The Phoenix Rises – A Maaneet Love story Chapters 5-6-7-8

Chapter 5 – Tangled Dreams

Geet followed him to the car park in the basement. He had not said a further word to her walking quickly in front. Flicking the button on his keypad he unlocked the doors going around to open the door for her.

Still thinking about the incident, she was in a world of her own and walked straight into him.

He muttered a curse under his breath, He turned and faced her. “Geet concentrate on what you are doing? You are a danger to yourself” He growled at her as she slipped into the car seat, her face pink from embarrassment.

“My address is” he cut her short saying “I know where you live.” She stared at him in surprise how does he know where I live? Her tired mind tried to come up with an answer but could not find any.

He slid into the car just as her tummy gave the loudest grumble at being empty for so long. The sound seemed to reverberate around the quiet car park. His eyes narrowed on her face and he shut his door with a firm click.

“When did you last eat?” He questioned like a parent talking to a naughty child as he pulled out the car from its space in an easy manoeuvre and on to the road confidently.

She had to think about it for a moment. She had not eaten a lot last night as she had been so worked up about his comments or breakfast this morning as she was late for a meeting with him or lunch as she had been so immersed in her work.

“I am fine.” she said. It was all his fault anyway she decided.

He braked so suddenly she went flying forward, it was only his arm which he flung out like a barrier that stopped her from bashing her head on the dashboard.

“Have you gone mad?” She asked whipping her head around at him angrily. “Why did you brake so suddenly.”

Quietly as his temper allowed, he said “put your seat belt on.”

“What?” Geet said blankly staring at him, utterly confused by his actions.

“Put your seatbelt on.” He reiterated. He looked at her doggedly as if to say I am not going to answer you until you put your belt on.

With a frustrated grunt Geet fiddled with the belt clicking it into place.

Once he was satisfied he said, “don’t bother to lie to me Geet and that was not the answer to my question.”

Geet stared at him, what was he talking about the man was obviously mad she thought.

“I don’t think you have eaten at all.” He said looking at her face, then as he saw her surprise at his conclusion, he ventured further, “not lunch today, not breakfast as you were late and maybe not much even yesterday after you got home.” He saw the colour rise in her cheeks. “I am right, am I not?” He surmised.

“Just take me home or drop me here I will take a taxi.” Geet said not looking at him. Not even bothering to answer he turned the car around and headed for the nearest restaurant that he knew.

“Where are you going?” Geet moaned “I want to go home.”

“First, you eat something and then I will drop you home.”

Spying a dhaaba she quickly said “lets just get something from here.” pointing to it.

He threw her a brief look which said no way would he even consider such a thought.

Fuming she sat in her seat unable to do anything but let him take her. She was ready to drop into her bed.

She glanced down at herself and realised she was wearing his shirt, it was the perfect excuse.

“I cant go anywhere dressed like this!” Geet squeaked said “now please just drop me home, I will eat something at home.” she told him.

He glanced at her and his lips pursed. Pulling the car to the side he dialled a number from his mobile and muttered a curse at being unable to get a signal. Unclipping his seat belt he slid out and walked forward a little picking up a few bars. He sourced a number in his contact list and dialled, rapidly firing off instructions to the stuttering man at the other end.

Geet watched him from the car, what was he doing she wondered, far be it for Purana Singh to explain his imperial actions to her she muttered with a curse. He was pacing up and down relaying a series of orders, that she could plainly tell, obviously the hapless person at other end better be on his toes otherwise the wrath of Purana Singh would surely fall on his head, she prayed to her Babaji for that poor souls competence.

Without a word he slid back in and turned the car around.

The words she wanted to ask were on the tip of her tongue but she did not want to ask, she would not be that weak and show him that he was driving her mad. If he didn’t see fit to explain anything then she was not bothered to ask either she thought churlishly.

They drove on in the darkness without a word, the streets and houses passed and soon Geet realised that they were heading towards her area. Thank God, at last he had seen sense and was dropping her home.

Many eyes stared at his expensive car as he pulled up outside her block Geet noted, groaning as she saw that her greasy, paan chewing fat landlord was sitting on one of the platforms playing cards with a few of his chamchas. He watched them with fixed beady eyes as she alighted from the car, leaning his small chubby face right down over his huge sagging paunch to peer into the car.

Maan looked around the place with interest not in the least perturbed by all the stares. He glanced at her face and saw that it reflected some worry as she saw the men on the platform peering at them.

Quickly she muttered a thanks to him and slipped out of the car, her arms holding on to the bag defensively against her body to hide his shirt as much as she could.

Maan watched the fat man’s eyes follow Geet into the building, not liking the lascivious look on his face at all. His chamchas all laughed and jeered as Geet hurried past them as they saw her in his shirt. Maan’s fist clenched he wanted to jump right out and punch them suddenly realising that they would have obviously come up with some sick conclusion, people like that invariably did. But as he watched she gave them all such a quelling look most of them shrank back, then with her head held high she walked into the building casting him a last glance from under her lashes.

A crooked smile tugged at the corner of his mouth, she was such a Shernie.

He heard the landlord say as he looked n his direction “Yeah Geet to jwalamukhee hai, laagta hai uske yaar ke saath kuch aaj jama nahi” he said twirling his handlebar moustache, to which all his chamchas laughed. Then as he saw Maan had heard and was glaring at him so ferociously he paled a little pushing the man next to him to get on with playing cards.

Geet climbed the stairs to her flat wearily, she was so tired she could have dropped where she stood, letting her self in with her key she walked into the small flat. Waves and waves of divine smells reached her nose, making her close her eyes and breathe in the delicious fragrances whilst her tummy grumbled even louder. Looks like Aunty Jamila next door has been making something divine she thought, she turned and placed her bag down when she heard Pinky shout excitedly “GEET.. is that you?? Come quick!”

Wondering what the emergency was Geet went into their sitting-come everything room to find Pinky sitting in the middle of what looked like a feast. Geet stared, where had all this food come from? Pinky could not cook to save her life and neither could she. All the cartons looked expensive, she bent down and picked one up to see that it came from a top restaurant in town.

“Geet haath tho ke beth ja yaar, kitna acchee khusboo hai and everything is so delicious.” she said stuffing her mouth full of three things at once.

“Pinky but where did this all come from?” Geet questioned frowning.

“I didn’t order it,” she looked at the carton again, “especially not from this restaurant, this would cost a months salary I am sure.”

“The delivery man said it was for you. I asked him and he said you would know who sent it. When I asked for the bill he said it had been taken care off. Wah! Kya biryani hai! OMG Geet! she said pulling her friend down to the floor, “forget washing your hands just start eating its all still so lovely and hot.”

Geet sank down on the floor next to Pinky who was tucking in with obvious enjoyment. Maan Singh Khurana, who else. So that phone call had been about this. She looked at the spread, how much had he ordered? How much had all this cost? Did he think she was an elephant? This could feed at least 5 people she thought. Worse still she did not like being in his debt.

“Geet please eat,” Pinky said suddenly seeing her friends face all sad. She picked up a piece of naan dipping it in some Bhindi she waved it in front of Geet.

The delicious smell overcame her and she took Pinkys offering and placed it in her mouth.

Bliss! She moaned with pleasure. It was utterly delicious. The needs of her stomach overcame her argument with herself. Deciding she would pay him back for all this food she tucked in with Pinky, after all she could not throw it away now or give it back watching the rate it was rapidly vanishing into Pinky’s mouth.

They both ate well but still had so much left over. “What are we going to do?” Pinky moaned “there is still all this and we have no cold storage.”

They thought for a moment and then both decided they would distribute it to the neighbours. Pinky gathered up the cartons and went off to give it to a few people next door, whilst Geet cleared up the floor and started washing up the dishes.

