Chap 70 – Gullu’s goes Undercovers

Morninggggggggg Sunday Sundae here again! Hope u guys are enjoying the weekend. Well here we are again…Still on honeymood ;)) new word! ROFLL. Some questioned asked and some to resolve. In the mean time the story moves forward.Gullus is unders covers lolll he is choo cute ;)) Do enjoy..please comment. Love to read them and excuse the mistakes.

Next week and possibly the week after there will be no sundae as I am away for work so may not get time to pen anything. I hope as they say absence will make the heart grow fonder? What u’re not going to miss me! Sobsssss ;(

Chap 70

Later that evening as they lay curled up on the rug on the glass floor Geet couldn’t stop talking about the Whale sharks. When they had come back from the long boat ride back they had been delighted to find that the butler and his wife Marian had prepared the most wonderful meal, many delicacies from Fiji, fresh fish, chicken, sweet potatoes, cassava, so many of the dishes had Indian flavours. The butler informed them that Fiji has a rich Indian heritage and thus so many influences show through the food. He informed them that there were Indian temples on the main island too. Fascinated Geet asked both so many questions which they patently answered.

Throughout the meal Maan kept an eye on her, along with a rest she needed to again build up her strength. Apart from the blood loss, there was one issue that was constantly playing on his mind constantly.

After dinner they had gone for a long walk on the exquisite white sandy beach. Geet as usual had not been able to stop herself from running in and out the water splashing Maan gleefully when he steadfastly didn’t want to get his feet wet again.

“Geet! Stop it! I just changed!”

She eyed him in his denim shorts and open shirt, which hung unbuttoned on his lithe frame.

“Haan Maan your suit will get ruined haina?”She squealed as she scooped up water from the surf and threw it at his bare chest.

“Githhhh!” He ran after her with a scowl, she was running fast. Suddenly his heart felt so light, watching her running around without a care filled him with happiness. Catching up with her he scooped her into his arms and ran into the shallows to dump her in the water.

“Maannnnn!” She screamed grabbing his shirt lapels and pulling him down with her in the water.

By the time they had come back in the husband and wife team had cleaned up and changed the whole atmosphere into a cosy seductive scene.

Candles flickered everywhere, the fragrant smell of fresh exotic flowers filled the air. They had laid out many types of deserts of various types, from hand made chocolates to small pastries and fresh fruits near the glass floor. A small fire roared in the corner. As they went into the bedroom they saw the bed had been strewn with fresh rose petals and the whirlpool bath was filled and whirled away with flowers and essence. It all looked stunning and sensuous.

Popping one of those sweet honeyed pastries into her mouth Geet had looked around with total delight.

“I am using the bath first.” she said grabbing a bathrobe and a towel.

“No you are not! Who said we cant share?” He picked her up and stepped into the warm water with her.

Much later……….

“The Whales were the most beautiful things I have ever seen, Maan don’t you think so?”

“Nahi ..the most beautiful thing in the world is when you smile at me and I see love for me in your eyes.”

“Wah! Since when did you become a poet?” She teased stroking away a lock off hair from his forehead. He was dressed in bathrobe, and was busy lining up chocolates to feed her.

“Since I met you..” his lopsided sexy grin caught her full blast.

Her eyes filled.

“Mishty! Bas this is the only thing that drives me mad! You cry like a baby at every turn.” he popped a chocolate into her mouth as it had fallen open at his teasing.

“I do not!” She brushed her tears away with the back of her hand, edging away from him.

“Dont ever leave me Mishty I couldn’t stand it.” he pulled her back.

“Maan?” Why was he saying that. She saw the pain in his eyes, he had spoken right from his heart.

“Where am I going to go Mr Khurana? Hmmmm? You have spoilt me, aab Geet Handa is too used to being Geet Maan Singh Khurana.” Teasing she placed a kiss on his lips.

“When you were lying on that operation table yet again Mishty I thought I had lost you…I couldn’t breathe.” His tone was so low a pained whisper.

