They had a big row about it in the morning. As he was insisting that she should stay at home and rest especially after her nightmare. She had stopped him from fussing the only way she knew would shut him up. By kissing him senseless.

He had been somewhat surprised by her fervour but delighted. He was just about to return the favour and a lot more when he noticed the time. Thankfully he had an early meeting she was able to rush him out after that.

“Adi Sir….” She was just about to say something when her phone rang. They both looked at it as if it were a poisonous snake.

Geet pulled herself together. She had been expecting him to call. She was totally prepared this morning.

“Gitthhhh! Meine kaha tha na ke I will hurt your Maan if you dont do what I say! I had a good chance yesterday to hurt him but I let him live.” He laughed a sinister laugh. “Now you know that I am not playing around I want money and I want it fast!” He demanded.

Gripping the phone hard she spoke determinedly “Aap ke chote behn ko dhamkee dete ho?? To sunno Brijveerji. I am not scared of you at all. I am going to do this, so you will get out of our lives. If you try to harm a hair on Maan’s head mujhse bura koi nahi hoga aap ke liye!” She told him angrily.

Adi sat down with the thump in a chair. Why was she making him angrier??? He looked at Geet should he applaud her bravery or tell her that she was mad? A nervous laugh escaped him, his face full of tension.

“I want the money by today if you do not want anything to happen to Maan!” He demanded.

“I want you to bring the money to Chandani chawk. Be there at 2 pm. I will be waiting outside the Gurudwara Shish Ganj. Aur Geet no tricks, you know what I can do to your Maan.”

At his sinister threat Geet whispered “I will be there with the money.” With that she terminated the call. She was not about to tell him that it was not the full amount.

“Geet what did he say?” Adi asked his face a picture of tension. He stood up and started pacing.

“Err I have to go to chandani chawk and meet him outside the Gurudwara Shish Ganj at 2pm to give him the money.” She replied and shivered as she remembered his sneer.

But she had to do this for Maan’s sake. She looked through the glass, her eyes seeking him out thirstily, to find that he was looking at her directly his dark eyes narrowed in speculation at what her and Adi were talking about.

She watched him nervously as his eyes glanced over the bag of money. And then at Adi who nearly fainted as he spied Maan looking at them both.

Then he turned away back to being absorbed in his file.

Adi and Geet looked at each other and both sat down in their respective chairs with a thump.

This was not going to be easy!

Chapter 3

In another part of Delhi……………………..

Brij smiled to himself as he dressed to meet Geet. In a few hours he was going to have 1 Coror in his hands. He rubbed them with glee. What would he do first with the money he thought to himself.

He would go back to Punjab and find a nice little town like Hoshyaarpur where he could set up. With that amount of money he would soon become quite popular. Maybe he would find a kudi or two even.

Geet owed him and it was time to collect.

A loud banging on his door interrupted his musings, someone was trying to break down the door.

He went to see what the commotion was about just as the door burst open. Four goondas with laathis burst through into the room.

He backed away but the room was too small and there was nowhere to run. They fell upon him , dragging him out with them. He tried to fight but there were too many and too strong. They dragged him down the stairs and bundled him into a car.

Brij thrashed and fought with them as he realised his chance of getting his hands on the money grew less and less. Someone hit him on the head and he passed out.

When he awoke he was tied to a chair.

Chimanlal sat in front of him eating from a full Gujarati thali. Slurping away at his daal-chaval and dhokla. His thugs standing all around him

Brij groaned in despair, his head spun. What was the time? He was supposed to meet Geet at two.

Someone threw a jug of water at him soaking him to the skin. He looked at them all with murder in his black eyes.

“Saru thau, tu uthi gayo. Meine kaha tha na ke bhare padshe. Chimanlal ne koi tamacho maara eh kemnu chaale!

“Ab to sun,” he said popping a fat yellow dholka in his mouth as he spoke, “Mane aaj maara paisa chaiye. Bol kyaare paisa daish?”

Brij watched in disgust as Chimanlal’s mouth overflowed with food and it tumbled across his chin onto his jhaabha.

With a huge burp that resonated around the room Chimanlal got up and one of the thugs rushed to help him wash his hands.

Brij looked at him with anger “ Mujhe jaane do mein paisa leke aata hoon, aaj hi.” he said struggling with his ties. “Kitne baaje?”