Pinky came back some ten minutes later standing next to her friend she gave a loud burp and said “Now you can tell me who it was who thought you needed so much looking after and feeding?”

Geet stared at her pretty friend, she had not thought of it that way. Did Purana Singh really think she needed taking care of and feeding? The thought worried her. Why would he think that? What did he care? Then her mind went back to the incident earlier and her heart missed a beat. Her face flushed as she recalled being in his arms crushed against his hard chest.

“Geet!” Pinky said pointing a chubby finger at her cheeks “OMG you are blushing! Who is it tell me. I want to know all.”

“Purana Singh!” Geet declared angrily, where had that thought about being in his arms come from?

“Purana Singh!” Pinky repeated her eyes wide as saucers. “Why would that khadoos send you this feast?” She started pacing the small area.

“Zaroor, daal mein kuch kala hai!”

Geet looked up from her plate washing and glared at Pinky. “What do you mean by that Pinky? What absurd plot has your mind come up with? Seriously, you should stop watching so many Bollywood films and those serials that you fill your brain with.”

Pinky nodded her head smugly and said “Geet you are so innocent of the ways of these things.” Her eyes narrowing as if she was seeing some impending doom in the distance.” Just because you are straight forward does not mean he is. Men like him do not get to the top without doing all sorts.” She pulled her friend away from the sink dragging her to the old beaten-up sofa sitting down crossed legged on it and pulled Geet down with her.

Geet thought back to his eyes when he had seen her livid bruise. No, Purana Singh maybe arrogant, khadoos, old fashioned but she knew that he was not devious or corrupt. The way he had handled the situation when her blouse had ripped had shown her that he was a man of principles.

Just then Pinky noticed her shirt. “Geet are you wearing a man’s shirt?” Her mouth fell open as she whispered in awe “its..its not Maan Singh Khurana’s is it?”

Geet groaned and told her what happened, leaving out all the things that would make Pinky start ditching her ‘Maan as villain plot’ and jump to ‘Maan as romantic saviour plot’, she knew she would get no peace otherwise.

“Hmm…..” Pinky said starting off again.

“Pinky shut up! I am going to bed now, I am dead tired. Tomorrow I have to catch the first bus at 5.30 to get to Rupnagar. Its going to take practically all day and also we have the party tomorrow night. If you go early hopefully they will not miss me so much. I will come as soon as get back.”

“What are you going to wear?” Pinky said “you will have to take it all with you.”

“Yes, lets go and sort that out and then I need to sleep.” They went off to find something to wear, finally deciding on a dark purple Saree with choli blouse for Geet and a pretty pink chudidar for Pinky.

She went to bed still puzzling about Maan. That was probably why she had dreams about being crushed in his arms as those bow shaped lips hovered over hers.

She watched his face in her dreams, those eyes of his danced with flames, she so wanted him to kiss her. He brushed his lips against hers, his teeth sank into her lower lip as he whispered “Geet ………you taste so good” he brushed his stubble against her neck and Geet shivered with pleasure. It did not tickle as she had thought it might, the rasp of it was exciting, feverishly she twisted and moaned. She could smell his spicy tangy scent as his fingers started to wind themselves into her hair and he crushed her against him. He felt so good against her she wanted to lose herself against him.

“Geet……… taste of biriyani and bhindi.” He whispered sexily.

“Maan….. I will pay you back I promise.” she saw herself whispering as she kissed him back. She felt desire flood through her.

His lips closed over hers and he kissed her deeply she became lost in him.

Suddenly he sprouted a handlebar moustache just like her landlord and started chasing her around the KC offices leering at her and laughing lasciviously.

“Ha ha ha ha ha Geet! You cannot escape me!” He leered at her.

She woke with a start, a light sheen of sweat on her skin. What kind of dream was that? All her thoughts had jumbled up and become entangled. It was the kind of dream that Sigmund Freud could have analysed for months she thought. With a shaking hand she touched her lips, that kiss had been so sensational and so real. She wondered if he actually was that good at kissing, then glared into the darkness of the bedroom, she was sure he would have to be the best at everything he did.

Damn Pinky and her plots she groaned. She thumped her pillow viciously and damn Purana Singh she cursed, he seemed to be haunting her day and night. She could hear Pinky muttering something about aloo paratha in her sleep in the next bed her little face smiling. Geet glared at her friend, between Pinky and Purana Singh they would surely drive her mad. Pulling the pillow over her head angrily she went back to sleep.

In another part of town Maan also tossed and turned. All he could think of was the look in her eyes. Her face was so expressive, he could read her every thought on it. The vulnerability in those amber pools had touched him. When he had first seen her the confidence, that stride and her work had impressed him and now that he had seen a side to her that few would have seen he felt something stir in his gut. What was it about her that sent his body into overdrive.

The sheet slid over his bare chest and he remembered how soft she had felt in his arms. How well she fitted against his body. Groaning, he remembered the fragrance of flowers that had filled his lungs as he held her. Her skin had been soft as silk. His hand fisted in the cool sheet as he gazed at the silver moon that hung outside his window. His eyes closed, he did not want to feel this way. He had vowed to himself that he would never be vulnerable to any woman ever again.

So why did he hate to see tears in her eyes? What was it that prompted him to send the take away for her. Why had he hated those men as they looked at her like that. Thoughts about her fizzed in his brain. The way his name had slipped from her soft lips like a whisper of silk over him. He wanted to hear that again and again. Geet Handa was rapidly becoming a drug that he could not get enough of much to his annoyance.

And with all that had happened, he forgotten totally to tell her to be ready at 7pm for the party. He decided he would phone in the morning and tell her to be ready, after all he thought convincing himself that the only reason why he was doing this was because he had promised Sunitaji that he would bring her.

Chapter Six- What a day!

Sleeping badly yet again, she just managed to catch the morning bus to Rupnagar. Struggling with her bags she clambered on board at the last minute. Finding a seat she plopped down with her bags. She had so many presents and things for Chotu and Babli. She had also bought something for her Uncle and Aunt, as they would expect it. But the most important thing she had bought was a mobile phone for her brother and sister. If they wanted to talk to her now they could call and talk to her any time. She decided she would leave it next door with Mausiji so it would stay safe away from her Uncle and Aunt’s prying eyes.

Her real mother had passed away many years ago and her father had remarried. She just remembered snippets of her real mother, she had been so young then. Contrary to what the neighbours had been whispering when her father remarried her step-mother had been a wonderful mother to her, giving her the brother and sister she had always wanted. Their home had always been filled with love and laughter, Geet sighed her heart heavy her eyes sad as she remembered those precious moments.

Mausiji had been a great support when her step-mother and father had passed away so suddenly in a car accident. Then her uncle and aunt had come to pay his respects to his brother and bhabhi passing away and never left. It was convenient for the moment as he was supposedly looking after her fathers farms and looking after the children. Her father had never really trusted his own brother and neither did Geet. Her uncle was as crooked as her father had been straight, always after handouts from her father, never wanting to do a honest days work. Her aunt was just the same, devious and sly.

With Chotu and Babli being young she could not look after them in Delhi and work, so she had decided to leave them with her uncle and aunt in Rupnagar, they were settled in school and doing well. Until she was able to get a bigger living space and enough money together to be able to pay their fees in a good school in Delhi she did not want to uproot them. She knew that her Uncle and aunt had so willingly agreed to look after them as they could enjoy the money that came in from her fathers farms without having to work for it. It was a far from an ideal situation but presently she could do no more then that.

The Shah Industries project would give a real boost to her finances and a lot of weight to her small company. Once this project was on its way she knew it would open many doors for her and Pinky, hopefully after that she would be able to bring her brother and sister to live with her.

