The Phoenix Rises- chapter 16-17-18

Chapter 16

Geet choked and coughed as the lassi went down the wrong way. Babli and Chotu stood up on their chairs and slapped her back, both concerned about her.

Maan stood up instantly and shouted to the waiter to bring some bottled water. As soon as it arrived he opened it and went around to her to help her drink. Geet glared at him even through her coughing fit, staring at her with a frown, he placed it down in front of her and sat back down.

When her coughing had somewhat subsided she squeaked. “Babli why ever would you think that me and Maan…err Mr Khuarana here are getting married?”

Babli and Chotu both looked at their didi in exasperation, “Because he called you his maangetar. Didn’t you hear that?”

No! she did not hear that? When did that happen? She stared at Maan as if he had just grown two horns and a tail!

Maan watched as she thought about the what the children had just said, her expressions told him that she was running the events in her mind and suddenly she looked up at him and those lush pink lips formed a O of surprise.

“What possessed you to say that!” she questioned angrily her eyes blazing. “As if this whole situation was not bad enough you added this to the equation! Now they all think we are going to get married!” she hissed at him incredulously.

“Geet, calm down.” He said calmly. “There is no point in getting all worked up.” he said watching her pale and flush as she became more worked up.

Geet furiously glared at him, she didn’t feel like calming down, she felt more like blowing her top.

His eyes turned fierce as he remembered what her uncle had been saying about her, but he was not going to go into an explanation. “Geet, I know I am right.”

“Really, Maan couldn’t that superior brain of yours think of anything other then saying I am your Maangetar?” She questioned. It was just so like him to think that everything he did was correct.

Damn it! Why was she so stubborn, his dark eyes fixed on her, he said ? “Did you want your reputation to be sullied further in front of your brother and sister, your headmaster, your whole village? What would be the fallout of that on these two when you went back to Delhi? Did you think about that?”


“If you think that showing that full page apology you were about to, would have helped, think

again.” he finished, quashing the reasoning of her argument totally.

“You could have said work colleague!”

He glared at her, “Geet! Tum ne suna nahi meine kya kaha? Nothing else would have helped, your uncle was hellbent to try and ruin your reputation.”

“But Maangetar!” Geet said incredulously.

“Is the fact that you think I am not worthy of you Geet? Not worthy of being your maangetar?” he asked his expression unfathomable as he stared directly into her face.

He was nothing short of lethal, Geet thought, superior businessman, intelligent, focused, a heady combination of man. Being his maangetar, being close to him, ‘Sexy Singh Khurana’ as Pinky called him. A blush rose on her cheeks as she remembered that potent kiss and the lethal image of him walking towards her bare chested, she gulped some more water in an effort to cool her brain. Dear god! No she just could not risk that happening again for the sake of her own sanity.

Taking a deep breath she calmed herself down, congratulating herself on her ability to do that in such extraordinary circumstances, she started off saying calmly, “Look, Maan, I know you don’t want to marry me and I certainly don’t want to marry anyone. I have Babli and Chotu to look after and they are my first priority.”

His dark eyes took in the flush, the way her hands became agitated in an effort to do bring herself under control. So Ms Handa was flustered even with the thought of being his maangetar. The more Maan thought about it, the better his impulsive solution seemed. Being his maangetar he could keep a closer eye on her. It would also keep daadima off his back, he would not have to meet any more idiotic girls that made him grind his teeth in frustration and his daadima would be ecstatic that he had finally chosen a girl. Why had he not though of this before? It was the perfect solution to all his and Geet’s problems.

Maan looked at Babli and Chotu who were eyeing them both with some fascination, how closely they resembled her in their expressions. How protective she was off them, like a shernie protecting her cubs.

“Geet, if you want to we can still take your brother and sister to Delhi with us. I can get them admitted to a good school. You would not have to worry.” he offered, his voice gentle, his unsaid words telling her that he would pay for their schooling.

“No!” Her head went up and the eyes that met his, told him how fiercely proud she was. “Chotu and Babli will be fine with Jaspal sir he is a kind man.”

He knew the instant he said it, she would have never have agreed to his offer. Her innate sense of pride would never agree to taking something from someone else. But it also irked him that she still did not think of him as anything other then her work colleague.

“Are you really going to marry our didi?” Babli questioned Maan, a worried frown on her face.

“Babli you need not worry, I will always look after you and chotu.” she assured instantly not wanting them to believe that she was going marry Maan and leave them.

Clearly she was torn between her duty to them and her own needs, but he could wait for her to admit that she was attracted to him, that she needed him, just as she had become a habit that he could not shake.

“Shall we talk about this later? We should get the children to your headmaster’s house and settle them in. It’s getting late, we should head back to Delhi.” Maan said glancing at his watch.

They piled into the car, Chotu getting very excited at the prospect of being seen in such a posh car, waved to everyone on the street. Babli was quieter and more reserved.

Jaspal sir had the room for the children cleaned and ready by the time they got there. His wife welcoming them all.

“Geet, it will be lovely to have children in the house again.” she said. “Mine are grown up and fled the nest, all working in various cities across the world. I am so happy that Jaspalji has decided to bring Chotu and Babli here.”

Jaspal sir said he would get the children’s belongings from their house the next day. He also gave details of the man who he thought would be suitable to look after the farms for Geet. She thanked him and offered money to look after the children, which he waved away with a smile.

“Geet, Balraj was a dear friend of mine, in my times of need he always helped me it would be an honour to return the favour.”

As they were leaving Babli pulled Maan to one side and asked him something which Geet did not hear.

Maan went down on his haunches and replied equally as seriously. Babli seemed happy with his answer and nodded her small serious face breaking out into a smile.

“Err Geet chalo, its getting quite late.” Maan said standing up.

Geet hugged the children and promised to ring them everyday.

“Haan, beta you had better go looks like a storm is brewing.” Jaspal sir said looking up at the dark clouds.

Maan looked at Geet’s face he could see a storm was brewing there as well. He escorted her to the car and waved bye to the children.

Geet sat in the car completely wrung out emotionally and physically, but she had to sort this madness out.

“What did Babli say to you? Why did you let them believe that we would get married?”

“That’s between me and Babli.” He replied. “And Geet! This is the best solution. You are the one who is constantly effected by the rumours, I couldn’t give a damn what people said.” he declared.

“Oh! so you are doing this all because of me?” Geet retorted angrily.

“The fact is Geet you are not capable of looking after yourself!” he said pulling out onto the road heading for Delhi.

“So now you have decided that you know what’s best for me? Well, I have news for you Mr Maan Singh Khurana, I don’t need you or any man to look after me, I can look after myself!”

“Like the way you looked after yourself with your landlord? Like the fact that you don’t eat properly and panic running here and there without a thought to yourself. Like the way you fainted at the bus stop! Need I go on?”

Geet glared at the dark road in front of her. She was still trying to understand how he had turned it all around, making out that she needed him to be engaged to her! The rain had already stared pelting down making it hard to see further then a few feet. She muttered curses under her breath unable to quell the storm outside or the one brewing between them. How could he just run roughshod over what she wanted and decide for her. Angrily she glared at him.

“Stop glaring and make sure we don’t miss our exit towards Delhi, I can barely see where I am going.”

“And who’s fault is that? I didn’t ask you to follow me.” She replied ungratefully.

“Geet!” he said loudly in a frustrated tone glaring back at her.

Suddenly a large truck came out of nowhere right in front of them. A scream broke from her lips as Maan swerved to avoid him, they skidded right across the road and landed in a ditch. The truck drove off without even stopping.

“Are you all right?” they both spoke in unison. As their eyes clashed with worry.

“yes” I am fine she replied.

