The Phoenix Rises – chap 24-25

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Chapter 24

“I know you don’t want to get engaged!” She retorted, her chin set stubbornly.

What he wanted was to tell her to change into something that covered her from head to foot.

This golden concoction that left her shoulders bare and gave glimpses of her cleavage was making his temperature rocket. The lush material caressed her curves, as his fingers badly itched to do. Her skin sparkled and glowed, her long brown hair flowing around her. Her eyes sparkled with a touch of eye shadow and her lips looked glossy and plump, just asking to be thoroughly kissed.

He should lock them both in this room, until he showed her what he really wanted. Erotic, carnal images built foundations in his mind with alacrity. He really didn’t want to take her anywhere where other men could see her like this. His face contorted, he looked so fierce Geet stared at him wondering what was going through his mind.

“Maan?” She whispered softly, wondering at his angry expression.

Than as he looked into her eyes, his face softened, he thought about the diamonds he had chosen for her, yes those would look perfect. He could visualise the fat teardrop pendant resting between her lush breasts and his ring on her finger.

“Let’s go, we will be late otherwise.” He said tersely, ignoring her question, desperately needing to get out of there before he lost control.

Giving him a dark look, she picked up her bag and went ahead.

He groaned as the action of her hips made the fabric sway seductively, maybe he should have put his ring on her finger today, any ring, that warned off other men and branded her as his. He contemplated doing such a thing and then realised again he seemed to lose all sense of reason when he was with other. What was it about her that drove him insane? He had been around many beautiful women, and enjoyed their company, but he had never even remotely felt this obsessive, possessive or protective about them.

Women pursued him because he had wealth, he was the sole heir to such a vast fortune much of which he had built himself. They found him attractive and enjoyed his attentions but most of them bored him to tears. Their passions seemed to be shopping and finding a rich husband so they could show him off as their trophy and spend his money to their hearts content. His dark eyes rested on her as the driver took them towards the Shah residence. Geet was different, she was not interested in his wealth, she wanted to achieve success by her own hard work and with her talent and intellect she would go far he knew. She had tried to distance herself from him so many times but circumstances kept throwing them back together. Was it just a physical attraction he wondered? His body always seemed to go into overdrive when she was near but his mind told him it was much more than that, he admired her strength, and her conviction to do the right thing. Some of the other women he knew would have jumped at the chance of getting engaged to him fake or otherwise, they wouldn’t have to be asked twice and here was Geet trying to squirm out of it.

“I mean it Maan.” she said as if reading his thoughts. “I don’t want to get engaged anyway and I hate lying to daadima.”

He smiled at her then his dark eyes questioning her statement. “What are you afraid of Geet? Getting engaged to me ? Or are you afraid that you wont be able to help falling in love with me?”

“Are you sure there is enough space for you and your ego in this car?” She retorted smartly.

“And there I was thinking you found me attractive.” he chuckled as he watched her cheeks turn pink.

He was so close to the mark, she could hopelessly fall in love with him so easily. He had no idea how attractive she did find him she thought. She had no control over her reactions at all as hard as she tried. He looked so incredible tonight in the dark velvet jacket, accentuating just how lean and fit he was underneath. His shoulders broad, slim waist, and those killer eyes of his that all but melted her bones.

But this was wrong all wrong.

She had never imagined herself getting engaged to anyone let alone Maan Singh Khurana. Super business tycoon, super ‘sexy’ business tycoon, she corrected. He had everything any woman would want, an unshakeable code of ethics, honesty, talent, flair and a superior intelligence that had built such a vast empire but she had a job to do. She had to look after her brother and sister, she had to get them into a good school and build her company from strength to strength, getting tangled up with him would just distract her from her goals.

The devil goaded him to keep probing to see if his impressions of her were wrong and this was all just a token of resistance from her and nothing more. “Geet you might find that you enjoy being engaged to me. It would open many business doors for you. Having my name linked with yours will add weight to your small company.”

“Thank you, but my ‘small’ company is doing fine without any ones help.” She said angrily. “Pinky and I, we work hard to achieve our success, we don’t need any ones help to get ahead. I don’t want any doors opened for me that will get slammed in my face when you suddenly decided that it doesn’t suit your purpose to be engaged to me.” she told him furiously. “Perhaps you should think about getting engaged to Sonali or someone like her, I am sure she would be happy to oblige and what did you say ? Oh yes, keep the line of incessant idiots away from your door.” she said her amber eyes clouding over as she remembered how he had charmed the other woman.

Maan hid a smile as he watched her body language. She bristled and objected like a furious kitten, turning and obstinately looking out of the window anywhere and everywhere but him. This is what he enjoyed, no woman could argue with him or give as good as she got so smartly as Geet could. She was bright and sharp and funny, and no other woman could turn him on as fast and furiously as Geet could either, just a tantalising whiff of her perfume and he was on full alert. No, he thought, Ms Independent, I will not be putting my ring on anyone else’s finger but yours.

“Maybe I will ask Sonali.” he said casually, goading her further thoroughly enjoying the muttered Punjabi curses she was saying under her breath.

They arrived at the Shah residence, a valet opened the door for her and she jumped out before he could say anything more.

As she walked in Geet spied Mr and Mrs Shah at the entrance, along with Sonali. She greeted them warmly aware that Maan had caught up with her and was right next to her, his hand at her elbow in a proprietorial manner.