Chimanlal laughed “Kyu koi phooljadi ko milna hai ke kya?” All his cronies laughed at his joke.

“Tumko paisa chaiye, mujhe chhod do aur mein le kar awoonga” he declared frustrated, the sweet smell of being rich was fading away from him so fast.

“Itna asaan nahi hai.” Chimanlal grinned his eyes full of menace. “Te maane tammacho mariyo to.” He nodded at two of his thugs.

Brij looked at him with horror as the thugs approached to reply to Chimanlal’s slap with interest.

Back at the KC office………………………

Without looking up Maan reached for the phone on his desk to call Geet. He needed the figures for the Tandon project. The phone rang and rang, he looked up to see why Geet was not picking up the phone to find that she was not there.

Annoyed and frustrated he went off to look for Adi. In Adi’s cabin he found Pinky muttering to herself and eating from a packet of crisps. He looked at her and wondered how she even found the time to breathe in between eating.

“Pinky!” He said firmly.

At his voice Pinky jumped up from her chair so quickly showering both him and her with crisps.

Maan glared at her fiercely brushing away the crumbs from his waistcoat.

“Pinky Adi kaha hai?” He questioned pinning her with his dark eyes.

“Ggeet ke saath!” Pinky blurted out.

“Aur Geet kaha hai?” He asked his patience close to running out.

“Adi ke sssaath.” Pinky replied.

Maan walked up to her and glared so hard at her, Pinky stepped back in alarm.

Where had those two gone. His mind went back to earlier when they had been acting so very suspiciously.

“Woh dono kaha gayee?” He questioned Pinky.

Pinky looked at him, she had already blurted out too much. Adi Sir and Geet were going to kill her. Her eyes widened in fright as Maan moved closer to her. She knew that going off to give the money to Brij was a bad idea.

“Pinky tumhare ankhoon mein itna daar kyu hai?” Maan asked, something was defiantly going on that intended to get to the bottom of.

“PINKY! Bolo!” He said loudly at her as he moved closer to her, crisps crunched ominously under his shoes.

She could not help it, under his dark angry gaze she blurted out “Woh log Gurudwara Shish Ganj gaye hai chandani chawk mein.”

Maan’s eyes narrowed . Why would they go to the Gurdwara on a workday afternoon? And Adi and Geet together? His mind crowded with questions.

He looked down at Pinky who had sunk into a chair in fright.

Patently as he could, because now he was greatly concerned that Geet and Adi had been up to something that he was not going to like at all, he gently asked Pinky.

“Pinky you have to tell me why they went there.” His dark eyebrows creased in worry at her expression.

Pinky looked at him. Maan Sir should know. What if Geet and Adi were in danger. She knew Brij was a total animal.

“Brij ko paisa dene gaaye hai.” She whispered to him in a worried voice.

Maan’s dark eyes widened in shock. Geet Brij ko milne gaaye hai! Paisa deene??

When had Brij got out of jail? Why is Geet giving him money, and where had she got the money from?

His brain whirred fast through recent events. That’s why she had the nightmare about Brij. Brij was obviously frightening her and blackmailing her. Damn him!! Why had she not told him!

The bag on Geet’s desk earlier popped into his mind. That must have been a lot of money he thought.

“Pinky,” he said his eyes telling her in no uncertain terms that he wanted a straight answer “I want to know everything from the beginning NOW!”

At Chandani Chawk……………………..

Outside the Gurudwara Shish Ganj, Adi and Geet waited in the afternoon heat. There was no sign of Brij at all.

Geet stood at the gate whilst Adi stood across the street keeping an eye on her. It was now 3.30 and there was no sign of Brij. They had been waiting for an hour and a half.

They looked at each other across the street wondering whether to wait or go back to the office.

Maan drove furiously from his office to Chandani Chawk. His temper at explosive levels.

What the hell had possessed Geet to take on Brij by herself, no correction, with Adi but Adi could barely look after himself let alone Geet in this kind of situation.

He remembered clearly what a complete insane animal Brij was. He remembered the madness in Brij’s eyes as he wielded that sword over Geet on that fateful moonlit night when he had saved her and when he had tried to set fire to her on their wedding day. Why had she put herself in danger again?

He came to a screeching halt near the Gurdwara not caring how he left his car, jumping out he ran towards the entrance his heart beating frantically, fearing the worst and hoping for the best that Geet had not been hurt by Brij.

