The Pheonix Rises – Chap 21-23

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Chapter 21


“Maan when were you going to tell me that you and Geet are engaged?” she demanded her face filled with anger and hurt.

Maan groaned how had she found out about that?

As if she could read his thoughts she carried on. “I received a call from Jaspal Singh. He was trying to contact you and Geet about her uncle and was unable to reach you this afternoon so he called at home and congratulated me on my grandson’s engagement!”

“It wasn’t like that daadima.” Maan said raking his hand through his hair.

“So what was it like? I can’t tell you how shocked I was to be told by a stranger that my one and only grandson has decided to get married and not bothered to tell me about it?” She told him angrily.

An inarticulate sound escaped from Geet’s lips. Daadi homed in on her and realised that she was covered in bruises and bandages.

“Geet ko kya hua?” She gasped putting aside her anger at Maan for the moment, she came towards the bed to see for herself.

“Err she was attacked by some men.” Maan replied.

“I am fine, Daadima.” Geet assured her.

“But your hands!” Daadima gasped.

“She had to have stitches in four places.” Maan advised Daadima.

“But how did this happen?” she asked shocked at her injuries.

Maan’s face clouded over again in anger as he remembered exactly how it happened and watching him Geet intervened before he could tell Daadima everything. She didn’t want her worried as well.

“Err I was flat hunting and was in the wrong place at the wrong time.” she told Daadima quickly.

Maan raised a dark eyebrow at her explanation but didn’t say anything, he too did not want Daadima to worry.

“Are you not happy here?” Daadima asked her, surprised that she had thought of moving out.

“Its..Its not that.” Geet fumbled with her words. His face impassive, Maan stood arms crossed staring down at her waiting for her explanation as well.

“I cant live here forever, Daadima,” her eyes implored. “You have been so kind letting me stay here, but its time I moved out, I cant accept your hospitality forever and outstay my welcome.”

Daadima looked at Geet with surprise, very impressed with her integrity, she understood Geet’s need to maintain her independence and not take advantage of the situation but on the other hand she didn’t want her to move out. Geet seemed to be the only woman that stood up to and seem to interest her grandson in a long time.

She was just about to say something when, “Daadima security at the gate says Maan sir and Geet madam have guests, An Uncle and Aunty from near Rupnagar.” Nakul announced in his dead pan voice.

A sharp sound of fright escaped Geet’s lips and even Maan’s face paled.

Daadima looked at them curiously. Who were these guests that made her grandson’s face pale and Geet shriek with fright.

“Nakul show them to the reception room we will be there soon.” Daadima said.

Nakul ran off to do as he was bid, daadima turned to both of them and said, “Our conversation is not finished. I want to know exactly what happened and why Jaspal Singh thinks you are engaged. Really Maan I would have thought better of you!” She told him in a tone that made him feel five years old again. Turning she said, “Come on we had better go and see to your guests.”

“Did they have to turn up now?” Maan muttered under his breath, hands on hips. His dark eyes filled with frustration.

Geet mimicked his voice from the bed “I would love to return your hospitality!”, hissing at him angrily. “Didn’t you say that when we left their house? Its all your fault, why did you give them your business card?”

He glared back at her. “And our conversation is not over either!” he told her. Then his eyes caught her blush and groaned. What was it about Geet that made him lose control so easily, he decided it was not a good place to be. Maan Singh Khurana was known for his absolute control in all aspects of his life. He was not going to let Geet change that.

Geet slipped off the bed and he reached out to her, “Don’t you dare touch me! I can walk.” she said her eyes sparking and limped off behind daadima. Thank god Daadima had come in when she had and interrupted them, if she hadn’t Geet didn’t know how far it would have gone, as soon as he touched her it seemed that her body was no longer hers at all.

He fell into step beside her walking together. Not touching and yet feeling each others every breath, every move, every surreptitious glance.

“Don’t say anything, I will do all the talking.” He muttered, every time she was near him, some sort of trouble brewed.

“I have to keep reminding you that you are not my boss! Thank god I am moving out of here soon.”

His brain worked fast and furiously as he walked towards the main house. An idea suddenly struck him as Geet stumbled. He scooped her up in his arms.

“What are you doing? Put me down this instant!” Geet hissed. Being pulled into his warm hard chest was playing havoc with her senses.

“I will do all the talking when we see aunty and uncle, you keep quiet.” he advised her, his eyes bright with a plan.

“Its your talking and me keeping quiet that got us into this.” Geet hissed up at him. “You’re the one who said I was your biwi! Daadima has just found out we are ‘supposedly’ engaged. Now she will think we have married without telling her!”

“Not if I can help it.” he muttered.

They had reached the reception rooms and he carried her in just as Auntyji and Uncle walked in followed by Santa and Banta.

Maan gently placed Geet on the couch, making a great show of being concerned about her injuries. “Err Geet was feeling a little dizzy, that’s why I was helping her.” as he saw Daadima gazing at them curiously.

“Maan, Geet how are you? We had come to a wedding in Delhi and I thought we would come and say hello before we left.” Uncleji said shaking Maan’s hand and smiling down at Geet.

“Daadima this is Auntiji and Uncleji, they gave us shelter when we were stuck on the road to Delhi in a very bad storm.” Maan introduced them to Daadima.

