Chap 77- Gulabo arrives!

Sunday Sundae is here again! What can I say Xmas is comingggggggg…This weeks helping moves the story forward, I hope u like, please do comment love to read them. The morning after is full of love and fun 😉 Gulabo comes into her own 😉 Maan and Geet are at loggerheads as usual ;)) Do enjoy!

Chapter 77

“GULLUSSS! My darling Gullus!” Screamed Gulabo as she charged into the hospital at some speed.

“Please calm down madam! You are err?” the doctor looked at Geet helplessly as the very large Gulabo wept copiously at Gullu’s bedside.


‘Husband’ Geet interjected with a hidden grin as Maan stared in horror at Gulabo’s histrionics.


Gulabo suddenly turned on the doctor, “You make him better! You had better make him better or ELSE!” She pushed a large podgy hand in his face and waggled her finger.


“Errr Madam..calm down, he will be fine, he was brought in very quickly.” The doctor shrank back against the wall in fear and looked at the very small Gullu lying on the bed and wondered how he coped with such a temperamental wife like this.


Gulabo turned and leaned over Gullus inert form, “Gullussssssssss! Darling wake up! You know I cant live without you! You are my Toys boys!”


All them had to stifle a giggle at this statement, indeed Gullus did very much look like a toy boy lying there on the bed.


“Err Madam please let him breathe!” the doctor squeaked as Gulabo leaned over Gullu, almost crushing him.


Gullus stirred from under her. He sniffed the air a little. “Gulaboooo!” he said weakly, “my beautiful Gulabo you have come at last!”


“GULLUS!” she screeched hugging him tighter. “Don’t worry I will make sure this idiot doctor makes you better.”


“Err Mrs…err Gullu …” Maan interjected, Inspector Gullus is getting the best possible care. Dr Vaid here is one of the best surgeons in the country. All the bullet….”


“BULLET!!??” Interrupted Gulabo, screeching so loudly they all fell back in alarm. Maan glared at Geet to get Gulabo to calm down.


“Err Auntyji please don’t worry Inspector Gullu will be fine.” Then thanked god as Santa and Banta’s mum walked in.


“Gulabo dear! Let the little man breathe, move away! And stop wailing and screeching loud enough to wake the dead, he is not going to get any better like this!” She pulled Gulabo away and sat her down in a chair. “I was called by Chandu, Geet? Maan? I understand your brother and sister were kidnapped, are they OK?”


“Yes they are fine, Its a long story Auntyji,” Geet replied so happy to see her. She turned to Maan but he was looking at the door for some reason.


“Inspector Gullu saved Maan’s life! He was very brave! “ Geet said casting a sly glance at Maan, “err Auntyji, Santa and Banta not with you today?”


“Nahi beta they stayed at home, its a real shame, if they had known you were here I am sure they would have come like a shot. Shall I give them a call? They would love to see you.”


“Wouldn’t they just!” Maan muttered under his breath remembering the kind of posters that were pinned on the boys wall, “Geet shouldn’t we be going now?” Glared Maan, “the children will be very tired.”


“Gulabooooo” squeaked Gullu, his eyes still closed, “My darlings and Gulabos you saveds my lifes.”


“How can I have done that darling Gullu I wasn’t even there!” Gulabo blew her nose dramatically into her dainty lilac hanky. “My poor Gullu he is delirious.”


“Err no I auntyji, you really did save his life, look,” Geet took the wallet from the bedside table and opened it up. Sure enough the bullet was there right in the middle of Gulabo’s forehead. She stared at it paled and then fell back into her chair with a thump.


Auntyji giggled, “Gulabo see your love has saved him!”


Gullu opened his eyes and grinned from the bed at his wife, “You wills sees nows I will gets my promotions too.”


“I don’t care about your promotions Gullu , I just want you to get better!” Gulabo declared with another blow on her hanky.


Gullu reached out and took hold of her hand and squeezed it, with a tear in his eye.


“Err We had better be leaving,” Maan said to Gullu, “I will phone the ACP myself and tell him of your bravery. Thank you again.”


“Mirchibhai..err Maan Singh I was only doings my jobs.”


“Mrs Gullu…err Auntyji…,” Maan nodded to her, she winked back at him with a huge grin.