He spied her standing in front of the gate with the bag looking around anxiously and signalling furiously at someone across the street. Thank God! He muttered to himself.

He stopped and just looked at her for a moment his dark gaze drinking her in. His beautiful Geet, her eyes looked worried, her face pale. Thank God she was fine. Brij was no where to be seen. As he looked at where Geet was signalling he saw Adi laughing nervously looking at his watch and shaking his head at Geet.

Then fury boiled up inside him. Fury that she could have been killed by Brij. She could have been hurt and he would have not even known about it. Fury at himself for not pursuing that niggling doubt in his mind that she was not herself.

Geet did not see him until he was right upon her as she had been too busy signalling Adi.

Geet! He hissed furiously between his teeth.

Geet looked at him in total shock her eyes wide.

“M..Maan!” She gasped. How did he find out?

“Get in the car right now!” He said his eyes blazing angrily at her, he took a hold of her arm and started pulling her towards the car.

His gaze speared Adi and he signalled for him to come to the car.

“Maan..suno to!” Geet said frantically trying to wriggle out of his grip.

But he bundled her into the car without a word. The fury evident in his sparking gaze. He was afraid to open his mouth in case he exploded with rage.

“Maan suno to!” Geet started again.

Adi got in the back.

Maan turned in his seat and looked at them both his face as dark as a thunder cloud.

“NOT one word!” He hissed between his teeth.

“Adi tum taxi le kar office jawo. I will deal with you tomorrow.”

Adi gave Geet a helpless look at Maan’s words. He didnt want Geet to face Maan’s wrath on her own.

“But SSSir…” He stuttered

Maan bellowed “OUT!” pointing to the door of the car.

Adi jumped out of the car just as Maan drove off his tyres screeching.

Not that far away………………………………………..

Brij groaned as made his way to the Gurdwara. They had beaten him up badly but he was not going to let that stop him getting the money he so needed and deserved.

He made it just round the corner when he spied Maan Singh Khuarana pushing Geet into a car. Damn it, she had the bag of money with her!!

He saw someone jump out of the car and then Maan Singh drove off in a hurry. His 1 Coror just sped off shattering his dreams.

Brij sank to the floor in pain and frustration. Damn Chimanlal and damn Geet and damn Maan Singh Khuarana. He was always getting in the way. Money or no money he was going to fix him for good. He hated him and Geet with a vengeance.

He bellowed in frustration as the passers by looked at him in alarm.

In the car…………………………

Geet sat huddled in her seat. She could see that Maan was furious. But why had Brijveerji not turned up?

Her mind in turmoil she sat quietly as Maan drove home fast and furiously.

He screeched to a halt outside the Haveli and jumped out of the car. Geet had not moved as she was still lost in thought. He came around to her side, swiftly unclipping her belt he clamped a hand around her wrist and pulled her out of the car.

She Gasped aloud “Maan!”

But he was in no mood for the niceties. He pulled her behind him into the Haveli.

Nakul saw them come in and said “Sir aap agayee? Itne jaldi?”

Maan gave Nakul such a withering look, the man practically became petrified right there and then.

He pulled Geet up the stairs into their room thrusting her into the middle he shut the door behind him pushing the bolt into the groove with a definite click. He did not want to be disturbed.

Geet stood in the middle of the room her eyes begging him to understand. Fury emanated from him, he was barely in control. She waited for the storm in his eyes to break.

“Geet! What possessed you to even think about taking Brij on by yourself?” His eyes blazed with anger he said as he paced in front of her.

“Brij, who already tried to kill you several times, it seems that you have forgotten, BUT I have not!

He tried to murder you with a sword, then he tried to strangle you, then set fire to you and even tried to suffocate you in the steam!! Was that not enough warning that he is completely mad?”

He whispered to her in a low pained voice haunted by what could have happened to her.

Geet opened her mouth to speak but he just held up a palm that brooked no argument. He had not finished.

“Why did you not tell me?” He asked furiously. “You, who tell me every single inconsequential thing but you could not tell me that Brij had come back and was demanding money, blackmailing you?” His eyes held so much pain and hurt that she had not told him.

Geet saw the pain in his eyes his face, her eyes beseeched him to understand.

“And for what possible reason would you even consider giving him any amount of money?” He carried on.

“Maan he said he would hurt you!” She whispered to him.

