Madhubala poems

MB is another serial I write poems on the episode,  when the mood takes me here are some of those.

My poems as usually a bit wacky and meant only for fun they are not deep weep analysis ;))

The serial started sometime in July 2012.

Today’s mb poem 😉

RK ne bola Cut it!
Oh No! Damn it!

bag bag per likha hai naam
Jane ko de do, mein chalowonge 40Lakhs se kaam ;))

Nirupa Roy is happy that Madhu is Fine
RK has declared for better or worse adhi biwi is mine

Woh Ishqwala drooling look
That spells I am smitten in my book ;))

RK to doobing in Madhu ke naashili eyes
Phaad phaad ke dekhta, his eyes as round as pies

But Dipsy will not give up vamp role
she wants desperately to reach her goal

Madhu is all confuujed
RK has lit in her khaayalon ka fuse ;))

Devil or farishta
Jane ponders over a coffee in Barista ;))

yeh love ko kya naam doon
ooppss wrong soap jane u phool ;))

Eelo! bola Madhu ne, Jane ko hua flashback ;))
MSK wants his phone back ;))

Mirror mirror on the wall
RK asks who is the prettiest of them all?

red red shoes and red red shirt
Oh! My eyes do hurt ;))

ghoor ghoor ke ho gaye batata (courtesy Poopsie ;))
Yeh lagta hai bilkul hwatt tomater ;))

aab to ILU ke waiting
looks like Madhu and RK are dating

Ishqwala love is in the air
He better get a damn matching rockingwala CHAIR!! ;))))))))

jane meme 22/11/12















Lagta hai director ji has been watching a lot of Star Trek
Ballu is running through time forward and back ;))

Ballu’s jaelibi brain has made a tentative connection
shame Trishna didn’t see him otherwise there could have been a loose motion!!

I cant believe that RK is rotting in jail
thinking about his revenge is making me pale!

apple apple pe lekha hai Trishna ka naam
RK ne trash kar diya Trishna ka dream

Using his head Ballu thakur is out!
RK is left wearing a pout ;))

Iss ghar ke Baande Baande per likha hai Maalik ka naam
Aagaye Trishna laagne madhu ka daam

Overacting is coming out of Trishna’s every pore
Its making my ears very sore ;))

Madhu has torn up the photo so happy
Maalink is thinking kya scene hai so crappy ;))

Tomorrow it looks like RK and us are out and about
Lets hope that Madhu and he meet, do give the Directorji a shout :))

Rk Towers mein bhagawan sits plotting
in his mind lots of blood is clotting

Bhagwangiri mein he is an expert it seems
total pshycotic maniac the stuff of Madhu’s bad dreams

Mukund ka band baaja baajyenga RK Bhagwan
ayya hai ban ke usske zindagi mein ek Haiwan ;))

Aayee’s dreams are going to be flushed down the pan
when that chq bounces her face is surely going to look wan ;))

Trashy Trish looks like a clown
Damn Vampu looks cute with a frown ;))

Bittuji’s job hangs on a thread
but then plotting and schemeing he has made his own bed

RK is thinking that he is the Greek God Zeus
Neechowanga and drinking all of Madhu’s Juice!! (what a freaking great ryhme)

He plays with his clay dolls so neat
He is loving this Prashchya-shit

Madhu is being drawn deeper into his net
Looks like fireworks tommrrow that’s a bet ;))

Thank you team MB we r now Rocking
Dump Mukund quickly that’s defo not shocking ;))

Give us some RK and MB eye to eye contact with loads of sizzle
Otherwise your TRP’s will surely Fizzle!

scaffolding, plastering and uplifting
Madhu ne kar diya sab shifting

But to no avail she looks to me just the same
never mind its only a game

she tried her to do her best
never mind Jane says in jest ;))

trapped in RK’s jaal
no escape for Madhu! kiske hai maajaal!

angle angle se dekh lo Trishna ka dance
I am getting cross eyed watching her prance!

baarat is making tamasha on the doorstep
Aayye ka acting pe kar na hai clap clap ;))

what Aayee will not do for money
Mukund poor fool, will never get his honey ;))

