Chap 78 – The Complete Package!

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Chapter 78 – The Complete Package!

Some 10 days later…

She stood looking out to the rose garden below. Dusk had just fallen, it had been a strange week she pondered, after all that extreme worry and running to Babli and Chotu’s aid, the days that followed were unusually crammed full but she had not a moments peace with Maan.


Work had been so incredibly busy she had hardly seen Maan at all. He had to run to Mumbai on a project that had become embroiled in complications. He had only come back this morning. Even today she had hardly seen him at work as both of them had been busy. Mr Shah flush with the success of The Parth township had immediately launched into new plans for several other sites he had recently acquired. Pinky, Adi had also been a little preoccupied. Geet decided that she really needed to talk to Pinky about Adi. Neither of them admitted that they liked each other and yet when they thought the other wasn’t looking they would send lovesick looks to each other. It would be so lovely if there was something between them, her friend she knew would be very happy with Adi, he was a decent, honest man.


She heard the shower going and realised Maan had come in and gone to the shower and she hadn’t even noticed. Had he called out to her? Why hadn’t he slipped his arms around her and hugged her to him. But then since nature had taken its course and they had realised that there was no baby he seemed to her that he had withdrawn from her. She wasn’t sure whether he was happy or sad that there would be no baby. She had come to term with it, if that’s what Babaji intended then that was fine, and in a way she was happy to have more time to herself with him. After all it hadn’t been that long since they had been married, but together they hadn’t had a chance to talk about it at all.


“Geet!” He startled her out of her reverie, she looked so beautiful standing there at the window. The dusk had settled and an eerie light lit up the garden as night drew in. But he didn’t trust himself to go near her. All this week it had been playing on his mind….


Turning to him she smiled, it was such a sweet pure smile of love his breath caught in his throat. Instinctively it drew him to her, he almost reached out but stopped himself just in time.


“Err! Geet I have to go out, Mr Shah has arranged a meeting with some financiers.”


“Do you have to go?” She saw how he had stopped himself from reaching out to her. What was wrong with him?


“Yes I do.” he almost shouted stepping back further, he could see her eyes were following his every move.


“Maan….I….is there something wrong?” Amber pools of confusion beseeched him.


What could he say? There was no point in dragging it all up. He would have to deal with it himself.


He glanced at his watch his eyes dark with impatience, “I’v got to go. Don’t wait up I will be very late.”


Before she could say another word he had practically flown out of the door. Maan! She ran to the top of the stairs but he didn’t turn or look up. She flew down the stairs after him, “Maan? Maan?”


Daadima who had been sitting downstairs looked at him as he flew out the door and towards Geet who stood on the bottom step chewing her lip, she looked stricken, her eyes full of tears.


“Geet beta what happened? Did you two have a row?” She got up and came to stand in front of her, “beta yeh sab to hota hai..and its not like you haven’t argued before.”


She raised her troubled eyes to daadima, “No daadima we haven’t argued at all….I wish we had!” she whispered. She hated this silence, always they had fought, screamed, he flashed his eyes at her and she would curse him, and then they would make up. With a sob she turned and ran up the stairs to their room.


Always the making up would be glorious but almost a week had flown past and they hadn’t really communicated. Even when he had been away before he had phoned her all the time. This time he said he had been too busy even when she had called.


Daadima stared up at her as she ran up the stairs. What had gotten in to both of them? Picking up the phone she dialled.




“Maan why is Geet crying? Kuch bol ke chaala gaya? You only arrived back this morning!”


She was crying? Well what did he expect. “Err nothing ..its nothing daadima.” How could he explain his feelings to her.


“Maan you need to come back and sort this out! Upsetting Geet like this is not right.”


His temper frayed, why was everyone keen on pushing him to the limit. Daadima didn’t listen to him and Geet…she never listened to him, always putting herself in danger without a thought, what if there had been a baby? What if she was hurt yet again? He just didn’t seem to make her understand!


