The Phoenix Rises chapter 13-14-15

After a long break here is chapter 13…unlucky for some as they say…but what does it hold in store for Geet and Maan? Do comment love to read them ;))))))))

Chapter 13

Asleep her body accepted and knew his touch, Maan mused as she buried her face in his chest, awake her mind objected. Gently, he laid her down on the bed removing her shoes and pulled the covers over her. For some reason he felt better that she was now where he could keep an eye on her. He stood for a long time watching her sleep. She was so stubborn and wilful and incredibly beautiful. She was rapidly becoming addictive.

As he walked into the house much later, he saw Daadima still sitting up and on her laptop.

Astonished, he asked “Daadima? What are you still doing up? I thought I told you that I would be late?”

She ignored his questions and without beating about the bush asked “how is she?”

His eyes turned dark with a mixture of anger and pain. “She is fine,” he said in clipped tones. Tomorrow, he was going to throttle that reporter who had started all this.

At the same time in another part of town………………

Geet’s landlord sat back smiling even though his swollen face hurt, the bundles of money in front of him made him very happy. He had just given an exclusive to the Daily Delhi about how Maan Singh Khurana came to Geet’s flat all the time, sometimes not leaving till the early hours of the morning and many other such juicy details of their relationship.

Revenge is a dish best served cold he thought as he wandered how much to increase the rent by for Geet’s flat, he was sure Geet would be moving out soon.

Geet awoke feeling stiff as a board. Her whole body ached. Her eyes opened and she remembered where she was, again. She lay still listening for the sound of running water or any sign that Maan was around but heard nothing. Turning her head she looked at the bedside clock, it was already eight and saw a note under it.


Do not bother come to work today. There are some fresh clothes on the chair. I have left some pain killers for you but make sure you have them after you eat breakfast. Nakul will have left it in the kitchen for you. If you need a Doctor call this number.

There was scribbled number underneath. There was no signature but then she knew that it could not be anyone else. Groaning she lay back on the bed for a moment collecting her thoughts.

What did he mean don’t bother to come in to work she thought sourly. Clambering out of bed stiffly, she found the pile of clothes. Everything was brand new, a white salwar suit that was incredibly pretty, its duppatta covered in tiny sparkling pretty yellow flowers in her size, also some exquisite peach pure silk lacy underwear which had her blushing bright red. How had he known her size she wondered. Not even wanting to think about it any further she went to have a shower.

After dressing she found her way to the kitchen, where she located a breakfast of continental, as well as aloo paratha and yoghurt. Just looking at it her tummy grumbled and she tucked in with relish polishing it off after missing her meals all day yesterday. Maan Singh Khurana may be extremely annoying and interfering, she thought but he did know how to look after his guests.

Madam, mein Nakul hoon, aap ko Daadima ne bulya hai. Aap ready ho to aayee.” said a man appearing in the kitchen just as she finished.

One minute,” muttered Geet. Running back to her room she grabbed her new phone and duppatta and followed Nakul.

Maan ke Daadima. Geet paled how was she going to face her after that picture she worried chewing her bottom lip as she followed Nakul to the main house.

Suitably impressed as she entered the main house, she realised why every pore of Maan Singh Khurana’s skin screamed self confidence, coming from beginnings like this had forged him, but it was more then the wealthy background there was something in Maan that she had not seen in any other man. He was self made, extremely intelligent and worked very hard, he was his own hard taskmaster, setting his own standards high, she had seen that for herself.

She saw Savitridevi sitting reading a paper, she looked greatly troubled, although as she approached Savitridevi folded it up and put it aside, rising to greet her warmly.

Geetbeta how are you? Maan told me your were injured yesterday, he left the doctors number for you I hope?”

Err I am fine. Mr Khurana was just worrying too much.” Geet replied blushing a little.

Daadima hid a smile, Mr Khurana? She knew from her grandson’s behaviour their relationship had gone way beyond that and as for this mornings Daily Delhi article the less said the better she thought.

Would you like some tea, beta?”

No I am fine thanks,” Geet said feeling awkward.

Sit please, its so nice to have a lovely young lady to talk to. Maan is so busy running KC he hardly has time to breathe nowadays,” she moaned conspiratorially to Geet. Who looked a vision in her white salwar khameez.

Geet sat down gingerly on the cream sofa feeling like a bacteria under a microscope as Daadima looked her up and down with intense scrutiny.

Beta aap ke parents must be so proud of you, all these achievements at such a young age?”

Geet’s faced filled with pain instantly as she thought about her parents.

Haan,” she whispered, “they were very proud of me.”

Daadima’s ears perked up, “Were?” She asked gently seeing the pain on her face.

Geet blinked back her tears as she said, “they died over six months ago in a car accident.”

Savitridevi heart reached out to her. “Any brothers and sisters?”

Geet smiled, it lit up her whole face, “I have one young brother Chotu who is seven and gets up to so much mischief and Babli is eight, she is quiet and very responsible for her age.”

Who is looking after them now?”

My fathers brother and his wife are looking after them at the moment, once this project is completed I hope to bring them here, by then I will have enough money to put them in a good school and look after them myself.”

Watching Geet’s face carefully, Daadima surmised that Geet was not happy about leaving her siblings with relations the way she had said fathers brother instead of uncle and aunt. It really put Geet’s situation in a completely new light for her, she wondered if Maan knew about this.

Geet’s phone rang she stared at it in surprise, she had not given this new number to anyone. She hesitated a little before answering in case it was more news hounds.

Geet!” Maan barked at her down the phone. “What took you so long to answer the phone?” Then as he thought about something he carried on “did you call the doctor?”

Err nahi I am fine, M..err Mr Khurana.”

Maan’s brain whirred why was she acting so proper? “Where are you talking from Geet?”

I am sitting here with Savitridevi.”

Maan’s eyes widened with surprise and then a frown marked his forehead, Daadima was probably grilling her to death about them he thought.

Geet! Are you not coming to work today? Should you be sitting there gossiping when there so much to do!” He finished sarcastically.

Oh!” Geet fumed, glaring into the phone.

Daadima hid a smile and motioned Nakul to come over and told him to get call the driver to drop Geet to KC.

I will be coming into work in a shortly, and I have the deadlines in mind thank you very much!” she told him in a annoyed voice.

She terminated the call and looked at Daadima who was smiling widely.


I know, Geet you have to go to work, I have asked the driver to drop you. If you don’t get their quickly Maan will probably explode with rage. Please do come back and I would love you to come and stay in the main house with us.”

Sharing a house with Maan! The image of his wet torso as he approached her, rushed into her mind with a wave of heat that she was totally unable to control the deep flush on her face.

But if you feel more comfortable in the out house you are welcome to stay there as long as you like.” Daadima said noting the deep flush on her cheeks, it seemed her grandson had quite an effect on her.

Er..Thank you, but as soon as I find a flat I will be moving. I am so grateful to you and M…Mr Khurana for letting me stay there.” Geet said softly hoping that Savitridevi would not have noticed her flushed face.

