3: The Honey Trap – Full Version (six chapters)

This story starts of with Dev Singh Khurana succumbing to his old ways again. He has run up a huge debt and The Villains are after him. The Villains go to Maan Singh Khurana (Dev’s brother) To get him to clear Dev’s debts but he is not happy to do that…..Until that is Maan’s most precious Geet (his wife) is kidnapped………..

Dev cursed himself, he had lost yet again. He watched unhappily, as the man across from him gathered up his stack of chips and moved them towards him with a satisfied smile.

He had been winning the last few weeks so why had had lady luck decided to turn her back on him?

Maybe it was because he was in a foul mood. Nandu and him had been constantly fighting the last few weeks.

It had not even been 5 months since their marriage. Nandu had become so involved in KC she had less and less time for him everyday. She seemed to be on a one woman mission to prove herself as a successful business woman by hook or crook.

She was even thinking asking Bro for her own Department to manage!

He kept telling her there was no need. But she had just said to him that it was fine for him to have no ambitions in life but she wanted more.

He had not realised she had been that ambitious. When he had married her he had thought she was just a small town girl hoping to marry well and enjoy the benefits of a husband who could keep her in luxury. After all he was a Khurana.

He would have been quite happy taking her on a world cruise, enjoy life, party! He knew Bro would not mind at all he was quite happy to let him indulge in the pleasures of life. But Nandu had turned him down saying she was too busy to go on holiday with him.

He had even recovered from the fact that she had not want to go on honeymoon but at least she could spend more time with him.

He looked down at the card hand he had been dealt and cursed again.

Shalini stood watching over the card game with glee. Dev Singh Khuaran had lost once again. The piles of chips were mounting up on the other side of the table, where she had sat one of the Casino’s top players, which meant the money was all coming to her of-course.

As soon as she had seen him enter her Casino a few weeks ago, she had realised what a wonderful Golden Goose, Dev Singh Khuarana would turn out to be. She had watched him play for a few days trying to judge what kind of man he was and had found to her delight that not only was he rich but he was terrible at gambling.

What a perfect combination for her to take advantage of, she almost purred at the thought of how much she could take him for. She had made discrete inquiries and found that he was the younger brother of Maan Singh Khurana the Multi Millionaire business tycoon.

She had also found out that Dev was partial to gambling and had in the past run up many debts which Maan Singh Khurana had paid eventually so that the ‘collectors’ would leave his brother alone.

Softly, slowly she had introduced herself to Dev over the last few weeks until he thought of her as a friend. Using her oodles of charm and wit, she had him eating out of her hand.

Many times she let him win discretely nodding to her man to play badly. Showing enjoyment in his win, celebrating with him, winning his trust so easily.

There was not a man alive that she couldn’t get to eat out of her hand she thought smiling a small knowing smile, yes, she was very good at what she did.

Slowly she reeled him in. Once she had him hooked, Dev had started to loose.

At the Haveli one late evening………………………….

“Err Geet tumne Dev ko dekha?” Maan asked looking up from his newspaper. He was getting concerned, over the last few weeks he seemed to him that he had seen less and less of Dev. He did not expect him in the office but at least he expected to see him at home.

“Nahi, Maan he is not at home, I checked earlier. I am not sure where he has gone.” She said rubbing her forehead, for some reason she had developed the mother of all headaches.

Maan turned back to the newspaper. It concerned him that Dev was spending a lot of time away from home nowadays, also time away from Nandu. He wondered if all was well between them.

Along with that worry, he had just been reading about a kidnap attempt on a wealthy businessman’s family. The wife had fought off the attackers thankfully, because she had known some self defence.

Thinking about his own precious Mishty, he wondered if should teach her some self defence at least. These types of incidents were occurring too often nowadays, and he couldn’t be with her all the time.

A dark flush of pleasure, sprang up on his cheeks as he remembered the last time he had tried to teach her Win Chun. That had been a really exciting teaching session he mused, she had looked so beautiful all flushed and pink, with a sexy, daring challenge in her soft brown eyes that he just had not been able to turn down.

He had challenged her, but she had turned the tables on him and made him burn with excitement.

They had of-course ended up in bed in the Out house, that had been the inevitable outcome of their combustible chemistry. Although it had been highly enjoyable she had no learnt much Win Chun at all, he remembered fondly smiling.

And he knew that Geet would never agree to a going around with a bodyguard again, as he had once employed when Singhania had endangered her life.

Maybe he would teach her other types of self-defence he was just wondering about what type. He looked at her thoughtfully, he noticed then, that her eyes looked red, her face pale and she was rubbing her forehead in an agitated manner. He threw his paper aside instantly.

“Geet kya hua? he said standing up from his chair, looming over her, his dark eyes worried.

“Kuch nahi Maan, I just have a headache.” She looked up at him her eyes clouded with pain.

“Did you take any medication for it?” he glared at her, but his forehead creased with worry, putting his hand to her brow he noticed she had a slight temperature. “Why didn’t you tell me?” she was so terrible at looking after herself.

“Haan, Maan I have taken some pain killers,” she was just about to say something else, when he scooped her up in his arms.

“Maan! I can walk” She groaned, he was just insufferable when she was the slightest bit unwell.

“Chup! Bilkul chup!” He growled at her. “I am taking you to bed.”

Nausea struck her like a tidal wave. She closed her eyes and buried her face in his chest. Inhaling his fresh male spicy scent, absorbing his warmth and strength.

He knew he should not have let her eat those Gol Guppas from the street. Why did he not listen to his inner voice. He knew the answer to that, her eyes tied him up in knots. He found it very hard to say no to her. Chastising himself for his weakness, he looked down at her. She looked so unwell.

Gently he carried her upstairs and laid her down on the bed.

She sprang into action so suddenly, running into the bathroom, where she was terribly sick. He came in after her, gently rubbing her back, murmuring softly to her as she retched painfully.

His eyes were stormy with worry. He was never ever going to let her eat anything from the street again, he vowed.

When she had finished, she brushed and cleaned her face. He watched over her like a mother hen.

“Mishty, why don’t you get changed into your night clothes, I will just get them for you.” He said softly looking at her pale face, tenderly brushing the hair of her face.

Geet nodded feebly and he went off to find her clothes. Thinking quick a shower might make her feel better after being sick she quickly undressed and turned it on stepping under the hot soothing spray.

A moment later she heard him call out that he had put her clothes on the vanity. Finishing, she came out holding on to the door as a wave of tiredness hit her.

“Geet! Are you OK?”

He queried worriedly, leaning against the door arms folded his eyes looked at her so tenderly.

She nodded then a tide of crimson rose on her cheeks as she saw the heat in his eyes as they roamed over her.

He advanced towards her with a huge bath towel and wrapped up her in it snugly, tenderly stroking his hands over her, to dry her silken skin.

She thought to mutter a protest, but the soft molten look in his eyes stopped her. Gently helping her into her clothes, scooping her up again, he took her into the bedroom and tucked her into bed.

Pulling out his mobile and started to dial.

“Maan, who are you calling?” She asked weakly from the bed, having exhausted herself.

“The Doctor!” He growled impatiently waiting for the dial tone to start.

She looked up at him sheepishly.

“I am sure it was just those Gol Guppas, there is no need to call the Doctor.” and then visibly shrank back as she knew he would let off a tirade of admonishments which would lead to ‘I told you so!’

His eyes flared up in anger at her, then, as he saw how ill she looked he thought better of it and sank down beside her on the bed.

Gathering her close he said “Mishty promise me you will not eat anything like that again. I cant stand seeing you ill. It tears me up. I would gladly take any amount of pain for you but I cant stand seeing you ill” he said gently stroking her cheek, he gazed into her soft brown eyes.

“Maan I know.” she whispered back to him, her soft eyes pained, she knew how effected he always was by her “I promise and I am really sorry.” At that moment she was, as her stomach churned again but she managed to quell it, there was nothing left to bring up any more.

His lips gently kissed her forehead. “Abb tum so jawo,” he said softly, as he saw her eyes were clouding over with sleep.

She breathed in his fragrance as he pulled her in close to him, gently stroking the soft skin of her back, soothing her until she fell asleep in his arms.

Once he was sure she had fallen asleep, he gently extracted himself and went to have a shower. The hot spray rained down on him like a balm, his muscles were so tightly wound up, he leant into it trying to iron out the kinks of worry about Mishty.

Maybe he would increase security around the Haveli, he pondered. He also needed to tell Dev and Nandu to be careful with their security, he thought as he stepped out and snagged a towel to dry himself.

He was not sleepy at all yet, perhaps a spot of work would take his mind of his worry.

He wandered back into the bedroom, thoughts still swirling in his mind. Hearing a soft moan from the bed, he noticed that she seemed agitated, her hand reaching out looking for him. He looked down at her pink sleep flushed face.

She was so totally adorable his beautiful wife, but incredibly stubborn too , he smiled a crooked smile and reached for the remote for the TV, giving up on the idea of working at the desk.

He knew she would sleep more peacefully in his arms. Sinking down besides her he gathered onto himself, leaning back on the headboard and flicking on the TV, keeping the volume low, he settled down with her.

His eyes darkened with love as he looked down at her in his arms and then groaned in frustration as she totally melted over him like a warm silken blanket.

How was it that he never could have enough of her. As the days, weeks, months had passed his love, need, desire, for her had increased a thousandfold.

She was in his every thought, his every breath. Sometimes when he was feeling melancholy he would just need to look at her and his world righted itself.

Absently, his fingers laced themselves into her soft silken hair stroking it gently.

He started to watch the TV. An old Movie was playing, he recognised the actors as it was arguably the most famous film of Indian Cinema. Sholay. Dharmendra was teaching Hema to shoot a gun. He watched their antics unable to tear his eyes away from the screen as a delightful thought presented itself to him.

He grinned down at her as she slept peacefully, her head on his chest. He would teach his Mishty to shoot. He had been, after all, the shooting champion of his University team.

Chapter 2

Geet awoke feeling much better. She stretched voluptuously. Her eyes fell on the bedside clock and she let out a shriek of fright.


Why had Maan not woken her?

Her mind raced and then with a deep sigh she sank back into bed as she remembered, he had woken her early in the morning, kissing her awake with such sweet tenderness that she had almost melted into a puddle right there in his arms.

She had slept so peacefully, she knew he had held her in his arms all night, her lips curved into a smile full of love and tenderness for him.

He had also whispered in her sleepy ear, not to worry and come into the office late if she was feeling better or not at all if she was still feeling ill.

Climbing out of bed she grabbed her clothes and headed for the shower.

Rushing to get to the office now as she was so late, she practically ran out of her room, only to run straight into a sobbing Nandini.

“Kya hua Nandini?” Geet questioned her worriedly.

Nandu raised her eyes to Geet, shooting her a look of pain she ran off. Geet heard a shout behind her to see Dev rushing after Nandini.