The last six months had seen such a change in her life, from a happy carefree working girl she was now responsible for her brother and sister. She had to find money to pay their fees, books, school uniform and to pay for their daily living. Her Uncle seemed to needing money from her all the time. If she said anything he moaned that the crops had been bad and he was just scraping by. But Mausiji had told her that he gambled and drank all the money that came from the farms.

Four hours later she arrived in Rupnagar. It was Saturday so she knew the children would be in school until 10.30. She walked to the school which was in town and went to their class, looking through the window she spotted Babli, her head down writing away. She looked thinner and very serious. She spotted the younger Chotu at the front. He too looked subdued and had lost weight.

Geet’s eyes filled with tears, they had lost so much weight since she had been to see them last month, the tears fell unheeded down her cheeks as she remembered how they all had been happily living with both their parents and no worries only six months ago.

A hand fell on her shoulder and she turned to see Jaspal Sir the Headmaster. He smiled a welcoming smile at her, his eyes too were wet with tears. Geet had been his top student and he had been great friends with her father. To see these children’s lives take such a tragic turn had effected him too.

“Geet beta when did you come.” He asked fondly.

Geet hastily wiped her tears and said “just now, Sir how are you?”

“I am fine beti, but I can see you have lost weight too. You must look after yourself. I have been tracking your successes and I can say that Balwant would have been so proud of you as I am. Babaji always helps those who work hard,” he added “And don’t worry about Babli and Chotu, we are all hear to keep an eye on them, I know you will be concerned about them. I have told them they can always come to me if they need to.”

“Thank you Sir that means a great deal to me.” Geet said knowing that he would do what he said.

“Wait here beti, I will get them for you, they will be over the moon.” he said walking into the class.

Jaspal sir reminded her so much of her father, tall and proud, her tears fell anew and then as she saw the commotion in the classroom as Babli and Chotu scrambled out of their seats at break neck speed towards the door, she wiped her tears away with the back of her hand and sank down on her knees as they both tumbled into her arms.

For a long moment they just clung to each other sobbing their hearts out.

“Didi, please take us with you we don’t want to live here anymore” sobbed Chotu.

Babli who was one year older and wiser admonished him sobbing out her words. “Chotu she can’t take us away yet. First she has to save money and get a bigger place for us to live and also we need money for school fees and food. Isn’t that right didi?”

Geet smiled at them both. Her heart breaking, “haan Chotu, Babli is right, if you can manage just for a little while longer I promise to take you to live with me as soon as I can.”

Chotu sobbed “Uncle is so horrible he hit Babli so hard yesterday look!” he said pointing to the mark on Babli’s arm.

Geet gasped at the bruise. She was definitely going to talk to her Uncle about this, if he hit them again he was not going to get one rupee out of her.

She took them to the playground and they sat on a circular platform under a huge Mango tree. Then she pulled out all the presents and sweets and clothes she had got for them. Both Babli and Chotu were excited with their gifts, their smiles and happy laughter ringing out.

Jaspal Singh watched them from his office window and smiled, Geet would take care of these two, he had seen the article in a recent newspaper where her name had been mentioned on a new and very large project in conjunction with Shah Industries and Khurana Constructions. Geet was building a bright future for herself and these children by her hard work, he thought proudly praying to Babaji or her every success.

“Do you like all your gifts?” Geet asked.

Chotu nudged Babli and Babli piped up “Didi, promise us next time when you come you will not bring us so many presents, if we save all the money then we will be able to come and stay with you sooner.”

The tears filled her eyes again and she nodded to them understanding what they were saying.

“I promise, now, I have brought you both a very important present.” She pulled out the mobile phone packet and took out the phone to show them. Both of them looked at it wide eyed.

She showed them how to assemble and use it and put in her’s and Pinky’s number in the phone book. “Now whenever you want or need to talk to me I want you to use this. So you can tell me what’s happening with you and I can talk to you too. I will leave this at Mausiji’s house next door she will look after it, just go to her house when you need to talk to me.” she said.

They both nodded bobbing their heads smiling, “can we call you any time didi?” Babli asked.

“Haan you can call any time. If I can’t take your call for any reason, it will ask you to leave a message, just speak clearly into the phone and I will hear what you want to tell me. If it’s a real emergency you can call Pinky aunty and she will get a hold of me OK?”

They both nodded smiling, happy now they could talk to her any time.

“Chalo lets go home, at which both their faces fell. Don’t worry,” she said cuddling them both “we will be together soon, just bear with me for a few more months.”

She went to see Mausiji first who greeted them all with affection. “Geet beti, I am so glad you came. Your Uncle is a very bad man. How can two brothers be so different?” she complained. “He treats these children so badly. I am sure that’s why Babaji saw fit not give him any children of his own.” she finished as she walked in and out of the kitchen bringing out snacks and lassi for them all. Babli and Chotu both tucked in but Geet was not feeling hungry.

Geet gave her the arthritis medication she had asked for last time and a warm cardigan she had also bought for her.

“Beti yeh sab kyu? I love these children, you don’t have to keep bringing me things.”

Geet smiled “Mausiji it gives me great pleasure to bring you things, it’s not much but I know it will keep you warm in the mornings. Can I ask you a favour, can you look after this mobile phone for the children? I have said to them that they can speak to me any time they need to. I have shown Babli (and me! Chotu piped up) and Chotu how to use it. They will keep it charged up. If you need to you can also speak to me.”

“Haan, beti that would be good. Now the children will not feel so lonely. I will look after it for them.”

They had their lassi and then reluctantly they went off towards their home. As she walked in she spied her Uncle and Aunt sitting their having sweets and snacks.

Chotu complained “they never let us have any didi!”

“Shhh!” Babli told him “don’t create trouble, you can live without a few sweets.” Chotu face looked crestfallen and then after thinking about it for a moment he said “yes when we are with didi we will eat ladoos everyday!” His eyes looked at Geet hopefully.

“If you eat them everyday you will become motu like Ballu in the class.” Babli laughed at him.

Geet smiled at them both. They were so young and yet they had adjusted themselves to the circumstances so well. Babli especially had taken on the role of wise older sister whilst they lived here even though she was only a year older than Chotu.

Seeing her walking towards them her aunt suddenly choked on her ladoo elbowing her uncle into looking in that direction.

“G…..GGGeet what are you doing here?” Her Uncle said sliding the plate of Laddos away from chotu. “What a surprise. I had not expected you to come until next month.”

Geet glared at him. She looked at their clothes, they were all new. Looks like the money she gave him last month for the children’s uniforms had been diverted to themselves.

Not beating about the bush she said “I hear you hit Babli yesterday? If you ever hit Babli or Chotu I will stop any money coming to you from the farms.”

Her uncle bristled at her raising himself to his full height of five foot nothing. He said “All those farms are mine now. You can’t stop money coming from them to me. Don’t you threaten me Geet!”

“I can stop the money coming to you, remember you are just looking after those farms, they belong to us.” she said firmly one hand on each of the children’s shoulders. “You look after these two properly, make sure you give them enough to eat and decent clothes to wear. I give you enough money over the top each month. If I hear that you have been hitting them again I will get the Ram Chacha from the police to come and see you.”

Her uncle and aunty paled at this. Promising not to do it again. She looked at the time it was nearly one-thirty already she needed to catch the two o’clock bus if she was to get home in time for the Shah party. She could not afford to miss it needing to show her interest in the project.

She gave them their gifts and sat a while in her old home. Her eyes drank it all in where she had run around chased by her father, where her mother had oiled her hair and they had played hide and seek with her. Reluctantly she had to leave. They clung to her tears in their eyes she promised to be back soon and whispered to them to phone her when they wanted to speak to her.

