The Phoenix Rises – Chapter 19-20

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Chapter 19

“What’s going on here?” The man in question asked from the doorway. He was staring at them intently hands on hips, his dark eyes roaming over each of their guilt ridden faces.

“Errr nothing,” Geet said after a moment, not quite meeting his eyes.

“Didn’t you urgently want to sort out the points Mr Shah raised?” he asked his voice bordering on the sarcastic, “I thought that’s why you rushed into my office ahead of me?”

Geet had the grace to blush, “Err haan but….I forgot something that I needed from my office.”

He raised a dark eyebrow, gazing at her intently.” Accha? And you needed Adi and Pinky to help you to get it? What’s so important that you all rushed here to get it?”

Geet felt like a butterfly who had just been pinned to a board, turning to Pinky and Adi she implored them with her eyes to do something before Maan caught them out.

Pinky did the only thing a that a avid watcher of Indian serials and films could do in such a sticky situation. She pretended to faint.

Geet, Adi and Maan watched with avid fascination as she suddenly swayed, and moaned, stumbling about like a rag doll, her eyes signalling Adi to catch her frantically, but Adi had never seen anything like it to understand what she was asking of him and remained rooted to the spot in terror.

In the end Geet realised what Pinky was trying to do and pulled her chair towards her to thrust under Pinky, but it was too late as Pinky missed the chair completely and slithered down to the floor banging her head with a dramatic twitching gesture.

Adi suddenly jumped to her side crying, “Pinky! Pinky!” looking really worried. He tried to lift her into his arms, managed to lift her little and then dropped her again with a thump. Pinky bit her lip trying not to yelp in pain.

Geet sank down to the floor next to Pinky and pretended to revive her whilst Maan watched with disdain at their amateur dramatics, Raising a hand to his head he rubbed his temple in a gesture of impatience. It seemed that he was not going to get any sense out of any of them at the moment and he had no patience to pursue this.

“If and when you three finish your nautanki,” he said angrily “I will be in my office working!”

“He is gone!” Geet said with relief sinking down on the floor.

Pinky opened her eyes and glared at them both. She sat up, rubbing her head moaning, “Couldn’t either of you catch me? I banged my head so hard!”

“Were you pretending to faint or pretending to die? I couldn’t really tell!” Geet said with a grin on her face, “but that was fantastic Pinky, thank you.” Geet said hugging her friend.

Adi wiped his sweaty forehead with his hanky, he knew it wouldn’t take much for Maan to find out what was going on. He looked at Geet with panic on his face as she said, “lets go and finish off our work and then we can talk about how and what we are going to do about this.”

“We will meet here later and work out a plan.”

“Geet, can’t you think of anything else, I am really not sure if I can pretend to be him.” Adi asked anxiously.

“Adi this is the only way I can think of to put the blackmailer off, don’t worry we will write a whole script for you, all you have to do is his voice, and act like Maan Singh Khurana.”

Adi trailed after them to Maan’s office with a nervous laugh.

Much later Adi came into Geet’s office after Maan had gone to a meeting telling Adi. he would probably go straight home from there.

“Where is Pinky?” He asked not seeing her about.

“She has gone to buy a cheap phone so we can use that to call and then throw it away. We don’t want to use any of our phones, do we?

Adi nodded his head wildly in agreement, he didn’t want to get caught by either the blackmailer or Maan sir. “Geet…very good thinking.”

“Adi, this is what I have written for you.”

‘This is Maan Singh Khurana, I am not interested in Geet Handa, I don’t care what happens to her and I am not paying out any money to you. Don’t send me any more letters and don’t try and contact me again.’

Adi looked at it with horror, his face pale.”Suppose he says something back, what am going to say then?”

“Adi all you have to do is make this sound confident and slam the phone down.”

Pinky came back huffing and puffing. “Here.” she said to Adi, “call from this phone.”

Adi started to shake, he tried to do Maan’s voice but only a squeak came out. Geet grabbed a glass of water from her table and made him drink it. He gulped it trying to calm himself down but all he could see was Maan’s face when he found out he had been impersonating him. She pushed her chair behind his knees and he sat down with thump.

“Adi baby steps , baby steps!” Pinky said fanning him with a file.

Adi stared up at her dreamily completely distracted from his task at hand.

“ADI!” Geet said loudly, shoving the piece of paper with the script on it under his nose.

With a shaking hand Adi took it from her, Geet dialled the number and they all crowded around the phone, just when a loud noise came from outside Geet’s office.

Adi stared at the door his eyes in a mad panic, the phone was ringing at the other end.

“Pinky see what the noise is!” Geet hissed. Pinky ran out only to run back in a absolute panic.

“SSK! SSK!” She hissed back loudly.