“And what about when you were shot? Do you think running blindly after me like that improves my health?”

“Chup Bilkul Chup!” He growled, placing a finger to her lips. “I never want to see you like that again. I couldn’t bear it.”

“Nothing is going to happen to me now…” her smile widened….”bas I will live the dull life of Mrs Maan Singh Khurana now… “ her sparkling teasing eyes met his.

“Witch!” He growled rolling so he was on top.

Her hands had already started an exploration of his warm hard contours of his back beneath the towelling robe.

“Mishty….”he had to know.

“Hmmmm…” her eyes closed as she caressed his taut silken skin.

“Before we left and we err got carried away against the wall….” he watched the colour crept up on her cheeks at the memory. “I didn’t use protection.” He came straight to the point.

But he had since, her eyes were warm as they met his. “I remember… do want children dont you?”

Such a look of wonderment came over his face. “Are you?”

“No! I mean I don’t think so ..its too soon to tell.”

He started deeply into her eyes, ”…Mishty I would love to see little girls who look like you fill our house with laughter. Beautiful amber eyes, long hair, and your smile.” he wistfully smiled as if he could see it all in his imagination. “When Chotu and Babli come, the house feels so happy. Yes I want lots of girls but selfish as I am, I would like to keep you to myself for just a little while longer.”

“but…?” she searched his face, what if she had fallen pregnant already.

“But if you are pregnant I will take it as God’s will that we were meant to be parents earlier then I had planned…but then again all my careful plans went out of the window when I met you.”

“Blame it on me!” She growled at him.

“Haan….” he nibbled her lower lip, “I will blame it on you.” he teased as his fingers played with her spine, “when I am with you I lose all sense, I just want to love you.”

Then she just realised what he said. “Only girls? I want boys just like you with those big annoyed eyes and scowling expressions. Bilkul tumhare jaise!”

“So I scowl do I?” Scowling fiercely he stared down at her.

She smiled back sweetly. “Haan bilkul, scowling Purana Singh!”

“Chup Bilkul Chup!” His lips closed over hers with a growl adjusting her to his satisfaction, he proceeded to show her how mean he really could be.

Somewhere near Rupnagar……

“Sir?….errr Sir? Have you got the clothes on?”

“Chandu’s you idiots! Yeh kya hai?” Gullus look down at himself and walked out from behind his police jeep.

All the constable roared with laughter as they saw him.

In short pants and a white shirt with a baseball cap with ‘little master’ emblazoned on top, he looked like a school boy. All that was missing was a tie.

“WHO broughts this? I saids undercovers clothes not schools boyses!” He glared them all from his tiny height.

“Errr Sir but they r the only ones that would fit the measurements you gave me!”

“You stoopids hows am I goings to buys alcahols dressed as a schoolsboys? You tells me thats?”

“Errr Chandu could pretend to be your dad!” Laughed a constable.

Gullus jumped up on the jeep and smacked the constable with his baton.

“Idiots! Goods For Nothings! I ams your Bosses! I haves arrested criminals in four continents! I give you ones jobs and you messes it ups Now get me some other clothes NOW!”

“But sirs its too late I have sorted out all the details and we need to go today to Rupnagar.”

Gullus glared at him. “Hows am I supposeds to go likes thiss?”

“Err I will just pretend you are my err younger brother…” Chandu looked at Gullus weathered little face and wondered how he was going to pull this off.

“Youngers brothers!” Gullus pulled out his gun ready to shoot Chandu. “Ghadha I am your bosses!”

Chandu thought quickly, as happens when you are looking down the barrel of a gun. “Err boss maybe whilst I negotiate with Balwant you could check around his house. They will not question a school kid. Err just keep your cap pulled down a little!”

Gullus looked at Chandu for a full minute and decided that this get up might have an advantage after all. With Hrummppp he put the gun back in its holster.

“Challos we will go and sees this Balwants.” Chandu climbed into the jeep and they sped off towards Rupnagar. Leaving the jeep near the outskirts they decided to walk in. It was a cool day and a long way to walk, they were both quite weary by the time they got to the chaiwallah.