With a heavy heart and tears in her eyes, she went back to the bus station and climbed aboard the bus. All she kept seeing were their sad eyes as they said goodbye. She hated herself for making them stay there but she could do nothing else. She was really in no mood to go to any party she thought now.

Earlier that day………………

Savtridevi sipped her tea and watched Maan as he ate his breakfast. He looked the epitome of a successful businessman. But all he did was work work work, she wanted him to get married now. It was about time he found someone she thought. So many girls she had introduced him to, he made most of them cry and run with just one glare. For Maan to even mention a girl was a surprise and then he had let slip that he was taking one to a party was a miracle . Savitridevi wanted to know all about this Geet. Who was she, what did she look like, what did she do? But she had to tread carefully otherwise he would clam up as usual.

“Err Maan beta, so tell me who this Geet is? Where did you meet her? Why haven’t I met her?”

His fork paused on the way to his mouth as he looked at Daadima, she had that glint in her eye that raised his hackles. She would relentlessly go on about this until he told her something, he just knew.

“I met her recently.” he said skipping around the issue, “you will meet her when I think the time is right.” he said placing the omelette morsel in his mouth and chewing whilst he watched her expressions. Daadima was as relentless as a Crocodile once she got her teeth into something she would not let go.

“When the time is right?” Daadima glowered at him. “What! You will only introduce me to her on my deathbed??”

Maan rolled his eyes, and carried on eating not in the least perturbed by her dramatics.

“I want to meet her as soon as possible.” she demanded. “I am not going to take no for an answer.” She said placing a hand on her heart “after all I may not be around for too much longer.”

He carried on eating watching her in full flow. She was really very good he thought. But then she had been so formidable in the business world along with his grandfather. Savtridevi had made many a boardroom quake with her sharp tongue and mind.

Calmly he took his napkin and dabbed his mouth having finished his breakfast. He got up and leaned down to peck her withered cheek.

“I have a lot of work to do.” he said as Nakul brought his bag “See you later Daadima make sure you take your medicines.”

Daadima watched her handsome grandson walk away, well if he was not going to tell her about Geet she knew someone who would and he would not be able to refuse to answer her questions she knew.

“Nakul! Get me the phone and dial Adi’s number.” Nakul looked at Daadima and said “Maan sir is not going to like it.”

Savtridevi glared at Nakul. “Maan ka chaamcha! Get me the phone now!”

Maan glowered furiously at the phone he had been ringing her nearly every hour but she had not bothered to call back. What the hell was she doing? Probably shopping he thought like all the women Daadiji set him up with. At the end of his tether as it was almost six oclock now he called Adi.

“Adi what is Geet’s colleague’s number, kya name hai uska?” he ground out over the phone. “I need it now. I cannot get hold of Geet at all.”

“Err Pinky? I am picking her up in a while.” Adi said.

“Just give me her number.” Maan ground out impatiently.

Adi gave him the number and Maan punched it ferociously.

“Hello?” Pinky said as she could not identify the number.

“Pinky! This is Maan Singh Khuarana. Where is Geet? I have been calling her number all day but she has not bothered to even return my calls.”

“G..GGeet she has gone to Rupnagar.” Pinky stammered “She probably didn’t get your calls as there is never great reception there.” Pinky told him.

“Rupnagar?” Maan glared at the phone “why has she gone there?” He questioned growling at Pinky.

“She had something to sort out.” Pinky said “she is coming back by the six oclock bus from there. She will come to the party straight from there.”

“Where is this bus station?” He asked Pinky brooking no argument.

Pinky told him and he cut off the phone. Who the hell had she gone to meet in Rupnagar? Was her boyfriend there he wondered. He glanced at his watch the bus would come in soon he decided to go and collect her right there. Sunitaji was expecting him to bring her so he would, he reasoned.

Sitting in her seat Geet felt so emotionally rung out. The whole day had been an emotional roller coaster, she was tired and hungry now wishing that she had eaten something earlier. Purana Singh’s words to her yesterday came back to haunt her. She glanced at her watch Six oclock already she peered out of the window to see where they reached but all she could see was darkness.

Suddenly there was a loud shout from the driver as he swerved to avoid a Camel cart.

The bus swerved alarmingly as he sought to control it. There was a screech of tyres and it landed into a ditch precariously. Geet fell forward heavily and bumped her head on the seat in front. For a moment there was silence and then all hell broke loose as people realised what had happened.

Thankfully no one was seriously hurt but the bus had been damaged quite badly, wedged as it was in the ditch. All the passengers alighted muttering and groaning on how they would reach their destinations.

Geet groaned reaching for her phone she tried to call Pinky but her phone had died its battery giving up.

A few of the passengers decided they would walk, it was a good two miles but it would be better than standing there waiting for transport to come along they decided. Geet also decided that would be her best option and started walking with them.

Maan leant against his car, waiting at the bus stop for her. Her bus had not come in yet. By now he was furious. Why the hell had she gone to Rupnagar? And what possessed her to go today when she knew they had to go to the party?

Then he overheard someone say on their phone that the Rupnagar bus had crashed a while ago.

Maan’s eyes widened, his heart stilled, bus crash? Was she OK? He was just about to jump back in his car when he saw a crowd of people walking towards them. It was then he spotted her. She was wearing a green Salwar khameez. He stopped and stared, he had never seen her in traditional clothes.

Geet trudged on, her feet aching, the bag now so heavy in her hand. She was ready to drop any moment. Seeing the Bus stand she thanked Babaji, hopefully from here she would be able to get a rickshaw or some transport to the party. She had to go, although she was so emotionally and physically wrung out now she was feeling ill.

Suddenly her arm was gripped and she was pulled to one side. She looked up into the angry dark eyes of Maan Singh Khurana.

“Geet!” He said between clenched teeth. “You have no sense do you. This party is an important part of the business deal. Why the hell did you go to Rupnagar today? Couldn’t your boyfriend wait?”

Geet’s mouth fell open. Firstly what was he doing here and secondly there he was accusing her of all sorts without a clue.

Angrily she retorted. “Mr Khurana, you are not my boss and you certainly are not my keeper. I will come and go where I please.” She pulled her arm out of his vice like grip and started to walk away.

“Geet!” He grabbed her again, “don’t you walk away from me!” He glowered at her. I have been trying to call you all day. And I have stood waiting here to pick you up for almost half-an hour!” He said, as if he had never waited for anyone this long in his life. “Sunitaji asked me to bring you to the party and I said I would.”

“Well you need not have bothered” Geet replied back just as angrily. Her temper at boiling point. She felt so dizzy just listening to him as he heaped more angry words on her head. “I don’t need you to take me.” she said “I can take myself!”

It was then he noticed the dried blood on the right side of her temple. His eyes widened as he noticed she was swaying, her eyes were clouding over.

“Geet!” His dark eyes held concern, his arms reached out again.

“Go away and leave me alone!” she said angrily turning away from him so fast but that was when her body decided it could not take any more trauma today and she did something she had never done before in her life, she fainted.

Chapter 7 -A Knight to Remember

He caught her as her knees buckled. The way she crumpled so quietly completely shocked him.

People stopped to stare as he stood frozen for a moment his arms full of a lifeless woman. His dark eyes full of pain and anxiety that she had fainted away so suddenly. A millisecond ago she had rounded on him like a tigress and now she was limp and unconscious against his body. It was all his fault. Why had he been so harsh? He should not have shouted at her but hearing that the bus had crashed had worried him and he had rounded on her so angrily. She should not have been on that bus at all.

A man reached out to touch her, Maan glared at him so hard he stopped right in his tracks with a alarmed expression on his face, snatching his hand back as if he were burned.

“Aree bhai I was just seeing if she has fever,” he said lamely.