“Dev? kya hua? Are you two fighting again?” Geet asked, her brow creasing with worry.

Dev stopped, watching Nandini running of into the distance, he looked at Geet with a frustrated glance, pushing up his glasses he muttered, “not a lot!” turned around and went of again to his room without another word.

Geet groaned, these two seemed to fighting constantly now. She had begun to worry that they were totally incompatible. She wandered downstairs looking for Nandini and then gave up. She really needed to get to work.

Should she tell Maan?

But what would she tell him, and what was the point. Maan already knew, really they had started fighting since the day after their wedding and it had gone on since then . They had already tried to intervene but to no avail. And it was not if these two were young, Dev had already been married before.

The phone rang, intruding on her worried thoughts. She reached out and answered it.

“Dev Singh Hai?” A sultry woman’s voice enquired.

“Haan, please hold on I will get him for you,” she turned to call out, only to see Dev walking down the stairs towards her, his face screwed up in a dark frown.

“Err Dev, for you…” She said offering the phone to him.

He took it from her muttering a curt thank you.

He listened for a second and then said in a very hard voice, “Kyu phone kiya yaha? I told you not to call me at home! Hain hain paise mil jayeenge tum ko! Dont you know who I am?” He barked angrily and slammed the phone down.

Geet looked at him in astonishment. Something was terribly wrong.

“Dev, kya hua?”

He looked at her petulantly and walked off.

Geet stared at his retreating back, wide eyed. Shocked that he had just walked away from her in such a temper. Something was going on which involved Dev owing money. This did not sound good at all.

Dark thoughts clouding her mind she went of to work.

At the KC offices…………………………..

Maan spoke with some frustration at the man on the other end of the phone.

“Haan! I want it delivered by next week. No, I already have a gun permit. Yes, OK! And I want everything specifically set up in the grounds of the Haveli as I have instructed you.”
He finished the conversation just as Geet entered his office.

He rose from his chair and walked towards her, his eyes running over her like a soft breeze, making sure she looked well enough to have come in.

“Mishty,” he husked “are you sure you are OK? Why did you come in?” His dark eyes questioned. It had been hard to leave her in the morning as she had melted so lovingly at his kiss and she had looked so adorable in her tousled state.

She went up to him, her hand gently cupping his face, “Maan I am fine! Please stop worrying about the smallest illness, what would you do if something really happened to me? She joked and then gasped as she saw the look in his dark eyes.

His hands closed over her shoulders his fingers digging into her soft flesh, dark eyes filled with torment he spoke, “Mishty don’t even joke about such a thing.” his voice, a pained tremor.

“I have seen you nearly die in my arms, broken and bleeding, Brij trying to kill you, Singhania had you shot….I could not go through that again. So many times you have been hurt” His face twisted in pain as those clear images flashed through his mind bringing all his demons of worry back to him in a millisecond.

He looked down at her, if he could, he would put a protective bubble around her 24 hours a day.

Geet looked up at him. Her eyes filled with tears as she saw the torment clearly reflected there.

“Lekin Maan, each time you have been there, loving me, looking after me. Aap hai to Geet hai….meri her ek pal aapke ammanat hai.”

He pulled her against him, crushing her into him. His arms like steel bands around her, breathing in her sweet fragrance. He wanted to hide her from any pain.

His phone rang out loudly its ‘I love you Maan…..I love you Maan…. making then suddenly smile at each other. He groaned at her his eyes full of embarrassment “I really need you to change this ringtone. It was quite embarrassing the other day when I was in a meeting with Mr Jawari and I had forgotten to put it on silent.

Geet giggled, even as she wiped the remnants of the tears from her eyes.

He didn’t let go of her as he answered the phone, still holding her tightly against him. She tried to wriggle out of his grasp, but he held her tighter, frowning down at her for trying to get away.

Giving up trying to free herself, she just smiled and leant into him, loving the feeling of being so cosseted like this.

He finished the call and said, “Mishty, I have to be at a meeting, dropping a quick kiss on her soft lips, He said to her regretfully “See you later!”

Picking up his files and papers he strode out with Adi who had been hovering outside waiting for him. Adi hid his smile quickly before Maan caught it. Maan Sir was only like a purring pussy cat with Geet, for the rest of them he was still a growling Sher!

Geet smiled at his retreating back, her eyes resting on his cute bottom as he strode away. She practically floated on a high into her office to get down to some work.

At the Haveli a week or so later……………….

“Maan! Maan! Aap kaha le jaate ho mujhe?” Geet questioned as he he led her out into the grounds of the Haveli. She had thought that they were going to a meeting.

“You will find out in a minute Geet, be patent.” he said smiling at her. “Now chalo!” He said pulling her with him.

They came upon where the targets had been set up and Geet looked around in astonishment.

“Yeh kya hai? Targets Mela se maangwaye?” She asked thinking she had seen targets like this at a Mela long time back in Hoshyaarpur. She looked at a table nearby which was laid out with a gun, some small packets.

Maan gave her such a quelling look, “Nahi Geet, I asked these to be specifically set up so I can teach you how to shoot.”

Geet stared at him wide eyed, whatever she had been expecting, it was not this.

“Me? shoot? Kya?” She gaped at him open mouthed. Her face a picture of surprise.

Walking up to her his eyes full of determination and authority he said “Yes! You will learn to shoot a gun. I have applied for a permit for you too. After the close shaves you have had its high time I taught you how to use a gun and defend yourself, especially since you will not agree to a bodyguard.”

“BBBbut Maan mein kaise …” the implications of her keeping a gun and using it were too much for her. She was flummoxed.

His eyes softened on her. “Mishty I am not saying that you should start shooting at everyone. I want you to learn, you can use it as a deterrent, only last week there was a kidnap attempt in this area. I want you to learn so if the need arises you can even shoot at the ground and frighten away any attackers. Just show them you mean business and you know how to use it.” His hands rested on her arms.

Geet thought about what he had just said. Yes even she had read about the attempt. She looked at him her love flowing out of her eyes at him. His very thought was for her safety. She nodded to him her acquiescence.

He smiled and brushed his lips over hers at her quiet nod. Then he got down to the task at hand.

“First, let me show you first how to hold it. This is a Smith and Wesson Ladysmith, especially designed for smaller hands. It has a small frame and can fire up to 5 rounds.

He gently took her hands in his and showed her how to hold it, his fingers guiding her hands into the correct position. Geet listened concentrating hard on what he was saying. He showed her how to open the barrel and load the bullets. How to put on the safety catch, how to take the bullets out and reload them. The way the trigger worked, how to hold it safely when it was loaded.

Astonished at his level of knowledge about guns Geet asked him “Maan where did you learn all this?”

He grinned “I was in the shooting team for University. Our teacher was a gun fanatic and showed us all types of weapons.” he said “Now lets see if we can get some practice in today before the light goes.”

He stood behind her guiding her on how to stand, “There are basically two ways you can stand to aim properly, the first way is like this and is called Weaver stance and the second way is called the Isosceles stance he said showing her. I think we will try the Weaver stance first.

Enclosing her in the circle of his arms he ran his hands down hers lifting her left arm and locking the elbow straight and then with the other hand he guided it leaving it slightly loose, closing his fingers around her fingers he guided them to the correct places.

Geet groaned, his nearness and his spicy male fragrance already distracting her, she could feel his every breath against her cheek as he pressed close into her back so he could show her how to aim.

Her eyes closed and her body started to react to his straight away.

Geet! He said sharply shaking her out of her state ,as if he knew exactly what she had been feeling, “Concentrate! You have a loaded gun in your hand, you have to be careful.”

“Haan, sorry Maan” she whispered instantly contrite, her cheeks pink at having been caught out.

“OK, now we are going to aim properly and pull the trigger,” he said looking at the target, his face was so close she could feel the tickle of his stubble against her cheek.

She glanced at him sideways her eyes soft, saw his dark eyes telling her off and she snapped back to the target.

“Concentrate Geet Concentrate,” she muttered to herself but he was driving her crazy.

His finger closed over hers on the trigger, “Now Geet, aim make sure that its in your line of sight and fire.”

He kept his arms around her holding her in position but her soft warm body was driving him insane.
He muttered to himself to keep control. Why was it that he had absolutely no control over his senses when she came near him.

He had been telling her off, but he was in the same boat. He groaned inwardly as he watched her.
Everything about her distracted him, how she sank her teeth into her bottom lip, her soft eyes focusing, concentrating, she took aim and pulled the trigger, the explosive noise and unexpected pull back had her reeling back into his hard strength.

He held her fast against him. “Mishty are you OK?” he whispered softly against her ear. His voice husky.

Geet was too busy peering into the distance at the target. Suddenly she let out a shriek of delight as she saw that she had actually managed to hit the target.

“Maan! Dekho!” she said turning her head so she could look at him beaming at her achievement.

He smiled at her , his eyes soft on her excited face. His dark eyes molten, but she was to excited to notice.

“Chalo a few more practices before the light goes” he said regaining control. He made her shoot quite a few times before he was satisfied that she was comfortable with doing it herself.

By the time they finished Geet was exhausted, her arms ached and her ears rang with noise.

Later back in the Haveli, he gazed at her, satisfied with her progress as he put away the gun and ammunition safely. She was always a fast learner at everything. He really was proud of his Mishty, but he could see that she was totally exhausted throughout dinner, a busy day at work and then shooting practice.

Dev and Nandu were again missing from the dining table. Nandu, he had seen earlier had gone to her room with a headache and Dev, she had told him had gone out. His brow creased with a frown as he wondered how to solve this ever growing chasm between those two.

But first he needed to do something about his Mishty he thought as his eyes fell on her. And he knew exactly what would be perfect.

“Err Geet I am just going up, I need to read a report for tomorrows meeting.” He said to her as she instructed the servants to clean up.

“Haan Maan mein abhi aati hoon,” she said her eyes sleepy and tired.

Geet climbed the stairs wearily, her arms ached, her ears still rang. She decided a quick shower and then bed would be wonderful. Maan would be still working probably she thought as she entered the room. But he was no where to be seen.

“Maan?” She called out. Where had he gone. Then she heard a noise in the bathroom, the door was ajar, he must be in there she thought.

She walked towards it, opening the door fully, the room was lit only with candles. They were everywhere strewn across each surface, their flames glowing, flickering casting soft golden shadows across the room.

He was leaning down, gently swirling the water in the bath, adding rose petals into the water, she gasped as the heady aroma of fresh roses filled her lungs. The bath foamed with bubbles and swirled invitingly as he flicked a switch to set the whirlpool on. He stood up as he saw her, shirtless, the golden light flickering over the hard planes of his torso, gleaming like a golden god, making her mouth run dry in an instant.

“Maan….” his name came out on a whisper of silk.