“Damn!” Maan groaned “ab yeh he baaki tha!” glaring at her.

“Its not my fault!”

“No, it never is!”

“Chado Babaji! Now he is blaming me for a truck too.”

Maan opened his door and got out in the pelting rain to assess the damage.

Muttering a curse Geet went after him. The whole front bumper was smashed against a rock.

Lightening struck followed by a huge clap of thunder that had Geet moving closer to him unconsciously seeking safety.

“Looks like we are going nowhere!” Maan said raking his hand through his wet hair.

Geet shivered as the heavy rain soaked through her light clothes.

“Maybe there is a hotel or something a bit further up Maan said. That’s our best option. Let go.”

There was nothing else for it, Geet nodded and they grabbed a few things out of the car and started walking on the dark road.

As they walked a bit further they realised that they had indeed taken a wrong turning. This was not the road to Delhi at all, it looked like a much smaller road which was getting narrower as they trudged along in the rain.

Maan kept a close eye on her, the whole day he had hardly see her eat anything, the way it was going she looked close to collapse from exhaustion.

Thankfully a while later, in the far distance Geet spotted a farmhouse. “Maan look,” she said tugging at his arm. Geet fervently hoped that there was someone in, spotting a light she thanked her Babaji profusely.

It was quite a decent sized farmhouse, looked quite prosperous. Maan went up to the door and knocked loudly. Geet stood next to him her teeth chattering with cold. Both making a puddle where they stood.

After a little while there was a the sound of a bolt being slid and an middle aged lady opened the door peering out.

“Kaun hai?”

“Our car crashed a little way down the road, I wondered if you have a phone we can use to call for a towtruck.” Maan asked politely.

“Beta,” the lady said holding the lantern up higher and peering at both at them out in the dark porch. “Phone tou hai but lines are down.” She looked at them closely, and decided that they looked like a decent pair. Two large tubby young men appeared behind her and peered out at them standing in the porch. They were like peas in a pod, twins that looked exactly alike. There eyes took him in with a frown and then as they saw Geet they beamed widely thoroughly excited like two puppies.

She was soaked to the skin, her body outlined quite clearly through her light pink salwar khameez. Maan stepped in front of her shielding her from their lusty looks.

“Come in, Come in, don’t stand out there. These are my sons, pyaar se mein unko Banta aur Santa bulate hoon.” The lady said.

Maan stared at the two clowns as they kept trying to peer around him at Geet.

“Err my name is Maan Singh Khurana and this is my biwi. Geet” he said turning towards her.

Geet stared at him her eyes round as saucers.

“Biwi!” a trio of surprise rose from Geet, Banta and Santa.

She was sure this morning she had been quite single when she had started out, by the afternoon she had become his maangetar and now suddenly she had become his biwi!

Ignoring them all, Maan smiled charmingly at the lady and asked her “Auntyji do you have clothes that my wife can change into, she is soaked through to the skin and I don’t want her to catch a cold.”

“Yes, that’s true…” she looked at Geet, who was shivering. “My daughter has left some clothes here you are about her size, come with me I will get the clothes for you, and you come too my husband’s clothes should fit you, he is away today, when he was younger he was a fine strapping man about your size.” she said to Maan.

“Thank you auntyji,” Maan said putting his hand around Geet’s waist and escorting her away from Banta and Santa’s salivating presence.

“Biwi!” Squirming in his tight grip, Geet hissed in his ear. “this afternoon I was your maangetar and now I am your biwi?”

“Did you see the way they were looking at you?” he hissed back angrily.

“Who?” Geet completely at a loss to understand what he was saying.

“Those two clowns!” he hissed back as if even saying their names was beyond his capabilities.

“Santa and Banta? Maan, you are not serious, those two are just puppies.”

Maan looked at her, even soaked to the skin and shivering she was beautiful. Puppies! She had no idea, they had both looked at her as if she were delectable bone that they had found and would take great delight in licking.

“As I said you cannot look after yourself.” He declared haughtily.

Auntiji turned and gave them a questioning look. “Are you two fighting?”

Maan glared at Geet squeezing her waist and smiled charmingly at Auntyji. “We were only married last week and were supposed to be in our honeymoon but because of work I was unable to take her, so she is angry with me.”

Geet stared at him unable to believe her ears. Now they were on their honeymoon? She had only become his biwi five minutes ago. Well two could play at that game she decided.

“Haan auntyji before we got married he promised to take me to Switzerland and France, itne bade bade baatein karte the. And look where he took me, Rupnagar!”

Lazily Maan ran his dark eyes over her, seeing the challenge in her beautiful amber eyes. So she would play him at his own game?

Auntiji laughed, “Beta, men always promise the world before marriage and then once they have you it all changes. But your young man seems very nice, like my husband, he will fulfil all his promises to you I am sure.”

“Of-course I will.” Maan assured looking at Geet his face full of mischief, “I will take her all over the world, for a proper honeymoon,” he added, his eyes full of dark promises. “Anywhere she wants to go. Auntyji please tell her not get all upset with me on our honeymoon, she doesn’t let me near her at all!”

Geet could not help the blush at the thought of going on honeymoon with Maan, a compulsive shiver ran through her body that had nothing to do with her wet state.

“No! Geet beta” Auntiji tut tutted. “You promise me that you will be good to your young man here, I am sure he will come good with his promises as soon as he can.”

Geet gave auntyji a frustrated glare, trust her to fall for his charm. Maan just smiled a crooked lopsided smug smile that had her grinding her teeth.

“Dekho, it looks like you will have to stay here tonight, the storm doesn’t look like its going to stop any time soon. You can stay in the guest room. By the morning we can see about getting your car towed. Have you eaten? I will get some food organised for you. Then I will show you to your room.” Auntiji chattered on as she went and pulled out some clothes for them from a cupboard. “Here you are, you can go and change in the bathroom over there.” she said to Geet.

“Err thank you auntyji.” Maan said taking the clothes she offered. Auntyji left saying to she would organise food for them.

“Geet go and get changed, you are shaking like a leaf!” Maan said turning her around in the direction of the bathroom. “I will change here.”

Muttering under her breath at being bossed around by him, Geet went into the bathroom to change. As she caught sight of herself she gasped. Her clothes had practically become see through, Maan had actually been trying to save her from embarrassment by standing in front of her and blocking Santa and Banta’s view. Quickly she changed out of her wet clothes and slipped into the dress that Auntyji had given her. Grinning as she realised that Munni was at least four times her size. The bright pink kaftan style dress auntyji had given her floated about her like a tent. She pulled out the tie from her hair and rough dried it with a towel.

“Geet! Are you ready? Auntyji is here to show us to our room.” Maan said through the door.

Did he say ‘room’ Geet wondered as she opened the door but he was already following the auntyji out. Banta and Santa stared at her from the door, both grinning madly, looking at her as if they would love to eat her alive. Hastily she picked up the over large dress and brushed past them following Maan and Auntyji. They walked along a long corridor, auntyji opened a door and showed them in.

“This is the guest room I am sure you two will be comfortable in here,” she said. “I have left some food here for you.” she said indicating the food on a side table, “please help yourselves.”

Auntyji turned to look at Maan, a smile on her face. He was wearing a black pathani salwar. looking extremely handsome, “beta you remind me off my husband, ahh what a fine handsome man he was when he was younger.” Then she looked at Geet and smiled “I didn’t realise my Munni was bigger then you, beta.”

Maan stared at Geet trying to hide a smile, she looked as if she was floating in a sea of pink cloth, but at least it hid her body from Banta and Santa’s slobbering gaze. Still, managed to look beautiful, her hair was floating around her face in a halo of brown, groaning to himself he realised that even if he put her in a brown sack cloth she would she manage to drive him insane.

