Accidental Love – A Romantic love story by Jane


Edited 9/12/15

Chapter 1

Alexander Daruis Savakis drew up in his open top Aston Martin at the traffic lights deep in thought about the latest ongoing Multi Million pound venture. He had at the age of 35 perfected the art of buying out companies in trouble, turning them around and selling them at a healthy profit.

The son of a Greek shipping multi-millionaire he had not taken a penny from his father but established his own company at the tender age of 17 working and studying at the same time. His background had given him the privileges that few could dream of , studying at the best schools and universities but he had not given over to the pleasures of enjoying his fathers wealth as many of his friends had done but made his own way in life.

His team were highly efficient and professional to the nth degree. He could he thought easily retire and even if he spent the rest of his life spending his hard earned money it would never run out. But he couldn’t see that happening he loved what he did. The challenge was always the thrill. His private and working lives were both orderly and structured. He liked it that way he told himself. He worked hard and played hard. His reputation among women was legendary, his skill as a lover, his generosity when it was time to end the relationship equal to none.

He was very discreet and selective in whom he chose to bed always conscious of his and his families reputation. In the circles he frequented mistresses who gossiped were two a penny and the paparazzi were never far behind.

His attention was distracted by loud music from the car that had just pulled up next to him. He stared at the extremely battered blue mini, windows rolled down, the driver dancing in her seat to an old disco tune, she was completely absorbed in the song pouring her heart and soul into singing, She had an exquisite profile, her hair seemed long he couldn’t see how long, the colour a deep warm chestnut brown, she seemed so full of life.

Suddenly as if she became aware that someone was watching her she turned her head towards him. Alex felt his body tighten, she was exquisite. Her wide Emerald green eyes full of sparkle, high cheekbones and a lush mouth that begged to be kissed. She could have easily adorned the front pages of any of the glossy magazines that a few of his previous girlfriends had. Perhaps she was a model he thought.

She blushed a deep red as she caught him staring, which utterly charmed him. It had been a long time since he had seen a woman blush.

As he continued to stare Jade felt herself blush, He was utterly gorgeous, dark Brown hair swept back from a wide forehead, she couldn’t see the colour of his eyes as he was wearing sunglasses, but he had a beautiful sensuous mouth with a full lower lip that was just asking to be nibbled, that mouth could make a woman melt she thought. A strong determined face. He was the most beautiful man she had ever seen.

Why was he staring at her, maybe because you are making an idiot of yourself. She mentally kicked her self and ventured out of sheer embarrassment “Don’t you just love these old disco tunes?”

Love them to death,” he drawled, his voice was deep, there was a faint lilting accent but Jade couldn’t place it. He smiled showing of perfect white teeth.

Jade groaned if only, way out of your league her brain told her looking at him, he just screamed serious money. Just then the lights changed and she took one last regretful look at the beautiful Adonis, with a smile started to move forward to turn left.

Alex couldn’t move he sat at the traffic lights and felt he had been hit by a thunderbolt. Wow!

There was a very loud hoot of a horn from behind him which startled him out of his revere. Reluctantly he started to move forward. His instinct was to follow the Mini but he was totally in the wrong lane.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw a car speeding towards the blue Mini. He could see what was about to happen but could nothing to prevent it. The car speed through a red light and served to avoid another but in doing that they smashed into the Mini’s side making the little car spin out of control.

It all seemed to be happening in slow motion. The sound of crunching metal filled the air. The Mini, spinning out of control came straight towards him caught the front bumper and spun off right into the central reservation. He braced himself as the airbags in his car exploded enclosing him in a safety cocoon.

In that long moment as the Mini spun he saw the woman desperately trying to control the car her eyes impossibly wide with fright as she was unable to stop it from spinning and crashing into the metal barriers. For a moment there was an eerie, deadly silence then all hell broke loose.

Alex struggled against the air bags, whipped off his Sunglasses, unclipped his safety belt and leapt out of his car and ran towards the mini, weaving through cars that were screeching to a halt all around him. He reached it to see that the woman was slumped over the steering wheel.

Dios …please don’t let her be hurt. Heart beating frantically, his thoughts raced.

Suddenly there was a loud hissing noise and steam bellowed out of the from under the bonnet, the radiator must have been damaged, steam and smoke started to appear from underneath the twisted bonnet.

He tried to pull the door open but it wouldn’t budge bent out of shape as it was, he looked around but he could not see anything with which to pry the door open.

A moan came from with the car, the woman was coming around, she turned and looked at him, her eyes dazed and unfocused.

The steam and smoke bellowed out all around them, the radiator hissed angrily. She realised what was happening as she saw the smoke and tried to push the door open frantically from the inside, realising that she needed to get out fast.

Alex tugged at the door with all his might wedging his foot against the side.

Go!” The woman screamed at him, “it could blow, leave me!” Her frightened eyes worrying for him.

Alex looked at her astounded that she was telling him to go and leave her. His dark fringed eyes full of admiration for her.

Let me help you with that mate,” a man said at his side holding a crowbar in his hands.

Together they wrenched the door open.

How hurt was she , was it safe to move her? Thoughts raced through Alex’s head. But they had no choice.

Jade watched the two men struggle with door and thankfully they were able to pull it open. She mentally did a body check she seemed OK apart from the cuts and bruises on her right side and a bump on the head.

The Adonis she had been staring at said to her, “Are you OK, able to move, the car is not safe we need to get you out of it.”

Jade nodded, “I am OK.”

She fumbled with her seat belt and tried to slide out. He leaned in, crowding the small interior, quickly helping her unclip it as her hands were shaking so much.

Put your arms around my neck and hold on to me,” He said gently, sliding his arm underneath her knees and another around her waist he lifted her clean out of the car.

He moved her away from the car just in time as there was a loud bang and the radiator blew. Instinctively he pressed her close to his chest pulling her tightly into him. It was a miracle that she was not too badly hurt.

Her face buried in his shoulder, Jade breathed in his expensive cologne. Its spicy citrus scent teased her as his warmth seeped into her. She could feel hard muscle and sinew under his shirt. She could have easily let herself melt into him, this complete stranger. In his arms she felt safe. It totally unnerved her. What the hell was happening to her?

There was a further loud bang, horrified she turned to look at her car and watched her only method of transportation going up in smoke. Everything seemed to be going so wrong lately. She searched around for the culprits that had caused this chaos but the car that had smashed into her was nowhere to be seen. She didn’t even have their license number, everything had happened so fast. She could hear the loud wailing of sirens coming towards them, indicating help was on its way.

She was still in his arms, she should make an attempt to tell him to put her down but her mouth seemed unable to form the words as he looked down at her. His eyes were such an extraordinary grey she became mesmerised.

He studied her from head to toe, reasonably tall, perfectly proportioned, his body was telling him that already as her softness pressed against his chest. In his arms she looked even more beautiful then he had previously thought. The hair he had been wondering about was very long trailing over his arms like a golden waterfall. But it was her eyes that had him catching his breath. They shone back at him a deep dark green, making him wonder how they would look in the throes of passion, he could drown in those depths so easily he thought.

Jade squirmed with embarrassment under his gaze. Finally her brain seemed to communicate the words to her lips.

You can put me down’ she said softly, ‘I am OK.’

He didn’t move to put her down if anything he held her tighter.

Flustered at her uncustomary reaction to him she tore her gaze away from him and looked around at the chaos.  Her gaze fell on his car and a pained gasp escaped her, the front side had been smashed in by her Mini causing a nasty dent.

Are you in a lot of pain?” He fired at her misreading her gasp of pain. Grey eyes roamed over her reassessing her injuries.

No, I am OK but.. I am so sorry about your beautiful car.”

He looked down at her, startled that she should worry about his car.

The car is not important.” he dismissed. The fact that she had not been badly hurt had relief running through him.

You can put me down, I am fine really.” she said again.

He looked at the bruising on her forehead, gash on her arm and another on the right leg stained with blood. There was no way he was going to put her down until the Medics arrived and were able to tend to her injuries.

The emergency services were all arriving in droves as he looked around with a grimace. One speeding car had caused such unimaginable destruction and chaos. Thankfully just a few were injured.

You are not heavy at all.” he said reassuringly. “The ambulance is here they can see to your injuries.” he said as he started to walk towards the Paramedics.

They indicated that he should put her down on the bed in the ambulance. He deposited her gently. Standing back letting them do their work.

They looked her over and pronounced after a thorough check that she had no serious injuries.

I really am OK. If you can just put a dressing on it, I really need to go.” Indicating her leg she tried to hurry the paramedic. She was going to be late.

I need to go quickly I have to pick my niece up from school. What’s the time?” she asked the paramedic worried that she was going to be horribly late.

Its 3.15pm” came the reply.

Oh lord. Her hand absently felt her bruised head, a throbbing headache was setting in. Thinking through the pain Jade thought if she rang the school they would be able to put Sam in the late room. But her mobile was in the car, there was no way she could retrieve it, the firemen were still hosing her mini down with foam.

She looked up at her rescuer, “Do you have a mobile I can borrow I need to ring my niece’s school as I am late she will be worried.”

He delved into his pocket and pulled out the latest handset and was about to hand her the phone when Jade groaned “I cant remember the number, it was programmed into my phone” she said ruefully.

No matter,” he said with reassurance, “which school is it?” she told him, he called directory enquiries and asked to be put through.

Leaning over to her he handed her his phone. Jade smiled her thanks

Taking the phone she talked to the school office and quickly explained the circumstances, emphasising to them not to tell Sam the details. And that she would be on a her way in a few minutes. Wincing as the Paramedic cut her jeans and applied a dressing to the leg.

Thank you,” she said handing the phone back to him. “And thank you for saving my life,” she said looking up at him. Although she couldn’t see any cuts or bruises on him she had to ask, “I hope you are not hurt anywhere? I did go into you quite badly” thinking about the damage to the Aston.

No I am fine,” he said his dark eyes watching her “You took much of the impact, my car has air bags so I was quite protected.”

Chewing her bottom lip she worried about how best to get to Sam’s school. She didn’t have a clue which bus would take her there from where they were. She could walk although, it would take her some time with the gash on her leg. She decided she would call a taxi, although it would cost her an arm and a leg it would be the sensible course of action.

Alex thought she looked so fragile sitting there waiting for the paramedics to finish. He had seen her wince quite a few times indicating that she was more in pain then she let on. Stepping out of the ambulance he called his office and arranged for a car to pick him up and for his Aston Martin to picked up by the recovery services. He knew his resourceful PA would sort everything out within minutes.

The police were interviewing her as he finished his call.

She was pleading with them to let her go to pick up her niece. Swinging her legs off the bed she stepped on the floor, biting her lip and holding on to the bed rail for a moment for support as the impact caught her unaware. Immediately Alex stepped back towards the Ambulance he worried eyes taking in the pale face.

Look I need to call a taxi and get to the school. I will come in tomorrow and give you all the details.” Jade pleaded to the young officer. “Take down my number and address.” She said firing them off rapidly as she started down the steps in a hurry. The last one had her stumbling. In an instant he had caught her from falling.

Errr Thanks again,” Jade said her face suffusing with colour at her clumsiness.

Then a thought occurred to her she stood up straight. “Please give me your details so I can get my insurance company to sort out the mess.” Her face paled even more as she thought of the costs.

He didn’t answer that, instead he asked her “how do you propose to go and pick up your niece?”

Err I was going to call a taxi,” she replied. Wondering why he was still hanging around. Maybe the police had asked him to wait she thought.

I will take you.” he stated matter of factly.

Jade turned her astonished emerald gaze on him. “You?”And caught her self blushing as he raised a well formed brow. She hadn’t meant to sound so ungrateful it was just that he had shocked her by his offer. “Err I mean you must have more important things to do I will be fine.” she said, ignoring her accelerated heartbeat at the thought that she still had time with him.

His amazing grey eyes rested on her warmly “Now what kind of a man would I be if I allowed a damsel in distress to go unaided. And don’t worry, you will be quite safe with me,” he added softly catching her worried look.

Jade’s breath caught in her throat as she looked at his devastating smile. The only thought that popped into her fried brain at that moment was…yes but will you be safe with me?

Chapter 2

His phone rang at that moment, shaking Jade out of her insane thoughts. What was wrong with her, the poor man was just being nice. The bump on her head must be worse then she thought.

He rapidly spoke to someone on the other end in a another language calling off quickly.

Come,” he gently took hold of her arm, “the car is here we will just have to walk a little to get to it as the police have cordoned off the whole area. Will you manage?” he questioned.

Sure, Thanks I will be fine to walk,” Jade said with more gusto then she felt. But for Sam’s sake she would have to get on with it. It had been only a few weeks since both their lives had changed immeasurably. Their cosy, happy lives turned upside down by one drunk driver. Sam had lost her parents and Jade had lost her only sister and brother-in-law. In one swoop she became the parent and guardian for young Sam. The thought scared her to death.

Sam was an extremely bright child. Even at six years, her IQ was far above average then her age group. She excelled at numbers and her curiosity about the world was astounding. Her school knew she was special and catered for her young needs very well that is why her sister had not moved her to a specialist school. Sam understood far more about the world, she was quite mature for her tender age and extremely sensitive the death of her parents had left her completely devastated.

Jade’s brother-in-law was an high achieving academic himself excelling in his field as a Mathematician. He had been the anchor for Sam whilst her sister had been the perfect loving mother. Her heart broke when she thought about what her niece must be going through, sometimes she had caught her just staring with such sad eyes it had hardened her resolve to make sure that Sam had everything, love and a comfortable home.

The latter part was not going to be easy. Her brother- in-law Ted’s brother Dennis had already tried to take Sam away from her because Sam had a small trust fund. Thankfully one sensible thing her Sister had done was to have made her will as soon as Sam had been born, making Jade Sam’s legal Guardian in the event anything happened to her.

A loud wailing siren broke into her thoughts, she had been following the man in a daze. The man? She did not even know his name but was trusting him implicitly.

My name is Alex Savakis.” He said as if reading her mind. “Ah, here is the car,” he said as they came upon the latest Jaguar model. There was a middle aged man waiting for them holding the car door open for her.

Thank you,” Jade said grimacing as she lowered herself into the plush seats. It was then she realised what a sight she must look. Her jeans torn and bloodied, her white top smeared with grime. She did not want Sam to see her like this, it would really scare her.

Again as if reading her thoughts, Alex produced a pristine white handkerchief out of his pocket and handed her a bottle of water from a side compartment. “You may be able to clean the worst of it off, so that your niece does not get frightened seeing the blood.”

Jade’s green eyes stared at him in astonishment. He really did read minds. She looked deeply into the silvery grey eyes trying to get some sort of angle on him but not succeeding. Tearing her eyes away in case lost it herself completely in those eyes she cleaned off the worst, as best she could.

When she had finished she was about to hand him back his handkerchief but looking at it she blushed at its condition and stuffed it into her pocket with a muttered “I will clean for you first.” He smiled at her predicament saying “No matter.”

Her whole manner was incredibly shy. It charmed him. When had he last met a woman so intriguing he wondered. Although she had not told him her name he had heard her giving her details to the officer. His sharp memory had stored all the details already, including the address and the phone number.

