The Phoenix Rises – Maaneet love story chapters 1 to 78

A Pheonix rises…………Maan and Geet a new Beginning

Chapter One

Geet stared at her laptop in amazement as she sat cross-legged on her bed, the corner of a samosa frozen against her lips.

“OMG, Pinky! Dekho I just Googled Maan Singh Khurana and look at all these links. He has his fingers in so may pies. Chhaddo!” She moaned, “why does he want to compete with us on this project?”

“ Kuch bhi toh chode humare liye!” she grumbled, glaring at the face that stared back at her from the screen.

A really handsome face she had to admit grudgingly. He looked so young and vibrant. His clothes tailored to perfection, understated elegance screaming out loud how fit he was as they clung to his muscled body.

The shoulders wide, the waist narrow, the long legs, he certainly was fit Pinky would say, but it was his eyes that drew Geet. He had killer eyes. Deep dark chocolate framed by sinfully long lashes with a look that just said don’t get in my way.

It was not fair that he had been bestowed by nature with eyelashes that she would have killed for. And that sexy stubble framing his bow shaped lips that promised more sinful delights, groaning at the unfairness of it all and her unwanted reaction to his photos she carried on clicking on page after page of information on his accomplishments.

As she clicked on the links one by one she saw pictures of many beautiful women all clinging on to his arm and swooning as they looked into those incredible sexy eyes. Geet resisted a very childish urge to stick her tongue out at him.

Damn, why was he hell bent on trying to take the crumbs from their plate when it looked like he already had the whole buffet in front of him. “ Maan Singh Khurana, I am not going to let you win!” She said her chin raised with determination as she tapped the corner of her Samosa on her chin.

Pinky, her room mate and partner in her small company walked over to her, snatched the samosa out of Geet’s fingers and bit into it groaning with pleasure at the spicy taste.

“Pinky!” Geet glared at her. “You do know that our khadoos landlord will never give us permission to widen the door frames, if you keep eating like this we will have to find a bigger flat.”

“You were just playing with it and you shouldn’t play with food,” Pinky said trying to convince Geet of a suitable reason for consuming her snatched prize in just three bites.

Geet’s eyes strayed back to the screen. Damn Maan Singh Khurana. She dug deeper looking into his projects, how his company ethics worked, looking in detail at past projects. She always believed in doing her research where competition was concerned. The bid they were both competing for needed that special angle. Khurana Construction whilst being able to compete in terms of price and experience did not have the dynamism or new ideas that her small company had.

She had been a top student in her year, all her designs had won prizes. The company she had started a year ago with the prize money worked and used state of the art tools for design and took into consideration environmental issues, using and incorporating the latest energy saving technology. Her last design and build for a housing estate was featured in many newspapers for being energy self-sufficient. She had used Solar and Hydro energy. Her innovative design that enabled the whole estate to have ample supply of electricity, water and heating throughout the year without having to tap into the main grid. She wanted her designs to have the least carbon imprint and she strived to make that possible with all her projects.

The client, Mr Shah of Shah Industries, had chosen her to bid because of her reputation as an innovative architect. She may not be able to compete for the bid on price but definitely she felt she had the upper hand where the design of the project was concerned.

Pinky interrupted her train of thought by lying on the bed next to her and moaning in ecstasy at Maan Singh’s photos.

“Haiiiiii! Look how handsome he is and so intelligent and so rich. Mujhe aise koi mil jaye to mein to mar hi jaoon.”

Geet shot her an exasperated look “Pinky if you were dead there would be no point in having him. Aur a man like him would not look twice at working girls like us. Do you not see in all these pictures, he goes around with fashion models, stars and heiresses, and they look like they have all spent a week in a beauty salon preparing themselves for a date with him” she said disgustedly going back to preparing for the bid again whilst closing the pages Pinky was drooling over.

“That’s the problem with you Geet” said Pinky turning over and sighing “you have not one romantic bone in your body.” She wriggled her ample body off the bed and walked towards the kitchen again looking for some chips to eat.

“Romance does not pay the bills Pinky. Humara khadoos landlord is not interested to see if I have fallen in love with a hunky man or any man for that matter, he just wants his money.” Geet muttered, carrying on typing away her ideas in notepad on her laptop.

“So you admit he is hunky,” said Pinky jumping on to Geet’s words, she had never said that of any man before.

Geet glared at Pinky, “I didn’t say that at all, he has a good body I suppose, not that I am going to find out, ever.” Geet muttered under her breath.

Pinky smiled to herself, her beautiful, bright clever friend had finally admitted to looking at a man, and not just any man, the Maan Singh Khurana. She could not wait to go to the presentation.

Pinky looked at her best friend and partner. She had been endowed with such good looks, beautiful clear skin, warm amber eyes that made many a man melt, lush pink lips, long silky curly brown hair that fell about her head in bouncy waves and looked like she had spent a million dollars to achieve but Pinky knew it was totally natural. And to top it all she was slim, with the posture of a ballet dancer. She had broken so many hearts at college.

But Geet was not interested in any man or likely to be she was single minded and focused on her career.

There was not one false or put on effect by Geet. She was fresh faced and beautiful as her heart. Pinky was always grateful for the moment when Geet had sat at their table in the college canteen. She remembered she had been eating an enormous amount out of sheer nervousness on the first day, Geet had started talking to her and from that moment on they had become friends. They had been through thick and thin at college. Geet had always stood by her and whilst Geet had excelled in every subject she had barely scraped through. Pinky sighed at Geet but at the same time loved her for her single minded focus. Geet had responsibilities and needed no distractions.

Bills mounted up so quickly Geet knew. Her own parents had scrimped, saved and scraped to put her through college. The everyday challenges that middle class families faced daily was uppermost in her mind. With that thought she pulled up her presentation for Mr Shah for the fifth time, making sure that every idea of hers was workable.

At about the same time……………

Maan Singh Khurana sat back in his plush leather chair and wondered if Mr Shah had finally lost his mind. He was well known for his eccentricity. He felt totally affronted by this turn of events. Futures Ltd was only a year old whilst KC had been built up from his grandfather’s time then his grandmother and now KC was his company. He had taken it from strength to strength. Making it one of the best Construction companies with outstanding Architects in the whole of the region.

He had worked on so many large projects for Shah Industries, delivering outstanding buildings and homes. He shook his head ruefully, how on earth did Mr Shah think that Futures Ltd could deliver what KC could. The initial bid competition had included far worthier companies than Futures but for some insane reason Mr Shah had finalised KC and Futures as the finalists.