“Err no problem.” Geet said, at least the clothes were dry, and auntiji had been kind letting them into her house.

Banta and Santa made a move towards Geet immediately Maan moved to encircle her waist with his arm, pulling Geet into his side.

“Will you stop doing that!” she hissed up at him her eyes sparking fury.

Faking a yawn he said, “thank you Auntyji for all your hospitality, you have been so kind. Now we should go to sleep early so we can get up early and see to our car.”

“Haan beta. Goodnight.” she said, shooing the her two sons out of the room. They both looked at Geet regretfully as Maan kept a tight hold of her. “Have a good night, there are extra blankets in the cupboard if you need them. Happy honeymoon!” She chuckled as she went out.

Happy honeymoon? Geet suddenly realised that she would be alone with Maan in this bedroom pretending to be husband and wife. As she glanced around, her eyes caught sight of the kingsize bed and she stared at it in horror.

Maan closed the door behind auntyji and slid the bolt into its housing with a definite click.

Not looking at her he advanced whilst rolling up his sleeves, he failed to see her turning on him angrily as she too moved forward about to launch into a tirade about the situation he had landed them in.

Forgetting her dress was so long she tripped over the hem falling forward just as Maan walked in front of the bed. With a yelp she fell straight into his arms and he in turn fell backwards on to the bed with her landing precisely on top of him. His arms encircled her holding her tightly against him in an effort to save her from hurting herself. She smelt his spicy tangy aftershave, it flowed over her, clouding her thoughts. Her fingers gripped his shoulders tightly.

Her hair flowed around them making an intimate dark curtain around their faces. Eyes locked they both stared at each other. Dark chocolate stared into beautiful amber with an intensity that had them both startled. They fitted so well, the banked fire that was ever present between them flared into life. His eyes dark and sultry, travelled over her face as if he were caressing her, and became focused on her lush pink lips.

Why had her mouth suddenly run dry? Geet wondered. Wasn’t she about to launch into argument with him?

A deep low moan broke from him as he saw her licking her lips, it was such an innocent gesture and yet it drove him instantly to the brink.

She stopped worrying about how she had ended up as his biwi, on this kingsize bed, celebrating her honeymoon with Maan, and started thinking about how it would be if he kissed her again!

Ready for Sundae Sunday?? it is going to be an eventful night ;)) So strap yourself in and get ready for a exhilarating ride ;))) have fun and do comment love to read your thoughts…writing this was complicated I hope it comes through clearly, if you can picture it in your minds eye my job is done ;))))

Chapter 17 The Eventful Night

His arms tightened around her as she swayed towards him. Mesmerised by those bow shaped lips she sighed softly at their sheer perfection. The heat in his eyes caught her in his web, and she gave up the urge to resist completely. Her lips fluttered over his, her eyes closing as they touched. Maan waited with bated breath as she pressed closer to him. He resisted the urge to pull closer, he wanted her to take the lead, then and only then she would realise that the heat between them was a real, something she could not refute.

Suddenly there was a loud noise as a huge gust of wind blew open a window, it crashed open with a bang. Startled they both looked towards the source of the crash. Rain flooded through the open gap showering cold spray over them.

With a loud curse Maan rolled her over, taking her with him, he tried to get up but got caught in the voluminous dress she was wearing.

Geet! What on earth is this thing?” he growled, fighting his way out of the material.

Geet lay on the bed under him, staring up at him intensely, unable to move, wondering how close she had been to kissing him. Why had she no control around him?

He was still fighting off the pink dress, cursing as it got caught in one of his buttons again.

Finally!” He sprang off the bed and went to the window closing it firmly.

This day is getting from bad to worse!” He declared, hands on hips, he stared at her angrily.

Oh and that’s my fault!” Geet retorted, scrambling up on her knees and facing him with fire in her eyes.

Well its not mine!” Maan declared moving towards her, she looked like a little pink virago ready to do battle. But as he moved towards her, he slipped on the wet spray on the floor, falling towards her unable to stop his momentum. His arms reached out to hold something, he grabbed the only thing that came to hand, the voluminous dress she was wearing.

There was a horrendous ripping sound as his hands pulled the dress, tearing it straight down from its yoke. He landed half on the bed entangled in the pink cloth and the rest off him sprawled on the floor.

Maan!” Geet said in a horror filled whisper, grabbing the torn sides and holding them against her covering herself quickly, whilst he was busy trying to untangle himself. Her eyes wide with shock, she looked down at his equally horrified face.

Not again!” Maan muttered, his face a picture of shock, remembering the previous incident in the KC offices where he had torn her kurti.

OH! She squealed. “Look what you have done now!” she said bunching the folds of material around her protectively.

Geet! It’s not my fault, the rain, the spray the window…” He finished lamely his cheeks flushed red with embarrassment, why did this keep happening to him?

I suppose its my fault again!” Geet angrily replied. “What am I going to wear? My clothes are all wet?”

Maan rose and started taking his long black shirt off.

What are you doing?” She stared at him in horror ,watching his muscles ripple as he removed it.

Honeymoon mana ne ke tayari karta hoon!” He said sarcastically.

Honeymoon?” she squeaked.

Geet!” He glared at her, then with an exasperated sigh as he saw her wide eyed look, said “What do you think I am doing? Put this on and get rid off that pink tent.” Putting it down in front of her, he turned around so his back was to her.

For a moment she ogled his perfect wide shoulders and tapering waist, the way the loose black pants sat low on his hips, she homed in on his dimples of venus, than with some effort as he growled her name, she snapped back to herself with trembling hands she let the pink dress fall and slipped on his shirt. Sitting back down on the bed with a thump.

Could it get worse? Now she was half naked, he was half naked, she was locked in a room with Maan bare chested wearing only black pants that looked sinfully sexy, pretending to be his biwi and enjoying their honeymoon!

This day is turning into a ridiculous farce!” he griped, his thoughts running along the same lines.

Turning back, he saw she was sitting and staring at him with impossibly wide amber eyes. Did she realise how tempting and yet vulnerable she looked? Long brown hair flowed all around her in a tousled state, her soft amber eyes were still clouded with passion, her lips still trembling from the near kiss. The shirt stopped just above her knees giving him a glimpse of her bare shapely slim legs. She was driving him insane. He had to get a hold off himself and get the situation back under his control.

Geet, get up and eat something otherwise you will faint on me again.” He ordered, raking a not so steady hand, through his dark hair.

I am not hungry.” She said, trying to keep her eyes averted from his bare chest. Why did he have to look so good? Babaji!

Going to the bed he picked her squealing resisting body up in his arms and settled her in a chair next to the food.

Eat!” He ordered again. “And make sure you eat properly”

Stop bossing me about.” Geet told him, having had enough of his manhandling. The food did look good however, even though it was so late auntyji had given them some paratha and sabji. She filled a plate for herself and then one for him as she saw he was not making any move to sit down but just kept staring at her with dark intensity. She gazed back at him, unable to stop from staring at his half naked state. He looked so incredibly male, so shockingly handsome, his eyes dark and intense, still feeling the imprint of his body on hers she decide that she wasn’t so hungry after all, but started eating under his dark eyed stare, wondering if he would force the food down her throat if she didn’t.

She ate a little, he watched her eat, and then picked up his plate and started eating himself. Even after eating hardly anything the whole day she barely ate one paratha and a little subzi, he noted. She kept her eyes averted from him as much as possible, a slight flush on her cheeks.

Geet, eat some more, that is nearly not enough.” He gently told her.

What a day she thought. She felt so tired, thank goodness Chotu was fine. Now that the children were with Jaspal sir she would not have to worry so much about them as much. She hoped that her uncle would leave quietly without too much trouble but that was probably hoping for too much.