Jade. The name suited her. He had seen Jade as dark and deep green as her eyes. In fact he owned several beautiful statues of the rarest Jade in his private collection. But as he looked at her eyes again, deep dark green emeralds came to mind. Her eyes held an exquisite green fire that reminded him of some fantastic stones he had seen in the collection  of his Harvard friend who was the Maharajah of  Milanderbad.

He had thought that he would never see her again when she had driven off in her little Mini, but fate had delivered her in his hands, and Alex Savakis was no fool to let her disappear again without finding out more about her. Suddenly a though struck him like a thunderbolt. What if she was already married? He glanced quickly at her slim hands, no rings, may be she was in a relationship already. A beautiful woman like her would have a long line of admirers. That did not sit well with him at all.

Jade tensed as they drove through the school gates. She hated having to face Sam like this but had no choice. Worrying her bottom lip she stepped into the school not even realising that Alex was right next to her. Walking stiffly to the late room she went in with huge smile plastered on her face.

Sam’s face lit up with an answering smile and then as she saw her Aunts state, her lip trembled her eyes filling with tears.

You have had an accident.” She stared at her her dark eyes huge in her small face.

A huge lump constricted Jade’s throat and she could not speak for a moment. From next to her she heard Alex say.

Yes, but a really small one. A car went into her but as you can see she is not too bad. I am giving you a lift home, shall we go to my car Sam?”

Jade looked at him and nodded, thanking him silently for taking the lead.

Sam’s teacher smiled at Jade and eyed up Alex curiously, she handed over all Sam’s bags saying that Sam had already completed her homework in the late room.

Alex took the bags off her as Sam slipped her small hand into hers, holding tightly as they walked towards the car.

Aunty Jade are you hurt badly?” She asked, her big wet eyes worrying.

No poppet, I am fine just a few bruises.” Sam nodded at that.

Aunty Jade is he your boy friend?” She questioned looking from one to the other.

Alex grinned as Jade became all flustered and muttered “Ermm no actually Sam, Mr Savakis helped me when I had my accident. He has been very kind”

Sam thought about it for a moment as they settled into the car with her between them, efficiently belting herself in. “Its just that you are so pretty not to have a boy friend. Aunty Jade.”

Jade looked completely mortified, Alex thought as she stared in shock at Sam and then at him blushing furiously. His grin spread wider, young Sam had answered the main question that had been playing on his mind since he had met her this afternoon.

Jade watched his smile spread wide. She quickly busied herself with answering Stavros’s question about her address.

Sam was already busy rapidly firing questions to him about the car. If he was surprised at her curiosity he didn’t say anything, instead he answered all her questions with patience even asking Stavros to intervene on a few he didn’t have the answers to.

Jade studied him from under her lashes. He was totally Sex on legs. A body honed to perfection, long and lean. As he gestured explaining the finer points of the V8 Engine to Sam, she looked at his large hands, beautiful long fingers, manicured neat nails. She could just imagine those hands on her setting her skin on fire wherever he touched. X Rated images suddenly flashed in her mind and she felt the heat pool in her belly something which had never happened before with any man.

Jeez! She thought I have totally lost it. I am imagining this man, someone I have only met just a couple of hours ago with his hands on me, caressing at will. Jade you are a lost cause she muttered angrily to herself.

She looked up to see those Grey knowing eyes trapping hers, crinkling at the corners as if he knew exactly what she had been thinking. Caught out but not willing to go down without a fight she damped down the ever present blush on her cheeks and looked pointedly out of the window trying to compose herself before she could face him again. She was sure she heard him chuckle.

They drove to her Sisters house, both herself and Sam exited the car. Alex climbed out helping her with Sam’s school bags.

She looked at him feeling suddenly as if she didn’t want him to walk out of her life. Not even understanding what she was doing, she heard her self say out loud “Would you like a cup of Coffee?”

He checked the slim Gold watch on his wrist and said “I am sorry I will have to take a rain check on that Jade. I am already late for a Board meeting.”

Jade’s heart plummeted of-course he had better things to do. She was such an idiot to think that he would be interested in coming in for a coffee at all.

Jade smiled at him and murmured some words about Insurance and let me know, he just nodded then with a sigh Jade turned and walked towards the house through the gate, searching for her key she noticed that Sam was not next to her, but still talking to Alex who had actually leant down on his haunches to listen to what the little girl had to say quite seriously, nodding now and again. Then he murmured something back to her and a beaming smile broke out on her little face. Jade’s breath caught she had not seen Sam smile like that for weeks. What had he said to her?

Damn he looked so sexy balanced on his haunches, the expensive silk material of his suit taut over his hard thighs. The breeze catching his hair as he talked with Sam. They both smiled like co-conspirators then Sam turned towards the house. How had Sam become so at ease with him in a matter of just half an hour? Usually Sam was very reticent to talk to any strangers especially men, because of her uncle Dennis.

Sam waved him bye and skipped through the little red gate her pony tails bouncing with energy.

“Sam poppet, what were you talking about with Mr Savakis?” she asked gently.

Sam looked at her with a very serious face. “I can’t tell you Aunty Jade I made a scouts promise.”

A scouts promise, Huh! I don’t think Alex Savakis was ever in the scouts honey.” She muttered under her breath annoyed with herself that she wanted to know so badly what they had been talking about. After all its not that they would be talking about her, would they?

Chapter 3

As she entered the house, the emptiness of it struck her heart. Echoes of her Sisters voice calling out to her still bounced the room. Then she looked at Sam and pushed her sad thoughts away, if she was feeling like this, she could not imagine what Sam was feeling.

Her head had now started to throb with a persistence that could no longer be ignored. She went into the kitchen and popped some much needed painkillers.

Tiredness settled over her but Sam was full of beans. She settled herself across the kitchen island on the high stool pulling out the extra reading and Maths from her school bag that she wanted to do. Whilst Jade made supper for them both, a simple dish of pasta Napolitana with steamed vegetables on the side.

Later as they ate, Sam chattered away about her school day to Jade. A new boy had joined the class today, his name was Stephan, but he seemed to be a a bit of bully Sam said. Jade was instantly on alert as Sam was such a quiet thinker she could easily become a target for the bully. Some of what she was thinking must have shown on her face as Sam told her not to worry she could sort him out easily. After that Sam chattered on happily, for which jade was very grateful as she didn’t want thoughts of Alex intruding on her fried brain every other minute.

How had he managed to seep into her every thought in one afternoon she and she wondered if Eve had felt like this about the apple, the more you couldn’t have something, the more you wanted it. There began Woman’s downfall she concluded, but then again, when such a luscious prospect presented itself before you, one couldn’t but help wanting to take a bite.

Sam’s request for Ice-cream celebrating the fact that Jade had a lucky escape broke into her thoughts. She pulled out Sam’s favourite from the freezer, adding fresh cream and strawberries to the chocolate and had a scoop herself to cheer herself up. It wasn’t much of a consolation prize but it would have to do she thought as she licked her spoon clean, her imagination still in overdrive mode.

They were just about to finish when the doorbell rang. Jade went to the door and her heart leapt as she saw that it was Alex.

Six foot three of Prime Alpha Male just oozing Sex stood on her doorstep. He looked even more darker and more appealing dressed in a deep Purple Cashmere jumper and jeans. His dark damp hair curled around his nape fresh from a recent shower.

Jade took a step back in shock having convinced herself that she would never see him again “Errr Alex?” she said finding her voice.

Yes Alex,” he repeated back to her smiling at her shock. “If that invitation still stands I would love to come in for a coffee,” he said as matter of factly as she made no move to let him in.

Silver Grey eyes took her in from the tips of her bare pink toes to the black joggers and blank tank top, to her freshly washed hair and the large dark bruise that now had turned an angry red and blue hue on her forehead. A wave of emotion ran through him, he thanked God that she had not been hurt it too badly, it could have turned out so differently.

His hand reached out and cupped her face ever so gently as if he had every right to touch her this way. Jade stood frozen under his silvery appraisal his eyes raking her the rest of her. Rather ridiculously, she felt naked even though she was quite adequately covered. His tangy citrus smell teased her. Her body almost swayed towards him of its own accord but she stopped herself.

Are you sure you are OK, you could have delayed shock or even concussion, that looks like a mighty big bump.”

Jade was in shock but more from his gentle touch then the accident. She opened her mouth to say something but nothing came out.

Luckily Sam came from the kitchen and squealed with delight as she saw Alex, she leapt up to him and he lifted her high in the air, laughter erupted from Sam which delighted Jade and upset her at the same time. And yet it was good to hear Sam laugh out loud so unreservedly.

Ice-cream, Ice-cream come and have Ice-cream,” she said pulled Alex into the kitchen.

I have not had dinner yet, poppet,” Alex protested.

Jade wondered why he had not had dinner, had he come straight to see them? Why?

Sam immediately offered pasta. Alex laughed, deep and sexy, Jade felt her legs turn to Jelly.

Alex heard her muttering to herself about forbidden fruit, apples and such his eyebrows raised quizzically looking at her, caught out yet again, she took refuge in offering him Supper.

We can offer you pasta, just Tomato sauce, nothing fancy,” she mumbled, “If you don’t mind waiting 10 minutes?” She carried on thinking he would refuse such a simple meal.

I would be delighted to accept your offer I am famished” he said surprising Jade, winking at Sam who laughed excitedly. She ran off fetch her Mechano set to show him.

Surprised Cara?” He whispered in her ear from right behind her, Jade hands dropped the pasta packet from fingers that did not work suddenly, he deftly caught it opening it for her. “Can I help you with anything?”

Jade said “Er, no…no please take a seat I will not be long” his nearness disturbing her more then she was willing to admit.

Her sister’s kitchen had been her favourite place, Red Granite and Cream units,. Every time Jade had visited, the Kitchen had been the centre of life in the household, full of heavenly cooking smells. Her Sister had been an excellent cook. So many dreams were spoken about and discussed at length in this special place.

Smells wonderful,” he said sniffing appreciatively, easing his long frame onto one of the kitchen stools. His presence made the large open plan area seem immediately smaller. Although somehow, he fitted into their cosy homely atmosphere playing happy families with them so easily. She could not help thinking that his life must be vastly different. Then a terrible thought struck her what if he was in a relationship or worse then that married. Covertly she eyed his hands for wedding rings, letting out a thankful breath when she saw none. But then again so many men did not wear wedding rings any more.

He watched her every movement as she went about putting water in large pan for the pasta. She was so graceful and so damn sexy.

Hastily, she threw a salad together and sliced some bread they had made the other day, Alex reached out and helped himself to a slice.

Mmmm…very nice,” he said appreciatively, smiling at Jade.

Sam ran in with her box of Mechano creations, “We made that yesterday,” she said a matter of fact watching him eat the bread with obvious enjoyment. “Aunty Jade said that I was a really good baker.”

That you are poppet,” Alex replied as Jade put down a steaming plate of pasta in front him.

This is really good,” he said eating. Jade placed some chilli oil and Parmesan cheese in front of him to which he helped himself to appreciatively.

Have you got children? Are you married?” Sam asked, setting out her toys in a row to show him.

Sam!” Jade admonished her, even though she was dying to know the answer herself.

Alex grinned, his gaze looking at Jade straight in the eye and said “No Poppet I am not married, I do not have children and nor do I have a girlfriend, but one day I would like to have a large family,” he said clearly watching Jade’s face closely.

Jade could imagine him with three or four children, the rapport he had built so easily with Sam showed that quite clearly. He would definitely make beautiful children she thought.

Watching Sam chatting away to Alex made Jade realise how deeply attached she was getting to him. She hoped that when Alex disappeared from their lives she wouldn’t miss him to much, after all she didn’t expect him to be a permanent fixture in their lives.

He polished off his pasta in no time. Sam spooned out some Ice-cream for him and had seconds as well.

Well, that was really wonderful, thank you,” he said getting up and pushing up his jumper sleeves, “now every meal has to be paid for, so I will help you with the washing up,” he said winking at Sam.

She giggled and tried to wink back not yet having mastered it she used her finger to close and open her eyelid making them all laugh.

Jade protested but he efficiently handled the washing up, stating that when he was younger he used to stand on a stool and help his Grandmother with the washing up so she would cook him more delicious Greek recipes.

By the time they had finished, it was time to put Sam to bed. She said a reluctant goodnight to Alex and gave him a hug. Speaking something secretly in his ear at which he smiled and shook hands with her to Jade’s surprise it was a Scouts secret handshake.

Jade went up with her and put her to bed and read a bed time story. Alex lounged on the Living room sofa waiting for Jade to come down. Ten Minutes later Sam was fast asleep and Jade made her way downstairs.

Er..would you like some coffee? Its only instant I’m afraid,” She asked as as she went into the lounge. He looked completely at home on the comfy sofas.

Yes that would be lovely,” Alex replied he eyes taking in all the photo’s of happier times, clustered on top of the Piano that her sister loved to play. Jade was quite good herself. But that all had to be put on hold when their parents had died one after the other so suddenly.

Jade went into the kitchen putting the kettle on made some coffee quickly. Why was he here? Maybe he had come to sort out the insurance details she thought. After all her car had collided with his Aston, “Oh lord, my premium is so going to hit the roof,” she muttered to herself.

When she went back into the lounge with the tray of coffee he was on his cellphone talking rapidly in Greek she assumed. He looked at her and mouthed sorry about this indicating the phone, no worries she replied she was just about to sit down when the doorbell rang.

Who could it be at this hour Jade wondered, it was quite late. She went to open the door and was shocked to find Dennis on the doorstep.

What do you want?”she asked quietly not wanting to wake up Sam.

He rudely pushed past her into the corridor and started looking around.

What do you want Dennis?” She asked again shocked at his persistence.

Looks like you have a new boyfriend, rich by the looks of the car, if you were so desperate I would you have helped you out,” he said pushing his chubby red face right into hers. His breath smelt of cigarettes and alcohol.

Jade shuddered with disgust.

Go away Dennis! There is no point you coming here. Talk to my solicitor.” She said moving around him to try and stop him from going into the house any further.

He laughed a particularly nasty laugh, “as it happens I have some papers here that say the house belongs to me now so I want you and that brat out of here.”

He carried on pushing himself into her space. “You can stay if you like, I could have a use for you,” he said reaching out to squeeze her breast painfully.

Jade yelped in pain, furious her hand automatically flew up to slap him hard. Who the hell did he think he was. She was not afraid of him.

Bitch!” he gasped and slapped her hard with the back of his hand.

Jade flew across the landing into something rock solid. Strong male hands held her steady

Theos mou! What is going on here? Jade?” His eyes furious, his stance aggressively male. He tipped Jade’s chin up with a gentle hand and saw the darkening red stain against her cheek, fury etched in his every word and movement, he made towards Dennis.

But Jade pushed in between them.

Dennis get out of here NOW!” She said between clenched teeth.

Seeing the size of Alex and the cold blazing fury in his Grey eyes, Dennis hastily moved out of the door with a parting shot.

You had better move out of here by the end of the week or I will chuck you out, Bitch!”

Jade quickly shut the door after him. Turning to face Alex who looked like a Tiger ready to pounce.