There is no way this upstart of a company could even think of winning against KC. Who was Ms Geet Handa anyway. Her company was an inconsequential mosquito compared to KC, he would swat it with his eyes closed.

He could only find one picture of her on the net. She looked impossibly young , receiving an award for innovative design for an elderly people’s home. Looking through the design detail, he saw that she had thought about all aspects of comfort for the residents and not only that, she had used the latest technology, harnessing solar energy making the home self sufficient in energy whilst making minimum carbon foot print.

If he had not been so annoyed about having to compete on this bid he would have been very impressed with her ideas, even grudgingly admitting that he could do with her kind of fresh ideas on the KC team.

Her beautiful warm brown eyes stared back him full of a sense of achievement and pride. Much to his surprise he found himself staring at her exquisite fresh face. There was something about her that made him stare. Angrily he turned away from the screen, he had no business thinking about her at all, as it was he was fed up of all the sycophantic women who vied for his attention, driving him insane with their inane chatter and wandering hands.

For some reason Daadiji had decided that he needed to get married and lined up one woman after another. He hated it all, and he hated those women. He barely managed to make it through half an hour with one of them before he decided he had to leave otherwise he would end up in jail for murder. But Daadiji, just produced one after another like clockwork month after month.

God forbid that he should say no to her, she would resort to the worst kind of emotional blackmail. Saavtri Devi as she was known to outsiders was an outstanding actress, she knew how to wind him around her finger. She was his Daadiji, and she could have put Genghis Khan to shame with her single-minded focus to try and get him married.

His eyes strayed back to the fresh faced beauty staring back at him from the screen.

Adi knocked and walked into Maan’s office, he saw him staring at Geet Handa’s picture his face set with a fierce scowl. So Maan sir was researching Geet Handa. He smiled to himself. He knew that Maan was irked that KC had been asked to compete with such a small company.

“Maan Sir, she is a very smart intelligent architect, have you looked at the previous projects she has worked on? Amazing ideas.” Adi added with admiration.

Maan’s scowl became even more fierce. “Adi” he barked “ have you made sure that our designs and bid is up to spec. I want you to wrap this up tomorrow, blow Futures Ltd out of the water.

“Are you not coming? I think its best if you come too Sir.” Adi stammered worried that if he lost out to Geet Handa Maan sir would kill him with his bare hands.

“Hmm” Maan said thinking about it “Yes I shall definitely come and make sure this is all wrapped up tomorrow.” His curiosity piqued, he wanted to see Ms Geet Handa in action.

“Sir, the police report we have been waiting for has just arrived. Those men who tried to injure you were part of Lalit Panday’s party, he is the local politician. Remember, you crossed words with him over land rights on the last project. You won the case in court and he was not happy, to say the least. Looks like this Mr Shah’s project is also in his area. We will have to be careful if we win this project he will definitely cause trouble I am sure.” Adi said his gentle face worried about the consequences.

Maan stood up in a fluid movement and stared through the glass partition at the staff beavering away in the KC offices. His eyes filled with determination. “Not ‘if’ Adi, when we win this project and don’t worry about local thugs I can handle them. This is not the first threat I have faced and nor will it be the last.”


Mr Shah smiled to himself. Tomorrow’s meeting would be an eventful one. Maan, he knew very well, was not one to back down on anything. He had worked with Maan’s company many times on various projects. Maan had style, his company delivered on time and within the forecasted budget. He knew he would get what he had paid for. But he had also met Geet Handa and loved her work. She was bright, young and extremely passionate about her projects.

A wide smile broke out on his face. He pulled out his Iphone and pressed the fav button to call the love of his life.

“Kya hai Ashok? Do ghaanta mere beena nahi reh sakte ho?” she teased, as was her usual style.

“Sun,” he said smiling into the phone at her picture. She was so extremely beautiful he could never get enough of her, “don’t make any appointments for tomorrow. I think you will want to be here. I have two very fine architects coming in to present ideas on the new township I am looking to build.”

“Ashok, that all sounds very boring!” Sunita moaned back at him. “Why would I want to cancel my appointments and come there?” she questioned.

“Darling, trust me. I am sure you are going to want to come and watch the fireworks between these two. You have met Maan Singh Khurana, have you not and also Geet Handa, well these two are competing for the Parth Township project.”

Sunita’s eyes suddenly sparkled with a sense of fun as she remembered those two, she leaned over on her desk and pressed the intercom for her PA. “Cancel everything for tomorrow I have a very important meeting to attend.”

“But Maam “came the plaintive reply. “What shall I tell the clients?”

“Just tell them my husband is taking me to watch some fireworks.” She said laughing.

“Fireworks?” Her PA repeated totally flummoxed,it was no where near Diwali. Sunita madam had a very strange sense of humour she thought.

Ashok Shah laughed along with his wife. Maan Singh Khurana and Geet Handa’s the presentation would certainly be entertaining, he thought. It was a shame that he would have to choose one company over the other in the end.

Chapter two: Fireworks

Her photo had not done her justice at all, Maan thought as she walked in. He felt as if he had been punched in the gut. Adi’s chatter faded away into the distance as his eyes followed her progress into the Shah Industries offices.

Ms Geet Handa strolled in with such style and confidence. She was dressed simply in a smart navy pant suit with a crisp white shirt. The suit fitted her well and loved her curves, he could not help noticing. She looked so innocent, her young fresh face enhanced by a touch of lip gloss and some Kohl, devoid of the heavy make up the women Daadima had been producing for him like clockwork. Her long brown hair curled and bounced in waves as she moved gracefully towards him.

But it was her eyes that captivated him immediately. Brown was too inadequate to describe them. They sucked him in, he felt as if would drown in those amber pools. For a moment as she looked directly back at him, he felt as if saw right into her soul.

Unwanted and sudden desire flooded his body with painful speed. His dark eyes clouded as he felt himself being drawn right in to those amber depths. He imagined them clouded with passion, liquid warm amber, as she quivered in his arms, drinking from those lush lips, his fingers tangling in those long dark silken tresses.

“Sir! Sir!”Adi nudged him out of his fantastical thoughts even as he saw a warm rise of pink on her cheeks as she broke their eye lock. Had she felt it too?

He turned his attention towards Adi who was talking. “Sir we need to go in. I have set everything up. Let’s go, we are on first.”

His eyes strayed back to her but she had her back turned to him now and was talking to another young lady who had just rushed in with some files in one hand and a packet of chips in the other.

He took a look at her straight ramrod back, unconsciously registering her fantastic posture. Why did his eyes keep straying to her, with a muttered curse he turned and strode into the conference room following Adi in.