He watched the thoughts race across her face. She had no idea how delectable and sexy she looked in the black shirt.

Where are you going to sleep?” she asked him suddenly.

On the bed of-course, its big enough, we can both sleep without any issues and make sure you don’t wander to my side, I hate bed hoggers.” he replied as if it were the most natural thing in the world for them to sleep together.

I am not sleeping with you in the same bed! Are you crazy?” She retorted, her eyes wide.

I am not sleeping on this hard wooden chair if that’s what you are hoping.” He told her in no uncertain terms.

Fine! I will sleep here, you can sleep on the bed.”


He watched as she got up, putting the dishes and food back on the tray with a angry thump and made to take them out.

Where are you going?”

I am just going to go and put these things in the kitchen. I can’t leave them here all night.”

Let me do it.” he said taking the tray from her.

Why? I can do it.”

Geet! Tum ne suna nahi meine kya kaha! Stay here.” he said glaring at her.

Wondering if she would ever understand him, she let him take the tray down.

Maan stalked out with the tray. He didn’t want Banta and Santa to accost her wearing only a shirt. He was sure those two would be hanging around somewhere. He found the kitchen putting the tray he went back upstairs to see that she had pulled two chairs together and was settling herself on them. He stared at the seriously uncomfortable chairs a dark frown on his face, but did not say anything. He was fully prepared to move her to the bed as soon as she fell asleep. She slept like the dead anyway, he knew she wouldn’t notice if he moved her.

Geet watched him as he lay on the bed, he looked very comfortable his ankles crossed, arms raised above his head cradling it. Her eyes took in his biceps, his chest, his abs, she stared, her mouth running dry. He gave her a quick look, rolling his eyes at her, stared up at the ceiling for a moment then closed his eyes and went to sleep.

Uff! He hadn’t even bothered to offer her the bed again she griped, and he had not even put the light out. She got up and put the light out coming back to her chairs muttering as she bumped into one of them hard.

Maan grinned in the dark as he heard her Punjabi curses. Ms Geet Handa had a full and fluent vocabulary he thought.

The wind rattled the window panes loudly, the storm showed no intention of subsiding. Maan listened to its ferocity, waiting for Geet to fall asleep.

Ouch!” A moan came from her.

Maan chuckled. “Geet, come and sleep here, I promise not to do anything you wouldn’t want me to.”

Uff! As if I would let you!” she replied, more to the fact she didn’t trust herself, he looked good enough to eat.


I am fine here.”

She shuffled about on the chairs but there was no position that was remotely comfortable.

Damn! She muttered turning, as she turned the chair tipped over and Geet landed on the cold stone floor with a crash, one chair landing on top of her the other crashing to the floor.

Maan was up in an instant he flicked the light on and went to her aid.

Geet! Why don’t you ever listen to me? I told you to sleep on the bed!” He pulled the chair off her and scooped her up in his arms depositing her on the bed.

There was a loud knock at the door and auntyjis voice called out to ask if all was OK.

Geet sat on the bed rubbing her head muttering about Maan having cavemen ancestors.

Auntyji knocked again even louder, with a frustrated glare at Geet, Maan went to the door and slid the bolt open without thinking.

Auntiji stared at this bare chest with her mouth open, her eyes nearly falling out of her head. She clutched the book she had been reading in bed to her chest like a shield staring at him, her face turning pink.

Banta and Santa almost fell on top of him in their haste to get in and look at Geet. He physically pushed them back, glaring at them for being so persistent.

Kya hua, there was a loud crash?” Auntiji asked, walking into the room as she saw Geet rubbing her head.

Maan and Geet both looked at each other for a moment and then Geet said ”Err I was going to get some water but in the dark I fell over the chair. I am fine auntyji please don’t concern yourself.”

Maan looked at auntiji and the title of the book she was clutching to her ample bosom jumped out at him.

‘The lusty billionaire and the feisty virgin!’

He stared at the cover of the half naked man who was in a passionate clinch with a beautiful woman in his arms. Dark colour slashing his cheeks, he wondered if this could get any more embarrassing, his sooty framed eyes wide, he stared at auntiji in a completely new light.

With a groan Maan watched as auntiji gawked at Geet and noted she was wearing Maan’s shirt and the pink dress was on the floor torn to shreds, her eyes widened even more. She stared from Maan to Geet her face a picture of shock as if to ask ‘what have you been doing?’

Santa and Banta, gasped out loud with pleasure and stood transfixed at Geet as she tried to hide her bare legs from their dribbling gaze, quickly pulling a sheet over herself. Maan stalked up to them and tried to push them out of the door.

Auntiji finally got her wits together and shooed the reluctant twins out, as they craned their necks to see inside again. In parting she gave the bare chested Maan a lusty wink, saying ‘have fun’ then chuckling to herself she went off.

Maan ran to the door and bolted it shut with a sigh of relief, leaning back on it, his head reeling, he raked his hand through his hair at her comment of ‘have fun!’ Geet sat on the bed looking totally horrified at the way the night was progressing.

What must she been thinking!” Geet muttered out loudly her face bright red with mortification.

Forget that! What the hell was she reading?” Maan said in a shocked voice. “The lusty billionaire and the feisty virgin! He looked at Geet and suddenly saw himself as the half naked man and Geet as the virgin in his arms in a passionate clinch, the picture so real.

Hands on hips, he just stood for a moment, closing his eyes and trying to get some sort of hold on himself. This could not be happening to him! He had an orderly life, no chaos, work ruled his life. Until that is, Ms Geet Handa walked into his life. What a nightmare! Taking a deep breath he opened them again to see Geet still rubbing her head and muttering to herself.

I told you to sleep on the bed.” Maan said angrily, walking up to her, he took hold of her chin and examined her forehead where she had been rubbing. It looked a little red but otherwise was not too bad.

I am fine,” she muttered. Her eyes clouded with mortification at the turn of events, she wished he would stop touching her, it was driving her insane. Looking away from his bare chest she looked down and stared straight at his navel and the low slung black pants. Dear god! There was nowhere she could look without driving herself crazy. She gulped and stared at door wondering if she should run to auntiji and explain the whole situation. But then thought twice as she remembered that outside of this room Santa and Banta awaited her, she would rather take her chances with Maan she decided.

As I said before, the bed is big enough for both of us and I am not sleeping on a chair.”

She shot him a fierce look. Maan walked to the cupboard and pulled out some extra pillows.

What are you doing?” she questioned as he put the pillows in a line in-between them.

Geet, I am putting these here in-case tum raat ko meri izzat pe hamla karodo, now I can go to sleep in peace.” He said his face totally serious, his dark sultry eyes watching her.

A picture of herself on top of a bare chested Maan totally out of control popped into her head like a X rated snapshot. She went bright red and muttered, “If I wanted to take your ‘izzat’ a line of pillows would not stop me!” Then realising what she had just said, her head snapped up, looking totally shocked at her runaway mouth, she stared into his face.

Maan stood watching her with intent, a sexy knowing smile tugging at the corner of his lips. Thinking he would definitely like to experience that. The message in his dark sultry eyes was unmistakable.

With a angry “Chado! I am going to sleep.” giving him a final glare, she turned so her back was to him, closing her eyes and pretending to go to sleep. She heard him chuckle and then felt the bed dip as he settled himself on it. Telling herself that she would not get a wink of sleep in the same bed as him half naked, she promptly fell fast asleep within five minutes after her very eventful day and equally eventful night.

She woke up with a start, she was in a strange place. Most of the night she had dreamed that she had been in some ones arms, they had chased the bad dreams away from her. They had soothed and gently held her as she fought the demons of worry about Babli and Chotu that chased her. The hard warmth had been familiar to her, she had snuggled into it feeling safe. What was happening to her she wondered, ever since she had met Maan her dreams had become so intense, bordering on the erotic.

