2: Monsoon Maaneet – A Romantic FF by Jane ;)

A Maaneet Monsoon – A Romantic ff by Jane ;))

Ready for your Sundae Sunday?? After Fridays episode I wanted to get into the boxing ring with the CV’s for letting Maan leave his Mishty sleeping in a chair!!!!!!!!!!!! Awww WHACK!! Our Maan would never ever do that…he would sccop her up in his arms and tuck her into bed. sigh sigh wot to do CV’s were rushing to put an end to Devil’s love story I am hoping ha ha ha!

But then………..
I had the most stupendous Baccio (hazelnuts n Chocolate) + Cafe Ice-cream its was truly yummylicious that and listening to Rafat Ali Khan whilst I was writing was delicious so I am sharing the outcome with you all ;))))

This one has elements of requests by Priya and CR and of-course some usual Jane Bhusu ;))) Do they seem to be getting longer and longer or is it just me??

Please excuse the typos as this one was a bit rushed.

Anyhow Enjoy! Do comment I love to read what you liked and what you didnt like ;))))


Maan looked at his watch, where was she? She was supposed to be meeting him here at 6pm.

Dark clouds had rolled in, throwing everything into an eerie darkness. The sky looked as stormy as his face as he stood on the steps of the plush restaurant.

Maan Singh Khuarana, he looked every bit the business tycoon he was. Several women threw inviting glances at him as they passed but he did not even notice them, he was too busy thinking about his Mishty.

It was meant to be a surprise for her. He had told her he wanted to meet her to go and see a client for dinner. But in reality he had wanted to take her to that dhabba where she had taken him on a challenge. It had been exactly one year since he had pulled her out of that lake.

She had been hinting at their special anniversary all week as only Geet could with her nakhras. He smiled suddenly as he remembered all her hints. But he had not needed reminding, he remembered that fateful day only too well. That day when he had pulled her out from that lake had changed his life for ever.

In his pocket lay the special gift that he had a jeweller design for her. He had seen the diamond at an auction whilst away on a business trip.

A perfect diamond which resembled a tear drop.

So many times in the aftermath of the sweet storm of their lovemaking, as he held her tenderly in his arms, he had caught a tear of joy from her spiky lashes on the pad of his finger. The ever present moonlight that touched their lives, making it sparkle like a diamond.

As soon as he saw it he could imagine it nestled against her heart. It was special, just like his Mishty.

But where was she? His face set with annoyance he pulled out his phone to ring her.

“Sorry we cannot connect you at this present time. Please try later.”

Where had she gone? She knew he hated being late.

His phone rang. “At last,” he muttered to himself. “Geet tum kaha ho?” He growled into the phone without looking at the display.

“SSSir mein GGGeet nahi hoon. I was phoning to tell you that I am worried about her. She went to the site where she has been working and I just heard that there is flooding there. It has already started raining very hard over there. I have been trying to phone her but connection is very bad and I am not getting any reply. That site you went to about a month ago with Geet” Adi elaborated worriedly.

Maan’s heart beat faster. Was she stuck there unable get back. Was she hurt?

“Adi woh site jo mein Geet ke saath four weeks pehle gaya tha?” Asked Maan “Malabar Colony?”

“Haan, wohi” replied Adi.

Maan said a terse bye to Adi and raced to his car. The place was still a building site apart from the show home, he hoped that Geet was not lying hurt somewhere.

Once again she stood in the bedroom. Four weeks ago she had stood here with Maan arguing about how to decorate the room. Then the room had been a bare shell waiting to be furnished.

They had thought of presenting a show house now in every site they built, giving clients an idea of what could be accomplished with various budgets.

She remembered saying with a sigh “Maan, I am going to create a really romantic bedroom.”

“Achha?” He replied his eyes resting on her quizzically.

“Haan! Imagine! Reds, Golds, Sienna…………lush silks in Red and Gold in the windows, Dark red bed spread, red and gold pillows……..aur ceiling mein chandeliers…aur sab jagga lights…..” She walked up to the space that was going to be a fireplace and said “Aur yaha marble with gold fittings for the fireplace” she finished doing a twirl and sighing her expression wistful and far away.