Geet looked around Mr Shah’s office wondering if the aircon had stopped working. Why had heat suddenly flooded her body as she had looked into those sinfully sexy dark eyes.

Now, she realised why those women were swooning in the pictures. The man was dynamite. He had looked directly at her with those killer eyes of his and she had found herself melting just like those women she had been laughing at yesterday. God had no right to bestow a man with such sexy sinful eyes and sooty lashes she moaned to herself. Not only was he so damn good looking, he looked so fit and to top that she knew he was superior sharp and talented businessman.

But she was not going to be falling into his arms like a ripe plum any time soon she vowed. Mr Maan Singh Khurana could keep those sinfully hot looks and arrogant attitude to himself. She had a mission to complete and it did not feature any man, she just did not need the distraction.

She dragged her attention away from his retreating back and turned to Pinky only to see her practically salivating over the files she had in her hand.

“Pinky! Why are you so late?” She asked taking the files out of Pinky’s hand.

“Haiiiiiiiiii….was that Maan Singh Khurana?” Pinky asked her voice trailing off in wonder.

“Yes.” Geet said matter-of-factly, rifling through the files making sure all the copies of the presentation were prepared. “Get a grip Pinky, remember he is our competition not a film star.” Geet added as she looked up and saw Pinky’s expression of wonder had not changed at all.

“Lets go, you need to place the copies around the table.”She said grabbing Pinky’s arm, dragging her in with her.

The conference room was state of the art, Geet thought as she looked around. A beautiful long glossy walnut table graced the centre. Plush leather chairs surrounded it. On the side tables there were the usual requisite copiers and presentation aids. A large screen graced the main wall.

Maan Singh Khurana was looking at his laptop and chatting with the other man who had come in with him. They had commanded seats near the top of the table already.

She saw Pinky going around the room and handing copies to them. Groaning to herself as Pinky gushed and blushed when the other man smiled at her. Geet glared at Pinky to get on with her work. Pinky giggled at the other man who was smiling at her nervously and came back around the table.

“Pinky!” Geet hissed at her. “Please concentrate we have a lot riding on this bid.”

“Sorry,” Pinky whispered, her small face apologetic, she knew Geet needed to win this badly there was a lot at stake for Futures Ltd. “Where are we going to sit?” She asked Geet in a another whisper.

Geet looked back at the table to find Maan Singh Khurana staring back at her with a closed expression on his face, what was he thinking she wondered. If he thought she would be scared off by his presence, he had a another thing coming she thought. With that in mind she strode across the Conference room and settled herself right opposite him throwing the gauntlet down with a glint of challenge in her eye.

Mr Shah was talking to someone on the phone, he finished his call, winking at Sunita he gestured for them to go into the conference room. They looked through the glass at Maan and Geet and smiled to each other.

“Ashok aaj bahut maaza ayega.” Sunita smiled with glee, “they look like two gladiators itching to fight, look at the way they are glaring at each other, it reminds me of us.”she laughed. “Chalo, lets go in I cant wait for it to began.”

Maan could not stop his eyes from straying to watch her as she prepared for her presentation. She had guts he had to admit. The way she had come in and settled herself right opposite him with determination had surprised him. Her focus was single minded, her pen poised at her lips as she looked at something on her laptop. He did not even notice when Mr and Mrs Shah walked in until Adi nudged him, with another muttered curse to himself he stood up and greeted them warmly. He had met both of them many times.

Geet looked up and watched them all talking, they all knew each other very well it seemed. Damn, another plus point in Maan Singh’s favour. She heard Mrs Shah ask about Maan’s Daadiji and Maan replied that she was in good health. Geet watched him, fascinated by the way his every pore screamed power and supreme confidence. Mr and Mrs Shah were smiling warmly at something he said to them.

“You can do this.” Geet she muttered to herself her eyes set with grim determination.

Then Mrs Shah walked over to Geet and Pinky greeting them both warmly. She had also met them once before. Mr Shah also came over and greeted them warmly.

“Shall we begin.” Maan said impatiently, interrupting them. Geet glared at him, why was he in such a hurry to get started suddenly?

They all settled down and Maan began his presentation. Geet had to admit, they had some very good ideas about the township but his ideas seemed somewhat old fashioned. She took down several points where improvements could be made.

Her focus on what he was saying broke several times as he fixed her with those dark eyes of his. Her eyes strayed over his body unconsciously admiring the hard muscled contours. The way he held himself, arrogance and pride in his stance.

She lost complete track as her eyes focused on his lips as he spoke, her imagination ran wild as she imagined those lips kissing her, would his stubble tickle she wondered. Damn it, she pinched herself she had never, ever had thought like that about any man before so why now when she knew how important this project was to her. Mentally she kicked her idiotic mind to behave.

Maan finished his presentation and sat back down with confidence that it was in the bag for Khurana Constructions. He had nearly lost concentration once or twice as his eyes had strayed to her especially as he had seen how closely she had been watching him but forced himself to focus, he was not going to let his baser instincts get the better of him.

Then it was Geet’s turn. She stood up and slipped out of her jacket. Was that her imagination or had she heard a inarticulate sound from Maan Singh Khurana?

She took a deep breath ignoring his penetrating stare, she launched into her spiel. Her presentation was just as good if not better. She had gone into tremendous detail. Her ideas were innovative, fresh and would provide the residents with all amenities. She had used solar and wind power as energy sources that would make the township self sufficient although at the outset the cost would be significantly more.

Why had a sound close to pain managed to escape him. He did not know how that had happened. He prided himself on his control. He drew a deep breath and brought himself back to focus on her presentation. Listening without looking at her, as she went through the points one by one. He had to admit her ideas were very good, but as she went through the budgets he smiled to himself he knew her small company would never be able to compete on cost.

Finally she finished and sat down across him. Not looking at him either.

Sunita reached under the table and squeezed Ashok’s hand. Reaching over she whispered something in his ear.

A huge grin broke out on Mr Shah’s face. Geet, Maan, Adi and Pinky stared at him why was he grinning like that.

He stood up and started speaking. “Geet, Maan I liked both your ideas. Thank you for such detailed and enlightening ideas.” He went into detail on several points in both presentations. Then look at both of them in turn he said, “as of now I cannot decided between your two bids.”

Maan immediately stood up, his annoyance evident that Mr Shah was still thinking about her presentation as a realistic prospect. “Mr Shah, there is no way Ms Handa’s company has the experience Khurana Construction has. There is really no competition between us. She cannot provide you this project within costs. I bet she would even require lots of cash input to start this project off.”