Savtridevi walked up to Geet and gently touched her cheek in a gesture of endearment. “Beti, you can come to me any time you need anything. Please do not stand on formalities, I know these next few days are going to be difficult for you, think of me as your Daadima also.” She finished thinking of the new allegations printed in the paper. She intended to speak to the owner of that paper today and sort out this mess. God knows what Maan is going to do when he sees it she worried.

Geet smiled at Savitridevi and thanked her taking her leave, she went to the car. Why was Maan so grumpy all the time when his daadima was such a lovely lady she wondered.

Savitridevi sat down and reached for her phone and called the office of the newspaper determined to speak to Mr Bakshi, who she knew held a high stake in it.

From the car Geet decided to call Mr Rabari as she had asked him to prepare some more measurements and site details she wondered if he had them ready.

Mohanji have you got the files ready that I requested the other day?” Geet asked.

Yes Geet I have them ready, do you want me to send them over?”Mohanji replied.

Geet looked at the time she could get there and then take them to the office in an hour, then she would be able to work on them straight away.

No, I will come and pick them up as I am not too far I would like to see them as soon as possible.” she advised him. “Thank you Mohanji for preparing them so quickly.”

Adi stared down at the paper, his face a picture of nervousness, gulping, he wondered what Maan sir would do when he saw the ‘Exclusive’ article. It was such utter and complete lies, preparing for Maan’s reaction he decided to get the lawyers in. He reached for the phone, it rang, startling him completely.

Adi this is Geet, I am just ringing in to say that I am going to the site to pick up some papers from Mohanji at the site.”

Geet have you changed your number?”

Yes Adi, its a long story but this will be my new number, please note it down but do not give it out to anyone else please.”

The newspapers still hounding you?” Adi asked his face a picture of concern.

They are driving me mad!” Geet moaned.

Adi groaned its was going to get worse, much worse, “Geet, Maan sir said you are not to go to the site alone. Come back to the office please.”

Geet glared into the phone immediately her hackles rising, Maan Singh Khurana was not going to take over her life! She had managed very well without him before and she would do now.

Adi, please do not worry I am quite capable of looking after myself,”she told him and you can tell that to your Maan Sir too!” she added for good measure.

Adi laughed nervously, his head spinning, between these two I am definitely going to go mad he thought. Maybe he should talk to Pinky and ask her advise about handling Geet he thought.

Geet, please do come back I will get a office boy to get your files.” Adi pleaded.

Adi please do not worry, really, Mr Shah has increased the security at the site nothing will happen to me.” she assured him. “Now I had better go we are nearly there.” she said cutting the call.”

Adi put the phone down to have it instantly ring again.

Adi! Get the lawyers in! I have had about enough of these salacious comments that rag of a newspaper are printing!” Maan barked into the phone.

M..M..Maan Sir, I am arranging it already.” Adi replied with a long sigh.

Why are you sighing like that Adi? Maan questioned. “Is there a problem?” Maan picking up on Adi’s tone immediately.

Err…No …Errr”

ADI!” Maan barked at him.

Its just that Geet called and she is going to the site, I asked her to come straight to the office but she insisted on picking up some files from Mr Rabari herself.” he finished his voice full of concern.

Maan’s eyes widened, his temper rising instantly. “When will that woman ever listen to reason?” he muttered to Adi and cut the call. Immediately telling his driver to turn the car in the direction of the site. He had been thinking of what to say to her when he saw her about this article. Having thrown the newspaper right across the car angrily he had worried about her instantly. At least she was at his home where she would be safer but Ms Geet Handa would have to do exactly the opposite of what he told her, she was that stubborn.

Geet got out of the car and walked up to the small site office. There were a lot of workers about today, they stopped and stared at her. She smiled back in her usual fashion unconcerned and went in search of Mr Rabari.

Mohanji!” she called out as she spotted the little man amongst a few engineers they all seemed to be huddled around a newspaper.

Geet, Oh yes!” he said somewhat flustered at the lovely vision. The men with him did a double take when they saw her, all looking at her now with intense stares.

Geet stared back at them with a frown, wondering what had got into them.

Err Geet let me get the file for you!” Mohajni took her by the elbow leading her to the small office.

Something was wrong Geet thought as Mohanji looked a very flustered. Deciding to take the bull by the horns she asked him.

Is anything wrong Mohanji? It seems, everyone is staring at me in a very odd way?”

Mohanji looked at Geet in a fatherly manner, he was not sure how to approach the subject so he asked “have you seen this mornings Daily Delhi?”

Err No……” Geet replied her soft brown eyes clouding over with worry. What had they printed now?

He reached over his desk and handed her the paper.

Tycoon’s secret affair revealed!” Screamed the headline.

Maan Singh Khurana one of Delhi’s most eligible bachelors is said to be having a secret affair with Geet Handa who he is now reputed to be working with. Shockingly, the landlord where she lives says “he often stays the night at Geet’s flat.”

Geet could read no more, she swayed with shock. How could they print something so utterly untrue. Her mind whirled, she felt sick and angry.

Mohanji saw the utter shock in her face as she paled.

Beti sit down,” he said offering up a chair for her. He knew it was all lies, Geet did not come across to him to be someone like that at all.

Geet cluched the edge of the desk in front of her, knuckles white with strain not sitting down but want to flee from it all.

Beti, I know these are all lies,” Mohanji muttered angrily, he too had daughters and knew exactly what problems would arise for Geet with this disgusting article.

Geet just stared blankly into the distance. Everyday seemed to be bringing new problems for her each of them sullying her reputation further. Feeling helpless and angry she took the file Mohanji had placed on the desk for her and walked out of his site office and back to her car without a word.

Mohanji watched her as she got into the car, her posture sadly defeated. Angrily he walked back to his men and told them all to throw away the paper in the bin and if anyone said so much a word about Geet he would make sure they never worked for him again. The men all stared at their boss and obeyed without hesitation, they knew he was a just and fair man. Mr Rabari decided to call the newspaper office and register his complaint about such an untruthful article, demanding to get the sleaze writer fired.

Madam where to?” The driver asked after a while as Geet sat in the car without giving him any instructions.

Blinking back tears of anguish Geet said “Out house please.” There was no way she could face anyone at the moment. Her fingers curled into her palms making vivid red crescents as she sought to gain control. What was she going to do?

Walking into the out house bedroom she saw that someone had been and left some bags for her. |She went over to them to find that they were her own clothes from her flat.

Maan! Between him and the paper they had tipped her life into chaos.

Sitting down with a thump on the bed she seethed with anger. Damn that paper, she was not going to take this lying down. Jumping up again out of sheer frustration, she paced up and down feeling completely out of control of her life, she needed to do something physical. She felt like hitting something very hard, her eyes fell on her bag and quickly she pulled out a tank top and some joggers rapidly changing into them she went downstairs to the open space in the out house and started warming up her muscles. She had not done her kata’s for ages.