“Daadima! Its nothing, I will sort it out later. I have to go to a meeting right now I don’t have time to sort out domestic issues! Mr Shah will be waiting with the others to start dinner.”


Fire in her eyes Savitridevi’s tone turned hard, “Maan this ‘domestic’ issue as you call it is sobbing her heart out upstairs.”


“As I said daadima I will sort it out later! I have to go now, waise when does she ever listen to me? Always running head first into danger!” frustration rocked through him, he cut the call with a growl. Why were the women in his life so damn annoying? No one listened to him at all! He who made grown men quake with a look had no control over the two most important people in his life.


Savitridevi placed the receiver back, her mind whirring fast, and looked up to their room. So that was his problem, he was worried about Geet always running into danger. Now all that was over but his brain was still in ‘Maan’ mode. Taking a deep breath she climbed the stairs and knocked on the door. “Geetbeta?”


Dashing the tears from her cheeks, Geet answered the door.


“Beta, please don’t cry? Maan ke brain mein kuch chalta hoga….you know he is like a clam. Eventually it will spill out and all will be fine.” She reached out and embraced Geet.


“I am not sure daadima…”Geet hiccuped.


“He ..was so excited…” and..fresh tears coursed down her cheeks.


“About what?”


Blushing Geet looked up “…we thought…I ..I might be pregnant but it wasn’t the case.”


Daadima stared at her..Oh a baby! So soon…Maan wouldn’t have planned that, she grinned and then quickly hid it. Diplomatically she said, “Geet beta these things happen, I am sure you will have fine, healthy babies when the time is right.”


“I know daadima, but since then Maan has been so withdrawn….I really don’t know what to think. Perhaps he thinks its my fault for rushing into danger when he says for me to wait. But I just could I have stood by and watched him get hurt, or the children!” Her voice broke on a sob.


“Geet,,, know when nature takes its course it means you are not ready yet.” She gently wiped the tears from Geet’s eyes, “now I want you to go and wash your face and put a lovely sexy saree on. Something that will make his brain freeze! Where did Maan say he was having his meeting? Which restaurant?”


“Err he didn’t say…”Geet sniffed.


“Well I will phone Sunita and find out. I have a mind to eat out tonight chalo lets show that grandson of mine that you are not sitting at home crying after him!”


“But daadima!”


“No buts chalo!” she said pushing her to the bathroom. “Come on Geet!” She closed the door behind Geet …smiling to herself, now lets see if we can knock some sense into my grandson, If he wants to eventually make more babies then he will have to get over his stubbornness.



Was that daadima and Geet? Maan stared at the new arrivals that had just walked in, a distinct hush followed by a lot of whispering was going around the restaurant. He stared even harder as they were shown to a table in the middle of the restaurant, where they were centre stage. The lights seemed to be trained on their table. Someone else came in to join them, it was Sunitaji.

Daadima as usual looked regal in her white sari and pearls, Sunitaji also looked fabulous, Maan stared at the the waiter who was beaming from ear to ear, his face lit up like a truck headlight. Why was he smiling like that…and then he saw…a shocked growl burst from him.


Everyone at his table looked up and followed the direction of his eyes. The others murmured between themselves.


“Sunita?” Ashok questioned, what was she doing here? Then he saw Geet. He stared at her and an inarticulate sound escaped his lips. Maan immediately glared in his direction and then back at the waiter who was giving Geet some serious attention.


Ashok grinned back at Maan’s blazing eyes which could have fried the waiter without oil even at this distance.


“Err… Maan did you know they were coming here?”


Did he know? His face became a thunder cloud, wasn’t his pyaari daadima (who seemed to be having the time of her life grinning from ear to ear) saying earlier that Geet was crying her heart out? So what was Geet doing wearing THAT and here with daadima and Sunitaji? Savagely he stabbed at his food with his fork.


“Is she a film star?” asked one of the men at his table.