Daadima smiled at them graciously asking them to come in and sit down.

“I am so glad you have come to see us, but as you can see Geet…err has been in an accident and needs to rest.” Maan declared. “The doctor said so.” He added for validity.

Auntyji suddenly gasped, with a theatrical gesture she clutched her hands to her bosoms and rushed up to Geet. “Kya hua Geet?”

Banta and Santa went and sat exactly opposite Geet smiling and staring at her with renewed love in their eyes.

“She was attacked by Goondas, Auntiji. Delhi is not very safe any more.” Maan said keeping an eye on the twins, “you should head home before it gets too late.”

Daadima gave him a quelling glance, what had gotten into Maan? He was forgetting his manners. Why was he trying to send them away as soon as they had arrived.

“Err Please sit down, Nakul bring tea, coffee and snacks for everyone.” she said kindly to the guests.

Geet smiled falsely, her eyes on Maan, so this was his plan? To try and get them to leave quickly as possible, as if that was going to happen! She rolled her eyes at him with disdain earning a fierce glare back.

“Arre beta we are not going home today we are staying at my brothers house its not far from here.” The wind howled outside. Auntiji turned to Daadima and confided. “I was so shocked to see these poor young things soaked to the skin that terrible night. Bechare Baache, thank goodness they found our house.”

“Haan!” Maan jumped in. “It was really wonderful that we managed to find shelter that night. Don’t you think so Geet? Yes, it was amazing that we managed to find your house in the middle of the storm.” Maan rattled on.

There was something very odd going on here Daadima thought. Maan usually hated inane chatter and here he was talking nineteen to the dozen about nothing at all.

“Nakul yes, please quickly bring the tea. Auntiji and Uncle must be hungry. Banta Santa you must eat too.” Maan said pushing a large plate of samosa towards them, thinking that food might keep auntiji quiet for a moment, while he thought of getting rid of Daadima on some pretext.

Daadima opened her mouth to say something when Maan jumped in again.

“Banta, Santa!” Maan said suddenly, “how are you? What have you been up to?”

They both nearly fell off their seats as Maan tried to engage them in conversation. They stared at him transfixed, a terrified look coming into their eyes at being asked a question for which they might have to speak.

Maan kept talking and talking, not letting anyone else speak, firing questions at Geet who kept adding to his inane banter, until daadima knew for sure there was something very suspicious going on.

Finally the guests looked as if they were leaving, Geet looked at Maan heaving a sigh of relief. Maan smiled back at her thinking they had got away with it.

“It so nice to see you two together at home like this.” Auntiji said smiling at them both. “God bless you both. Such a lovely couple, just like Heer, Ranja…just like Romeo and Juliet.” she rattled on about to launch into more compliments about the jodi.

Just like the ‘Lusty Billionaire and the feisty virgin’ popped into Maan’s head clouding his thoughts as he remembered Auntiji’s book and the way Geet had looked that night, all tousled and half naked.

Geet saw Daadima look at Auntiji suspiciously, she glared at Maan to do something but for once Maan was stumped, his eyes had a far away look. Taking a leaf out of Pinky’s book, Geet did the only thing that came to mind. She pretended to pass out making a show of slithering down from the sofa to the floor.

They all watched in horror.

Maan came back to the present with a shock. What nautanki was she up to now? He jumped to her side “Geet! Geet! She must have been hurt more then I thought.” he said. “Nakul! Bring water quickly!” He yelled pulling Geet up into his chest holding her tightly.

“You’re suffocating me!” she hissed in his ear.

“Nakul call a doctor! They must have hit her on the head!” Glaring down at her he hissed back “Chup!”

“Maan beta make her comfortable on the sofa.” Daadima said with concern. Maan lifted her gently and placed her on the sofa. Muttering oaths under his breath.

Auntiji and Uncle both looked shocked, “Err we should leave now.” said Uncleji but Auntiji was too fascinated.

“Oh!” she suddenly clapped her hands together screwing up her face. “What a shame she fainted due to an injury, after they spent such a passionate night together at my house, I was hoping that you might be expecting the patter of tiny feet Behenji!” she said to Daadimaa a huge grin on her face.

Daadima’s eyes became round as saucers. “Passionate night together?” She asked her voice a mere whisper, she stared at Maan and Geet accusingly, what had they been up to?

“Haan!” Auntiji giggled, totally ignoring the horrified look on Maan’s and her husband’s face. What can I say behenji, It sounded like a very eventful honeymoon night in that bedroom they were in.”

“Err chalo! Sweety!” Uncle said dragging her out behind him casting an embarrassed, apologetic glance at Maan.

Geet slowly opened her eyes to see daadima staring right at her. She wished the ground would open up and swallow her whole.

Maan practically pushed Banta and Santa out behind their parents shutting the door behind them.

As he turned back to them, Daadima looked at him with disdain. “Honeymoon?”

“Maan! You and Geet slept together in their house?” She looked shocked to the core.

“Daadima it was not like that at all!” Maan growled dark colour slashing his cheeks.

“It’s true Daadima nothing happened at all.” Geet added to Maan’s denial vigorously.

“Is that what you were trying to hide from me?” she said pointing to the door, “They think you are married! Did you tell them that you were on your honeymoon?” She practically shouted, her temper rising. “Only this afternoon I find out that you are engaged, and now this evening I find out you are married to Geet!”