Maan glared at even him harder, not bothering to reply. Gently he gathered Geet against him, his face set in grim lines, she looked like a beautiful broken doll in his arms. He lifted her high against his chest, scowling at all the crowd who melted away suddenly just from the look in his dark eyes, he carried her carefully towards his car. Her bag slipped from her limp hand, he didn’t bother to retrieve it, tucking her into him.

His eyes noted the dark circles under her eyes, she looked so pale it seemed as if all the blood had seeped out of her. She felt so cold in his arms, he held her tightly against him, trying to inject some warmth into her. The cool evening air blew wisps of her hair across her face, he wanted to brush them away from her beautiful face so he could see her properly.

What possessed her to drive herself so hard, he muttered, she really was a danger to herself. What had she said? You are not my keeper, well, he thought she needed a keeper to look after her.

The chunni of her dark green salwar khameez trailed after them. He frowned , was she wearing traditional clothes to please her boy friend? Scowling at this thought, he slid her in the car seat carefully as if she were a piece of glass and went around to the other side when his phone rang.

It was Adi “Maan sir, the party has been cancelled, looks like Mrs Shah slipped and has twisted her foot. It will be held next week now.”

Maan slid into the car seat and looked at Geet who was still out like a light. “Thank God,” he muttered, she was in no condition to go anywhere.

He said to Adi, “Tell Pinky Geet is with me.”

“With you Sir?” Adi questioned his eyebrows raised looking at Pinky, who he had come to pick up for the party.

“Haan Adi, with me” he emphasised glaring at the phone, not wanting or needing to explain any further, he cut the call and headed home. The first thing he was going to do was call a doctor he decided glancing her extremely pale face.

As he drove, he kept looking at her, she had not stirred at all. His dark eyes clouded with anger, what possessed her to drive herself like this. It was obvious to him that she was not looking after herself at all.

His phone rang interrupting his thoughts. “Maan beta, my friend and her daughter are here, why don’t you come home? It would be so nice if you could meet them.” Daadiji said extra sweetly.

Maan groaned, he had forgotten completely about Daadima’s guests, he glanced at Geet, if he carried her into the house like this, his Daadima was going to arrange for a priest the very next day, he just knew. He would have to take her to the annex to the house and call the doctor there.

“Err Daadima I am a little busy now, and do give them my regards, I will not be coming home today.” he said firmly.

“Are you busy with Geet?” Daadima asked, extremely curious about this unseen woman.

“Yes!” he replied thankful for a good excuse.

What a tangled mess this was all turning out to be he thought, he hated lying to his daadima, but technically he was not lying, he convinced himself, he was quite busy at the moment.

Reaching the annex, he stopped the car and looked at her. She had barely stirred, he walked around to her side and gently lifted her out, carrying her up to the bedroom. He felt terrible, he hated to see her so lifeless, her softness so limp in his arms, her face so pale, he gently laid her down on the bed pulling the covers over her as he saw goosebumps break out on her skin in the air-conditioned room.

Quietly walking out of the room he dialled and ordered the Doctor to come as quickly as possible.

“What’s wrong with her?” he demanded from the doctor as he followed him out into the corridor. He had taken long enough to examine her!

“It seems your wife is exhausted,” the doctor told him with a hard stare, having just spent the last ten minutes with him, he could understand why.

Maan did not even bother to correct him. “What do you mean exhausted? she fainted away so suddenly into my arms, she has blood on her temple, are you sure she is not concussed?” He questioned the doctor’s diagnosis, his brow raised.

“Well, she seems to be deeply asleep now, I don’t think a herd of wild elephants could wake her at this moment. You said that she may have been injured in a bus crash. If in the morning she starts vomiting or has further dizzy spells call me but for now just let her sleep.” He told Maan in no uncertain terms with a hard stare.

Maan glared back at him, what the hell did he think he was going to do with her in this state.

Seeing the doctor out he climbed the stairs, was she exhausted? She did look tired yesterday, he thought and as he glanced at her in the bed, he noted that the dark circles under her eyes had increased since yesterday. She looked as if she had been crying in the day at some point, he did not want to think about it all. He would stay with her all night in case she woke up and started feeling dizzy or started vomiting, He did not trust the doctor’s diagnosis.

Was the Shah Industries project too much for he wondered, pulling up a chair to sit beside her bed. He stared down at her sleeping form, he had already seen that work was her passion, so it was not work he thought that had her in such a state it was definitely something to do with her personal life. What did he really know about her he thought, not much. He knew where she lived was definitely a difficult place for a single woman, he thought about the landlord and those men leering at her. Was it something to do with them he wondered, was she being harassed by them. Why had she gone to Rupnagar, today? To meet someone? Then he came back to the thoughts about her boyfriend, maybe he was pressuring her about something. Every time he had mentioned a boyfriend she had not sought to deny it.

His dark eyes drank her in, she looked so fragile in this state, his thoughts swirled to her flashing eyes, when she was telling him to mind his business, when she had called him Purana Singh, when she had told him that he was not her boss, and now those eyes had dark circles under them, he hated to see her like this. He vowed to himself that he would get to the bottom of the issue. With that thought in mind he settled himself down to a long night in the chair next to her bed.

The darkness was all around her. She ran and ran but the dark shadows kept following her. Restlessly she tossed and turned,she needed to get away. She needed to feel safe.’

Gentle warm hands soothed her. Gently whispering soft words to her. She snuggled down into the soft bed, someone was feeling her brow now and caressing her cheek, a smile broke out on her face. She snuggled into the warmth. A spicy tangy citrusy scent washed over her. She knew that fragrance well “.Maan…” she whispered a frown marring her brow as the warmth moved away.

“Shhhhh…………..Geet” he whispered her name. “Go to sleep I am here, you do not have to worry about anything.”

She reached out seeking the comfort again finding a hard muscled warmth she clutched it like a lifeline and fell back into a deep sleep feeling safe.

Dark eyes watched her with an unfathomable expression in the light of the flickering candle. Unconsciously, she had called his name out, she had reached out to seek his touch, he had lain down next to her as her hands sought his warmth. Her body still felt quite cold even though he had turned down the air conditioning and pulled blankets over her. She snuggled into him like a kitten seeking comfort. ‘Yeh ladke mujko pagal kar deege’ he muttered to himself as his body went into overdrive as she clung to him but he watched over her like a hawk his arms around her not wanting to let go.

She was definitely not in her own bed Geet thought as she came back to the land of living slowly. This bed felt too soft, too comfortable. Her bed was hard as a rock courtesy of her khadoos, slimy landlord. Where was she? She dared not open her eyes in case she was somewhere she did not want to be.

A distinct noise of water running was coming from somewhere. No, she surmised she was not at home, the only sounds that filtered in from the other flats around hers were shouts of abuse, mostly screaming wives and husbands. Here she could hear the birds singing outside. Maybe she had died she thought and gone to heaven.

Then there was a distinct click of a handle turning and someone walking out. She opened one eye just a fraction to peek. Maan Singh Khurana was walking towards the bed, his chest bare, wearing low slung jeans, using a towel to roughly dry his hair. Her eyes flew open wide as she stared at him in shock.

“Ah! Good, you are awake!” he said in his usual curt manner, his eyes looking at her as if she was an annoying hindrance.

Her eyes took in his washboard stomach, those abs that any film star would die for, his handsome face, the dark sexy shadow of his stubble, the freshly washed hair still wet, dark and dripping.

She forgot where she was, she forgot who she was, she just gawked at him. No man had a right to look this good she thought.

His eyes were staring at her in a odd manner. He reached out to feel her brow, as she just lay there frozen in bed looking at him wide eyed.

He was saying something to her she was sure of it, she could see his mouth moving, his sexy lips forming words but all she could hear was her pounding heart and the blood rushing to her head.