She must be, another replied, she looks like one, “WOW what glamour, what poise! What a figure! Fantastic! What a beauty!”


His fist clenched, he wanted to punch their lights out for even looking at her! And there she sat smiling inanely, looking as deletable as a juicy bone to these dogs!

Crying was she?

Upset was she?

He watched as she smiled at something Sunitaji said , glancing around he noted all the men in the room were drooling over her, practically dribbling into their food. His eyes narrowed into slits, he was going to kill them all he decided and enjoy it too.


Ashok stared at the way Maan’s fingers were clenched around his knife and fork. Gently he removed them from his hands, Maan seemed not even to notice as his scowl became fiercer.


“Those three are up to something,” he said theatrically whispering to Maan. “And if I know my Sunita, its bound to be no good!”


“You think!” Maan growled, “And I know my Geet, I know she is up to no good, she is here to give me an ulcer!”


As always she runs head long into trouble. Did she not realise that all these men would do anything to try and get near her? And this was a high end restaurant, the clientèle was exclusive and they were still ogling her. She looked extraordinary in midnight blue, her translucent skin glowed and sparkled. Did she realise how much of her was on display? Did she have a shawl with her? Perhaps he should go over there and cover her up. Without taking his eyes off her he searched the back of his chair for his jacket, realising with a curse that he had been in such a hurry he hadn’t brought one. Eyeing the starched white cloth on their beautifully laid table, he wondered if should go there and whip it off to cover her up. His fingers curled around the edges of his table, ready to spring into action.



Geet smiled at daadima sweetly but her heart was thumping. Daadima had insisted on her wearing this tiny concoction of a blouse, a shimmering silver halter neck which left her shoulders and back impossibly bare. Contrasted with a chiffon midnight blue sari that was completely sheer. As she moved it shimmered, sparks shot out from the exquisite stones sewn into it in all directions. Diamanté clad silver high heels elongated her body and made her look elegant. Her only adornments were long tear drop diamonds that daadima had gifted her. Out of the corner of her eye she looked at Maan’s face, it resembled a thundercloud.


“Daadima this is making Maan more mad, not less!” She grinned inanely at daadima, wondering why she had agreed to this mad plan. She should have stayed at home waiting for him.


“Fiddlesticks!” Daadima grinned thoroughly enjoying herself, “Geet where is your fire? You were never to take Maan’s moods without fighting back.”


“But daadima I know he loves me so much, that is why he was worried about me and if there had been a baby….”


“Look Geet, take it from me, Savitridevi is completely right. He loves you as you are. He has to get over the fact that you are not one to sit back and let him face danger alone. He married you because he loves your independence of thought, and I know he would be the first one who would grumble if you suddenly changed.” Sunita finished with a wink at Savitridevi.


Geet looked at the both of them. They were right, Maan would just have to get over it, all the danger was past now but in the future if anything ever put him or any of the family in danger she would not idly sit by and watch. Squaring her shoulders she sent a dazzling smile to the Maitre’d who had appeared next to her elbow.


Ashok and Maan watched like hawks as they placed orders, the amount of attention their table was receiving was completely at odds with the usual discreet ambience of the place. With a flourish the Maitre’d went off and signalled to the band to start playing. Ashok grinned as he glanced at Sunita who smiled back at him as if butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. He raised a glass to her, oh yes this was definitely planned and was being executed to perfection, Maan Singh Khurana was gobbling it all up, his usually sharp brain completely lost in his wife’s smiling eyes.


The band started to play a soft number couples merged on the dance floor, one of the men who had been grinning at Geet like a groupie on their table was just about to get up to ask her to dance when Ashok pushed him back down, whispering to him if he valued his life he should completely forget that idea. Gulping, he sat back down, he hadn’t noticed Maan’s thunder cloud of a face at all whilst he had been drooling. But someone else was not so lucky to have Ashok at their table, adjusting his tie and tweaking his moustache a fine Punjabi specimen sauntered towards their table.