Theos mou! Who was that?” Alex’s tone dangerously quiet, his fury barely reigned in check. “You should have let me deal with him.”

No, its not your problem. I will sort it out.”

He muttered what sounded like a curse in Greek, reaching for the door.

Please Alex” she said pleading with him , her eyes huge pools of Green.

He still couldn’t believe that what he had just witnessed. Shaking his head at her stubbornness he took her arm and led her into the kitchen.

Sit.” He said tersely indicating the stool. His eyes telling her that he was barely holding himself in check Jade did as he asked, shock setting in at what had just happened.

He went to the freezer pulling out the ice tray emptied the contents into a tea towel he made an ice bag laying it against her cheek he said “ Now I want to what is going on, hmm Cara? Who was that man, an old boy friend?” The thought of Jade in an abusive relationship did not sit well with him at all. In fact Jade with any other man apart from him didn’t sit well in his gut.

He is Sam’s uncle. My late brother in-laws brother.”

He is family?”Said Alex incredulously

Jade grimaced. “Unfortunately yes he is Sam’s uncle. My brother in-law made a will before he got married leaving the house and everything to him. He never got round to changing it after marriage. He hadn’t realised that his brother was a small time crook and a very bad gambler. From what I gather he wants to sell the house to pay off his debts. Lets just say unsavoury people are after him…..but this house is Sam’s by rights and I will not let that thief steal her inheritance.”She finished with a determined glint in her pained eyes.

Have you taken legal action against him?” Alex asked fully prepared to get his legal team onto it.

Yes. I have that’s why I am surprised about this letter he says he has. And anyway these matters take time. In the meantime I have to wait for my house to be sold in Manchester and find a job in London, and somewhere to live in between.” She said more to herself then him.

Momentarily, her shoulders slumped a little as the whole days events caught up with her and as she realised the enormity of her situation. Then she shook herself out of it, she would just have to get on with it, for Sam’s sake, there would be no allowance for defeat. No time now to grieve for her sister. She had to be strong.

She looked up at Alex embarrassed that he had been dragged into all this.

I am sorry I didn’t mean to sound off on you.”

He had been watching every emotion flit across her face. She had such an expressive face. Her Emerald eyes deep pools of pain and worry. A that moment he just wanted to gather her up and kiss her senseless. He couldn’t help but admire the way she had taken a deep breath and steadied herself.

There is an easy solution,” he said looking down at her, his eyes taking in her pale features.

You could move in with me,” he said his voice silky soft.

Jade was completely thrown. He didn’t know her from Adam.

I could be a mad axe murder!” She blurted out, genuine shock coming through, “You hardly know me! Or for that matter she hardly knew him. “We only met this afternoon.”

Alex threw back his head and laughed, amused, no woman surprised him as much as Jade. If he had asked any of his previous girlfriends they would have been packing their bags before he had finished the last word of the sentence.

I would be happy to die by your hand,” he said his Grey eyes dark, unfathomable as they settled warmly on her.

He watched her face cloud over with confusion. Realising that he was moving way too fast for her. Seeing her uncertainty he changed tact, after all he was known for his superior business acumen and negotiation skills. When Alex Darius Savakis wanted something badly enough, he was ready to fight for it with determination and skill.

Jades expressive face gazed back at him still filled with doubts. Why would he be offering her sanctuary. It all seemed too sudden, too soon, but on the other hand not soon enough. The chemistry between them was a tangible force.

I have a large house. Stavros and Sophia live in the Annex, so Sam and you will be adequately chaperoned, “ He watched the thoughts race across her face and saw the slight pink of her cheeks “No strings attached.”

Jade blushed furiously at his all knowing gaze, “I didn’t think there were” she said  “I am sure I am not your type of woman anyway” she threw at him recklessly.

Oh?” he said in such a soft silky voice, his eyes darkening with heat, making her all but melt with their sensuous gaze.

But that’s where you are wrong, there is something between us, no don’t even bother to deny it,” as she shook her head in denial, “but I shall not do anything about it until you want me to, you have my word. But I can offer you a safe place in my home whilst your situation gets settled.”

His hand itched to reach over and stroke her cheek, to ease the stray lock of hair away from her face but he resisted. He watched as she chewed her bottom lip. Her expressive face telling him of her uncertainty. He wanted to run his thumb over where she had just chewed into her lush lower lip.

You know looking for somewhere decent to rent in London is going to take a while and Dennis could come back any time, you don’t want Sam to witness another such incident,” he said grimly and saw her face pale at the thought. He knew he was being utterly ruthless but the stakes were high, he wanted Jade in his life as soon as possible and to think that Sam and her could both be in danger was determining factor that sealed the deal for him there and then.

Stavros and Sophia would love having Sam to spoil for a little while. And….it is not safe for you both here.” He was not known as the negotiator from hell, using every weakness of his opponents in business for nothing.

I will be here tomorrow to help you move.” He carried on steam rolling her.

Her stubborn chin tilting up, Jade’s eyes clashed with his,” but I have not said yes yet!”

You have not said no either,” he said planting both his arms on the table and bringing his face close to hers.

Jade could smell the tangy sexy after shave of his, awakening her senses and muddling her brain. Her eyes were drawn to the sensuous curve of his bottom lip. She wanted to sink her teeth into it.

Oh God, what the hell is happening to me? she chastised herself.

Alex watched her fight the awareness between them. He could feel the pull between them like a tangible force. Her huge eyes held his and he let the heat in them reach out and envelope her. He saw her melt her body swayed towards him. But then she straightened herself and sat up straighter.

Jade looked at the options before her, she defiantly did not want Dennis to cause such a scene in from of Sam. That would be just too awful to contemplate. She was strongly attracted to Alex but for Sam’s sake she would have to keep a lid on it.

Taking a deep breath she said “OK” Looking at him her eyes impossibly dark green, “I will take up your offer, but only for a short while until we can buy a house.”

Alex smiled a dazzling smile making Jade almost swoon with lust, “Good” he said calmly whilst letting out a long held breath. He knew he had played unfair but for the first time in his adult life the shoe had been on the other foot, he had been willing to try anything to get this woman into his life.

Now she would be closer to him and he would be able to look after her and Sam. He watched her as she eased the ice bag away from her cheek, his lips thinned as he saw slight swelling, he could already see the angry bruise across her cheekbone turning into a real shiner. There was no way he was going to let that man anyway near her again if he could help it.

We will move you tomorrow.” He said grimly pulling out his cellphone.

Tomorrow? That is too soon!” There is a lot of stuff of Sam’s to pack, “most of mine is in storage.”

No problem at all, my people will move anything and everything that you need, you just have to direct them.” He said overriding her concerns.

Leave it with me,” He said supremely confident that the move would be handled as efficiently as possible.

Now that he had persuaded her he could not wait to get her under his roof before she changed her mind.

Chapter 4

Two days later Jade did not know what had hit her or how they had managed to achieve so much in such a short time. She groaned out loud with bliss as she took a well earned soak in heavenly scented bubbles in the luxurious surroundings of a magnificent marble bathroom which was the size of her living room and kitchen combined in Manchester.

He had been good to his word, his team arrived first thing on Saturday morning and transported the whole of Sam’s bedroom to his house. Sam had been so excited about going to live with Alex, Jade had to keep reminding her that it was only temporary. Unfortunately he had not been there as a crises at his Milan office had called him away.

What a place Jade thought, set in several acres of land on the fringe of London, it was a beautiful Georgian House. Sam had loved it from the moment she had seen it. Upon entering the immense hall there was a feeling of space, beautiful polished gleaming wooden floors reflected the sunlight that flooded from large windows everywhere. Curving staircase from both sides led up to the first floor. Each room more beautiful then the other.

Her Bedroom which Sophia had shown her to was heavenly, decorated in shades of deep greens and blues, a large king size bed sat in the middle of the room. Floor to ceiling windows looked out on the landscaped gardens.

All the furniture was tasteful, expensive antiques mixed with modern giving the room a quiet understated elegance. The en suite which she was making use of now and thoroughly enjoying was something else.  Pale yellow marble, with a separate wet room and a huge roll down bath in the middle in which she was indulging.

Sophia and Stavros had been kindness itself, they had completely taken Sam under their wing. Telling her that they missed their grandchildren and it would be lovely to have little Sam to spoil.

Stepping out of the bath she caught sight of herself in the large mirrors, reasonably tall, she had been called lanky at school, but she only reached Alex’s shoulder. Now why had she compared herself to his height? Its not as if they were ever going to be a couple she muttered to herself. She had not heard from him for two days after receiving an initial call to see if they had settled in OK.

Taking another towel to dry her hair she walked into the bedroom. Sam’s toys littered the floor, smiling to herself she started to pick them up. There was a knock at the door and absently she called for them to come in thinking it could only be Sophia at this hour as Alex was still away and Sam was in bed.

Head bent rubbing her long hair with the towel she didn’t notice Alex stepping into the room.

Alex froze as he saw her, all his trip he had thought about nothing but her. Kissing those delectable lips, running his fingers through that glorious hair that looked liked a waterfall of honey. How she had felt in his arms, her softness against his, Many times in the two nights away he had woken up needing to take a long cold shower just thinking about her making love to her. His body hardened immediately at the sight of her.

Jade looked up she froze as she saw it was Alex. Then blushed to the roots of her hair at the frank and sexual hunger in his eyes. His eyes didn’t miss a thing from the tips of her pink toes to the long, long legs, up the towel which rested mid thigh, they carried on weaving a sensuous web around her to the look at the rapid rise and fall of her breasts, which her towel was tucked into. Moisture droplets clung to the tops of her breasts making them sparkle, his hot grey gaze rested on her exquisite face all fresh and pink from her bath completely free of make-up so extraordinarily beautiful.

Her eyes had turned almost dark moss green, her pink lips had parted unconsciously. Their eyes locked, she could not look away from him. She did not even realise when he moved, her breathing became rapid and she wasn’t sure if she moaned his name out loud when she was hauled into his arms.

Theos mou” he gasped into her hair as he buried his face in her sweet fragrance. He looked down at her, “you are so beautiful,” his lips kissed her eyelids, the tip of her nose then claimed her lips in a sweet kiss, gentle at first then as she opened her mouth to his, his tongue thrust in and claimed her for his, exploring her sweetness. His large hands pressed her to the length of his frame shaping her curves into his hardness.

Jade was wrapped in a sensuous haze so sweet, his kisses were driving her wild. She was experiencing a hunger that she had never known. She had been kissed before but none of previous experience came close to the intensity she was feeling in Alex’s arms.

He ran his hands down her back cupping her bottom he pulled her against his fierce arousal.

Witch! What you do to me!”

Jade felt her heart pounding in her ears, she had never felt anything like this. Her hands wound themselves around his neck of their own accord. Exploring the crisp dark hair, which felt a little damp. Vaguely she thought he must have had a shower. He trailed hot kisses down her neck towards the tops of her breasts. Licking the moist droplets from the top of her cleavage. She moaned in delight.

Alex! Ohh!”

He came back to her lips and this time his kiss was deep and probing, holding nothing back Jade kissed him back, her own hands running down his torso, exploring his wide shoulders.

Her towel became undone and Alex gazed at her exposed breasts, a dark flush streaked his sculpted cheekbones.

You are so exquisite, perfect.” He said as he took in the round firm globes with dusky pink nipples that had hardened to up tilted peaks under his intense gaze. With a deep throated moan he lifted Jade up against him so he could take one of those rosy peaks into his mouth.

Jade gasped as electricity shot through her, such intense sweetness she had never experienced. Desire shot through her as he suckled on her breasts, her arms clung to his shoulders for support. There was a sudden ache between her legs, she threw her head back in abandon allowing him full access to her. He took his time as he suckled nibbled and laved attention on both the golden globes, urged on by her moans of pleasure.

You like that…hmmm?” At her moan “Yes?

And that?”

Oh yes, patience my sweet.”

Jade couldn’t even think coherently by now she wondered at his control. How could he even talk?

Alex please.” She begged catching his beautiful face between her hands.

What?” He rasped his eyes glittered with need. “Alex please yes? Or Alex please no?” His eyes smiled at her, smouldering liquid silver.

He slid her down his length slowly letting her feel his arousal against her stomach, her body reacted instantly and there was a dampness at the core of her being, never had she felt like this. But then on a scale of one to ten Alex blew any other man away at a hundred. She pressed her hips recklessly against his arousal. A tremor ran through his body he couldn’t control.

He completely stroked the towel away from her leaving her exposed to his hot gaze. His eyes seemed to drink her in. Without a further word he backed up to the door and turned the key locking it.

Are you sure you want this?” He asked.

Tell me now or soon I will not be able to stop.”

Mesmerised by the intensity in his gaze Jade could only nod her answer, her breath came in small gasps, she felt as if she had run a marathon. His hands reached for her again picking her up he held her high against his chest as his mouth found hers again.

She felt the cool of the sheets under her as he placed her on the bed. Without breaking the kiss he managed to dispose of his clothes. His body joined hers on the bed and he turned her bringing her into the contact with his naked flesh. At the feel of his hard nakedness against hers Jade’s body seemed to go into overdrive. He was beautiful, golden skin, wide shoulders, a dark sprinkle of hair ran across his chest and narrowed into a trail which led to his lean hips and Jade blushed at his magnificent arousal.

The thought of him inside her made her gulp with trepidation but she so wanted this.

Are you sure about this?” He asked again as he saw the slight hesitation in her eyes, even as his body cried out for release.

Jade looked at him, her fear leaving her at the look in his eyes.

Yes, I want you Alex” she replied softly.

A satisfied moan broke from his lips as he pulled her in closer to him he cupped her breast tugging at the nipple whilst his hot mouth closed around the other. Jade arched in response. He caressed her, taking his time to explore, kissing, nibbling until she was mindless with desire. He worked his way down across her flat stomach to her secret feminine core

Alex!” She gasped as his lips found the sweet tight bud and kissed it.

She tried to pull him up but he stilled her with his hands spreading her thighs wide he looked down at her coral lips, his thumbs pressed the outer lips open and he swooped down and slid his tongue over her tight bud and then into her.

Jade arched off the bed

Alex, No! oh yes please, Alex!” she gasped unable to speak or think clearly. He licked and caressed her until she begged him to take her.

You are so hot and tight” his voice sounded very distant, as he slid a clever long finger inside her. He wanted to bury himself deep into her but he held himself in check. He didn’t want to hurt her she was so tight. He slid up her body and cupped her bottom pressing himself into her slowly. The first few inches were easy as she was so ready for him, then he came up against a barrier that he hadn’t expected at all

Jade?” He questioned his breath uneven, strain showing in the muscles at his neck as poised above her

That she would be a virgin. The thought had never occurred to him.

Please Alex” she panted “don’t stop now, I want you so much, I need you!”

He hesitated trying to control the urge to thrust deep and hard into her.

She couldn’t let him stop now that she was so close to becoming a woman. She surged up and impaled herself on him, a moan of pain escaped her lips as the sheer size of his erection stretched her untried muscles.

She heard him mutter something in Greek which sounded like a curse as he caught her hips in her hands and stilled her against his body until he could control the urge to ravish her completely as his body demanded at her reckless action.

