Chap 75 – A very busy morning! :)

Morning! Ready for Sunday sundae? BUCKLE UP! Its gonna be a fast ride ;)) Sab log running here and there, jumping from one thing  to another, you lot had better keeps yours wits about yous ;)) lambaaaaa treat diya hai, don’t complain rofllllll. Please do tell me what you liked and what you didn’t! Love to read them all and as you know I reply to all too ;)) Happy reading ;)) I hope there are not too many mistakes, but please excuse them as usual if you come across, point them out so I can correct them 😉 thank you 🙂

Chapter 75

“But Maan! He said no police!”Geet stared at Jaspal sir and Maan in horror.

“Beti,don’t worry we will think of something, I will distract them.” Jaspal sir assured.

As the crowd parted they started at Gullu in shock. What was he wearing? He looked like a demented schoolboy.


“If you are a police officer why are you both not wearing uniform?” One of the crowd questioned.


“He is the slow one!” The chailwallah shouted at Gullu. “SIT HERE I WILL GIVE YOU SOME MILK”


Chandu giggled.


“IDIOTS! I am in disguises, Chandus tell them! I have a big case that I am bringings to a closes todays!” Gullus glared at the chailwallah ferociously, shuddering as he remmebered the glass of milk he had to drink last time.


Then Gullu spotted Maan. “Mirchibhais!…Err I means Maan Singhs Khuranas, ACP Guptas calleds me, your childrens have beens kidnappeds!”


Getting over his weird attire, Geet moved forward, “Errr…Inspector Gullus and we have a clue who it might be! The grocerywallah just said that a man called Patel has bought some children’s snacks and food but he has no children or family. We need to go to his place and check it out.” Maan squeezed her hand, his eyes tell her not to say too much. She nodded to him, she really didn’t want to mention that she had already the call about the ransom and they were going now to drop off the money.


“Inspector Gullu, I will come with you and show you where that is.” Said Jaspal sir nodding to Maan. Somehow he would have to distract Gullu as this Patel’s place didn’t sound too far from the ransom drop off.


Gullus looked at the headmaster. “And who ares you?”


“Jaspal Singh, I am the headmaster at the local school the children go to.”


Gullus nodded, “Chandu phone err..ours contacts and asks him whats time we haves to picks the stuffs.”


Chandu tried Balram but it just rang. “Sir its just ringing no reply.”


“Okays, sirs lets gos and see ifs we can finds the childrens.”


They piled into the jeep and headed off to Patels house. Whilst Maan got some papers and piled them into the holdall placing wads of money at the top.


“Maan he will see…the children!”


“But Geet we really don’t have a choice, for the moment. We will go there on the motorbike, you drop off the money. Then we will go off and I will drop you off a little way away and trek back. This guy sounds like he is operating alone, so he will come to pick up the money. I will just follow him to the children.”


She nodded and helped him spread the money around, making the spread look plentiful.




Back at the ruins…..


“You know I might even send you a postcard when I get somewhere safe! Now wouldn’t that be nice, from Uncle! Hahaahahaha.” Patel giggled gesturing as if were writing a postcard, he was so excited his whole plan was coming together, he sat on his haunches and stared at the two tied up children grinning from ear to ear.


Chotu glared at him, kicking at a stone near his feet, he aimed it at Patel, it hit Patel smack in the forehead.


“OW! You little terror, I have a good mind to teach you a lesson! But,” Rubbing his head he glanced down at his watch, “I just don’t have the time. Your didi should be well on her way to drop the money now, may be they had dropped it already.” He got up from his blanket walking towards them ruffled Chotu’s hair.


“Kuch baat nahi mein bura nahi maanta, Chotu, Gudiya I am off to collect my money! I’ll try not to forget to call your precious didi and jiju and tell them where you are. Now, don’t go anywhere!” Then laughing at his own joke he walked off to where he had told them to bring the money.


As he walked his phone rang, he saw it was Balram. “What does that moron want now?” He muttered. He really didn’t want to speak to him now..especially when he thought of all that money that would be in his hands so very soon. He cut the call and kept walking.


Babli nudged Chotu, they both set to work on realising their knots again, it wouldn’t be too long now.