Adi’s face turned white as the sheet of paper in his hand, just as on the other end of the phone someone picked up and said “Heeeeellllloooo!”

“He is coming this way!” Pinky hissed, frantically gesturing with her hands to Geet and Adi.

Geet grabbed Adi, pushing and shoving him under her desk and then running out to intercept Maan in the corridor, gesturing with her head to Pinky to take care of Adi.

“HEELLOOOOO?” The voice boomed in Adi’s ear.

“H..H….Hello.” Adi whispered back stammering and squeaking, literally shaking with fear, not sure who terrified him the most, blackmailer or Maan!

“Who is this?”

“M..M..Maan Singh Kh..Kh..Khurana,” Adi squeaked back.

Pandey hesitated, was this the famous high powered business man Maan Singh Khurana, with such a stammering squeaky voice?

“So finally you decide to call me, well let me tell you the price on Geet’s head has doubled.”

Adi’s hand shook as he stared at the piece of paper Geet had given him, worried that Maan would discover him any second.

“I don’t want h.. her?” He told Pandey with a croak.

“Who?” Pandey who was a little deaf, could barely hear Maan Singh Khurana.

“G G ..Geet!”Adi whispered back.

“What’s happened to you voice, why are you whispering and stammering so much?” Pandey asked very puzzled

“Err L…Laryngitis.” Adi whispered back hoarsely.

“Laaaraaanjantkiss? what? Saf saf bolo! If you don’t want anything to happen to Geet then pay me 30 lakhs by tomorrow.”

“But I said I don’t like GGGG..Geet and I don’t want to pay any money to you.” Adi squeaked back as loud as he could.

Geet ran out of her office and stood out in the corridor. Maan looked at her with a raised eyebrow, “Errr Geet what are you doing?” He asked as he spied Pinky doing some sort of dance through the glass in Geet’s office, waving her arms about in wild gestures.

“Err I am just taking some air, it was getting very hot in the office” Geet replied off the top of her head, trying not to show panic on her face.

Maan stood staring at her for a full minute, his face completely impassive, before he said, “these offices are air conditioned, Geet you have the same air in your office as this corridor! What’s really going on?”

back in the office………….

Pandey questioned Adi “if you don’t like Geet why did you go to her village after her?”

Why was he asking all these questions? “Err just g…g..go away and don’t bother me again.” Adi said unconvincingly. He heard Maan’s voice outside and in a panic he hastily cut the call.

Pandey stared at the dead line shocked at the way Maan had terminated. Then anger flowed through him he would cut the call would he?

Maan walked past Geet into her office and Pinky went bright red and then pale and then bright red again. He heard a shuffling under Geet’s desk, going around he peered under it to find Adi sitting their holding a phone and shaking like a leaf. His eyes widened, what the hell was going on with these three?

“GEET! ADI! PINKY! What the hell’s going on? I want to know right now!” Maan demanded.

Geet ran back in to the office behind him, as Adi emerged from under her desk. “Adi oh! I am so glad you found Pinky’s missing phone.”

The phone suddenly rang, its silly jingle loud in the tense atmosphere. Adi gasped in shock and dropped it as if it were a poisonous snake, it bounced and smashed on the floor the battery and the casing separating, its jingle dying an impromptu death.

Maan stood watching them all his expression fierce.

“Err Adi, Pinky why don’t you go and finish off that piece of work you were talking about earlier, I am going to go home.” Geet said rapidly picking up the bits of the phone and throwing them in a drawer.

Adi and Pinky all but fled from under Maan’s angry gaze.

Maan demanded through clenched teeth. “What is going on?”

“Er Maan, nothing. I am really tired, I am going home.” She said walking past him.

He grabbed her wrist tightly as she walked past and pulled her around to face him, “Geet! There is something definitely going on and I will find out sooner or later so you had better tell me now!”

She looked into his angry dark eyes, she knew she was doing the right thing by not telling him. He would become impossible around her, he had followed her all the way to Rupnagar to help her but she couldn’t let him take care of this problem, it would not be fair to involve him. She felt so vulnerable and alone suddenly. Her with eyes filled with tears when she thought of all the things he had done for her so in the past weeks since she had met him. If she really thought about it there was really no definable relationship between them and yet he was there for her every step of the way unconditionally.

No! There was no way she would put him in any danger, or give into the blackmailer so he had to pay protection money for her safety. Her feelings for Maan Singh Khurana were becoming complicated.

He saw the tears and the anger immediately left his face and concern took its place. Those soft amber pools filled with tears shocked him to the core.

“Geet!” he whispered his face full of concern, he took her face in his hands. “Please tell me what’s going on. Whatever it is, I will take care of it.”