Maan’s eyes clouded over with worry as he left a very annoyed Mr Rabari back at the site office. He had practically run in there demanding to know where Geet was, to be told she had left. He had glared at Mr Rabari when the little man had told him that Geet had seen the article in the paper and had left looking completely shocked and nearly in tears. His eyes had accused Maan of putting Geet into this situation. Angry colour had slashed his cheeks, in a way Mr Rabari was right, it was his fault that dance and the slapping the landlord had been his doing. He had done this to Geet. He soothed the little man by muttering to him that he would look after her and left, his face filled with worry.

Back in the car he dialled Geet’s number but there was no answer. Where had she gone? Adi told him over the phone that she had not returned to the office. Frantic now, he called Daadima to see if Geet had returned there.

Nahi beta but the driver just came back, let me get Nakul to ask him where he dropped her.”

A few minutes later she came back with a reply that the driver had dropped off Geet at the out house. “And Maan beta I spoke to Mr Bakshi, the majority shareholder of the Daily Delhi and he has apologised and will print a full page retraction tomorrow.

Thankyou Daadima,” he said “but I was looking to getingt the lawyers in to sue them for defamation! he growled, “you should have let me deal with it!” he finished angrily.

Daadima smiled just picturing his agitation, “Maan beta, why use a hammer to swat a fly? Mr Bakshi was very apologetic, saying that he had been out of the country when all this had been published and he would definitely make sure that an apology would be printed.”

But the damage has been done.” He muttered ringing off. Maan’s eyes darkened as he remembered Geet’s huge pain filled amber eyes yesterday.

Geet stood absolutely still, her breathing controlled and deep. Her muscles had now warmed up nicely. She started the first of her kata’s fluidly, following through the movements. She let the steps she had been taught by her father to take over her mind and body.

That’s how he found her as he walked into the out house. He froze, his dark eyes wide. The tall windows of the out house let in the late afternoon sun, turning the place into a warm golden haven. His breath caught in his throat, she was a thing of beauty and fluidity.

The golden light caught on her body making her look like a golden goddess. Her body clad in a black tight fitting sport top and black joggers she moved with grace. Her hair tied up in a haphazard bun secured with a long hair skewer. Soft brown wisps had escaped around her face here and there making her look utterly delicious. Her face was flushed soft pink, those amazing eyes determined. He could see she was venting out all her anger, her punches were strong and straight, her kicks full of power. The blood drained out of his brain and settled down south in an instant.

Was she blue or brown belt he wondered, how did she now Martial arts? Who had taught her? His mind speculated. He was a master, double black belt. He watched her completing complicated kata’s that would have been of brown belt level.

She kicked out fiercely and last nights injury resurfaced and pain shot through her hip. With a moan of pain she sank down on the floor.

Geet!” her name burst from his lips. He sank down in front of her, his dark eyes pained that she was hurting, his hands settling on her shoulders.

She looked up, her eyes brimmed with angry tears, he felt himself drown in them. His hands tightened on her bare shoulders his fingers creating dangerous sensations on her skin.

Geet found herself looking into his dark chocolate brown eyes. She lost herself in them, why did he always find her at her most vulnerable she wondered?

She could see that his face was filled with pain for her. She wondered how she could feel her body react to his, even when she had decided he was the one who had caused these problems for her. The screaming headlines played in her mind over and over again.

Defiantly, she pushed at his arms and stood up, she was not done venting yet.

He looked up at her as stood up, her stance angry. He could understand her need to hit out at something, he had been pretty much feeling the same way when he had seen the headlines this morning. Calmly he stood up opening his shirt buttons one at a time. If she needed a sparring partner he would be more than happy to oblige.

The atmosphere between them became heavy and as thick as syrup. Geet’s eyes widened as she watched him slowly unbuttoning his dark blue shirt, but she didn’t say a word, just stood watching his every move. He shrugged it off in a careless manner throwing it aside, standing in front of her in his black vest and black jeans, his dark eyes sexy and challenging.

The unspoken challenge hung between them like a breathing living thing, she sucked in a well needed gulp of air. Her huge amber eyes travelled across his chest, lingering on his biceps and down to his waist. She knew the power that lurked underneath. A rivulet of sweat ran down from her neck into the valley between her breasts, she licked her lips as her mouth suddenly ran dry.

Geet.” he whispered, his voice was soft as silk as he stood calmly watching its progress. This was going to be a seriously challenging experience for him, he decided. A total challenge to his body, would he be able to keep his hands off her? Would he be able to keep himself from crushing her to him and kissing her senseless? He could almost taste her already, as his eyes focused on her lush lips.

Chapter 14

It became a battle of wills. She did not want to strike first and neither did he, they faced each other like two samurai warriors both aware of each others strengths.

Eyes locked, they stood still watching for the smallest movement. He drank in her slender curves, clenching his fists in an effort to control his wayward body. His eyes flickered, instantly she raised a slender arm in a defensive position.

He smiled at that, the completely knowing smile of the tiger stalking his prey. She was too aware of him, he just knew she would break and make the first move.

Geet cursed herself. His eyes were laughing at her. Why had she moved? Her amber eyes glared at his knowing smile. Whilst he was busy congratulating himself, like lightening she moved her foot and contacted with his shin, just stopping short of hurting him, but enough to let him know he did not know all the moves as his eyes were claiming.

She saw his eyes widen a fraction, the sooty lashes settling down for a second in an effort to stop her from seeing how surprised he was at her move. Now it was her turn to smile. She gave him a brilliant smile that dazzled him, thinking that she had thrown him off balance as she heard him suck in a sudden deep breath, she threw out her fist towards his chest.

He saw that coming even though that smile of hers had nearly made him loose control. He effectively blocked and turned her around trapping her arm behind her pulling her back into him hard with his other arm snug across her midriff.

Ah!” Geet gasped as she came into contact with the hot hard wall of his chest against her back. He let her stand there for a moment so that she could feel what she did to him, his breath coming hot and fast against the silky skin of her nape.

She knew it was nothing to do with his exertions, she was having difficulties breathing herself. Taking a risk, she turned her head to glance at his face. Innocent as she was, she knew desire when she saw it. Faces almost touching, he looked down at her, his hot chocolate gaze framed by sooty lashes searing into her eyes. Time seemed to stop as they gazed at each other, consuming each other with their eyes.

She felt his hand let go of her wrist from between their bodies and reach up, with a deft pull of the wooden stick securing her hair, he let the whole thick brown mass tumble down between them. It flowed over his skin and he closed his eyes at the sensuous claim.

Maan!” She gasped softly in shock, her body trembled against his.

Suddenly she was free. He stepped back letting her turn around to face him again. The golden light flickered across his body creating a stark contrast between his golden toned skin and the black of his clothes. He looked incredible she thought. Incredible, vital, sexy and damn dangerous.

You don’t have to worry about that article, Geet.” he suddenly said.

Instantly the awful headline flooded back into her brain and she lost it, launching herself at him. He lifted her clean off the floor his hands gripping her at the waist, quickly turning he gently pushed her up against a nearby wall.

Its been taken care of.” He added, as she struggled against him in anger, her fists landing blows on his chest.

Stop it.” he demanded, “you will only hurt yourself.”

Her eyes sparked fury at him, he watched her struggle for a moment and then gently let her down allowing her feet to touch the floor again.

