1: Zombilicious Maaneet

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Your Sundae Sunday is here ;))

This week I thought we should have something NAMKEEN ;))) Haar sunday ice-cream kheela kheela kar maine sub logo ko OVERDOSE kar leeya ;)))

This Sundae is for my cute sweet friend Vaths who is so gorgeous, generous and totally delightful ;)) Always ready to help with her beautiful smile.

What a challenge she set me Hai babaji!! Our Cutey Vaths loves Zombies!!!!! Yes those Scary, flesh eating… rotten, nasties!! And I said I would write a Maaneet Zombie FF for her, me and my big mouth ;))

Lets see if I managed to make a Zombilicious Maaneet for you all??

Do comment if you enjoyed it, tell me what you liked and what you didn’t, love to read them.


Arms folded, leaning nonchalantly against the door frame, he watched the goings on in Daadima’s room indulgently.

He had just come home from a business trip, it was quite late, almost midnight. He had expected everyone to be asleep as he headed to their bedroom. He was looking forward to having a quick shower and cuddling up to his Mishty, it had been a long and busy day.

But to his surprise Geet was not in their bedroom, wondering where she was, he headed along the corridor and heard gasps of horror and squeals of fright coming from the direction of Daadima’s bedroom.

He went along the corridor to see what all the commotion was about.

Geet and Daadima were sitting on the bed with snacks laid out in front of them.

Mamaji and lucky, were sitting on the floor with a huge pile of food in front of them which was rapidly disappearing as Maan watched. Nandini and Dev were sitting in chairs nursing mugs of what smelt like coffee, they were all completely mesmerised by the program on the TV.

No one noticed him at all they were all too engrossed.

Glancing at the screen he saw it was quite a famous horror movie. Gasps of horror and squeals of fright escaped from one or another of them intermittently as gory, bloody scenes of horror unfolded in front of them.

Flesh eating zombies, blood around their mouths, ashen faces and dead eyes ran amok across the huge screen he had installed in Daadima’s bedroom, as he knew she loved watching her serials.

He grinned as he watched Geet pick up a samosa and slowly move it towards her mouth only to be mesmerised with horror as the heroine in the film was being chased into a dark scary foggy graveyard with zombies coming at her from all directions.

Geet looked petrified. She sat with the samosa corner frozen against the edge of her sweet pink lips.

Maan grinned wickedly to himself. He could imagine that his Mishty would be clinging to him all night for comfort after watching this. He couldn’t wait to be the comfort giver.

Suddenly Mamaji let out a huge scream as a zombie started to strangle the heroine. Everybody jumped in fright.

Geet’s samosa dropped in her lap and she inadvertently bit her finger and promptly let out a loud squeal frightening everyone even more.

Maan couldnt help it, he let out a huge laugh. They all jumped again and looked in his direction clutching their hearts.

“Maan beta!” Daadima queried, hand still on her heart “kab aaye aap?”

Maan walked into the room and climbed on the bed to sit beside Daadima.

“Bas thodi der hue, But you were all too engrossed in the film to notice.” He said, his dark gaze looking pointedly at Geet.

“Maan, bas abb thodi he der hai, five minutes, please, bas its going to finish.” She begged, her eyes glued to the screen.

Maan waited patently until the film finished. He knew the outcome as he had seen it before. He knew that it was going to petrify Geet even more. He leant back against the headboard, his dark gaze watching her antics with a grin. She looked so adorable like this.

Her eyes wide, Geet stared at the TV. Zombies now surrounded the hero and heroine, they were in a corner of a dark very foggy graveyard. The trees swayed ominously all around them, the wind howling through them. Grave stones were over turning and dead zombies climbed out of them.

Eerie sounds erupted from every corner. Dramatic music played creating a dark fearful atmosphere.

The hero ran with his girl here and there but there was no let up, the frightening zombies came from every direction.

Maan couldnt take his eyes off her, as Geet sat up straighter and straighter her whole body tense with fright, wringing her duppatta so hard, he thought it was going to tear.

God! He loved her so much he thought. His dark gaze drinking her in.

The music became even louder and more dramatic.

The zombies pushed the hero and the girl into a deeply dug grave and started shovelling dirt over them, spades glinting in the moonlight whilst the pair tried to crawl out frantically. Loud screams from the TV speakers resounded around the bedroom through the surround sound system.

With a totally wicked grin, Maan slowly reached behind Daadima.

The hero and heroine clung to each other as the zombies all crowded around them, then the Zombies attacked from all directions and the couple let out blood curdling screams.

as Maan tapped her shoulder from behind, jumping off the bed in sheer terror looking behind her frantically.