Mr and Mrs Shah were dressed as Feroz and Zeenat in seventies costumes looking as if they had just come off the sets of Kurbani. Mr Shah was wearing a white suit, ruffled shirt and bow tie, Mrs Shah wearing a white maxi dress looking very pretty.

“Maan!” Sonali gushed. “I was waiting for you, why are you so late?”

Geet stared at her, Pinky was right in what she had been thinking, Sonali was wearing more make-up than dress, it was so short it barely covered her bottom, showing her ample cleavage, she had garnished it with a feather boa roped her neck, looking very much like a Vamp.

Mr Shah said, “You remember Sonali of-course.” Searching around he said, “My nephew, Raju, Sonali’s brother, has also arrived this morning, he was here just a moment ago. He just managed to get time off at short notice and decided to join Sonali here for holidays, I will introduce you to him later.” He finished, not finding his nephew nearby.

“Thank you for inviting us.” Maan said politely, “everyone is looking fabulous.” he said as they looked around the hall, there were Gabbars, Basanti’s, Helen’s, Shashi Kapoors, Pran’s, Shammi Kapoots, Mumtaz, Bindu, Abhitabh’s and even a Johnny Walker and Tun Tun, so many costumes all looking fabulous. “Who’s idea was this? He asked.

“My darling Zeenat.” Mr Shah said looking at his wife tenderly , “She thought that she would introduce Sonali to some Bollywood fun.”

“Maan, Geet I must say you are both looking fantastic. Don? Right?” And as Maan nodded, “and you must be Kamini….out to seduce and get revenge on Maan..err Don .” said Sunitaji, beaming at them both. Her eyes taking in the glaring looks Geet was giving Sonali.

Geet blushed bright pink. Maan grinned enjoying her discomfort.

“Its nothing like that Sunitaji” Geet hastily replied. “Don errr Maan can go ahead and do whatever he wants.” she declared glaring at him.

Sonali interjected herself between Maan and Geet, grabbing his arm she led him away.

Maan smiled a charming smile at Geet, allowing himself to be led away by Sonali. Geet glared back at him, and then smiled baring her teeth at Sonali. She was welcome to him.

Pinky and Adi spied Maan and Geet at the entrance. Adi turned to Pinky and said, “Mona darling, you are a clever girl! Those costumes look amazing on them.”

Pinky grinned at him and dragged him towards Geet.

“Geet!” Sniffed Pinky, “tum bahut acchee lagtee ho!”

Geet looked at Pinky and Adi and had to laugh. Pinky looked so cute as Nirupa Roy, her eyes brimming with huge tears that made streaks down her chubby cheeks, wearing a real cotton sari and carrying a large hanky she was constantly sniffing into. Adi on the hand was wearing a splendid Silver suit with matching Silver wig and a handle bar mouchy that had Geet giggling as he wiggled it.

“Clever Girl!” he said mimicking Ajit perfectly.

“You two look amazing! Pinky, did you put Adi up to making sure Maan was dressed as Don?” Geet asked her friend.

Pinky added more glycerine drops to her eyes and cried dramatically, “What could I do, Don ke peeche itne ladkiya paadi he! I had to get you to make an impression on him.” she said clutching her bosom.

Geet burst out laughing at her silly antics. “Pinky I should get really annoyed with you but I just can’t you look so cute.”

“Clever girls!” Adi said.

As they moved away from the Shah’s Pinky sniffed dramatically and cried, “Didn’t I tell you! Look at Sonali!”

“Mona darling don’t worry, Sonali will not succeed in putting our Indian Tiger on a leash. Bewakuf ladke!” Adi said in his Ajit voice.

They watched Sonali leading Maan around, talking to people and holding on to Maan as if he were her property. Every now and again he seemed to glance at her and smile Geet thought, just to rub it in. Geet glared back her eyes telling him he could do whatever he wished it was no concern of hers.

Pinky wept and said, “Mona darling ko maro goli! Geet darling, do something, that girl is going to eat SSK alive!”

“I don’t care what she does with him!” Geet declared, and walked off towards the food dragging Pinky with her.

“Oh! Itna lovely food!” Pinky’s eyes lit up, she cried in full character, sniffing and crying as she piled her plate full of food.

Geet watched Maan from under her lashes, Sonali had led him to the food counter and was busy piling her plate and asking Maan to try it. She watched as he kept declining and then as his eyes caught hers he accepted a morsel of food from Sonali’s hand, making a great show of enjoying it.

Pain tore through her. Why was she feeling like this, she wondered. She glanced away quickly, pretending that she hadn’t been looking at him, but saw him chuckle as she abruptly turned away nearly bumping into Mr Shah and a very handsome young man with him.

“Geet, are you all right,” Mr Shah asked concerned.

“Err I am fine thank you.” she replied tightly.

“Geet, Pinky, this is my nephew Raju,” he said introducing the young man next to him. “Raju is an Accountant, Sonali’s brother.”

“Nice! Pinky sniffed smiling at Raju, “An Accountant.” But Raju’s eyes were transfixed on Geet, he just nodded to Pinky absently.

“Raju, Pinky and Geet are working on the Parth Township project for us along with Maan Singh Khurana, I will introduce you to him later.”

“Hi, Geet, you are looking so fabulous.” He said ignoring Pinky altogether. “I am afraid I don’t know much about Bollywood characters, but whoever you are meant to be, you’re looking stunning.” He said in his American accent, smiling broadly and practically falling over her.