He was using his body to control her, they were so close not even a sheet of paper could be wedged between them, but he refrained from letting his body crush hers against the wall, maintaining a hairs breadth of distance between them. His dark chocolate eyes lingered on her flushed pink face, travelling slowly over it almost as if he were caressing her with his eyes.

They will be printing a full page apology tomorrow.” He said softly.

Geet almost melted into a puddle. His face so close, notes of tangy citrusy after-shave washed over her. His sexy dark stubble almost grazed her tender skin. His hands were still clamped at her waist. But it was the look in his eyes that had her almost going up in smoke. Primitive raw desire flowed from them and washed over her. She had no control over her breathing which had become erratic, her heart pounded so loud she was sure that Daadima in the main house would hear it. It was all his fault.

She said it aloud. “Its all your fault!” Her face set in mutinous lines, the eyes challenging him to disagree.

He registered the accusation with a slight crooked smile, but said nothing.

You are the most infuriating man I have ever met!” Geet declared goading him further, now feeling like a butterfly pinned to a wall, his wall!

You are the most stubborn woman I have ever met.” he replied calmly his eyes still locked into hers. Rapidly he was loosing himself in her. She smelt of wild flowers and perspiration, it was driving him crazy. Her brown hair forming a halo around her, she looked so beautiful. They were so close.

Her huge amber eyes became focused on his sexy bow shaped lips.

You have turned my life upside down.” She whispered in his face accusingly, her mouth ran dry as his closeness created sensations in her that she didn’t even know existed. The pink tip of her tongue moistened her dry lips without any conscious thought.

She heard his deep intake of breath.

And you have filled my orderly world with chaos!” He whispered back his tone deep as he realised how much of his thoughts she occupied.

Her amber eyes closed at this confession. Babaji! He was too much for her, she decided. His hands were skimming up the sides of her waist and they settled themselves into her hair anchoring and tipping her face to his satisfaction.

When she opened them again he became completely lost in them.

I hate you!” she whispered vehemently even as her eyes told him something else. Nothing seemed to matter at this moment but that he kissed her. Her hands that were trapped between their bodies flattened themselves against his chest, stealing up to his shoulders. She swayed into him unable to stop herself from closing the gap between them.

Geet!” Her name tore out of him as his lips closed over hers.

The last man who had tried to kiss her in College with his fumbling wet mouth nearly had his jaw broken so never having been kissed properly before, she had no idea of what to expect but she was not expecting this. Expecting him to devour her as he had been doing with his eyes, she braced her self for the onslaught but his lips were feather light and gentle as they tested her acquiescence and then as she pressed herself even closer they demanded she open her mouth to him.

He leaned forward and his body contacted with hers. The impact made her groan deep in her throat. Her mouth flowered under his gentle exploration, his tongue duelled with hers and the tips of her fingers sank into his back. Increasing the pace he sought out all the honeyed sweetness of her mouth with feverish need.

Fireworks started going off in her brain, she was near to meltdown. It seemed the most natural thing in the world to be in Maan’s arms being kissed to within an inch of her life. She responded back with an untutored fervour that had him groaning and crushing her to him.

The blood pounded in her head as he broke off their kiss, his dark eyes watching her face. She saw they were filled with shock at the intensity of the kiss and her response to him. She was seriously shocked herself. Both of their breathing, erratic and strained. Heat pooled in her belly as she felt his arousal in the of cradle of her hips.

Geet you are driving me insane!” He gasped softly. They fitted so well together, he crushed her against him.

Suddenly she felt something vibrate with fierce intensity against her abdomen, alarm filled Geet’s face, their eyes clashed in shock. It vibrated again and Geet blushed bright red to the roots of her hair. Maan looked at her in absolute shock, dark colour slashed his cheeks and he stepped away smartly. His head shaking at her blush, his eyes telling her it was not……….!

Geet! He gasped out, “its not…!” he said aloud his colour deepening. Then glowered at her as he saw the laughter in her eyes. His face clouding over with annoyance, he slipped his hand into the front of his jeans pocket to fish out his vibrating phone.

Maan Singh Khurana, was a first in her book Geet thought. She bit her lip in an effort to stifle a giggle. Thankfully his phone had interrupted them otherwise …….

Why had she let him kiss her? Because you just had no control, She told herself. Her lips throbbed from his possession her body still in meltdown from the heat they had created between them. Slowly, she reached up and touched her lips in an effort to stop them quivering.

Adi!” Maan barked into the phone as Geet’s mirth filled eyes stared at him. His eyes gave her dark look that told her that he was not done with her yet grasping her wrist as she tried to flee. She tried to pull it free but he was having none of it, his thumb caressed the inside of her wrist bringing back the chaos in her brain.

Yes, I will take Geet. Yes! Adi I will see to it!” Maan growled ending the call, slackening his grip slightly as he became distracted.

Geet, peeling herself off the wall she fled wrenching her hand out of his.

Muttering an oath under his breath he watched her flee.

Geet meet me in the main house in 30mins, we are going to meet someone.” he said watching her climb the stairs in a hurry, he watched her hesitate at the top step. “You are not going to hide here!”

Geet turned and gave him a glare that should have withered him right there on the spot but he just stood staring up at her. Smartly she turned and ran into the sanctuary of her bedroom away from his dark knowing eyes. A crooked smile tugged at the corner of his mouth. She was his now her response had told him that quite clearly. She would have to put that boyfriend of hers out her mind.

Grabbing her clothes and muttering curses at him that would have made the workmen at Mr Rabari’s site blush, she ran into the shower. Blocking out all thoughts of his lips on hers, she concentrated on being angry with him. Where was he dragging her to now? She did not want to be been seen in public, especially with him after that article, and she couldn’t escape him either. She had signed a contract to work with him on the Parth Township project there was no way she could get out of that. She did not want to get out of it either she told herself. She had responsibilities.

Why did it have to be so complicated? she muttered putting on the white salwar khamees again as the rest of her clothes were still in the bags and crumpled. With precisely five minutes to spare she made her way to the main house down the main corridor.

Maan beta, please don’t give her a hard time the poor girl has been through so much in the last few days.” Daadima said. “have you any idea what impact all this must have had on her, people staring and whispering behind her back.” she finished with a sigh feeling bad on Geet’s behalf.

At least she had Daadima on her side she thought.

Daadima there is no reason to concern yourself about Geet.” she heard Maan say firmly.

Geet ground her teeth as she entered the main house. Clearly he had no idea what all this had done to her reputation otherwise he would not take it so calmly. He glanced at his watch as he saw her, incensing her further, “may I remind you Mr Khurana that I am not your employee.”

Maan glared at Daadima who suppressed a giggle with tremendous effort and winked at Geet.

Geet smile back at her good naturedly, as Maan strode past her with a face like he had just sucked a very sour lemon.

The air was heavy with unsaid words as they walked to the car, Maan opened the door for her and she climbed in. As he climbed in her eyes focused on his lips that had so recently frazzled her brain, he caught her looking, she hastily glanced out of the window.