Maan raked his hand through his hair casting her a frustrated look, “Daadima there is no need to get hysterical, nothing happened between myself and Geet. We are not engaged and neither are we married.”

“Did you or did you not spend the night together in the same room? In the same bed?” She asked in a horrified whisper, looking directly into his eyes.

“Haan!” Maan declared angrily, he couldn’t lie to his daadima .

“Did you tell them you were married?”

“Haan! But there is a reason for all that!” Maan groaned, once she was on a roll it was hard to stop his daadima.

“Mujhe kuch nahi sun na!” Daadima announced remembering the hasty way Maan had pulled away from Geet earlier on that bed. “I can’t believe that you would put the reputation of the Khurana khandan at stake, and Geet’s reputation as well. Maan did you think about that? What if this got out again in the newspapers? Geet I would have thought that at least you would have stopped him?

“Maan was only trying to help me, daadima please don’t be angry with him.” Geet defended instantly.

“Geet had nothing to do with it!” Maan told his daadima, after all he was the one who had announced she was his maangetar and then declared she was his biwi.

“Well at least you two are standing up for each other in all this mess. There is nothing else to be done now, as soon as Geet is better I will be announcing your engagement. It would have been better if you had got engaged, before you decided to celebrate your honeymoon!” she sarcastically declared, walking away from them.

They watched her walk away from them anger and hurt in her every footstep.

“Maan please stop her and tell her this is all a mistake.” Geet pleaded with him as she saw the anger and frustration on his face at the turn of events.

“Did you have to faint?” He growled turning back to her.

“It was the only thing I could think of before Auntiji said more!” Geet replied her eyes filled with worry, “its not my fault!”

“What are we going to do now? Your Daadima thinks…thinks….!” She couldn’t go on, blushing to the roots of her hair.

“You have to get engaged to me.”

“I am not getting engaged to you!”

“You have to do this for me after all I have done to help you. You have to get engaged to me.”


“Yes! Its the least you can you do for me.” he said his face haughty, “I have always helped you in every situation and saved your life.”

“But..engaged? Maan!” She whispered her eyes dark and serious.

“It will keep daadima happy for a while and keep her from driving me mad with her incessant line up of idiots.”

“That’s not fair Maan! We would be lying to her.”She whispered.

“After all that I have done for you you cant do this one thing for me?” His asked eyes impossibly dark.

There was no denying that he had done so much for her. She chewed her bottom lip and then gasped as the pain hit her.

“Stop it, you will hurt yourself!” He gazed down at her, his fingers itching to sooth away the pain for her. “I want an answer now Geet. Will you pretend to be my fiancé for daadima’s sake?”

The uncertainty flitted across her face, Ms Independent had been cornered, it was utterly ruthless of him he knew but this was the only way he could make her stay in here and be able to keep her safe.

“Remember you owe me Geet!” He said turning the screws and piling the pressure on.

She had no choice but to agree. What else could she do? She nodded with reluctance.

A slow smile of sheer satisfaction played on his face.

Geet glared at him furiously, damn, why did he have to look so smug? He had left her no choice she knew. She thought about Daadima’s reaction and wished with all her heart that she could say no to him. She didn’t want to lie to her but if she didn’t and it got back to Rupnagar her uncle would have a field day and Chotu and Babli would get the brunt of the rumours and gossip.

“Maan sir khaana laga doon?” Nakul asked, wanting to serve and get to bed.

“Yes! I am famished,” his appetite had come back with vengeance now that all was falling into place.

“Geet come and eat something,” he said walking towards the dining table where Nakul was busy laying everything out.

“I am not hungry.”

“You haven’t eaten all day. Eat!” He ordered. Glaring at her until she came and sat down at the table.

Nakul placed a steaming dish of parathas and yoghurt in front of her and a plate of pasta for him. Her tummy promptly grumbled, she lifted her left hand to eat and then remembered the bandages.

“Let me,” Maan said from right next to her. He cut the parathas with a fork into bite size pieces and started to feed her.

Geet blushed to the roots of her hair. “Maan I can eat with the other hand.” she said softly looking at the heat in his eyes.

“Now that we will be engaged you will have to get used to me being around you all the time. We have to make it look real for daadima’s sake.”

Geet gulped and choked at the thought of being near him and around him all the time. Maan put a glass of water to her lips with a complete knowing smile on his face.

The further away she tried to go from him the closer she ended up. She looked into his dark chocolate eyes full of heat and something she couldn’t fathom and wandered if she was going to come away from this engagement with a broken heart.

Maan watched the emotions play across her face, reading her like a book. She had no idea how vulnerable and adorable she looked, her eyes huge as she thought about the implications of being engaged to him.

“Geet there will be no more flat hunting, its not safe for you to go out on your own.” His eyes roaming over her bruised cheek, as he continued feeding her morsels of paratha whilst eating from his own plate of pasta.

“I will be careful but I will not be restricted by you or anyone. I have a job to do and I am going to do it, no one will stop me from doing it.”

“Geet! Are you insane?” His temper rose again at her statement. “Look at the state of you!”

“I heard them say that they were only doing it so you would pay up. Well you are not going to pay anyone anything on my behalf so that will show them that you don’t care about me.” she told him firmly.