She felt the gentleness in his touch, the warmth hardness of his body as he moved unconsciously closer to her as if to protect her. Her eyes closed with pain, yes he would. She knew he would take care of it, at any cost to him, but this time she could not let him.

“Maan, I am just tired, I should have listened to you and taken rest today.” She said softly not quite looking at his face.

Instantly, he knew she was lying, her eyes that always met him directly and always spoke the truth were averting their gaze from him. Something serious was going on, he would get to the bottom of it soon.

He let go of her then, his dark eyes greatly troubled. “I will take you home.” he said not wanting to let her out of his sight.

Geet nodded too troubled now to refuse.

He glanced at her from time to time as they drove home, but she was lost in her own thoughts it seemed. He decided he would contact Jaspal sir as soon as he left Geet safely at the outhouse and make sure it was nothing to do with her uncle or the children.

Patel followed them closely to the Khurana mansion. It was going to be difficult to get Geet alone he would have to tell Pandey. Maan Singh Khurana was always hovering around her day and night. They may have to set up fake meeting or something to draw Geet out on her own. He pulled out his mobile and called Pandey.

Adi paced up and down in his flat. Pinky sat chewing her nails, watching him. “Adi please sit down I am getting dizzy just watching you.”

“Pinky by going along with Geet I might have put her in danger. Suppose the blackmailer was not convinced by my phone call and decides to harm her? I can’t have that on my conscience, I don’t know why I went along with her suggestion.” he moaned, his face a picture of worry.

His phone rang it was Geet.

“Thank you Adi, I am sorry to get involve you in this. I know you hate lying to Maan. I am sure we wont get any trouble from the blackmailer now.”

“I am not convinced Geet.” Adi said. “What if they didn’t believe me?”

“Adi I have started looking for flats, once I move out of here it will definitely show whoever it is that Maan is not interested in me. I have started to call around a few places and will set up some viewings asap.”

“But Geet!”

“Adi I don’t have any right to put Maan in any danger because of me, I just cant!” Geet replied softly, her voice full of concern for Maan’s safety. “I have a few viewings tomorrow and once I find a suitable place will be moving out of here.”

With that she rang off, Adi paced faster even more worried now, Pinky sat munching her crisps, her mind working on why Geet was so averse to telling SSK.

Maan put the phone down after speaking to Jaspal sir, so there was nothing untoward there. The Children were fine and Geet’s uncle was packing up and getting ready to move out. So what was bothering her? He stood at the window unable to sleep looking at the silver Moon with so many questions running through his mind. Why had her eyes filled with tears suddenly? She was normally so resilient. Why had she lied to him? The Geet Handa he knew always spoke the truth whatever the consequences. Something was wrong and tomorrow, he would get it out of Geet and if not Adi or Pinky.

That was the second viewing she had managed to arrange for the next day, Geet stretched her weary muscles, happy that she had made some progress. Looking around her wistfully, she sighed, this room had been such a haven for her, and Maan………..Maan was everything that any woman would want.

She climbed on the bed and hugged her knees. Why had life become so complicated? He had in a matter of a few weeks become such a big part of her life. A few weeks ago she had barely heard of him, now he dominated her thoughts and actions daily. She felt as she were being drawn deeper and deeper into the feeling that life without him would be impossible now, but what of the gap between them? He was a multi millionaire, women were falling over themselves to go out with him with the hope that he would marry them. Also she had Chotu and Babli to worry about, she needed to be focused so that she could get on with her job, she got off the bed and looked out at the moon from the window that overlooked the rose gardens, her thoughts went back to that kiss.

Her lips throbbed as she remembered the gentle way he had coaxed her lips apart, only increasing the pressure when he was sure of her compliance. His eyes had been clouded with passion, his whole body taut. A compulsive shiver ran through her, what a kiss, he was definitely Sexy Singh Khurana as Pinky called him. What would it be like to be loved by him? Any woman in Maan’s life would be cosseted and protected, she knew, he was principled, twice now she had been in compromising situations in his company but he had behaved implacably. Any woman who managed to win Maan Singh Khurana’s heart would surely be the luckiest woman alive.

Having been up half the night with her troubled thoughts Geet missed the alarm and was late. Sunlight flooded the room when she finally managed to open her eyes to the loud peel of her telephone.

“Geet, are you ready? I am leaving now.” Maan’s voice came through the phone, waking her up completely, she looked at the time and nearly let out a scream. She was supposed to be at a viewing on the other side of town in an hour.

“Errr Maan you go ahead, I will come in a bit later …I have some …some suppliers to contact this morning. I will be in shortly.”

“Suppliers? I shall come with you.” He said.

“Err No, I will be fine you must have important things to do.”

Maan groaned, he did have a meeting arranged with a project manager from another job. “Ok I will see you in the office, and Geet make sure you are contactable!” He ordered.