He gripped her upper arms and glared at her.

“And you thought giving into the demands of a mad man would stop him?” He shouted at her incredulously.

Her own anger rising that he was not listening to her point of view at all she pushed at him.

“I can handle him!” She said to him angrily.

He just looked at her as if she was insane to even think that.

“He said if I didn’t give him the money he would have hurt you. He set fire to your car. Maan, when I thought you were in that car that day I nearly died. I would have done anything that he asked anything. I do not want to see you hurt again. You have been through so much recently. And the doctor said not to stress you out.” She finished on a pained whisper pulling away from him angrily trembling at the thought of him hurt again.

Maan looked at her. She was so pale, her eyes full of tears. Her body trembling as the tears spilled over and ran down her cheeks unheeded. His anger abated instantly. His brave Mishty had been trying to protect him at any cost even placing herself in so much danger.

He pulled her into his body his eyes locked onto hers. She pushed at him trying to get away. Still angry at him for not listening to her. He pulled her even closer as she struggled against him. One hand tipping her chin so she had to look up at him.

His eyes shone with so much love for her. “Meri himmat wali Mishty.” He whispered to her. She melted in his arms as his dark chocolate gaze trapped her in his eyes. He gently wiped the tears from her face.

He rained soft kisses on her face as she sunk into his embrace winding her arms around him tightly. His lips found hers and he kissed her reverently, his kiss went on and on as he sought out all her honeyed sweetness.

When they broke apart they were both breathing hard. She pressed herself against him revelling in his strength. She had been so frightened waiting for Brij but had tried not to show it. His hands caressed and soothed her trembling body.

“Maan I love you so much. I could not stand by and let Brijveerji harm you.” She said softly her soft brown eyes pleading with him to understand why she had not told him.

Geet! He rasped out his arms holding her tightly. His eyes focused on her quivering lush pink lips. He needed her so badly. He needed to loose himself in her. If anything had happened to her….he did not even want to think about it.

“Maan…” She was about to say something when he said “Chup bilkul chup!” picking her up in his arms he tumbled her on to the bed.

They loved each other reverently, passionately, intensely. Lost in their own world where all that mattered was their love for each other.

Geet revelled in the fact that she could make her strong Maan tremble and hiss out loud with pleasure with her caresses, with her soft mouth, just as Maan delighted in making her moan and writhe in ecstasy against him. They took each other to the gates of heaven eyes locked on to one and another.

They both stood on their own for each other but were only complete when they were together.

A long while later as her head rested on his chest replete and sated.

Maan said to her in no uncertain terms “But if you ever do that again mujhse buru koi nahi haga!”

“ No Maan.” She said meekly and then smiled as she looked up at him “Waise..Aap kya karoge?”

Maan decided there was no point in saying anything, he would just have to show her.

And he did to her delight.

Chapter 4

The Next day ……………………………………..

A groan of pain escaped from Birj’s mouth as he got up from the lumpy, dirty bed in his dark, damp rented room.

His whole body ached, but the fire in his eyes burned fiercely as ever. Today he would get his revenge on Maan and Geet. Chimanlal would have to wait but he would fix him too.

Slowly, he got ready, every jolt of pain making his resolve to exact revenge more concrete. He knew how to get to Geet.

A croaky hoarse laugh escaped him…the time he spent in the Kitchen at the Khuarana haveli would stand him in good stead now. He knew all the ins and outs of the place, getting to Geet would not be a problem, as for Maan, he smiled menacing through his bruised fat lip he would sort him out too.

He stepped out of the door to see Chimanlal walking up the stairs with one of his goons behind him.

Brij smiled to himself………….he need not bother to go and find Chimanlal he had come to him. He quickly went back into his room pulling out a knife, hid behind the door leaving it slightly ajar.

He heard Chimanlal stop just outside and spit out his paan.

“Saala apna he ghar ke bahar gandki kaarta hai.” He muttered to himself.

Chimanlal pushed the door open and walked in. The room looked empty. He turned back to the goon to say something when Brij jumped at him with knife at the same time kicking the door into the face of the goon.

Chimanlal screamed in pain as the knife slashed his shoulder. Brij smacked him hard across the face he fell backward onto the floor.

The goon tried to come at Brij but he kicked him out of the door pushing him down the stairs with an all mighty blow to the head. The man tumbled down the stairs into a heap at the bottom, not moving.