Geet glared at him fiercely, she also stood up slamming her hands on the conference table her temper rocketing. looking directly into Maan’s dark annoyed gaze with anger she said “Mr Maan Singh Khuarana, your ideas are old, you really should change your name to Maan Singh Purana! Your company has not come up with a new idea for the last five projects.”

She saw his face cloud over and his eyes darkened with anger.

Her temper at maximum she carried on “You should change your company name from ‘Khurana Construction’ and call it ‘Purana Constructions’ your ideas are completely outdated and old fashioned. Times have changed the industry has moved on ‘Mr Purana’, your company has become staid and stuck in a time warp.” Turning her head she said with determination to Mr Shah. “You should choose ‘US’ because we are the Future not the past.”

Both of them leaned on the polished wood facing each other, fierce determination in both faces, Maan’s eyes had almost turned black with anger, Geet’s normally soft warm eyes glared back stormily. Both breathing heavily.

Then suddenly the anger turned into something else altogether as their stormy eyes locked on to each other. The heat between them took on a life of its own and flowed over both of them, the flames licking their senses.

Maan’s eyes which had been so angry a few moments ago turned black with intensity as they became lost in those amber pools of hers. In Geet’s belly the heat pooled, it flooded her veins like warm treacle, her senses tingled with awareness as she felt an inexplicable pull from him. Maan’s body tightened and he had to clench his teeth with force so as not to disgrace himself in public.

Both of them shocked at what was happening, neither of them understanding this reaction to each other. They stared at each each other wide eyed.

The heat, and sudden sexual tension between them a tangible force, it bounced around the room, its electricity and intensity shocking Pinky and Adi who were staring at them, both with their mouths hanging open.

Sunita almost clapped, She looked at Ashok and grinned with delight.

Geet was the first to break away from his eyelock as Pinky’s pen fell from her hand bouncing on the table, making a loud noise, jarring her ears. She sank down into her chair and looked down at her reflection in the glossy table noting the heat on her cheeks with disdain, not daring to look at anyone else in the room, which had gone ominously quiet. Taking a deep breath she reached for the glass of water in front of her with a trembling hand and gulped thirstily from it, her body shivering with reaction.

Maan sat down with a thump in his chair. What the hell had happened there? He stared at Adi who was still staring at him with his mouth open.

A loud ‘ahem’ from Mr Shah had them all turning towards him.

“Adi close your mouth,” muttered Maan angrily under his breath still unable believe what had just happened.

“As I was saying, before I was interrupted” Colour flooded into both Geet and Maan’s faces. “As I was saying, I cannot decide between your designs, so,” he looked at them again, “I have decided that I would like both of you to work on the Parth Township together.”

“Work with Maan Singh PURANA?” Geet blurted out staring at Mr Shah as if he had gone mad.

Maan’s head whipped around to Geet’s face as he heard her call him ‘Purana’ once again. A red mist clouded his brain. He looked at Geet intensely for a second his eyes locked on to hers.

Then his face broke out into a charming smile which did not quite reach his eyes and said ‘I would love to.”

Chapter Three: Assumptions

Geet’s head whipped around as she heard those words from Maan’s lips. His eyes were still locked onto her face, a small crooked smile tugged at the corners of his mouth as he watched her mind whirring, his eyes held the triumph of victory.

Caught completely on the back foot by his response she took a deep breath and heard herself saying “Do call me Geet since we will be working together it seems appropriate.”

His silken brow rose as he met her eyes for a long moment, his dark eyes watching her face intently and accepted the unspoken challenge with a slight nod of his head.

Adi and Pinky exchanged wary glances wondering what the coming months would bring, Adi laughing nervously whilst Pinky reached for her packet of chips.

“So its settled then I will get the paperwork ready and if you two can go and see the site by next week we can start on the plans.” Mr Shah said with a smile. “Since you will be working together on this would you like me to set up an area here?” He asked.

Maan quickly intervened, “that will not be possible I have many other projects on the go so everything will have to done from my offices, Err Geet,” He said hesitating on her name “can come and work from there I am sure we can arrange for an area for her and her colleague.”

“I have my own offices,” Geet started to say, which was not strictly true as she worked from home or the site as the work demanded.

“But Geet,” Maan emphasised, enjoying the sudden look of panic in her eyes. “When we do need to work together, as we will be quite closely,” she seem to pale at these words, he continued relentlessly, “in the initial planning stages it would be better working from my offices as I have plenty of room to spread out. Please come tomorrow afternoon and I will personally show you around.” he said finishing with a smile.

“Well that is settled then, Geet, Maan we both look forward to working with you, I am sure the Parth Township is going to be one of a kind setting a new standard.” Mr Shah said again as Mrs Shah stood up. “And do also call me Ashok and this is Sunita” he said with a grin looking lovingly at his wife.

Trapped very neatly into a corner, Geet could only smile. She had no wish to be shown around ‘personally’ by Maan Singh Khurana. Not tomorrow, not any time but now she would be working very closely with him she would have to be civil. She could not afford to make waves when this contract was so very important to her.

Muttering to herself for her temper, she chastised herself, that ‘Purana,’ comment would come back and haunt her she knew. Maan Singh Khurana was not a man who was likely to forget. She would have to make sure she would not loose her temper again maintaining a professional working relationship at all times on this project.

“I think we should celebrate this wonderful moment,” Sunita said with an excited smile. “Ashok I will arrange a party, what do you think. Maan you can bring Geet and err Pinky, Adi you must come too, we will arrange for all the Parth Township Team to get to know each other.”

Maan looked at Sunitaji, his eyes staring intently and wondered if she was related to his Daadima in some way.


As it happened Adi called from the KC office’s to say that Maan had been called away on a business matter the next day.

Smiling, Geet heaved a sigh of relief. “Adi that’s fine, then I will go and see the site today.”

Adi said “But Miss Handa the site is quite far out, its best if you wait until Maan sir comes back tomorrow and go with him.” His voice sounded worried.

“Do call me Geet please,” she said to him. She had liked Adi straight away yesterday when they had chatted after the meeting about arrangements. Thankfully Maan had left them to it as he had another meeting to attend.

“Adi please do not worry I will be fine, the preparation crew is already there I believe.” she said firmly. It was sweet of Adi to worry about her when she had just met him yesterday but she did not need anyone to take care of her.

She packed up her equipment and decided to head out straight away as it was quite a long way out and she wanted to get back before dark. Pinky had gone off to do some work on an ongoing project. There was no way any taxi driver was prepared to go that far, any that were willing were asking for extortionate money which she was not prepared to pay, so she borrowed a neighbours scooter.