“Maan, as I said before I am not your employee!” Geet angrily said cutting the call.

Maan smirked, that’s better, that spark was more like the Ms Geet Handa he knew.

Patel followed Geet to one place and then another, he wandered what she was doing going all over town, then it twigged that she must be flat hunting after he asked the landlord of the last place she visited. With a big smirk on his face he called Pandey.

Geet phoned Pinky after the second viewing, Pinky these two flat are no good. The agent did promise me one nearer to the KC offices. I am just waiting for his call and then I will head back to the office.”

“Geet , Adi is in a real panic” Pinky replied a very worried look on her face. “I hope he doesn’t tell SSK when he comes in.”

“Pinky, please can you go and make sure that Adi doesn’t spill the beans, otherwise all our efforts will go to waste!”

Patel quickly rang Pandey. “Boss, chance mil gaya, but we will have to act quickly. Geet is looking for a flat. I will arrange for a special viewing just for her.” They both laughed uproariously.

“No time like the present!” Pandey replied immediately contacting one of his men to call Geet with another viewing.

By the time Maan reached the KC offices, Adi was in a real state. All night he had been fighting with his conscience, why had he listened to her. What if there really was a threat waiting out there for Geet. He sat at his desk muttering to himself and chewing his fingers.

“Pinky I have to tell him, suppose something happens to her, I will never be able to live with myself.”

“Adi, Geet will be fine she can look after herself,” Pinky said but she also looked worried. What if Adi was right and someone was really out to harm her?

“I will tell Maan sir when he comes in, Pinky its the best option, Maan sir will make sure she is safe.”

“Tell me what Adi?” Maan said from the door.

Adi jumped up so fast from his chair, it fell to the floor with a bang.

“Maan S..s..sssir!”

“Adi, what’s going on with you, Geet and Pinky?”

Adi looked at Maan’s worried face and he had to tell him. “Someone is threatening Geet.”

Maan’s dark eyes widened. “How?” he looked at Pinky, who looked sheepish.

“They sent you a letter, which by mistake I spilt water over and Geet saw what was written inside. It was a blackmail letter asking for money so that no harm would come to Geet.”

Maan’s heart started pounding, but from the look on Adi’s face he knew there was more.

“The second letter came yesterday, Geet took it from your post when we got back to the office.”

So that’s why she ran out so suddenly. He looked from Pinky to Adi, his eyes turned dark with worry.

Adi gulped with fright but he had to tell him.

“Adi?” Maan looked at him fiercely, he knew it was not going to be good.

“I…I…pretended to be you and called the blackmailer and told him that you were not interested in Geet and not to bother to send any more letters as I (you) were not going to pay.”

So that’s what he was doing with the phone under Geet’s desk.

“Why didn’t she just tell me?”

“She thought you could be placed in danger because of her or end up paying money to make sure she didn’t get hurt, it was something she was not prepared to let happen.” Pinky said softly knowing why her friend had done such a thing.

Anger and frustration rose inside him so fiercely, he smashed his fist on the table making Adi jump with fright. She was the most infuriating stubborn woman he had ever met. Please don’t let anything happen to her!

His phone rang and he barked into the phone angrily, “Maan Singh Khurana!”

“Kyu aaj tum hhhh haklete nahi ho? And your voice is back.” Pandey sneered.

“Who is this?” Maan angrily asked, in no mood to play games.

“Well, Mr Maan Singh Khurana,” Pandey laughed. “I told you not to ignore my letters, now its too late. Your precious Geet is heading towards a lovely trap we have laid for her. If you want to see what has happened to her than come to this address as soon as you can.” Saying that he rang off smiling to himself happily. He would get his money once Maan Singh Khurana knew he meant business. He was just going to scare Geet just a little bit.

“Pinky, Adi ring Geet and tell her NOT under any circumstances to go to this address.” he said grabbing a piece of paper and hastily scribbling it down.

He glared at both of them and ran out of the offices like a man possessed.

Pinky grabbed her mobile and started calling Geet but she kept getting an engaged tone. Adi and Pinky both looked at each other in panic, what had they done?

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Chapter 20

Geet sat in the rickshaw happy that an associate of her agent had called and she had managed to get a viewing of another flat that sounded more promising and nearer to the KC offices.

It was late afternoon now and she knew she would catch the children at home. She called Babli and Chotu to see how things were going with them, getting caught up with their childish and sweet stories about their classmates and teachers. They made her laugh so much, making her forget about her worries and she happily chatted with them for ages only realising that she had arrived at the address when the rickshaw stopped and she looked around puzzled as to where they were.

“Bhaiyya, are you sure this is the address?” she asked the rickshaw driver.

“Madam this is the right place.” he replied sure of himself. Geet wasn’t so sure that the agent meant this address. The block of flats looked derelict and the area didn’t look at all lively. There were only a few people hanging about, something wasn’t right.