Maalik to baan gaya father
wait till they see Ballu, that will put them in a lather 😉

bride stumbles about in the dark
RK thinks all this is a real lark

I am thinking that RK is saving Madhu some long term trouble
Idiot puppy Mukund one day would surely blow her bubble

For Madhu RK is the man with mettle
one day he will see how lovely is our petal ;))

Monday seems so far away
when Madhu in RK’s arms does sway!

his thirst for revenge will see him fall
one day you will see he will be at Madhubala’s beck and call

waiting for next weeks promised heat
if you guys dont dish out your TRP’s will surely get beat ;))

Thankyou for a week of good shows
MB teams this Friday you can take your bows ;))


Pee..loon…pee loon from those notty Vampu eyes
If only the Cameraman would get me close enough to let me dive ;))

Madhubala’s world is shaking!
What terrible tales is RK baking!!

Every detail is now out in Technicolour
Mukund is in teh face of it is trying to show some valour

But Aayee is rubbing salt into his wounds so deep
poor Mukund now all he can do is weep ;((

Maalik sher to ban gaya bakri
all this has given him BP ke chakri ;))

Popat ban gaye sab ke sab
RK dancing with happiness and thanking his rab ;))

Now I want that Chq of his to bounce
Not a penny should go to evil Aayee, not an Ounce!

RK ke itni ghatiya Chaal
Bura kar diya madhu’s family ka haal

Lets see what we have in store tomrrow
looks like more weeping and sorrow!

What goes around comes around is all that I will say
One day RK, Madhulaba.. Aha..will have her kick Ass day ;))

Madhu ke Daaman pe pad gaya daag
Rk ne lage de Madhu ke duniya ko Aag!

Aayee is full on Osama!
A super kaali with eyes on the money, Big Mama! :))

Gaali Galli dhoondhe Sawariya Padmini
Police bhi ho gayee kamini!

Crying crying jane is filling buckets
MB team are dishing out super nuggets ;))

Jhoot ko sach and Sach ka Jhoot
Rk on their heads has become maha bhoot!

Thank God she lost Mukund the Clingon
Now she can fight RK, Bring it ON!

Throw the ring in his face
Madhu bring out the MAce!! :))

No point hanging on to losers in life
Soon you will be RK’s wife!!

Bring on the Khurshi wedding!!
Will there be a Itchy hut bedding? :))))

Lanterns and hay
well someoes has got bills to pay ;))

Cant wait for next week no AYYEEEEEEEE
Its hopefull to the irrating cow GOODBYEEEEEE :)))


The END!
RK is surely around the bend ;))

Maalik is taking it all lying down
making all his philmy phamily cry and frown

But RK is not done with the rubbing it in
he wants to play to the screen

for 4 days of penance
he made Madhu dance the merry dance

Itna sexy voice mein call kiya
aur Madhu ke duniya shake kar diya!

Madhu’s hands were itching
For action, no faltu bitching!

RK ke Laila has her scene so ready
slowly she aproaches at a pace so steady

Her eyes say tumhi mera risk ho, tumhi mera junoon
for RK it was high noon :))

slap one hat is flying
slap two bittu crying
slap three RK swaying
Slap four RK nearly on the floor!

now the stage is set for a lot of action
fire in their eyes, see RK’s reaction

Tamacho ka hua Barsaat
Abb banege super hit serial ke baat ;))

Madhu ne Khoon bhari maang RK ke
Kheechte hai sab log taang superstar ke ;))

Ek chutke sindhoor ka kimaat babjuji has set
Madhu will not take anything lying down that’s a bet ;))

What a fab epi full of action and drama
Hai! Abb kya hoga oh! RAMA?


Nafraat ka Naasha is sublime
Into RK’s Aag ke daariya Madhu has climbed

Pehla Jaam….was to trap her
Doosra jaam….Badnamm kiya
Teesra Jaam….hung her out to dry
Chautha jamm…lekere baadal de

Bund Bund Madhu ko paani ke pyaas
Looks like RK’s ne kiya hai Psyhco ke abhyaas

this will be wedding of the year
Poor madhu is now living in total fear

What he intends to do with her is not very clear
The lantern and the itchy hay hut is booked and now become very dear! ;)))

Nothing better could have been expected from her family
Trashy Trishna, Roma and Nirupa Roy Padmini!