Then, he slowly felt her muscles relax as her body stretched to accommodate his. Sweat beaded his brow at the effort not to lose control. His mind raced with the thought that she had chosen to give herself to him, he felt humbled and excited at the thought that he was the only man to do this to her.

Open your eyes, sweetheart” he commanded, “Jade, look at me.”

Jade opened her eyes to his, his eyes had turned almost black with intensity

Emeralds.” He rasped “Beautiful deep green emeralds.” he looked deep into her eyes. Not seeing any pain there he nibbled at her full lower lip and said “lets see where your impetuous action has taken us hmm?”

Then slowly ever so carefully he moved deep inside her, his mouth covered hers and he kissed her deeply, his tongue mimicking the actions of his body. He moved on the cradle of her hips until he felt the first stirrings of pleasure from her.

Jade could feel his length like a throbbing, probing, entity inside her, at first she had felt that he was too much but slowly as her body relaxed and he adjusted her position fissions of excitement began shooting inside her with his every slow thrust.

She gave herself up to him completely, he was a master, his every stroke , caress and kiss bringing her yet more pleasure until she though she would die from it. He taught her how to move with him, matching his rhythm. Her hands frantically shaped his back and down to his buttocks pulling him in deeper. Her nails scoring his wide back. He encouraged her with dark words whispered against her skin.

His strokes became deeper and harder, his hands setting fire to her wherever he touched.

She gave herself up to him completely, matching his strokes with passion, her untutored hands touched his body as he touched hers, stroking and caressing, feeling the muscles as he moved over her.

Please Alex” She didn’t know what she was reaching for but her body needed him to go faster go harder, she didn’t know what.

But he knew, as he increased the pace, his strokes becoming hard and fast until he felt her body tighten around him. He could feel her climaxing, her teeth sank into his shoulder. He bound her tightly in his arms and pressed deeper and deeper increasing the pleasure for her.

Jade thrashed under him, climaxing wildly in arms coming apart with a scream. He took the scream of pleasure into his mouth. Satisfied that he had brought to her first climax he gave into his body’s demands and increasing the pace he thrust into her deeply, his body spiralled out of control he too sought his release.

She heard his shout of pleasure as he climaxed.

He collapsed on top of her, his large body trembled with his explosive climax. He had never in all his sexual experience felt anything so profound or sweet as Jade. Her mixture of innocence and sensiousness had knocked him out.

Realising that he must be crushing her, he levered himself up on one elbow whilst his other hand gently stroked the damp hair away from her face.

Her eyes were tightly shut and he could still feel the small tremors inside her. He pressed soft kisses all over her face and then claimed a kiss stealing her breath away. Tugging at her bottom lip he nibbled it gently with his teeth.

Umm I have been wanting to do this for ages..” He said licking her full lower lip which was slightly swollen with his kisses.

Jade’s mouth widened into a smile ”Make love to me or kiss me?” she asked stretching deliciously under him.

Both” He rasped as her innocent movement stirred his flesh again.

Why did you not tell me that you were a virgin?” Happy to be her first and last he vowed to himself.

I could have hurt you.”

But you didn’t” she smiled opening her eyes to see the genuine concern in his eyes. “In fact it was amazing,” she grinned “is it always like this?”

No never like this.” He said continuing to explore face and neck with his lips.

Hearing that Jade felt secretly happy, and a little jealous of his previous girlfriends. Then a sudden movement by him shocked her. His body was hardening again deep within her expanding her virgin muscles until she gasped. He was kissing her again stroking his hands down her body he reached down and drew her legs up around his hips pulling them wide. He was smiling a pure sexual smile that spoke of the pleasure to come.

Ahhhhh” Jade gasped as he sank into her, she realised now that the first time he had not given himself fully to her. He was huge, he filled her body with his, his eyes shut tight with the incredible pleasure he was experiencing.

Jade…Ok?” he rasped against her lips as he strained to control his body.

Yes, Alex please” she begged astounded that the pleasure was building again so soon.

Put your arms around my neck sweetheart” he ground out. She did as he asked and he began to rock back and forth on her pelvis deep inside her, “move with me sweetheart.”

Yes that’s it,” his words turned to Greek as he pulled her legs up higher around his waist settling himself even deeper inside her, right to the hilt. With that he thrust her tongue into her mouth mimicking his action inside her.

Jade felt her body start to spasm again. She clung to him urging him on, demanding release again

No not yet my greedy little witch” he rasped.

He kept on rocking and rocking against her hips right through her climax taking her higher and higher. He increased his pace scything in and out of her his possession complete. Then he felt her tightening around him again for the third time he gave into her demands and this time they climaxed together.

Jade almost fainting under him with the intensity of his lovemaking.

Alex had never felt such soul touching pleasure. His body sated for the moment he withdrew from her gently. Pulling her in close to him they fell asleep.

As the morning rays crept in Jade awoke feeling an unusual heavy weight over her, she stirred and found Alex sleeping beside her his arm was thrown around her possessively. His looked so beautiful his face relaxed, those sinful lips that had given her so much pleasure pressed against her shoulder. Making love to him had complicated matters. She realised that she would never fit into his lifestyle but she didn’t for one moment regret giving herself to him. As an introduction to love making she couldn’t have chosen a better initiator. He had given her such intense pleasure making sure that she had reached her climax each time before he took his release.

He moved in his sleep turning to lie on his back. Raising her self on her elbow she gazed at him in awe, she felt aroused by his hard male body, her breasts peaked of their own accord. Her fingers itched to explore. Unable to resist she raised herself up and gently placed a feather light kiss on his lips, then feathered her way down his throat to the expanse of his wide chest. Her inquisitive tongue found his male nipples and started licking them mimicking what he had done to her.

Alex was having a very erotic dream, Jade was making love to him. He groaned out loud as her teeth gently scraped his nipple. But this was no dream, she was nibbling on his chest.

His hands reached for her and he pulled her on top of him in one easy movement. He was already hard as steel.

So you want to play my sweet little virgin?” He said gazing at the sexy smile on her face.

She rubbed her lower body enticingly against his erection, in a gesture that nearly drove him over the edge, soothing her hands over her waist then up to cup her tip tilted breasts, eyes sparkling like emeralds she offered them in mute invitation to him, her pink lips parted the tip of her pink tongue showing.

He jackknifed up his mouth closing over a nipple suckling hard.

Ohhhh” head thrown back jade felt the dampness between her legs increase.

But she wanted to give him the pleasure that he had given her so she pushed him back on the bed,

Patience!” she threw back at him smiling bewitchingly down at him.

Witch,” he rasped as ran his hands over her back and cupped her buttocks and squeezed..

Pressing kisses all over his face and down his throat. Across his chest and down over his flat stomach thrusting her tongue into his navel. She resisted his attempts to pull her back up. He arched off the bed, lord she was so sweet.

Her hands closed around his erection and she unhesitatingly placed it in her mouth letting her tongue glide over the tip.

No more” Alex rasped roughly, he was going to explode any moment. His hands closed around her waist lifting her effortlessly he placed her astride him. He had never had a woman who matched his passion so equally. Usually they let him take command but Jade was different she wanted to give him as much pleasure as he had given her.

He had become so huge he was worried that she may not be able to take him, she was poised at the tip of his erection. Sliding his hands down to her he gently prised her coral lips apart teasing her with his tip. He slowly surged upwards, inch by inch.

Jade held on to to his arms taking him in pushing down until she had taken him to the hilt.

Sweet mercy” She gasped “Alex you are amazing,” her green eyes sparkled at him, smiling as he lay back on bed letting her take control. She rode him mercilessly. He guided her with his hands. She felt her body tightening again and increased the pace as his thrusts upwards became faster. They climaxed together both reaching that special place.

Breathing like a marathon runner Jade collapsed on top of him. He gathered her close as he recovered his breath.

Thoes, I have created a monster,” he said laughing into her hair.

Umm….” was all that she could manage, she burrowed into his chest too weak to talk. Promptly falling asleep.

When she woke up, she was alone in bed. She had a vague recollection of Alex kissing her and leaving early in the morning saying that he had a meeting to attend.

Smiling, she stretched voluptuously. So this is what its all about she thought to herself. Alex was a fantastic lover. Everything she could have hoped for and more.

Groaning as she ached in places that she didn’t know existed she got up and showered. Her mind churned up unbidden thoughts, what should she expect from Alex now? She did not feel guilty as she had wanted him as much as he had wanted her. But how could she expect commitment from him, he was totally in a different league to her. She felt as if she had entered a dream. A dream where all her wishes of finding the right man had been fulfilled.

Get real Jade.

She gave her head a rueful shake, dreams don’t last forever, stupid to think that they would. She would treasure these moments in her life. It was not Alex’s fault that she was falling in love with him, he was the kind of man her sister had always dreamed of for her. The one that came on a white horse or in his case an Aston Martin. But fairy tales and happy ending are not reality she muttered to herself. Get a grip Jade she chastised herself. Her main priority was Sam. Not many men would be happy to take on a ready made family she thought.

She quickly dressed and went down to get Sam ready for school. Feeling very guilty when she realised that Sophia had already done the job for her. Sam was quite happily eating breakfast chattering away. She was thankful that Alex was not there otherwise she would have found it hard not to blush in front of Sophia, as it was she was sure that Sophia knew what had gone on.

Feeling a little embarrassed she hustled Sam out to the car where Stavros was waiting. She went with him to drop Sam to school, insisting to Stavros that she would be fine from there, took the train into town to look for some temporary work. Spent half the day registering with a number of agencies, also called up a few head hunters who had been in touch with her in the past. Her skills as a IT Security Specialist were always in demand. A temp job would have to do until she found a house to rent. Then she could apply for a more permanent and secure job. Her old employer had given her a brilliant reference and had been heart broken to let her go but because of Sam’s school and her needs there was no choice but move to London.

Alex’s offer had been so generous when they had found themselves in a fix but she wasn’t quite comfortable with it long term. Her house in the Manchester had not sold yet although but there had been a number of viewings which were on the positive side. Jade hoped that there would be a breakthrough soon so she could start hunting for somewhere to live, if Dennis won the case and Sam’s house became his she would have to buy a property, although having looked at London prices in the area of Sam’s school had made her heart sink.

A little weary of heart she went back to Alex’s house. Sophia fussed over her like a mother hen. Jade found herself opening up to her and talking about parents, her sister and brother-in-law. In truth she had not really had time to grieve over them as Sam’s needs had taken precedence. Sophia clucked sympathetically

You have had too much sadness in your young life, Now Alexander will make you happy.” She declared to Jade’s open mouth astonishment.

Sophia, I can not expect for Alex to take on our responsibility. I will soon find a job, a house and move out of here. Alex has been too kind already offering us a safe haven for a while.”

Sophia looked at her shocked, “Bah! You young girls now a days, Alex is a good man. A Greek man, he will not let you go so easily. Greek men are possessive. He has never brought anyone home before,” she said not beating about the bush “And had a relationship with her under his roof like he has with you.” Sophia’s eyes bored into hers. “I can see that look in his eye when he is with you. I have seen many a woman trying very hard to get his attention but never have I seen him like this with anyone else.”

Jade almost died with embarrassment, Sophia was sharp as one of her shiny knives.

Sophia, my priority is Sam. I can not burden him with a ready made family. Alex is a wonderful amazing man, he is kind, handsome and rich. I am sure he is not short on beautiful women ready to fall at his feet.”

Even as she said those words her face paled at the thought of moving out of his life. His life, she groaned inwardly, she had literally only known him a week. In this tumultuous week her whole life had turned and spun so fast out of its usual axis that she could not even comprehend catching up with it or even thinking about where she was heading. What she had experienced in his arms last night had been nothing short of a dream. She knew that all men would pale in comparison to Alex for her from now.

Sophia’s eyes watched her knowingly, whatever Jade had been saying was straight from her head but her eyes and heart said something different altogether. She knew love when she saw it and Jade had it bad even if she did not want to admit it.

Chapter 5

Alex stared at the figures on his screen for the tenth time without registering them at all. His usually razor sharp brain was in a another dimension altogether.

His ears still rang with Jade’s moans of pleasure. She had felt so incredible in his arms. Making love to her had been the most beautiful and humbling experience in his life, the fact that she had chosen to give him her virginity awed him. Unable to help himself he had made love to her practically all night, she had matched his passion so willingly holding nothing back. He could not wait to have her in his arms again tonight and every night. For the first time in his adult life commitment did not seem like a dirty, stifling word. He wanted Jade and Sam to become part of his life.

He knew he was moving too fast and in reality Jade had come into his life only a week ago. He could only admire the way she had taken charge of Sam and made her priority. His last girlfriend a beautiful Scandinavian model would have run a mile from such a responsibility even if it were her sisters child. Jade’s selfless nature spoke to the Greek in him, it was all about family. She was everything he wanted in a woman, bright, selfless, funny, beautiful, passionate, so different from the previous women in his life.

Sitting back in his sumptuous leather chair he looked out at the panoramic view of London without seeing the extraordinary skyline at all. There was no way he was going to let her go from his life. With that thought in mind he picked up his mobile and rang his friend from Harvard and now The Maharaja of Milanderbad.

Jade’s phone rang as she stood at the school gate waiting to pick up Sam.

Jade, darling, I have found a buyer for your house. You need to come up and sign the papers, they need to move quickly as the wife is expecting a baby in two weeks. Can you come tomorrow to sign?” Her friend and Estate agent Timothy asked.

Timothy, that quickly?”

Yes darling! Come on sweet chops, they are all above board, I have checked them out for you.” He said emphasising the urgency.

OK, I will come up tomorrow, will you get the paperwork organised?” She asked him.

Of-course darling,” he said “anything for you my Sex bomb!”

Jade giggled, it was so good to hear from Timothy again. Her smile widened as Sam skipped towards her.

Later at dinner she told Alex about going up to Manchester. Sophia and Stavros had kindly volunteered to drop and pick Sam from school, Sam was quite happy with that.

Manchester? I will come with you.” He said having spent most of his day rearranging his appointments so he could spend more time with her.

Jade looked up at him from her plate, his eyes smouldered back at her. Memories of last night flooded her feverish brain, she felt her cheeks grow hot under his all knowing gaze. His silvery gaze caressed her from across the table sliding slowly over her face and down to where his mouth and hands had touched and caressed so thoroughly last night. His smouldering gaze practically set fire to her from across the table, she totally forgot where she was.

Aunty Jade are you very hot? Why have you turned all pink?” Sam piped up suddenly from next to her.

Alex chuckled as Jade turned even redder muttering, “Umm Poppet yes it is unusually warm in here is it not?” trying to cover her tracks.

Not really Aunty Jade,” Sam said and launched into a detailed weather forecast about how mild the temperature was compared to previous years, much to Alex’s amusement.

Much later that evening after homework and a bath she watched Sam as she slept. So much had happened in her young life in such a short time but she had coped admirably. Gently, she stroked a stray hair away from her sweet face which reminded so much of her sister. Her eyes filled with tears, whispering softly she spoke out into the quiet dim room ‘Sis I hope I am doing the right thing for Sam.”

Alex’s softly spoken words broke into her thoughts “Cara she is a fighter and with you to look after her she feels safe and wanted. Your sister knows that you will always do the right thing for Sam, Jade sweetheart you could not do anything less.”

