Kuch Rang….The chase once again

Kuch rang…

Chapter 1

How could he just switch off his emotions?


Her perfume filled his senses and he hadn’t even seen her for days now. Not that he needed to see her, everywhere he turned, everywhere he looked she was there. At the bus stop- on the drive to the office….in the office…..smiling back at him from his laptop…..staring at him from across the meeting table….opening his car door for him….even Kichu ko dreamily he had already once or twice called Sona!

Damn it to hell!

His gut clenched as he sat back in his leather chair unable to concentrate on the figures in front of him. He so missed her smile, that brilliant smile that almost undid him time after time. That hesitant serious note in her eyes as she chose each word carefully to help him with issues that involved his family, his sisters, his mother. Never afraid to speak up if she thought what he was doing was not the right thing…encouraging him when he was doing the right thing, always there for him, helping him see from another perspective.

For so long he had battled alone to make and grow his empire, he was the decision maker, he was where the ideas started and where the buck stopped. But she had opened up a whole new world for him…sharing….someone to talk to to, someone to smile and give encouragement or to groan and stop him from acting like the lone despot he had become.

How could he let all that go. No way. Regardless of what others may feel he was never going to let her go. She was his first love…and last…he couldn’t imagine anyone taking her place at all. He had given her his heart, opened up to her as he had been unable to do with any other woman. And there had been some who had tried…but they didn’t -hadn’t gotten under his skin like Sona.

When had she become such an important part of his life? He couldn’t remember the exact moment but he could still feel the exhilaration of that feeling. Such a feeling washing over him, as if all the planets had aligned just for him. He had felt the exhilaration, pure unadulterated happiness. Everything had clicked into place once he recognised that feeling because they were meant for each other.

Soul mates.

His eyes took on a dark hue as he contemplated his next course of action. He knew she was hurt, and hurt badly. He had hurt her, there was no two ways about it. But he really had no idea what and where it had gone wrong with his mother. She had been telling him she was fine with Sona and now…… He was going to put that issue to the side, his mother he would work on long term, but he needed to sort out this matter first he decided. Action was needed and he would take it. But how…?

He had tried pleading with her, that hadn’t worked, now he would use whatever means he could to get it through to her. They were meant to be together.

His fingers nearly knocked over Tina’s carefully arranged stack of papers as he leapt forward and a smile broke out on his face.Whatever his mother may think he was not about to let go of a love so perfect.

A smile lit his face as the light of battle with Sona fired up his senses – it was going to be just so much fun.


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