Two bone shattering hours later on the scooter she reached the site, there were a quite few workers clearing the site, it was an extremely large area. Taking off her jacket, she approached what looked like the temporary office. At least she would be able to look around and see which way the land faced, to judge if there could be the possibility of using wind power and any other points to be noted about the area. She always like to go and see it for herself and get the feel of the place.

“Madam aap kya karte ho? Yeh construction site hai.” A small elderly man wearing Shah industries shirt approached her. She introduced herself.

“Haan, Mr Shah did say you have been appointed. I have seen some of your work and am very impressed. I am Mohan Rabari. Maan Singh Khuarana will be working with us too I understand. Did he not come with you? He rang earlier and asked for some figures on the site. I have worked with him many times before,” Mr Rabari continued “he is a very smart, hard working and conscientious young man. I am happy that you will be working together, the Parth township will benefit from his experience and your new ideas.”

Geet smiled at him muttering to herself sarcastically “Maan Singh Purana is world famous it seems.”

Hiding her annoyance she said “Mr Rabari can you show me the details of the site please.” He showed her what progress they had made. It was obvious that Mr Shah’s crew were quite efficient and well versed in what to do. Mr Rabari the site manager was quite the chatterbox Geet smiled. He gave her the whole history of Shah industries.

She talked to him a little more and then took her notebook out to take down ideas as he went off to continue with his work.

Maan sat in his car fuming, the events of yesterday playing again and again in his mind. ‘Purana,’ Maan Singh Purana she had called him. A chit of a girl! His face darkened like a thundercloud. What had possessed him to agree to working with her he asked himself. He knew his temper had got the better of him at that time, he should have just told Mr Shah that he was no longer interested in the project or working with Ms Geet Handa, its not as if he needed the money, but why had he lost his temper at all. He questioned himself, it was not like him to loose his cool.

It was her. His scowl grew more fierce.

All her.

Geet Handa had made him lose it and lose it badly yesterday. His fists clenched, he would not let that happen again. How could he let one slip of a girl effect him so much.


Damn it, her eyes had sucked him in. Warm amber, they had fascinated him. And those lush pink lips as she spoke. She had been so passionate in her presentation. Her whole face had lit up as she presented her ideas. He had watched her mesmerised by her passion.

Interrupting his train of thought his mobile rang. It was from Mr Singh begging his apologies and cancelling the meeting. What a waste of his time Maan muttered to himself annoyed at the turn of events, he was already half way there.

Dialling the office he rang Adi.

“Adi” He said firmly, “I am coming back to the office, my meeting has been cancelled. What have you got arranged for today? Is the Noidawala file ready?”

“Sir. Haan Noidawala file is ready. But Maan sir I told G..G..Geet not to come as I thought you were going to a meeting today so she decided to go to see the site today.”

Maan glanced out of the car window looking at nothing in particular, a frown came over his face “ Alone? Does she have a car?” He knew the site was in the middle of nowhere. Then stopped himself, why was he worrying about her? She was not his concern.

“I don’t think she has a car, I saw them getting into a taxi yesterday.” Adi replied.

“Did you not tell her I would be going tomorrow?” He questioned Adi.

“I did tell her, but she decided she would go today. I will phone her and ask her if she has reached.” he added the concern in his voice evident.

Maan’s eyes narrowed, why had she not waited for him, damn, she was so stubborn. He was finding out rapidly that Ms Handa had a mind of her own and did just as she pleased.

“Nahi, Adi I will go there now myself as I am already nearby. Might as well get it over with.” He grumbled.

Adi’s face broke out into a huge grin as he put the phone down. He chuckled to himself. Working with Futures Ltd was turning it out to be great fun. He had not seen Maan sir so irked about anyone like this before.

At the site……………………..

Time flew by as she worked, it was late afternoon by the time she finished. She was just about to go and look for Mr Rabari to say she was going, when there was a commotion on the far side of the site.

From a distance it looked like some men were pushing the site workers and Mr Rabari around. She strode towards them to see what was happening. As she approached she saw one of the men loudly telling everyone to get off the land.

Kajol lined eyes adorned his dark thin face. He was wearing a bright yellow shirt and red trousers, wearing what looked like copious amounts of junk jewellery around his neck, looking quite menacing. The other two looked young and weedy, standing around trying to look threatening, waving their laathis about.

“OOYY! Yahan se photoon! Yeh sab zameen Panday sahab ke hai.” Chewing his paan and spitting practically at Mr Rabari, the leader declared, his heavily ringed fingers waving dangerously close to Mr Rabari’s face.

Mr Rabari a small man but not one to be scared off so easily said back just as loudly

“Get Lost! This land belongs to Shah Industries. It is officially registered and bought. Go and tell Mr Panday that!” He said facing up to the thug.

“What is going on here?” Geet asked firmly. Looking at the thugs, they looked more talk then action she thought. A few more of Mr Rabari’s crew started to come to the spot to see what was happening.

Mr Rabari looked at her and frowned. “Madam, please you do not worry I will take care of this.” His eyes worried at the look on the thugs face as he eyed up Geet.

Leering, the thug looked at Geet, his eyes lit up. “Ekdum Jhaakas!” He declared eyeing her up from her pink painted toes in her sandals, up her jeans, past the wide leather belt to the white shirt that fitted her to perfection.

Geet glared back him.

The chivalrous Mr Rabari stepped in between them blocking the thug. She hid a smile at his sweet but ineffectual action.

The thug seeing the little man blocking his approach suddenly lashed out pushing Mr Rabari to the ground without provocation. Mr Rabari landed on the ground with a thump. His glasses dislodged, a moan of pain escaped him.

That did it. Geet furiously strode up to the thug and slapped him hard right across the face. How dare he push a elderly man like that, her eyes flashed at him.

“Bahut mehenga padaga yeh thappad.” The thug shouted at her, his eyes wild, mouth dribbling red paan, the finger marks of Geet’s slap could quite clearly be seen against his dark skin.

Scrambling up, he launched himself at her, raising his hand he was just about to slap her when his hand was caught and he was neatly turned around and flipped over by her.

Staring up at her from the ground, he looked totally shocked and wondered how she had managed to land him in the dirt, this slip of a thing. The other two with him sniggered at his predicament.

Furious, he glared at them, “What are you waiting for, get rid of them all from here,” he shouted. The other thugs launched themselves at the crew and Geet.