“Mishty” he said softly, his dark chocolate eyes, warm with love for her, he held his hand out to her to lead her to the bath. She went with him completely enthralled and under his spell.

“I know your arms ache and you feel tired today,” he said softly, “I thought this might help you” he said his eyes lingering on her face as the golden shadows flickered and weaved a magic spell around them.

She looked so incredibly beautiful, he could hardly breathe. He slowly readied her, his hands removing her clothing, piece by piece and then lifted her into the warm swirling water. The petals suddenly released an intense fragrance as her body crushed them, the warm bubbles swirled all around her.

Groaning with pleasure as the warm water soothed her aches instantly, she leaned back into its depths. Blushing from the roots of her hair to the tips of her toes as his eyes ran over her hungrily.

Trying to bring his wayward thoughts under control, he picked up a sponge and started to wash her arms softly, easing her ache. “Tum ko yaad hai Geet, ke shaadi ke pehle bhi meine tum ko bath diya tha?”

Geet smiled at him through her shyness, “Haan Maan woh din mein kaise bhool sakte hoon, that day too, I was so embarrassed.” She whispered her cheeks on fire as his hands worked magic over over her.

“Hummmm,” His eyes smiled at her “I do remember that you were quite brave,” he said smiling down at her predicament as she squirmed under his molten gaze.

“Maan! Please!” even as her eyes roamed heatedly over bare chest.

“Ok, Mishty mein ja raha hoon! But under protest! Waise that water looks so inviting” He threw back at her his eyes full of mischief. He left her to enjoy the soft bubbles as he knew she would not relax otherwise. Fully intending to go back in and join her in a while.

As he entered the bedroom, pulling on his shirt, he heard the loud hammering on the door, annoyed at the interruption he went to see what it was.

“Chote Sahab please come quickly Dev Sahab is hurt.” Nakul said in his usual happy voice, his actions frantic.

“Hurt? What do you mean?” He said following Nakul down the stairs. He then saw Dev collapsing into the sofa.

“Dev kya hua?” Maan gasped as he saw his face. His lip was cut and swollen there seemed to some considerable bruising on his face, and he was clutching his stomach as if in pain.

Dev looked at him, his eyes suddenly full of fear.

“Kuch nahi bro, I was robbed,” he said quickly. His eyes not quite meeting Maan’s.

Nakul brought some hot water and the first aid kit just then. Dev practically snatched it from Nakuls hands trying to divert Maan’s attention.

Nakul looked at Dev Sahab, yeah suther ne wali nahi hai he thought to himself and went of hurrumphing.

“Did you see who did this?” Maan questioned dark his eyes looking at his brothers face in horror.

“Errr nahi,” Dev said “they jumped on me and took my wallet and watch. Just some thugs.” he finished lamely.

“But where were you? And what were you doing, I have noticed that you are spending less and less time at home lately Dev. Tumhari Nandini ke taraf bhi kuch faraz hai!” Maan finished glaring at Dev not one to beat about the bush. If Dev had been at home as he should have been, this would not have happened.

“Err I was just meeting a friend,” he said tersely.

Maan looked down at him, something was not right but he didn’t press it at the moment. Having cleaned up his cut Dev was looked pale and in pain. .

“Dev doctor ke pass jana hai?” Maan asked worriedly was Dev hurt more then he was saying?

“Nahi bro, I will be fine.” he said as he struggled up and climbed the stairs to his room. Putting as much distance between him and Maan as possible, lest he gave away any clues about what had happened. That had been a lucky escape from Shalinis’ goons he thought.

His bro was sharp as a needle he knew, any slip from him would land him in dire straits. He was not sure whether he was more frightened of Shalini’s and her goons or Maan. He decided with a groan probably Maan would slay him if he found out he had been gambling again and that he had run up massive debts which was not able to repay.

Shalini had sent him quite a few ultimatums now and she had told him that this was only the beginning. If Dev didn’t pay up there would be many more incidents like this she had warned. Dev had suddenly realised at that point that Shalini knew a lot about him, his family and his life, right down to the minutest details. She even knew that he was increasingly having marital problems. She told him plainly she was a business woman who expected her money with interest back and she would go to Maan if that’s what it took.

It was only then Dev realised that he had fallen into her honey trap so easily, now like a fly caught in a spiders web he struggled but could not get free. He was in way too deep. He needed to do something so bro would not find out. Dread filled his pained body. Dear God why was he such an idiot.

Earlier in the evening…………………….
Shalini watched as her bouncers laid into Dev. She had tried being nice, she had tried gentle persuation but Dev Singh was not paying up. Thus her only option was to give him a stark warning. It looked like she would have to go to Maan Singh Khurana. Dev Singh bragged a lot but the substance just didn’t materialise. She had heard a lot about the man it was high time she met him Shalini thought to herself with a smile.

Maan watched Dev disappear up the stairs. His face creased into a frown. Something was not right with Dev. He did hope that Dev was not going back into his old ways again.

Then with a groan he remembered that he had left Geet in the bath. He ran up the stairs two at a time hoping that she had not fallen asleep in there, she had been that tired, it could be a distinct possibility.

Thank God!

He stopped in his tracks entering the bedroom. She was fast asleep on the bed , face down, on his side, wearing his white shirt which just fell past her delectable bottom, exposing her long legs to his hot gaze, her beautiful brown hair curled as it dried around her. Her cheeks pink and flushed from her bath she looked so delectable.

With a frustrated smile at having been denied the pleasure of joining her in the whirlpool, he picked up his night clothes and went to have a cold shower. His own plans would have to wait until the morning, then he would wake his delicious, tousled Mishty up and feast to his hearts content.

Chapter 3

“Maan Sir, there is a woman to see you.” Pinky said as she entered the Tiger’s den with some trepidation.

Maan Sir had been in a foul mood this morning for some reason.

Maan’s dark eyes glared at her. He did not want to be interrupted this morning. Everything seemed to be going wrong.

Well not everything.

Mishty had woken him up early in the morning with a sweet delicious kiss, which had turned into a highly passionate loving. Her lips and soft touch had made him burn until he could not stand it any longer and had to loose himself in her completely, tumbling them both into ecstasy.

But after that it seemed the day had gone downhill. Dev and Nandini had a huge fight in the morning which saw Nandini packing her bags for Amritsar and she had left in huff.

Maybe the space would give them time to reflect and bring them back together eventually. There was always hope he thought. He hated the thought of Dev in another failed relationship. It seemed to him that Dev always needed someone.

“Who is it? Is it a client Pinky?” He questioned tersely.

“No Ssir, she said it was a private matter.” Pinky trailed off lamely.

“OK! Send her in,” he said, thinking whatever it was he would get it over quickly and get back to work.

Shalini walked into the office of Maan Singh Khuarana on a cloud of expensive French perfume. Immediately she was struck by his air of authority, his impatience, his unmistakable arrogance.

Having heard a lot about the man she was sure that he would be a let down when she met him in person, but Maan Singh Khurana was a very pleasant surprise. He was quite handsome to boot. Shame his brother was such a duffer she thought.

Maan looked at the woman who had walked into his office. She was quite striking, her demeanour was haughty, a black trouser suit, well cut looked quite expensive. But it was her face that struck him, she had the most prominent cheekbones and striking cats eyes. He was sure he had not met her before in any business circles, he would have remembered her if he had he thought. But the perfume was too strong for his liking, he thought, his nose twitching, unconsciously he compared it to the beautiful light fragrance of his Mishty.

“Mr Khuarana, I will not beat about the bush, I can see you are busy. I have to come to you on a most delicate matter.” She said watching his reaction.

He indicated for her to sit down. She settled herself into a chair confidently.

“How can I help you…Ms…..?” Maan questioned, striking or not he had plenty of work to be getting on with.

“Your brother Mr Dev Singh Khurana owes me a very large sum of money. He has been playing heavily at my Casino, loosing money. Borrowing from a lot of people including myself. I have tried over the last few weeks to give him plenty of time to pay him back but as yet no joy.” She said not bothering to supply her name.

Maan’s eyebrows shot up instantly, his face creased into a frown. Dev owed money to this woman, how and why?

“So why have you come to me?” Maan asked angrily. It seemed Dev was up to his old ways again. Last time he had paid off his debts because of Daadima but this time he would not be at all happy to do so.

Shalini watched his reactions closely. It looked like Maan Singh Khurana did not look too happy to hear about his brothers debts. But then she had expected that, from what she had heard about him being as straight as an arrow was proving to be true.

He looked at her and said “If my brother owes you money I am sure he will pay it back to you. There is no need for me to get involved at all. This is between you and Dev. He is quite capable of handling his own affairs.” his eyes looked directly into hers leaving no room for doubt that he meant what he had said, he was not going to get involved.

Shalini’s eyes twinkled back him, she had expected this so she was not put out at all.
“Lekin Mr Khurana, we both know that Dev is not capable of paying me back that amount of money, if he had been I am sure he would have done it already. We are talking about 50 Lakhs here. Its not a small amount of money by any means. And I also know that Dev has recently divorced, I am assuming that he his ex-wife took him to the cleaners.”

She saw the anger rise up inside him, his cheeks slashed with colour. His eyes blazed at her. He got up from his chair and stood next to his desk, his stance aggressive.

She carried on regardless “My problem is that I have asked Dev quite nicely up to now but I am loosing my patience. I can give you a maximum of a week to sort this matter out. If I don’t have the money by then I will have to take whatever action I need to take, I can wait but the people above me will not ……….” she looked at him her eyes hard and full of determination, she carried on “…and that could mean uncomfortable situations for your loved ones, those people, they are not as nice as me.” she said threateningly.

Maan’s eyes immediately flew to Geet in her office, through the glass partition. She saw him staring at her and smiled a smile so full of love his heart twisted.

Shalini watched him closely, admiring his stance, she too looked through the partition at what had made his face soften and his eyes melt and saw the woman smile back at him with so much love in her eyes a soft gasp escaped her lips. Is that how it is to be loved unconditionally she thought, realising that this must be his wife Geet, she had heard that Maan Singh Khurana was insanely in love with his wife.

In her own life she had never seen much love at all. She had been used and she had used in turn, its all she knew. But here between these two she saw something that touched her heart.
Then she remembered who she was and why she had come here. If she did not get the money back there would be hell to pay for her also.

“Mr Khurana? Do we have an agreement? I came to you specifically as I know you will not want any of this getting out into the papers.” She asked determinedly, a hard edge to her voice.

He turned back to face her, his face a mask of anger.

“No! I will not be paying back Dev’s debts. You need to take it up with him. And I do not take kindly to threats either,” he said glaring at her. “If any of my family has one hair on their hair harmed you will not find me a nice person to deal with either!” He finished firmly making sure she understood what he was saying.

“You are making a very big mistake. If you just clear the debts then we will not bother you, but as you are insisting otherwise, I think you need to know that you are not dealing with nice people here.”