All the others jumped up as well their faces pale with fright, to see Maan double up with laughter and as Geet realised what had happened, her eyes throwing daggers at him.

“Maan aap bhi na!” Daadima told him hiding a smile whilst looking at Geets face “Geet ko kyu saata te ho! You scared the life out of her.”

All the others let out a sigh of relief and then grinned at Geet’s plight.

“Sorry Daadima I could not resist.” He said still laughing. “But Geet tum yeah type ke film kyu dekhte ho? You get so frightened for days.” He asked her grinning smugly.

“I do not!” Geet protested a little too bravely, her eyes still throwing daggers at him for nearly scaring her to death, her heart was still thudding like a run away train.

But she was not going to admit that to him “I am not scared at all.” she said her chin tilting up stubbornly.

“Geet, face it, you are scared, last time you watched a horror film you were shaking for days. I had to make sure that all the lights were full on in the house and leave the room light on too.” he added “for days.”

He told her remembering her plight only to well. He didn’t add that he had enjoyed holding her tightly all night, and that he was looking forward to that tonight as well.

“Maan you are exaggerating. I have no trouble watching these kinds of film and I will prove it to you. I will go and sleep in the spare room on my own tonight.” Geet replied to his smug comments with a stubborn tilt to her chin. She didn’t need him to hold her hand, she could manage quite well without his smug knowing look.

They faced each other from either side of the bed. Eyes sparking, Stubborn set to both their faces.

This was as good as a Federer V Nadal final. Film forgotten everyone in the room watched the flying comments between Maan and Geet with much interest. This was much more entertaining then the TV.

“Maan kyu aap Geet ko itna saate te ho? Aur geet aap kyu Maan ke sunte ho? Daadima tried to play the mediator.

But Geet had that challenged look in her eye already. She was going to sleep in the spare room by herself. She was going to prove to Maan Singh Khurana that she didn’t need to hold his hand.

“Nahi Daadima, I have decided that I am going to sleep alone in the spare room!” Geet said as she flounced out the room with a glare at Maan. “And I will sleep by myself with the light off” she declared loudly.

“GEET! Geet! Kyu itne zidd karte ho!” Maan groaned, following her as she went to their bedroom to get grab a duvet.

“You are not going to be able to sleep alone.” He reached her and slipped his arms around her pulling her close to him and whispering “I want to hold you close when you get scared.” He said his eyes as warm as melted chocolate on her. “I want feel your soft warmth next to mine” he whispered pulling her into his hardness.

She pushed at him wriggling out of his grasp, her eyes sparking furiously at him ”Maan! Then you will have to make do with your ‘thanda’ pillow, because I am going to sleep! Alone! In the spare room.” She added a little too bravely and walked off.

Maan watched his stubborn beautiful wife walk off in the direction of the spare room with a groan. His plans for cuddling her close and going to bed completely shattered.

He was now in no mood to sleep in the cold lonely bed either. He showered, changed into his bandi and jogging pants. Coming back to the room his glance fell on his mobile. He picked it up with the thought of texting Geet and pleading with her to come back. Then thought better of it as he remembered her zidd and the spark in her eyes as she had left. He thrust the phone into his pocket angrily, his dark eyes frustrated.

With a muttered curse he pulled out some work and settled down to a new study on environmentally friendly types of construction.

Geet adjusted her duvet on the bed. Now that she was here, the spare room looked cold lonely and scary. But she was not going to admit that.

“Chado! Kuch nahi hone wala,” she muttered to herself trying to brave it out. Now that she had set herself this challenge she could not back out. There was no way she was going to prove Maan right she muttered as she settled down to sleep. And she was going to switch the light off too!

Daadima sighed and said to the others as they all rose to go bed “Yeh dono phir se jhaagda kar beethe. Kya kaare! Bacche jaise hein” She said shaking her head in despair.

Lucky piped up suddenly. “Daadima ek idea hai Geet didi aur Jijaji ke suli karene ko. Batawu?? he asked grinning from ear to ear.

They all looked at him expectantly.

He gestured them all to come closer, then with a huge grin he told them his plan.

Geet snoozed lightly with one eye open. She had bravely switched off the light but it was spooking her. Every time she closed her eyes Zombies appeared in her mind. The weather was not helping either as the wind howled fiercely outside adding to the spooky atmosphere, just as it had in the film.

She moaned, tossed, turned and muttered brave words to herself.

“Geet, so ja, kuch nahi hone wala. That was just a film , just a film.” She kept up her mantra as her eyes slowly closed.

Suddenly her door handle rattled.

Geets eyes popped wide open.

“KKK… Kuan?” She called out feebly clutching her duvet to her chest. As her door slowly opened with a eerie creak.


Clearing her throat she called out again stronger this time “KK Kuan?”