Bas ek shyaana baanda tha Maalick
woh bhi gaya kaam se how tragic!

Baby of Doom and the Psyhco wed
where will Bittujiji sleep now cast out of RK’s bed??

Cant wait till the makeshift Laagan
Wah Wah Team MadhuBala jane ko kar diya Magan ;))

Saasuma calling!!
Jane is Rofling :))

The bells of light ring out loud
RK is a new hubby so proud 🙂

Chingoos pandit brought no ghee
anookhi laagan he was in a hurry to see :))

kahani mein twist
he firmly held on to her wrist 🙂

phera no 1…vengance is great
phera no 2…hell hath no fury like RK scorned
phera no 3…pain is your destiny
phera no 4…respect? you have got to be kidding 🙂

feeding the fire of his revenge
RK pours Vodka on the flames

Toofan aage aage, peeche chaali baarbadi
Kya mast over kar de yeah shaadi!

Around her neck he placed a ball and chain
and a promise of a life full of pain

red sindhoor is a bore
kaala tikka says so much more :0)

mere haath mera tera haath
khabhi nahi banega humara ek saath

Madhu is a lifeless doll
RK looked like he was having a ball ;))

Kal will be for mother-in-law a Shock
seeing madhu in her wedding frock

Jaal Jaal ke dhua will be Trishnas face
Madhu has sure pulled a damn good Ace!

SR is going to be a prickly affair
Cactus, and a drunken dulha with not a care

at least we are saved from the itchy lantern and hay
Madhubala …aha…we love it come what may ;))

pack up! Not yet! Now is the real action
RK’s and Madhu’s acting today was perfection

4 4 4 4 chaar chaake ne lagyae Madhu ko Jhatke
666 the devil weds, a shaadi so hatke!

Saasuma is reeling
total shock she is feeling

Madhu returns from pack up
now none of them can back up!

dulha dulhan ka khel
kaha Madhu kaha RK ka mel? ;))

hello sasurji, says RK the new daamad
karne chale whole parivar ko barbaad

Saasu-ma ke chaale gaye saas
devil in full flow ka ho gaya ehsaas

10 lakhs ka joda
and not even a white ghoda ;))

Ek tarraf devon ka Mahadev ke beautiful shaadi
doosri taaraf RK ke Philmy baarbadi :))

Maalik ke liye itna bada baalidan
bach gaye usske precious praan

I wish padmini had given him Ballu ka address
psycho psycho ka meeting that wouldnt have failed to impress :))

Devil has bought the baby of doom
Come on MB team lets start the fireworks!! BOOM!!


narg pravesh has begun with fun
RK is so full of pun 😉

Gabbar se more dangerous
after this RK wil be become infamous

baadan pe lege kaate no phool
chilli chaaba ke dekhta hai RK maha cool ;))

costly those 4 slaps have become for Madhu
zindagi bhaar she is now RK ke unwilling Vadhu

Wot no clothes no toothbrush?
RK was sure in a rush ;))

he could have saved himself a bundle
whats the point of buying a maid who is in a muddle?? ;))

revenge ka bhoot hai sir pe sawaar
between them he is building a hate ke deewar

Madhu dont cry about Mukund the loser
his aayye would have been horrible bruiser!

aab to RK will drag her around like his new toy
to torture her he will think of a daily ploy

Zombie Madhu will be a sad sight
as RK shows her his might

Jaalad Son-in-law and Psycho Husband
Padmini ke to ho gaye bolti bandh!

Trishna is missing the action
I really wanted to see her reaction ;))

Come on team MB we want to see a Madhu fightback
push her too far RK and get another tight slap ;))


Sasuma has just realised she can play lalita Power ;))
where was she for so long in the shower?