“Maan, Geet, why don’t you come and stay at our place tonight? Santa and Banta will love to you see you both again.”


Paling a little as he remembered the mad events that always seem to take place at her house Maan grabbed Geet’s hand and practically dragged her out, saying “No! Err Thank you, we have to get back today. Daadima will be waiting for us.”


Geet waved a hasty Good bye as Maan rushed her out. They went into the reception where the children, Adi, Pinky and Jaspal sir were waiting patently.


“Err Geet get the children to pack their bags, they are coming with us.”


“No! Maan not yet.” Geet shook her head at him.


“GEET! I told you this earlier, I am not leaving them here, look what happened!”


“But Maan, they only have a few weeks left, there is no point dragging them off before they finished their exams.”


“GEET!” He was just about to launch into a veto when his mobile rang, with a glare he fished it out of his pocket.


“Maanbeta, the children? Babli? Chotu? we are going out of our mind with worry.” Daadima was frantic.


“Daadima, thankfully they are fine, but it was a close call he said his eyes glancing over Babli’s cheek.”


“How are you and Geet?”


“We are fine daadima, don’t worry we will be home later on today.”


“Please can I speak to daadima? asked Babli hopefully, Maan nodded and handed her the phone.


“Daadima myself and Chotu are just fine! We will tell you all about our adventure when we come.”


“Thank goodness you are both safe, Babli I cant wait to see you. You are not hurt are you?”


Babli grinned and winced as the bruise pained, “daadima we are both fine please don’t worry.”


“I am so happy to hear that beta, can you pass it to Geet.”


“OK daadima love you!” Babli passed it on to her didi.


“Geet you are bringing them home now aren’t you, you cant leave them there.”


“But daadima they really just have a few weeks left until their exams and then they will be finished.” She had also seen the payment from the project in her account, Mr Shah had been more then generous, now she could put them both in a very good school.


“But..beta!” Daadima objected.


“I know what you will say daadima but really its the best for them, and all the danger is gone now, the kidnappers have been caught.”


Daadima frowned, “Geet but beta…”


Glaring at Geet, Maan took the phone out of her hand. “Daadima we have to go now, we will see you tonight.” He glared at Geet his jaw set with determination.


“Haan beta take care of all.” daadima replied, cutting the connection, her forehead creased with worry.


Nakul was practically jumping from one foot to another waiting for daadima to tell him, “Nakul they are both fine don’t worry. Nakul sighed with relief. He thanked god and ran to make breakfast for daadima with a huge smile. “Chotu is coming he sang, Vinod! Make chips and burgers Chotu likes them.”


Daadima stared after him with a frown, she hoped they were coming too.


“Jiju! Jiju ! Come on lets go! I am so hungry I could eat a whole horse! Do you know we have had nothing to eat since yesterday lunchtime!! Imagine!” He pointed to himself, “look how thin I have become.”


Jaspal sir grinned and ruffled Chotu’s hair. “Come on beta, Adi, Pinky come lets go home we will have a grand breakfast, aloo paratha with dahi.”


“Gobi parathas too!” Chotu piped up.


“Okay Okay…” Jaspal sir smiled at Chotu and looked at Geet and then at Maan, he could see a storm was brewing on their faces. “Err you two can join us when you have finished here.”


Maan nodded at him as they all filed out, Babli looked back staring at the the two of them reluctant to go but seeing the encouragement from Geet she went off holding Pinky’s hand.


“Geet! There is NO debate. The children are going with us and that’s that!”


Looking around at her surrounding in the hospital Geet stalked out of there. She really didn’t want to argue with him, but she knew what was right for the children.


“Geet! Are you listening? Don’t just walk away!” His tone was tight as a drum.


“Maan as I said before, they need to finish the few weeks they have here and then they can come there.” Walking ahead of him she increased her pace towards Jaspal sir’s place.


Picking up his speed he grabbed her elbow and turned her around to him, his face like thunder,”If you had not noticed I said there is not going to be a debate, when will you get it into your head that you are married to me now, Maan Singh Khuarana! What I have decided is the best for the children, they are MY responsibility now and I say they are coming home with us. Pack their stuff.”


Her temper rose to boiling point as his eyes flashed at her.”Maan they are MY brother and sister, I will decide what’s best for them! And I say they will stay here for the weeks that are left.”