Mr Shah’s crew, angry at Mr Rabari being pushed to the ground and inspired by Geet’s courage started fighting back. It was all over in a few minutes. As there were only three thugs the crew were able to overpower them by grabbing the laathis they were carrying and landing quite few hits. The thugs ran off shouting abuse and threats at Mr Rabari and Geet, promising to come back.

“Madam are you all right?” Mr Rabari asked as he saw the dark red welt where a laathi had managed to land on her arm.

“Haan I am fine.” she asked him. “Mr Rabari are you all right?” Geet asked dusting herself off whilst wincing a little as she realised that she had taken one or two blows herself.

Mr Rabari smiled a sweet smile. “Madam, aap to ekdum Jhaansi ke Raani nikle.”

Geet laughed at his joke. “Nahi Mr Rabari aissa kuch nahi hai, my father was a great believer in teaching us self defence. He always believed we should be able to look after ourselves.”

Maan heard her laughing as he stepped out of the car. He glared at the scene. She was laughing and chatting with all the crew, whilst they were all standing around admiring her as she dusted off her white shirt and jeans. Her hair was tied in a thick plate which rested on one side of her shoulder. His lips pursed at the way all the men were looking at her. What possessed her to wear such fitted clothes? He muttered under his breath.

Why was no one working? He had met Mr Rabari before on many of the previous projects, he had never seen him smile like that with anyone. What had Geet said and done which had them all looking at her as if she were royalty?

From out of nowhere anger rose in him at her familiar manner with Mr Rabari and his crew, the way they were all gushing over her.

He strode up to them his stance angry. “Mr Rabari! Have you got the figures I asked for.” He said glaring at Geet.

Geet turned to look at him her eyes wide with surprise. Maan Singh Khurana, What was he doing here? She watched as he strode up to them, his lithe body making short work of the distance. Wearing a black short sleeved shirt and black jeans he looked like an avenging angel she thought, but why was he so rude to Mr Rabari and why was he glaring at her like that.

“Mr Khurana, yes I have the figures.” He said bristling at Maan’s abrupt attitude. He winked at Geet which made Maan suck in a deep breath and walked off to get the figures.

Hands on hips Maan glared at Mr Rabari’s retreating back.

“You could have waited until tomorrow,” Maan growled at Geet. “I was coming here anyway.”

Geet’s eyes narrowed, she looked at him and wondered if he everyone in his life waited for a command from him to start their day, but remembering her promise to maintain a civil working relationship she bit back a suitable retort.

“Err Mr Khurana, thank you, but I needed to get on with my notes and measurements.”

Mr Rabari came back with some papers and thrust them at Maan still wondering at Maan’s funny behaviour.

Geet looked at the time on her wristwatch, the afternoon had flown by, she really needed get going, it was going to take a long time to get back home.

“Thank you Mr Rabari I will see you again when the clearing crew has completed.” She said smiling down at the little man.

“Please call me Mohan.” said Mr Rabari smiling sweetly at Geet.

Maan peered at Mr Rabari with a dark scowl, was the man actually blushing? And why was he asking her to call him by his first name?

“Mohanji err thank you I will see you soon.” Geet said smiling back.

“Err Mr Khurana, nice to see you again. I need to get going.” she said glancing at him quickly and started to walk away.

He just stared at her back with incredulity.

“Geet!” Maan strode up behind her and barked. “Where are you going?”

Had the man gone mad Geet wondered? Why was he questioning her like this. Biting her tongue she replied in a civil voice still walking to where she had left her equipment. “I am going home.”

“Geet! Ruko!” He grabbed her arm his face scowling into hers, she was walking away from him when he had worried about her all the way here.

Geet winced as his hand clamped around where she had been injured. She looked up at him her eyes full of pain and total surprise.

“Maan!” His name escaped her lips. She looked down at where his hand was clamped around her arm. Pain forgotten she stared at his hand, shocked that he had actually grabbed her as if it were his right.

He did not even look at where his arm was clamped around hers but stared into her face scowling and demanding an answer.

“Why were you laughing and joking with the crew? You do realise you have to maintain a professional relationship with the team. They are not your friends they are here to work and you are obviously distracting them.” He ground out at her as he remembered the way they were all gushing at her.

Geet stared at him unable to believe what he had just said. How had he come to such a conclusion she wondered. Pulling her arm out of his grasp she glared at him.

“Have you quite finished? I need to get home” She said strapping the equipment on the scooter.

“Are you going home from here on that?” He asked totally astounded.

She did not answer but carried on strapping everything into place.

He came around to face her his manner angry that she was not listening to him at all.

“Geet!” He ground out. “You cannot go home on that.”

Sucking in a deep breath, she swallowed her temper. She had tried to be civil but she was not going to let him give her orders.

“Look Mr Khurana, I came on the scooter and I will return on the scooter. I will be fine.” she said firmly, looking directly into his face, biting back a further comment where she wanted to tell him that she was not his employee.

They stared at each other eyes locked. Amber into chocolate brown, something unspoken passed between them.

Was that concern in his dark intense gaze she wondered? But why would he be concerned about her?

Under all that determination he was sure he saw the vulnerability in her eyes that she tried to hide.

It seemed to go on and on. His eyes softened, for the first time she noticed the small lighter flecks in them, his nostrils flared and his lips opened slightly to take a breath. she stared at them fascinated by the way they were so beautifully framed by the stubble.

Her lips opened slightly taking in much needed air, it seemed as if oxygen was in short supply in this completely open space. As she took the much needed air a spicy citrus scent hit her which enveloped her, it was him, all him, he overloaded her senses.

He seemed to drowning in those eyes, again lost in their depths. His eyes strayed to her parted lips which quivered slightly.

Dear god! what was happening to him? With a muttered curse at himself he broke the link. His face became completely closed, giving nothing away.

“Fine. I will see you tomorrow at 9am in the office.” He said walking away without a backward glance. If she wanted to be Ms Independent and foolhardy then he did not give a damn about her either. He heard the scooter fire up as he strode to his car with angry steps.

Damn Geet Handa and her eyes, his mind screamed at him.

So why did he ask his driver to follow her all the way home to make sure she got back safely?

Chapter four What kind of Man is this?

She fumed all the way back. Who did he think he is? She was not his employee to be ordered about as he saw fit. If she had not needed the money so badly she would have chucked the whole project in his face and walked away.

As she soon as she got home she threw herself into her work. It was the only way she could keep her angry, sad thoughts at bay. Her life had changed so much in the last 6 months. She did not need the added hassle of Maan Singh Khurana’s stupid accusations.

Finally when she did get to bed, she could not sleep. All night she tossed and turned wondering how she was going to manage everything, Barely getting a couple of hours of sleep.