Maan’s breath caught in his throat, he half rose in his chair. Geet caught his eyes and then turning deliberately smiled a 100 mega watt smile at the man, causing his blood to reach boiling point.


“May I have the pleasure of this dance?” The man said with some swagger. Savitridevi and Sunita both hid a grin as first Geet looked completely flummoxed and then remembering she was supposed to be toying with Maan she smiled at the man and was just about to put her hand in his when a with a growl Maan enclosed his hand around hers and pulled her to him in one swift fluid move.


“Excuse me!” The man said, “she is MY dance partner!”


“And she is MY BIWI!” Maan growled at him his eyes staking his claim on Geet. His body practically vibrated with fury, he quelled the man back with a fierce glare. The man shrank back completely shocked whilst vanishing magically from there as Maan dragged Geet with him to the dance floor.


“What the hell do you think you are doing?” He growled into her angry face.


“Maan everyone is looking!”


“Of-course they are, you are naked!” He did his best to pull her into him to cover as much of her as he could.


“URGH! Naked!” Geet raised fiery eyes at him. “I am NOT naked! Daadima gave me this sari to wear!”


“And I have no idea what she is thinking either! Daadima bhi completely paagal ho gayee hai! One minute she rings me up to tell me you are sobbing your heart out and next minute here you are! And this is NOT a sari! A Sari is six yards and covers you up! There is nothing off THIS! “ His eyes glanced down at her with disdain. “You should be locked up, coming out of the house looking like this!”


“That what you want isn’t it, for me to be locked up out of harms way!”


“Yes! But when do you ever listen?” Chocolate eyes possessed her, his arms surrounded her protecting her like a shield from all. “Do you have any idea of what danger you place yourself in?” Fiercely he glanced around the room to make sure any man who was still looking her got the message that she was his. “You are MINE!”


His spoken words were for this moment but his eyes and gestures spoke of something else. It was as she had thought, he was still upset about her walking into trouble.


“Maan!” Her eyes gazed at him with love, “I am, completely yours…but I cant do it! I could never sit by and let you face danger alone!”


“Geet, but I am not the one who has been in hospital with knife wounds, and gunshot wounds, what if you had been hurt that day? Pandey hates me so much he would have done anything to you!” His eyes looked tortured as he recollected all those painful memories.


Her hands reached up and cupped his face, “Maan I love you more than life it self, don’t ask me to stand by and watch I couldn’t do it! And anyway,” she grinned up at him, “you married me because you loved me as I am!”


His breath caught in his throat at her grin, she was so utterly captivating. “You know, you have such a sassy mouth! I think I need to give it some serious attention,” he whispered his eyes not leaving the glossy pink invitation. Without another word he spun her around, linking his fingers through hers he walked off the dance floor saluting daadima, Sunitaji and Ashok on the way as he pulled her behind him.


“Maan! Maan! Geet blushed as she saw daadima, Ashok and Sunitaji laughing and toasting each other, “What will they think!” Excitement flooded her body.


“I don’t care, you started this now I am going to finish it!” He practically shoved her into the car and sped off home. He was ablaze for her, she was in his blood, her fragrance, her laughing eyes and that sassy mouth of hers…


“Maan we have to talk about this properly.” But she was burning already in that look of his.


How they got home so fast she had no idea but he was pulling her out of the car into his arms and taking the stairs two at a time to their room.


“Talking time is over…if you wanted to talk you shouldn’t have come there wearing this!”He said shutting the door firmly behind them and pushing her up against a wall. His mouth buried itself in the crook of her neck and started placing searing hot kisses across her throat, all the while he was rapidly devastating himself of his clothes.


“Maan!” Her hands felt his hard warm muscle, it was so good to be in his arms again.


“And anyway,” he breathed against her mouth, “when do you listen to me? Hmmmmm?”