Maan had looked around and groaned his expression filled with incredulity. “Geet that is bakwas! That sounds too bright. Are trying to blind people or create a romantic atmosphere?” He questioned not one to beat about the bush.

“Aur itne saari lights,” his gaze swept up to where she had indicated the chandelier. “You need to put subtle lights in. Soft natural lights,” his voice dropped to a low whisper……………his eyes swept up and down her slim frame as whispered in her ear “when a man wants to make love he wants to see his love bathed in soft natural light not 100 watt Stadium lights!” He said slipping his arms around her from behind and pulling her back against him. “In our case moonlight is just divine” He said grinning and nipping at her nape seductively.

“Maan!” Admonishing him, as she pushed away from him. “But I like bright lights!! And I love those colours.” Geet moaned. She had been so pleased with her scheme, now felt deflated like a popped balloon.

She looked around again with a keener eye. He did have a point, it was too much….seeing it in her minds eye it was too much red, too much gold, too much brash. It needed toning down, she would have to start again.

But she was not going to admit it just yet.

“Aur yeh marble fireplace ka idea,” his eyes swept over “it is it in the budget?” He carried on.

“Yes! yeah budget mein he hai! I told you I have stuck strictly to the budget!” she said her eyes not quite meeting his.

“Geet meri ankhoon mein dekh ke bolo.” He glowered at her, always catching her out. “I know that you will over spend. I can see it in your eyes. You can’t hide it from me!”

“So what if I have?” Geet said tipping her chin up and glaring back at him. “I wanted my first project to look great and I think it will”

“Geet, we need to make the fireplace surround all wood not marble. It will keep the costs down. I want to look at all your sketches and budget plans again, chalo!” he told her as he turned to walk away.

Geet glared at his broad back as he walked away, itching to throw something at him but finding the room bare. She tilted her chin in the air and vowed to make him eat his words. When he saw the finished room he was going to have to say was amazing.

“Mera name bhi Geet Maan Singh Khuarana hai,” she muttered following him to the car.

Now four weeks later Geet looked around extremely pleased with the results. The recent series of courses in interior design she had taken had been very good for her.

She knew the colours, furnishings and materials all worked. Discarding all the glaring reds she had chosen lush greens, soft warm touches of orange, with very small highlights of golds.

The lighting was subtle and natural giving the whole room a restful and cosy atmosphere.

There was a beautiful fire place across from the bed. She had found and sourced environmentally friendly wood. She knew Maan was always conscious of making sure the products they used in the design and construction were all sourced with the environment in mind.

In front of the fireplace she had placed a fluffy soft rug, which completed the cosy look.

She has also found some lovely paintings and nic naks to compliment the colours.

She stood in the middle of the bedroom smiling. Down to the last candlestick it all looked beautiful. Now she had the rest of the house to finish in the coming weeks.

Excited to tell Maan she pulled out her phone to ring him.

“Network is busy please try later.”

Geet groaned and then for the first time noticed the howling wind outside the windows. She peered through the glass, barely able to see through lashing rain. There seemed to be no one about at all. Earlier the place had been very busy with workers.

She went back down to the ground floor to find it completely empty. The supervisor she had met before had vanished. She tried the phone again to no avail. There was nothing for it, she decided she needed to get back to her car and get out of the area.

Walking out of the house she went back to the road. The rain pelted her from all sides. Looking into the distance she could not see her car, then she remembered that her driver had gone to mend a puncture. It looked like he had not come back as yet.

Glancing at the time on her phone she gasped 6.10 pm! She had lost all track of time. Maan! She knew would be furious as they were supposed to meet earlier. She groaned in despair and tried her phone again.

“Babaji!” she gasped thanking him profusely as she actually heard the ringtone.

“Geet!” Maan’s frantic voice came across the crackle. “Tum kaha ho?”

“Maan I am stuck at the site. My driver had gone to get a puncture fixed and has not returned yet. Its raining really hard here I cant even see any taxi’s.” She replied shouting above the lashing rain. She was totally soaked through now.

“Mishty tum waha raho.” He told her firmly. “Mujhe pata hain tum kaha ho. Mein aa raha hoon. And get back into the show house keep out of the rain.” He pelted her with instructions his frantic mind imagining her in all sorts of trouble.

