The Challenge – Part 2


Geet awoke with a start. Memories of near death, Maan rescuing her, running and then the confrontation. Well, more of a revelation. For them both.

She hadn’t meant to but found herself telling him about sending her brother to jail. Something which still made her shiver with fear but now somehow there was another deeper feeling. Something which she had just learnt to acknowledge within herself.

Pride in herself.

She hadn’t known that she had the strength until Maan had come into her life. Somehow from their constant arguments and behaviour that clearly bordered on the insane something new had emerged. She had realised that she had a choice. Not that in anyway he had spoken to her of it. No, it was more the way he conducted himself.

The Devil with sinfully sexy eyes.

He had scorned her beliefs about freedom, about escape. He had shown her what being free actually meant. Unceremoniously dragged her out of the locked room and thrown her back into the putrid complexity that was her family. His eyes had held hers and told her she had a choice.

Running away was a choice. Making sure her brother paid for his crimes was a choice. Showing her family what they believed and did was wrong, that was a choice. A choice to do what she wanted to do with her life. Such as it was.

She had always done what was expected of her, well now she would do as she pleased. Her life was hers to command. Turning, she stared at the room that had become her new home. One where she had found safety and comfort. Under Maan Singh Khuarana’s roof. A few weeks ago she would have laughed at that. He hated her and she definitely couldn’t stand him. But there was much more to him than the khadoos act he put on, that was just on the surface.

‘Silent waters run deep’ – Who knew he would turn out to be a man of strong principles. Principles that were unshakeable. Along with a sense of fair play and the most annoying sense of right. It irked her that he was not willing to take any shortcuts. But then again she loved that about him. His sense of right and wrong. Rare where she came from.

Now she had to dig deep and find that strength within her to walk away from him. The safety and the comfort he offered without any strings. She wouldn’t burden him with her troubles, she had already put him in danger. She would get another job. Something that would move her far from his knowing looks and eyes that read too much in hers. First she had to be able to stand on her two feet before she even thought about meeting that challenge he threw down with his eyes. She had become too dependant on him.

She couldn’t remember anything after getting into the car to drive back home. In-fact how had she got to bed from the car? She couldn’t even remember that. A blush rose on her cheeks as she realised he must have carried her in.

Dear God! The bullet. How hurt was he?

Leaping out of bed, she rushed to the bathroom. Hastily freshened up and ran out into the bright sunshine. First she would make sure he was fine,then, then she would leave.

It was time she found out what destiny had in store for her.


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