“Oh, welcome welcome, you have come again, havent seen you for a few days.” The chaiwallah said seeing Chandu, he handed him a cup of a tea and automatically a glass of milk to the boy in the shorts, doing a double take when he actually saw this weathered face under the cap.

“Errr yeah kaun hai saab?” He asked Chandu pointing to Gullus who was staring at the glass of milk with horror.

“He is my brother.”

“Forgive me sir..but he looks a little old to be wearing school uniform.” The chaiwallah looked confused. “Errr is he slow?”

“Slow?” Chandus asked.

“Haan my friends brother was slow, he failed his ninth standard every year, he was slow too, went around all his life in short pants.”

Chandu hid a chortle that escaped him by taking a hard slurp of his tea.

Gullus glared at the chaiwallah with fervour but couldn’t say anything incase he blew his cover.

“DRINK YOUR MILK!”The chaiwallah shouted at Gullus. “You have to shout at slow people don’t you?” The chaiwallah nodded to Chandu’s

“Idiots! ChupS!” Gullus shouted back him, unable to stop himself. Muttering to Chandu’s “I might be pretendings to be slows but I ams not deafs!”

“Errrr bhaaiyya,” Trying to distract the attention away from Gullus, Chandu whispered in a conspiratorial manner to the chaiwallah. I need some booze. Meri bhai ke shaadi hai…and I have to provide the booze but I don’t want to spend too much if you know what I mean.” he said winking at the chaiwallah.

“Err mujhe kya paata where you can get that sort of stuff?” The chairwallah looked away suspiciously, not meeting Chandu’s eyes.

“Don’t be so shy about telling me bhai.. mujhe paata hai ke you will know exactly what to get and where in this town. After all you do serve the best tea in town so sab log yaha aatee hongee. You know all types.”

The chaiwallah preened and puffed.”Haan, its true best tea in town, I serve.”

“Well bhaiyya do tell me, don’t keep all the good stuff a secret.”

Whispering quietly into Chandu’s ear the chaiwallah said, “Well…..there is a man called Balram who sells some whiskey at rock bottom prices. But don’t ask where the stuff comes from I don’t know. He lives just down that road.” Pointing to a junction across from his shop.

“Mera naam maat dena!” He didnt want any comeback from Balram or Patel.

“No and thank you give me another cup of your wonderful bhai.”

“Your brother hasn’t drunk his milk! Pure desi guy ka dhudh hai. DRINK YOUR MILK!” he shouted again at Gullus.

Gullus nearly pulled the gun he had hidden in his pants to shoot the Chaiwallah, but chandu managed to grab him in time pretending to give him a brotherly hug.

“Gullus please drink your milk. Dekho kitna accha hai yeh bhai…tum ko fresh dhudh diya…now drink up.” Chandu shoved the galss to Gullu’s lips whilst Gullus glared at him angrily.

Whispering he added, “Sir…drink it please otherwise our.. cover….!” The chaiwallah was peering at them closely. “Gullus be a good boy and I will get you a chocolate.” he said loudly.

Gullus had no choice he drank up the glass of milk making a face. After settling the bill and chatting a bit more they headed off to Balwants house as dusk hit.

“Koi hai?” Chandu knocked on the door to Balram’s house.

“Who is it?” Balram peered into the dusk rubbing his eyes.

“Err Balram Singh yahi rehta hai?”

“Who is asking?” Balram peered suspiciously at the lean man with a school boy in tow. Then did a doublt take as he saw Gullus face.

“A customer. I have heard you supply the best whisky.”

“Who told you that?” Balram growled, he had never since this man here before.

Chandu knew what would change Balram’s tone. He approached him and pulled out a wad of notes, from his pocket.

Balram’s eyes lit up at the crispy clean notes. “Arre bhai..please sit. Son u come and sit too as he saw Gullus looking around, or perhaps you would like to go and play over there? Mere baache are all grown up and gone to college now,” he lied indicating a rusty old swing that Geet, Babli and Chotu used to play on.