“Is this rickshaw empty? Madam, if you are getting off, please hurry!” A man asked almost pushing Geet out and sitting down quickly in her seat.

Geet paid the driver, hesitantly stepping out, then as the rickshaw sped off she wished she hadn’t. The place felt creepy, she could feel many eyes on her but couldn’t see anyone.

Now that she was here she supposed that she should go and look for the flat, she walked towards a building searching for its name or number at the gate but didn’t see anything. She turned and saw two men coming towards her. The hairs on the back of her neck started to rise. One had a large pot belly and was wearing a loud T shirt with the slogan that said ‘I am your Man!” Cheap trousers and lots of chains. The other was skinny, chewing paan or tobacco and spitting red spit now again as he walked towards her. Their eyes were glued to her as they moved closer and closer.

Her instinct told her to get out of the situation as quickly as possible. She turned and started to walk in the opposite direction, trying to look as if she was not intimidated.

“Cheekni Chameli, where are you going? Don’t run away from us.” A voice sneered from behind her.

Now she knew she was in trouble. She walked faster, only to come to a rapid halt when another man came out from behind a wall. He blocked her path, standing arms folded in front of her, grinning widely showing off his red stained teeth. He too was skinny but his face was hard and tough, his nose bent as if he had been in many fights.

The odds were getting worse Geet thought. Quickly she pressed speed dial, she didn’t know which number she had pressed but she made a great show of holding the phone up and saying ‘I have called the police. Don’t come any closer.”

Maan’s phone rang he grabbed it turning it on hoping it was Adi saying they had stopped Geet from going to the address, but all he could hear was some random voices. Then he heard Geet say loudly. “Don’t come any closer! I have called the police!”

She was in trouble! He drove furiously, it was not too far now.

“Baby! Ha ha ha!” The man with the broken nose laughed. “No police ever come here, this is our area.”

“Chiknee chameeli aajja meri bahoon mein!” The pot bellied man said reaching out to try and touch her.

Geet shrank away from him. She looked at it from all angles, what were her chances with three of them? Her eyes frantically searched for a weapon she could use.

“Oy hoy! She is so shy! Kya raapchick maal hai. We wont bite, not much anyway.” said the paan chewing man, laughing loudly at his own joke.

Maan’s heart filled with dread, how many men were there? Two, maybe three? Nearly there, he consoled himself swerving around a corner very fast, scattering pedestrians and cars in his wake.

“Dekho if you leave now I will not hurt you.” Geet said loudly trying to sound more confident then she felt.

“Ha ha ha ha ha!” The man with the pot belly laughed. “Hurt us? Chikne chameli! Tumhare komal komla haathon se peetengi hum ko?” He reached out and grabbed her hand.

Geet turned sharply twisting so that she had the advantage and sharply kicked him in the knee, he buckled to the floor yelping with pain.

The other two looked at her with shocked surprise. They hadn’t excepted her to put up any resistance.

The skinny paan chewing man launched himself at her, she grabbed him by the arm and flipped him over, but whilst she was doing that the third man grabbed her by the hair and pulled her towards him slapping her hard across her cheek, she reeled from the blow.

Geet wiped the blood that spilt from her mouth and with a angry glare she aimed a blow at the his ribs. She heard a crack and saw with great satisfaction that he staggered backwards in pain.

“Bitch!” He screamed clutching his painful ribs. “You will pay for that!” He pulled out a knife, and shouted to his companion to grab her.

The paan chewing man grabbed Geet, but she fought back viciously, kicking and punching where ever she could, whilst the man with the knife launched himself at her trying to stab her, but she was moving too fast.

“Saali, ekdum atom bomb hai!” Snarled the man with the knife, trying his best to injure her.

“Kotha! Boss said just to scare her so Maan Singh Khurana pays up! You are not supposed to kill her!” The pot bellied man screamed.

Suddenly there was the blaring of a loud horn. All of them stood frozen for a moment as they realised that a car was being driven furiously towards them.

As soon as he was close enough Maan braked hard, jumping out and ran towards them shouting.


All three panicked. The man with the knife dropped it and they all ran off as fast as they could. Suddenly free of their hard grip Geet sank to the floor.

Maan was upon her in an instant.

“GEET!” His eyes roamed over her in panic.

“I am fine Maan.” she said, her breathing harsh from the exertions.

Sinking down to her, his hands gripped her chin gently, pulling her face around, his eyes blazed with anger as he saw the cut lip, the blood oozing from her mouth. The red bruising across her cheek. There were blood splatters all over her, her white kurti and jeans smeared with it. Her arms had scratches everywhere.