“And when daadima announces our engagement? What will they think then? You are not moving from the outhouse and its not open to discussion!”

“Fine! I will stay here for the time being whilst I pretend to be engaged to you, but I will continue to do my job as I see fit, I will not be dictated to by anyone not even you!” With an annoyed look at him, she limped off back to the outhouse.

Maan stared after her. “You can run Ms independent but you won’t get very far!” He finished off his last fork of pasta and followed her. “because I am right behind you!”

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Chapter 22

“Geet!” He called after her as she limped off back to outhouse, but she didn’t bother to turn around. Increasing her pace mumbling and cursing in Punjabi.

He smiled and turned back, she could go and hide for the moment, he would give her a little respite for all this to sink in. Instead he went off to get her medicines organised.

Pandey sat and contemplated his next course of action. He was sure now Maan Singh Khurana would pay up, his men had told him that they had definitely managed to scare Geet. He decided he would call him tomorrow and strike whilst the iron was hot and if he didn’t pay up even then more action would be required.

He rang Patel. “Make sure you keep a close eye on the site. Now that the construction work is well under way Geet and Maan Singh Khurana will be going there more often. If he doesn’t pay us what we ask, we may get a chance to do something there.

“Ok Boss.” Patel replied.

Geet muttered and cursed all the way back to her bedroom. How had she managed to land in this predicament. Ever since she met Maan Singh Khurana she had been in one situation after another. She sat on the bed tired and in pain. The painkillers she had take earlier were wearing off and her body was hurting now. What she wanted was a long hot shower and go to bed, but how to keep her bandages on her hands dry, she would have to forget the shower and make do with a wash. Grabbing a towel she went to the bathroom and filled the sink with water.

With great difficulty she managed to get her kurti off.

“Geet! Where are you?” Maan said from right outside the door. “I have got your medication.”

“Did he have to come now!” she grumbled. Going to the door she said, “fine, leave it there.”

“What are you doing in there Geet? Remember the doctor said you cant get your stitches wet for few days.” He told her through door.

She glared in the mirror and imagined herself throttling him for a second. Why did he have to remember everything.

“Err yes I do remember, I am just washing my face you can leave the medication there.” Hoping he would take the hint and leave.

Maan sat down in a chair waiting for her, he was going to make sure that she took her medication before he went.

Not hearing any more from him she smiled and shed the rest of her clothes. Giving herself a quick wash whilst making sure she kept her stitches dry. She was about to try and put her night salwar khameez on when she spotted his white shirt hanging on the peg. She decided that would be easier to put on as the buttons were on the front, slipping into it she fumbled with them as she walked out into the bedroom.

As she looked up her eyes collided with his, her fingers froze on the buttons and her mouth fell open.

His eyes roamed over her from her pink toes that were now curling with embarrassment up the long slim shapely legs, up his shirt that rested mid thigh, across her naval that was just peeping through from between the two halves of the shirt, to her huge embarrassed eyes and pink flushed cheeks.

“Maan!” She gasped. Her eyes told him clearly she had thought he had long gone.

She stood frozen in the middle of softly lighted room as he slowly rose, his eyes so dark she thought she would drown in that obsidian sea. He walked up to her, the heat flared between them. Standing in front of her his hands closed overs hers sending electric shocks throughout her body, he slowly pulled her hands away from the buttons. His fragrance washed over her and she took a deep breath.

She should move her brain was telling her, she should say something, anything, she should tell him to go, but all she did was stand in front of him with trembling limbs as his eyes ate her up, his face taut with tension. She felt his hands on the two ends, slowly, ever so slowly he buttoned up the shirt one by one, tortuously letting his fingers gently cover her up.

All the while his eyes never left hers, she felt herself drown in his, swaying unconsciously into him as he pulled her into him by the sheer power of the heat in his eyes. She felt his hands slip around her and he shaped her to his hard body, his head coming down to hers. Softly his lips touched hers, he was gentle, mindful of her injury. She should stop this now, she had no business kissing him, their relationship as such, was all fake, so then why did this feel so real? So good? Why did she fit into him like this? She was powerless to stop herself.

He felt her mouth flower under his and he kissed her thoroughly, she was like a drug that he just couldn’t get enough off. Their tongues duelled and she all but melted into him, her hands awkwardly clutching at his shoulders. His body was rapidly spinning out of control.

His conscious pricked him, he shouldn’t be doing this when she had been just trapped neatly into a corner by him and was so vulnerable. Reluctantly he pulled away, his eyes closed as he sought to gain some semblance of control over himself. When he opened them he saw her eyes were closed and she was sagging against him. Lifting her into his arms he placed her on the bed.

“Geet,” he whispered softly, when she opened her eyes, he saw the passion, the confusion in her mind. He popped the tablets for her and made sure she took them, all the while her huge liquid amber eyes drank him in.

Gently he trailed his fingers down her cheek, “this shirt looks so much better on you,” he said his voice a deep caress and left before he lost control totally.

She glanced at him from under her lashes, as they drove into work. Surprisingly she had slept well, after that kiss. She had thought she would never get to sleep after he left her, but she had fallen into a dreamy deep sleep almost immediately. She had dreamt of being in Maan’s arms, she had felt safe and cared for. This worried her greatly, she chewed her lip with the realisation that she was settling into Maan’s life too easily, she had to keep herself from getting to attached to this easy lifestyle or him.