Chimanlal moaned in pain as Brij turned back to him.

“Aaj you will not stop me from getting to the money. I have fixed you and now I will go and fix Maan Singh Khuarana and Geet! Nothing is going to stop me today!” He said with snarl as Chimanlal’s terror filled eyes looked at him from the floor.

Brij put his foot on Chimanlal’s wound and pressed hard making the little man howl in pain just before he passed out.

“Nobody is going to stop me from getting my revenge today.” Brij muttered to himself the madness in his eyes evident as he brushed himself down and walked out of the door with his meagre belongings, he was not coming back here again after he made Geet give him the money.

At the Khuarana construction offices………………………………..

Maan sat at his desk thinking about the day before.

His Mishty had been so totally brave trying to stand up to the monster that Brij was without his help. He looked through the glass, watching her as she worked, his dark chocolate eyes soft with love for her.

Time and time again she surprised him with her courage. Especially where it concerned him. She had been trying to save him from Brij. She had been so worried about not stressing him out that she had forgotten that he was quite capable of looking after all of them.

He reflected back. She had stood up for him so many times. He remembered she had gone to Hoshiyaarpur just to save his reputation and stop him from going to jail. And when he had tried to take her back to Delhi she had stood her ground and refused to go.

Even when she had known it could have cost her life.

Her courage astonished him. He watched her through the glass his heart overflowing with love for her. His Mishty. So beautiful and brave.

He would have to sort out Brij before he tried to hurt her again. He was sure that he would not have gone very far. From what he had gathered, he was desperate. It looked as if he had escaped from jail and needed money, his condition must be dire.

He reached for the phone to speak to DGP Saab. The police may have some information on him already he thought. Brij had to be caught and sent back to jail quickly.

In her office next door Geet groaned the headache just would not go away.

Yesterday, all the stress about not telling Maan and worrying that she would have to face Brijveerji again had taken its toll.

Then Maan’s fury that she had not told him. He had been so angry that she could have been hurt.

But he had made up for that. She smiled to herself blushing. He had loved her so intensely he had made her forget everything in his arms. They fitted together so perfectly.

Pain clouded her mind suddenly. She put a hand to her to her head to stop it from reeling.

Her phone rang loudly making her head spin even harder.

She grabbed and answered it just to stop it from ringing.

“GITTHHH! Tumne Maan Singh ko keh kaar accha nahi kiya! Why did you not wait for me? I am not going to let this you get away with it this time Geet!”

“Mein tumhara Maan ke halaat begaad ne wala hoon!”

Geet switched off the phone before he could say any more. Brijveerji and his same old rant she thought angrily.

She stood up needing to talk to Maan. But pain exploded in her head, her eyes closed as the drums in her head pounded louder then ever.

“Mishty!! Kya hua?” Maan said his arms steadying her as she swayed slightly. He had just come into her office to tell her that he been talking to DGP Saab about Brij.

She opened her eyes slowly and focused on him. His face was etched with concern. His dark gaze roamed over her.

“Maan, kuch nahi, I just have a headache,.” She told him.

His Mishty never complained of being sick unless she was truly not well. She was trying to make light of it but he could see was in pain.

His arms came around her pulling her into his embrace. Trying to let her absorb some of his strength. He kissed her forehead tenderly trying to soothe her headache away.

“Geet chalo mein doctor ke pass le chaal ta hoon.” He anxiously said to her.

“Nahi Maan I just need to go home and lie down. Mein ghar jaati hoon.”

He bent down and lifted her in his arms.

“Maan! Maan! Mein chaal saktee hoon.” She whispered to him unconvincingly at the same time loving the fact he was holding her high against his chest so lovingly.

He carried her to the car park holding her tightly, oblivious to all the office staff nodding their heads and smiling at them both.

Pinky stood next to Adi Sir sighing.”Hai………….. mera bhi aisa he rajkumar aayee”

Maan Singh Khurana, their sadu boss loved his Geet with an insane passion. The whole office knew it and loved him for it.

Adi gave her a longing look…….then, as she carried on eating from her crisp packet totally oblivious to him , laughed nervously and told them all to get back to work.

Geet smiled up at her Maan through her haze of pain as his dark chocolate eyes tenderly looked down at her. She tucked herself against his chest listening to his strong heartbeat, feeling loved, cherished, his arms were always her haven.