Stepping back from his over enthusiastic greeting Geet blushed, “Err thank you. Nice to meet you.” she said politely, than as some else approached Mr shah she walked around him to a table Adi had sat down at along with Pinky.

From across the room, Maan watched as the man followed Geet to their table. Who was he and why was he following Geet.

“Er Geet.” Raju said following them, “You didn’t take any food, may I get you something?”

Geet declined politely smiling at Raju. “Thank you no, I am not very hungry.” she said.

“But you must try the chocolate mousse, it’s very delicious.” He said, “let me get you some.” He begged, walking off to get some for her.

Geet pinky wailed “you’re going to break his heart Geet.”

“And the way Maan sir is looking at him,” Adi muttered, “he is going to break Raju’s legs.”

Raju came back minutes later with some chocolate mousse and a spoon. He took a spoonful and offered it to Geet to try.

“Yeh to Teja se bhi tej nikla!” Adi whispered loudly his face a picture of astonishment.

“Aaa laut ke aja mere Maan…….. tuje meri Geet bulati hai!” sang Pinky her eyes brimming, she sniffed into her hanky.

“What?” Raju asked wondering what Pinky and Adi were saying, “I am afraid my Hindi is not very good.” he said apologetically.

“Er thank you, Rajuji but I am not very hungry.” Geet said politely, glaring at Adi and Pinky to keep quiet.

“Have some,” he said not taking no for an answer, waving the spoon in front of her face.

“She doesn’t want it,” Maan said suddenly appearing right next to Raju and giving him a dark look. Sonali followed close behind saying plaintively, “Maan why did you suddenly leave?”

“Raju what are you doing here?” She said dismissing Adi, Pinky and Geet. “Maan this is my brother Raju.” Sonali said introducing the two men.

Geet looked at Sonali’s red painted nails clutching Maan’s arm, anger erupted in her fast and furiously “I think I will have some, thank you Raju.” she said in a saccharine voice, giving Raju a brilliant smile and taking the offering from his spoon.

She felt Maan stiffen in anger as he watched her taking the spoon of mousse into her mouth and relish it. Her amber eyes stared defiantly into his dark unfathomable ones.

“Mona darling, you’re playing with fire.” Adi whispered to her as he watched Maan’s face cloud over with anger.

Suddenly the music started up. ‘Yeh mera dil pyaar ka deewana….dewaana,” filled the air.

Sonali pulled a reluctant Maan on to the dance floor. Geet watched him, her eyes sparking. Why was he glaring at her like that when all evening he had been flirting with Sonali, she was just getting her own back on him.

“Would you like to dance,” Raju asked trying his luck.

“Why not,” Geet said standing up quickly before sense took hold of her.

“Geet!” Pinky choked on her food. Adi looked troubled, his face turned pale.

Raju swung her out on to the dance floor.

“Jaan ke badle mein jaan lo nazarana………..!”

Geet twirled, as Raju’s hands closed on her waist. She stiffened suddenly. Raju felt all wrong but she was in a defiant mood as she watched Maan twirl Sonali around fast and furiously glaring across at her.

“Pal, pal, ek haar pal, dil mein ek toofan hai……….aane ko hai ek maanzil jiska muje armaan hai…”

Maan’s arms were around Sonali, those fingers that had trailed down her cheek only earlier were now splayed over Sonali’s back, it burned her to see that.

Her eyes defiantly sparked at Maan across the floor “…Aata hai pyaar mein mujhe jaal jaana…”

Raju’s hands were not what she wanted on her, they felt alien to her but she carried on dancing, defying Maan with every step, telling him that she watching his every move with Sonali.

“Mushkil hai pyare tera baach ke jaana.” she sang as she twirled and flirted with Raju turning the man into mush as she turned it on full volume with her eyes.

Jealousy like nothing he had ever felt before coursed through Maan. She was dazzling everyone with her dancing in that dress. Raju’s hands were all over her, he closed his eyes unable to watch and yet they flew open of their own accord to watch her sensuous movements. He turned Sonali so fast she stumbled, he just caught her in time before she hit the floor, but he was done with playing games. Thankfully the music ended and he walked away before he did something silly, his hands balled into fists, leaving a bewildered Sonali standing on the dance floor with her mouth open in astonishment.

As the music ended Geet felt sick. Raju was nice enough but he was not Maan. She realised she couldn’t bear any ones hands on her like that at all except Maan’s. Excusing herself from a very confused Raju, she walked away from the dance floor stumbling slightly as she realised the full implications of her feelings. Maan Singh Khurana had spoiled her for any other man.

Maan watched her stumble back to their table, with Raju following close behind. Watching the other man’s hands on her had made his blood boil. He knew she had been doing it just to annoy him as he had done with Sonali but still, he had hated it.

He decided he couldn’t stay a minute longer in this room, he had to get out of there before he flattened Raju and dragged Geet off like a caveman. He walked up to Mr Shah and tendered his apologies for leaving early, stating he had an urgent matter to attend to. Turning, he fished out his mobile and called Adi even though he was only a few steps away.

“Adi!” he barked into the phone, “Make sure Geet gets home safely, I am going home.”

“BBBut Maan sir!” Adi stuttered unhappily.

Geet looked up and her eyes clashed with Maan’s, his face was set in angry hard lines. He stared at her for a full moment, than turning smartly on his heels, he walked out.


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Chapter 25


“Geet you look awfully pale.” Pinky said with real concern in her brimming eyes.