Balram glanced at his phone, “saala ne kaat diya phone?” He growled, the pick up swerved dangerously as he tried to control it with one hand and redial with the other. “He was supposed to meet me so he can load this stuff on to the customers truck, kaam nahi karna but he wants his cut. Well I am not going to give him a penny, I would like to give him a good hiding though!” Driving along he wondered if Patel had stumbled onto something more worthwhile then this, a little while back Patel had been all over him even for one rupee and now he wasn’t even returning his calls…..zaroor kuch to hai daal mein kaala!




“Lets go!” Maan jumped on to the motorcycle lent kindly by one of Jaspal sir’s teachers, Geet settling on to the back holding the money. Clinging to his back with one hand she directed him to where the man had told her. As directed they saw the tree and sure enough there was a largish hole where they could hide the bag. Geet looked around there didn’t seem to be anyone around, carefully she placed the bag inside the hole and came back to where Maan stood watch still astride the bike, climbing on to its back they sped off again, stopping a little way away, Maan hid the bike behind some trees and pocketed the key.


“Geet you wait here, I am going back. Call Adi and tell him to pick you up.” The road was a little lonely, but it was still morning, she would be fine.


“I am coming with you!”


“Geet! I told you before, I don’t want you near any danger at all, now just wait here! Be a good Mishty! I haven’t time to argue, I don’t want to miss the pick up!”




But he had already broken into a run, he knew there was no way on this earth that she was going to listen, even though what he was saying was for her safety but by the time she reached, hopefully he would have grabbed the kidnapper and beaten the location of the children out of him. He pushed the motorcycle key deeper into his pocket, at least she couldn’t hop on the bike and tear after him. Just the thought of her skidding and injuring herself had him shuddering.


Geet paced a few minutes muttering curses, there was no way she would wait here, hurrying after him she started walking towards the pick up point. Even if she was far behind Maan, there could be something she might be able to do.


Patel reached the the road, he looked long and hard at the scene, was there anyone hanging about? After a few minutes of seeing nothing, he emerged from his hiding place and went towards the tree. Feeling around he spotted the bag.


“Jai Siya Ram!”He pulled it out and unzipped it, his eyes popped wide open. He had never seen so much money in his life.


“I’m rich!” he screamed, “I’m richhhhhhhhhhhhh!” He put his hand in to check, suddenly stopping himself as he realised anyone could come along. Quickly zipping back the bag, he decided he would quickly go back and get his belongings which he had hidden behind a wall in the ruins then head towards the crossroads where he could get transport out of town. Balram had rung 4 more times. But he hadn’t bothered to answer. Let him lug his own maal now, he couldn’t be bothered with it all now.



Babli’s knot came undone and she freed her hands pulling the gag off with the other hand. “Chotu, just a moment,” she breathed as she untied him quickly.


“Didi!” Chotu gasped hugging his sister tightly as soon as he was free. “I’m so sorry! I will never ever listen to anyone again, or take sweets or presents!”


Babli hugged him back smiling from ear to ear, happy that they had been able to get free. She ran to her rucksack and pulled out her phone, but the battery was totally flat. “Oh dear!” she sighed, “Never mind! Chotu lets go we have to get back before he comes back.” Holding hands they ran out of the place.




“Headmasters there is no ones here! Looks likes a wild goats chases.”


“Goose sir Goose!” Chandu corrected.


“Who ares you callings Goose! Idiots!”


“Never mind,” Chandu muttered as he looked at the meagre room that had been Patels living space for a while. There was no sign of anything, it looked liked Patel had packed his bags and gone. Even the door wasn’t locked.


Jaspalsir glanced at his watch, Maan must have dropped off the money by now. “Err Inspector Gullus doesn’t look like anything here lets start searching for the children again back at the village.”


Just then Chandu’s phone rang. “Sir sir! Its him!”


“Chandus you have told the other police constables to come to Rupnagars, likes I tolds you!”


“Yes, yes sir, shall I answer?”


“Okays answers it, maybes we cans gets this outs the ways and then looks for the childrens.”


The headmaster nodded vehemently, at least this would distract them.


“Hellooooo..” Chandu answered.