I don’t want to talk about it!” She said with force. “It should have never happened so we will pretend it didn’t.” She finished not looking at him at all.

It did happen and nothing is going to change that. The fact that we are combustible around each other may have escaped your notice, but not mine. You had better tell your boyfriend that you will not be seeing him again.” He said matter-of-factly.

Oh!” Geet fumed. The man was insufferable. There was no point talking to him to tell him that there was no boyfriend. Ignoring him completely she stared out of the window.

After a dark glance at her, he pulled out some files and started working through them. Geet sat quietly fuming at him watching the scenes flash past. He was behaving as if nothing untoward had happened between them, and that kissing her was bound to happen at some time. Well, she had news for him she muttered to herself she was not going to let that happen again, if he came so close again she would break his jaw.

There was only a slight problem with that her dark side goaded her. The fact that her body had already started to feel the heat of his even though he was not touching her at was a testament to the fact that what he had said was right. What was wrong with her? Why couldn’t she control herself ? He was going to drive her mad she thought before the project was completed. She gripped the ends of the duppatta together and twisted them in agitation.

Maan stared in fascination as he saw her wringing the duppatta in her hands. Those hands that had caressed him, those nails that had made crescents in his shoulders as they had kissed. In the white salwar khameez he had chosen for her she looked angelic. The words on the page he had been staring at could well have been in Sanskrit, he couldn’t decipher them at this moment. His eyes focused on her plump soft lips as she stubbornly gazed out the window.

Realising suddenly, that they were headed in a different direction from the office Geet snapped back to reality.

Where are we going?”

Striking a line through something in a report he said, “To the Daily Delhi to meet Mr Bakshi the majority shareholder.”

Geet’s eyes became as round as saucers. “Why?” She asked astonished.

Because he wants to apologise to you personally.” He stated as if newspaper bosses apologised in such circumstances all the time.

She stared at him in shock, did he wield that much power that he had arranged that.

Correctly interpreting her thoughts he said, “Actually it was Daadima who spoke to him and when she decides on something…well…there is no stopping her.” He finished fondly. “I was all for suing them, but she thought this would be a quicker option and would clear your name fast.”

Oh!” Geet gasped. could only think Savitridevi indeed was a formidable lady.

They arrived at the Daily Delhi and were given five star treatment from the moment they alighted from the car. Mr Bakshi and his editor came out of his office to escort them to the board room and apologised profusely to Geet and Maan. He told Geet that a full page apology would be printed in the next edition and showed them the proofs. Much was made of bringing in the journalist who had started all this and Geet squirmed as Maan nearly flayed the man alive for causing such chaos in her life. Pointing out each incident with clarity until the man was genuinely sorry for what had happened to Geet.

The editor fawned on Geet too much for Maan’s liking and he gave him such a quelling glance the man turned pale. As they headed back home she felt worn out by the day’s events. He had stood up for her when it counted and for that she was grateful.

Thank you.” she softly said.

We have to talk about it Geet.”he said softly his eyes on her face.

She glanced at him quickly and replied.”There is nothing to say. We will not let anything like that happen again. We will maintain professional relationship and that’s all.”

Fine!”he said with an exasperated sigh. “But believe me when I say that I won’t tolerate any other man in your life.”

At this Geet turned furious eyes at him and said, “Firstly, there is no relationship between us and secondly, I am not your possession.” They had reached home by now and as soon as the car stopped she leapt out but he was faster, grabbing her wrist and pulling her into him hard he repeated. “no other man.”

Throwing him a furious glance she stalked off in the direction of the outhouse. The sooner she was out of here she thought the better. She found a meal waiting for in the kitchen but she was really not that hungry. She sat for a long time on the window seat of the bedroom mulling over her options falling into a fitful sleep filled with erotic dreams of her lying in white silk sheets limbs entwined with Maan as he made love to her.

She woke up with a start covered in a sheen of sweat, desperately trying to shake the image of him so clear and so close those lips reeking havoc on her body. Bells were ringing in her head, and as she brought herself back to reality she realised the bells that were ringing was her phone. A phone call at this time? It was just nearing five in the morning. She reached for it to see it was Babli’s number.

Hello!” Geet knew something was wrong straight away as she heard Babli crying. “Geetdidi, people have been saying horrible things about you and that man, someone brought a newspaper that had your picture in it. Uncle got hold of it and now he has been saying such things, Chotu got angry at him, after he kicked him in the leg he ran off and we cant find him. We have been looking practically all night. Didi what shall I do? Babli wept the words tumbling out of her mouth in desperation.

I am coming Babli. We will find him together. I am taking the first bus and I will be there as soon as I can. Don’t worry Babli, dry your eyes I will be there as soon as I can.” She reassured the little girl.

Quickly, she scrubbed her face off sleep, grabbing a few necessary things she quickly texted Pinky to tell her where she was going and left to head to the bus depot. She also left a note for Maan to say she had some personal matters to attend to and would be in touch later leaving it on the bedside table.

Maan sat at the breakfast table with annoyed look on his face. Why was she not answering her phone again, she really was the most stubborn woman he had ever met.

Nakul!” He ordered, “can you go to the outhouse and call Geet madam.”

She is not there.” Nakul replied in his singsong happy voice.

Maan’s eyes widened, “what do you mean not there?”

When I went to give her breakfast there was no answer from her room.”

Maan jumped up and headed to the out house to look for himself. Where was she?

He stalked into her bedroom to find it empty, noticing the letter addressed to him propped up on the table he read it quickly his face clouding over with anger. Where the hell had she gone off to now? Pinky would know he thought he rang Pinky’s number.

Pinky! Where has Geet run off too?”

Err she has gone to Rupnagar to care of a personal matter, she told me to tell you she will call you later.” Pinky replied frightened by his aggressive tone.

What!” Maan growled.

Why does she keep running there without a care, she has no sense of responsibility. Pinky give me her address right now!”

She will call you, please don’t worry, if it hadn’t been urgent she wouldn’t have gone.” Pinky pleaded in her friends defence.

Pinky! Just give me her address. Now!”

He took the address down and rang off. Going back to the main house he said a hasty goodbye to Daadima and jumped into his car. He was going to go and sort out this boyfriend issue once and for all he decided his eyes fierce with thoughts of another man anywhere near Geet. His Geet!

Ready for Sunday Sundae?Hmmmmm lets see where we got to. Maan on the chase…Geet gone again!…Kya hoga?? Love makes us do crazy things and see things that are not there…. Enjoy do comment love to read them ;))

Ready for Sunday Sundae?Hmmmmm lets see where we got to. Maan on the chase…Geet gone again!…Kya hoga?? Love makes us do crazy things and see things that are not there…. Enjoy do comment love to read them ;))

Chapter 15

Geet sat in the bus wishing it would faster. She had tried to find a Taxi driver but at such short notice nobody she met so early in the morning, was willing to take her so far. Although the miles were flying past she felt it was too slow for her liking. Where could Chotu have run off to? She was sure Babli would know his usual haunts and would have thought to look there. She rung her hands in despair willing for Chotu to be all right. She was their older sister and the responsibility lay with her to make sure they were safe.