“Geet today we will work together. I want to look at the progress of the construction and the plans you have actioned for the renewable energy. I want to make sure that everything is on track and we have everything delivered to the site on time. And anyway you wont be able to do too much on your own with your hands like this.

Work all day with him, be so close? Geet gulped with trepidation. What happened last night didn’t seem to have affected him at all. He was carrying on as if nothing untoward had happened between them. Her body on the other hand was on full alert, every time he moved close, as his hand brushed hers, as his eyes looked at her, sensations that were new to her washed over her. She decided, if he wasn’t that affected, she could play it cool too. As it was at the end of the day her relationship with him was all based on lies, they had been thrown together for his daadima’s sake and nothing more.

Maan watched her set her stubborn little chin determinedly, know she was fighting with herself. He was going to give her time to get used thinking that she was not moving anywhere. Now he had her where she would be safe there was no hurry. They would go through with the engagement, she would get used to him being around her all the time. It had nearly killed him to walk away last night but he knew if he had carried on she would have hated him for it. His eyes narrowed in thought, their relationship would happen when Ms independent was ready, after that he would not be holding back.

They settled into his office and started work, Geet tried not to be distracted by his nearness. They had just settled in when Mr Shah came to see them with a ultra modern, woman in tow, wearing a small tight skirt, a blouse that was definitely two sizes too small for her and high heels that looked like a engineering project.

“Maan, Geet I was in the area so I thought I would see how you were. My niece has come from the states I wanted her to meet the team who are building the project of my dreams, I hope I am not disturbing you too much.”

He shook hands with Maan and then he saw the bandages and Plasters on Geets arms he gasped in surprise. “Geet what happened to you?”

Geet looked embarrassed. “Err nothing much I just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.” Maan’s eyes narrowed at this explanation. Mr Shah looked at him for further details when he noticed his frown.

“Kya hua Maan is there anything I should know?”

“I suspect it was something to do with Pandey but until I have proof I can’t really say. “ Maan told him. “I will let you know when I get more details. I have been talking to the ACP this morning and given him descriptions of the men who attacked her.”

Geet stared at him. Had he really been talking to the ACP? He hadn’t even thought to tell her, as usual taking on the responsibility and just getting on with it. Glaring at him, she gave him a look that said stop doing that!

“Do let me know. If there is anything, I would be happy to help, that Pandey needs to be caught he has got away with too much already.” he turned and introduced the young woman with him. “Err and yes, this is Sonali my niece she has come from the US and will be staying with us for a few weeks.

Geet smiled at the other woman but Sonali was too busy to smile back, giving all her attention to Maan. Her smile wide she moved closer to him and put her hand on his arm giving him her full effect of sparkling white teeth and dark fluttering eyelashes.

“Maan Singh Khurana I have heard so much about you.” she gushed up to him.

Maan looked a little startled and was just about to gently remove her hand from his arm when he saw Geet’s expression. It was priceless. He stared at her for a full moment, slowly a devilish smile appeared on his lips, his eyes filled with mischief. So Ms Independent had a problem with another woman coming on to him, he could have some fun with this.

“Err Sonali….so you have heard so much about me, but I don’t know much about you. Do tell me all about yourself.” He asked with a charming smile. The other woman seemed to swoon.

A gasp of outrage escaped from Geet’s lips, which made him smile even more, he placed his hand on Sonali’s hand on his arm and said, “come let me give you a tour of my offices. Mr Shah you don’t mind do you.”

“No..err,” Mr Shah said looking at Maan and then at Geet’s outraged expression, “No I don’t mind at all but someone here does,” he muttered to himself smiling, then said loudly. “By the way the reason we came today was to invite you both to a dinner party we are having in honour of Sonali this Friday, please do come both of you Sunita will be delighted.”

“That would be lovely.” Maan said accepting on their behalf without bothering to ask Geet.

Glaring at Maan, she said, “Mr Shah I am not sure I can come, errr I have a prior engagement.”

Maan raised a dark brow at that statement and smiled, he definitely had her riled. He knew she had no prior engagement.

“Oh! that would be a shame, Geet please do try and come, it wouldn’t be the same without you and you must bring Pink and Adi too.” he said smiling at her.

“I will try and come.” Geet said graciously to Mr Shah, her eyes throwing daggers at Sonali.

Maan grinned, he was sure she would be there, if her expression was anything to go by she was having trouble with the fact that Sonali was swooning and gushing all over him. He gave a her glance as he walked out of his office with Sonali on his arm, chatting away to her and Mr Shah.

Pinky walked into Maan’s office with a query. “Geet when did you order this? She asked showing her a sheet of paper with some details of parts. “There is no confirmation from them about delivery.”

Geet was too busy watching Maan exude charm and wit for his guests through glass partition, as he walked around the KC offices introducing the staff. At the moment Adi was looking at Sonali as if she were a alien from another planet his eyes round as saucers as he watched her fawn on Maan.

“Geet!” Pinky looked at what her friend was starting at and asked. Who is that woman? She is all over SSK like a bad rash!”

Hrrump! Was all Geet could manage.

And what is she wearing? That’s not a skirt that’s a belt! And OMG those boobs cant be real! Who is she Geet and why is SSK paying her so much attention?