Jade turned to look at him, he stood leaning against the door frame watching her with a warm look in his eye, her whole being cried out to be in his arms. She watched as he slowly walked towards her and held out his hand. She stood up tears still blurring her vision, tucking Sam’s blankets around her, slipped her hand into his. He pulled her against him tucking her into his side walking her out of the room quietly.

Alex,” Jade looked at him her eyes still shone over bright.

Shhh…” He whispered against her lips and swept her up into his strong arms walking to his bedroom.

She looked up at his gorgeous face. She knew at that moment that she had hopelessly fallen in love with him however she tried to convince herself otherwise. Her eyes filled anew with tears and a single tear escaped down her cheek as she realised the futility of her situation. A tremor of realisation that their relationship could last only a short time ran through her.

Alex looked down at her. He could not handle her tears. Her eyes had become deep green pools in which he saw only his reflection. He could easily drown in them he thought. Gently he let her down against him near his bed. Holding her close trying to give her some of his strength.

Cara, ” He whispered against her lips as he removed her skirt and top. “ You need rest.” he lifted her up gently and placed her on his bed.

She looked up at him with dreamy sleepy eyes, was he going to come to bed and make love?

He settled down next to her, gently tucking away a stray lock of hair behind her ear.

As if he could read her every thought he said “Jade I want you to sleep, as it is I kept you up most of last night, you will need time to recover your strength before you ravish me again” he said smiling down at her blush. “I will come to bed in a little while, try to sleep.. hmm”

But before I go,” He swooped down and kissed her so sweetly his lips gentle on hers, his tongue seeking out the honeyed taste of her, Jade just melted into him her arms locking around his neck.

Alex” she whispered her whole being felt as if it had melted into a puddle right there on his bed.

Yes I know Cara, sleep now.” Liquid silver gazed at her, serious eyes watched her as her eyes closed and she drifted off to much needed sleep.

Sometime in the night Jade felt him slip into bed and haul her into his arms. She snuggled into his body and fell back into a dreamless sleep, it seemed so natural to be sleeping in his arms.

Next morning when she awoke he was already sitting on the comfy looking armchair in the vast expanse of his bedroom, up and working at his laptop which he had balanced on his knees.

Why didn’t you wake me?” she asked guiltily gazing at him. How did he manage to look so sinfully sexy this early in the morning she wondered practically drooling at the vision he made.  Catching sight of herself in a vanity mirror she groaned and buried her head back in the pillow.

“Medusa has nothing on me.” She muttered.

She felt his hands on her waist as he flipped her over and his mouth crushed hers. It was a needy, greedy kiss. He delved into her mouth and kissed her so thoroughly stealing her breath from her.

Alex” she moaned as they came up for air, her hands clutching at his shoulders clinging on for dear life.

His heated gaze roamed her tousled state, across her lush curves encased in peach lace down her slim waist to her matching silk lace cami knickers. She silently thanked Victoria Secrets profusely vowing to shop there loads more if this was the reaction she was going to get from Alex.

He wanted to bury his face in those lush curves, to nibble his way down the flat planes of her stomach. He wanted to watch her fall apart in his arms just the like the other night but in broad daylight so he could watch every expression on her beautiful face. His body had already hardened and demanded release.

But this morning time was not on his side.

Come on my Medusa we have a plane to catch. You had better get a move on.”

‘Are you serious? Alex you want to fly to Manchester?” She stared at him incredulously. “Normal people take the train, coach or drive.” She said staring at him as Stavros drove them to the City Airport.

He looked at her as if she had gone mad. Then with a gentle sigh he explained to her as he were explaining to Sam “I do not do trains. Its much quicker to fly” he said as he got out of the car on to the tarmac. “We can get there in an hour or so and be back early, otherwise it would take all day to get there and back.”

Jade got out of the car and stood staring at him, he really lived in a different world to hers. Alex Savakis was a Billionaire, he ‘did not do trains’ as he had just said. How could their relationship work long term. No it could not she convinced herself.

A sudden gust of wind caught her and dust went into her eye. She gasped in pain.

What is it let me see.” He was instantly at her side peering into her face as she tried to get the dust out of her eye, he prised away her fingers with a gentle hand and blew softly into her eye, Jade gazed at his sexy face as the blood rushed to her head. What was it about him that sent her brain into meltdown all the time she wondered.

He smiled showing off perfectly white teeth for which any dentist would sell his soul to the Devil to use in an advert and kissed her gaping mouth. Bright lights flashed in Jade’s brain as he kissed her so thoroughly, pulling her tightly against his body she thought she was going to have an orgasm right there and then.

Jade,” he groaned into her hair. “You have bewitched completely with your emerald eyes.”

Her legs had turned to jelly and there was no way that she was capable of any speech after that kiss.

There was a loud clearing of the throat behind him and Jade blushed bright red and came out of her desire filled stupor as the flight attendant said that they had clearance.

Not fazed a bit Alex gently pulled away from her but kept hold of her hand, they boarded the plane together. But not before she saw his name stamped on the side of the Plane.

Do you own the plane?” She asked wide eyed feeling like a child who was being taken for its first grown up ride.

Its the company Jet. Much quicker to have it on hand for business trips. Would you like a drink? He asked his eyes warm on her as the attendant approached.

Jade looked at the champagne glass placed in front of her by the pretty uniformed attendant who had Savakis stamped right across her chest. Her eyes strayed to his still heated gaze and the image of his hot mouth on her breast suddenly popped into her head, seemed like she also had Savakis stamped on her breast too, she thought sourly. Why could she not stop thinking about sex every time she looked at him, she crossed her legs in an effort to control the heat that pooled in her belly from spreading elsewhere.

It was not her fault she thought if Alex kept kissing her like that it was bound to drive her insane. Muttering to herself about getting a grip, she took a hasty gulp of the champagne willing her body to behave. The day was going to be hell if she didn’t get a grip on herself.

Darling there you are!” Timothy said with exaggerated gestures. He took her by the shoulders and kissed her on both cheeks hugging her to death as was his usual way, enveloping her as he was almost as tall as Alex, over six foot. So many girls fell for his blond blue eyed look. He worked out toning his physique to absolute perfection and kept himself immaculately groomed. ‘Darling this body and good looks is all have, might as well make the most of them,’ he always said to her.

Jade giggled “Timothy behave! We have company” She said even as Alex possessively slipped his arm around her waist. “Timothy this is Alex Savakis…err …” she didn’t know what name to give their brand new relationship as yet, so she just mumbled “friend.”

Friend?” Timothy’s eyes took in Alex’s demeanour, the expensive suit, the slim gold watch at the wrist, the possessive way he held Jade, the way his Silver eyes said back off this is my woman.

If he was not here,” Timothy said staring back at Alex with a twinkle in his eye “I would have ravished you straight away my Sex bomb!”

Timothy looked at the stormy expression on Alex’s face and smiled a charming smile, winkng at Jade theatrically. She stifled a giggle at Alex’s stormy expression.

Come darling, lets get the paperwork sorted out” Timothy said pulling out the paperwork and going into professional mode suddenly.

Two hours later Jade had started the ball rolling. Timothy as promised had sorted out all the paperwork along with a local Solicitor, all she had to do was sign on the dotted line. Alex sat next to her all throughout, his long legs stretched out, answering email and texts on his Blackberry and looking over the details of the sale when Jade asked for his opinion. Unable to help herself Jade glanced at him from time to time, how could he make just sitting down look so sexy she wondered.

Thank you Darling,” she said to  Timothy, tears in her eyes as he finished up. Timothy had been her friend since college days and he had been her support through thick and thin.

Oh! off with you now or you will make me cry” he said as they hugged again.

As they went outside. Alex said with a grim expression “Do you have any idea, that man is mad about you.”

Jade smiled back at him “Yes I know. We have known each other since college days.”

So why did nothing happen between you two?” Alex ground out feeling insanely jealous of Timothy and the easy way he made Jade laugh.

Jade stopped and stared at him, and then started laughing leaning into his chest.

Alex’s expression became stormy. “Jade!” He ground out placing his hands on her shoulders and lifting her away so he could glare down at her face.

He is more likely to take an interest in you Alex.” she finished, still laughing at the thought of her and Timothy.

Me?” Alex questioned his face puzzled

Yes, did you not guess? Timothy is Gay, Alex. He is more likely to fancy you, being an Alpha Male and all that, in fact if you had not glued yourself to my side like a limpet all day, I guarantee that he would have made a move on you.” she said as she was overcome with laughter again.

Dark colour streaked his cheeks as he blushed. Grabbing her hand he walked down towards the high street. Muttering something in Greek he said “We need to find a place to eat I am famished.”

Jade giggled and asked sweetly, “ Are you blushing Alex? as he started to smile as what she had said sank in.

They ate in a lovely Italian Bistro Jade knew in the town centre, both relaxed and enjoying the smouldering heat between them, both anticipating a long eventful night ahead. By the time they finished it was early evening. They walked out to where they could catch a cab back to the airport. Whilst Alex looked for a cab Jade grabbed the evening newspaper wanting to catch up on the news.

As she idly rifled through the pages suddenly her own image locked in a heated embrace in Alex’s arms stared back at her. The headline read

‘Gossip has it that the latest woman in Billionaire Alex Savakis’s life is an IT Specialist. Where they met is a mystery, but our sources say that it has been only three weeks since her sister and brother-in-law died in a car crash. She has left her niece to be looked after by servants whilst she is living the high life in the Billionaires arms.

A close relative, Mr Dennis Leadbetter said, “ Its such a shame, I love my niece I hope that the authorities take note of what is happening and give me custody of Sam, her aunt is obviously too busy living the high life to look after the poor little soul.”

Below their picture there was one of Sam walking next to Stavros.

Alex turned towards her as the cab came to stop next to them to see the blood draining from her face. She seemed to sway in shock.

Jade!” He said as he caught her in his arms, “What is it?”

She raised shocked eyes to his.

He helped her into the cab barking “Airport” to the driver and took the newspaper out of her nerveless fingers. As he read the article he muttered a curse that normally would have made Jade blush. Damn the Paparazzi. Usually he did not care what they printed about him, todays news- tomorrows chip wrapper was his thought but from the look on Jade’s face he knew that Dennis had managed to hurt Jade exactly where she was at her weakest through Sam. Rage at Dennis built up inside him like a pressure cooker. His eyes narrowed into slits as he decided upon the course of action he would take against the newspaper and Dennis Leadbetter.

What if Dennis got the authorities to take Sam away from me?” Jade said in shock more to herself then him.

I …I cant be with you Alex. I cant let Dennis have Sam, he is a Monster.” Her hand shaking she placed it over his and said “I am sorry Alex but I can’t be with you any more. I am so sorry “ Tears ran unheeded down her face.

His eyes turned almost black with emotion as he gazed at her. Was this the end of their relationship?

Chapter Six

Throughout the short flight back he watched her closely. All colour had left her face, she had withdrawn from him completely, immersed in her troubled thoughts.

As they drove home from the airport he realised he needed to give her space, if he pushed too hard now he would lose her forever. But his Grey eyes devoured her and his heart ached to see her in pain but for the moment he knew that he should say nothing, she had chosen Sam’s welfare above their relationship without a moments thought and he loved her for it.

He sat back and watched her pale face vowing to take care of Dennis Leadbetter his way. The man was clearly unfit to be anywhere near Sam or Jade. He would put his own team of lawyers on to the issue making sure not leave any stone unturned ensuring that Sam’s inheritance remained unsullied by her uncles greed.

Stavros was there to greet them at the Airport. He spoke to Alex quietly as he saw Jade’s withdrawn pale face. Telling him that the house was surrounded by paparazzi. It was only due to the security that Alex’s team were able to arrange at such short notice they had kept them at a reasonable distance enough to be able to get Sam in through the gates without an issue on her return from school.

Aunty Jade!” Sam’s delighted call reached out to her as she stepped into the house.

Jade pulled her into her embrace hugging her tight.

Aunty Jade you are squishing me!” Sam complained although she hugged her back just as tightly.

So sorry, but I missed you Poppet,” she said smiling into Sam’s delighted face.

Sam wriggled out of her embrace and launched herself at Alex. He picked her up and swung her around in the air, much to Sam’s delight. Jade watched from a distance with a heavy heart as Alex tickled Sam making her giggle helplessly and making her squeal in delight.

Poppet, Uncle Alex must have work to do, shall we go to your room and see what homework needs doing?” She intervened in their games needing to get away from Alex and her heavy heart at that moment, she had forgotten that somehow to Sam Alex, had become like a favourite uncle. It was all her fault, she had become so close to Alex in such a short time she had laid open young Sam’s vulnerability, she knew Sam missed her father a lot and had substituted Alex in his place.

Alex’s intense silver gaze watched her walk away from him as Sam chattered excitedly about her school day. He let her. At this moment she needed to be with Sam he could understand that even if he was not happy about her shutting him out.

He went straight to his office and called Grant, his top lawyer talking to him at length about Jade’s situation. By the time he had finished his calls and answered some urgent email it had become late.

He went in search of Jade only to find her sleeping next to Sam her arm placed protectively around the child.

He gently pulled the duvet over them both, placing a soft kiss against her Jade’s lips brushing a stray lock of hair away from her face.

Alex,” she whispered on a sigh in her sleep. A sexy smile broke out on his face at the fact that she had instinctively known his touch and whispered his name. Her face still looked pale he thought, her eyes showed signs of shedding tears, the dark lashes spiked, fanning out against her pale skin. His troubled grey eyes could already see the smudgy shadows of worry on her face. Trailing a gentle finger over her cheek he whispered for her to sleep well.

Straightening up he looked down at both of them and examined his feelings for them. He had fallen hard and so fast in love with her even he could not believe the strength of feelings she had brought out in him. He had never thought that he would let a woman effect him so much. In fact he had vowed never to let that happen after he had seen many of his friends fall into honey traps where the women had bled them dry emotionally and financially.

Ruefully he shook his head, but then he had never met anyone like her before. She was so different, stubborn, committed to her young niece and so passionate. Falling in love with Jade had enriched his life, he now realised that he had been so lonely before, he was not going to let Jade or Sam walk out of his life. With that thought in mind he decided to go back to his office to work, trying to distract himself from the sudden lonely feeling of being shut out from her. His phone rang he looked at the display. It was Samir his close friend from Harvard and now the Maharaja of Milanderbad.

Alex, how are you old man? Do you have time tonight? I just arrived in London this afternoon. I have the items you wanted. If you have time we can meet up.” Asked Samir.

Alex looked back the sleeping Jade and said quietly “Yes I have time. Lets meet at the club.”

Jade watched him walk out of the room softly talking on the phone, her heart breaking into a thousand pieces. She wanted nothing more then to call him back, to put her arms around his neck and kiss those sinful lips, lose her self in his sensuous touch, to lean into his strength but it would not be fair on him.

Hating herself for having to push him away she resolved to move out from his home as soon as she could, so as not to prolong the agony for either of them. Fresh tears formed in her eyes, her love story may have been short lived but she would never forget it, her heart told her that she would never find another Alex but she had no choice but to walk away for Sam’s sake. She would not burden him with her problems.