Chandu’s said with some authority in his voice, “Haan Gullus you go and play whilst I talk to uncle here.”

Gullus glared at Chandu and at Balram and walked off towards the swings.

“Are ooooo sun te hai…chai le aawo we have guests!” Shouted Balram into the house.

“Kuan manhoos hai at this time?” muttered his wife coming out with a scowl on her face.

“Stupid! Just bring the chai and err some snacks for the boy,” he nodded in Gullus direction with a frown. Gullus was trying to get on the swing but it wasn’t happening.

“Tumhara baacha pagal hai?” He asked Chandu, incredulity in his face as he watched Gullus jump and pull at the swing.

“Err nahi thoda slow hai.. “Chandu nodded gravely, sitting down where Balram was indicating.

Gullus gave up trying to get on the swing and followed aunty back into the house.

“What do you want?” She growled at him, then looked at him closely and stared. “How old ARE you?”

“I need to go pee!” It was the first thing that came into Gullus head. He pretended he was de separate hopping from one foot to another.

“For god sakes don’t do it here!” She opened a door into a courtyard and pointed to the toilet.

Gullus went through the door like a lamb. Running full speed into the other direction as she went off grumbling to make tea.

Finding himself in a bed room he went to the small desk they had and rifled through the drawers. He wasn’t sure what he would find. Perhaps a phone number, or contact that would lead to them busting the set up Balram had. He kept a ear open for aunty, she was as fierce as his wife. He found an address book of sorts just as he heard her footsteps coming towards where he was.

“Kaha gaya woh chota admi? Baacha tou nahi ho saakta! Usska face! OIIIIIII!” she shouted banging on the door of the toilet, “Bahar nikaal! Are you planning to spend the whole evening there? Meri toilet gandi kaar de tou I will make you clean the whole thing top to bottom!”

Gullus stuffed the book in his pants and legged it out towards where Chandu was still talking with Balram.

“Gullus there you are, did auntyji give you something to eat?” Chandu patted Gullus on the head.

Gullus pretended not to have heard, and started staring at the door that led out with hope in his eyes.

Aunty came out and stared at Gullus suspiciously, wasn’t he in the toilet? When did he go past her. Something was up.

“Ehhjee! Can I tell you something,” she beckoned Balram towards her. She stared at the suddenly padded nature of Chandu’s pants, with the gun and the book stuffed into his pants he looked very strange.

Gullus seeing that she was staring at him hard decided to throw a tantrum of mega proportions. wailing and cry and screaming.

“I want to goooooooo home!” he wailed

“There there there Gullus, we are going now. Err Balram Singh we are going now, here is half the money. The rest when we pick up the maal.”

Balram fingered the crispy notes with glee, completely ignoring his wife’s warnings about the suspicious nature of their two guests.


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  1. Naina

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    • janememe

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      LOLL naina, u jumping to conclusions ;)) maybe maybe not! we will seeeee. Gullus is working hard, usska phal tou meetha hota haina.

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    janeeee… awesome 🙂 i simply loved this update. awwwww gullus goes undercovers good luck gullus 😉 i couldn’t stop from giggling when i read about gulls school uniform :D. hmm so you wouldn’t be able to update for a couple of week 😦 will miss you janeeeee… finish ur work n come back soon. will wait for you.

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    this update was also hot 😉 Hahaha will be waiting for the next update and yes I’ll miss the usual sundae dose….

    tc gb 🙂

    • janememe

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      Thanks Lynn ;)) Errr yeah thodi garmi ho gaye na..(pankha pankha) Fiji I so wanna go there ;)) I think we have ppl from Fiji reading the blog, they will have to tell me how it is ;))
      I will update As soon as i can. you too TC. Jane 😉

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    awwwwwww…such a sweet & a hilarious update..lubbing gullus..hope he gets promotion for his “hard work” :p

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      Gullus will have to work very hard ;)) Glad you enjoyed Savitha ;))


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