A Bargain is a Bargain
Poor Madhu struck one full of pain ;(

Devil le gaya dulhania ko in his lair
A bargain so totally unfair

Padmini to the rescue somewot late
but RK is still ful of so much hate

no entry for mother-in-law in his house
she went away as quiet as a mouse 😉

In a chopper he would have sent her back
magimix or sumeett I dont know which one he would back ;))

baadla baadla ka khel mein he is forgetting
that a tigress in 10 lakh ka joda he is getting 😉

Biwi ko samjatha punchbag!
Madhu to lagne waali he RK ki duniya mein AAG 🙂

Madhu ki ankhee are throwing daggers so sharp
Poor RK usske to nikkal paadi on that lets not harp

with this poem jane says goodbye to MB for a while
on her hols she will be going soon in style ;)))



Sab kuch RK ka hai
Bolo RK ke jai!!

Sasurji is not cheap
RK is acting like a creep

Loan Loan ka khel
Madhu is up for sale!

LOL RK came ready with ink pad
Notty Notty RK very very bad ;))

besharam behuda or kameena
WAh! Maalik ne paya hai Dulha so rangeela ;))

lamb to the slaughter
what a sacrificial daughter!

how she could hear him through the pouring rain is a mysterty
the rest as they say is history ;))

Maalik is now bandha in law
but RK’s plan me thinks has a flaw

he aint ever gonna get his money back
all he gonna get is reluctant biwi ka flack ;))

Wot a precap the tormentor becomes compassionate
me thinks its a tad to late ;))

chalo looks like biwi ko laaga RK fever
super dialogue writer he has been working like a beaver;)

Madhubala….aahhaaa…I like it!
RK …..OHO….what a sensational hit!


Discount phera ke discount service
Madhu has made RK somewhat nervous! :))

new begining, new chapter
Jane is filled with laughter ;))

Biwi chaali sasural
Poor RK ka ho gaya boora haal

everyone is to blame
except his reluctant flame

if you want to torment something let it go
if it comes back to you, you are good to go!!

(new Janey saying ;)))))))

FIL wants a piece of the pie
thats why he is trying to get RK so high

The devil and his spot girl arrive in the nick of time
What a couple they make so divine!

Ayyyoyoooo RK ke ankhee is on Madhu ke sexy back
Even Mr Aayar has stopped in his track!

Sikki ko launch karo from a canon with a bang
The devil’s work is done by RK without a pang!

Adhi biwi aur poora kaam!
Haillaa Madhu ho gayee badnaam ;))

Lagta hai RK is need of some oily care
Lets hope she gives him a Maalish that turns his hair!

Madhubala….AAAAAHHHH!…he will scream!
Paati dev…..OHO….You can but dream!!

Madhu has created the Devil’s balti cocktail
Biwi uska farz nibha kar turns RK pale ;))
Sikki is lamenting his daru ka loss
Madhu ban gayee RK ke BOSS ;))Devil ko lagaya Milk ka peg
Jane is laughing her head off stop pulling my leg! ;)))

Vampu’s expression is to die for ;))
OI DOP Bhai can I show you the door?

Itne beautiful Madhu why is she looking so pale?
Bring back Hrikesh Ghandhiji I hail!

Whisky ka whisky aur dhoodh ka dhood
Biwi was made to order Paatidev is that understood?

40 lakhs has become so costly to our Superstar
But I don’t think woh maane wala hai haar!

Madhubala ahhaa I like her style
TRP’s no worries will increase in a while ;))

FIL is such a Snake, but all his display of love is fake
Madhu don’t fall for Cuckoo’s philmy take

Prem Maalish that’s a oily tale
Now its Madhu ka turn to go pale ;))

But Vivian why the vest?
better getting love maalish in your birthday best! ;)))

Dhamaka he dhamaka
Rofl he married a right phataka ;))

Now we all await the evening of passion
will we never learn from past our lesson?

Angle angle ka romance
DOP, Madhu and RK ka avoid contact ka dance 😉

Chalo that’s a given
Jane will stop her cribben

Jane’s gold medal goes to the dialogue writer so great
has he got a FB page? On that we would love to rave and celebrate!!

Thankyou team MB for a rocking show
Pop corn, choc, settle down, here we go!

Jane Meme 12/09/12


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