“I have your maal, meet me at the crossroads of Rupnagar and Delhi!” Growled Balram, still miffed about Patel absconding. Now he would have to carry and transfer all that stuff himself.


“Now?” Chandu asked.


“Haan in ten minutes! And don’t forget the money! All of it!”


“Sir sir we have to meet him now at the crossroads of Rupnagar and Delhi.”


Jaspal sir paled, that was near where the drop off point was. He had to do something so that the children weren’t put in any danger.


“Err I know where that is,, its not far…err follow me!” He started to walk quickly in the other direction.


“But the jeep!” Chandu shouted.


“Err its not far, leave the jeep here.”


“lets Gos!” Gullus had to run fast to follow after the headmaster.


“But sir the maal? How are we going to take the maal?”


Gullus thought for a second whilst running, “calls the constables to gets to this junctions, we are goings to just arrest them aren’t we, so we wont need the jeeps. ands the jeeps looks like a police cars, I dont wants him to runs away as soons as he ses us in its.”


Chandu looked at Gullus, that was the first reasonable argument Gullus had come out with for a long time.


“You are right sir, he will catch on if he sees us in the jeep.” running along after both of them Chandu dialled the constables and told them where to come.


Jaspal sir looked around, where could he divert these two to..he spotted the ruins a little way off and quickly headed towards them. “This way!”




Patel grabbed his belongings, they weren’t that many but carrying them was hard work, still he was nearly at the end of his mission, turning he started to walk back when he heard children’s voices


“Chotu come on we have run before he comes back!”


“Didi I am coming, I needed to pee!”


“Ok Ok come on Chotu!”


How had they got free? Patel wondered. That gudiya was far too clever for her own good. There was no where to hide, his best option was to grab them again and tie them up so he could get away. Babli and Chandu came out from behind a wall and spotted Patel waiting for them.


“Oh no!” Babli screamed as Patel grabbed her arm, reaching out for Chotu but he was too fast.


“You little terrors! How did u get free?”


“Chotu run! You can call the police!”


Chotu kicked at Patels shin, “you let go of my sister!”


“OW! OW! No way! I am not going to let you call the police!”


Suddenly Chotu had a brainwave, “UNCLE!! Snake! Snake!” Chotu screamed hopping about from one foot to another.


Patel immediately dropped Babli’s arm and started screeching for all he was worth, his eyes wide with fright.


“Babli run!” Chotu shouted, running fast as possible.


Patel realised there was no snake, growling he grabbed Babli again in a tight grip as she tried to run.


Seeing Babli wasn’t following him Chotu stopped and was just about to turn back when Babli struggled hard, making sure Patel was too busy to run after Chotu. “Chotu RUN! Call the police, call Maan jiju!” she screamed out as she watched as he nodded and ran fast to the road.



Gullu’s who had been running behind headmaster heard the commotion felt it was his duty to see and ran towards it. He came out on to the road almost falling over Chotu.


“Whats happenings little boys ares you in troubles?”


Chotu peered at him, who was this dressed in a boys uniform, he sure looked strange.


“I ams Police officers in disguises.” Inspector Gullus, he pulled out his ID from his pocket and flashed it at Chotu.


“My sister,” Chotu huffed, “he has my sister.”




The headmaster who was a little way off turned to see Gullus helping a little boy, as he looked he realised it was Chotu.


“Chotu!” He ran back towards them.


“Jaspal sir,” Chotu huffed, “H…He has Babli!”


“Wheres?” Gullus became alert, this must be the childrens they were looking for. “Ares you Maan Singh Khuranas childrens?”


Nodding, Chotu pointed to where he had just run from.


“Chandus lets go!” Gullus shouted gesturing with his arm for Chandu to follow.



Pandey who had been sleeping soundly in a corner sheltering from the cold and wind woke up as he heard all the shouting coming from not too far.


“What the? I cant even sleep in peace now!” Grumbling he got up to see what it was all about. “I am dreaming!” He muttered, rubbing his eyes harder. “Bhook ke maare I am having illusions!”


“Stop struggling, I cant let you go to the police cant you see? Gudiya, I am not a bad man, just stay still for a little while and once I get out of here I will let you go!”


“You bad man!” Babli screamed loud enough to wake the dead.