His teeth sank into her lower lip….


She was losing all sense, breathing in his heady spicy scent she curled her fingers into his hair, pulling him to her in desperation.


“Mishty,” he rasped, “ Its been so long I need you so much!”


His tongue duelled with hers, she melted completely. As his mouth left her lips she breathed, “Talking time is over!”


His hands were already pulling her sari off with swift strokes, she reached up and undid her halter neck and her breasts spilled out to his scorching gaze.


“You are Mine!” He rasped picking her up he placed her in the middle of the bed, his mouth reeking havoc across her skin.


“Completely! I am yours and you are mine!”


“I cant wait much longer,” he whispered against her lips


“Then why wait?” her eyes implored him to hurry.


He reached into a drawer to the bedside table and pulled out protection.


“Maan but I thought you ….” then she lost all sense as his fingers caressed her where she wanted him most and a moan of longing escaped her, it had been too long.


“Yes..but… maybe in a while, first I want you all to myself..” he sheathed himself deep into her with one powerful thrust making her scream out with pleasure.


“My Mishty!” She was his life. His cheek against hers he started to move, each stroke making her writhe in frenzy against him.


She had no longer any sense left to talk, instead she decided to put all her energy into showing him how much she loved him as they rapidly climbed to a shattering peak. Her nails raked his back as her body sang to his powerful thrusts, it was a frenzied needy, coupling that left them both breathless.


A long while later…….


“I love you, with your courage, with your sense of duty, with your unbending will, with your atma samman…I love you, the complete package, but it also scares me to death, I too cant change that.” he whispered a long while later as he kissed away her tear trails of joy. His hands trailed across her face reverently, “I will never be happy when you defy me and run headlong into danger, because you mean more than life itself to me.”


She lifted her self up against him and stroked away his damp hair from his brow. Her eyes sincere and smiling full of love, “…don’t ever change that, I love you as you are Maan, the complete package too.” placing soft lips against his she kissed him with passion, her hands roaming over him enjoying his hiss of pleasure.


His flesh stirred against hers


“Again! So soon!”


“Well you did say the complete package!” he grinned, “now bhugto!” He said using her own words, he reversed positions and started all over again.



Some few days later….


“Gulabo dear, stop crying!” Auntyji growled , “look your Gullu is getting not only promotions but a bravery award!”


Trumpeting like an elephant Gulabo blew her nose into her delicate pink flowery hanky, watching as her Gullu walked to the stage, stepping onto a large box which had been especially arranged for him so that CP sir didn’t have to bend.


The whole room was filled with police officers and families, Chotu and Babli sat happily next to Geet and Maan. Chotu was grinning and giggling watching Gulabo’s antics, Babli had to tell him to keep quiet.


“But didi auntyji is so funny!”


“Shhhhh Chotu!” Geet admonished with a grin.


“Well done Inspector Gullu, a well deserved award, not only did you break a illegal alcohol ring, you caught Pandey, the man who the whole of the police force in India had been looking for and to top it all you saved Maan Singh khurana’s life, one of Delhi’s most prominent and respected businessmen.” The CP pinned a badge onto his severely starched uniform and slapped Gullu’s back, nearly toppling him off the box. “Err Well done indeed.” He looked at Gullu’s beaming face.”Would you like to say a few words?”


Gullus stared at the CP as if he had just won the lottery. All his life he had wanted to say a few words to anyone who would listen.


“Thankyous alls who ares here…” there was a wave of giggling, Gullus smiled happy that they liked his start. “I woulds likes to dedicates this awards to my darlings Gulabos, look yours toys boys haves finally gots promotions! Now I wills be able to gets your Tato Nano!”


The giggles turned into laughter as people looked at Gulabo and wondered how she was going to ever get into the car.