Her door creaked a little wider and a strong breeze came into the room.

“GGGeet…” she said to herself reassuringly, “ its only the wind.” Slowly she crept out of bed to go and shut the door.

As she got to the door she heard a noise outside. Scared out of her wits she stuck her head out and peered into the dusky moonlit corridor.

Nothing. It all looked normal. Smiling and placing her hand on her frantically beating heart, she turned to go back inside and let out a scream that would have woken even the dead.


In the distance she saw two Zombies walking towards her as real as she was.

Down the dusky corridor they advanced, their eyes dead. Faces white, bright red blood around their mouths they strode forward towards her slowly, with a determined pace. Their dead gaze fixed on her.

She didn’t think twice she turned and ran towards their bedroom like a frightened rabbit. Running straight into Maan who had run out of his room at her scream.

He caught and held her shaking body against him tightly. Frightened out of her wits. She fought him tooth and nail, pushing and struggling to escape his arms.

“Mishty! Mishty! Dekho it me. Mishty!” He said gently shaking her “Kuch nahi hua. You are safe my Mishty!” He held her trembling body tightly against his, arms wrapped around her like steel bands.

“Maan! Maan!” She gasped, her face buried in his chest .”..Zombies…waha,” she said pointing behind her, her breath still coming out as if she had run marathon.

Maan looked at where she had pointed but could see nothing.

“Geet, dekho kuch nahi hai waha. Daaro maat you are safe.” he stroked her hair gently trying to quieten her trembling.

“Nahi Maan, I swear I saw Zombies coming towards me there.” She said still clutching him tightly.
She buried her face against his warm hard strength.

He held her tightly until her breathing returned to normal. Softly raining kisses on her face and murmuring soothing words to her.

“Mishty, sweetheart, there is nothing there, chalo mere saath.” He slipped his hand around her waist holding her against him, he made her walk back to where she had been pointing.

“Dekho Geet yaha to koi nahi hai.” He told her firmly, his eyes taking in her dishevelled frightened state. He had to stop her from watching these kinds of film he thought.

Geet looked around she was so sure………….then she spotted something on the floor.

“Maan! Dekho blood!!” She whispered starting to shake again, she clutched his arm even tighter.

Maan peered at the red blob she was pointing to. Reaching down he picked some up on the end of his finger and brought it nearer to his face. That did look like blood but it didn’t smell like blood or feel like blood he thought, as he rubbed it with another finger. In fact it smelt like ……………

“Ketchup!” He muttered dabbing his finger on his tongue.

“Ketchup?” Geet asked him wide eyed and shaking. “Do zombies put ketchup on people before they eat them?”

“Geet Zombies nahi.” Maan grinned. his eyes suddenly lit with a thought, “but I know who does,” he said “chalo mein tumko tumhare Zombies se milawu,” he said pulling her resisting body along with him.

“MM…Muujhe Zombies ko nahi milna! MMMaan!! She squealed in fright.

He stopped, gathering her close and looked into her frightened eyes and said “Mishty trust me, these ‘Zombies’ you will want to meet,” he said his eye twinkling. He stole a quick kiss from her delicious lips with a groan, unable to help himself, his Mishty was too cute.

“Now shush!” he said making her creep downstairs towards the kitchen.

He pulled her quietly with him and made her stand just outside the kitchen door, wrapping his arms around her from behind he indicated with his eyes she should look inside.

Puzzled, Geet peered inside and jumped back in fright.

Maan chuckled softly, but held her tight. “Geet phir se dekho!” He whispered in her ear.

Geet looked back inside the kitchen. Her eyes nearly popped out of her head.

“Dekha na maine kitna mast plan banaya Geet did aur jijaji ka jhaagda finish karne ko?? Lucky laughed his face still covered in flour, eyes with dark Kohl around them and red ketchup around his mouth.

“Aur Geetdidi, did you see her face as Maan jijaji caught her in his arms.” Said Nandu laughing along with Dev and Lucky.

Mamaji who was dressed as the other Zombie piped up suddenly “Eh! Tum logo ne Geet ko Balwant driver ke baaho me bhej diya?? Mein abhi jaata hoon Geet ko chudane!” Standing up and turning to go.

“Aree Mamaji!” Lucky pushed him back into the chair frowning at him, “ Yaar tum samosa khawo aur thand pawo.”

Mamaji looked back down at his plate and thought what Lucky had said was a better idea and went back to eating his samosa’s dipping the corners into the ketchup around his mouth.

Geet bristled with anger in Maan’s arms.

OHHH! She turned to look at Maan. She had to do something. She was not going to let them get away with this.

His warm chocolate eyes twinkled back at her, filled with naughtiness, Geet grinned back at him, both of them completely in tune with each others thoughts.