Patel heaved the money bag across his body so that he could free his other hand to clamp over her mouth.


“UMMMMM!” Babli struggled hard but he was strong, he dragged her further into the ruins. She could see Chotu running back with another weird looking boy and Jaspalsir. She struggled even harder trying to free herself.


Patel slapped her, “I dont want to hurt you, but you just wont shut up!” Babli crumpled and he heaved her over his shoulder and started to run, and ran straight into something.


“UGHH!” Patel gasped, his eyes watering, what the heck was this, it smelt so bad!


“Patel! You have led me a merry dance, all over Salimnagar!”


Patels eyes nearly fell out of his head, “Pandey!”


“Haan Pandey!”


What a sight Patel thought, Pandey looked like a total wreck, half the weight he had been, bearded, unwashed, clothes soiled and dirty, and the smell! Urrghhh! He wouldn’t be too much trouble to get past but then he saw something glisten in his hand.


“Haan patel, I have a gun, and I will not hesitate to use it! Now you tell me who this girl is and why are you running with her?”


“Errrr…” Patel looked around.”.err look they re nearly here, lets sort this out later.”


Pandey stared into the distance to see two men and two boys running their way. He too didn’t want to get caught up in whatever Patel had been cooking. He just wanted the reward. “ This way!” He growled, “ and don’t try any tricks, you know me don’t you Patel?”


Patel nodded and hid with Pandey behind a wall.



Maan stared at the road, had he just seen Gullus disappear off the road into a dusty turning with Chotu and the headmaster? He broke into a run to follow them.




Chotu turned to see Maan jiju running from far away. “JIJUUUUUUUUUU!” He screamed with happiness, now jiju was here Babli would be fine. He ran at full speed into Maan’s arms.


“Chotu!” Maan hugged him tightly, planting kisses on top of his head. “Oh chotu!” Ruffling his hair and hugging him tight Maan grinned with happiness. “Babli?”


“Jiju! The badman has still got her! Come on, they are not far, lets go and save didi! Then you can tell me off for all this I wont mind.”


“He still has Babli ? Quickly show me the way.” He put Chotu down and they both ran towards the headmaster and Gullus.


Pandey couldn’t believe his eyes! Maan Singh Khurana! What was he doing here? He stared at Patel with awe, how had this idiot managed to do all this, he hadn’t credited him with any brains but this Patel had turned out to be a sly wily player.


“Wah! Wah ! Patel I see you have managed quite a coup! Now, lets get towards the road I will deal with Maan Singh Khurana from there.” He gestured with his gun for Patel to move.


Patel had no choice, reluctantly he moved towards the road. Damn it! He had been so close!


“Looks!” Gullus pointed out, at the two figures heading towards the road. Gullus already started running towards them.


Maan turned his eyes scanning the scene, there seemed to be two men, and one of them looked to have Babli on his shoulder and the other one looked somewhat rough. He couldn’t wait to get his hands on them, his fists clenched with frustration.


“Chotu! You wait here!” he started running.


“NO! He has Babli!” Chotu declared running after him, his little face set with determination. He had got Babli into this he would help get her out.


Maan muttered a curse, and then smiled at Chotu’s determined face, just like his sister, none of them ever listened, he had to sort this out fast. His knew Mishty would not be too far behind!


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  1. TeeJey-TJ

    November 24, 2013 at 10:59 am

    Like sister, like siblings… All r stubborn n determined… Now more action in next part.. Wowow… I also want to see both,Maan n Geet kicking the a** off of Pandey n Patel….
    Just tht dont hurt get more, already bohot peet gayi hai in last updates… 😉 😛
    Awesome update… Gullus does haves brains… 😛
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    • janememe

      November 24, 2013 at 11:05 am

      Awww that was too fast TJ!! chew your sundae’s ;)) Glad u liked it though :)) Lub ya too!

  2. Naina

    November 24, 2013 at 12:32 pm

    wow gullu have some brain also…….i would love to see maan making keema of pandey….patel ko kids n geet ke liye chod do

    • janememe

      November 24, 2013 at 12:53 pm

      Gullus has loads of brain – he just hides it well :)) Naina u bloodthirsty lot 🙂 Thathastuuu!