With that she got up and made her way to the door of a cloud of expensive perfume. And a reluctant last look at him she walked out of the door.

As soon as she had left Maan picked up his mobile and called Dev.

Damn it! How had Dev let this happen again? Dev’s phone went to voicemail. Angrily he left a curt and precise message that he wanted to see him now in his office urgently.

Sorting out security was paramount. She had made no specific threats to anybody but the underlying message was clear as crystal to him.

Leaning on his desk he took a deep breath, he needed to sort this out ASAP. Thinking fast he pulled up his contacts list on the mobile and called Major Saab, the only man he trusted Geet’s life with apart from himself.

“Maan beta, how nice to hear from you. How are you and how is your beautiful Geet?” Major Saab asked cordially.

“Major Saab I am fine. But I have a issue that I need you to handle.” He started to outline the problem to the Major. They had a long and detailed conversation, Maan instantly felt better.

Finishing the call, he sighed with relief thank God Major Saab had been in Delhi. There was no one he trusted more.

Now for Geet he thought turning to look through the glass, but she was not there.

He strode into her office but it looked like she had gone, he noticed that her bag was not there. She had gone somewhere whilst he had been on the phone. Damn it! He rushed out of her office to find Adi to ask where she had gone, he was sure Adi would know.

“Adi! Tum ko paata hai Geet kaha gayee? He questioned urgently.

“Er sir she was going to a meeting with Mr Jawari. If you remember she wanted to show him her designs for the interior.”

“Damn!” Maan’s face clouded over instantly with worry. He pulled out his mobile to call her.

Just three-quarters of an hour earlier………………….

Shalini’s phone rang as she made her way out of the KC building.

“Well?” Came the impatient query.

“No he wont play. Whatever you want to do though, you will have to do it quickly. I am sure he will sort out and double security by the end of today, specially where his wife is concerned. The only weak point I can see in him is his wife Geet. I don’t think he would bother if anything happened to Dev that much or even Dev’s wife.” She said as she stood outside the building, then she spotted Geet coming out of the building and getting into her car.

“Geet seems to be going somewhere, alone.” she said to the man on the other end of the phone. “This maybe your only chance,” she added “but you have to act quickly.” And then for the first time in her life she felt a pang of regret at having to do this to this couple but she herself had little choice in the matter.

Geet was already late for her meeting with Mr Jawari but she had forgotten the samples at home so she told the driver that they would have go to the meeting via home.

She urged the driver to hurry. In the meantime she prepared the documents that she had with her for the meeting. They arrived at the Haveli, traffic was not too bad at all today she thought. Running in to the hall in haste she almost bumped into Nakul. He was walking around with some pans.

She stared at him in surprise “Nakul what are you doing with those?” She queried.

“Madamji sab ke handle loose the, so I am just going to get them fixed.” Nakul replied happily.

Another car pulled up right behind hers, she turned to see who it was and waited for the two men who had alighted to approach the door, curious as to who they were. She had not seen them before.

And just then her phone rang she automatically answered it.

It was Maan. “Are you missing me already?” she laughed into the phone “I was there not long ago.”

“Geet! Geet tum kaha ho!!!” Maan asked urgently, fear coursed through him.

“Maan mein ghar ayee hoon, I forgot some samples to take to my meeting with Mr Jawari. But listen I will call you back as there are some men at the door I will just go and see what they want.”

“Geet! GEET!” Maan screamed into the phone but she had cut him off already walking forward to greet them.

“Hello, can I help you?” Geet asked the two men who had walked into the hall.

The home phone rang suddenly blaring out into the quiet hall.

Nakul put the pans on the table next to the phone and answered it. “Heeellooo Khurana residence.”

Maan’s terse tones came from the other end of the line. “Nakul Geet ko do phone.”

“Chota Sahib Geetmadam is talking to some men who have jut come in. Looks like chanda lene ayye hai” he said sarcastically taking in the men’s appearance.

Maan’s heart started to beat faster. Men? Who could it be?

Maan loudly reiterated “NAKUL, GEET ko bulawo jaldi!” just as Nakul saw one of the men grabbing Geet and pulling her with him.

Nakul shouted in shock “Geetmadam!!…….. Maan Sir yeh log Madam ko zabarjasti le jejte hai!” and with that he dropped the phone picking up the frying pan he ran up to one of the men and hit him hard with it. The handle and the pan parted company, both clattering on to the marble floor loudly.

The man screamed in pain. Another man ran out of their car with a gun and started to wave it about in Geets face. Geet screamed as they pulled her out towards their car. Other servants and security ran into the hall to help but seeing the gun pointed at Geet and the menacing look from the men they shrank back. The men bundled a screaming, resisting Geet into their four by four.

The man who Nakul had hit drew himself up to his full height, he was quite large and very menacing, Nakul baulked in fear, the man glared at Nakul and slapped him across the face but even so Nakul grabbed his sleeve and hung on for dear life.

The man started to walk towards door, dragging Nakul with him, Nakul spotted Geet’s fallen mobile on the floor and grabbed at it tucking it into his pocket whilst the man was distracted trying to get rid of him.

In the end the man determined not to be left behind by his now screaming comrades threw Nakul over his shoulder and ran with him to the car bundling him in with Geet.

Maan could only listen in horror as the whole thing unfolded to him over the phone.

“GEET!!” he screamed into the phone, but all he could hear was the ensuing shouts and chaos from the other servants and security.

Just then Dev came into his office. “Bro kya hua? You called and left an urgent message on my phone.” He casually asked.

Maan’s eyes already filled with dread and fear for Geet settled on Dev and he lost it completely. He grabbed Dev and threw him against the desk his temper past boiling point.

“Dev its because of you this has happened, because of YOU!” He screamed at Dev. Pulling Dev up he slapped him right across the face and threw him with disgust on the floor, breathing hard, his face a mask of volcanic anger. Picking him up again and throwing him against the desk.

The whole office came to a shocked standstill suddenly at this sudden explosion of violence from Maan at his own brother.

Adi rushed into Maan’s office staring at the goings on in total shock.

“KKKya hua Bro?” wiping a smear of blood from his cut lip, he asked fearing but knowing that he had been found out. He knew Bro would be mad, but this mad?

Then suddenly it struck Maan that this would not help Geet. She was the one who had been taken, he could not loose it like this when she needed him most.

He pulled the now seriously frightened Dev off his table and thrust him bodily into the sofa in his office.

With an enormous effort he controlled his temper and questioned a now quaking Dev. “Who do you owe so much money to? I want to know now! They have just kidnapped Geet!”

Chapter 4

Geet struggled valiantly but they were too strong for her. One of the men tied up her hands roughly. Seconds later, the last man bundled poor Nakul in, throwing him into the four by four with some force. Nakul lay in a heap on the car floor where the man had thrown him in, frightened out of his wits.

Geet screamed at them not to hurt him, he looked petrified but he had been so brave, she had seen how hard he had tried to stop them from abducting her. Nakul with his frying pan! If they were not in this dire situation she could have laughed. She felt so terrible that he had also taken a beating whilst trying to save her.

Seething with temper she said “Let him go! He is of no use to you. I assuming its me you are after?”

The men ignored her completely. She leant to help Nakul up so he could sit up properly. One of the men pushed her back roughly shouting at her. She glared back him.

Nakul said in a weak whisper as she leant down again “Geet madam Maan Sir ko paata chal gaya hai, that was him on the phone.”

Maan! Her eyes filled with tears. Why did this kind of thing keep happening to them?

The man who had slapped Nakul screamed at her and slapped her very hard. That was the last thing Geet remembered before she passed out as her head banged viciously against the car door.

Later that day…………………..

Geet awoke with a vicious headache. Pitch darkness engulfed her. She hated the dark. Her hands were still tied behind her back. She felt bruised all over, her cheek where the man had slapped her and where she had banged her head throbbed painfully. Slowly her eyes grew accustomed to the darkness, there was not much too see. The room seemed small, dark dirty walls, no window, she already started to feel claustrophobic. The rickety bed she was on creaked and swayed ominously as she struggled trying to free her hands, the whole place smelled musty and damp.

She heard some loud voices outside, a man in a very cultured posh voice was telling someone off quite badly, in fact as she strained her ears to listen, his conversation seemed to be interspersed with loud slaps and a lot of grovelling from another weaker man’s voice.

“I said to you not to harm her!” A man said loudly. “She is not some two bit floosie, she is a lady, the wife of Maan Singh Khurana! You are a total idiot! What are you?” He questioned with a loud slap.

“Bbbut Boss, she was fighting back and not cooperating at all.” The other grovelling voice said.

“Chalo, what’s done is done. And why did you bring the servant?? What was the point of that! Just more trouble.” He said sighing loudly. “You just cant get the staff nowadays.”


Balwant Omprakash Sundeep Singh or BOSS as he was known more widely, muttered a curse under his breath. Chandu had at least the brains not to put them both in the same room. Mrs Khurana was on one side and the servant on the other. He glared at Chandu again and indicated that he should open the door to Mrs Khurana’s room.

The ancient wooden door of Geet’s room opened with eerie creak, and a man came into the frame of the doorway, followed by another shorter man. She recognised the shorter man as the driver of the four by four, the one who had the gun. His face was quite scary and menacing.

There was a weak light behind him and Geet could vaguely see a dingy corridor past him and another door opposite, she could not see the taller man’s face at all, it was in shadow. But his voice reached out and slid over her coldly, an involuntary shiver ran like an unstoppable tidal wave right through her.

“I am so sorry that it has come to this,” he said, as if he was personally affronted by having to deal with such a situation. “But your husband did not want to play, if he had cleared Dev’s debts …a mere 50 lacs just would not have been such an issue but now we have had to take such drastic action we will want more then that…… just to cover our costs you understand ..” He laughed at his own joke.

“So Mrs Khurana do make your self comfortable but I am sure your husband will be quick to pay up. I understand he loves you more then life itself. Ahhhh Young love..” he sighed, “So beautiful” he finished in a creepy sinister voice.

“Chandu! Yeh kya?” he said in a fake, shocked voice, “Haath khol do Mrs Khurana ke or may I call you Geet?! he carried on without waiting for her answer as Chandu untied her hands.

Geet peered into the darkness trying to see his face but he deliberately kept himself in the shadows. She rubbed her now free hands to get the blood flowing back into them, the rope had cut right into her skin leaving painful red welts all around her wrist.

“Now we want you to tell him that you are fine and for him to bring 5 Coror in small bank notes by tomorrow morning to a destination we will specify later,” he said, Chandu came in behind him and a bright light was shone in her face blinding her momentarily. He thrust a mobile phone into her face suddenly and barked,


Geet’s eyes blazed with anger. She was not going to say anything of the sort. Maan she knew would have already been dying a thousand deaths on her behalf. She was not going to make it worse for him by pleading.

