5. The Remark

The Remark

The way it was so casually spoken
was it just a remark, turmoil in me it has awoken

resentment flows through me
feelings of hurt she does not see

time I spent choosing the right gift
I spent money, did not thrift

she said I don’t mind, bring what you want
then why the barb, that remark, my mind it does haunt

pricks like a splinter under my skin
a beating drum, creates a loud din

expectations are always a plenty
of choosing the right gift there is no guarantee

I all look around with love on my part
to gift the wrong thing is never in my heart

so can I expect a grateful thanks
instead I get tepid smiles and lots of blanks

why didn’t she just ask for what she wanted
instead of my gift in my face she flaunted

was it too little? Just not enough?
Well that’s just too damn tough!

Casually dropped in conversation so lightly
her eyes watching me so slyly

or was it all my imagination
to hurt me there was no intention

my mind churns with unhappy thought
should I have said something about what I bought?

Is it hurt or guilt I feel
I am not sure with these feelings how I will deal

I should just lay it to rest and forget
not worry about it no regret

but its always the small words that prick
in my mind like glue they stick

I fight to get rid of this poison so insidious
about getting rid of it I must be fastidious

who would have thought such a casual remark
would bring out the truth of our friendship so stark

Part of my OU course.

Copyright Jane Meme


One response to “5. The Remark

  1. Sarah

    February 15, 2012 at 12:37 pm

    This again is a different one – I like it as there is a wistfulness about it as to how you could have done without this lament or that painful remark


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