“I am fine…” Geet said hesitantly. The look in Maan’s eyes had been so anguished. “I need to get home. Adi please can you call me a taxi?”


“Can I drop you home.” Raju asked trying his luck again.


“Nahi! GG Geet, we will drop you.” Adi said standing up and giving his best villainous Ajit look to Raju who shrugged his shoulders and walked away.


“But you two, your party..and you made such an effort don’t leave on my behalf.” Geet pleaded feeling bad.


“Nahiiiiiiii aab yeah party mein kuch nahi raha and anyway we have already eaten.” Pinky cried into her hanky, trying to make her friend feel better.


They got up and went in search for Mr and Mrs Shah and bade them goodbye, thanking them for a lovely party.



Maan stepped into the quiet house, his whole body quivering with rage as he saw Geet in Raju’s arms again and again. Walking into his room he shrugged off his jacket and trousers, he was too wound up to sleep, pulling on his joggers he was about to walk to the exercise area in order to get this rage out of his system when he spied a dark velvet box on his desk.


He walked up to it and saw the note daadima had placed beside it.


‘Maan beta, the jeweller has left this for you earlier. He wants to know if you like it and should he design the ring in the same way? I am going to Sushila aunty’s house I will see you tomorrow.’


He flicked the box open. The pendant sparkled throwing gold and white light everywhere. The jeweller had done an excellent job he had to admit. The pendant had a little shell like claw holding the stone on which smaller diamonds sparkled. He pulled it out of its box and let it hang in front of him, the facets sparkled and gleamed, just as sometimes Geet’s eyes did when she was angry with him. Tonight she had been sparking at him furiously, but then she had got her own back by making him burn as he had watched her with someone else. Carelessly, he threw the jewel back into its box and as anger threatened to overwhelm him again he walked out of his room barefoot and bare chested to work it off.

Walking into her out house bedroom, Geet took off the dress and threw it on the bed. What had happened to her out there? He had been flirting with Sonali, all the while making sure she saw it all as if he was playing a game with her. Why had it hurt so much to see him with her? She was constantly telling herself that there was no relationship between them and yet it hurt on so many levels to watch him with another woman.


She went into the shower and turned it on full force, shedding the rest of her clothes she stepped into the hot stream, trying to wash away the feeling of Raju’s hands on her. Why had she danced with him she groaned, berating herself. Only because Maan had driven her crazy by flirting with Sonali she surmised. But why was she letting it bother her at all! The pain she felt at watching them together had been intense, she had been totally unprepared for that feeling. Stepping out of the shower she dried herself. Putting on fresh underwear she pulled on his white shirt and leggings.

Wearing his shirt had now become a unconscious habit. She walked into her bedroom, drying her hair with a towel. Her thoughts still crowded with confusion.


Maan was rapidly becoming an obsession for her, her thoughts seemed to be occupied by him totally. That look he had given her before he walked out had been shocking. His eyes had been full of pain and anguish, as if he couldn’t bare watching her with anyone else, but why would he feel like that when there was no definable relationship between them? Didn’t he want to get engaged just for daadima’s sake? What was going on in his mind?


Suddenly the necessity to speak to him became paramount, she slid off the bed and walked towards the linking corridor. The full moon created pools of silvery light where ever it fell guiding her way. The night breeze carried in tones of raat ke raani, jasmine and rose from the gardens creating a seductive and sensual atmosphere.


She heard him before she saw him. His grunts of contact with the punch bag echoed around the quiet hall. Shivering slightly as if her body detected something monumental was about to happen, she turned the corner and saw him in the middle of the floor bathed in silvery moonlight. The hall was surrounded by silvery white gauzy curtains that swayed and dipped in the breeze creating the feeling of a stage that was a set just for her viewing pleasure.


Seeing him like this sent her senses reeling. He looked so incredible, masculine intensity oozed from him. Bare chested he looked primitive and dangerous, a sigh escaped from her lips and was picked up by the fragrant breeze and carried through the hall.


His eyes were intense and he punched and turned and punched again with his hands and his feet. The aggression, the determination evident on his face as he worked off the anger that coursed through his body. In his mind he could see Raju’s fingers sinking into Geet’s slim waist, her lush lips opening to take the mouthful of mousse from his spoon. He would never touch chocolate mousse again he decided, punching the bag extra hard.


She watched in awe, his body was perfection, his movements graceful and determined. Her heart started pounding and her breath quickened as excitement coursed through her veins, the heat reaching every nerve ending, making her tingle.


He turned away from the punch bag and started performing a kata that stretched and showed off his every muscle to perfection. His black joggers rested low on his hips, her eyes lingered on his abs and washboard stomach and then gulped as he turned and showed off his back to her, as if he was performing the steps just for her, the muscles rippling and glowing with a sheen of sweat.


“Maan” his name escaped her lips as she drank in his perfection.


She was here, he knew she would come to him. His eyes were closed but he could hear her breathing, he could hear her sighs. He heard his name escape from her lips like a prayer. She was hiding and watching, her fragrance hit his nostrils as he took a deep breath filling his lungs with it.


Why was she hiding? Could she not face him after what she had done? But then again he had started it by flirting with Sonali to make her jealous. He realised then that they had the propensity to hurt each and hurt each deeply. It was not a realisation that he enjoyed. He did not like the thought of feeling such pain again. He had never allowed himself to get so close to anyone before just for this reason. Distant childhood memories had forged the man he was today.


“Geet! Stop hiding and come out!” He said it quietly but his voice echoed and bounced around the room like a command.