The morning did not start well for her, groggy as she was from lack of sleep. She got a call from the next door neighbour from Rupnagar saying that her Uncle had been so drunk yesterday night he had frightened Chotu and Babli. That she should come home as soon as she could and speak to him.

Cursing her uncle she decided she would go the next day and see her brother and sister she wished she could have gone today but she had work to do. She quickly got ready to go to the meeting with Maan. As it was she hardly had any sleep and was really exhausted and in pain as the blows from yesterday had become livid bruises.

Maan looked at his watch, 9.15 he glared at Adi who looked nervous on Geet’s behalf.

“I told her to come at 9am.” he growled his eyes glued on the outside corridor. “Why is she late?”

Geet practically ran into the KC offices, she could already hear Purana Singh’s voice in her ears demanding to know why she was late and then stopped herself. Why was she running, she was not his employee. She took a deep breath and strode in confidently.

He watched her walk in, wearing a pale blue kurti style top with decorative silver buttons , matched with tailored trousers that fitted her well. Her hair was tied back severely from her face in a ponytail, he decided that he did not like it that way even though it highlighted her cheekbones and long graceful neck. Then he cursed himself for even thinking about her to that extent. What did it matter to him if she tied her hair back or did anything else for that matter, and yet his eyes narrowed on her face, he wondered why she looked so tired, there were shadows under her eyes as if she had been crying.

Then a sudden pained thought struck him, was there a boyfriend somewhere lurking in her life giving her trouble? The thought struck him like a poisoned dart, striking deep into his soul.

“Adi go and show her to the office which we have allocated to her.” He barked not trusting himself to go and greet her he felt so inexplicably angry.

Geet looked up to see him watching her intensely through the glass partition from his office. His dark eyes framed by those sooty lashes seem to bore into her soul. He had his hands on his hips, wearing a pale blue shirt, dark waistcoat with a dark tie and dark trousers he looked every inch the business tycoon he was said to be.

A sudden memory of his hand wrapped around her arm came flooding back. The intense heat of the thought had her stroking her arm to ease the burn. She wondered why was he glaring at her like that, was it because she was late.

He looked at her for another long moment with those killer eyes then deliberately turned his back on her.

“Oh!” Geet exclaimed her eyes wide glaring at his back.

Adi came out of Maan’s office and looked at Geet with a frown pushing his glasses up his nose, now why was she glaring? Between Geet and Maan he was going to go mad he thought.

“Err Geet please come this way we have allocated you an office here.” He said showing her the way.

Geet looked at Maan’s back for a moment longer, whatever happened to the ‘I will personally show you around Geet?’ She felt affronted, maybe he had decided she was not important enough she thought. With another glare at his back and a flick of her hair she followed Adi.

To her surprise the office she had been given was actually very nice. There were two desks, she assumed the other one was for Pinky, but Pinky was still in the middle of winding up the last project Futures had been working on so she was not likely to come as yet.

“Thank you Adi” she said with a smile as he showed her around the rest of the building. Impressive was the word Geet thought of as he showed her all the facilities. Maan Singh Khurana did not skimp on anything. State of the art was the name of the game. His staff all looked contented and worked in a fabulous environment.

“Geet if there is anything I can get for you just ask. Maan sir has said that you are to be given anything you ask for.”

Geet looked a little surprised at that. “Really? Purana Singh had said that? Wonder what had gotten into him.” She muttered under her breath.

Adi laughed nervously as he heard her muttered words, he could foresee being stuck between a rock and a hard place very soon between these two.

“Ermm thank you Adi but I will be fine.” She said quickly covering her tracks as she saw Adi’s frowning face. Placing her laptop on one of the desks. She settled herself in, if Maan stayed out of her way, which looked likely at this moment, she may even enjoy working from here she decided.

Adi went back to Maan’s office to say that he had shown her around and she had settled herself in and already started working.

“Fine” Maan said barely glancing at him. “Adi bring the Noidawala file and then I have a meeting I need to go to. I will be there all day.”

Adi stared at Maan and wondered why he was being so cool now, when the question of allocating an office had come up he had been adamant to give the her the best space available, personally overseeing the equipment and desks but he said nothing getting on with his work. Unravelling what was going on in Maan’s head was a full time job in itself he laughed nervously, heaving a sigh of relief when Maan went to his meeting.

Geet fell into her work again forgetting the time completely, she loved working from these offices. There was so much light, there was so much space she could really spread out here much better then working from her poky flat. She had actually thought that Purana Singh would put her in a cupboard in the basement after her comments but he had surprised her totally. But there was no way she was going to admit that to him she decided.

She forgot to eat, she forgot to drink, becoming completely immersed in her work.

As Maan walked back later that evening into the now empty KC’s offices, his phone rang. He placed his files on his desk and answered it.

“Hello Maan, its Sunita you do remember that the party is arranged for tomorrow? You will be bringing Geet won’t you.”

Maan scowled into the phone, really? Did he have to attend?

“Haan, Sunitaji I remember.” Not mentioning anything about attending or Geet hopefully he could escape from both predicaments he thought.

He was just about to slide the phone back into his pocket when it rang again.

“Maan beta, are you thinking of coming home today at all?” Savitri devi questioned him sarcastically. “Looks like the only way you will come home early is if there is someone special to come home too, obviously I don’t count.” she said in a plaintive voice.

Maan rolled his eyes, “Daadima I have been in a meeting all day and yes I will be home shortly. I hope you have eaten and taken your medications now please go to bed.” He gently suggested to her.

“If you care that much why don’t you get married and give me a lovely bahu for company who will look after me,” she said back on her favourite subject again “by the way one of my friends from Mumbai is coming tomorrow and bringing her daughter with her. A model no less. You will be here wont you?”

Maan’s eyes narrowed, “why me” he muttered to himself and then he remembered and thanked god for Sunitaji’s party, “Err nahi I am attending a party for the new project we have started with Shah Industries so I will not be there.”

Daadiji stated excitedly “then you can take her with you to the party.”

Maan’s brain whirred “Err Daadima no, I am taking someone already.”

Savtridevi’s ears pricked up. “Taking someone?” she asked her voice full of excitement.

“Haan I am taking Geet.”


“Haan Geet.” Not saying any more he firmly bade her goodnight and called off.

Placing the phone back into his pocket he sighed and wondered if he had just landed himself from the frying pan into the fire. Daadima would be like a hound on a blood trail now.

Walking out of his office he was just about to leave when he saw a light at the end of the corridor. Wondering who would be working this late he ventured towards it.