“She is Mr Shah’s niece from the USA.” said Geet between gritted teeth. “We have all been invited to a party this Friday at their house to welcome her to India.”

“A party! Oh!” Pinky smiled she loved parties.

Adi came in just at that moment, he looked shocked. “Geet you have to rescue Maan sir from that woman! She is all over him!”

Rescue him? Geet glared at him through the glass. Sonali was welcome to him! With another “hruumph!” She walked off in huff to her office.

The devil danced in his eyes, as he watched her stomp off to her office. This party was going to be fun.

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Chapter 23

Bristling with anger, she sat in her chair with a thump, staring at him through the glass she watched as he became full on prince charming. Sonali seemed to swoon and gush at his every word, behaving like a teenager with a hormonal imbalance, constantly falling over Maan pretending that she needed his help walking around. She could see Mr Shah was also gazing at wonder with her odd behaviour. She decided she would go to the party just to watch these two and their stupidity.

Then as Maan laughed loudly at something Sonali said, she decided she was not going! Watching them together made her mad!

But why shouldn’t she go? After all Mr Shah had invited her too. She was going!

Her mind changed again as she watched them both talking to one of the staff, who was giving strange looks to both Maan and Sonali. She was not going! Just to spite him. He should have asked her first before he agreed for the both of them! What right did he have to accept on her behalf?

Pinky and Adi watched Geet’s expressions change every half minute whilst she practically chewed the end of her pencil into a pulp. Adi reached over her desk to remove the pencil from her mouth before she did any more damage to it. Geet glared at both of them.

“You have to go.” Pinky pleaded. “The party they had last time was rocking!”

She was going…….because Pinky and Adi wanted to go! She would go, but under protest she decided and she would make sure Maan Singh Khuarana knew that for certain.

Geet succinctly remembered that party and it had been rocking, it had rocked her world for sure and had been the start of all her troubles with Maan Singh Khurana. This time he would be too busy with Sonali, in her mind’s eye she saw them together dancing the way he had done with her, the thought didn’t sit well with her. Crossing her arms, she wondered why that thought should bother her? She decided that she was happy that he was paying attention to someone else, at least that would get him off her back.

“Chado! I will go and have a really good time.” She said to Adi and Pinky, just as Maan walked in. She glared at him, her amber eyes sparking.

“Oh! Good.” he said smugly, “And there I was thinking that you would be upset and not willing to go at all because I accepted on your behalf as well.” He said watching her face closely. “I so glad you are coming. By the way Mr Shah forgot to tell us that it’s a Bollywood ‘Villains,Vamps and Heroines’ party. We all have to come in character.” He said smiling with a devilish glint in his eye imagining Geet as Basanti looking at the fighting mood she was in.

Pinky gave out a loud whoop of delight, which suddenly turned into a gulp as Maan stared at her.

“Now lets get back to work. We have wasted too much time today!” he declared, glaring at the three off them and turning to back to his office with a hint of a smile on his lips.

If he had turned back and looked, he would have been a dead man from all the daggers that Geet was throwing at him with her eyes.

That evening at home…………

“Maan I need to talk to you.” Daadima declared, as soon as he walked in.

“Can’t it wait daadima I have so much work to do?” He had been avoiding her as he knew she would try and fix a date for the engagement.

“No! it cant wait. I have called the jeweller at 8pm, he will be bringing a selection of rings you can choose one for Geet, the engagement party will be next week.”

Maan’s mind reeled. If Pandey got wind that he was getting engaged to Geet he would surely try something else to get to her. He wanted to get more information on who was trying to blackmail him and harm Geet first.

Thinking quickly he said “Daadima I am not sure about the engagement, after all I don’t really know her that well. I don’t want to decide anything in haste.”

“Maan! How can you say that. You do like her don’t you? She is the first girl I have seen you give any attention to and after what you two …!” Daadima sighed, shaking her head as she remembered what Sweety Aunty had said.

Geet heard Maan and Daadima talking as she walked towards the main house through the linking corridor. She had come to give him a file he had forgotten to take from her.

“Nothing happened that night believe me daadima. We were thrown together by circumstance. There is no need to rush into an engagement because of it.” He told her firmly.

So Maan was against them getting engaged as well? So why had he been adamant that she agree to get engaged in the first place! The man was an enigma, she would never understand him she decided. Well that suited her fine, she didn’t want to get engaged to him either.

“First you want to get engaged and then you don’t? What’s gotten into you Maan? Anyhow you need to choose a ring for her. No, I don’t want any argument!” She put up a hand to stop him from saying anything more.

Frustrated Maan glared at her. The issue of Pandey foremost on his mind and at the same time he knew he had ruthlessly cornered Geet into getting engaged to him when she clearly was not ready yet. Then he saw her standing there file in hand. He stared at her his eyes dark and unfathomable.

Her face was pink from embarrassment, it was clear she had over heard them. Her soft amber eyes held confusion. Quietly she put the file on a table and walked away. He stood watching as she walked away out of sight, now was not the time to run after her. He could wait.

As she walked back to the out house all confused, Pinky rang.

“Geet I have found a place that does Bollywood costumes, I think I have the perfect one for you. You should go as Karina. There is a beautiful golden dress just like the one Karina wore, when she was trying to seduce Don.”