She knew the damn newspaper article would create waves for her even as far as Rupnagar. Her uncle would leave no stone unturned to give grief. She had a copy of the apology in her bag but even that was not going to help, the damage to her reputation had been done, her uncle and aunt would never let her live it down.

She tried calling Mausiji again to check if they had managed to find him, but the reception was very bad, she barely got a bar on her phone. She wondered if Maan had found her note, she could just imagine that angry look on his face as he read her note. She would have to explain to him when she got back why she kept going to Rupnagar. She owed him that at least, after he had stood up for her at the newspaper office and he had given her a roof over her head, even if it was all his fault in the first place!

He drove fast and furiously. He was probably a couple of hours behind her but as she must have gone by bus, he thought he would have no problems catching up with her. Finally, he would put a face to the boyfriend she did not want to talk about. That unseen face which tormented him day and night. He was not really sure what he was going to do when he saw him, his first instinct would be to beat him to a pulp he thought but what if Geet really loved him? What would he, what could he do if that was the case. He remembered the words, she had spat at him only yesterday ‘I am not your possession.’ Reasoning with himself he decided that she would have never responded to him as she had if she was in love with a another man.

That sensational kiss, he could not get it out of his mind. Every time he had looked at her lush pink lips and thought about kissing her, he had never thought it would be this explosive. She was everything that he had hoped and more. He was experienced in the art of love, but he had never kissed anyone who matched his passion so equally. She had been equally aroused, her eyes had reflected passion and desire that was equal to his. She had fire, his Geet, no, he could not think of her with anyone else.

Leaping off the bus as soon as it stopped Geet practically ran all the way to her house. Her uncle and aunty were sitting chatting away to a group of people. Babli and Mausiji were no where to be seen.

Haan! Look at her in this picture, she hasn’t got any shame! Just look at what is written about her! She heard her aunty carrying on maliciously enjoying the attention, as the people around her nodding and tutted in agreement. Hastily she slipped the newspaper behind her hiding it away as he saw Geet.

Geet! What are you doing here?” She asked her eyes wide with surprise and a little scared to see her.

Ignoring her question. Geet asked, “Where are Babli and Chotu?”

Her uncle looked sheepish, “they must be around here somewhere.” he said shouting for them here and there.

Geet turned furious eyes on him. “Don’t pretend! I know Chotu has run away. Why aren’t out looking for him?” She accused.

Err we were just about to,” he said elbowing one of his cronies, who nodded in agreement.

With a muttered curse at them Geet turned smartly on her heel and walked in the direction of Mausiji’s house, but she was not there, thinking they must be all out looking for Chotu she rang Babli’s mobile.

Geetdidi! We still have not found him, we are looking in all his favourite hiding places.”

Have you looked in those abandoned farms building near our farm?” Geet asked remembering that they used to play hide and seek there with their father.

No, didi not yet.” Babli said

Who is with you?” Geet asked.

Mausiji and Headmasterji.”

Can I speak to one of them please Babli and don’t worry, I am here now, we will find him soon.” She reassured Babli.

Geetbeta, you have arrived that’s good, we are looking around the village and his friends hiding places too. We will find him soon.” Jaspal sir told her.

Thank you Sir, I am going to the empty farm buildings he used play hide and seek with Papaji.”

OK, Geet beta phone us if you find him and we will do the same.” Jaspal sir said calling cutting the call.

Geet headed towards their farms, Jaspal Sir had mustered up a few of the teachers as well and she met up with some of them. Thankfully they were all looking for Chotu as well in all different directions. It was nice to see that people still cared even if her uncle and aunt did not.

By the time she reached the farm buildings, she was exhausted. She went through them one by one not believing the terrible state of repair her uncle had let them fall into.Where did he store the grain she wondered? The place was dirty and littered with boxes. Looking around she found some storage crates in a back room which had some remnants of broken glass in it, it looked like he was doing some side business. Carefully she picked up a piece of it and her eyes grew angry, there was a distinct smell of alcohol in the air. So, he was selling illegal alcohol as well, her dad would hate this. She cursed her uncle profusely.

She left the buildings and walked further up to some more, not finding Chotu anywhere she headed back towards the Village, hoping he might have turned up. She rang Babli’s phone again telling them that she had been fruitless in her search, they told her the same. They decided to head back home in case he had gone back.

Reaching home she found her uncle and aunt still holding court with half a dozen people. She looked at them incredulously, they didn’t seem in the least concerned that Chotu had been missing for most of the night and the morning.

Rounding on them angrily she asked them why they were not out looking for him, a small vulnerable child who had been missing from home for such a long time.

Jaspal Sir, Mausiji and Babli came just then with Babli flinging herself in Geet’s arms sobbing her heart out.

Its all my fault didi I should have looked after him.”

Geet hugged Babli tightly. “No Babli! Its not your responsibility. I left him in the care of uncle and aunt here.” she said her voice tight with anger, as she bent down and wiped the tears of her sister’s face with a gentle hand.

Well, we all know you are busy getting up to all sorts of things in Delhi, too busy to look after your brother and sister but not to busy to get up to no good.” Her uncle sneered.

Geet looked down at the hiccuping Babli, she didn’t want her to hear all this. “Babli go and get yourself a glass of water from the kitchen. I will be here when you get back, I am not going anywhere until Chotu is found.” Geet reassured her as she saw the anxiety in her small face.

Babli went off inside the house to get some water.

This is not about me,” Geet said angrily, “this is about you promising to care of them, for which not only are you getting the money that comes from the farms and Papaji’s businesses, you are also getting money from me every month to look after them.”

Suddenly Babli ran out of the house and grabbed Geet. “DIDI!”

Chotu is here. He is locked in uncles cupboard, I heard him crying and went to see, but its locked!”

Geet went pale, she looked at her uncle in shock, had he locked up Chotu all night and most of the day in a cupboard!

He needed disciplining!” her uncle said to all gathered as they stared at him in astonishment and disgust.

Give me the key! Now!” Geet demanded walking up to him and holding out her hand.

He pulled out the bunch of keys from his pocket, glaring at the gathering but wouldn’t give them to her walking into the house. Geet followed him in.

As he opened the cupboard a sobbing Chotu sat in the corner cowering from fright.

Geet reached in and gently pulled him out. He was shaking like a leaf. At that moment she could have murdered her uncle, who stood there looking as if he had done nothing wrong.

She carried Chotu outside and sat down with him on her lap on the veranda platform. Babli clung to her too. Geet was so furious she was shaking with anger. Jaspal sir came and gently comforted Chotu on Geet’s lap. Everyone stood silently for a moment too shocked to say anything.

Maan pulled up outside the house to see that quite a few people were gathered in the courtyard. His progress had been slowed by having to ask his way to the place.

What he saw stopped him in his tracks. Quite prepared to find Geet in the arms of another man instead he watched her in shock as she comforted a small boy who was sobbing in her arms whilst her other arm was around a small girl. His mind went back to her flat, he had seen her with these children before in a happy picture.