They reached the car park and he let her down gently against him. His eyes full of tenderness.

“Chalo Geet I will drop you home” he said as he opened his car door.

His phone rang just then, he glanced at Geet telling her to hold on a moment and answered it as it was DGP Saab.

“Maan we have just received information about Brij from the Chandani Chawk area. There was a disturbance there and one of the victims gave Brij’s description. I am going there now to check it out.”

Maan eyes darkened, his face hardened . He needed to go and see for himself that Brij was caught and sent back to jail.

“Mein bhi challta hoon aap ke saath” He told DGP Saab “if you just give me the details I will meet you there”

He took the details quickly.

“Geet I need to go with the DGP Saab. They may have found out where Brij is. I will get the driver to drop you home.”

“I will come with you.” She said to him immediately. The thought of him going to find Brij scaring her.

“No Geet. You go home and rest.” His eyes brooked no argument. He was not going to place her in any more danger if he could help it.

“Maan!” She reached out and cupped his face, her eyes full of concern. “Please be careful. He called just now and threatened to harm you again. Please……”. Her soft brown eyes filled with tears.

“Mishty! Please don’t cry.” He tenderly brushed his lips against hers. “I am not going alone. I am going with the police. Go home and go to bed. By the time I come back I want you feeling better.” He told her as he held her in his arms.

Geet nodded to him the concern still etched in her face. He called for the driver and settled Geet into the car.

Then with a determined stride he went to Chandani chawk to put an end to Brij’s threats once and for all.

A smile of pure joy came over Brij’s face as he heard all this from his hiding place in the KC car park. So Maan was going to Chandani chawk leaving his precious Geet all alone to go home.

Today was going much better then he had even dreamed of.

First Chimanlal and now this. Now he would go and get the money off Geet and exact his revenge. After that Maan Singh would be an easy target as he would be a broken Man.

At Chandani chawk……………………………

DGP Saab spoke to Chimanlal angrily as the little man cowered in fright “ Bolo! Kaha hai woh admi? Yeh tasveer dekho and tell me is the man who was living here?”

Chimanlal nodded feebly at the DGP.

He was not in a good place. Pain throbbed in his shoulder, the makeshift bandage they had put him in was too tight. And to top it all the DGP was grilling him, he had never spoken to anyone higher then a constable, ever!

Fear made him quake in his dhoti. This was way too serious for his liking. And another equally angry man stood by the DGP’s side, who kept clenching and unclenching his fists. As if he wanted to pound out the truth from him.

“Did he say anything else when he left?” DGP Saab slapped Chimnalal back to attention.

“Na! na! Mane yaad nathi..” He groaned as he shook his head. “Ubharo…kuch yaad aaya” He hastily said as DGP raised his hand again and the other man glared at him fiercely.

“Usne kaha tha ke woh koi Geet aur kuch paiso ko choodne wala nahi, ane koin Maan singh ko maar dalega.” He finished. “Bas atluj kahu tu.” He said cowering with fear again.

Maan paled. He had sent Geet home on her own thinking that they would find Brij here. It was now obvious that Brij would have gone to the haveli to get the money.

“Geet!” Her name escaped his lips on a prayer. His eyes closed in total fear for her. His fists clenched. He turned and ran out of the room.

The DGP following closely behind shouting at the constables to wrap up with Chimanlal.

“Maan! Stop! We will go in my car.” DGP Saab shouted to him “I have a police escort.”

Maan jumped in with the DGP and started to dial Geet’s mobile. But the reception was terrible and he couldn’t connect. Frantically he tried again.

At the Haveli………………………………….

Geet lay on the bed. Her head throbbed but she could not sleep. She tossed and turned.

All was quiet in the haveli. Daadima had gone out to a friends house and servants had finished their chores and had mostly all gone to their quarters.

The fact that Maan had gone to find Brijveerji played on her mind. The police were with him but she knew her brother was mad. He could do anything.

She turned over again with a sigh to see the Nemesis she had been worrying about smiling down at her menacingly.


A soundless scream escaped her lips. Coming face to face with him again in her own bedroom shocked her to the core.

Brijveerji looked frightening with his face swollen and cut lip.

She scrambled across the bed to get away from him as he stood there watching her, his dark mad eyes toying with her like a cat would a mouse he had captured.

