KR moving on- Chap 2

Chapter 2

‘Tina call the head of the hospital- I think our employees need a radical change of diet. Have you seen Mr Mehta lately, kitne mote ho gaye hai…’

A grin broke out n Tina’s face. She didn’t even pretend to misunderstand. Finally Dev sir looked more like himself, there was a smile on his lips after so long and the light of battle was in his eyes, she could practically see the cogs in his brain working.

‘Haan Sir! That is an excellent idea – I think we could really all use a fantastic nutritionist to plan our employees meals. A complete overhaul of the canteen output is required.’

‘OH and Tina make sure its a deal that the Director of the hospital cannot refuse.’

‘But of-course sir,’ Tina replied with a twinkle in her eye. ‘You have already contributed so much to the new cancer unit at the hospital I shall remind him of that and there are also the funds you have set aside for the new baby unit. Leave it with me Sir- Sona…errrrr……… I will make sure the right person is secured in place for the overhaul. After all we want ALL our employees need to get fit and be healthy and only the best nutritionist can achieve that.’

‘All 500+?’Dev grinned back.

‘Of-course and there are the satellite offices too don’t forget.’

‘If you have to hire unfit unhealthy people then do it Tina!’

Tina stared at her boss…when Dev Dixit wanted something he was ruthless.

A whoop of delight escaped Dev as he thought of the look on Ms Khargosh’s face. He was certain that he would soon have to find a new nickname for her. Khargosh would be too tame for the fireband he knew he would have to face when she found out.

‘Ms Bose can you come into my office please.’ The directors voice came over the loudspeaker as she kept her finger on the button.

Sonakshi looked at the phone with irritation. Why couldn’t they just leave her in peace. She just needed time to sort out the details of patients that had piled up. The other nutritionist they had hired hadn’t really kept a good set of records of ongoing cases. Now that she was back Sona could see that it was going to take some time to get back into the swing of things.

The phone buzzed again making Sona’s eyes flash in anger. Putting her pen down with a thump she walked down the corridor to the directors office.

‘Ah..Dr Bose…please take a seat.’ He kindly said.

‘Will it take long? I have so much work to do.’ Sonakshi hovered near the door.

‘Well….Dr Bose I have a special mission for you.’

‘Mission?’ Brow furrowed Sona looked puzzled.

‘Well..a request has come in from a renowned company requesting the hospital to send our best nutritionist to overhaul the employees diets and look into their health issues.’

‘Really? They are willing to pay to improve the health of their employees?’

‘Yes, very forward thinking don’t you agree Dr Bose. And of-course I have recommended you as you are the best.’ The Director didn’t mention that they had specifically asked for Dr Bose or that a very large donation had been promised to the hospital.

‘Which company is this?’

Errr he shuffled some papers and avoided her eyes…’I S H enterprises.’ He had been told specifically to say that instead of the name of Mr Dixit’s company.

‘I S H? Hmmm not heard of them.’ Muttered Sona. ‘But sir I have a lot of work to do here, the other nutritionist you have hired isn’t managing very well. In-fact he needs a lot of help from me.’

‘But Dr Bose I’m afraid that you have to do this. Its very important to the hospital. Err and who knows this could set the trend for more companies to request such services from us. That will help the Hospital funds a tremendous amount.’ His eyes pleaded with her he knew Mr Dixit was hell bent on just getting Dr Bose. ‘And I will personally make sure that Dr Sunil our new nutritionist gets the help you recommend.’

‘Oh OK…I suppose I could go and look at their employees to see if they really need my help.’ Sona said with a sigh. It would be good to get into a meaty project to get away from the thoughts and dreams that invaded her mind every waking hour.

Walking back to her room she blinked back tears. She was NOT going to cry. He was not worth it. Her father was right he was not worthy of shedding a single tear. A man who didn’t think twice before ending their relationship was not someone with whom she could spend her life.

Reaching her room she walked to the window her fingers digging into her palms, he had shattered all her dreams. Now the woven stories about how they would spend their lives together seemed so false. Everything had been just so perfect. But it all had been lies. His mother had put an end to it and he had been too selfish to even fight for their love.

Each word he had said to her, each smile, each promise sounded hollow now. Dashing the tears from her eyes she sat down at her desk. She would commit to this project with I S H enterprises and prove that she had moved on with her life.

A week later…..

Sona settled into the office that had been allocated to her, looking around her with a slight frown. Why did she feel as if something was amiss. The receptionist had been quite efficient showing her to her office. The files of the employees were all piled up neatly for her to examine. But something was not quite right seemed too manufactured… if she was brought here on some pretext that was not real…

Grabbing some of the files she scanned through them. Did these people look familiar? Where had she seen them before? Her eyes caught a face that was definitely familiar was that not one of the people who had come to give blood when she had been in hospital? Yes she had gone to thank them personally after she had regained her strength.

She stood up so abruptly the chair she had been sitting on fell back. Her eyes flared with anger. How DARE he even think that would work for his company when…when….

Furious to the core she threw all the files on the floor.

‘MR DEV DIXIT You are so DEAD!’


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