You did this you animal!” Geet shouted furiously at her uncle looking down at the hysterically sobbing Chotu. “You locked a little boy all night and most of the day in a dark cupboard pretending he had run away. How could you do that to a small child? He is your nephew! You are our Uncle, I cant believe you would lock him up and then pretend to all of us that he ran away. I have been out of my mind with worry on the way here!”

Jaspal Sir added in disgust. “You are a sad reflection of your brother Balram! You are not fit to look after these children. You sent everyone of us on a wild goose chase thinking something had happened to him!”

He needed to be taught a lesson!” her aunt suddenly piped up. “Both the children are wild like their no good sister.”

And what about you Geet!” Her uncle shouted. “You left them here with me after Bhaiya and Bhabhi passed away and went off to Delhi to make a career.” Fishing out the newspaper article he lifted it up for everyone to see. “LOOK! At what she has been up to with Maan Singh Khurana. As if a man like that would look at her twice, he probably has a line of women throwing herself at him. Is that what you did Geet? So you could ‘work’ together?”

Geet closed her eyes feeling sick at these totally untrue and disgusting accusations flew over her.

It all lies.” she said vehemently. “They printed lies! That landlord told lies so he could make money. You will see that they have printed a full page apology to me and Mr Khurana in today’s paper. In fact I have a copy of it with me.” she said adding. “Maan Singh Khurana is a hard working and decent man, we won the contract because of our outstanding design and experience.”

Maan stood in the doorway his eyes dark with shock. What had he been thinking? The reality was so completely different. His hand gripped the wooden frame hard. She looked so alone, her brother and her sister clinging to her, both sobbing in the ugly tense atmosphere. Why had she not told him any of this? Why had he not realised? He hated himself, a splinter broke into the skin of his palm, blood oozed out of it, he relished the pain, his dark eyes on his Geet. Anger filled him as he saw her uncle shouting false accusations at her.

But her uncle was not done, he walked up to people who had gathered showing them the headlines the picture of them looking at each other, Geet sighed, whatever she said her uncle would not let her live it down, people were always ready to believe the lies then see the truth she thought as she looked around at the sea of faces that tutted and stared at her.

Jaspal Sir said “Geet is not like that. I know her very well. She is a decent, hard working talented young woman.”

You are not fit to look after these children!” Mausiji shouted at him, ‘Don’t you start saying bad things about Geet, I have seen the way you mistreat  Babli and Chotu, shame on you Balram.”

She is entertaining him all night it says here in this paper.” her uncle carried on ignoring the headmaster and Mausiji, his chubby fingers pointing to the article. Both Babli and Chotu sensing the ugly atmosphere clung harder to her. She soothed them as best she could, swallowing a lump in her throat.

Bolo Geet Bolo! Maan Singh Khurana tumhara kaya laagta hai? Looks like from this article you are nothing more then a …….!”

I would be very careful what you say about my Fiancé!” a voice angrily threatened from the doorway.

All heads whipped around to the new commanding voice.

Maan Singh Khurana stood there looking very inch the billionaire businessman in dark trousers, superbly cut waistcoat, with a light blue shirt and dark tie. His face was set in grim angry lines his eyes full of fire as he looked at her uncle.

Geet meri Maangetar hai!” he declared, challenging anyone to say different. He moved towards her walking to stand by her side, his eyes took in her face and her huge amber eyes.

All eyes turned to look at Geet. She sat staring at him with her mouth open as if she had never seen him before!

Jaspal sir recovered first saying, “Mr Khurana, err I am so glad to meet you. I have heard a lot about you.”

Maan turned to him and said “Err thank you.”

I was Geet’s fathers good friend and also the headmaster of her school.” Jaspal Sir explained. “I am glad you have arrived at this time to clear matters up with these people,” he said making a disgusted face at her uncle.

I think I arrived at just the right time.” Maan said looking down at Geet, she still had her mouth open and was staring at him as if he was an aberration.

Close your mouth Geet!” He whispered down to her. All three looked up at him warily. He noticed how fiercely close she was hugging them, a Shernie protecting her cubs. She was still sitting there like a frozen statue as if she could not believe he was there.

Mr khurana…err hwo wonderful to meet you,” her uncle suddenly piped up. He walked towards Maan with a huge smile on his face…”Err I was just telling everyone what a fine a man you are.”

I heard!” Maan said sarcastically.

Err….look who has come to our humble home….quickly woman get some tea, sherbat, samose, meethai.”

Thank you.” Maan said firmly, “that will not be necessary. Geet lets go, there is no reason for you to stay here any longer.”

Geet suddenly snapped back to reality. She hugged Chotu and Babli even tighter. “I am not leaving here without sorting this out!”

I meant, we would take your brother and sister with us.” Maan said gently, worried about how pale she looked.

Three shocked eyes looked up at him. Maan noted how similar the expressions were.

Aree Mr Khurana there is no need to take these lovely children with you.” her Uncle said, “it was just a misunderstanding, I love them both! Babli…Chotu come here. Aree go and get some food for Chotu he must be hungry!” he shouted at his wife. Her aunt hurried away to his bidding.

Geet stood up letting Chotu down from her arms, one hand on Babli’s shoulders. She looked at Maan, had he really meant to take them along? It seemed that it was the only option now, she could leave them here with these monsters.

Geetbeta…you know we love them. That’s why we agreed to look after them in the first place. My dear brother would not be happy if you took them away from here. This is their home.” her uncle pleaded his face worried that his easy life was slipping out of his hands.

Stop it! You are not fit to look after them. Last time I had to run here because you beat Babli. This time you locked Chotu up all night in a dark cupboard scaring him out of his wits. I want you and your wife out of OUR home. I will give you a weeks notice to leave. You are not getting a penny from me or our farms any more.” Geet told him firmly.

Her uncles face became ugly suddenly, “You! You think you can throw me out of here just like that? You are nothing but his………!”

He didn’t get any further then that as Maan stepped right into his face, his expression so fierce her uncle fell back like a deflated balloon.

Jaspal sir spoke up. “Geet beta, there is no need to take the children with you. They need to finish their schooling, then as he saw Geet’s expression he carried on. “Beta I will look after them in the term. You can take them in the holidays. I know how expensive schools in Delhi, until your business is settled you can rest assured I will look after them.”

Her uncle piped up sarcastically not be ignored, “I am sure her Maan Singh khurana will pay for them in return for favours.”

That’s enough!” Maan growled at her uncle. “Now as Geet says I want you out of their home in a week. I will be sending some people to make sure that you are gone.”

Jaspal Sir that’s very kind of you, but I cannot leave them with you, it would not be fair on you.”

Arre ..nahi beta, it will be a pleasure to have them, it’s the least I can do in memory of my dear friend. I should have offered before, I am sorry that I didn’t. Babli, Chotu will you stay with me whilst your didi finishes this project and can look after you in Delhi?”

They looked at each other, Jaspal Sir had always been very kind to them, they decided that could stay with him, if they could spend the holidays in Delhi with Geet. “Yes.” they agreed. “We promise to be good.” They both said in unison.