“I want the money Geet. I want it now. You have made my life a living hell.” He said told her angrily.

“Brijveerji none of this is my fault. This situation is entirely of your making. You and Daarji started all this and decide to blame me. I did not want to get married in the first place. And then instead of standing by me you decided that your best option was to kill me!! No I am not going to let you blame me.” She replied to his unfounded accusations angrily.

“Bahut lambi zaaban ho gaaye hai tumhari Geet! He said approaching her with menace.

Geet backed away but there was nowhere to run. The door was behind him.

“ Looks like Maan Singh doesnt keep you under control” He said reaching her his eyes blazing with madness.

“ Mera paisa de do Geet! I want it now!”

Her mind raced. She did not have the money any more. After Maan had thrown the bag in the boot that day she had no idea where it had gone. She assumed that Maan had given it back to Adi to deposit back into her account.

“I dont have any money to give you BrijVeerji.”

He grabbed her and slapped her across the face. Geet fell back with a thud against the wall behind her.

Her phone rang loudly, the noise slicing into the quiet menacing atmosphere with its silly jingle.

Brij turned and glared at it as it lay on the bedside table.

The display read ‘Maan.’ A smile of madness broke out in his face. He answered it and listened.

“Geet! Geet! Brij is coming to the haveli get out of there!” Maan said frantically over the phone.

“Bahut pyaar karte ho na? Maan Singh tum abb Geet ke chikho suno! listen to her screams as she dies” He told Maan as he grabbed Geet.

The money forgotten, he just wanted to kill her. He hated her with a vengeance.

“Chikkho! Geet! Chikkho…I want to hear you screaming for your precious Maan.” he grabbed her and threw her against wall.

She hit the wall with some force. Pain exploded in her side. But did not scream as he wanted.

Geet looked back at him defiantly. She was not going to scream. She would rather die then torture Maan with her screams.

“Nahi BrijVeerji! Nahi! I am not going to scream!” She said to him quietly, defiantly, her eyes blazing with anger.

Maan closed his eyes in pain. His brave Mishty was yet again thinking of him.

Her defiant stance incensed Brij further, he slapped her hard, she fell across the desk in their room overturning the objects on it.

Maan screamed at Brij into the phone. He could hear him throwing Geet about.

They were nearly there. He could see the gates of the Haveli ahead.

DGP Saab screeched the jeep to a halt outside the front door. Maan had already jumped out and was running full speed into the haveli.

He followed in his wake with a couple of constables.

Brij picked her up from the floor and placed his hands around her throat. Choking her. His face full of mad glee.

Geet started to feel the essence of life ebb out of her as he squeezed harder and harder. She struggled against him. But he was so strong.

She thought of Maan and saw his eyes tenderly loving her as she started to pass out. Images of Maan and so many moments of love and intensity flashed in her mind. Tears ran down her face.

Suddenly she was set free. Then everything happened so fast.

Brijveerji was torn from her. Maan stepped in between them pushing Brijveerji away from her.

She reeled back, her body taking in much needed air.

She registered a frantic struggle as Maan punched Brijveerji, relentlessly pounding him with his fists. His face full of incensed anger at Brij for daring to hurt his Geet again.

Out of nowhere Brij produced a knife and raised his hand to stab Maan.

A loud shot rang out across the room. And Geet watched a Brijveerji stagger backwards against the wall. A dark crimson stain started to appear on his shirt.

Brij looked at it in shock. He looked up to see where the shot had come from.

DGP Saab stood at the door his gun smoking. He commended the constables to take Brij away. He struggled against them vainly as they dragged him away, shouting abuse at Geet , Maan and the police.

Maan caught Geet in his arms as she crumpled from shock. Lifting her into his arms. He sat down on the edge of the bed with her cradled in his lap.

“Geet! Geet! Sshhhhh I am here.” He said tenderly, brushing the hair away from her face noting the red bruising all over her throat.

She opened her tear drenched eyes and looked at him. He had come.

Maan! She gasped and then her body gave into the shock. Sobs racked her slim frame. She buried her face against his chest.

He held her tightly against him. Those moments when he had heard Brij beating her had nearly killed him. But she was safe now. He arms were like steel bands around her holding her so close.

“Maan, I am taking Brij now” DGP Saab said from the door. “I will make sure that he gets sent to the maximum security jail where he cannot escape from.” He promised.