“You are NOT fine! What possessed you to keep such a serious matter from me? I can’t believe how incredibly stupid the whole idea was! You even managed to rope Adi, MY right hand man into colluding with you!” His anger and frustration poured out of him, when he had seen her fighting like a shernie he hadn’t believed his eyes. Three against one and she was still managing to beat them back.

The adrenalin that had kicked in was rapidly leaving her system and the pain taking over. She closed her eyes fighting back a feeling of nausea. It could have been so much worse if Maan hadn’t come and rescued her yet again.

She put a shaky hand to her temple to stem the nausea and he saw her hands were cut and bleeding from defensive wounds.

What the hell was he doing shouting at her when he needed to get her to a hospital. He scooped her up in his arms and ran towards the car.

“Maan!” She groaned, “really, it looks worse then it is.”

“CHUP! Bilkul Chup! You are not to say one single word. I am holding on to my temper with a fine thread, you could have been killed!” he said to her between clenched teeth.

He bundled her into the car and ran around to jump in and drive furiously to the nearest hospital.

“They only meant to scare me,” Geet said feebly, “it was not a serious attack.”

“Meine kaha na chup!” Maan muttered under his breath some very choice words at that statement.

Yes and it damn well worked, he was suitably scared enough to take serious action, he was not going to let her out of his sight.

Geet lay back against the plush cream upholstery worrying about messing the leather up with her blood, but dared not say anything. She could see he was seriously angry, every muscle in his body was tense as a bowstring. She just hoped where ever he was taking her did what he demanded in super quick time. Closing her eyes she lay back as the pain washed over her in waves. The knife had caught her in a few places, although none of the cuts were very deep they stung. Her mouth was full of blood and her head was pounding like it had a steam train running through it.

She felt herself being lifted again in his arms and opened her eyes to see he was walking rapidly into a private hospital.

“I need a doctor! Now!” He demanded his expression so angry. The receptionist ran to get help. Almost immediately a doctor appeared and recognizing that he was not just anybody took charge. Maan gently placed her on a stretcher and she was whisked off to have her cuts tended to.

Maan was about to follow them into the treatment room when his phone rang, it was Adi. The nurse shooed him out muttering about mobile and hospitals.

He stood outside the door and answered the phone impatiently, wanting to be inside and making sure that the doctor was doing a good job.

“Maan sir did you find her?” Adi asked fearfully.

“Haan, Adi I am at Sanjeevani hospital. Geet was attacked by some men but she managed to fight back.”

“I..Is she all right?” Adi stammered. Pinky stood next to him her eyes full of fear.

“She is injured and it could have been so much worse.” Maan said his fingers raking through his hair, just thinking what could have happened if he had not got there in time filled him with dread. It had to be linked with the project he thought and Pandey.

“Adi arrange a meeting with the ACP tomorrow I want to know what they know about Pandey, ACP Sahab was most helpful when we had trouble with the land case.” he told him.

“But is G..Geet OK?” Adi stammered wishing he had told Maan about this yesterday.

“The Doctor is looking at her now, I need to go and see.” Maan said terminating the call.

He walked in and everyone looked at him, he glared back.

“Err aap ke biwi has many cuts,” the Doctor strode forward, “how did this happen?”

Geet opened her mouth to say that she was not his biwi, when he gave her such a fierce glance, she closed her mouth without argument, as it was, she was in deep trouble with him she knew.

“She was attacked by some men.” He said shortly, watching her pale mutinous face.

“Thankfully most of them a just surface cuts and should heal in a few days, but her palm and left arm is cut badly in a few places which will require a few stitches and she will need to keep the wounds clean.”

“I will make sure she does what she is told, Doctor.” he said his eyes dark eyes on Geet.

He stood watching the whole time as the doctor stitched the cuts on her palms, and tended to her wounds. His eyes roamed over her battered face. Pinky had said she had not told him about the letters as she didn’t want to place him in any danger or be subjected to blackmail. His face darkened, Ms Geet Handa he decided was independent to the point of stupidity. He had to take control of her life now.

What had she been thinking? If she had told him he could have assigned better security for her, he could have gone with her and made sure she was safe. When was she going to learn that he was not going to just vanish from her life? She looked so fragile sitting there. He wanted to tear those men limb from limb. He couldn’t wait to catch the men to give them a serious thrashing, although she hadn’t done such a bad job herself he recalled.

Almost two hours later the doctor finished with her. Geet slid off the treatment bed and took the painkillers the nurse offered her. Maan pocketed the prescription for creams and more painkillers. She started walking out of the room when he came and picked her up like doll into his arms holding her high against his chest.

“Maan! I can walk I am fine, put me down, they are all staring!” Geet angrily told him, the nurses and the doctor all had smiles on their faces at his antics.

“Chup!” He replied his dark eyes still angry.