At every turn though, he had helped her. With the landlord, with her uncle, with the newspaper, and last night, he had not taken advantage of the situation, he had been a perfect gentlemen. Maan Singh Khurana was definitely a man in a million.

Of the man in question there was no sign. The chairs which had fallen over were arranged back under the table and the room looked tidy. Her clothes were hanging on the end of the bed neatly. Where was he? She jumped out of bed, taking her now dry clothes went to the bathroom to get ready. Brushing her teeth with toothpaste and her finger. Getting her hair into some sort of order, she quickly went out of her room and went down to the first level.

Auntyji appeared from what looked like the kitchen. “Ahh so you are awake. Your young man asked me not to wake you. He said you were very tired, you must have had a busy night, your young man is quite something isn’t he.” She chuckled away, giving Geet a conspiratorial wink.

Geet blushed to the roots of her hair. Babaji! She was sure that auntyji imagination must be running wild, especially after what she had been reading last night!

Geet sit down here and have some tea and breakfast with me, its so nice to have a woman to talk to. My boys are lovely but they cant provide me with a woman’s point of view.”

As if by magic Santa and Banta appeared from outside and sat exactly opposite Geet their eyes stuck on her. Geet squirmed under their fixated gaze.

Err, where is Ma…my husband.” Geet asked.

My husbandji came back this morning and they went off to see to your car. I am sure they will be back shortly.”

Tell me did you have a big wedding? Did you have an arranged marriage or love marriage. I see the way your man looks at you, it must have been a love marriage.” Auntyji rattled on.

Where was he? What was she going to say to auntyji, she never even thought about wedding let alone decided what size it was going to be Geet thought in a panic. What did she mean by the way that your man looks at you?

Err” she stumbled, hating having to lie to this very kind lady. Thankfully she heard Maan’s voice outside and breathed a sigh of relief.

He is back,” Geet beamed.

Oho!” Auntyji said with a twinkle in her eye, “you can’t bear to be away from him for more then a few minutes, the honeymoon must be sweet.”

Walking into the room Maan stared at Geet with worry, as he saw how flushed she was, hoping that she had not caught a cold from last night.

Are you feeling Ok Geet? He asked his voice full of concern, glaring at Banta and Santa who had their unblinking eyes fixed on Geet. He moved and sat next to Geet like a lion marking out his mate.

Beta, she is fine she was just missing you, that’s all.” Auntyiji replied for her, smiling at the picture they made.

Like a hole in the head.” Geet muttered under her breath.

He gave her a dark look as he heard her words. “Our car has been fixed by Uncleji, we can resume our journey.”

Santa and Banta who had been staring at Geet without moving an inch suddenly looked crestfallen.

Maan, why don’t you go after lunch.” Auntyji’s husband said as he came in to the room. “We would love to have your company a while longer.”

Thank you so much but we had better get going. I know Daadima will be worried about us.” Maan replied getting up and pulling Geet up by her wrist with him away from the twins. “Auntyji you and Uncleji have been so kind to us. Here is my card if you ever come to Delhi please look me up I would love to repay your hospitality.”

With that he practically dragged Geet out to the car and bundled her in waving goodbye they sped off towards home.

Thank goodness for that,” he muttered as he got back onto the highway towards Delhi.

Did you have to drag me away like that?” Geet moaned. “I was having a nice chat with Auntyji.”

Really? And what were you and the clowns talking about?”

Maan are you still on about those two puppies? They didn’t say a word they just stared. I don’t think they can speak.” she grinned.

Hrrmp!” He muttered, putting his foot down, determined to put as much distance between Geet ,Santa and Banta and the madhouse.

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Chapter 18

As he drove he remembered the events of last night. What a mad day ending in a nightmare of a worse night. He glanced at her and wondered if she recalled that she had spent practically the whole night in his arms. Sleeping soundly against his bare chest, her long bare legs wrapped around him. She had tested his control to the limit. The barrier of pillows were indeed no problem for her, Ms Geet Handa was slowly but surely driving him crazy without even realising.

Pandey looked at Patel with delight. So Maan Singh Khurana has gone after her to some village. Now we know for sure that she is very important to him. “Patel when she comes back keep a close eye on her I want to know her routes and what she does everyday.”

After Patel left Pandey decided to see if could scare Maan singh Khurana into giving him protection money for keeping Geet safe, protection from Pandey himself, then he laughed at his own joke.

A week later Geet sat in her office in deep thought. Pinky watched her friend with amusement, it seemed to her that Geet was spending a lot of time lost in a day dreams lately. She wondered if it was SSK she was thinking about?

“Geet,” when she didn’t answer, she said again. “Geet! SSK ke thoughts choodo and pay attention to work!”

Geet snapped back to reality and looked at Pinky with a frown. “What’s SSK?”

“Sexy Singh Khurana! Now stop all that, and look at these.” She said with a huge grin.

Geet frowned at Pinky. “I am NOT thinking about SSK.” Than with a frown she said, ”what I am saying! I mean Maan Singh Khurana. Errrr…I am thinking about the turbines we have ordered, and when they will arrive.” She said, trying to change the subject.

Pinky rolled her eyes at her friend and pulled out the plans she had been working on and asked Geet’s opinion of the idea. If Pinky only knew how much she had been thinking about him, Pinky would scream out loud Geet thought. In-fact she had thought about nothing else but Maan Singh Khurana she thought sourly! Especially since he had been away in Mumbai for the last few days. What had gotten into her she wondered, she really needed to get a grip.

“GEET!” Pinky said loudly her eyes twinklin as she saw her friend had become lost in thoughts again.

“Sorry, Pinky I was miles away. Let’s have a look at these plans.” they were both pouring over them when Adi came in.”

“Err Geet, Maan sir said he will be back tomorrow and he was wondering if you had prepared for tomorrow’s meeting with Mr Shah?”

“Yes, Adi we are all ready to go. What time will Maan be back?”

“Did you need to talk to him about the meeting?” Adi asked.

“Err No.” Geet replied, “It can wait.”

“Geet, since you might be seeing him before I do, can you give him this letter, it arrived hand delivered by a courier, it looks important.” he said handing her the envelope.

The envelope said ‘Important’ to be opened by ‘Maan Singh Khurana only.’

Geet agreed, taking it from him and putting it on her desk.

“Adi, can you have a look at these plans as well for the Parth township and give us your opinion please?” Pinky asked Adi, smiling widely at him.

“P…pp plans” Adi stammered blushing at Pinky. Adi wondered, why he felt so nervous around her?

Pinky picked up the plans and placed them on Geet’s desk spreading them out so they could all see. Adi approached nervously, fingering his collar. As Pinky leaned down to point something out his hand brushed against Geet’s glass of water and it fell all across her desk.

“OMG!” Pinky said quickly whipping the plans off the desk before they could be damaged by the spill. But the important letter Geet had just placed on the desk got soaked.

Three pairs of eyes widened in alarm, Maan Singh Khurana wouldn’t be very happy if it was something very important they thought.

“Maar dalengee!” Adi groaned, a real worried look on his face.

Geet grabbed the envelope and shook the excess water off, the glue had become unstuck and she pulled out the letter blowing on it to dry.

“Adi, don’t worry I will let it dry and put it in a new envelope and Maan will not be any wiser.” Geet promised. Placing the letter to dry out on the side. “Lets look at the plans we need to have everything ready for tomorrow’s meeting.”