“Geet! Geet! Are you all right? Say something!” he said his dark eyes worried, he threw aside the towel on a chair and grabbed her by the shoulders lifting her into his hard warm male bare chest, his arms closed around her holding her tightly to him, his fingers splaying against the silky skin of her back.

Sensations she had never experienced before washed over her. Her face buried itself into his neck, the water rivulets rolled and dripped on her cheek. His stubble grazed her face, her body flowered of its own accord against his. She melted into his chest her breath coming in gasps, her arms came around and she clung to him.

His heat seared her, suddenly she realised what was happening and pushed at his chest. He released her instantly. For a moment they just stared at each other. Geet’s chest heaving trying to take in much needed air. Her mind flew back to her dream of the other night when she had dreamed of him kissing her, her hand flew to her mouth pressing her now trembling lips.

His dark eyes pinned hers. He stared deeply into her eyes looking for something that would tell him what she was thinking. The front of her dress was wet where it had come into contact with his chest, he could see the drops of water that had transferred from him to her standing out like little pearls of dew on her skin. Dark colour slashed his cheeks. All night he had been fighting his reactions as she had practically melted into him, and now she looked so incredibly sexy he had to fight even harder not to take those delectable lush trembling pink lips in a kiss that would help some way to cool his overheated body.

“Put some clothes on!” she squeaked suddenly, shrinking back from him into the headboard not quite sure why her body was trembling like a leaf as it reacted to the heat in his eyes. It had been so hard to push herself away from him. She would never think of him as Purana Singh again. There was nothing old or old fashioned about him. The man was pure dynamite.

He sat back on the bed looking at her. She was back, flashing angry amber eyes, stubborn tilting chin, Ms Geet Handa was back and he loved it!

He had no hang-ups about his bare chested state, and he was thoroughly enjoying her discomfort. The heat intensified in his eyes as he noticed the flushed cheeks, the quiver on her lips, her soft tousled state. A mad thought entered his head as his mind decided it would be lovely to wake up with her every morning like this.



Chapter Eight – Between a rock and a hard place


He thrust the thought away angrily. Women were nothing but trouble, his past experience had taught him, why did he forget that when he saw Geet. She was still staring him like a rabbit caught in headlights, calmly he stood up and reached for his shirt, his eyes not breaking contact with hers. It did not look like he was going to get anything further out of her in this state.


She watched him pull on his shirt and slowly button it up, letting it casually hang out over his dark jeans. Pale pink should have looked awful on a man but on him it looked fantastic. She blinked, it was useless. Even though he had put his shirt on she knew what lurked underneath. She was not going to get that image out of her mind now she muttered with a curse.


He watched her every move with a crooked smile on his face, Ms Geet Handa was definitely back. He could already see her muttering to herself, her brain whirring faster then a speeding train, most probably in the wrong direction than she should be going he decided.


Geet stared at him with a frown, how had she got here? She remembered being at the bus stop as he was heaping all sorts of accusations at her and then nothing.


“I brought you here as you fainted.” He said casually reading every thought as it flew across her face.


“You slept like the dead last night, and yes, I informed Pinky that you were with me. Now if there is nothing else you would like to know I have a lot of work to do.” He declared as if he could not wait to get rid of her. “I will drop you home, be ready in five minutes, there is a new toothbrush and towel in there if you want to freshen up.” he said walking out of the room.


Geet stared at his retreating back. She had slept like the dead and she felt totally refreshed this morning. Vaguely she recalled dreams about being in his arms whilst he soothed her. Had she been in his arms? Is that why she had such a good nights sleep? Babaji! she gasped her eyes wide at the thought.


“GEET!” His voice thundered from outside, “stop wasting time I haven’t got all day!”


She scrambled off the bed with a muttered curse and ran to the bathroom he had so recently vacated. It smelt of him, of his scent she stood for a moment as she remembered something fleeting from the night when she had breathed his smell in deeply and snuggled into his hard warmth.


No! She was sure that all this was conjured up by her cursed overwrought imagination. First she had imagined him kissing her and now she imagined herself sleeping in his arms. Vigorously she brushed her teeth and washed her face quickly with seconds to spare she ran out of the bathroom and through the open door.


He was standing at the bottom of the stairs giving orders to someone in his usual imperial manner, she was not sure who.


She walked down the stairs and hesitated waiting for him as he finished his call. He looked at her with a strange look, then without a word he climbed back up the stairs retrieved her duppatta and handed it to her with a look that said why are you going out half dressed.


She blushed as she had completely forgotten all about it. Then she remembered her bag.


“Err did you bring my bag with you?” She asked.


Maan thought back to yesterday and remembered that he had not bothered to pick up her bag as he had been in a panic about her passing out so suddenly.


“No.” he said firmly.


Geet groaned out loud.


“I had it with me!” she accused “did you not think to bring it, my mobile and sari for the party were in it?”


He glared at her, “I was too busy making sure you didn’t fall on the floor and break your head to worry about a bag” he told her sarcastically “I carried you to the car it must have been left behind.”


Geet paled at thought, of course he would have had to carry her to his car, she looked up the staircase and into the bedroom. His eyes followed hers as if he knew exactly what she was thinking.


“Maybe someone has handed it in” he said. “I will get Adi to check with the Bus company.”


“Never mind,” she muttered “it just had my mobile and a sari for the party, don’t worry about it.” she said quietly. Everyday she felt more and more in his debt and now as the enormity of how he had brought her to his home and looked after her hit home, she felt worse. Why do circumstances always seem to bring me back to Maan Singh Khurana she thought gloomily.


It annoyed him to see that she felt bad about taking his help. But as she raised her chin and walked forward he knew that her pride would always be dented accepting help from anyone. Ms Geet Handa was independence personified.


He walked out to the car and opened the door for her watching her as she quietly sat in it without a word. He smirked to himself as he walked around to the drivers side, if only this mood of hers of quiet obedience would last but then again the devil on his shoulder said he liked her all prickly and independent.


Daadima watched Maan open the door for the girl with wide eyes. Had Maan brought a woman home to the annex! She was shocked and surprised. Yesterday he said he was not coming home and she did not bat an eyelid about that as often he did not come home choosing to camp out and spend time in solitude to recharge his batteries but he had never brought a woman and let her stay all night in the annex. She knew he was a grown man but she would have to talk to him about this she thought turning away from the window puzzled about his behaviour.



At the same time near the site…………


Lalit Panday looked at all the goings on at the site through the blacked out windows of his car with angry, annoyed eyes. So they think they can get away with building here in my locality and not pay me any money. Shah Industries and that Maan Singh Khurana really did not know who they were dealing with, yes, he had lost to Maan Singh in the high court but there were many other ways of extracting money Panday thought which were more fun anyway. He pulled out his mobile and called Patel, he wanted all the details of this project and the names of those involved. It looks like a big undertaking he thought with relish, all the better, the bigger the job the bigger the slice for him.



Geet knocked on the door of her flat, a very worried looking Pinky answered.


“Are you all right? What happened and why were you out all night with Purana Singh?”


Immediately Maan in his bare chested state flashed before her and she muttered to “Pinky don’t call him that.”


Pinky’s eyes widened, she pulled her friend into the bedroom and sat her down on the bed, feeling her brow for fever.


“Something has happened to you? Tell me everything!” Pinky questioned her little face seriously worried.


Geet looked at her worried friend and smiled, “No Pinky, seriously nothing has happened, I fainted at the bus stop, Maan took me home and I slept in his house last night, that’s all.”


“THATS ALL!!” Pinky screeched.


“Maan Singh Khurana took you to his home? He looked after you and you say nothing much has happened.”