“Pinky! She was wearing a tight fitting dress with a huge slit!” Geet gasped with shock. remembering the song.

“Geet!” Pinky moaned back, frustrated. “That Sonali will be wearing god knows what! You will need to wear something sexy so you can knock SSK’s eyes out!

She would love to knock him out, full stop. Geet muttered to herself. “Pinky, I am not out to seduce Maan! What makes you think that I am interested in SSK…err I mean Maan Singh Khurana? I don’t care what he does with Sonali!” She growled. “What are you wearing Pinky? And Adi?” She asked changing the subject.

“I am going as Nirupa Roy with lots of glycerine and Adi is going at Ajit the lion of Bollywood.”

“Geet, what is SSK going as?”

“How would I know?” Geet muttered. “Maybe Sonali would know better!” she grumbled.

Pinky giggled. “You are so terrible at lying Geet. I saw you throwing daggers at him whilst he was talking to Sonali. I am getting that dress for you, you better find some matching golden high heels.” she said cutting the call.

Later that night Geet sat on the bed wondering why she had become so incensed whilst watching Maan with Sonali. It was not as if they had any sort of relationship. Everything between then was fake, all except the passion, the loud voice in her head reminded her. Hastily she put that out of her mind and thought about Maan’s conversation with his daadima. Did he want to get engaged or not? She knew he is only doing it because daadima was pressuring him, he was so very close to her. Geet knew that he would do almost anything to keep his daadima happy. Frustrated she stared out on to the rose gardens, she wished he knew what he was thinking.

At that moment Maan was busy looking at all the rings in the jewellers tray. None of them he thought were right for Geet. He said no to all of them. The plump jeweller looked crestfallen.

“Daadima I don’t like any of these!” He said dismissing them. They were all so fussy, he thought. For Geet he would get something simple and unique.

Daadima smiled for the first time that evening. “Maan beta you can get whatever you want for Geet after all she is one in a million, to have caught your attention.”

“Sir.” The jeweller said worried that he was not going to get any business, “I do have two very rare beautifully cut yellow diamonds, they have come from the collection of the Maharajah of Jaipur. Exquisitely cut for the Maharajah in Antwerp, beautiful as the morning Sun, they are not in any setting yet, they are extremely rare but expensive, would you like to see them?”

“Yes!” Daadima said “The cost is not important!”

Maan nodded, and the jeweller pulled out a velvet pouch and emptied it onto a dark velvet cushion.

“Oh!” Gasped Daadima. “Maan beta these are fabulous.”

The two stones sparkled spreading golden light everywhere. One large stone which was clearly meant to be worn as a pendant and another that could be set in a ring.

“I will take them both.” He said immediately. She had brought Sunshine into his life. “I want a simple design, in platinum with smaller diamonds either side and this as a matching pendant.”

“Madam’s size?”

Looking up at his chubby cheeks, Maan glared at the jeweller. Why was he asking about Geet’s size? The jeweller gulped and wiped his brow with a handkerchief. A little frightened of the look in Maan’s eyes.”

Daadima smiled, “I think he means finger size Maan. Err I will find out and tell you tomorrow.” she said. Hiding a grin at Maan’s dark expression.

“Very well I will make a start on the pendant straight away. Thank you sir, madam I will take your leave now.” The plump jeweller said collecting up his cases and leaving quickly.

“Good, that’s settled then, Maan beta when should I set the date for the engagement?” Her eyes pinned him down to answer.

“Can it wait a while Daadima? Geet’s cuts and bruises will not heal for a few days.” He said buying some more time. “And also we have to go to a party in two days time at Mr Shah’s residence his niece is here from the US and he is giving a party in her honour.”

“Ok but no more then a week or two, if it got out in the papers that you shared a room together, again the whole media fiasco will start again.” she told him firmly. “Maan I am getting old, my health is not so good any more.” Daadima said laying it on thick with a trowel. “I do want to see you happily settled before I die!”

Rolling his eyes at her he groaned and left, knowing full well that she was fine. As he walked away his phone rang, fishing it out of his pocket and answered it.

Daadima grinned, at least she was two steps closer at least he had chosen a girl and now a ring!

“Maan Singh Khurana.” he barked into the phone knowing who it would be, he had been anticipating this call all day.

“I did tell you to pay up didn’t I?” Pandey said into the phone, “But you wouldn’t. I did tell you I would make sure you understood what I was saying didn’t I? Now I want 50 Lakhs by Saturday or there will be more trouble for your precious Geet.”

“Pandey, yes I know its you!” Maan said menacingly into the phone, his eyes were dark and furious. “You have no idea what is going to happen to you when I get my hands on you. By the way how are your idiots feeling after Geet gave them such a hiding? You are a coward preying on women, if you were a man you would come out into the open and face me. I am going make your life hell for even sending your goons after her.”

“Ha ha ha ha! You think its that easy to get to me?” Pandey laughed not even bother to deny that it was him to Maan. “Maan Singh Khurana just pay up and let sleeping dogs lie. Don’t stir up more trouble then you can handle.”

Maan cut the call furiously. He would double the security for Geet and Daadima. He was sure Pandey would try something else sooner or later.