“Nahi! I am not going to do it!” She told him vehemently.

“Tut tut tut! Geet, you are a very stubborn lady. You should just make it easy on your self and do as we ask otherwise we will have to get nasty and I do so hate doing that to beautiful women like you” His cold reedy voice sounded if he would actually enjoy doing nasty things, Geet thought, she shrank back as far as she could against the dirty wall as his hand reached out to trail long thin fingers against her swollen cheek.

She could now see his face partially, she gasped in fright as she saw it and then realised that he was was just wearing a plastic mask that looked so horrible, stretching the skin under it so his features were unrecognisable..

“Bas itne se he baat hai, you tell him that we want 5 Corors for your safe return, yeh to haaton ka mel hai Maan Singh Khurana ke liye.” He said again thrusting the phone into her face.

Geet’s eyes sparked fire at him. She kept her lips tightly closed she was not going to say anything of the sort she decided.

“Oh well! He said with a sigh we all have to do what we have to do! Chandu, Madam ko encouragement de do, to speak up.” He said to Chandu with a sinister laugh.

Chandu grabbed a hold of Geet’s arm and twisted it viciously. Geet bit her lip from crying out as pain erupted in her arm and shoulder, she could see that he had the phone thrust in her face and was filming her predicament. She would not help him torture Maan any more then he already must be by screaming and pleading.

Chandu gave her arm another vicious twist and she visibly paled but did utter a word, her eyes spat fire at the man. Boss smiled a sinister smile at her stubbornness he did so love a challenge.

“Bas bas Chandu, we do not want Maan Singh Khurana to think we are bad people do we?” He said with a little snigger, “I am sure that should be sufficient encouragement for him to do as we say.”

He turned towards the door and said “Lets go Chandu we have a lot of work to do, we have to go and contact Maan Singh Khurana so we can let him know that his biwi is ‘safe’ in our hands” he said walking away laughing to himself.

They shut the door with a loud bang. She heard the stopper click into the groove from outside, it grated on her ears and sounded as if it had not been oiled for years. Suddenly a small flap opened near the top and Chandu grinned a menacing toothy grin at Geet, making her shiver, and left. The room was once again plunged into its quiet frightening darkness.

She heard their footsteps fading away down the corridor, slowly she came off the bed feeling her way she went to the door to see if she could open the little flap Chandu had looked through thinking maybe she could get some light into the room enabling to check for any ways of escaping. Finding the seam with her fingers she tried to pry it open. After some effort and several broken fingernails she managed to open it, she could peer through if she raised herself on tip toe.

The corridor glowed with the weak flickering light of a lantern, all she could see were dark dirty walls, no windows at all, crushing her hopes of escape.

The whole place seemed erringly quiet then suddenly there was a noise,


Geet looked across the way to see Nakul’s head bobbing up and down like a Yoyo. There was a small look through his door as well but it seemed to be much higher then hers.

Astonished she whispered back “Nakul what are you doing?” her eyes wide at his mad antics.

“I cant reach the window!” he muttered breathlessly, continuing to jump up and down.

A mad giggle escaped Geet, this whole situation was so bizarre.

Then he went away for a moment and she heard a dragging noise, eventually after a moment he came back to the look through quite out of breath, she could now see his whole face, it looked somewhat battered and worse for wear. Instantly she felt so bad.

“Mujhe box mila,” he said as way of explanation.

“Nakul are you all-right? I am so sorry,” she said her eyes misting up, he had been so brave.

Nakul looked his Madam, he could see the swelling on her cheek and he had seen the way they had thrown her about when she had been unconscious and even then she was feeling his pain.

He said in a somewhat croaky voice, “Haan Madam I am fine.” and then “Geetmadam! Geetmadam!” he said with much excitement in a loud whisper, “Dekho Dekho!”

He flashed her phone in front of his face.

Geet’s face broke out in a pained smile, her phone!! they could call for help now. But as she looked closer she saw that it looked damaged the back casing looked broken.

“Nakul is it working?” she asked with hope in her eyes.

“Nahi madam but I might be able to fix it. Let me try,” he said.

Just then they both heard steps coming back towards them. Both Nakul and Geet looked at each other they did not want the phone to be found Geet’s eyes filled with fright, she nodded franticly to Nakul, he nodded back his face too looked scared, he went from the look through and she hastily closed the flap.

She heard Nakul quickly drag the box away from the door then all was quiet. Wearily she sat down on the rickety bed in the darkness wondering what Maan was doing.

Earlier just moments after Geet was abducted at KC………………..

Adi’s forehead had broken out into a sweat. Geet kidnapped. The fear rose up in him. But he quelled the fear and got down to practical details, he went back out of Maan’s office and told everyone to get back to work. Then came back in to see if he could help somehow, his face pale as the reality of the situation sunk in.

Maan’s eyes blazed at a visibly quaking Dev.

“Bolo! He said quietly bringing his temper under control. I want to know what you have been doing and who have you borrowed money from?” His face dark as a thunder cloud.

“Bro I was playing at the casino everything was fine and then I started to loose badly first it was just small amounts and then it mounted up.” He trailed off lamely.

Maan glared at him.

Dev continued “then they started to offer me money to keep playing, I kept winning at those times then I would loose it.”

Maan groaned in angry frustration his eyes still blazing “Dev! How could you have been such an idiot? They were playing you from the beginning. Right! I want to know all the names. I have not got time for all this Geet is in danger!

As he said those words and they sunk in, he stopped suddenly as an unbearable pain struck him in the chest, he could hardly breath for a moment. His Mishty was in the hands of thugs and he had no idea if she was hurt or what their intentions were. He gripped the desk next to him, intense fear swamped him, his knuckles stood out stark white from the strain.

Then quietly he said “Adi call home and tell the security not to do anything until I get there, no police, nothing! Maan said firmly. Adi nodded and started to do as he had instructed.

Dev looked at him with concern. He made a move towards him, Maan’s head snapped up and he glared at Dev as if daring him to touch him. Maan knew it would not take much now for him to loose it again with him and he would happily flatten Dev right into the floor, beating him to a pulp. But that would not help Geet.

“Bolo!” He snapped.

Adi finished his call and reached for a writing pad.

Dev gave him a list of the names and addresses of all the people he had been borrowing from and the details of the Casino. Adi started to compile the details.

Leaving Adi to take the details he pulled out his phone again and called Major Saab and explained what had just taken place. Major Saab instructed him to meet him at the Haveli incase there was anything the security or servants to could help with.

“Maan beta, do not worry I am sure they will not hurt Geet. Whoever has taken her will keep her safe. I am sure you will get a ransom note or call pretty soon. I will meet you at the Haveli within half an hour.” With that Major Saab sprang into action calling his team and started making his way to the Haveli.

Maan turned back to Dev and Adi and said “I am going to the Haveli to meet Major Saab, Adi you come with me.” He said already striding out of the door.

Pinky hovered in the doorway looking tearful and worried about Geet.

Maan looked at her and nodded to her to say he understood. “Pinky, Adi is coming with me, please take charge of the office.”

Pinky nodded tearfully, her eyes brimming over as she looked at the pain in his face. She could only imagine what was going through his mind.

“Bbuut what about me? I want to help too.” Dev spoke and then wished he had not as Maan’s head whipped around in such anger he practically shrivelled him on the spot.

“I think you have done enough! Dont You?” He threw at him his eyes full of pain and strode out, Adi practically running to keep up with him.

At the Haveli……………………

Major Saab had phoned all his contacts, he was sure somewhere, someone would know who was behind this. To keep a crime hidden like this in the underworld was not easy. There was always someone who would talk for a price or give information because they had a grudge to bear.

Whilst he waited for Maan to arrive he questioned all the security and servants one by one. They all looked pretty shaken up and fearful for Geet’s and Nakul’s safety.

Maan strode in to the hall his eyes immediately falling on a picture of himself and Geet taken on their wedding day that was displayed on a side table. He stared at it for a moment his eyes dark with pain and then strode forward to greet Major Saab.

Major Saab engulfed him in huge bear hug. Maan although not accustomed to such open affection usually or requiring it welcomed his hug at this moment. He knew that Geet would be safer for the involvement of Major Saab.

“Beta it looks like they have also taken your butler Nakul, who apparently had been most brave. He made such a fuss they had to take him as well. Security said that they took the licence plate number and I am having checked at the moment but it from my thinking they must be false plates. This looks like a professional operation”

Maan nodded. Getting his thoughts together.

Major Saab’s phone rang and he answered it quickly.

“Haan, Haan. OK thank you.” He turned to Maan and said “false number plates.” And then as he saw the despair in Maan’s eyes he said, “My contacts are still working on the matter. And its only been a few hours yet.”

Maan closed his eyes, a few hours? It seemed to be a lifetime!

“Major Saab here are the details of the Casino and the people that…errr…were involved.” Adi said diplomatically.

Major Saab looked down at the list. He knew quite a few names on the list. Shalini was well known to him as were a number of the others. This was quite scam Dev had got involved in. He looked at Maan and thought how very different the brothers were.

He called his second in command and relayed the information so that his men could go to the Casino and see if they could find out any leads.

Maan’s phone rang, absently looked at the display,

“MMS message” Instantly alarms started to ring in his head he indicated with his eyes for Major Saab to come closer.

He opened the MMS, instantly a picture of a pale Geet writhing in agony as someone twisted her arm viciously flooded the screen. Maan almost staggered back as total helplessness swamped him. He could do nothing but watch. A thin reedy cultured voice spoke the terms of her release and told him to get 5 Coror ready by the morning. They would contact him again and tell him to bring it. Finished off by telling him not to involve the police as he knew that Maan was a smart man then laughing at his own joke the message ended.

Major Saab was saying to him that he maybe able to trace where this MMS had come from by using
Reverse Cell Phone tracking. If the phone was registered with any network they would be able to trace it. But even Major Saab realised that there was not much chance of tracing the phone and finding Geet that way. The man who had sent the MMS didn’t seem stupid, he would not make it that easy for them.

The voice had sounded quite urbane and cultured. He had heard of only one man that would have the gall to carry out such a operation. He had heard he was called BOSS.

Maan barely heard what the Major was saying. He had not even heard the sum mentioned or what the man had actually said. His eyes had just seen her in pain, her cheek swollen, the red welts on her wrists. Her pale face as her arm was twisted. She had not uttered a word even though he could clearly see the force that was being applied on her arm. He had seen her eyes spitting fire angrily at her abductor even as she was in pain. He was so incredibly proud of his brave Mishty at that moment.

He knew she would have been thinking of him, knowing that he would see this message. His eyes closed as her pale face swam before him, he had to to get to her quickly tomorrow was too late.

At about the same time at the kidnappers hideaway…………….