“Maan this is ridiculous! I can look after myself.”

He gave her a look that questioned that last statement, gently settling her in the car, he jumped in to drive her home.

Pandey looked at his three men as they limped in.

“Kya hua? You all look like you have been in a major fight? Geet ke saath kuan tha?” He questioned his face filled with concern that Maan had managed to arrange security for her already before they had a chance to do anything.

They hung their heads in shame.

“Kitne admi the?” He asked curious to know how his three tough henchmen had received such a thrashing.

Turning he said “Patel, you said Geet was on her own? How did Maan Singh Khurana manage to get protection for her so quickly?”

The pot bellied one mumbled something.

“What? Kitne admi the?” Pandey asked “I didn’t hear what you said?” His big khol lined eyes stared at them. What had got into these three?

“Err there was no one with Geet.” He said slightly louder.

“No one with her?” Pandey looked at them again completely puzzled. “So did you get beaten up on your way here?”

“Err No Boss.” The man with the broken nose said clutching his sore ribs.

“Then what happened, will anyone tell me?” shouted Pandey.

“Geet hit us.” The paan chewing man replied staring at the floor shamefully.

“Geet?” he replied his tone incredulous.

“Ek Ladki ne tumhara itna haal begaada?”

“Boss you don’t know her, she is an atom bomb! She can fight!” the man with the broken nose said.

Pandey started to laugh, and once he started he couldn’t stop. One single girl had beaten these three tough men! He would have to see and meet this Geet himself.

The wind howled through the deserted dark streets as he drove them back home. A storm was brewing inside and outside the car.

“Maan I am sorry I dragged you into this.” Geet said softly. “It was not meant to happen like this.”

As he drove he glanced at her soft amber eyes as they stared at him, imploring him to understand.

“We will talk about this when I get you home.”

“Home!” Geet whispered as pain filled her heart but she had to tell him. “As soon as I find a flat I am moving out of the outhouse.”

He braked so suddenly pulling the car off the road into a lay-by. His arms taut, his hands gripped the steering wheel his knuckles almost white. He stared ahead, not saying anything. She braved a look at his handsome face, an emotion moved across it but she couldn’t understand what he was thinking.

She was not going to back down now she had his full attention. “Maan it’s for the best, because of me you will be in danger. Because of me somebody wants money from you. If I move out they will realise that I mean nothing to you.”

It suddenly struck him that’s what she really believed, naively perhaps, but she thought that by removing herself from his house would keep him safe. He started the car up again not trusting himself to speak just yet.

Geet sat back in her seat. Thank god, he had accepted her decision to move out without saying a word. A sigh of relief broke from her lips and she closed her eyes, the burden now lifted from her shoulders, that she had told him.

He glanced at her as she sank into the seat, as soon as they got home she would realise her relief was to be short lived. He stopped outside the outhouse, and went around to her side lifting her out. He noticed she didn’t even protest, keeping her mouth firmly closed believing that she had got away with what she had done and said to him.

Her soft amber eyes looked deeply into his as he climbed the stairs with her in his arms. His face didn’t give anything away. She felt so warm and soft in his arms, he wanted to lose himself in those amber depths, he wanted to kiss those lush pink lips silly until she lost all sense of reality and succumbed to his every demand, but he did none of those things. Calmly he took her upstairs and placed her in middle of the bed. She stared at him with those impossibly wide eyes. Turning he went and closed the doors of the bedroom shut with a definite click.

“Maan?” The question left her lips. What was he doing.

When he turned and looked at her, she gasped. His eyes were blazing with fury, all of which was directed at her. He approached the bed like a panther, his eyes dark and face filled with anger.

“Lets get one thing clear right now Ms Geet Handa, you will NEVER ever put yourself in danger again like that!”

“But!” Geet shrank against the headboard as he let the full force of his fury unleash on her.

“CHUP! Bilkul chup!” He blazed at her. “This is not a game Geet! Men like Pandey are not just two bit crooks they are organised and they will stop at nothing to get what they want. You could have been stabbed and left in an alley or they could have kidnapped you and …..,” he left the words unsaid, his mind scaring him out of his wits at the thought of anyone violating her. The fact that they had managed to do this to her was too much in his book. They would pay and pay dearly.

“When I move out of here they will realise that you are not interested in me and forget all about it.” Geet replied just as angrily. Why didn’t he understand what she was saying at all?

“You are not moving from here, you are not to go anywhere out of this building without MY permission, you are not to move from this bed without MY permission!” he blazed shaking with anger.

His phone rang he looked at the display it was Daadima. He cut the call. Almost instantly it rang again.

“What?” He answered her shortly, his temper at boiling point.

Geet was muttering things in his ear, he turned and showed her his hand, eyes blazing at her to stop talking.