Much later when Adi and Pinky had left Geet finally finished the presentation, stretching voluptuously ironing all the kinks out of her shoulders. She was sure that Mr Shah would be very pleased with their progress. Getting up to pack all her things she spied the now dried letter, smiling as she remembered Adi’s worried face she pulled out a new envelope from her desk and made to slip the letter in it when her eyes caught on the content.

‘Maan Singh Khurana, if you don’t want any harm to come to your ‘friend’ Geet Handa then contact this number and we can come to some arrangement,.’ Geet noticed it was Delhi mobile number.

Her eyes widened and she stared at it again and again unable to believe what she was reading. Somebody was trying to blackmail Maan into giving them money (she assumed) so that she wouldn’t be harmed! Anger rose up in her. How dare they send a letter to Maan? It seemed that they all thought she was closer to him than she really was. It seemed the blackmailer wanted to use her to take advantage of Maan’s wealth, she was not going to let that happen.

She wondered what Maan would do if he did receive this letter, would he pay them money so that she wouldn’t be harmed? He was bound to become impossible, probably start getting worried and demand she remain in the office or worse still, demand that she be taken off this job. That she couldn’t afford for the sake of her company and for Chotu and Babli’s sake, she had to finish the job. Chewing her lip, she worried that he might just do that. She looked at the letter again and decided she was not going to show this to him. There was no point. If there was no response than whoever it was may decide that he was not going to pay up and give up.

She was chewing her lip again. What was she worrying about now? he wondered, was there a problem that he should know about? After two days away in Mumbai she was a sight for sore eyes. After that night in the madhouse when she had slept in his arms, he had not thought of much else. Today she was wearing a red kurti and jeans, the long hair that had flowed over him like silk was tied neatly into a plait on side, his body tightened as the memories flooded into his mind.

“Geet.” Maan’s voice interrupted her thoughts. “What’s the matter? Any problem?”

Shocked at hearing his voice her head snapped up.

“Maan!” She gasped her eyes wide, her face becoming suddenly pale. Wasn’t he supposed to come back tomorrow?

“Yes! Maan! Is it such a shock to see me in my own offices?” he questioned casually, his eyes remained on her face, looking to see if he could understand why she was being so nervous.

“Err no.” she said, hastily folding the letter she had in her hand and stuffing it into her handbag.

His dark eyes noted her trembling hand. “Is there anything I should know?” he said nodding his head at the paper she had just stuffed into her bag.

Get a hold of yourself Geet! “Err.. no, nothing I can’t handle.” she replied with a smile.

Maan wasn’t convinced. There was definitely something she was not telling him, but he could wait.

“Are you all ready for tomorrow’s meeting?” he asked casually, walking into her office and standing in front of her, knowing that she would be, she was always on top of her work. He resisted the urge to tuck a stray hair away from her face.

“Yes, I just finished actually.” She had so missed his tangy citrus fragrance, she took a deep long breath. “Err would you like to go over the presentation?” She softly asked her eyes drinking him in.

He would surely drown in those soft amber pools of hers someday he thought. “Err fine lets look over it.” he said settling himself into a chair.

Slide after slide she showed went right above his head, as he smelt her perfume all he could think about was Geet wrapped around him, Geet’s soft silken skin against his chest, Geet’s hair flowing over his body. Geet. Geet. Geet!

He closed his eyes trying to get a hold of himself.

“Are you not happy with the presentation?” A worried Geet asked.

“Er no, Its great. I am just a little distracted that’s all.” He replied his eyes running over her.

A thought flew across her face, her heart pounded, had he been contacted by the blackmailer already?

“Geet?” He frowned as he caught the worried look across her face. “Is everything OK? You are not having any trouble with the papers again are you? Or your uncle?”

Snapping herself out of it she said with a smile. “No Maan, its nothing please don’t worry.”

He raised a brow questioning the easy way she brushed it off, there was definitely something Ms Geet Handa was not telling him.

“Lets go home.” he said softly. Geet nodded and took her laptop and bag heading out of the office ahead of him. ‘Lets go home’ sounded so good comin rom his lips she thought, and then kicked herself for thinking such thoughts. She really needed to start looking around for a flat and move out of the outhouse, then perhaps people like the blackmailer would stop thinking she was important to Maan Singh Khurana and forget about trying to get money out of him.

Pandey sat with the phone next to his side for the whole of the evening. “Saala Maan Singh Khurana would ignore him would he?” he muttered angrily, he decided to send another letter, a stronger one this time.

‘Maan Singh Khurana, don’t ignore my warnings. If you want to make sure that your precious Geet doesn’t have a nasty accident or disappear then contact this number urgently.” It had the same Delhi number as before.

That should do the trick he thought, putting it an envelope and addressing it to Maan Singh Khurana as before, this time he thought there was sure to be a response.

The meeting with Mr Shah went very well, Both Geet’s and Adi’s presentations impressing Mr Shah and his board. Progress had been fast and on time and even better on budget. The board was very impressed with Maan and Geet’s work.

Maan, Geet it looks as if the Parth township is progressing very nicely. Mr Rabari has told me that everything has gone well with the initial stages. However we have had some trouble with Pandey that local corrupt politician, he has been making things difficult by stopping the supply trucks and sometimes even the labour from arriving on site. Unfortunately we cannot prove anything as yet, it is a difficult situation. I hope that you will both take extra care, he is such a sleaze ball he could try anything.

Perhaps the blackmailer is Pandey, Geet thought, trying his luck. Her mind raced, it seemed like he was not one to give up so easily. She would have to keep a close eye on Maan to see if he had been contacted. But how was she going to do that? Maan was always in his office, his mail and his phone both by his side. Chewing her lip she decided that she couldn’t do anything about the phone but if another such letter arrived she could intercept it. She watched Maan and Adi talking to each other about work, an idea struck her, she decided that would be her best option.

She was doing it again. Why was she looking so worried and chewing her lip. The presentation had gone really well, Mr Shah was very impressed so it could not be that. It had to be something else. Perhaps it was something about her uncle or Chotu or Babli. He would keep a close eye on her he thought.

“Err Maan when we get back to the office, why don’t we talk about the points Mr Shah raised so we can start working on our respective areas as soon as possible.” Geet said as soon as they headed back to the KC offices in Maan’s car.

Pinky looked at Geet with disdain, why did she always think about nothing other then work.

“Geet, I thought you would want to rest at least today. I know you and Pinky have been working very hard to prepare for this meeting.” Maan replied.

“Maan, I would rather get started.” she replied firmly, glaring at Pinky as she opened her mouth to say something. “We will go straight to your office and carry on working.” Geet said, hatching a plan in her mind.

Maan gave Geet an intense look in the rear view mirror, as she sat chewing her lip. As they walked into the KC offices Geet practically ran, leaving them all gaping at her with their mouths open as she went straight into Maan’s cabin first, pushing past him, doing a quick scan on his desk for a similar envelope, not seeing anything she turned and bumped into Maan who was right behind her and staring at her with a puzzled look on his face.

“Geet are you feeling all right?” He asked raising an eyebrow, concerned about her funny behaviour.

Pinky hissed, “Geet what are you doing? Have you gone mad?”

“I am fine.” Geet said pulling out her laptop and settling herself in a chair across from Maan.

The phone rang and Maan muttered ‘excuse me’ before picking it up. At the same time an office boy came with the post and handed it to Maan.

Geet’s face paled as Maan chatted away to someone, whilst absent mindedly rifling through the post. He put it down to write something, turning away for a moment to pull out a file. Geet jumped on the post quickly going through it, she was half way through it when he turned back to pull out a piece of paper from a drawer.

Geet leant over his desk hiding the post from him, pretending to pick up a pen she giving him a dazzling smile. Maan gave her a weird look and turned back to his file. Instantly Geet went back to rifling through his post.