Then he smiled at the picture they made. Maan Singh Khurana and his lovely Wife Geet. Thank God they had been in time.

He turned to go just as Daadima returned from her friends house.

“Maan? Kya hua? Aur Geet ko kya hua?” As she saw Geet crying in his arms.

“Woh police…DGP Saab?” She fired the questions at Maan as he tenderly soothed a still hiccuping Geet.

Maan explained to her quickly leaving out the details that Geet could have been been killed today.

Daadima looked at them both and wondered when fate would ever leave them in peace.

Much later that night…………………………….

A fat yellow moon hung outside their window.

Moonlight flooded their bedroom casting a beautiful ethereal light into the bed and its occupants.

They lay on their sides facing each other. Just looking, drinking each other in. Their eyes locked on to the other.

She had been again so close to death today. He could not explain to her the depth of despair he had felt when he had heard what was going on but had been unable to help her.

He reached out with his fingers softly caressing her face. Tracing her features, gently soothing the swelling on her cheek. His finger pads light, almost as if he thought she would break at his touch.

His chocolate gaze dark with love for her. The impossibly long and sooty lashes making shadows against his cheek bones.

“Maan” she whispered.

“When Brijveerji had his hands around my throat. All I could think of was that I would not see you again. I would not feel you caress me. That I would not be able to look in your eyes as you loved me with intensity. The thought that I would never again go to that place, that only in your arms I reach, those gates of heaven. The pain of that was more intense then the thought of dying.”

Her eyes filled with tears.

“Mishty.” He heard the pain in her voice. He heard the love. For him it was the same. The thought of not being able to loose himself with her would be worse then any death.

“Maan…….. please love me….” Her soft brown eyes beseeched him. She reached out caressing his face. Tracing those bow shaped lips that she loved. Her thumb grazed across his lower lip. Making him gasp out loud.

He looked at her his eyes blazing with love, passion and need.

“But Mishty you are covered in bruises. I could hurt you.” He softly replied, worried about her.

“Maan I need you. I need to loose myself in your eyes as you love me” She whispered back softly.

“I need to feel you…please! She told him in no uncertain terms.

Unable to help himself he reached for her gently pulling her into him. His lips covered hers as she wound her arms around him tightly.

He sought out the honeyed sweetness of her, drinking from her lush lips.

The moonlight danced across them both as he loved her reverently, so slowly, so gently.

Kissing each bruise, each graze, soothing her hurt away. His lips travelling over her light as a feather. Worshipping every centimetre of her.

He kissed the tear trails as she sobbed in ecstasy in his arms. His gaze locked onto hers as her tears glistened like diamonds in her eyes.

He gave her all of himself unconditionally and she loved him back with abandonment.

She drowned in the love and passion in his eyes. Reaching that place in his arms that drove everything from her mind, just leaving a feeling of intense love.

The only thing that mattered was that they were together, complete.

The fat yellow moon moved across the sky slowly as if to say take your time.

I am in no hurry. I shine for you brightly today as I have for lovers time immemorial……………



8 responses to “4: A Blast from the past – Brij returns – A Romantic FF by Jane ;)) (full version)

  1. Sarah

    July 2, 2012 at 12:10 pm

    Haye Jane, I am getting addicted to your writings. Maaneet with your style of writing leaves me wanting more 🙂 I am reading your SSs at work since have some time on my hand, so u can imagine me being crazy 😉

    • janememe

      July 2, 2012 at 12:28 pm

      ROFL dont get caught 😉

  2. Sarah

    July 2, 2012 at 12:55 pm

    As for this SS, it beautifully depicts the mature and warm side of Maaneet love. Thanks for writing on different shades of maaneet lovestory 🙂

    • janememe

      July 5, 2012 at 8:33 am

      I wish they had done this in the show ;))

  3. beena

    August 7, 2013 at 2:19 pm

    hey superb yaar!!!! Th :-)ere was so many thing in the show which was incomplete and you completed on of it

    • janememe

      August 7, 2013 at 8:47 pm

      Thanks yes, so many loose ends I have tried to close off some of them. Glad you enjoyed it ;))

  4. karamjeet

    January 22, 2014 at 8:06 pm

    Superbbb SS……loved it….

    • janememe

      January 22, 2014 at 8:37 pm

      Aww thanks Karamjeet ;)) was trying to close all teh loops there.


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