Alex strode into the club lounge spotting Samir sitting in a quiet corner.

Samir smiled and stood up to greet him, signalling to George the barman to bring them a drink. Walking forward he greeted his friend warmly enveloping him in a fond embrace.

It has been too long time my friend.” Alex said slapping Samir on the back.

Your highness, Sir.” George said as he brought Bourbon on the rocks for them both. “Its nice to see you back Sir” George said with a smile at them.

They both smiled back at George, he had had been at the Club as long as they could remember. He was almost part of the furniture.

How is the wife?” Alex asked him.

Cant complain Sir, old age catching up with both of us now. But that Doctor you recommended and paid for worked wonders for her knees, she is ever so grateful to you Sir.” George finished with a smile.

Think nothing of it George. If you need anything at all please just call me.” Alex told him. George was still in love with his wife now as he had been some 50 years ago, he too could imagine spending his whole life with Jade.

As George left, Samir took one look at him and said “She must be very special if you are worrying about her this much. Certainly not like you old man.” His dark eyes taking in the troubled look on Alex’s face. He knew many women had walked through Alex’s life although none of them had even come close to make him blink an eyelid with worry.

She is Samir.” Alex replied his eyes telling his friend more then words could. They sat down on plush leather sofas.

So tell me then if you have found the ‘one’ why are you looking so troubled?”

Alex filled his best friend in on the state of events.

Samir sympathised with him entirely. He too had his share of the dreaded money grabbing relatives and the paparazzi.

Why don’t you just ask her to marry you Alex if she is the one you want to spend your life with.”

I have already thought of that Samir but Jade is so stubborn she would never agree. She has this bee in her bonnet about the fact that she has her niece to look after and that means that she must sacrifice our relationship. If I ask her to marry me under this kind of pressure she will naturally assume I am only doing it because ‘I am a nice man.’ If I had my way I would marry her straight away ending this issue. I have to find another way to convince her that I want to marry her because I love her. I am not entirely convinced that she realises that I love her or recognises her own feelings towards me either. As it is everything has happened so fast she needs time to understand that my feelings towards her are genuine.”

He looked at his friend who was smiling from ear to ear.

Yes you can smile my friend but last time we spoke you were also in a pickle.” Grinning back he asked “so how about you Samir what about your love life?”

Now it was Samir’s turn to look lost and troubled. “She too is so damn stubborn. His dark eyes remembered the stormy blue sapphire of her eyes as she had walked away from him angrily. He had left a Multi-Billion deal in New York to look for her in London.

Coming back to the now, Samir picked up a box from the table and offered it to Alex. “Here is what you requested” he said with a smile.

Alex opened the box, cradled against the dark velvet nestled a spectacular emerald necklace, matching earrings and a ring. The stones were exquisite, looking at them he remembered her passion clouded deep pools of green. These were an exact match. He smiled at his friend and thanked him.

Samir laughed and said “take them as a wedding gift from me, she must be very special I cannot wait to meet her.”

Alex closed the box and warmly smiled back at his friend, teasing him he said “She is and I cannot wait to meet the woman who has left the Maharaja of Milanderbad chasing after her either.”

Both friends looked at each other and laughed, raising their crystal glasses they toasted to stubborn beauties, taking a long much needed fortifying sip.

Chapter Seven

After the tumultuous events of the previous day, the morning started off very well for Jade. Timothy called to say a contact of his had found a house within her price range near Sam’s school and arranged a viewing for her the next day. She also received a call from a head hunter who wanted to set up an interview ASAP. Delighted with the progress she went to tell Sophia. She had not set eyes on Alex all morning since she had gone to drop Sam to school so she assumed that he had gone off to the office.

You cannot just leave, all the paparazzi are still after you. You will be hounded, they are like a pack of wolves once they get wind of where you have gone they will follow you without one remorseful thought. And what about you and Alexander?” Sophia tutted.

Jade muttered a curse how could she have forgotten about the hordes of reporters still hanging about everywhere. And what about her and Alex, she did not even want to go there and think about it at all. Only last night she had woken up covered in a fine sheen of sweat. She had been dreaming of Alex’s lips on her, teasing, nibbling, driving her insane. How was she going to be able to walk away from such heat, he would haunt her dreams every night she knew but walk away she must. Sam’s needs would have to come first. She was just about to say that to Sophia when her mobile rang, distractedly she picked it up to answer it. She noticed it was from Sam’s school.

Jade, its Mrs French. “I am afraid to say that Sam has been involved in an incident.”

Jade’s heart beat frantically, the Head calling her directly it must be serious. “She is not hurt is she?” She questioned heart in her mouth.

No…” the Head hesitated, “actually she was involved in a fight.”

A fight?” Completely shocked, Jade’s face paled just as Alex walked into the kitchen.

What happened ?” Jade questioned on a pained whisper.

I am afraid that there is a new boy in her class who said something to her and she punched him then there was a scuffle. But we are unable to get a word out of her now. Sam is not telling us why she punched him. The boys parents are causing a big fuss” Mrs French told her.

Sam in a fight, hitting other children, she could not believe it. She clutched the cream Marble kitchen counter in total shock unable to understand why Sam would do such a thing.

She vaguely heard Mrs French saying for her to come to school and collect Sam. Understandably there were concerns from the boys parents about the incident.

Alex watched her pale face as she terminated the call.

Is Sam hurt?” He questioned his eyes filled with concern.

No.” Jade said hesitantly, unable to still believe it. “She has been in a fight, she punched the new boy in her class, I ……I have to go and collect her from school.”

Come, I will take you.” His voice brooked no argument. Slipping his arm around her he guided her to the hall and gently told her to fetch her coat.

In moments she was being whisked away by Alex and Stavros to Sam’s school. As they left the gates flash bulbs exploded in her face through the windows, alarmed and temporarily blinded she shrank back into her seat.

Alex muttered a savage curse and pulled her against him, his arms strong and supportive around her.

Jade let him. She needed his strength at this moment, she leaned into him resting her head against his chest, breathing in his tangy spicy aftershave and his own spicy familiar scent. His latent strength somewhat easing her mind, which was at the moment filled with worry about Sam’s totally uncharacteristic behaviour.

Alex held her tightly, even if her mind was pushing him away her body and heart knew it had found its mate. His lips softly trailed over her hair.

Cara, I am sure that boy deserved it,” he said “Sam told me many times that this new boy Stephan is a bully.”

Jade almost groaned with pleasure, Alex’s gentle touch soothing her and at the same time her mind fought against her reaction to his touch. At his words she lifted her emotion filled eyes admonishing him, “Alex how can you say that, she actually punched him. Sam has never been a violent child. She has never even harmed a fly, tries to save all creatures from harm, even creepy crawlies. I just can’t understand it.”

That is exactly why I am saying that he must have deserved it. Sam would have never taken such a drastic action otherwise. Do not worry we will get to the bottom of this and maybe we will need to take action against the bully.” He finished still defending Sam, his eyes warm on her pale face.

Jade looked up at him her eyes wide, he had just defended Sam so lovingly as if she were his own niece, in such a short space of time he had completely understood Sam. And not only that he had said ‘we’ will get to the bottom of this. Her heart filled with love for him. What kind of man was this who would take on her responsibilities as his own.

Her beautiful face looked up at him, her eyes so deep pools of emotion, with a muttered oath his lips covered hers. They kissed as if they would never stop. Tongues duelling in desperate need. Heat exploded between them making them both shudder in response. His fingers threaded themselves into her hair to hold her still so he could explore and caress what he had so missed.

Cara, I missed you so much,” he hissed against her lips.

Alex.” She whispered back. Completely loosing herself in him.

A loud cough from Stavros broke into the moment.

Jade sprang back from him, feeling incredibly guilty. She was supposed to be worrying about Sam and keeping her distance from Alex, instead she could not but help losing herself his silvery heated gaze.

They reached the school and Jade hastily jumped out of the car. Alex following closely behind, he watched her run away from him yet again with a small crooked smile.

He muttered to himself “not for much longer my green eyed witch.” With that thought he brought his attention to matters at hand, thankfully they had managed to lose the reporters he thought looking around the area as he followed Jade into the school.

Sam’s eyes lit up as she saw Jade and Alex but she sat with her arms crossed, the stubborn tilt to her chin very apparent.

I am not going to apologise to him,” she said crossly. Turning away from both of them, as she saw the reproachful look in Jade’s eyes.

Jade slid beside her on the seat.

Sam, poppet why did you hit him? Tell me exactly what happened.” Jade demanded wanting to get to the bottom of the issue.

Sam stubbornly refused to say anything. Her face set, her big dark eyes on Jade’s face silently asking her to understand. But jade thoughts were too much in turmoil.

Sam’s little face looked to Alex who gave her a conspirational wink. Jade glared at both of them.

Mrs French please accept my apologies on behalf of Sam” Jade said. “This is not like her at all.” Her eyes pained and apologetic on Sam’s behalf. “I am sure, I will get to the bottom of this” she told her.

I know Jade, this is totally out of character for Sam. That is why I have been able to persuade the boys parents from not taking any further action. As its the start of the Easter holidays next week I suggest you keep Sam at home tomorrow. Sam can come back after the holidays hopefully by then everything may have quietened down.” She said kindly then turning to Sam she said “but this must not ever happen again do you understand Sam.”

Sam still refused to say anything, slipping off the bench she picked up her little school rucksack and walked off towards the exit, Jade said a few more quick words to Mrs French promising to get to the bottom of it when Alex’s phone rang.

Alex suddenly muttered a curse under his breath and ran after Sam. Jade muttered a hasty bye to the Head and followed him wondering why the the sudden urgency. As she turned the corner at the main door she saw Sam surrounded by reporters, they were all shouting questions at her thrusting their mikes right in her face.

Why did you hit that boy. Are you upset with your Aunt? Is it because your Aunt has abandoned you?”

Sam how do feel about your Aunts affair with Alex Savakis?”

Do you miss your parents Sam?”

Scared for Sam, Jade ran towards her but Alex was first, he effortlessly used his strength and pushed the pack of wolves away from Sam, picking her up in his arms held her tightly against his chest. Sam suddenly surrounded by flashing bulbs and shouting buried her face in Alex’s neck and started sobbing, frightened out of her wits.

Jade reached the door and the reporters all surrounded her. She screamed at them to leave Sam alone. Light bulbs flashed right in her eyes. Stavros pushed the pack away from her as Alex reached her, pulling her into his side, keeping his arm firmly around her he pushed ruthlessly through the frenzy His face set in rigid angry lines, furious at the reporters. Between him and Stavros they pushed the men back, making a path through the screaming crowd. A protective arm around both of them he managed to get them back to the car.

Jade clung to him also frightened in the frenzy, it was then Alex saw Dennis Leadbetter standing next to a couple with a small boy and sneering at the scene a little back from the crowd. Damn! So Dennis has hooked up with the bullies parents.

He pulled the door open and urged Jade to climb inside quickly placing a protective hand over Sam’s head tucking her into him and climbed inside with her. Stavros climbed in and drove them away at speed.

Shaking,her face pale Jade watched them both. Sam was clinging on to Alex as if she would never let go sobbing her heart out. He soothed her gently. Speaking softly to her. Telling her it was OK, the bad men were all gone.

His worried silver gaze roamed over Jade checking that she too was OK. He was completely furious at this turn of events. What the hell had happened to his security team. They had never let him down before. He was even more furious with the news hounds that would go to any lengths for some gossip. He was sure that Dennis had brought them to the school. Determined to get his lawyers to sue any newspaper that printed Sam’s face and a restraining order on Dennis so he could not get within a 100 meters of Jade or Sam as soon as he got back to his office. He reigned his famous Greek temper in-case he frightened Sam any further and sat back gently soothing the child.

Jade felt helpless. The situation seemed to have rapidly spun out of control. She looked at Alex her thoughts churning. The fact that Sam felt so safe with Alex now, that Sam did not even need her worried her.

As if Sam had read her thoughts she quietened down, sliding off Alex’s lap she climbed onto Jade’s lap winding her arms around her neck tightly.

I am so sorry aunty Jade but Stephan called you a bad name.” she said between hiccups. “I am not going to let anyone say bad things about you or uncle Alex. I love you both. So I boxed him right on the nose and I am not going to apologise to him, ever.” She declared the stubborn look back on her small tear streaked face.

Jade’s eyes sought Alex’s it was just as he said, Sam had hit the boy under provocation. But still that was no excuse to hit him.

Sam even if he did say bad things about me or uncle Alex you cannot go around hitting people. Its wrong and you know that don’t you Sam?”  Jade told her in no uncertain tones, gently stroking her cheek.

Sam nodded quietly still hiccuping a little.

He looked at Jade as she soothed Sam so lovingly. Her eyes deep green with emotion. Remembering those same eyes turning into green pools of passion in his arms only two days ago. He had come into their lives and turned it upside down. He knew the media would have a field day with this turn of events. He did not want to see Jade’s name dragged through the mud. He knew Dennis Leadbetter would be feeding their greedy need for sleaze and receiving enormous amounts of money in return. Just being in his house had caused headlines in the gossip rags and caused issues for Sam. He had to get them away from here as soon as possible. He would make Jade understand that he wanted to marry her because he loved her. Alexander Daruis Savakis had fallen head over heels in love in a matter of two weeks totally enticed by a green eyed witch.

Alex’s eyes became dark stormy grey with emotion as an idea presented itself to him. Why had he not thought of this before, he reached across the seat gently soothed Sam’s head. A child’s perspective is so clear and uncomplicated he thought, why not hit the problem right on the nose.

Jade would not be persuaded easily he knew but he was renowned for his ruthless powers of persuasion in the business world, it was time to use those skills on Jade. He just had to make Jade see it his way now and he knew exactly how he was going to go about it he thought his silver gaze resting on Jade determinedly, he was not averse to using a little blackmail to achieve his purpose.

Chapter Eight

A very worried Sophia greeted them at the door letting off a tirade in Greek at Alex. Jade wondered what Sophia was saying to him, a dark flush rose on his cheeks. Assuring Sophia that he was going to sort everything out and that it would not happen again, he disappeared into his study muttering he needed to make some calls.

Sophia what were you saying to Alex?” Jade asked worried about what Sophia might have said to him, she was not exactly known for her tact.

Bah, you do not need to worry Jade. I have known Alex since he was a boy. How could he let those animals frighten you and Sam like that? What happened to the security?” Sophia grumbled in an agitated manner. “You or Sam could have been hurt those people are nothing more then a pack of animals.” Then as her gaze fell on Jade’s worried face she said “I see you are upset on behalf of Alex, but you need not worry, he is a big boy he can take a few home truths, he will be fine,” then as she saw Jade blush, she smiled warmly and said “come I have baked some cookies for you Sam and then poppet you can tell me what happened.”

Sam now back in form, chatted away to Sophia about what had happened. Jade wondered why Alex had disappeared so quickly. Perhaps, she thought he was getting fed up of all the trouble that had suddenly landed on his doorstep. Reluctantly She followed Sophia and Sam.