  3. menakkrish

    November 24, 2013 at 1:52 pm

    Everybody ready to fight han in the family….maan having a tough time:-):-):-) superbbbbbbb update….just cool….waiting for some action in next update…..:-) Loved it

    • janememe

      November 24, 2013 at 5:24 pm

      Thankyou Menakrish yes sab fighters hain family mein :)) Maan has his hands full keeping them away from trouble 😉 OO Superb! thanks a lot 😉 actionnnnn dishummmmmm nxt week.

  4. shagu123

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    looks like the morning will be busy in next part too loved the chase finally gullus is going to get his promotion wont he

    • janememe

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      Gullus ka moment baaki hai, he is doing well na ;)) keeping up with it all hehehe, promotions lets see 😉 Thanks for commenting 😉

  5. Beena

    November 24, 2013 at 3:39 pm

    hi janeyyy… hmm now jaspal sis ended up taking gullus to the right place!!! n so my fears of pandey coming into picture came true 😦 i hope maan wud b successful in saving babli oh n not to forget along with our chota sa gullus 😉 wonderfulllll… i loved it n enjoyed it very much 🙂 can’t wait for next Sunday’s Sundae. thank you for the update Janey. have a wonderful wk ahead. see ya 🙂

    • janememe

      November 24, 2013 at 5:26 pm

      Jaspal sir in trying to distract Gullus from the main pick up point landed up where he shouldnt have been ;)) But fikker nwatttt next week aana sab samaj aayeing. Thank youuuuuuuuuuu what a lovely comment, glad you enjoyed it and you too have a brill week c u next week!

  6. honeygrape

    November 24, 2013 at 6:32 pm

    haha like sister brother too…no one listens to poor maan….once they are out of this mess, maan is never gonna listen to geet anymore 😀 awesome part dear….glad that they are somewhere close…but then the real danger has arrived…worried for maaneet n kids…

    • janememe

      November 24, 2013 at 8:34 pm

      Phikkaer nwatt Gullus haina;)) Maan has landed himself no easy family ;)) Glad you enjoyed babes, keep reading :))

  7. Annie Jose

    November 25, 2013 at 4:54 am

    Awwww I zee lub Chotu ❤ no abandoning sister :-* loved the way it got twisted and Gullus landed up at the right place at the right time :-* I am rooting for Gullus, he needs his promotion and he better gets ones too, just want to see Gulabo realizing that Gullus is not worthless after all, I would be tickled pinky if Patel n Pandey runs right into Geet 😀 then the band baja will be complete, the thought itself is making me laugh 😀 , between Geet n her siblings Maan wont have to hit the gym often, they will keep him slim n trim 😛 …..I finished chewing the cud Jane 😦 now longggggggg wait for the next part…sighhhhhh

    • janememe

      November 25, 2013 at 10:07 am

      Thank goodness you chewed it well and slowly uff! i cant keep up with the fast readers, mera brain is still jigsawing all the pieces so they fit nice and snug- no holes and no missing bits. Gulabo ko shock laagne wala hai usska toysboys clevers hais. Heeehehehe THathtsuuuuuuu!

  8. Chetna

    November 25, 2013 at 5:49 am

    Fantabulous update! Geet will never listen n seems like this runs inn the family! Poor Maan! Babli is so clever! Chotu realised his mistake! Hmm nw Pandey der! Hope Maan saves Babli ! update soon! wonderfully written 🙂

    • janememe

      November 25, 2013 at 10:09 am

      Thanks Chetna :)) nobody listens, they r behra loll well as Annie says it keeps Maan fit fit! Thanks for your comments Chetna much appreciated!

  9. savitha.

    November 25, 2013 at 12:30 pm

    woo hoooooo..what an update…my my… gullus in wild goats chases..lmao..:D gett, babli, chotu..peas in a pod..all so this time ek zabardast kicks & punches to pandey from geet pls..he deserves it…and waiting for action from sada Maan Singh Khurana 😉

    • janememe

      November 26, 2013 at 10:39 am

      savitha ure wishes are my commandsss ehehhe glad u enjoyed epi! Sada actionMAAN …oh crap i had better go and write something! ;P


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