1: Uneasy Silence – the aftermath of the riots

Uneasy Silence

by Jane Meme on Thursday, 11 August 2011 at 11:01

Events have now settled into an uneasy Silence

People are tired of this needless Violence

The rioters are no better off then they were Before

Arrested, processed like cattle, they are herded towards jail’s Door

So many points of view on the News

Some tragic, some sad, some Amuse

5 days have changed our perception of Society

Seething anarchy that lies underneath us all, no Propriety

Families have lost loved ones in all this Mess

Will they ever heal. That’s anyone’s Guess

Lives lost in the blink of an Eye

We ask ourselves why did they need to Die?

Livelihoods lost, dreams Shattered

People hopes and aspirations completely Battered

What will become of those who face Jail?

For them there is no Bail

Jails are already Brimming

New tricks in them they will be Learning

They need to help the community Rebuild

Its the only way they will feel the need to Succeed

Something constructive to do, or am I just being Idealistic?

Thinking we can reach them, being just Unrealistic?

My heart thinks there is good in Everyone

Reach out to them and good can be Done

Society does not owe them Anything

Respect is earned, not violently Extracted

Solutions are not easy, but there is so much at Stake

We all need to work together,

Together once again a community we must Make.


One response to “1: Uneasy Silence – the aftermath of the riots

  1. Sarah

    February 15, 2012 at 12:32 pm

    Absolutely love this poppet 🙂


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