Nakul pretended to be asleep as the door of his cell creaked open. A plate of food was practically thrown on the floor and then the door was shut again and he heard the stopper grate into place.
Chandu laughed to himself. He had given the servant an extra kicking for being so annoyingly persistent in hanging on to Raju. He loved his job.

Picking up a lantern he opened Geets door and took the plate of food for her.

She stared at him angrily. “Mujhe nahi khana!”

Chandu laughed and shrugged his shoulders. Taking the plate of food, he started to leave.

Suddenly Geet thought of something…”Errrr I have changed my mind…..but I can not eat it in the dark can you leave the light in here…please,” she said her eyes imploring Chandu.

Chandu thought about it and decided that it was OK he left the lantern in the room and shut the door firmly behind him, making sure the stopper was secure. He did not want to get into to trouble with the Boss again.

As soon as he left and she heard his footstep die away, she leapt of the rickety bed and checked the whole room thoroughly for any possible escape routes, now that there was light she could see that it was not a s small as she had thought. There was a small door hidden behind some wood piled up.

She pushed and shoved at the door but it didn’t give, but she did see that the hinges were quite rotten. If she could find something hard she could work into she thought she maybe able to get the door loose.

She looked around, there was nothing even remotely tool like. Then her eyes fell on her plate. She rushed over to it, taking the roti she piled up the sabji on it and placed it on the bed then taking the metal plate, with its edge she started to work on the hinges. Thank fully they were so rotten she was able to get them loose in no time, she slowly pulled the door as far as it would open it was not much but she thought with some effort she could manage to squeeze herself out.

She peered out anxiously wondering where the door led as she managed to squeeze herself out of her room. She found herself in another room much like hers but this one had the door open that led to the dingy corridor slowly she crept out and went to Nakul’s door.

“Nakul! Nakul,” she whispered raising her self up on tip toes.

Nakuls face bounced up to the window and he was surprised to see that she was in the corridor.

“Geetmadam how did you get out?” He asked bouncing up and down.

She rolled her eyes at his mad antics she released his stopper carefully trying not to make too much noise. Opening the door she asked frantically, “did you get the phone to work?”

He said “I think I have but there is no signal here.” She took the phone from his hand and tried, it flickered into life by some miracle and she thanked Babaji profusely.

But the signal was so weak. They could barely get a dial tone. She walked around the room to try pick up a better signal. As she approached one of the walls she got a couple of bars. Instantly she pressed ‘Maan’ on quick dial.

They both heard a loud bang somewhere in the building. Looking at each other in fright, Geet quickly said for Nakul to hide the phone somehow in that area, leaving it on. Nakul lay down looking as he if still asleep hiding the phone behind him.

She quickly ran back through into her room. Pushing the wood back into place hurriedly picked up her plate and food, and started eating just as Chandu opened the flap and peered in to check on her.

Grinning his nasty toothy grin at her as he saw her sitting quietly eating her food. Shame, he thought she had decided to cooperate, he would have enjoyed some more pain inflicting, she had such lovely soft skin. He closed the flap and went off again singing, “you are my chhaamk chalu…………”

Back at the Haveli…………………………….

In the quiet tense atmosphere of the Haveli Maan’s phone suddenly blared ‘Maan I love you, Maan I love you!”

Chapter 5

Maan’s eyes lit up with hope, for the first time since this whole awful day had unfolded with such terrible consequences for Geet.

He answered it quickly his voice husky with hope and love for her, “Geet! Geet!”

But there was no sweet responding voice on the other end of the line, just crackle. He tried again

“Mishty! Bolo please!”

But again nothing. Then the call went dead.

“GEET!” Maan stared at the display with dismay. He immediately called back frantically. But the call did not connect, he kept trying again and again, his face a mask of pain and frustration.

After a moment Major Saab stepped up to him and gently touched his shoulder.

“Beta do not despair, we have a lead now!” he said with a smile on his face.

Maan looked up at him and thoughts raced through his sharp mind, “ Yes!” He said triumphantly “We will be able to trace her phone through GPS technology, triangulate its location.” Hope lit up his face.

One of the other servants piped up, “Maan Sir humara Nakul ne Geetmadam ka phone floor se pick kar liya tha, hiding it in his pocket, as she had dropped it, when that man was dragging him away.”

Nakul! Maan thanked him silently, vowing to up his salary for such quick thinking.

Major Saab said “Maan beta the Delhi police will have the technology at their disposal and also the have the pull quickly to get the phone company to cooperate with us.

Maan’s eyes darkened, he knew it was the best option but he remembered the warning not to involve the police.

He was just about to say something when his phone rang again. He quickly pressed answer thinking it might be Geet. But it was not.

A woman’s voice spoke quietly and softly to him. Everyone had started talking around him, he raised his hand frantically to stop them so he could concentrate.

A little while earlier at the Casino…………….

Major Saab’s men, Ram and Salim both mingled and subtly questioned here and there. They were specially trained to do this. Soon they had collected a mass of information on the man they called Boss as per instructions from the Major.

Shalini watched them from a distance. She too, had much experience of private agents like these, she could tell them from a mile. She grinned to herself and went to play her own little game with them to find out who they were working for.

A while later she sat down in her office. Surprised that they were working for Maan Singh Khuarana. He sure was moving Heaven and Earth to find his wife and so quickly she thought. But then she remembered the moment in his office, the moment when she had seen his eyes melt and his face soften as he had looked at his wife, and the love that poured out Geet’s eyes for him. Such unconditional love. And she had helped to put her in danger, pangs of regret stabbed at her viciously for the first time in her life.

In her own life there would be no Maan Singh Khuarana, just people like Boss who only knew how to use and then discard women like torn old clothes. She sat back in her chair for once at a loss at why she was feeling like this. Her heart felt heavy, separating Maan and his wife,Geet suddenly seemed to be the worst crime she had ever committed. She came to a decision and picked up her mobile.

As Maan listened to the caller back at the Haveli……………………

“Tum!” Maan said as he recognised the voice. “Were you not the one who came to my office and threatened me only this morning? He said his voice heavy with anger, “Why should I listen to you now!”

“Dekho Mr Khuarana you can listen to me or not, its your choice. I had no option but to do as I was told. As I said to you the people behind this are not very nice. I know you have already have private detectives working on finding out where she is being held. Although I can not tell you where because I don’t know the location but I can tell you she is being held by a man called Boss. He is well known to the police. He has been involved in many kidnappings lately.” She carried on “I am sure that with this information you will be able to narrow down the field of search.” Then as she spied Boss walking into the Casino she said quickly “I have to go now. Don’t try and contact me and rang off.”

Maan had put her call on loudspeaker so that Major Saab could hear also.

“Do you think we should listen to her?” Maan asked him, “after all she is part of the whole gang.”

Major saab replied “Boss! I had my suspicions that it could be Boss and yes that fits in with my theory completely. Its not that we need to trust her, but she has added confirmation to what I had been thinking already. Maan contact the DGP, we both know he will be happy to help you and be discrete as well, its our quickest option to triangulate and trace to pinpoint the location. In the meantime I will get a team together so we can be ready to go at a moments notice when we get the location.”

Maan nodded. He looked at the time on his display. It was getting on just after 10 pm, Geet and Nakul had been in the thugs hands for over 8 hours now. He pulled up his contacts list and found the DGP’s private number.

DGP Saab was in the middle of a sumptuous Charity dinner event with his wife Laxmi. He had promised Laxmi that he would not answer his phone, but as soon as he saw it was Maan he excused himself and went to a quiet spot out on to the balcony. He respected this young man and his achievements with pride. In fact Maan was one of the major donor’s to the Policemen’s Widows and Orphans fund, although he did it so quietly, where as others blew their trumpets too loud. He knew that Maan would not ring him on his private number unless it was a serious emergency.

“Maan, how are you?” DGP Saab asked cordially.

“Sir I am fine but I need your help urgently its about Geet. Is this line secure or is there anywhere we can meet.” he questioned quickly.

DGP’s senses instantly went into alert. “About Geet? Maan, this line is secure,” he said. “Go on.”

Maan quickly filled him in with the details. DGP Saab’s mind raced. This would have to be handled ever so quietly. He did not want to place Geet’s life in danger but at the same time he wanted Boss to be caught. Over the last year his intelligence department had amassed reams of information about him. But still no one knew who he actually was. By his estimation he would have to be a quite a upper class socialite mixing in with the rich, targeting his victims with unerring accuracy.

“Maan give me the number of Geet’s phone I will set my team to work on it immediately. I will call you as soon as we have more information,” he said, taking the details he rang off.

Maan paced the living room like a caged Tiger. Geet’s pale face swam before his eyes. Dark pain engulfed him. He knew that he had done everything that he possibly could to try and find her, but still it was not enough. He hated himself for not being able to do more, she was not here in his arms, her beautiful smile lighting up his soul. When he found her he was never going to let her out of his asight at all. he vowed to himself, his Mishty, his Sunshine.

It seemed as if the moments were stretching endlessly into hours, conspiring to keep his Mishty apart from him. But he was not going to let time win. He would find her tonight even if it meant he had to turn over every stone, and check every gali in Delhi until he found her.

He already had sent Adi off to sort out the money if it came to that. There was no amount he was not willing to pay, he would sell his soul to the Devil if he thought it would bring Geet back quicker.

His phone rang, it was DGP Saab. “Maan we have located where the call came from, there are some abandoned farm buildings towards the New F1 Buddh International Circuit, just near a place called Moonjkheda, the location is remote, looks like a good spot to hide people. I have gathered together a small elite team and I am sure Major Saab has his men too.”

Maan’s heart beat frantically, they had found her at last. But they had to move with caution.

“We cannot put Geet in any danger if it looks that is going to happen I am going to tell you to abandon the attempt. I would rather pay the ransom then put Geet or Nakul in any danger whatsoever. And please don’t go in until I get there.” Maan said firmly his voice brooking no arguments, he knew he was speaking to the DGP of Delhi, but where it concerned his Mishty, he was not taking any chances.

DGP Saab smiled into the phone, he knew exactly how Maan felt about his wife and said, “Maan rest assured we will be extremely cautious. Now take down the details and we will meet you there.”

Maan disconnected the phone, his eyes filled with tenderness, Mishty mein aa raha hoon, he whispered softly in his heart………….

At that moment in the Kidnappers hideaway……………..

Geet suddenly stopped moving the pile of wood hiding her escape route, as a sweet warm feeling reached out to engulf her in its embrace. Her eyes closed of their own accord and she saw Maan’s sweet crooked smile in her mind. His eyes full of love and tenderness.

“Maan!” His name escaped her lips on a prayer. She stood for a moment just leaning on the door for support, her whole body cried out to be in his arms. She knew he would be doing everything in his power and more to find her. It was up to her to help him.