She flattened herself even harder against the pillar where she was hiding. How had he known she was there? Her body trembled, she had no control over what was happening to her. A white gauzy curtain touched and flowed over her, caressing her, she remembered Maan’s feather light kiss the other day her body tightened with need. She wanted to fly into his arms and at the same time run from these feelings so intense.


Babaji! What was happening to her? Emotions and feelings crowded her mind like swirling mists. She couldn’t face him like this, he was blocking her exit to the out house, panicking she ran blindly away from him, trying to put distance between them.


He heard her soft footsteps as she ran. But he was not going to let her run this time. The time for running had gone. Walking around the hall he searched for her, her subtle fragrance was everywhere. Then his bare feet felt the small drops of water she had shed, in his minds eye he saw her wet hair glistening with pearly drops of water. Stealthily he followed the trail.


Where she was running to, she had no idea, she ran the length of the corridor, all doors were shut except one, she ran towards it running inside quickly and skidded to a halt. It was a bedroom, the tones blue, silver and grey, it looked like a picture in a magazine, bathed in the moonlight which flowed through the open window. Maan’s bedroom she surmised from the laptop and files piled on the desk. Damn! What had possessed her to run this way? Groaning she turned to escape from there, when she heard his soft steps right outside, in a panic she hid behind the door.


So, unwittingly she had run right into his room, he stepped in looking around, where was she hiding? Than he heard her soft gasps for air, stepping forward he snaked an arm out, grabbing her by the wrist he pulled her around to face him.


She stood trembling like a leaf in front of him, her eyes cast down looking at her bare feet not wanting to look at him. He pulled her towards the window without saying a word.


She had been caught, well and truly now there was no escape. Her lips trembled. His raw masculinity surrounded her, he was all man, primitive, bare chested and beautiful.


She looked so incredibly beautiful, silky soft skin, free of make up, the wet strands of her hair drying around her face. The long lashes throwing spiky shadows across her cheeks as she kept her eyes lowered. Gently he hooked a finger under her chin and lifted her face to him, so he could look into her eyes in the light of the full moon. She closed them shut, not wanting him to see her inner feelings when she felt so vulnerable.


“Open your eyes Geet.” He commanded softly.


She shut them tighter, they were filling with tears, in vain, she tried to keep them at bay.


“Open your eyes, Geet.” he said again, running his thumb across her trembling lush lower lip.


No! She couldn’t! She shivered at his action.


His finger pad gently trailed down her cheek. “Open your eyes Geet.” he commanded, leaning right into her.


She felt his heat, she felt the power of him, she couldn’t stop herself.


Dragging her eyes open, she opened her soul to him.


A gasp of pain escaped his lips as he saw the huge tears in her eyes.


“Geet!” He watched the amber pools fill and tears sparkled like diamonds in them. There was so much pain, so much anguish in them he felt his heart had been cut open.


“Who are you running from Geet?” he asked, his eyes were so dark and intense they bored into hers.


The finger that was hooked under her chin, moved and brushed her cheek. “From me or your self?”


A single tear overspilled and trailed down her soft silky cheek. He caught it on his finger tip, it glistened like a diamond.


“Destiny keeps throwing us together, you can’t run forever.”


Her eyes were so huge and she trembled like a leaf with internal turmoil.


“I can’t get engaged to you.” she whispered up into his face imploring him to understand.


“There is no choice for either of us Geet. The link between us is fine as a silk thread but as strong as steel, can’t you feel it?” He said his hands closing on her shoulders drawing her closer to him.


“I have no business feeling anything for you Maan” she whispered her eyes full of pain.


“I am a very possessive man, I never want to see you dance with another man ever again.” he told her and it was the same for her he could see that in her eyes, his dancing with Sonali had hurt her. “Tonight we both hurt each other trying to make each other jealous. Now there will be no more running. Destiny has brought you into my life and now there is no turning back, we are in this together.”


“Kis rishte se are we together?” She questioned, her voice a mere whisper. Her glistening eyes challenging him.


He reached over to his desk behind her.


“Nothing about our rishta is conventional, just like this yellow diamond, its unique.” He hung the tear drop up in the air, slowly it turned on its chain throwing sparkly light everywhere.


But her eyes only gazed at him, she barely registered the huge teardrop pendant he was holding up. Geet stared at him unable to believe how beautiful he was. His bare skin gleamed golden, she kept her eyes level to his chest not daring to gaze lower at his belly button and the thin line of hair that trailed down. She wanted to run, but her legs had rooted to the spot and were not moving. She was losing control of herself rapidly as he trapped her with his heated gaze. She fisted her hands tightly with effort so that her fingers didn’t reach up and start to play on his chest as they so itched to. Her eyes drank him in as he stood bathed in the glow of the moonlight, looking very much in control. She wanted to just lay her cheek against his bare chest and let him take care of her, but she fought that urge knowing that if she surrendered to her emotions there would be no turning back for her.


His eyes roamed over her exquisite face, watching the conflicting emotions flutter over them. Then slowly he reached around her and secured the necklace around her neck. Reaching down he flicked open two buttons on his shirt as if it was the most natural thing to do and his right, so the diamond slid and nestled in her cleavage as if it had found its rightful home.


“Geet however hard you fight fate has decreed that we are to be together.” He said pulling her into his arms and turning her to the window.


“This full moon will be our witness tonight as we start our naya rishta together. We are like the Moon and the Stars, we will learn to live with each other, and as time goes on we will become as inseparable.” He told her as he gazed at her exquisite face.