“Havings caughts criminals in four continents I ams happys to says thats I am nows I am offerings trainings for ours youngsters! Gullus Army of Daringly Terrific Hardworking Adolescents G.A.D.T.H.A’s! The Gadthas wills go outs and handles small anti-social behaviours..and I will be their leaders Gadha!

The quiet laughter became a roar, the whole room shook with loud laughter.


A shocked CP saab looked at Gullu, then he looked at the room, ppl were all falling about with laughter…he groaned and got up. “Err Inspector Gullu that is a commendable enterprise…thank you…”


“But Sirs I needs to explains mores…”


“Err Gullu I think we get the gist. Thank you Inspector Gullu, well done again!” he said escorting Gullu off the stage to his seat next to a simpering blushing Gulabo.


“Well done Inspector Gullu!” said the CP again pushing Gullu back into his chair. Gulllus grinned from ear to ear happy to be the centre of attention, Gulablo’s slipped her hand into his and whispered,


“Darling Gullu, my toy boy…I am so excited!” she giggled.”..tonight I am so in the mood for love.”


He stared at her, his smile vanished and a petrified look came over his face, oh dear god! last time he remembered she had been in the mood for love he had to spend two weeks in hospital straightening out his back!


Babli and Chotu were both giggling like mad, Maan grinned at them. Finally the exams were over and the children were home. He had just received the replies back from the best school in Delhi. Babli had been accepted, they thought she was the brightest student they have had apply for a long time, Chotu would be accepted in their school as a sibling. He was ecstatic about it, if Babli went to that school there would be no stopping her in the future. Daadima too was in agreement with him. His eyes roamed over his lovely wife’s face, he knew though she was never going to agree. But this time he would get her to listen, it concerned Babli’s and Chotu’s future!


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    What a perfect blend of spice 😀 ROFLLLL Gullus & Gulabo cracked me up, Gullus spent 2 weeks in a hospi straightening his back I can see him on traction :-D, GAYS O_O now why did it remind me of Rida :-D….. as for Maaneet part SIGHHHHHHHH ( pats on back made it last for a real long time 🙂 )

    • janememe

      December 31, 2013 at 4:14 pm

      thank you Annie! lollllllllllllll Rida! hahaha

  13. karamjeet

    January 12, 2014 at 12:20 pm

    Finally i read all 78 parts…..i must say jenny dear ur Superbbbb writter….Each part of dis story is beautifully written….nd dis story is also has complete package of entertainment…..loved it…Maan nd geet passion nd obsession 4 each other is Outstanding…chotu nd babali is also Awesome..nd Adi nd pinky too good…..

    • janememe

      January 12, 2014 at 1:35 pm

      Oh wow thanks Karamjeet glad you enjoyed ;)) Blood, sweat n tears are all part of the writers dream ;))

  14. Sarah

    January 12, 2014 at 12:58 pm

    What a fantastic end to 78 glorious chapters of TPR! Thank u Janey for keeping us enthralled throughout the journey, for keeping the true essence of GHSP alive and for entertaining us with Gullus and all….May God bless u and all the best with ur future endeavours, loads of love ❤❤❤

    • janememe

      January 12, 2014 at 1:35 pm

      hawww thanks ;)) and thanks for reading and coming back for more ;))

  15. preetialbert2013

    January 30, 2014 at 10:19 am

    hey janememe i m ur new reader …………… all stories in one go ……….brilliant work plz try to write more stories on maaneet

    • janememe

      January 31, 2014 at 8:47 am

      PMG Preeti! All in one go jeezzzzzz thats a long time ;)) Thank you sweets I try and write as much as I am able keep reading, and add your email to teh blog when I post it will inform you ;)) I am so happy you commented! 😉

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    • janememe

      May 3, 2015 at 11:23 am

      this is where this one ends and TPR2 begins …hope you enjoyed?

      • heemasomani

        May 6, 2015 at 7:19 am

        yeah it was amazing

  18. janememe

    May 7, 2015 at 9:16 am

    Ohh THanks Heema ;)) ❤


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