Chandu had come to collect the plate earlier, bringing along with him the two other goons from the car. They had all leered at her and made out as if they were going to touch her but then stopped and laughed at her predicament, enjoying their Cat and Mouse games, they would have liked to do a lot more but mindful of what the boss had threatened them with, they left her alone. Geet had sighed with relief.

Chandu had been showing off with his gun in front off his goon mates. She peered at the gun, it was similar to the gun Maan had taught her to use. If only she could somehow get a hold of it, she thought, but it was not going to be that easy, they were all armed with either guns or knives.

They left her, still laughing and cracking dirty jokes. Raju had told them that he had his card pack and they all decided to play to pass the time, she heard their voices fading away down the corridor and leapt into action again, thinking if they were going to settle down to play she surely had more time to try and escape.

Squeezing herself out into the other room she made her way quietly to Nakul’s door and opened it cautiously.

Nakul was still pretending to be asleep his eyes tightly shut.

She whispered “Nakul!” His eyes flew open and he gave her a battered, beaming smile. He reached for the phone from its hiding place and gave it to her.

She tried to bring it back to life but this time with no success.

“Nakul! I heard that they were all going to start playing cards. Lets give it about half an hour to an hour until they really get into their game and then see if we can make our way down the corridor and see if we can find a way out. I am going back into my room for now in case they come to check up, you wait until I come and get you” She said to Nakul who was nodding in agreement. Nakul was willing to try anything, he did not want another beating from Chandu who seemed to enjoy every moment of it.

They had to at least try and escape, who knew how long they would keep away from her, she thought, as she made her way back into her dingy horrible stuffy room.

At about the same time…………………….

Maan sat in the jeep along with Major Saab and three of his men. Quietly, he and Major had slipped out of the Haveli through a side gate, in case anyone was still watching the house. The Team Major Saab had gathered looked like elite commandos, geared up and ready, they had met them a short distance from the house. They both strapped on bullet proof vests. At such short notice Maan thought Major Saab had come through for him so wonderfully, although it seemed like days, it had only been this morning when he actually called him.

And it had been only earlier today that she had been in his arms, they had begun the day with such a beautiful melding of souls and bodies. Her beautiful soft brown eyes glazed over with passion as she looked into his. His fingers laced through her hair holding her face whilst her soft lips kissed him feverishly as he lost himself completely in her. It all now seemed as if it had happened a lifetime ago.

The fat silver Moon hung high in the sky, covering the countryside in a silvery blue light, a warm breeze caressed his face as they drove to their destination. Life’s nightly bustle carried on as they drove past peoples houses and businesses. Lights twinkled in so many houses from the smallest hut to the most beautiful magnificent Bungalows. Diwali had already passed but the lamps still remained as if people were loathe to take them down, in case the darkness of reality engulfed them yet again, all determined to savour the light for just a little longer.

But he did not see any of this, his face was set in rigid lines full of determination, the darkness had already seeped into his heart. In his mind a thousand scenarios played, would she be all right? He hoped they had not hurt her any more. Her pale face, swollen cheek and the torn skin on her wrists played on his mind. Please God, please don’t let her be hurt his eyes darkened with pain for her. Maybe they had moved them already, what if they had found her phone!

He could not get there fast enough.

Chapter 6

At the same time at the kidnappers hideaway………………….

Geet crept out of her room towards Nakul’s door, it had been about an hour she thought, plenty of time for Chandu and his friends to get well into the game. He had come down once to check on her and this time she had pretended to be asleep. After that he had not bothered to come down again.

She opened Nakul’s door to let him out. Slowly and carefully, they went up the corridor. At the end of it there was a flight of stairs. She motioned Nakul to get behind her and they crept up the stairs as quietly as church mice.

Just outside in the surrounding fields………………..

There were so many building Maan thought with despair, as he looked around at the dark looming buildings. The whole place looked abandoned and forlorn, as if it were abandoned to its own devices to decay. She could be in anyone of them. They had met up with the DGP and his men some distance away and split up. Each team quietly checking the buildings one by one to see if they could locate them.

Maan and the Major checked out the nearest building to them. It was empty, quietly they all continued their search over the wide area where the buildings were all dotted around. Eventually one of the commandos came up to the Major and indicated a building on the far corner of the site.

“Sir, there is a light in there. I think someone is inside.” He signalled to the others and all fell in quietly creeping up to the building.

Geet peered around the corner at the top of the stairs. She could see a large room, it looked like a Barn, there were stacks of hay in a corner and some farm tools. The men were sitting on boxes and makeshift seats. A table of sorts sat in the middle of them with a couple of lanterns which flickered and glowed, throwing warm light over their menacing faces. There were five of them including the vicious Chandu and Raju.

On the table were quite a few bottles of drink which Geet thought was good, if they were drunk their reactions would be sluggish, she hoped. They had left one of the doors to the outside open to let in the night breeze into the stuffy hot room.

But the biggest problem was that they were sitting bang in the middle of the room. Her and Nakul would have to be extremely careful, somehow make use of the dark walls and slink away whilst they were distracted.

She motioned Nakul to be really quiet and crept out of her hiding place on her knees, slowly crawling along the dark wall making herself as small as possible motioning Nakul to do the same.


The commandos had surrounded the building, DGP Saab, Major Saab and Maan crept up to the door. They could see the faint warm glowing flickering light of lanterns inside from the open door.
Incomprehensible conversation carried out of the open door on the night breeze. The tense atmosphere could have been cut with a knife. There were no windows so they could not see how many men there were inside, it would have to be a surprise attack. Maan’s heart beat frantically hoping Geet would be safe during this operation.

DGP signalled and on his command they ran into the building full speed shouting “Police! Hands up!”

There was sudden and serious commotion, Maan ran into the building with the DGP and the Major, to his horror he found the Commandos surrounding 3 Goatherds with their hands over their heads, quivering like jellies at the end of some very menacing looking Mac 10 Sub-Machine guns.

They all looked at each other in absolute, shocked surprise. The half drunk Goatherds and the fully geared up Commandos and police. The Commandos trying to quieten the now crying, shaking, terrified, Goatherds.

His dark eyes wide with shock, Maan turned away and walked towards the door, despair settling over him like an iron weight. He stood in the open doorway looking out onto the landscape covered in silvery blue light of the Moon.

He muttered softly, his heart breaking “Geet Where are you?”

Just at that moment Geet was crawling on her knees towards the door they had just about reached, when suddenly one of the men got up, threw his cards down and screamed at his companion for cheating, grabbing him by the collar, started shaking him.

All the other men stood up and started arguing. Geet and Nakul froze to spot on their hands and knees as Raju fell down when another one punched him, as he tried to get up, his eyes fell on them. He shouted to his companions in shock and surprise.

“Dekho! Woh log bhaag rahe hai!”

There was nothing for it, they had to try, Geet scrambled up and pulling Nakul with her, she screamed for him to run. They were so near the door. The other men stopped fighting seeing them and started shouting at each other to get them back.

Geet pushed Nakul out of the door and screamed at him to run.

Maan’s head whipped up as he heard the shouting and saw from a remote corner building the strange sight of Nakul bolting out of a door like a frightened rabbit, running as fast as his little legs could carry him.

Geet was running and screaming behind him.

Suddenly, he saw that she was caught by a man from behind, he slapped her violently and she fell to the ground reeling from the blow, grabbing her arm he started dragging her back towards the building as she thrashed on the ground trying to break free.

Shots rang out as the other thugs tried to aim for Nakul.

“GEET!!!!!!” Maan screamed as he ran towards them, not caring that the bullets were flying all around him.

Pandemonium broke out all around him as the Commandos, Major Saab, DGP Saab all ran behind him, the Commandos and police splitting up to surround the building.

One of the Police Commando’s pulled Nakul who was running in a blind panic out of the way shoving him into a bush for safety.

Maan flew at the man holding Geet in fury, practically pulling his arm off. The gun fell out of his hand as he tried to defend himself from the blows being reigned on him by Maan who was in a complete and utter rage.

Geet scrambled up from the floor and as Chandu desperately tried to reach the gun that had just fallen out of his hand, she ran over to it and picked it up.

Maan screamed at her to take cover as a full scale shoot out was happening all around them.

But Geet saw that Chandu had pulled out a vicious looking knife from nowhere and was threatening Maan with it. She tried to pull the safety catch off to shoot at him but it would not budge.

Groaning in frustration she just turned the gun around, using both hands bashed Chandu really hard on the back of the head. He fell like a chopped log to the ground.

“Geet!” Maan’s hoarse voice broke over her, full of emotion. He engulfed her in his arms and pulled her into a corner, out of the firing line, shielding her from the flying bullets with his body.

He looked down at her, her bruised dirt covered face, the cut lip, the tear streaks, she had never looked so beautiful, he thought, Softly he rained kisses over her face as she clung to him saying his name over and over again like a mantra.

Bullets flew all around them, Commandos and Kidnappers battled it out, but these two were oblivious to it all as they lost themselves in each others eyes. Maan caressed her face reverently, “Mishty! Mishty! I am so sorry,” he rasped, his dark eyes roaming over her battered and bruised state, it was his brothers fault yet again that she was in this state.

“Maan I knew you would come!” She whispered. “I love you.” She whispered smiling at him even as the tears fell freely from her eyes. She buried her face in his neck her arms clinging to him.

“Meri Mishty taqleef mein hai aur Maan na aaye, yeh to bahut anarth hoga!” He joked even as his dark eyes filled with emotion at finally finding her.

The firing eventually stopped and Maan heard the DGP issuing commands to his men to round up all the suspects and question them.

Maan scrambled up gently helping Geet. He saw that her foot was cut and bleeding, she also seemed to have lost her shoes somewhere, he pulled her into himself taking her weight. She leaned heavily into him.

Chandu’s phone suddenly rang. The DGP took it out of Chandu’s pocket and smiled. The display said Boss. Although disappointed that they had not caught the main man, he was happy that they had some of his accomplices and now a lead.

One of the Commandos led a very happy Nakul back to them.

Nakul beamed at Geet. “Madam Madam! Maan Sir aa gaye!” he said stating the obvious, making everyone break out into a grin after the tense shoot out.

Maan reached out, taking his hand he thanked him, “Nakul Thank you! It was your quick thinking that helped us trace your location. If you had not thought to hide away Geet’s mobile it would have taken much more time to get to you.”

Nakul Beamed with happiness even more at such praise from Maan Sir.

DGP Saab said “Maan we are taking these men for interrogation. I will be hoping to question Geet and your Butler as soon as I can. Please let me know when its convenient tomorrow.”

Maan nodded and then as he saw Geet gasp in pain as she tried to move he bent down and lifted her high into his arms.

“Maan I can walk!” She said weakly, suddenly so tired. Now that he was here she did not have to be brave any more, she snuggled into his chest, breathing in his spicy warm scent.

“Chup Bilkul Chup!” He shushed her his eyes not leaving her face. Thank God they had found her. For a moment back then he had lost all hope.