The day of Sonali’s party dawned soon enough, too soon for Geet. She hadn’t even bother to unzip the dress bag that pinky had given her the day before. She felt disorientated, what was she doing in the out house? Why had she even agreed to get engaged to him when clearly he didn’t want to either. There was no point lying to daadima she decided sooner or later the truth would come out and it would be even worse for her at that stage.

Her phone rang loudly Pinky had changed her tune to ‘Yeh mera dil pyaar ka deewana.’ Geet rolled her eyes at her antics and answered.

“Pinky when did you change my ringtone?”

Giggling Pinky said, “this evening just before you were leaving. Its great isn’t it. Have you tried the dress on yet?”

“No, I have not even unzipped the dress bag yet.” Geet answered truthfully. “I really don’t feel like going any more, you go and have a good time.”

“GEET!” Pinky screamed down the phone at her. “Get up and get dressed. I am sure SSK will be coming to collect you soon. I wonder what he is wearing?” Pinky said.

“Okay! Okay!” I am getting ready Geet said sliding off the bed. “I will see you there. Is Adi picking you up?”

“Clever Girl!” Pinky said mimicking an Ajit voice.

She smiled at her Bollywood mad friend’s words, rushing into the bathroom for a quick shower. Her bandages had come off now and she just had a few plasters across her stitches, she creamed her body and dried herself off. Stepping into the bedroom she reached for the bag Pinky had given her, unzipping it and taking the dress out.

Dear God! Was she really going to wear that? Now she wished she had bothered to open it and at least had a look. The dress itself was stunning, one shoulder strapless. it was cut to go across her chest. There was no way she could wear a bra with it, but it had cups built in so that was good. Well, she would try it and if it looked too shocking then she was not going to wear it she decided.

Looking at the time she applied her make up quickly and dried her hair. Slipping on her heels, with a deep breath she slipped on the dress, reaching behind her she started zipping it up, groaning as it became stuck halfway up her back. She groaned and tried harder but it was defiant.

“Geet! Are you ready?” said Maan’s voice from outside her door.

Her head snapped up as she heard his voice and she stared into the mirror, the dress lovingly followed her every curve, sparkling and shining back at her.

“Geet? Are you in there?” He demanded as he heard no reply.

A strangled sound escaped her lips as she moved her leg and saw the slit slide open exposing her slim thigh.

“Geet are you OK I am coming in!” Maan said suddenly thinking she was being attacked.

He burst into to the room and froze, her image in the mirror stunned him. In return she stared open mouthed at his reflection.

He was wearing a very smart dark velvet jacket just like the one Shah Rukh Khan had worn in Don. He looked stunningly handsome. She wondered if Adi and Pinky had conspired about their costumes, of-course they had, otherwise how would they end up as Don and Kamini. (kareena)

Remembering that her zip was still undone, showing half her bare back, she quickly turned holding the dress tightly to her in case it started slipping. He stood frozen, but his eyes roamed over her with heat.

His body had gone into overdrive already, she looked stunning. In the mirror he could see what she was trying to hide quite clearly reflected in the mirror. The long line of her bare back looked tantalisingly sexy. Slowly he approached her his eyes filled with heat, he heard her deep intake of breath as he reached around her, his fingers tugging the zip down freeing the snagging material and slid it closed. He stood so close, his fingers reached up to brush a stray hair away from her face. She could smell his clean tangy aftershave. He just oozed sex, it was driving her crazy.

Watching the fall and rise of her lush breasts he had to take a deep breath and stop himself from crushing her to him and tumbling her on the bed. Should he really take her to the party dressed like this? He knew he would have to fight the men off in hoards.

She looked into his dark eyes and hesitantly said. “Maan I heard you telling daadima that your didn’t want to rush into an engagement….err that’s fine with me.”

Pursing his lips he replied. “You are not going to get out of it that easily! We will get engaged, no doubt about it. Don’t try and renege on our agreement.”


He flicked his long finger down the curve of her cheek, looking deeply into her soft amber eyes and said, “Its going to happen, and soon, no getting out of it.”

“I know you don’t want to get engaged!” Geet retorted to his reply, her eyes asking him to deny it.

He stood looking down at her, his eyes hot and blazing, “You have no idea what I want Geet!”


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    • janememe

      August 1, 2012 at 11:10 am

      Thanks Savitha ;)) maybe Geet will need that water to cool herself off ;)) U know how hwattt our Maan can get ;))

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      I will try and make next update worth the wait darling ;))

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    • janememe

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      Yeah I can imagine them looking so FAB!!! I wish we could have them do it all over again! sighhhhhhhh
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      Hello Tanima long time no comment ;)) Thanks babes I am glad you are still reading I thought u guys had all abandoned me! Thanks for your kind comments my sweets u guys inspire me to keep writing ;))

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      Love ya!

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      Hi Gurmeetprabhaslover sadly the new format for upload messedup menus all the TPR chapters are there – they are just not in order I will try and amend that just as soon as I get time. To find the chapters you will have to toggle across and right down to the bottom past chaps 55-6- etc and you will find the ones you need.

      Glad you are still enjoying reading TPR ;)) I have also started TPR3 chap one as posted last Sunday chap 2 this Sunday.
      Thanks and keep reading ;))) ❤

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    • janememe

      March 2, 2018 at 1:56 pm

      Nesha I see you are on a roll :)) Banta n Santa are special :))) Kissko paata what is MSK’s mind ;))


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