Geet fell backwards on her bed and pulled the pillow over her head trying to hide from Pinky’s sharp eyes, mumbling from underneath she said “trust me Pinky nothing more then that happened and to top it all I lost my bag with my sari and mobile in it. I will have to go out later and by a new mobile and call Mausiji with the new number.” She said worried about Babli and Chotu.


Pinky pulled the pillow off Geet and stared at her. “You are one lucky woman to have had Maan Singh Khurana look after you, so many women would die to be in your place.”


Geet muttered “they are welcome to him,” then getting off the bed she said “I am going for a bath, I need to change and start work and then later on I will need to go to the mobile phone shop.”


The next day dawned soon enough, again she had tossed and turned as images of a bare chested Maan haunted her dreams. She walked into the Khurana Construction offices, hoping she would not have to see Maan so that her face would not give her away, he was so good at reading her thoughts she muttered to herself . Walking into her office she put down her bag and saw on her desk two packages addressed to her. Curiously she started opening the larger one wondering what it was.


A gasp broke from her lips as she opened the box pulling apart the crispy tissue paper and saw the most exquisite cut work sari in red. Red was too tame a name for it she thought, it was deep dark blood red, with a delicate cut border fringed with a black edge and subtle work throughout. She lifted it out of the box with great care placing it against herself lost for a moment in a dream of how it would look on her, closing her eyes as the silky material caressed her skin. She had never owned anything so exquisite. Carefully she folded it back in the box on her desk reaching for the other package and opening it she found the latest mobile phone handset in white. There was no note but she knew instantly who it was from. Damn that Maan Singh Khurana she muttered, why did he have to keep doing this to her. She carefully pulled the tissue wrapping back together and closed the box with a reluctant sigh. Picking up both the packages she headed towards his office.


Maan sat at his desk his face resembling a thundercloud. Daadima had practically grilled him to the bone this morning about what she had seen, questioning him about who she was, why had he brought her home to the annex. He had told her to stay out of his life to which she had thrown a fit of monumental proportions. He had everything from I am your Daadima who else is going to worry about you to I am not going to be around for much longer then you can do as you please. Hands folded across his chest he stared into nothingness when the woman that had been the cause of the questions materialised in front of him.


He stared at her his eyes unreadable, his mind flashed back images of her in the dark deep night snuggling into him, the fragrance she always wore washed over him as she stood opposite with the parcels he had left on her desk this morning.


“I can’t accept these,” she said her eyes held that stubborn look, chin tilted, she looked as if she was preparing for a fight.


Well, he was all fought out this morning. He did not like his movements questioned by Daadima and now she was giving back the sari that he had spent the best part of two hours choosing for her. He never ever spent time choosing clothes for any woman before. He stood up casually, but that casualness was completely at odds with the erratic pulse that beat in his cheek, Geet thought as she watched him closely.


He picked up both the packages and threw them in the empty bin next to her and walked out without a backward glance, his back stiff, his face a mask of taut tension.


Geet’s mouth fell open, she stood still completely shocked at his action.


Maan! She called out to his back but he just kept walking as if he had not heard her.


How could he have just thrown the sari and the phone away. She was sure the sari cost many thousands of rupees and the phone too. She took them out of the bin and placed them back on his desk. As she walked back to her office she wondered if she had upset him by not accepting the gifts, his imperial highness was probably angry that she had brought them back, but what could she do, her pride told her that she was too deep in his debt already, she was trying so hard to keep their relationship on a professional level but at every turn it was getting personal.


Savtridevi walked into the Khurana offices with a determined stride. She was going to talk to Maan and this time she would not let him walk away as he did this morning.

She found his office empty, spying the half open box on his desk she lifted the lid and saw the sari her eyes nearly popped out of her head. Who was he gifting this to?


“Daadima..wwwwhat are you doing here?” Adi stuttered as Daadima turned her wide eyes at him.


“Adi Maan kaha hai?” she demanded to know.


Just then Geet came back to see if Maan was back so she could thank him for the gifts and say sorry properly that she could not accept them.


Savitri devi looked at Adi her interest perked to see this beautiful young lady she never seen before in Maan’s office.


Adi looked at Daadima and then at Geet. Savitridevi homed in on him with a look that demanded answers. Flustered he could do nothing but make the introduction althugh he knew Maan sir would kill him when he found out.


“D…d…daadima this is Geet. We are working with her on the project for Shah Industries.”


Savitridevi’s brain whirred she had seen her before and then she recalled early yesterday morning, this was the girl that she had seen Maan with coming out of the annex.


Just then Maan came back and saw the gathering in his office. He stormed in, he was in no mood for this.


“Adi out!


“Geet get out!”


He pointed to the door of his office.


“ Daadima please go home, I have lot of work to do.”


Three pairs of eyes stared at him shocked at his tone. Adi melted away fast as possible, he knew this tone of Maan’s and it brooked no argument.


Geet stared at him, Chaado! She muttered turning sharply on her heel and storming out with a glare at him.


Daadima calmly stood up and closed the door behind her.

Firmly she said.“I am not leaving until you tell me what is going on between you and Geet. Yesterday she was in the annex all night with you and today I find you are gifting sari’s to her.”

With a firm tilt of her chin that so reminded him of Geet, she sat down across him arms crossed at his scowling face not budging an inch.




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    and zaalim singh khurana 😥

    poor geet 😥

    • janememe

      March 25, 2012 at 6:51 pm

      Zaalim Singh haillaaaaaaaaaaa ;)) love that!

  7. gomati

    March 30, 2012 at 11:25 pm

    We got a glimpse of Geet’s family and her commitments; Dadima- am sure will play the role of middleman between MSK and Geet…..Green dress…ahhh..sweet memories…and now we are waiting for the knight in shining armour to give Geet a lift as she faints in his arms….waiting for more Janey…bring it on! 🙂

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    April 1, 2012 at 10:08 am

    Janey I loved it totally…..the knight who comes in the dark…the keeper………..He is the best janey…he is the no 1 always……….totally yummy…………
    Daadi will now haunt MSK to bring the truth out and also would want to see this mystery woman…..

    I WILL WAIT janey…..LOL………anything for MSK…..

    • janememe

      April 1, 2012 at 10:15 am

      Awww Priya….Thank you babes. Lets see If I can Daadima peace of mind or make her more agitated!

      Call that priest!!

  9. princess163

    April 1, 2012 at 10:59 am

    *Swati runs after Janey*

    Itna chota update after itna lamba intezaar!! :/

    *turns and goes away angrily*

    • janememe

      April 1, 2012 at 11:36 am

      aww Sawti dont be mad babes….I can only wriote as much as flows out…sometimes lodas sometimes not as muc…its the reality of feelings.

  10. manashi12

    April 1, 2012 at 11:31 am

    Janey my love, he was bare chested and wet, I get that much, please tell me what had he been wearing below the belt? Please say “a towel” 😛

    Ok so he is falling and falling hard. There is something absolutely endearing about your Maan and trust me I dont say this often about MSK 😛

    • janememe

      April 1, 2012 at 11:37 am

      NO not a towel …he is wearing his jeans :))

      And yes he is delicious my MSK! Thank you Manashi love U!

  11. manashi12

    April 1, 2012 at 12:00 pm


    I wish it was one of those milky white fluffy towels. 😦
    Promise me after they fall in love, you will have them in towel and bath robe- both in white. nahi to katti 😥

    love u too janey :*

    • janememe

      April 1, 2012 at 1:22 pm

      Haillaaaaaaaaaaaaa Katti maat karna!!

      OK my promise to you! Bathrobe n towel khelenge hum!

