6: Geet Seduces Maan – A Romantic Sundae by jane ;))

 Geet misses Maan when he is away but when he comes back he is in a foul mood, can she seduce him?

Geet kept looking at the door of her cabin every half a minute. She couldn’t concentrate at all. Maan had gone away on a business meeting for Two days and was due back any moment. She would have phoned him again but after her hundredth call to him to ask him when he was coming back he had lost his temper at her so did not dare ring him again.

She tapped her pen on her desk in nervous agitation. She had missed him so much last night in that big empty bed. She had snuggled up to his pillow but his pillow was no substitute for her husband. The night before he had left they had made love practically all night. Maan had been insatiable taking her again and again, transporting her to heaven in his arms. The thought of being away from each other for any amount of time was abhorrent.

Blushing as she remembered that she had also felt just the same, unable to keep from waking him in the morning, Maan’s smile of delight at her boldness and then his moans of pleasure and words of encouragement as she had shyly touched him, letting herself revel in the strong contours of his body. Mimicking his moves on her until she had lost herself completely in him. When they came together after that they were both out of control culminating in a climax so mind blowing it took them a long time to come back to reality.

The next morning as he was reaching for his clothes in the closet she had gasped in shock at the deep marks on his back that she had made in the throes of passion. But he had gathered her close and whispered to her that he was proud to carry the marks of his Shernie. He had looked intensely into her eyes and told her that when she became so out of control in his arms it increased his love and passion for her a hundredfold he wanted her to loose control and let herself go every time they made love.

Now all she could think about was tonight, tonight he would be with her. Tonight she would be in his strong arms again. But Babaji! He was in such a foul mood now it was going to take a lot of work from her to get him to calm down first.

She heard a noise in his office next door and went to investigate opening the door of his office she smiled as she saw him he had his back to her and was talking on his mobile.

“Yes, Yes Mr Rathod aap decide kar lo ke aap ko project karna hai ke nahi. My company is as the forefront of this technology and we are giving you the best options. If you want to compromise on going with someone cheaper then yeh aap ke decision hai.”

For a moment Geet just drank in the sight of him. His straight back, his clean cut hair the hand on the hip he always had when he was trying to make a point or annoyed and his tight butt and long legs. A deep lustful sigh escaped her at which Maan immediately turned around and glared at her.

He was still on the phone listening to Mr Rathod.

Oi Babaji..mein smile karte hoon to bhi gussa?? Geet thought to herself haan mein coffee bane ka laati hoon may be that will make his mood better.

When she came back with the coffee Maan was reviewing some files with Adi. She placed the steaming mug on his table and went and sat opposite him.

“Geet is there something you want?” He asked..”Nahi hai to tum jawo mujhe bahout sara kaam Adi se discuss karna hai.” Maan said glaring at her.

Momentarily Geet was shocked at his rudeness “…errrr..eerrr Haan ..Nahi…”

He glared at her even harder.

“Haan woh aaj presentation karna hai na in the afternoon tu aap aayenge na? Mujhe poochna tha.” She finished lamely.

Not looking at her but his files he said curtly “I will be there, now go!”

Geet fled from the room now she was really annoyed muttered to herself “ek to baat nahi karsakte aur puri ek din aur ek raat mujhse door rahe hai. Mujhe to lagta hai unko yeh judaai ke aasar he nahi hai. Ab mein kya karu?” She thought for a while and then an idea came to her. She would show him Mr Maan Singh Khuarana.

Geet started the presentation with aplomb. She was now well versed in giving presentations to clients and in fact Maan encouraged her to do so he knew that a lot of clients preferred her straight forward no nonsense approach.

Practically all the seniors in the office were there Adi, Romeo, Pandeyji, Maanisha, Pinky , Tasha and off-course Maan at the head of the conference table. On the client side there were two senior directors of their company and also 2 other members.

Once everyone was at ease and settled into her presentation she started to action her plan for the seduction of Mr Mann Singh Khuana. She looked straight at her husband and smiled a 100 Mega Watt smile registering at his sudden alertness as he caught the full effect of it. His eyes flickered over her with a speculative look that was only perceptible to her. She knew she had his full and total attention now.

