The Challenge Part 3

Chapter 3

‘Githhhhhhhhhh!’ The name burst from his lips like an expletive as she walked straight into him.
‘What are you doing? You will be the death of me one day!’

Her eyes darkened with pain at that comment…he had just uttered it off the cuff but she had added (as usual) so much more to that, pursing his lips he drew in along breath.

‘Maan…are you hurt badly? Its all my fault!’

‘Why is it your fault Geet? Did you arrange for those men to come after you?’ Looking annoyed he glared down at her.

What did he mean by that. Annoyed at his response, she decided it wasn’t her fault at all and let him know it.

‘Well actually it isn’t…..its your fault, who told you to come after me?’

‘No, I have changed my mind, its your fault because who asked you to go there to try and protect me?’ He threw it right back in her court.

‘Huh? Well who asked you to leap to my defence with that..that woman with a short skirt.’

He had to grin at that. All that aggravation that day but she could only remember from that the length of her skirt! Really?

Glaring now at his grinning face, Geet stared at him. Why was he smiling? It was true that woman had been wearing an incredibly short skirt, it should have been classified as a belt really.

‘Well anyway I have decided that I will get another job and maybe go back to college as well.’ She added for good measure.

His eyes widened at that, the grin left his face in a flash. Get another job? Leave him? That wasn’t happening!

‘Geet what makes you think getting another job will be so easy. Not all bosses are like me- so understanding.’

‘What do you mean by that?’ Riled up she threw daggers at him. She was totally competent in-fact she could do this job with her eyes closed.

‘You go around with blinkers on- running into things (mostly me) dropping things everywhere. Trust me, no one will give you a job, better if you go to college.’
It was her dream to go to college but she knew it wouldn’t be cheap. How was she going to fund it without a job. Catch 22. A sigh escaped her, she had to work. Shaking her head she reasoned out but she didn’t have to work with Maan. He had done too much for her already, she would find a job somewhere else.

He watched the emotions flit across her face, pride glowed from her eyes. He wouldn’t offer to pay for her studies knowing that she would refuse straight away. Perhaps he would think of another way to help her achieve her ambition.

‘I will pack up and leave tomorrow…’ her eyes were determined even if there was an edge of fear lining that determination.

Dumbfounded he stared at her. How did they get from its was my fault to I am leaving tomorrow.

‘You signed a contract Geet.’ The ruthless business man came rushing back. ‘Forget about leaving until I fire you!’


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