“This is not what I planned.” She trembled against him.


“Geet,” he said leaning his forehead against hers. “Before you came into my life I used to plan every minute of the day, now I find that I can barely keep up with your daily antics, what may happen in the future, I can’t say but I know life with you will never be boring.”


“Maan!” As she looked up at him, he couldn’t help himself but catch those lush lips in a kiss.

It was a needy kiss that told her that he was now part of her life, it was a kiss that told her that she belonged to him now. He crushed her to his chest and she moaned deep in her throat as his heated body imprinted itself on hers. She gave up trying to control her emotions, all the pent up pain and anguish she had felt as she watched him with Sonali. She let go of it all, kissing him back with passion, her arms winding them selves around his neck as he arched her into him. The kiss went on and on until she sagged against him her fingertips sinking into the bare skin of his back.


He broke off the kiss reluctantly as his body spiralled out of control. His eyes saw his wide bed and he longed to tumble her on to it, but he knew it wouldn’t be right for Geet, he would wait for her. Events were already moving too fast for her. So instead he lifted her high against his chest and walked out of his room to the linking corridor and to the out house.


She tucked herself into his chest, his heart pounded reassuringly strong under her cheek. Their eyes locked as if they couldn’t get enough of looking at each other. It seemed to be the most natural thing for him to be carrying her back to the out house, as it was, her legs had turned into jelly from a kiss that all but melted her bones.


He looked down at her as he took her into the bedroom. The diamond glittered and glowed in her cleavage, she was his now, he had made sure she understood that. A smile played on his lips at how adorable she looked. “I will give you a couple more off these shirts so you don’t have to keep wearing the same one.” he said gently putting her on the bed. “Now go to sleep Geet, it’s late whatever happens from now on we will deal with it together.” It was so hard to walk away from her but he had to do it.


Her hand sought the diamond and she looked at it properly for the first time. He had given her something so unique and exquisite, it took her breath away. Her eyes closed on a sigh, as she watched him walk out of her room. He had not said anything about his feelings or love, only that they had a unique rishta. What was she to understand from his words. Was he happy to be engaged to her or was he was only doing it because fate kept throwing them together? But she could no longer pretend anything else to herself, she had fallen in love with Maan Singh Khurana. Life for her would never be the same.



“Yeh kya majra hai?” Pandey muttered a frown screwing up his chubby face as he stared at the pictures spread out on his desk.


Geet and Maan arriving together. Then Maan going off with another woman, and Geet dancing with someone else? He stared hard at the pictures, by all accounts they were both enjoying dancing with their partners. He stared harder at Geet’s picture almost salivating as he saw her smiling at a man her eyes speaking volumes. This slip of a girl beat up three of my men he said running a chubby finger across her picture. His man was right she looked like an atom bomb in this golden dress!


“Wah wah, how I would like to get my hands on her.” His eyes gleamed with salacious intent. Maan Singh Khurana may not be interested in her any more but I certainly am, Pandey decided he would try and acquire Geet for himself. If he wasn’t going to get any money out of this he might as well get the girl!


His phone rang it was Patel.


“Good news boss. Chotu and Ramu have managed to get jobs on the site after a few close calls. Now we will have inside information on the comings and goings on of Maan Singh Khurana and his Geet.”


Pandey smiled a satisfied smile. “I want you to keep a especially close eye on Geet’s movements.” he said


“OK boss! Per kyu?” Patel asked scratching his head.


Pandey smiled a evil smile. “Sooner than later woh atom bomb ko mera item girl bana na hai!”




65 responses to “The Phoenix Rises – chap 24-25

  1. Sarah

    August 12, 2012 at 9:26 am

    O.M.G!!!! What a sizzling update! Geet giving Maan taste of his own medicine and both not liking it… Agar tu Barabar lagi hai donno tarraf! Thanks once again Jane dear 🙂

    • janememe

      August 12, 2012 at 9:28 am

      thanks Sarah party bahut mast hai;))
      Next week U r going to meltdown ;))) ha ha ha!!

  2. Sarah

    August 12, 2012 at 9:37 am

    Uff can’t for the meltdown, angry Maan and hurt Geet!! Battle of egos! Reminds me of the GHSP clash of Geet’s misunderstanding over dev’s release…

  3. Ritzy

    August 12, 2012 at 10:58 am

    Loved it Jane….So Maan got taste of his own medicine…I am laughing

    But i would have wanted Maan to respond to her when she asked “if he wanted to get engaged to her”. At least she should know that the only reason he wanted to delay was because of her security..hmmm…your updates just leave me craving for more….

    • janememe

      August 12, 2012 at 11:09 am

      Ritzy thanks for your kind comments ;))

      Abhi to picture baaki hai meri jaan ;)) haiiiiiiiiiiiii!!

  4. honeygrape

    August 12, 2012 at 11:28 am

    oohh my God….now geet is in real trouble,…..cant wait till next sunday ..awesome awesome awesome part…..eagerly waiting for the next part…….

    • janememe

      August 12, 2012 at 6:58 pm

      Thanks Honeygrape Geet is defo in trouble ;))

  5. nafisakazi

    August 12, 2012 at 11:55 am

    my my how the tables are turned….am interested in the aftermath now……

    • janememe

      August 12, 2012 at 6:59 pm

      Nafs you will like I think the aftermath *wink wink*

  6. Annie Jose

    August 12, 2012 at 12:11 pm

    *fans herself* the atmosphere just crackled and blazed…..woweeee what an update :-)…*runs to sit in an ac room*……19th seems so so far away 😦

    • janememe

      August 12, 2012 at 7:00 pm

      OO Annie its not that far away just seven days!