They crept to the utility room behind the kitchen quietly listening to the four of them laughing and joking about how they had tricked Geetdidi and Jijaji.

“Mujhe laagta hai ke Geetdidi abhi tak kaap rahi hogi.” They heard lucky chuckle.

Maan grabbed a torch from a shelf turning it on, he gave it to Geet to hold as he opened the fuse box.

Then another idea came to him, he pulled out the mobile he had in his pocket and indicated to Geet to shine the torch on it. He quickly downloaded a couple of things.

Then he spied the plugs he needed to pull out. Looking back at Geet he counted down.

1………..2…………..3 and pulled the kitchen and corridor fuses out plunging both places into darkness.

They heard complete quiet in the kitchen.

Then a moment later Nandini whispered loudly…”Yeh……….lights ko kya hua?” Her voice sounded scared.

Geet grinned at Maan. Switching off the torch, they both crept up to the door between the utility and kitchen, Maan held up his mobile and pressed a button slowly opening the door

Suddenly the darkness was flooded with loud creepy eerie animal sounds.



“YYYeaahhhh! Bheedio ka awaaz kither se aa raha hai?” Lucky stuttered on a shaky whisper, clinging on to Mamaji looking around the kitchen frantically.

Maan pressed his phone again suddenly a loud creepy whistling sound filled the kitchen.

Frightened gasps escaped from all four now and both Geet and Maan could see their faces were filled with abject terror in the dim light.

Geet stifled a giggle as Maan continued to fill the kitchen with such eerie and creepy sounds that all four were looking around in the darkness practically clinging to each other.

“Lucky putter tum ne to kaha tha ke zombies to feelum mein he hote hai…yeah awaaz kaise aa rahi hai?” Mamaji’s voice came out in a squeaky whisper.

“Aree Mame chup kaaro! Zombies ke baato maat kaaro, mujhe to bahut daar lagta hai!” Lucky replied shaking like a leaf.

“Dev! LLLights ko kya hua….aur yeh awaaze?” Nandu said looking around in fright expecting to be jumped by werewolf any second, she clung to Dev’s arm.

Dev cleared his throat and said “HH…Haan mein dekhta hoon ke lights ko kya hua. He said turning to go towards the utility room door.

Maan grinned at Geet and let off such aloud piercing scream, Dev tripped over a chair with fright, landing on the floor in an incongruous heap.

Geet could not help it, she burst out laughing.

Maan smiled at her and quickly replaced the fuses in the box flooding the kitchen with light.

He came back and stood next to Geet who was busy laughing her head off, he too could not help laughing as he saw the still petrified expressions on their faces.

Geet turned to him still giggling and said “Chalo Maan, lets leave these frightened ‘Zombies’ to recover.

Lacing her hand through his, she gave them an all encompassing triumphant look. Both of them laughing as they left the chaandal chawkdi still shaking in the kitchen.

As they got to the top of the stairs Geet still giggling she turned to him and said “Bahut maaza aaya Maan, thank you!” She said slipping her arms around his neck pressing a sweet kiss on his cheek.

“Acchha? Itne rukhi thank you nahi chalegi.” The warm look in his eyes melting her. He leaned down and picked her up in his arms striding with her to their room.

He gently let her down pulling her into him. “Geet tum daar gayithi na?” He questioned his dark eyes full of tender concern.

She reached up and stroked his brow gently, when his eyes were looking at her with such love and concern she couldn’t lie to him.

“Haan Maan, mein bahut daar gaye thi.” She replied honestly, her soft brown eyes still held a little darkness.

“But now that I am in your arms I am not scared any more. Aur aab mein ‘Zombies’ dekh ke khabhi nahi daaroongee because I will remember lucky veerji and Mamaji’s ketchup covered terrified faces for a long time.” She grinned up at him.

“Waise…. I have a solution for you if you get scared again,” he said very seductively nibbling at the outer edges of her sweet lips, pulling her totally into his embrace.

“Hmmmm?” Geet whispered returning his kiss with a sweet soft exploration of his jaw line and throat. “Woh kya hai Maan” she asked breathlessly as his lips started to trail down her throat creating havoc with her senses his hands finding and stroking all her sensitive spots, making her totally melt against him.

His lips travelled back up to hers slowly, flames of desire and love burned bright in his eyes.

“Geet no point talking about it………..A demonstration of how many ways I can divert your attention to something much more interesting next time would be appropriate.” he said on a seductive whisper tumbling her on to the bed.

His demonstration took most of the night as he reminded her again and again that Maan Singh Khuarana liked to do his research thoroughly so that she she could decide on which diversion she enjoyed most.

The End.


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