Fine that’s settled then.” he said. Now he said turning to her uncle, “I don’t want you anywhere near these children at all, I will also be making sure that you move out of here. Geet I have a man in mind who can manage your farms, I will give his details.”

Her aunt started crying loudly at the turn of events. “How could you do this to us! We looked after your house and farms all this time, you are so ungrateful.”

Her uncle adding, “You think you know it all Geet, but no good will come out of throwing us out of here, I warn you!”

I have been to the farms, you have not looked after them at all, I have also saw that you are doing a nice little business of selling illegal alcohol on the side. No wonder Papaji never got on with you, your as dishonest as he was honest.”

With that parting note she took hold of the children’s hands and walked out on to the street with them. She heard Maan making sure her uncle understood that he had to leave in a week. She was so tired suddenly, the tension evident in her tight posture.

Didi I am so hungry!” Chotu pleaded tugging at her hand.

Haan.” Geet smiled down at them, “Babli you must be too.” Babli nodded in agreement, holding tightly on to Geet’s hand.

Geet beta I am going home I feel so tired now, what a day it’s been!” She patted Chotu and Babli on their heads and told them to come later on.

Geet hugged her and thanked her, her eyes filling up with tears as she watched her go.

She watched as Maan and Jaspal sir came out on to the street next to Maan’s car. The many people who had gathered to watch started drifting away muttering to themselves about the turn of events.

Jaspal Sir I will drop them to you in a while, I just need to spend a little time with them.” Geet said softly.

I will see you later then. I had better go and get the rooms prepared for them. See you later.” he said fondling Chotu’s hair he went off in the direction of his house.

Didi, Chalo na, I am so hungry the mice in my tummy are eating each other!” Chotu grumbled.

Maan watched her closely as the children dragged her to a nearby restaurant. The fragility of her state was evident in her huge amber eyes. He realised that she seemed to be shock still. She sat looking distractedly around her, whilst Chotu ordered for them, rapidly firing off his requests. Babli sat clinging on to her sisters hand, realising that Geet was still troubled.

Didi, drink the lassi, its really yummy!” Chotu said happily slurping away, he fell on to the naan and saag paaneer ravenously as it arrived, encouraging Babli to eat as well chattering away, seeming none the worse for his ordeal.

Geet picked up the metal tumbler and sipped distractedly. Her eyes on Maan’s impassive face.

Suddenly Chotu stopped chewing, his mouth full of food, he looked up at Geet and asked, “Didi what does Maangetar mean?”

Babli intervened, “Silly! Don’t you know anything, that means that Geet didi and this man are going to get married!”

Those amber eyes that were looking at him so intensely over the rim of her cup widened with absolute shock as she registered what Babli and Chotu had just said.

Maangetar?” she coughed as the lassi went down the wrong way.

Finally! Maan thought Ms Handa has just registered the bomb he had dropped on her head.



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      Urrmmm babes sorry cant do..would you not rather wait for a good update rather then a rushed one.

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      June 3, 2012 at 10:04 am

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      Hoo Haa and off we go to Rupnagar to the rescue batman ;))

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      he is so possessive ;)) Thank you Honeygrape nice to see new readers I am glad you are enjoying.

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    • janememe

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      Thanks Tanima…I have written a longer Kata session in a previous story of mine I will post that up at some point. Maan teaching Geet. Thanks for your lovely comments I am glad u are enjoying.

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      he is so in love with her. She is his and he will have no other! Yes all become clear for him maybe in Rupnagar. I am humbled by your lovely comments thanks :))

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      Awww gOmati thanks babes for your lovely words 😉

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      LOL!! thank you for that Chetna I am glad u decided to comment ;)) So glad you are enjoying do try the none Maaneet stories too.

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      Abi will do soonnnnnnnn thanks for your wonderful words 😉

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    • janememe

      June 5, 2012 at 3:09 pm

      Thanks Amruta gotta stop somewhere right? ;)) Glad you are enjoying.

      Jewel update this week hopefully Friday…see how it goes.

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    • janememe

      June 7, 2012 at 8:38 am

      Thank you for your kind comments Kalarani, glad you are enjoying. At the moment they are in that I dont want to like u zone…so not yet too much nok jhok perhaps later …..
      I wish I could update sooner but it take me time to think LOL! ;))
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      Thank you Annie, it took a while but the Bomb did drop on Ms Handa’s head. ;))

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      June 10, 2012 at 4:17 pm

      Anum thanks for the kind words. A test of love ends at chap 9..maybe one day we will bring Singhania back from the dead. Would be fun ;))

      • Anum

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      • janememe

        June 11, 2012 at 8:27 am


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      June 10, 2012 at 6:18 pm

      Thanks Chetna thanks for your kind words ;)) Glad you are enjoying the story 😉

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    • janememe

      June 10, 2012 at 6:20 pm

      what a lovely idea Tanvi, thanks for sharing I will see if I can do something with that in the future ;)) You could never say too much cutey! ;))

      • tanvi

        June 10, 2012 at 6:56 pm

        jane u didnt tell about maan being experienced in the art of love …n thanks for calling me cutey lols 🙂

      • janememe

        June 10, 2012 at 7:05 pm

        I meant he had girlfriends before. ;)))

  47. tanvi

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    • janememe

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      June 11, 2012 at 8:27 am

      Thanks Abi 😉 Glad u enjoyed it.

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    • janememe

      June 11, 2012 at 8:26 am

      how come so many of you have picked up on that LOL!! Maan Singh Khurana a man of the world should from my POV have some experience of love ;))
      But its only his Geet that fires him up on full throttle! ;))

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    • janememe

      June 12, 2012 at 10:08 am

      thanks Radhika for your kind comments. I will give it my best babes 😉

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    • janememe

      June 16, 2012 at 9:16 pm

      aww Thanks Phoram..will update tomorrow ;)) or later today for you if you are in India 😉

  53. Anum

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    • janememe

      June 17, 2012 at 9:59 am

      aaaaattteeeeeeeeeeeeeee hoon meinnnnnnnnnnn ;))

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    janey janey janey…you have left me totally speechless…..virtual jhappis n pappis to you..:-)

    • janememe

      June 25, 2012 at 8:16 am

      LOL thankyou I am glad u enjoyed it…it was great fun to write, if a little complicated ;))

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    i really loved it. especially the last sentence or rather a statement 😉 awesome job.

    • janememe

      August 3, 2013 at 9:38 am

      I cant remember now- which line was that?

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    Loved part 13 to 15. Passionate kiss, my oh my. Protective Mann leading to engagement announcement.

  57. nesha2017

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    FANTASTIC yaar
    He alwz ther wherever in trouble….
    So terrible ppl surroundings mock n humiliated her…her chachu n chachi lock chotu inside
    The cupboard…bt she’s a sherni…
    Maan reach ther….fiance.….
    Maan wanna tk babli n chotu bt…f to wait until their study…
    Geet….the word mangetar nw ony register in her mind

    • janememe

      March 1, 2018 at 2:01 pm

      Hehehe yes her laasi went down wrong way! Trust Maan to try that slide that into the mix;))


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