Adi and Pinky just stared completely shocked, unable to believe their eyes at her mad antics.

It was the last one, Geet spied it was the same type of envelope and colour, addressed in exactly the same manner. Grabbing it she stuffed it in her bag just as Maan turned back finishing the call.

Adi was just about to ask what Geet was doing, when Geet suddenly jumped up and said she had to do something important and ran out of Maan’s cabin.

They all stared at the space she had just been in with their mouths open.

“Bilkul Pagal hai!” Maan muttered frowning about to follow her, when his phone rang again and he became engrossed in the call.

Adi snapped back to reality and realised that for some reason Geet had just taken Maan’s post, with a frown on his face he went to find her, with Pinky following close behind.

Geet went into her cabin and sat down at her desk with a thump, fishing out the letter and placing it on her desk. Head in her hands she wondered about her sanity. It was madness, she had just stolen a letter from right under Maan Singh Khurana’s nose, addressed for his attention only!

“G… Geet?” Adi asked his eyes wide with shock as he saw the envelope in front of her.

“Adi please, I am sorry..but I had to do it.” Geet implored getting up and coming around to face them both.

“Geet have you gone mad?” Pinky screeched. “Why did you steal Maan’s post?”

“You will see why in a minute.” she said softly and opened the letter marked ‘To be opened by Maan Singh Khurana only.’

It was the same, slightly stronger this time. She handed it to Adi to look at.

They both read it wide eyed. “Geet what is this?”

“Adi do you remember that letter that you accidentally poured water over and we left it to dry? When I was putting it in the envelope I saw what was written inside. It was the same as this. I cannot let this reach Maan. Whoever is trying to blackmail him is using me as a tool. I cannot allow Maan be manipulated into handing over money to secure my safety.”

“But Geet,” Adi said with a frown. “This is serious, supposed somebody tries to harm you? We should tell Maan sir and he will increase security.”

“Adi he would also be overbearing and impossible, he could even stop me working on this project and I can’t have that, Adi I really need to make sure this project is successful for my younger brother and sisters sake.”

“Geet but suppose the blackmailer contacts SSK and asks him about the letters?” Pinky said thinking out loud.

“SSK?” Adi inquired, pushing his glasses up his nose and peering at Pinky.

“Sexy Singh Khurana!” Pinky replied distractedly.

Adi went pink and coughed loudly trying to hide a laugh.

“Pinky!” Geet glared at her and said, “that’s why I thought Adi might be able to help us. He could ring this number and pretend to be Maan Singh Khurana and tell the blackmailer he was not going to pay, and that he was definitely not interested in me, so they could forget about it.”

“Me pretend to be Maan Singh Khurana!” Adi squeaked. “Impossible! Even thinking about it makes me break out in a sweat.” he said fingering his collar as if it had turned into a noose.

“Adi its the only way, you are the only one who knows Maan Singh Khuarana inside out.”

“And if Maan Sir finds out what I am doing he will turn me inside out!” Adi replied, looking as if he were about to cry.

“Adi I am really sorry but its the only way I can think off to give a message to the blackmailer to say that Maan is not interested me at all, so he is not worried about these threats, once we convince the blackmailer they wont bother Maan again.”

“But what if he isn’t convinced that I am Maan Sir!! I mean…. I cant do it.. Geet you are going to get me killed!” Adi shivered as he thought of the consequences.

Geet sat down, her posture drooping, resigned to the fact that Maan would find out and it would be difficult to continue to do her job.

Adi looked at her sad pale face, and Pinky’s equally troubled face his heart went out to them both, he liked them both and had started thinking of them as friends. Taking a deep breath, his face pale at the thought of it, he bravely said, “OK I will do it, I will phone the number and pretend to be Maan Singh Khurana!”


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      he he he I think I will keep Santa and Banta they r gonna be loads of fun ;))

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    Waiting for tales of the night 😉

    • janememe

      June 17, 2012 at 7:03 pm

      tales of the night!! storm brewing!, baarish, pawan..haire mera dupptaa!!!


      Thanks for your sweet post ;))

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    • janememe

      June 17, 2012 at 9:17 pm

      Thank you for your kind comments Kalarani, I try to give you readers the unexpected as much as I can so u can have fun reading my updates.

      Thank you for your kind words.

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    You’re amazing Jane, that’s all I have to say. You are the ONLY reason, I look forward to Sundays ❤

    -Love you,

    • janememe

      June 18, 2012 at 9:46 am

      Marvelous Marvee you are no less yourself darling thank you for the huge compliment.

      Shakespeare ROFLL he would probably turn in his grave and laugh his head off ;)) Santa and Banta are a bit of fun to get you all smiling ;))

      Hugs my sweet thank you for your lovely kind words ;))

      • marveesfictions

        June 19, 2012 at 3:38 am

        haha let’s leave shakespeare to toss and turn in his grave lol. And my pleasure love ❤

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      dil vill thanks babes ;))

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    • janememe

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      ha ha ha super eventful night!! Haillhaaaaaaaaaaaa! sounds fun *gets popcorn to think*

      • tanvi

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        jane…….popcorns are junk foods n they wnt help u think better…have milk n almonds…..they wud surely help ….lols 😀

      • janememe

        June 18, 2012 at 3:39 pm

        Gosh u are so right tanvi…I am going on a superfood diet it might help ;))

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      he he he you will have to wait for that revelation later ;))) I don’t just make it up as I go along ha ha ha ha ha! (well I do :)))

      • tanvi

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        ok….me will wait wait…..intezaar ka phal meetha hota hai 😉 ..n romantic bhi 😉

      • janememe

        June 18, 2012 at 3:39 pm


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      Janeism I:-)

      Like like ;))

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    maan ki izzat is more in khatra from the lustful auntiji than our cursing stuttering geet! 😉

    • janememe

      June 24, 2012 at 1:08 pm

      LOL!! glad u had fun ;)) I hope you could imagine it all?

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    Whatever happened to that killer black vest? 😉
    Did I say the update was just yummiliciousssssssssssss *slurp*

    Janeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, mwazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • janememe

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      his clothes were ALL wet what could he do?? Manashi samja karo babes ;))

      • manashi12Manashi

        June 24, 2012 at 3:18 pm

        Does that mean ALL of Geet’s clothes were wet too? 😉
        So, what “actually” did he see when he ripped the pink tent 😛

      • janememe

        June 24, 2012 at 4:01 pm

        chi chi Manashi!! bechara pink thing me entangled tha kuch nahi dekha ;(

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    • janememe

      June 24, 2012 at 1:26 pm

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    • janememe

      June 25, 2012 at 8:21 am

      Gosh thanks Chetna 😉
      yeah we love the little fights so good 😉

      Epilogue for test of love gosh I will think about it ;)) did u like it thats one of my favs ;))

      • Chetna

        June 26, 2012 at 6:33 am

        Yep I did! U write beautifully! 🙂 I hope u do write the epilogue…thanks

      • janememe

        June 26, 2012 at 6:18 pm

        let me see first I have to finish phoenix and Jewel! ekksss

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    • janememe

      June 25, 2012 at 8:19 am

      Thank Monika glad u enjoyed ;))

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    Must say a very nice coincidence…MSK in just black pants today swaggered back in our hearts just this evening in GHSP rerun..and here he is, again, in your FF, in just black pants! Double Jackpot in one evening!
    Thanks Jane for another super yummylicious Sundae!