  7. indepgal

    August 12, 2012 at 4:07 pm

    “whats sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander”

    i guess maan undertands this saying perfectly today! 🙂

    • janememe

      August 12, 2012 at 7:00 pm

      LOL Indep :)) Well he started it!

  8. Radhika

    August 12, 2012 at 4:13 pm

    oui ma! the party was on full fire n i almost expected caveman behavior from maan… but sigh he just walked away? MAAN HOW CAN U DO THAT!

    • janememe

      August 12, 2012 at 7:01 pm

      he had to walk away before he lost it! Radhika :))

      • Radhika

        August 13, 2012 at 12:46 am

        oh i have told u before i lurve an angry Maan and an out of control Maan is even better coz he does some deliciously forbidden things 😉 hehe

      • janememe

        August 13, 2012 at 9:24 am

        OHO! forbidden things??? ROFL ;)) sounds exciting!

  9. tanvi

    August 12, 2012 at 6:20 pm

    oye hoye…. ‘the game of jealousy’ 😉
    but the best part is that both know that the oher one is doing it intentionally(atleast maan does ) yet they are super jealous 😉
    i think after they both reach home theres going to be a dhamakedaar face off :O (seeing how angry maan has become )
    and i love all of geet replies to sharp she is..if me in her position i wud be too dazed to reply 😉
    n now it seems maan wants to place that ring on geets finger permanently 😉

    • janememe

      August 12, 2012 at 7:02 pm

      Tanvi babes OO u read my mind ;))
      Put that ring on and glue it!!!

  10. tanvi

    August 12, 2012 at 6:23 pm

    next week sob sob..bec me going to my hostel..wnt be able to read……will miss ur sundaes jane ….hope im able to catch up with them when i come home during vacations :/ but thats gonna be after months 😦 me will super miss ur sundaes 😦

    • janememe

      August 12, 2012 at 7:03 pm

      AWWWW Tanvi! U keep well my stories will always be on the blog whenever u wanna read! Hugsssssssss

      • tanvi

        August 13, 2012 at 5:39 pm

        thankxs jane……..hugs to u too 🙂

  11. tanvi

    August 12, 2012 at 6:27 pm

    n sry forgot to mention in previous post…maan only wanted her to wear something that covers her from head to toe…i was thinking something else 😉 when he said ‘u have no idea what i want geet”
    so many hidden meanings….lols
    thnks for the sundae 😀

  12. anamikasb

    August 12, 2012 at 6:39 pm

    Ufff ! so loved it 2 played the game of Jealousy 😉
    if Maan flirted with Shonali our future Mrs . GMSK gave a taste of equally good flirting so much so that Maan left the party 😈

    Oh I’m so waiting what will Maan say once Geet reaches home about their respective acts 😀
    AWESOME !!!!!

    • janememe

      August 12, 2012 at 7:05 pm

      Me to waiting till they get home ;)) will be fun! Meltdownnnnnnnn!

  13. Dil Maaneet

    August 13, 2012 at 6:59 am

    wats next ?????
    *Dil biting her nails*

    • janememe

      August 13, 2012 at 9:25 am

      OOO wait n See Dil Vil sweety ;)) Am handing you a glove so you dont bite your nails :))

  14. Chetna

    August 14, 2012 at 7:07 am

    Hi dear..extremely sorry 4 late comments! Also had a prob commenting with this compatibility view on this website! Nyways rocking update! Maaneet have sizzling chemistry! Maan wants to keep Geet away from all the men! Wants to mark her as his! Wondered who he sld have put his ring on her finger! Possessive Maan. Sonali grabs Maan who goes willingly to make Geet jealous. Geet admits to herself tht she loves Maan! Pinky n Adi r amusing! Raju Sonali’s bro after Geet!Geet dances wid Raju n Maan wid Sonali! Raju flirting wid Geet n Maan comes to her rescue bt Geet decides to make him jealous. Maan extremely jealous n decides to leave rather than create a scene. Maan super angry n leaves! Orders Adi tio bring Geet home safely.

    • janememe

      August 14, 2012 at 5:15 pm

      No worries babes ;)) I am glad you are enjoying looks like u r ;))

  15. kalarani bhaskar

    August 14, 2012 at 8:20 am

    very nice update jane!maan got to taste his own medicine,poor guy. I wonder when they r going to realise their feelings for each other,instead of doing these jealousy stunts.eagerly waiting 4 next part.

    • janememe

      August 14, 2012 at 5:16 pm

      kalarani it would be too easy to give in!! Intezaae ka fal is meetha haina ;))

  16. kasturi

    August 15, 2012 at 10:16 pm

    “Yeh mera dil Jane ka deewana…”
    Lovely sundae as always.Thanks!
    Kya party hai!…Heady cocktails of passion and jealousy…highly intoxicating!
    Yeh dil maange More!!

    • janememe

      August 16, 2012 at 2:40 pm

      deewanaaaaaaa dewaaannaaaaaaaaa Pyaar ka dewana ;))
      Thanks Kasturi babes Hop eu r doing well?

  17. akshata

    August 17, 2012 at 3:08 pm

    wow fantastic update,was waiting for maan to be jealous, thanks jane for fulfilling it. waiting for sunday to see their conversation.