      • manashi12

        April 1, 2012 at 2:12 pm

        Did I tell you, I Love You 😀

      • manashi12

        April 1, 2012 at 2:14 pm

        Ok you typed “khelenge” and I read “kholenge” LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

        not that i mind 😉

      • janememe

        April 1, 2012 at 2:43 pm

        ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        That would have been a total shock to Geet I think this early in the Game ;))

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    • janememe

      April 1, 2012 at 1:24 pm

      Tanima belive me babes if Maan had done anything to Geet she would have known!! LOL!!

      He is super hwatt his eyes alone would have sent her up in flames ;))

      Thank you sweets for your support HUgsssssssss!

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    wow, loved it, janey, superb…..maan taking care of geet, sigh!!! what more could a girl ask for…..

  14. kasturi

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    Jane…read six and seven together..missed last week’s sunday sundae…but Double treat today! Geet’s background details are heart-rending…and we finally got our Dark Knight back in seven..taking care of the pretty princess…Haii!
    The morning after is even more delicious…Maan at his sexiest best walking out of the bath with a towel around his neck..and nothing much but a pair of jeans….Geet getting flustered around a ‘nanga-panga’ Maan…(me hyperventilating!!)
    you have this uncanny ability to deliver the favourite in a totally new package…Love you are the best!

    • janememe

      April 1, 2012 at 6:18 pm

      the dark knight cometh!! hailaaaaaaaaaaa!

      Fans Kasturi rapidly 😉
      Thanks babes *bows low low*

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    Aaah that sure was delicious….now I hope we are going to get stalker Maan…loved the open mouthed geet, MSK has that effect on all…*Oooooh need a long glass of iced tea to cool down, runs to the AC room…phew*

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    I am hit by the tornado and he is already fogging my mind and soul……….ohh mana’s wish is soooooo yummy……….

    Love u janey always……..

    • janememe

      April 1, 2012 at 8:06 pm

      haillaaaaaaaaa Priya and u!

  17. savitha.

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    • janememe

      April 2, 2012 at 7:57 am

      I am sure some arrangement will be made.WE will have to think. Hmmmmmmmmmmm

  18. gomati

    April 2, 2012 at 9:11 pm

    uffff…….Janey… superb!! you sure succeeded in transporting us to another world and now, want to stay put there, wanting more…”A mad thought entered his head…….every morning like this”, MSK is surely trapped now -hook, line and sinker!! Thank you Jane-through your writings, reliving MSK/Geet and of course, its all the more yummier!! 🙂

    • janememe

      April 2, 2012 at 9:24 pm

      Gomati I am enjoying it writing it as much as you ;)) thanks for your support babes ;))

  19. tanima

    April 8, 2012 at 9:44 am

    lovely…… simply outstanding……. jane u could open coaching classes for script writing…… brilliantly written……. i m loving it ;))

    • janememe

      April 8, 2012 at 10:00 am

      Aww Tanima thanks babes I am glad u enjoyed I was worried this week it was all last :))

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    He sure is a goner..did not even know what had hit him…and now in for a mega grilling session from Detective Dadi! !!
    Maaneetilicious sundae Janey…A big Hug for u! Waiting eagerly for the next one!

    • janememe

      April 8, 2012 at 12:33 pm

      LOL! kasturi are you not worried about poor Geet?? Now all she can think about is what lurks beneath that shirt ;)))))))))))

      • kasturi

        April 8, 2012 at 4:18 pm

        All Geet needs to do some serious meditation focussing on the pale pink shirt (or what it might be covering)…and she will attain not worried about her!

  21. manashi12

    April 8, 2012 at 5:20 pm

    Last day you had Maan wet and bare chested, this week you have him in a pale pink shirt with dripping arrogance?
    Not fair Janey for us faint hearted 😦

    • janememe

      April 8, 2012 at 6:57 pm

      Manashi U know u love him dripping with arrogance totally!

  22. Priya

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    MSK in pink shirt…….there is nobody who can look sooooooo masculine as my MSK in pink………super HAWWTT and sexy……..
    Ofcourse beneath all that arrogance and anger its truly the confilct that he is facing in his soul thats coming in all of that form………
    GOsh janey I loved that total madness of throwing the saree and mobile in the bin……..
    Now the grilling will start………..
    You are superlative………….I am taken for life……..and ofcourse the colour red is getting deeper on me……….
    Janey thank you………you have no idea how much joy you are bringing to all our hearts…………..serously janey……..
    Inspite of bad health I could stop myself from logging in just to read up and get a bit of my msk……

    • janememe

      April 8, 2012 at 6:56 pm

      yes he is supacool ;)) thanks for your support 😉

  23. nafisa

    April 9, 2012 at 5:27 am

    Janey, dear, thanx for making my home-return with this wonderful maaneet part…..

    • janememe

      April 9, 2012 at 12:20 pm

      Awww did u go on hols? Home again;)) Nice babes safe and sound

  24. Annie Jose

    April 9, 2012 at 8:43 am

    fabulous update…love to see MSK squirming for a change, loved the way Dadima grilled him. looks like MSK will follow the motto offense is the best form of defense, once he hits back all will scatter like nine pins….save for Geet, she can give back as good as she gets 🙂

    Thank you for giving me such a fantastic MaanDay 😀

    • janememe

      April 9, 2012 at 12:21 pm

      he he he Geetnie is our shernie 😉

    • janememe

      April 9, 2012 at 12:22 pm

      Maanday!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh I miss them 😦

  25. indepgal

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    chapter 7- ooh la la la! bare chested maan and a salivating geet! me likes! me likes
    Chapter 8-pale pink shirte maan! HAILAA!! super duper yummylicious! brought back great images, janey!

    and yes, loved both the chapters! dadima is truly his daadi-unfazed and unaffected by his temper! lub her.

    so will you now step up their romance?no hurry….later the better-more the updates! greedy me!

  26. karam80

    December 10, 2014 at 5:35 pm

    Hey jenny ….
    can u plzzzz tell me How i will find Chap 9….last time i found it easily but now i can’t found it….plzzzz give me whole link of TPR part 1 ff full link…..

  27. karam80

    December 10, 2014 at 6:03 pm

    not this one dear The phoenix Rise ff starting chapter… which Maan nd Geet 1st meeting….not after marriage parts dear…

  28. karam80

    December 10, 2014 at 6:06 pm

    plzzz send All parts from 1 to till end….

    • janememe

      December 10, 2014 at 6:10 pm

      not possible as they are all oer the place just follow the links ;)))

    • janememe

      December 10, 2014 at 6:13 pm

      go to main/home page-

      either you can follow from menu or the right hand tool bar you will have to go into archives- have fun ;))

  29. karam80

    December 10, 2014 at 6:12 pm

    yes this one…i just find only till 8 parts of this ff…can’t find others…

    • janememe

      December 10, 2014 at 6:35 pm

      did u find?

      • janememe

        December 10, 2014 at 6:40 pm

        Click on home page go to The Phoenix Rises A maaneet story and u should see links as you scroll over it and then keep arrows down to get to the rest.

  30. karam80

    December 10, 2014 at 6:43 pm

    Ok …i will try…nd Thank uuu dear…

  31. fermeen30

    December 11, 2016 at 3:49 am

    Loved part 5 to part 8, brilliant. Maan helps Geet.

    • janememe

      December 11, 2016 at 2:16 pm

      Yesss he does because he just can’t help himself;)))))

  32. nesha2017

    February 28, 2018 at 4:37 pm

    He arrogant she stubborn….man of principles….self respect woman
    Both dream wach other…
    Poor geet worried bout babli n chotu
    Bt maan mistakenly thought she went fr her bf
    Omg she fainted. ?.bt maan alwzz ther
    Now dadiman is waiting fr his ans

    • janememe

      March 1, 2018 at 1:58 pm

      You reached Rupnager :)))


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