It was the office allocated to Geet, but it looked empty as he glanced through the glass into it. As he reached in to close the light, he spied her in a corner on top of a ladder stretching to place a pin into the board. She had been busy he thought. The whole site had been mapped out and she was busily placing pins into it where the utilities were to be brought in. As he watched she stretched so far that the whole ladder swayed.

“Geet!” He shouted at her carelessness.

She turned in fright at the sound and slipped, the ladder falling from under her. With a shout he leapt forward and caught her in his arms. Hugging her tightly into his chest.

“Geet!” He rasped.

Her words that she was not going to fall into his arms like a ripe plum any time soon came back to haunt her.

“Are you mad?” he barked at her still hugging her tightly “you could have fallen and broken your neck.”

She stared at him dazed. How did she end up in his arms. She could feel the hard muscle of his chest crushed against her. His dark eyes were angrily staring into hers. His lips hovered just over her mouth. The heady spicy citrus scent that surrounded him washed over her unconsciously, her lips parted and her eyes softened on his face.

“Maan!” His name slipped out from her in a breathless whisper. At her whisper, his eyes changed from angry to something completely different. For a moment they clouded over with something akin to desire she thought, then confusion and then she saw he brought himself back into control as his face became closed again shutting off any access to his thoughts.

Tight lipped, he let her down against him and stepped back from her smartly but one of the silver buttons on her kurti top had somehow managed to get caught in his waistcoat button and as he stepped back from her their was a hideous tearing sound that had them both looking down at their chests with shocked expressions on their faces.

Her mouth fell open in shock as she saw that her top had ripped apart exposing the tops of her lush curves to his gaze.

Her eyes huge with horror Geet clamped her hands on the tear, frantically trying to close it up but the button was firmly caught in his waistcoat.

She looked up at his face but he had his eyes firmly closed, dark colour slashed his cheekbones.

“Geet! Just sort it out.” he growled his eyes tightly shut, his lashes casting shadows across his cheeks. “There is no need to create a drama, these things happen.” Her incredible eyes were so huge, the vulnerability evident in them had completely undone him. This close she smelt of wild flowers in a dew covered meadow, so fresh and innocent. He wanted to wrap his arms around her and tell her everything would be fine, he wanted to kiss that crease on her brow away but he stopped himself. Ms Independent would probably bite his lip he thought. When had he started to feel anything for her anyway, he asked himself. She had already started to drive him insane and she had only been here a day.

“Drama?” Geet gasped her voice held a tremor. “Actually this kind of thing has never happened to me before you came into my life.” she said her temper rising. She fiddled with his button to no avail trying to hold the torn ends together with the other hand.

With a muttered curse he felt with his hands at his waistcoat and gently but firmly pulled her shaking hand away. Taking his offending button firmly in his fingers he tugged hard breaking it off altogether leaving it tangled in her threads.

She pulled the ends together covering herself up looking up to see him staring.

But his eyes were not looking there. They were staring at horror on the angry red welt on her arm.

The memory of him clamping his hand around her arm yesterday flooded his brain.

He gasped in horror. “Did I do that to you?” he asked in a horrified whisper.

Geet saw where he was looking and the pain in his eyes at the angry bruise that he thought he had caused.

“No, that was not you.” She whispered looking at his face. Her gaze softened as she realised that he looked as if he honestly felt bad about hurting her, the pain of it evident in his tortured dark eyes.

With a relieved deep breath, he smartly turned around with his back to her. He did not want to know how she got that bruise in-case his boyfriend theory was right.

“Have you got a jacket or something?” he asked briskly coming back to business.

“Nahi” Geet whispered in horror, how was she going to get home like this. Suddenly it seemed as if everything was going wrong, she felt so tired.

“Wait here,” he barked and left her. A few moments later he came back with a packet facing away from her he offered it to her.

“Here put this on and then I will drop you home.” he told her. “I am sorry its not new but I have only worn it for an hour or so yesterday.”

Geet looked at the packet, it looked like one of his white shirts. With trembling hands she pulled it out. “I will just go and change.” she whispered practically running to the toilets.

Maan stared at her back. Was that the sheen of tears he saw in her eyes as she ran past him?

Tearing the offending garment off her Geet stared at herself in the mirror in the toilets. Her face looked so pale she thought. Humiliation washed over her as she recalled the moment when she had felt so exposed. But he had been an absolute gentlemen, keeping his eyes tightly shut. Then she recalled the pain in his eyes as he thought he had hurt her. What a contradiction he was she thought from yesterday when he been accusing her.

Splashing her face with water she refreshed herself and put his shirt on, the white cotton was so incredibly soft against her skin, the unique scent of Maan Singh Khurana washed over her from his shirt, she shivered with reaction, for a mad moment she decided she would never give it back to him.

She saw it had a imported designer label, what else she muttered to herself he was seriously rich. It was huge on her slim form but it covered her well. What a day it was turning out to be she thought as she closed here eyes and rested a moment against the cool ceramic tile of the sink, she was so tired. This day had started off badly and now this.

Her mind went back to the moment when she had landed in his arms. In Maan Singh Khurana’s arms! He had caught her as if she weighed nothing. The way he had crushed her to him when he thought she was falling, he had been so angry at her carelessness.

Something had happened to her in that moment that she did not even want to understand. Then it struck her that she had wanted to stay in his arms, crushed against his chest. She looked up in the mirror at her face and paled. No way! She was not going to let anything like that happen between herself and Maan Singh Purana she had too many responsibilities. Her neighbours call came flooding back in her mind she would have to go tomorrow and see the situation herself.

She came out a few moments later with his shirt on. Intently his eyes stared at her, she looked so adorable and sexy at the same time, he felt a pull in his gut, but her face was way too pale he thought her eyes looked defeated. He hated to see her this way.

“Geet, do try not to tear my shirt, I want it back in one piece.” he growled at her. “Come on I will drop you home.”

Immediately her eyes took on the light of battle flashing back at him. “I will get a taxi,” she retorted, “and personally see that your shirt is washed and pressed and delivered back to you.”

He hid the smile that tugged at the corner of his mouth. That’s better he hated to see her so pale.

“Shut up Geet and lets go” he growled, leaving her standing there with her mouth open.

Geet glared at his back, would she ever understand Maan Singh Khurana she wondered.


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      Hey Madhu
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      Thanks Beena, nope its still going!! LOLLL ppl keep wanting so i am writing. Glad you are enjoying kepp reading ;))

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      Hi Nesha nice to see TPR being read. Glad you are enjoying it! Yup loads of passion , hidden and not so hidden. Did you read all of it?


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