“Yes you make it a point to do things YOUR way! When will you get it into that thick skull and listen to me! I told you to stay put this morning near the bike but did you listen?” He smirked sarcastically, “No you ran head first into trouble.”


“And I am fine, as you can see!”


“No you are not fine! Look at your arm, scratched up and your sleeve is torn its obvious to me you have been bruised and injured somewhere…and what if you are pregnant!” He closed his eyes taking a deep breath. He couldn’t bear to see her in pain again.


“Maan! Stop it! Stop torturing yourself, you are not responsible for everything!” Her anger subsided as soon as it had arisen, his eyes gave away his worry. As usual it was all about her.


His hands reached out and enclosed around her shoulders in a tight grip. “ Geet but I am! I am responsible for you, the baby, and the children!”


“Maan we don’t even know if there is a baby yet!” she whispered her eyes filling as his love poured out in that sentence.


He stared into space for a moment, she saw his brain working it out,”we will know for sure in 3 days.”


A blush rose on her cheeks, “yes we will know soon.” she mumbled, astounded that his sharp mind remembered everything.


“Maan, just listen for a moment, the children will be finished in a few weeks, let them stay here until then..please. In the meantime…I ..I will look at your prospectuses and …we can go and see some schools. I cant really move Babli now, whilst the exams are so near.”


“I really don’t want them so far away any more.” he saw that she had come to meet him half way about the schools, he acquiesced. “OK only until the exams, not even an hour more.” His fingers reached out and swept away a stray hair with gentle fingers.


Geet nodded melting into his arms her tears spilling over, when they eventually did get home she would show him how much she loved him, she thought with a huge smile.


By the time they got to Jaspal sirs, Chotu had polished off nearly 4 parathas. They could hear Babli telling him to calm down and chew.


“But didi I am SO hungry!”


“Well I would say serve you right, I have been telling you not to take sweets and presents from strangers haven’t I? What if I hadn’t been able to find you..” Babli sniffed suddenly upset at the thought of Chotu being hurt.


Chotu stopped eating and stared at his sister, “I am really sorry didi, Jaspal sir,” and then as he saw them, “Jiju, Geet didi…I will never do anything like that again. And I am sorry you got hurt.” He said staring at Babli’s colourful bruise, he got up and stood in front of her all contrite.


“Its Ok Chotu,” Babli said hugging him with a smile.


“I am glad you said that Chotu and now you really mean it! You have to be so very careful.” Geet went up to Babli and hugged her. “Babli is that bruise hurting a lot?”


Babli shook her head and hugged Geet back.


“Jaspal sir I am so sorry you have to run around after these two again.”


“Geet beta, please don’t embarrass me, I am just so glad that they have been found safe and well, I feel so bad that I didn’t pay that much attention to that man hanging around the school. And Maan beta I know you want to take them back now, but I have such high hopes for Babli, I know she will top the whole district, if you move her now to a new school it will cause a break in her revision.”


Babli walked up to Maan, “Jiju I know you are worried about us, but I know Chotu will never do anything like that again, and I want to make Jaspal sir proud, he has done so much for us already, and daadima and you and Geet didi too!”


Maan nodded he went down on his haunches and hugged Babli, she was so incredibly mature for her age, a mini copy of his Mishty.


Jaspal sir wiped his moist eyes, and grinned, “Chalo Maan, Adi, Pinky, Geet beta lets eat, I too am famished, all this chasing villains has taken it out of me, look how much weight I have lost just since last night!” He said winking at Chotu who had resumed his assault on his parathas.

 Next week Gullu gets promoted and more Maaneet moments 😉)















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  1. honeygrape

    December 8, 2013 at 9:51 am

    ahh wasnt that a lil short part,,,,finished reading very fast 😦 mujhe aur chahiye 😦 hehe
    nice one….finally troubles have gone away from them….eager to see maaneet moments 🙂 and poor gullus promotion 😀

    • janememe

      December 8, 2013 at 10:06 am

      i know it was…nxt week bigger update promise ;)) Thanks for coming back :))

    • janememe

      December 8, 2013 at 8:11 pm

      Honeygrape meduim helping tha na 😉 Maaneet moments coming up for you all…now lets what I can get them to do!! Uff!