“Maan please don’t worry I am absolutely fine. I will be in the show house until the rain stops. I am sure my driver will be back soon. Please don’t bother to come here you are bound to get stuck somewhere.”

“Geet, I am coming you stay there!” He growled at her down the line before it cut off.

Maan had already headed in the direction of the site, as fat huge drops of water started to warn of the arrival of a huge deluge where he was. The wind had certainly picked up making the trees sway ominously, he saw people cower into doorways and run into buildings as the storm broke as he peered through the windscreen. He prayed Geet had managed to get back into the show house.

The wind pulled and pushed her mercilessly as she made her way back to the show house. The short walk she had made earlier seemed almost impossible now.

She finally managed to get to the door. But it had firmly shut. Groaning, she stood teeth chattering and shivering in the veranda. The whole place looked deserted and dark now. Shadows started to spook her.

She looked around trying to find another shelter but everywhere else looked so completely in disarray and not safe at all.

The only thing to do was to go around the building in the hope of finding a window or door that may give access. Clutching the wall she went slowly around the house. The place was still a building site so she had to be extra careful. Several times some loose objects barely missed her in the howling wind.

The only window that was open was a first floor window, it looked like the bedroom window she had opened earlier. How to get there?

There was a little jutting roof under it. It was not that high she thought. If she could just get up there she would be be able to climb in through the window she thought.

Taking a deep breath and muttering a prayer under her breath she went in the direction of the other buildings to see if she could find a ladder.

Maan slapped the steering wheel in frustration. Traffic seemed to have built up near the site. It looked liked part of the road had been blocked by a tree. Thankfully it was not too far now.

Looking for a safe spot he parked the car and decided to go there on foot.

Geet grabbed hold of the last rung of the ladder she had found and heaved herself up onto the roof.

A scream broke from her as she slipped in the rain. Her foot slipped back trying to grip the last rung of the ladder.

“GEET!!! STOP!!!”A terrified scream reached her ears, carried to her by the howling wind.

Then she felt a strong hand grip her ankle and gently pull her towards the ladder.

Maan had reached the show house totally soaked to the skin. Assuming that Geet was inside he hammered the door but no answer. He decided to go around the house in the hope of finding other access when he had seen to his utter amazement Geet trying to climb on to the roof to get to an open window.

His heart had almost stopped. He raced up the ladder and had just got to her as she had slipped perilously on the slippery tiles.

As he drew her closer he gripped her by the waist and pulled her safely back on to the rungs of the ladder.

He safely led her down his arms holding her tightly.

“What the hell were you doing?” He screamed into the wind “You could have been killed!”

Sometimes she was just so utterly reckless with her safety, it scared him to death. He gripped her in a hard embrace his face contorted with pain. His eyes roamed over her making sure she was not injured. Another ladder incident flashed into his mind at Indian Paints where she had done the same.

“Maan the door shut. I couldn’t get back inside.” She waved at the rising water all around her. “That window is open,” she said pointing to it.

He looked down at her. Her teeth were chattering. They were both soaked to the skin. The wind and rain had picked up and had become a howling raging monster.

He pulled her back to the veranda to the front door. “Wait here!” he turned to go back and climb to through the window.

“Maan! Be careful!” Geet worried.

He grinned at her his eyes twinkling with humour “Mishty meine bahut climbing ke hai” and went.

She managed a smile at his retreating back, her teeth chattering at his reminder of the past.

A few minutes later the front door opened and he pulled her inside. The house was cold but at least they were out of the wind and rain.

He had tried the lights but it looked like the power was out. He led her up the stairs to the bedroom the only furnished room in the house.

“Geet matches hai?” He rifled through some drawers but in the dark it was hard, he felt around with his fingers.

“Haan Maan there should be. I brought some as I wanted to light the candles and check out the look of the room in the candle light.”

His fingers found what he had been looking for and with a muttered thanks to small mercies he lit a couple of the candlesticks.

The room was now bathed in a soft warm light. He looked around taking in the furnishings. His keen eyes taking in the room decoration.

His Mishty had excelled. The room was beautiful. His eyes drank her in as she stood shivering in the middle of the room.