The heavenly smell of some freshly baked chocolate chip cookies wafted over them as they walked into the kitchen although Jade did not feel at all hungry, still shaken as she was from recent events. Sam on the other hand had bounced back as children do. Sophia took the cookies out of the oven and sorted out a glass of milk for Sam venting off her anger about the Paparazzi.

They never leave Alex alone” she moaned. “Day and night they are after him. Once or twice they nearly caused Stavros to crash the car as they tried to outrun them on motorbikes.”

Jade sat down on the kitchen stool across from Sam who was busily munching away at her snack. The whole incident had left her traumatised even though Alex and Stavros had let no harm come to either of them. She decided the quicker she moved out of here the quicker the speculation and madness would stop, Alex could go back to his own life.

The mind blowing kiss she had shared with him in the car brought back all the needy feelings that she did not want to think about. She had tried to push them far back into her mind as possible, it was the only way she was going to be able to leave him. He had not said anything about progressing their relationship either. She wondered if it was because of the problems that had arisen. His quiet peaceful house was now surrounded by mad gossip seeking hounds all thanks to Dennis Leadbetter. No she decided, she could not accept his kindness any longer.

Alex finished the last of his calls and sat back in his plush leather chair with a grim smile playing around his mouth. He had called Grant to start proceedings for a restraining order on Dennis but he had decided not to put a stop to all the newspapers articles that were bound to appear in the evening rags and on the net. The more speculation there was the easier it would be to persuade Jade to go along with him. He knew it was an utterly ruthless move but that was the only way she would be persuaded he knew.

Her thinking that the hounds would stop harassing her and Sam if she no longer lived here was totally naïve. They would drive her insane peeking over hedgerows and jumping out at her on the street or at Sam’s school. She had no idea but he had lived with them all his life. No, he was not going to let her go through that if he could help it. He loved her and he was going to do anything to protect her.

His body tightened as he remembered the kiss they had shared. She had all but devoured him. It was the same for him. The intense heat they had created between them a tangible force he had almost forgotten that they were in the back of a car. His eyes narrowed with determination, he had given his delectable witch enough space, it was time to take the necessary action now.

A little while later Alex breezed into the kitchen and sat across from them snagging a cookie from the plate Sophia had put out for them.

He looked at Sam and said “How would you like to go a holiday to Greece poppet? You have a break now, we will go to my Villa on the coast.” Sam’s little eyes became wide as saucers. “There is a beautiful beach, fantastic Marine life, fruit groves. You could play on the beach and maybe even swim with the Dolphins.

Sam let out a huge whoop of delight. “I used to go to the seaside with mummy and daddy but they did not have any Dolphins there.” She said her voice full of excitement.

Jade opened her mouth to voice a protest glaring at Alex, he should have run that past her before he decided to ask Sam. It was unfair of him to spring it on her. They were supposed to be moving out of Alex’s life not going on holiday with him.

But before she could utter a word Sam launched herself at Alex screaming “Yes please uncle Alex!”

Alex..but…I have a job interview tomorrow and a viewing for a house. We cannot just go off on holiday at a moments notice.” Jade protested. Her eyes beseeching Alex to understand.

Sam’s delighted face suddenly filled with sadness. She wriggled out of Alex’s arms and sat back down quietly on the table staring at her cookies and milk not saying a further word.

Jade’s heart broke as she registered the sad look on her little face. She was torn between her need to try and distance herself from Alex and worrying about how important and close Alex had become in Sam’s life.

Alex looked to Sophia for help. His eyes implored her to intervene.

With a huge smile Sophia caught on to Alex’s plan becoming suddenly excited about Jade going on holiday with Alex. Her matchmaking instincts coming to the fore she said “A week will not delay you too much Jade. You will not be able to take Sam out here much in her holidays anyway because of those animals. Its best if you go with Alex. You need to get some sun on Sam, look how pale she is.” Sophia said twisting in the knife.

Sam did look pale Jade thought. First the death of her parents, then her Uncle and now the paparazzi. She still had time before the sale went through and she could always put off the head hunter for a week.

Alex munched on a cookie his grey eyes watching her every expression closely. He could see the struggle on her face so clearly.

Sophia and Stavros can visit their Grandchildren and take Sam to play with them, they are about Sam’s age she will have fun playing with them.” Alex added watching her closely.

Jade looked back at him, the picture he had presented sounded so idyllic and he was so beautiful, how was she going to stop herself falling deeper in love with him if she went away with him. Making up her mind she said “No Sophia, I can not hide in this house any more.” She spoke to Sophia but her eyes beseeched Alex to understand. A pained look came into his eyes, they became dark and stormy, without a word he walked away from them.

Tears of frustration formed in her eyes, she walked away to her room so that Sam would not see her tears, leaving a very sad Sam and resigned Sophia behind her. Why couldn’t life be simpler? Alex was such a wonderful man, he had been so good with Sam.

The demons in her mind said but for how long. How long could their relationship last. He was a Multi-Billionaire, handsome, generous, with many beautiful women after him, she had nothing to offer him but herself and with Sam in tow. Long term when he walked away it would hurt Sam more, its best if she severed matters right now.

She stared out of the window on to the vast grounds without seeing their beauty. The merry jingle of her phone broke into her troubled thoughts.

Jade darling,” Timothy said. “Are you OK babes? I saw the photos of you, Sam and Alex on the Internet and the evening rag. I hope you are not hurt?” he questioned in a worried tone.

Photos?” Jade whispered distractedly, they already had the pictures up in the newspapers and splashed on the net too? So quickly, dear God!

She walked over to her laptop which lay on the bed quickly starting it up and searching whilst Timothy chatted away on the phone, she barely heard him. It seemed the whole thing had blown completely out of proportion as the cameras had caught all three of them together.

She clicked on to the website of a popular newspaper and sure enough the headlines screamed at her. ‘The Billionaires temporary muse’, ‘Alex Savakis’s ready made family.’ ‘Could this be the Savakis love child?’ It was obvious that they had made up all the sleaze, totally untrue quotes from Dennis added to the dirt they had printed.

Her heart sank. She and Sam would never be able to get away from this kind of madness, it seemed only the high walls of Alex’s home was keeping those animals at bay.

Jade are you there? Are you listening to a word I am saying?” Timothy questioned.

Why don’t you get that handsome hunk to take you and Sam away. I believe the kids holidays are coming up? Jade? Timothy asked again wondering if she had put the phone down.

He has already suggested that Timothy,” Jade said weakly “but I turned him down, how much more of his kindness can I impose on.”

Timothy muttered something unsavoury under his breath “Jade there is no denying that you are bright and beautiful but when it comes to men you have no clue at all. Listen to Uncle Timothy, go to him right now and tell him you have changed your mind about going, its a woman’s prerogative after all. Then you need to slip out and by your self a sexy bikini to wear on holiday and seduce him.”

Timothy!” Jade groaned at her mad friend.

Jade, go and live a little, worry about tomorrow when it comes, life is so short darling. Don’t feel guilty, if he was being just kind he would not have offered to take you away. I am sure he has many tools at his disposal to take care of these sorts of issues.” Timothy said in a caring tone. “One week or two will not hurt and you can keep Sam away from the press hounds. I will arrange that viewing for a later date don’t worry, if it comes to the crunch I will come down and see it myself, you trust me with your investments don’t you darling?” He said crossing his fingers that the his gut instinct would come through and Alex would decide to make his and Jade’s relationship permanent. He still remembered the tender look in Alex’s eyes when he had looked at Jade, Alex was the best that could happen to the both Jade and Sam.

No, one week or two will not hurt, she could always put the head hunter off too she had enough savings and the sale of the house would come through soon. A change and Sunshine would make a lot of difference to Sam she thought convincing herself. And as for seducing Alex, her bones melted at the thought. She would live a little before she walked away.

OK, Timothy you have convinced me.” Jade told him, she suddenly felt lighter as if a heavy burden had lifted from her shoulders.

Go then go and tell Sam now, I know she will be ecstatic.”

Timothy thank you.” Jade said smiling for the first time in the day “You are so good for me”

I know, I know!” Timothy replied laughing “Now go!”

She found them all in the Kitchen, Stavros had joined them. Alex was talking to Sam about something or another.

Err Alex I have changed my mind. Can Sam and I take you up on the offer of going away with you,” she asked in a hopeful tone before her courage deserted her, her eyes rested on his face.

A huge smile broke out on all their faces. Four delighted whoops rang out loudly. Sam launched herself at Jade in an excited manner.

Alex’s face broke out into a huge sexy grin, his silver gaze roving over her, he had not given up hope and had been thinking of other ways to convince her. He wondered what had made her change her mind but he was ecstatic that she had. His thoughts running rampant, he decided he was going to make this a week to remember for Jade, one that she would never want to end for the rest of their lifetime.

A thought interrupted her delight. A frown creased her face as she said “but Sam does not have a passport. She was a on my Sisters.”

Everything fell silent, she had just put a brake on all their excited plans. Alex unfolded his long frame from the kitchen stool and approached her, his gaze all liquid heat, taking Sam from her arms he said to Sam “Come on poppet lets get your passport pictures done.” He put out a gentle hand and softly ran his fingers down Jade’s cheek saying “ leave it with me I will sort it out.” With that he walked out of the kitchen taking Sam with him.

Jade’s breath caught in her throat, her face turning all pink, he just had to caress her face and she melted under his fingers, the man was dangerous to her state of mind and body.

Sophia smiled a knowing smile at Stavros, who was grinning from ear to ear.

Chapter 9

He was good as his word Jade thought as she looked out on to the beautiful moonlit beach her balcony overlooked.

He had managed to secure an emergency passport for Sam by the next day. Slipping out of the gates under maximum security, they had all flown on his private jet, Sophia and Stavros excited about seeing their grandchildren again.

Sam had been in her element. She smiled as she remembered Alex patiently taking her to see the pilot. It turned out Alex was also an able pilot, he explained to Sam about the Jet and all the instruments. Sam was completely fascinated and excited her dark little eyes concentrating, her sharp mind asking question after question about the it all.

They had flown straight to Naxos where his Villa was situated. He had explained that Naxos was one of the Cyclades islands. There were many Greek myths related to the many Greek gods such as Zeus, Apollo, Dionysus and Ariadne on Naxos. The tallest of its mountains was named Mt Zas after Zeus the father of all the Gods.

His heated gaze watched Jade’s face as he explained that legend also says that the pure of heart goddess Ariadne was discovered sleeping on Naxos by Dionysus. He fell in love with her and married her on Naxos.

Jade wondered why had he said that whilst looking at her? Was it just her imagination or was he actually suggesting something? Did he think she was pure of heart, if he could read her lustful thoughts she was sure that he would think otherwise. She remembered her eyes drinking him in, his dark brown hair swept neatly from his forehead, his chiselled cheekbones, the full lower lip she had nibbled on and the slight dark stubble making him look incredibly sexy.

She could almost feel the heat emanating from him across the seats, she felt as if she were drowning in deep stormy grey seas remembering his lips on her fevered body. She tore her gaze away in-case she let on how desperate she was to have those hands and lips on her again.

His villa was situated on the eastern side of the island. They had arrived at it by driving through beautiful countryside, pine trees lined many a road and the route was dotted with pretty cobbled stoned villages.

Bougainvillea, jasmine, rose climbers and many exotic trailing plants framed small doorways as the sunlight warmed everything so lovingly, glimpses of courtyards with pretty fountains and sleepy dogs showed the quiet pace of life everywhere. Children played in the streets and fields all enjoying the sun.

Jade wondered how Alex could bear to leave this place, it was so incredible. The Villa itself set lovingly into a cliff was modern with panoramic glass views affording a spectacular view of the sea and surroundings. Below lay a beautiful private beach featuring a horseshoe shaped little cove with sparkling fine white sand. The waters gleamed turquoise blue inviting them to swim. There was a lift down to the beach and also a meandering steep path leading down. The gardens around the side and the front divided into smaller areas, one exhibiting all types of Mediterranean flowers, others fountains and topiary, each one a little sanctuary.

Earlier they had walked through his orange, fig and olive groves a little way up from the villa. Sweet and citrus fragrance hit her from every angle. The smells all competing with each other to tantalise her senses. Alex had picked some fruits for them to try, both Sam and her enjoyed the succulent oranges and figs.

Jade had not been able to stop watching Alex’s sensuous mouth as he sucked on an orange, he had caught her looking at him again with those hungry eyes and smiled a wicked smile at her that had almost undone her right there and then, the silver gaze had lingered over her curves.

Then Sophia had brought along her grandchildren, three of them, two boys and a girl to play with Sam and she had not seen her since. She had heard them laughing and playing in a mixture of Greek and English in the gardens and on the beach knowing that Sam would in no time pick up the Greek language.

Inside the Villa the décor was modern, walls white with large modern paintings and sculptures breaking up the space. Elegance and comfort were the main factors. White sofas broken up with a few brightly coloured arm chairs and rugs dotted the vast space, the floors all covered by marble tiles. Jade loved it all. Especially when Alex had said “Welcome to my home” in a deep throaty voice to her she had all but buckled at the knees at his tone.

Now the evening had settled in, she had just put a very tired and excited Sam to bed. In the morning Sam was being taken to the beach for a picnic and dolphin watching by Sophia and Stavros. As she had gently caressed Sam’s cheek, she noticed Sam had already started to tan, her young skin looking less pale in just one day in the sun. Sam’s excitement was catchy, Jade felt light headed just thinking about spending the whole week with Alex here, to see him so relaxed and smiling here made her toes curl.

Maria, the housekeeper of the Villa had said dinner would be at eight so she had gone to her room showered and dressed with care. A cream silk sheath lovingly caressed her curves, its small diamanté straps adding a little sparkle. She had matched them with small diamond earrings that were her mothers. Adding a little mascara and lipstick she had got ready.

It was still early so she stood on her wide balcony just letting the warm sea breeze wash over her. The moon hung lush and yellow in the sky its reflection making patterns that danced on the inky waves below.

His tangy spicy male scent teased her even before she felt him standing behind her.

I did knock but you were miles away,” he whispered quietly from right behind her.

Alex.” She whispered turning to look at him.

His breath caught in his throat. The moonlight on her skin made it gleam pearly white, whilst her eyes held a magic spark to them. She looked as beautiful as the goddess Ariadne he thought. The sea air brought a pot pourri of fragrances, roses, jasmine, peonies and pine from his gardens and also the warm musky scent of her. His nostrils flared taking it all in.

He looked so dark and sexy thought Jade as he stood in the shadows. She so wanted to reach out and touch him, her fingers tingled with need, unconsciously she swayed towards him, with a muttered oath his arms whipped around her as if he was no longer in control of his actions and brought her up hard against his body letting her feel his need for her.

Jade why do you seek to torment me and yourself? We are so good together.” he admonished her between trailing fervent kisses across her face and down her throat. “Why do want to leave me and move away.” He finished his stormy grey eyes demanding an answer from her still holding her tightly against his hard strength.

She looked into his eyes as they sought an answer from her, she no longer wanted to hide her feelings from him. Live a little Timothy had said, well for once she would throw caution to the winds and answer him truthfully, she owed him that much.

Because Alex when one day you walk away it would kill me, and Sam too” She added on a pained whisper.