Major Saab had one of his men bring the Jeep around and Maan lifted her in and settled her on his lap, Nakul sat across them. One of the majors men went with the DGP to the police HQ.

Maan spoke to Major Saab telling him to take them straight to the hospital.

Geet’s eyes flew open. “Maan! Please! I am fine really, just a few bruises and cuts nothing too bad. Please.” she implored him her eyes soft and glistening in the light of the silvery moon, “I want to go home and just be with you.”

His dark eyes softened as he looked down at her. “OK Geet, but I am calling the Doctor home, No arguments!” She smiled softly at him letting herself sink into him, she was already safe and home she thought, as his arms cradled her so tenderly.

At the Casino a few moments earlier………………….

Boss frowned at his mobile. Chandu was not answering? Definitely something had gone wrong. Perhaps they had been rumbled. Damn! He did not wait to find out what had gone wrong. He was a businessman after all, he knew when to cut his losses. He told Shalini he was going to be away for a few days and left the Casino in a hurry.

If the police had found the hideout then they would be able to trace the call to the Casino. And then they would come to the Casino and ask many questions. Its best if he went out of town for a while he thought. He stopped as soon as he saw a an area of water. Taking the Sim out he crushed it and them bashed the phone throwing them both into the deep water.

Switzerland was beautiful this time of year he thought smiling to himself.

Back in the Jeep………………………………

Maan called the Doctor from his mobile telling him to get to the Haveli urgently. Her eyes had already closed from tiredness, he tenderly brushed away the her hair from her face.

Once they reached home there was a triumphant cheer from the others for Geet and Nakul’s safe return. Maan carried her straight up to their bedroom. The Doctor was already there and Geet’s cuts were all attended too as were Nakul’s injuries.

He helped her shower, it was then he saw the extent of her bruising, his dark eyes filled with pain, his face contorted showing her how deeply he felt.

“Maan!” She whispered, “mein theek hoon.” She cupped his face tenderly and placed her lips against his in a sweet kiss.

He shook with emotion, his arms holding her tightly against him.

“Mishty!” he could not say anything more, anger that she was hurt swept through him, anger that it never should have happened and that Dev was once again the culprit, he swept her up into his arms taking her into the bedroom, gently placed her on the bed.

He turned to go and she called out to him sleepily.

“Mishty I am just coming,” he said softly “I will just check in with Major Saab and see I will be back in just a moment.”

She smiled sleepily at him. Her eyes closing again.

There was a knock at the door, Maan went to answer seeing Dev his anger boiled up again. He came out into the corridor closing the bedroom door behind him.

“Dev looked very contrite…Errr Bro how is Geet?” He asked.

“How do you think?” Maan said through gritted teeth, his dark eyes stared at Dev angrily.

“Bro I called Nandu and she said I should go up t o Amritsar for a few days to sort out our differences. So I am leaving tonight. Errrrr I am really sorry again Bro,” he said sighing, turning away he left.

At this very moment Maan was not at all sorry to see him go, it would take very little for him to loose it with Dev. His first priority was the welfare of Geet.

He went down and checked on Nakul who seemed to be enjoying being the centre of attention from all the others, chattering away nineteen to a dozen about what happened. He also called the Major, who had left, to thank him, telling him they would talk more tomorrow.

By the time he came back she was fast asleep. He quickly showered and slipped in beside her gathering up in his arms.

She woke several times in the night with a start, frightened out of her wits as the masked face and the voice of Boss threatened her again in her deep dark dream, but found herself each time in his arms, safe from harm, his eyes tenderly looking into her eyes, his fingers caressing her, His lips softly kissing hers, his voice gently talking to her tenderly, softly whispering sweet nothings, until she fell back asleep.

Three weeks later……………………….

Where are you taking me? Geet’s eyes were full of excitement. She thought they were going to a conference in Mumbai when he had told her to pack a few things, including the beautiful white Saree with the exquisite antique border he had bought for her recently. But he had taken her to a private Airport and they had been whisked away to the coast where they had swapped planes and boarded a Seaplane.

Geet looked out of the window down at the Azure blue sparkling sea. The aquamarine colours sparkled and shimmered in the Sunshine. She held onto his hand tightly, beaming at him.

Maan’s heart overflowed with love for her. For him there was nothing more in the world that he wanted then just to see her smiling at him like this. The last three weeks he had kept an eagle eye on her recovery. Not letting her out of sight to the point of driving her mad but he had not relented. Every time he closed his eyes he could see her thrashing on the ground trying to get away from the kidnapper, as the man hit her. And the main man, Boss had not been caught yet.

As they came in to land on the water Maan pointed out the island they were going to stay on. Geet’s eyes widened in surprised pleasure as she spied the single rambling Bungalow on one side of the island.

“Maan!” she gasped “its beautiful!” She flung her arms around him in joy.

The seaplane landed and gently rolled into the shallows. The pilots waved them goodbye, whilst their baggage was unloaded Maan helped her out jumping into the thigh deep water and lifting her into his arms carrying her on to the sandy beach. Smiling down at her with love.

They walked hand in hand to the Bungalow whilst their baggage was taken in and sorted. A lady came out with some chilled drinks for them and told Maan everything he had requested had been arranged and after that they all left leaving them completely alone as the evening started to draw in.

They sat on the veranda, cradled in his lap, she gazed all around her in total wonder. The place was fantastic, all open spaces,modern simple yet beautiful, sea views everywhere, there was an infinity pool with a jacuzzi next to it. Jewelled coloured cushions lay on soft seats all around it, everything spelling sumptuous luxury but the view was just extraordinary.

Palms gently swayed, the beach glistened with soft white sand. The sun started to set and they watched mesmerised as the golden rays merged and changed into soft pinks and then the whole world seem to explode for a moment in an orange and pink blaze before the Sun slowly sank into the ocean.

Geet whispered to him “Maan are we totally alone? “ Her lips nuzzling his neck.

“Haan.” He said stealing a kiss from her lips. He felt totally at peace when she was in his arms like this.

“Mishty, why don’t you go and get refreshed I will just sort out a few things here.” His voice all husky, reluctantly Geet got off his lap thinking he needed to finish off some work, as she was sorting for what clothes to wear he came next to her and pulled out the white Saree for her, his eyes speaking volumes.

In an instant, the atmosphere became charged. Flames of desire danced in his eyes. She took it from his hand and went to shower.

By the time she came out night had descended, the panoramic view offered by the open plan room showed off the dark obsidian sea crashing softly on the shore. The Moon’s silvery light danced on the waves.

The veranda which faced the beach shimmered with candles. Rose petals made a path for her towards it. Crushing the petals release their heady scent, she walked barefoot out to where Maan was standing, lighting a candle on a table set for two. He had also showered and changed into a black shirt and black trousers.

His eyes just stopped and stared at her for a moment. She always looked so extraordinarily beautiful in white, his very own Angel sent to save him from the darkness within.

Her mouth had already run dry at the sight he made in black. His dark chocolate eyes surrounded by those extraordinary sooty eyelashes looked impossibly darker, filled as they were with slumberous desire for her.

Not a word was spoken between them, there was no need, their eyes told each other what they wanted to, they ate in silence, neither of them even thinking about the food. Then he fed her morsels of exquisite fruits dipped in dark chocolate. His eyes devouring her at the same time as he watched her lush pink lips closing over his fingers, licking the excess chocolate off them.

The only music they heard was the sound of their beating hearts melding into rhythm with the crashing waves on the shore.

All the while their eyes drank each other in. Every breath, every flicker of movement seemed like an exaggerated dance of love, all leading to an outcome that they both knew would be exquisite.

Mindful of her injuries he had not made love to her since. But now neither of them could wait any longer.

He stood up and held out his hand, his dark eyes pulling her to him, she placed her hand in his and let him lead her on to the beach. Barefoot they walked in the surf, the warm waters lapping at their feet. The Moon shone on them brightly.

The night breeze caressed them, tugging at her pallu. The wind caught it and pulled it right off, as if it were theatrically unveiling a precious treasure to his searing hot gaze. She stumbled in the sand trying to catch it and fell straight into his arms.

He could not wait any longer, his lips covered hers in a soul searing kiss that melted her bones. She arched with pleasure as his lips sought out the fluttering pulse at the base of her throat.

“Mishty!” He sighed, pulling off her pallu completely, he threw it into the air letting it fly behind her as he buried his face in her softness. The Moonlight fell on her exposed silken skin, it glowed pearlescent, making her shimmer and shine in his arms. Her small white blouse glowed with small white pearls, he groaned dying a small death of pleasure at her beauty, she looked like a piece of the Moon, that had fallen into his arms.

“Mishty! Aaj to aisa lagta hi ke meri bahoon mein ek Chand ka tukda gira hai aasman se.” His husky whisper washed over her.

“Maan!” A moan of pleasure escaped her lips as he arched her over his arm mercilessly creating havoc with his lips seeking out all her soft curves. Her Saree flew and fluttered like a silver banner behind her glistening and shinning in the light of the silvery Moon.

She gripped at his shirt pulling it apart letting her fingers explore his hard contours, a deep moan of pure masculine pleasure burst from his lips at her soft touch.

Effortlessly he lifted her high against chest carrying her back towards the swirling jacuzzi full of rose petals he had prepared earlier. Her white Saree trailed behind them in the sand.

He laid her down on the soft jewelled cushions next to it and unwrapped her slowly, kissing each new exposed piece of skin with reverence. His lips blazed and set fire wherever they trailed.
Turning her into a mass of liquid need. Her nails dug into his back, her body writhing with pleasure as he drew her deeper and deeper into the spell he was weaving.

She explored him returning his kisses with abandon, her soft touch making him cry out with pleasure. Their eyes locked and they became utterly lost in each other as the passion built higher and higher as they merged into one, until they both tumbled into ecstasy together.

A long while later she felt herself being lifted into his arms. “Maan…….” she whispered lovingly winding her arms around his neck, thinking he was taking her inside to bed she snuggled into his bare chest until he stepped into the jacuzzi and sank down into the warm swirling waters with her in his lap. The heady scent of roses surrounded them as the petals crushed under them.

“Oh!” she gasped as his lips covered hers again.

“Mishty,” he said his voice husky against her soft lips, “last time you fell asleep before I could join you in the jacuzzi, this time I am making sure that you remain wide awake.” he said as his sinful mouth started to work wonders on her again.

The Moon shone, the canopy of Stars twinkled and the Sea crashed as ever over the shore, but they were oblivious to it all, too busy making their own sweet passionate waves.


2 responses to “3: The Honey Trap – Full Version (six chapters)

  1. karamjeet

    January 22, 2014 at 1:11 am

    Awesome story……..loved it……

    • janememe

      January 22, 2014 at 8:37 pm

      yeah its one of my favourites ;))


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