At each and every slide she put her pen to her lips, biting the pen.. looking Straight at her husband …absent mindedly caressed her arm with her pen. Whilst talking played with her hair. As Geet went through the presentation slides one by one she slowly but surely could see the slight flush on his cheekbones as his eyes followed her every action, her every move. Her every move related to moments shared in throes of passion that only he would recognise.

She carried on her seduction game with Maan without anyone even realising what she was doing. She watched as his eyes focused on her lips as she bit down on her pen, as she licked her lips, as she adjusted her duppatta.

Whilst talking she walked around the room behind him she brushed past him with her duppatta letting him smell her fragrance. She saw him stiffen and shift in his chair as she smiled at him causing that flush to darken. She could see exactly where his thought were heading now as now she was familiar with that look in his eye.

Next time she went past him she accidentally dropped her pen bent to retrieve it and brushed her hand up his thigh looking up directly at him. At that moment it was as if time had stopped for both of them although they were in a room full of people they could only see each other, remembering.

Geet snapped out of it and carried on. By the time she had finished with the presentation she knew that Maan was seriously aroused she could tell by his body language all those little things she had been doing had all had a cumulative effect on him.

When a client asked her a question she turned a 100 megawatt smile on them, shocking them all into dropping their jaws. From the corner of her eye she saw Maan nearly jump out of his chair.

She knew what effect she was having on him, and boy was she enjoying it!

Mr Dave the client thought he had struck lucky with Geet and started to get a bit fresh not knowing that she was actually Maan,s wife. But Geet did not put him off straight away as she normally would have but played to his tune. She could see Maan getting quite annoyed but she just smiled sweetly at him. Maan in jealous and aroused state was so delicious Geet was by now getting quite excited and feeling naughty. But outwardly nobody in the room could tell what was going on between husband and wife.

Mr Dave was very happy to sign the deal and shook hands with Maan, then grabbing Geet,s hand he was about to step closer to her when Maan practically jumped in between them glaring at Mr Dave he said, “This is my wife Geet” emphasising the ‘my’ at which Mr Dave looked positively frightened and dropped Geets hand like a hot potato.

Geet had to look away as she smiled to herself. She heard Maan asking Adi to finish off the details of the deal then taking her hand he led her straight out of the room out of the building to the car.

“Maan Maan aapp kaha lejate ho mujhe?”

He didn’t say a word. He did not even look at her.

She asked several times and then gave up in the end then she realised that he was taking her home.

Babaji ! He is so angry with me now Geet thought to herself that he is taking me home before he explodes with rage.

But he didn’t drive around to the front of the Haveli he drove up to the entrance of the Out House. The car had barely stopped when he slammed the hand brake on and jumped out. Quickly going around to Geet’s side he practically pulled her out of the car.

“Maan??Maan? Itne kya jaldi hai? please gussa maat karo!”

“Jaldi hai!” She heard him mutter under his breath.

He dragged her up to the bedroom turning around and bolted the door behind him with a determined click.

Then he turned around and Geet saw the full force of his arousal. His eyes blazed at her causing her to freeze on the spot. Dear god he looked as if he wanted to eat her alive.

She stepped back from him a little surprised by the heat in his look.

Geet he rasped “Tum ko aisse games khel ne hai to consequences to lena he padega…” with that he pulled off her duppatta and threw it on the floor.

He was instantly upon her.

”Geet” He moaned as he nuzzled the soft skin of her neck..raining kisses and reaching to bite her earlobe. His hands reached around the back of her khameez and he undid the doories with a swift practised tug. He pulled her into his body and she trembled as she felt his incredible need for her. He reached for the zipper but in his haste it became stuck…unable to wait he pulled the two ends apart sharply causing the material to rip all the way down her back.

“Maan!” Geet moaned into his neck where she had been busy kissing. Shocked and excited at the same time that he had taken such an action.

“Tumne Sher ko khaane pe bulaya phir woh to pura faiyda lenge..”. he said against her lips…with that finished removing both their clothes with speed and took her to bed for a long and delightful feast of the senses.


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