Theos, you think I can walk away from you?” He spoke in a tormented whisper against her lips, his whole expression one of incredulity at her words. “I could no more walk away from you then tear my heart out and Sam, I love her like my own niece.” His eyes bore into hers wanting her to understand what he was saying.

These last three weeks have been an roller coaster of emotions for me. I have never fallen in love with anyone before. My green eyed witch you have cast a spell on me, and I never want to break free from that spell.”

Jade looked at him her eyes wide as saucers, was she just imagining what he had just said? Had he actually said he loved her? Tears formed in her eyes and sparkled like diamonds on her lashes.

Cara!” He rasped “Please don’t cry, I love you.” He relinquished his hold slightly as he dug into his pocket. These have been burning a whole in my pocket for days.” he said pulling out a velvet box and opening it for her to look at.

A shocked gasp broke from her lips as she saw the exquisite emeralds. Her hand flew to her mouth “Alex! Where, how, when?” she whispered her gaze questioned him.

On the first day when we met, when that fateful accident brought us together, when I looked into your exquisite emerald eyes, I remembered seeing these stones in a collection of the Maharajah of Milandarbad, who also happens to be my very good friend from my Harvard days. I asked him to sell the jewels to me and he kindly brought them to London and gifted them to us as a wedding present.” He said resting the box on a table and slipping the ring out of its cushion.

Jade, Cara will you do the honour of being my wife?” he asked his whole body tense.

M…Marry! You want to marry me, wedding present, you knew days ago?” Jade rambled, her brain in meltdown now utterly giving up on her.

Yes, I want to marry you and I will not accept a no either. I have a confession to make as well, I cannot marry you with it weighing on me. I could have stopped some of those articles about you and Sam the other day but I chose not to as I wanted you to come away with me.” He watched her expression as she continued to stare at him wide eyed still shocked at the turn of events.

I apologise, will you forgive me, I know I was utterly ruthless.” he said as he watched the tears run down her face.

Did you get Timothy to ring me and persuade me otherwise?” She questioned wondering how far he had gone to get her to do what he had wanted.

Timothy? No? Why? Did he call you and tell you to go with me? Is that why you changed your mind?” He asked his brows creasing into a frown.

Jade nodded.

God bless him,” Alex said with a huge grin. “He is your true friend. Now will you forgive me?”

She nodded unable to speak his total honesty touching her heart. He lifted her hand and slipped the beautifully cut square emerald and gold band on to her left hand ring finger. It slid on and fitted perfectly as if it were made for her.

Gently turning her around he slipped the necklace on, the stones sparkled and gleamed against her pearly skin as he knew they would his lips trailing across her nape in a feather light kiss.

I have not said yes yet,” Jade quipped in teasing him with a sexy smile turning around to face him, his eyes were already hot liquid silver.

He smiled at her a totally wicked smile, his eyes clouding over with passion. “Then let me persuade you my witch.” He leaned down and lifted her against him his hands splayed against the silk of her back, his lips closing over hers in a passionate greedy kiss. His body went into over drive as she melted against his strength.

He groaned “you are wearing to many clothes,” as he carried her back into the room towards the large bed.

What about dinner? Maria? Jade gasped out in between his passionate onslaught.

I am sure Maria will understand, after all she is Sophia’s cousin and I am sure Sophia has already filled her in.” His fingers found the zip at the back of dress and he slid it down peeling off the straps and the dress off in a fluid movement.

A rasp of pleasure broke from him as he saw the emeralds nestled in her lush cleavage, they sparked and reflected the fire in her green eyes, the moonlight spilling into the room making her look almost ethereal.

His mouth closed over hers again. Somehow he had managed to get rid off his clothes without her realising,

The necklace.” Jade gasped out as he eased away the only remaining barrier between them to bring her into contact with his fierce arousal.

I cant hold of any longer and besides you look good wearing nothing but emeralds” he rasped out as he picked her up and lowered her down onto the crisp white sheets.

Following her down his mouth closed over hers and Jade lost all sense, his kisses became deep and drugging making her writhe against him in frenzy. Her hands caressed his hard contours following the familiar lines and finding again the spots which made him moan and sigh against her.

His seeking fingers found her so ready for him, but he drove her higher with his sinful mouth and his magic hands, watching her face as she fell apart in his arms screaming out his name, her hair tangled across his body as she gripped him tightly in the throes of passion.

You are so incredibly beautiful Jade,” he rasped he said his body trembled with need against. “I have to be inside you now.”

Adjusting her position he slid over her and joined his body with hers in a deep slow thrust, filling her to the hilt making her moan with pleasure, whilst threading his fingers into her thick lustrous hair so he could feast on her lips. His teeth nipped at her quivering lush passion pumped lips.

Alex I love you,” Jade gasped, sensations overwhelmed her as she came down from one climax for him to start taking her towards another. She dug her nails into his broad back, as he started to move slow and deep within her.

Open your eyes he grated “I want to look into your eyes as you say those words.”

Her passion clouded eyes opened slowly, looking directly into his, “Oh god yes,” he rasped as he saw the sheer love shining out of her eyes.

And then there was no room for words as he increased the pace catapulting them both into an intense organism that rocked them both deeply.

Her heart thundering like a runaway train she smiled up at him with love, his sweat slicked body still pulsated with hers. Taking his weight on an arm he gently brushed away the damp hair away from her pink flushed face.

His eyes had a worried look as he looked into hers, he said “I am sorry that was a little too frantic but I needed you so much Cara.”

I needed you just as much,” Jade whispered up to him caressing his beautiful face with unsteady fingers, her body still trembling against his.

She wrapped her arms around him and hugged him tightly still getting to grips with the fact he loved her and wanted to marry her.

I am crushing you.” He whispered into her hair nuzzling her neck. He rolled over taking her with him without breaking contact with her.

Jade snuggled into his arms contentedly. She felt his lips form into a grin against her cheek, “Hmm you cant go to sleep yet my darling you have to show me how much you love me. I want to see you in action over me in the moonlight, I want to those fabulous eyes of your loosing it again and again I will never have enough of you Cara, never in this lifetime,” even as he whispered those words Jade felt his flesh stir and grow within her making her gasp out.

Alex you are insatiable,” she groaned with delight raising herself up over him, her long hair flowing over them both. The moonlight flowed over her pearly skin, bouncing off the sparkling green stones against her pink tipped breasts. Her face filled with rapture, her small white teeth had sunk into her lower lip as she rose and fell. Her fingers dug into his shoulders, he felt as if hot lava was flowing through his veins as looked up at her.

It became a battle of wills, they fought each other to stave off reaching that glorious peak too fast. Until ultimately they had to give into its overwhelming frenzy. Alex rose of the bed taking her higher with him until the last glorious tremble had them collapsing on the bed totally spent.

Maria looked at the clock, almost nine-thirty. Humming to her self she covered the food and placed it in the fridge, when they did come down they were going to be ravenous she thought smiling. Closing the door behind her she went off to have little celebration with Sophia.


They were married on Naxos a week later. The village and surrounding villages had never seen such an event. Jade had no idea how Alex had managed to arrange everything so fast. But then he had the formidable Sophia and all her relatives, a virtual small army of ecstatic helpers.

When Alex Darius Savakis threw parties he did it with style. So many dignitaries and even a Maharajah were present at the ceremony in the gardens where a flower covered gazebo had been set up.

Jade wore a ivory cream dress that accentuated her curves and emphasised her slenderness. Her hair flowed behind her, arranged with small pearls and diamonds and a very pretty veil. Although people did think that the intricately gold set emeralds around her neck looked slightly out of place with her gown they did not say anything.

The look on Alex’s face said it all as she came up the beach on Timothy’s arm with Sam behind her as the chief bridesmaid and Sophia’s grandchildren as page boys and girls.

His eyes shone over bright even as hers filled with happy tears as they looked at each other and said their vows. Sophia, Maria and even Stavros had to pull out hankies.

Samir looked on resplendent in his Royal robes and Indian Sherwani standing next to Alex as his best man. Extremely delighted that Alex had managed to persuade the beautiful Jade to Marry him, he looked at the merry couple and wondered how he was going persuade the love of his life to agree. Sighing to himself, he thought he may never reach this stage but he was not going to give up. Seeing Alex so happy had made up his mind for him. By fair or foul means he was going to persuade Sapphire to at least talk to him.

But that’s another story………..for another day, I hope you enjoyed this one ;)) .



36 responses to “Accidental Love – A Romantic love story by Jane

  1. Jaans

    January 3, 2012 at 8:35 am

    janey……oh i loved this raw version. i would want only this version henceforth… i love darius…..the perfect lover…vow.

  2. indepgal

    January 3, 2012 at 10:47 am

    wah, janey! superb! waiting for more. plssssssssssss, can we have one full on maaneet FF…plssssss, pretty plsssss **indep batting her eyelashes and flashing her bestest smile at janey**

  3. janememe

    January 3, 2012 at 5:58 pm

    Aww thanks jaans ;))

  4. Raaki Kaur

    January 3, 2012 at 9:22 pm

    The unedited version is hot. Wow my laptop nearly caught fire, will want only these versions now. How can we go back to bread pudding, when you have given us chocolate cake with icing 😉

  5. aquitam

    January 4, 2012 at 11:06 am

    Nice one, Jane. How often will you update ?

    I was a regular follower of your Geet stories on Facebook.

  6. Bajarbattu

    February 1, 2012 at 3:34 pm

    this is good enough to be sent to Mills & Boon UK……………… you must, you must! YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST!!!!

    I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooo PROUD of you!
    WELL DONE……… can’t wait to read more and see how you unfold the story.

    with intent,
    much love, light and laughter,

    • janememe

      February 1, 2012 at 3:56 pm

      Awww APCB LOL!! just added chapter Six. Thanks it means a lot to have all your support HUGSSSSSSSSSSSSS ;))

  7. Nona

    February 5, 2012 at 9:47 pm

    You have me hooked Jane!!! This is just too good! This is my first time following your story and I am loving it. Looking forward to your updates!!!

    • janememe

      February 6, 2012 at 9:14 am

      Thank you Nona that’s so kind of you to say that ;))
      I am definitely enjoying writing this one.

      • Nona

        February 7, 2012 at 5:41 pm

        I mean it Jane!! It’s really going eagerly waiting for the next part…when is it coming??

      • janememe

        February 9, 2012 at 8:31 am

        I will do an update on Sunday babes, thanks for keeping up with it ;))

  8. Neeru

    February 9, 2012 at 4:12 am

    Janeyyyyy! awesomeee! Dariussss!! *sigh*

    Can’t wait to read moreeeeeeee! upload soon!


    • janememe

      February 9, 2012 at 8:32 am

      Neeraja LOL! so u r smitten now too ;)) We love our Darius 😉

  9. Nona

    February 13, 2012 at 4:16 am

    Love the update, the pace Jane! It’s ending already … 😦 but looking forward to a special Valentine’s day Update…..make it long, mushy, romantic, sexy and whatever else u can…LOL. That’s quite a demand …isnt it!!!

    • janememe

      February 13, 2012 at 8:51 am

      yes I think I have to put them out of their misery 😉 What a list! Gosh I will try ;)) Thanks for your support 😉

      • Nona

        February 13, 2012 at 12:02 pm

        Dont wanna intimidate you with my demand… are the writer so go with your creativity!!! 🙂

  10. Jaans

    February 14, 2012 at 1:30 pm

    janey…thanks darling…just as i wanted …sexotic ,,,truly darilicious…yummmy…..i loved this man…..propsed and let his guilt off too. awsome……making love with the emeralds on……uffffff….i loved the entire creation…….love u…

    now i want a hot mannilicious creation…………puleeeez……….

    • janememe

      February 14, 2012 at 5:00 pm

      WOW Thanks Jaans I so glad you enjoyed it babes ;)) did a lot of work on the detailing 😉

  11. Sa

    February 15, 2012 at 12:48 pm


  12. indepgal

    February 16, 2012 at 6:19 am

    lovely ending, Janey! and a lovely FF!

    now for a new FF on Samir and his love story… 🙂

    • janememe

      February 16, 2012 at 9:07 am

      What no holiday for me?? Cant u bask in the happy ending for a couple of weeks ;))))

      Thank you babes for your support u guys are sooooo amazing ;))

  13. Sarah

    July 2, 2012 at 11:00 am

    Jane Jane Jane…who needs M&B when we have our own Jane 😉 Beautifully romantic and u should definitely think about contacting M&B Publishing House to get this printed 🙂

    • janememe

      July 2, 2012 at 11:56 am

      Hmmm I was thinking about that, but it needs to be longer I think. Will have to work on it. Thanks for liking it though it was fun writing. Do you follow the Jewel of the Maharaja’s eye as well?

  14. Sarah

    July 2, 2012 at 12:06 pm

    hmmmm…acha challo all the best for getting this or any other work published, ur work needs to be appreciated 🙂
    As for Jewel of Maharaja, I am going to read it tonight and give u my feedback. I am one of those insane readers who love to read the whole story in one go 🙂

    • janememe

      July 2, 2012 at 12:28 pm

      Opps welll JOTME is still a ongoing story but I think you will like if you liked Phoenix and Accidental love 😉
      Thanks 😉

  15. Amruta

    October 5, 2012 at 5:09 pm

    oooh loved this one – just caught up with it.

    • janememe

      October 5, 2012 at 8:36 pm

      thanks Amruta ;)) yes long time no see 😉

  16. drdee142

    April 28, 2013 at 8:26 am

    That was beautiful, so romantic…..loved it.

    • janememe

      April 28, 2013 at 10:27 am

      Me too I loved writing this one ;))

  17. Mansiahmed

    December 15, 2015 at 8:14 am

    Hey nice story….lived Alex n Jade.even thimothy ufff what hawtness ☺️Really passionate magnets just attracted to eac other .lovely wtiting

    • janememe

      December 15, 2015 at 9:32 am

      thanks Mansi – happy you liked :))

  18. kalyani786

    March 17, 2016 at 7:28 am

    Hi Jane.. I am such a big fan of Ur stories.. Can’t really tell how many times have I read this one.. Its my favourite.. Going through. Replies have seen that there is another story Called jewel of maharajas eye.. Please please let me. Know the link would love to read that.. Also ur TPR is too good.. Waiting for u to write more


    • janememe

      March 18, 2016 at 8:27 am

      Yes! That’s a great idea Kalyani, I have two other short stories on kindle, I shall make a link on main menu called e books and place them there. Thanks so much for buying! WOW I am chuffed that you would take out your credit card and pay for one my books! Made my Friday I tell you ;))

  19. janememe

    March 17, 2016 at 11:22 am

    Hi Kalyani, thank you so much for your lovely comment 😉 Thats so kind of you. I have put the Jewel of the Maharajah’s Eye on Kindle now.
    you have to buy it there its really cheap, finally getting around to getting paid a little ;))

  20. kalyani786

    March 18, 2016 at 7:09 am

    Thanks a lot Jane… Have bought it.. Will start reading right away.. Pls let me know if u write more… I think u should share the details of such e books on ur blog.. For people like me 🙂 Wish u all success with ur stories…

  21. kalyani786

    March 19, 2016 at 4:07 pm

    👌👍 will await the link


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