“Maan come home at once! Security says you are in the outhouse?” Daadima demanded angrily.

“Yes! I am coming in a minute.” he replied.

“No! Now!” and as she heard Geet in the background she said, “and bring Geet with you.”

“No Daadima, Geet wont be coming with me and I will be there shortly.” he said ringing off.

“What? Have you gone mad? You can’t tell me what to do!” Geet stared at him as if he had lost his mind.

When he moved she had no idea but suddenly his face was just a hair’s breath away. His eyes blazed into hers, his hands planted themselves either side of her on the headboard. Not one part of his body was touching hers and yet the sheer heat emanating from him branded her.

“Geet, let me get it into your thick beautiful head that you are going to do what you are told for a change.” His eyes roamed her angry mutinous face lingering on the dark red bruising of her cheek and the slightly swollen lower lip.

She was so incredibly beautiful. Her huge eyes, full of spark and fury. Her chin set in that stubborn way that drove him insane. The anger in his eyes turned to molten heat. He breathed her in, her scent filling his lungs, he felt the throbbing pulsing heat between them. Blood rushed to parts of his body which he had no control over, he saw the same happening to her, she swayed towards him, her eyes pools of amber liquid. Her lids half closing, the spiky lashes casting shadows across her face. His cheek grazed the silken skin of her chin, he heard a rasp of stubble against skin and a moan escaped from deep with in her.

His hands somehow found himself in the thick mass of her hair shaping her head tugging her to him. His lips touched hers so gently, like whisper of silk. Her eyes closed and her face arched up into his as if she were a puppet being pulled by the master puppeteer.

“Geet……” her name escaped from his lips like a prayer.

Softly he nibbled at a lush pink corner letting his teeth softly graze. A moan escaped her and Geet felt the shiver of excitement from the top of her head to her curling toes. The tip of her tongue reached out and soothed where he had just grazed. His finger tips sank into her scalp as heat exploded inside him.

Suddenly he heard the door open loudly.

He pulled away from her, startled and furious by the invasion of privacy.

Daadima stood at the door her face like a thundercloud. Her eyes stared at them intensely, not missing the heat, the dark colour slashed on his cheek or the desire in her grandsons eyes or the fire in Geet’s.

“When were you going to tell me that you and Geet are engaged?” She demanded angrily.


64 responses to “The Phoenix Rises – Chapter 19-20

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      thanksssssssssssss ;)) chew it well ;))

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    • janememe

      July 8, 2012 at 7:00 pm

      Wohho love the Synopsis Chetna ;)) Glad youre enjoying ;)) Try out Taali Geet but on your own 😉

  5. anamikasb

    July 9, 2012 at 4:39 am

    Totally Brilliant 😀
    I loved Geet’s care for Maan ! the best part when her eyes filled so suddenly with the mere thought of putting his life at stake for her ! also how she don’t want to burden him by becoming his weak spot !

    Thank Good Adi n Pinky spoke the truth 🙂
    now that we’ve SSK in action I’m 101% sure nothing can harm Geet 8)

    awaiting for more 😛
    thanks for the long update [cont this tradition ;)]

    • janememe

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      Thanks Ananmika 😉 Yeah her feelings are getting complicated now she is having a hard time keeping thoughts about him at bay.
      GOSH all the updates are loooooooooooooonnngggggggggg ;))

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    n maan thinks geet as the most stubborn women hes ever met…well thats some acheivment for geet lols 😀
    now maan has many reasons to be, geet didnt tell him about all this…i think maybe sooner or later it wud definetly irk him that geet doesnt trust him enough to confide her problems in him…but there geet has an entirely different reason for not confiding in him
    n he wud also get angry as to why she was lookingfor a new place ..wnt he 😉
    umm…i guess some sort of confrontations coming up….just my guess
    ps:just a suggestion jane….how wud be a drunk maan with geet be at this stage..nt for all the notty notty things but for expressing his frustation at her not accepting him in any form n not trusting him enough (frm his point of view)…that wud help geet to shed some of her inhibitions regarding her feelings for maan
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    • janememe

      July 9, 2012 at 8:05 am

      Thanks Tanvi for the lovely response. Hmm Lets see what happens in the next update I am not giving anything away *wink wink* Interesting thought about drunk Maan. I would think that if he did get drunk he may give a little bit away but not much, he holds his cards close to his chest mostly its his actions that speak on his behalf. But will defo keep that in mind Tanvi thanks for teh suggestion babes ;))

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      Hey Kasturi wondered where u had vanished 😉
      Glad to see you back.

      AWW thanks for that, I picture it when I am writing and its great to see that u can see them too!! I remember how when we were watching some days we were laughing so hard at their antics ;)) Trying to recreate that magic for you all ;))

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