Her immediate needs for warmth sprang to his mind. He took the matches to the fireplace and lit the logs that had been placed there. Efficiently building a roaring fire that drew Geet near to the warmth.

They looked at each other, soft brown locked to dark chocolate, their minds taking them back to when they were last in a similar situation in Manali.

He went to the bed stripped the duvet off it.

“Geet get out of your wet things and wrap this around you. Otherwise you are going to catch a serious cold.” He said stripping off his shirt.

Geet nodded and went toward the bed putting the duvet down she reached for her doories but her hands were shaking so badly she couldn’t manage to undo the knot.

She felt his warm hands behind her quickly undoing the ties and zip. He stripped her efficiently, wrapping the duvet around her he led her back to the rug in front of the fire.

Geet sank in front of the fire shivering and shaking.

Pulling the sheet off the bed he discarded the rest off his clothes and wrapped it around his waist then taking both of their clothes and hung them in a makeshift fashion near the fire to dry them.

They sat together on the rug his hard warmth behind her and the roaring fire in front. Eventually her shivering stopped as the heat from the fire and his body warmed her.

It seemed so intensely intimate this unusual situation. The storm raged outside doing its utmost to unleash its fury on the house, rattling, banging and shaking the doors almost as if it was angry at not being allowed in to share in their cosy intimacy.

“Mishty are you warm enough now?” he whispered the question as he turned her in his arms. He laid her down on the rug, propping up his head on his arm.

His breath caught as he looked down at her. His eyes liquid chocolate. The firelight bathed her beautiful face and bare shoulders with warm flickering shadows. Her wet hair clung to his warm skin staking their claim.

She reached up and cupped his face, her fingers gently tracing his jawline. He looked utterly mesmerising, his skin gleamed like warm teak.

With a groan he leaned down and brushed his lips against hers, stealing a sweet kiss from her lush lips.

Her eyes sparkled at him making him remember his surprise. He reached up with his free hand and dug into his jeans.

“Maan aap kya kaarte ho?” Geet stared at him wide eyed. A dusht danav look came over his face as he replied “its a surprise” grinning wickedly as he caught her warm blush.

Pulling out the velvet pouch he offered it to her, his eyes full of love.

“Yeh kya hai?” Geet asked softly a look of wonder on her face.

“Have a look” he whispered. Watching her as she tipped the contents of the pouch into her hand.

A shocked gasp escaped her lush lips as a large diamond plopped into her hand.

It sparkled back at her, awestruck she lifted the pendant holding it above her in the firelight.

It slowly revolved at the end of a beautiful platinum chain throwing rainbows all around them glittering and sparkling. The setting of it was exquisite.

“Maan!” She gasped her eyes filled with tears as he gazed down at her with the tender flame of love in his eyes.

He caught a tear as it escaped the corner of her eye on the pad of his finger and held it alongside the diamond.

“Mishty when I saw this at an auction I had to buy it for you. Its as pure and beautiful as my Mishty’s tears of joy.” His said to her, his gaze full of love.

Taking it from her hand he gently fastened it around her neck, it nestled and gleamed against her skin just as he knew it would.

“Happy Anniversary Mishty,” he said brushing his lips against hers.

“Maan you remembered!” She said surprised again.

“How could I forget the day I rescued you from that lake, that day changed my life for ever. You came into my life to light up my darkness, making it sparkle and fill it full of colour just like this diamond.” He said his fingers toying with the pendant as it nestled against her heart. “And even if I had all your ‘subtle’ nakhras would have reminded the most forgetful person” He said laughing.

She laughed with him through her tears.

“I love you Maan, more then I can explain in words” she whispered softly her voice full of emotion.
She wound her arms around him holding him tightly as her body trembled with the force of her emotion.

“I love you too my Mishty more then any words could ever say” He whispered softly as he gazed into her eyes.

“And Geet, you were right you have created a very romantic bedroom, I am so proud of you my Mishty.” He whispered against her lips “I am glad we got to test it out.” He said with a twinkle in his eye as his lips closed over hers in a sweet tender kiss.

They kissed and basked in the warmth of the fire holding each other close. Whispering words of love long into the night, engrossed in each other completely oblivious to the monsoon storm that raged madly outside as their own little storm of love raged in their hearts.


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