    • janememe

      August 18, 2012 at 1:59 pm

      OO Askshata…hmm convo?? I am not sure about that ;)) chk it out tomm ;))

  18. indepgal

    August 19, 2012 at 10:14 am

    gosh, Janey….. u hv so eloquently captured what we felt watching the kehna hain and the mangetar banogi sequences in the show…beautifully written, poppet!

    so pandey ji wants geet as his item girl…item toh woh hain-in what manner, remains to be seen. hope she kicks his chubby guts and brutalises him. he he 😉

    and btw, i want that pendant……wahhhhhhhh!! 😥

    now hurry up and get here….. 😀

    • janememe

      August 19, 2012 at 10:24 am

      LOL!! Indep I thought I would give your a diabetic updated to keep u guys going ;))
      will be there soon ;))

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    August 19, 2012 at 10:34 am

    fantastic update jane……. i was so busy today but was doing everything in a hurry just to read the update. The whole scene becomes alive as we are watching a movie. loved the pendent idea.. really this couple has made us mad.. we will never forget them, and please make sure that we will cherish those memories.

    • janememe

      August 19, 2012 at 10:55 am

      me too Anjali ;)) we love them to bits 😉

  20. nafisakazi

    August 19, 2012 at 11:31 am

    Janey, me loving the aftermath…….great going…..

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      Eid Mubarak ;))

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    Wowww…what an update…my day is made!! 😀
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      August 19, 2012 at 12:26 pm

      youre welcome babes aww thats kind of you to say so ;))

  22. honeygrape

    August 19, 2012 at 1:19 pm

    jane that was a beauuuuuuuuuuuutiful one ………totally loved it…..both of them dint confess to each other in proper words…hope we ll get to see that too 😉 n woh bhi in maan singh khurana style,….aah i am soo soo excited to read the upcoming parts…..thank you for this 🙂

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      August 19, 2012 at 2:18 pm

      U R welcome honeygrape ;))

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    August 19, 2012 at 11:57 pm

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    August 20, 2012 at 1:56 am

    Got transported to Geet..pandayji going to get a reality check very soon…waiting for the next update…enjoy your break…. have fun to the hilt 🙂

  25. Chetna

    August 20, 2012 at 5:58 am

    Hi Jane…will miss ya! Njoi ur break! Will wait 4 updates! Wat an update! U r an amazing writer! Geet sees Maan leave! She decides to go as well bt Raju wants to take her home! Adi interrupts n sees he will take Geet home! Is he did nt MSK wld kill him! Maan @ home n angry n jealous! Decides to the some exercise! Sees teh note from Dadi. Geet restless! thinkin abt Maan! she wears his shirt! Geet decides to speak to Maan n goes lloking 4 him! Sees him wrking out n hides bt MSK catches her! Geet mesemrised. Maan confronts her! Maan n Geet talk. Maan talks abt destiny! Geet denies. Maan puts the pendant on her! Both dnt confess their feelings! MAaneet kiss! Maan leaves. Pandey looks at pics! Patel calls! Pandey impressed with Geet! Superbly written! TC….:) have fun!

  26. Dil Maaneet

    August 20, 2012 at 7:38 am

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    August 27, 2012 at 7:32 am

    Jane….missed your update so much yesterday, hope u are enjoying ur vacations! 🙂

    • janememe

      August 30, 2012 at 8:54 am

      Hey Sarah
      awwwwwwwwwwww I am back sweety. I shall resume it as soon as I can babes ;))

  30. Dil Maaneet

    August 29, 2012 at 6:11 am

    missin u babe …………….. :(((

    • janememe

      August 30, 2012 at 8:55 am

      AWWWWWWWWWWWW thanks so nice to be loved ;))

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    September 2, 2012 at 4:50 pm

    Hi Jane..hope u enjoyed ur holidays! Glad u back! Update soon! 🙂

    • janememe

      September 3, 2012 at 7:14 am

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    September 18, 2012 at 8:48 am

    Abhi read part 25
    woops ! hot 😳 loved it 😉

    loved their convo

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      September 18, 2012 at 9:04 am

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  33. Julie

    September 6, 2013 at 4:49 am

    OK I admit it, I cheated. I am technically still on chapter 3 but I have this habit of jumping ahead to other chapters. 😦 I promise to go back and read the story completely. I always do!

    But I had to tell u, that chapter 25 was FANTASTIC! Excellent writing! I could see it all happening. Geet’s fears, Maan’s passion – SIGH. Absolutely amazing!!!!

    • janememe

      September 6, 2013 at 8:57 am

      Chap 25? keep forgetting but thanks Julie am glad u had fun reading it :0) So how did you come across my blog?

      • Julie

        September 7, 2013 at 6:24 pm

        How did I find your blog? Well I first found out about wordpress,com through the IF forum so I came over here to try to find other stories on my favorite characters. Then your blog was in the ‘recommended list’, I think it is called. Basically I was looking for Geet & Maan and the search engine recommended other blogs they thought I might be interested in, or the wording was something like ‘the blogs I have been on have also been to this blog’. And long story short, here I am! 🙂

      • janememe

        September 7, 2013 at 8:38 pm

        Oho ;)) thats brill to know. I always wonder how ppl get to me cos i dont advertise much ;))

  34. fermeen30

    January 9, 2017 at 11:47 pm

    Loved part 24 and 25


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