    • janememe

      June 25, 2012 at 8:19 am

      Kasturi, ROFLLL Auntyjeeeeeeeeeeeee what and eyefull u got ;))))

      Yes I the epis started again but I dont get that channel:( keep me updated at where its at please.
      Love you guys thanks

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    n then he wanted her to kiss him first so that she realises her attraction towards him…hailla my msk *sigh*
    n then sone pe suhaaga was that he had to sleep wothout his kurta n geet wore only his kurta..what a perfect situation 😉
    n then our auntyji is very observant to notice how maan looks at geet 😉
    the story is getting very interesting with every update n one cant think what will happen next n you surprise us with every update of urs 😀
    fab update jane 😀 thanks a lot 🙂

    • janememe

      June 25, 2012 at 8:17 am

      Tanvi I love your feedback, great to see that you enjoyed it and picked up on all the little things makes writing all worthwhile ;))
      Jane bows most humbly :))

      • tanvi

        June 25, 2012 at 11:21 am

        u r most welcome jane 😀
        u put so much effort for us maaneet droolers atleast we can give our honest feedback 😀
        u know i didnt really like sundays earlier but know ive started liking because of ur sundaes 😉

      • janememe

        June 25, 2012 at 8:43 pm

        aww thanks ;DD

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    • janememe

      June 25, 2012 at 8:16 am

      Thank you Tanima babes for your sweet words.

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    haha !!! wat was aunty reading ????? chhee chhee babaji !!!

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      Thanks Savitha ;)) was a fun and eventful night ;))

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    • janememe

      July 1, 2012 at 10:31 am

      Thank yo Nafisa lets see how it builds ;))

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    cannot wait for the Sher Singh Khurana to pounce on the dog Pandey and tear him apart. :@
    I would want Adi to confide in Maan. 🙂
    And may I wish for some wicked punishment Maan gives Geet for hiding something this serious from him and ALSO distracting him by chewing on her lips? 😉

    • janememe

      July 1, 2012 at 10:32 am

      ROFL ;)) yes he needs to sooth those throbbing lips ;))) HAIIII!

      You know Adi his face says it all ;)) Maan is no dhakkan he will know soon enough ;))

      • manashi12

        July 1, 2012 at 10:43 am

        well Maan does behave as a dhakkan when it comes to some “impotent” things 😦

      • janememe

        July 2, 2012 at 7:48 am

        I am sure he will get it up and going in Phoenix! After its the phoenix RISES!!! ;)))))0


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    Wow what an update 🙂 So missed my Adi Sir…sighhh, meanwhile want Maan to reprimand Geet, she really had the audacity to swipe the letter right under his nose….oooooh that sure took guts….aaawww now I feel sorry for Adi Sir 😦

    • janememe

      July 2, 2012 at 7:49 am

      Annie geet is notty notty Maan will have to spank spank 😉

  38. anamikasb

    July 1, 2012 at 7:51 pm

    oh !!! wow ! test of control for Maan 😛 The lusty billionaire & the feisty virgin eh 😉 😈
    Adi posing as MSK … rofl 😆 that would be classic !!!

    Wonderful 😀 loved it !

    • janememe

      July 2, 2012 at 7:50 am

      Anamika i am glad u had fun reading ;)) was fun poor ADI will get into so much trouble

  39. indepgal

    July 2, 2012 at 7:09 am

    oh, i like the twist!! so geet mad’am is gonna take on panday ji ( btw, the actual panday ji of the show wud shudder to know uve turned him into a local hoodlum!) w/o maan knowing…wud like to see how that pans out… 😉 lubbed the scene of geet trying to steal maan’s post! can picture it!

    waiting for maan’s next rescue mission to begin!

    • janememe

      July 2, 2012 at 7:51 am

      Desperate times call for desperate measures ;))
      Thankssssssssssss you darling 😉

  40. tanima

    July 2, 2012 at 9:04 am

    I m happy with the twist… its cool and yes will take the story forward… please keep MSK the alpha man , that he is….don’t make him overlook Geet’s actions , I mean in ordinary circumstances his reaction would have been different but now that he has strong feelings for Geet , he is neglecting such instances…. please don’t change him when he recognizes his feeling … Yes we say a person changes in LOVE , but certainly his attitude should not change… In the show they killed the very essence of MSK …. they made him a puppy … and I hated that the most…. Let him love her his way… he should remain what he is… not in terms of showing power but attitude … let him love her , care for her , help her and everything but in his own unique way…. I hope MSK stays MSK atleast here… loved your update…. 😉

    • janememe

      July 2, 2012 at 11:48 am

      Awww Tanima babes worries not as they say, OUR MSK will remain Alpha Maan all the way!! Can you imagine these three cooking up something under his nose and Maan not knowing??? Tuaba Tuaba ;))
      Thank you for such a lovely post its good to know that you care enough to voice your thoughts ;)))

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    July 2, 2012 at 9:10 am

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    • janememe

      July 2, 2012 at 11:49 am

      Savitha poor ADI he is going to be in a pickle 😉

  42. Sarah

    July 2, 2012 at 10:15 am

    ah the perfect build up to the final show! 🙂 Can we pls have a Sher Singh Khurana vs a Sherni Singh Khurana – Clashes of a titan sort of a fight? 😉

    • janememe

      July 2, 2012 at 11:50 am

      Sarah abhi to picture baaki hai babes, sher and shernie fight hmmmmmm sounds fun ;))

  43. nish025

    July 2, 2012 at 10:33 am

    hey dis ff is simply brilliant!!
    maan has helped geet in evry possible way
    n d stay in dt mad house wer she shifted fm being his collegue to mangetar to wife
    loved it
    nw waiting 2 c adi as msk..
    continue soon!!

    • janememe

      July 2, 2012 at 11:50 am

      THanks Nisha Glad you are enjoying ;)) keep reading!

  44. Neetu

    July 2, 2012 at 10:33 am

    Loved the update.

    • janememe

      July 2, 2012 at 11:55 am

      Thanks Neetu glad you posted to say that, appreciate it ;))

  45. tanvi

    July 2, 2012 at 12:15 pm

    fab update jane….interesting n a very unexpected twist in the story…..i loved the line “she was a sight for sore eyes”….poor msk he must have missed her after that eventful night 😉 msk right now is like a love struck teenager …..thinking nthng beyond geet even during the presentations …n i just love this avatar of his being obsessed with geet 😉 but if geet continues chewing her lip at this rate she will very soon need a lip balm lols 😀 ….but i love this chewing the lip angle….wondering how maan will come to know about it…..umm maybe frm aadi..lets see…..wondering what wud happen next……waiting for some maaneet moments if there is some scope in the next update 😉
    lovely update jane 😀

    • janememe

      July 2, 2012 at 12:31 pm

      Thank you Tanvi, there is scope always for more Maaneet Maanilicious moments ;)) Will fit some in for u babes ;))))

      • tanvi

        July 2, 2012 at 12:43 pm

        waaaoooo..thank u jane 😀

  46. akshata

    July 3, 2012 at 6:27 am

    story is taking a intersting twist, loved the suspense jane.

  47. karam80

    August 29, 2015 at 6:39 pm

    Mindblowingggg updates…

    • janememe

      August 30, 2015 at 7:42 pm

      Thanks! I am so happy you are still reading them 😉

  48. fermeen30

    December 16, 2016 at 12:55 am

    Loved part 16 to 18. Stranded in a mad house, very funny. Mann attracted to Geet and can only think about her. Geet has a plan to put the blackmailer of his stride.

    • janememe

      December 16, 2016 at 8:07 pm

      Thanks Fermeen30 ;))) I am reading these again and finding so many errorssss eeekkkkks!

  49. nesha2017

    March 1, 2018 at 12:29 am

    Hahaha…mangetar to wife
    Hw possess maan wt geet towards bant n santa…with aunty. ?.hahahaa
    Nw a new trouble wtout maan knowing

    • janememe

      March 1, 2018 at 2:01 pm

      Glad you are enjoying the magnificent Santa and Banta<3


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