  2. TeeJey-TJ

    December 8, 2013 at 10:28 am

    Hahaha… Poor Gullus wud have died with Gulabo’s weight… :))
    Both Maan n Geet r right on their part…. But i agree with Geet more coz efforts of one whole yr wud be wasted… Maan wud sure arrange for their security till they r here, but tht wud make Jaspal sir think tht Maan doesnt trust him… So Jaspal sir will be careful…
    Ohhhh pregnant, so early… :p they hv all the tym to hv kids… One yr of fun shud be there…. 😉 😛
    Waiting for next part as always…
    Love u loads… :* ❤

    • janememe

      December 8, 2013 at 8:05 pm

      heheh yes killed by love ;)) TJ threat is gone noe na so no worries…we dont know yet if there is a baby or not ;)) see ya next week! Love ya too!

  3. menakkrish

    December 8, 2013 at 10:34 am

    Wow loved it:-):-):-) got over soon:-(:-(:-( want next Sunday sooooonnnnn……superb update

  4. Naina

    December 8, 2013 at 1:12 pm

    ❤ ly ❤ ly ❤ ly ………but what is it dear….it finished soon even before start to read it……i agree with geet…nd i know kids will be safe now…….wow i think maan want baby n loved his concern…god yeh dono fir se start ho gaya

    • janememe

      December 8, 2013 at 8:10 pm

      hehehe yeh dono always ‘start ho jaate hai’ LOL married life you know ;)) buahahahah! Maan is jumping abhi tou kuch nahi khabbar :))

  5. Naina

    December 8, 2013 at 1:14 pm

    n ALL THE BEST for your exam

    • janememe

      December 8, 2013 at 8:08 pm

      No exams yaar, not this xmas :)) thank goodness!

  6. Beena

    December 8, 2013 at 5:58 pm

    hi Janey… so children r staying back for a few more wks which means geet won ;). gulabo toys boys is safe now n all set to receive his promotion (toys boys hehehe how does ur brain come up with such names 😉 ) thank u for the update, a short one though but just loved it 🙂 see ya. have a g8t wk….

    • janememe

      December 8, 2013 at 8:08 pm

      Yes geet won for now 😉 toysboys will get his promotions ;)) aarrey meduim size tou tha! heheh thanks for your lovely comments 😉

  7. Beena

    December 8, 2013 at 6:09 pm

    hey good luck for ur exams. I’m sure u’ll rock it 🙂

    • janememe

      December 8, 2013 at 8:06 pm

      err no exams now all finished Beena ;)) thank goodness!

  8. savitha.

    December 10, 2013 at 4:36 am

    aaannnddd Gulabo arrives..wah what an entry..she will put all ammas of bwood to shame 😀 so geet has her way finally :p looking forward to next episode..of maaahiiiiiiiiiiii moments ❤

    • janememe

      December 10, 2013 at 8:51 am

      Mahiiiiiiiiiiiiii moments yikes i had better start dreaming :))

  9. Annie Jose

    December 10, 2013 at 5:58 am

    Gullabo squished the life out of Gullus, such a pity Santa n Banta went missing 😀 , admire Babli a lot, she is a lot like Geet, guess blood speaks for itself, Maan wanting to relocate the kids does not make any sense coz the danger is over, I agree with geet she is more level headed 🙂 HUH Baby!!!! you better change the flight plan of the visiting stork >_< there is lotttttttt of time left for the pitter patter to arrive….even if I required a magnifying glass, I found the update pretty entertaining 🙂 Thank you Jane :-*

    • janememe

      December 10, 2013 at 12:35 pm

      LOve ya annie ;)) Glad you foound your mag glass and read it ;))

  10. Chetna

    December 10, 2013 at 12:30 pm

    hi dear! Awesum update! Superbly written! Sorry 4 late likes n comments! Gullu is saved! Gulabo is hilarious! Maan does nt wanna meet Santa Banta lol! Babli is like Geet! So determined! Maan wants to to take dem to Delhi bt Babli explains! Baby?? Will wait 4 da confirmation! Dadi n Nakul r happy tht kids r safe! update soon! Regd OS….I am sure watever u wrote will b brilliant! 🙂 update soon!

    • janememe

      December 10, 2013 at 12:35 pm

      Thanks Chetna – glad you liked it ;)) OS humm maybe after hols ;))


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