TPR 36 & 37- Not soon enough!

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Chapter 36 – Unanswered questions

Savitridevi looked at him. Once he had that set expression in his face he could not be persuaded otherwise, his father had been just the same. With a sigh she decided that she might as well let Geet stay in his room, after all according to Santa and Banta’s mother they had slept in the same room with very eventful consequences already, so she shouldn’t really be shocked.

The reason why she had phoned him was that she had been getting some very strange calls in the last few days. Putting it down to prank callers she hadn’t bothered him with it until this morning when she had received the strangest call from someone claiming to be ….but as she looked at Geet lying all hurt and Maan out of his mind with worry she decided she would not bring it up now.

“Fine!” She relented reluctantly, agreeing to let him do what he thought best, just as Adi and Pinky came to the door. They had taken off the burkhas and looked normal again.

“Geet!” Pinky rushed in, her little face worried and tense.

“I am fine Pinky really, please don’t worry. You two were so brave, thank god that neither of you were hurt.”

“Only my pride.” Adi nervously smiled remembering that awful kiss from Shankar.

A doctor came in with a nurse following, “Mrs Khurana you need to take these now and rest.” She said eyeing everyone in the room. The nurse offered Geet the medication and some water.

“Err I am not…” Geet stopped abruptly as Maan gave her glare. Wincing she reached up and swallowed the tablets from the nurses hand.

Daadima, Adi and Pinky grinned.

“I am fine really, I want to go home.” Geet said trying to get up but falling back in pain.

“Not today.” the doctor said firmly. “You have lost a lot of blood, we want to keep an eye on you. Let’s see how you are tomorrow. Mr Khurana make sure she rests tonight.” Knowing full well after his behaviour earlier he was not moving from her room.

He nodded, his eyes telling Geet that he would make sure she did as was told for a change.

“Geetbeta, I am going now, I will see you tomorrow.” Daadima said gently running a hand over her forehead. Her eyes moist as she thought of what Geet had done for her grandson.

“Daadima thank you,” she replied softly. Her eyes closing as the tranquillisers started to work.

“We’d better go too.” Adi said leading Pinky out as he saw Geet’s eyes kept closing. Maan nodded. He was upset with Adi for not telling him and at the same time very grateful that they had both stuck by Geet even in the face of terrible danger to them.

“Maan beta I will see you tomorrow. I will get your room prepared tonight.” daadima said as she left.

“Adi can you make sure all the files and current project work gets shifted home. I will be working from there for the next few weeks.”

Adi nodded. Walking up to Maan he looked him in the eye and said, “M…Maan sir I did try and persuade her not to go, but she was insistent, in the end I thought it’s best if we went with her as she was not changing her mind. I am sorry I didn’t tell you but Geet swore me secrecy on her life.”

Maan nodded to Adi, he knew exactly how stubborn his Mishty was. “I am glad you both went with her Adi, I can never thank you both enough for this.”

“Geet is more than a sister to me Maan sir, she has always been there for me.” Pinky said looking at the sleepy Geet with tears in her eyes, “And she is my dost,” Adi added, “we would do anything for her.”

Maan nodded at them his eyes telling them both how touched he was as they left.

“Are they all gone?”

“Haan.” He came up and sat next to her on the bed, his fingers trailed softly down the curve of her cheek. Her eyes were huge amber pools in a very pale face. Even after the transfusion she looked so pale.

“Maan….Pandey said he would…” her words became slurred as the tranquillisers took effect and she fell asleep mid sentence.

“I know exactly what he said Mishty, and that’s what is killing me, I let this happen to you. I should have never let you leave the house and walk into his trap.” his voice was a whisper of torment. Caressing her face he looked down at her, she could have so easily lost her life trying to save him.

His phone buzzed and he fished it out of his pocket. It was ACP Gupta stating that they had wrapped up and taken Pandey to HQ. He also warned Maan to be aware that Pandey did indeed have many supporters in high places, be prepared to see him out on bail.

Maan grimaced, damn it after all this if Pandey was released it would only mean more trouble for Geet. He looked down at her, she looked so fragile. Maybe it was time he used the media to their advantage for change he thought, contemplating his next course of action.

“Nakul!” Daadima called out as she reached home. “Can you prepare Maan’s room with fresh sheets. Also make sure there is extra bedding in the room.”

“Kyu chota sahib ka koi friend aanewala hai?”

Daadima glared at him. “ Just do as I say!” She didn’t really want to say Geet would be staying there so she just told him to get on with it, they would soon find out anyway.

The phone rang. Savtridevi started, she was weary of answering the phone in case it was that voice again. She stared at it for a full minute before reluctantly picking it up and angrily saying, “listen whoever you are stop playing games!”

“Daadima! What’s wrong?” Maan’s voice questioned his tone full of concern as he heard the tremor in her voice.

“Maan!” a sigh of relief escaped her.


“Err nothing, is everything OK? Why are you calling?”

“I am just calling to say that you may get a few reporters calling you, just say no comment. I am thinking about giving the press a few hints about Pandey and his antics, it may stop his ‘friends’ in high places from bailing him out.”

“Err Ok beta I will do as you say.”

“Daadima is something wrong?” Maan felt there was something she was keeping back from him.

“No…beta nothing. You just bring Geet home tomorrow. I have decided that your wedding should be as soon as possible, just as soon as Geet gets well, I am getting you two married. I have had enough of this, I want to see you married.”

His brow creased. There was definitely something that was bothering her. He would find out tomorrow he decided. In the meantime he would contact his security specialists to increase the men on the gates and guards patrolling the grounds.

The morning saw Geet and Maan having a major argument. Her eyes sparking with fury Geet’s face set mutinously as she said. “Maan, will you let the nurse do her job?”

“I would, if she was competent! Look at how tight she did your bandage!” He had been so furious at seeing the colour drain out of her face when the nurse wound her bandage so tightly.

The nurse paled at the anger in his voice. Geet reassured her, “its fine, no, its not too tight now. Now Maan if you don’t mind I would like to get changed.”

He did mind! If Geet wasn’t so insistent, he wouldn’t have left at all, she needed his help to change, this new nurse this morning, in his eyes was totally incompetent. She had dropped Geet’s tablets twice this morning, tied her shoulder bandage too tight and spilled juice all over him.

Growling under his breath he walked out into the corridor, striding angrily he went to find the doctor so he could take her home. He found her in her office.

“Ahh Mr Khurana, I was just about to come and talk to you. You can take your wife home now, but make sure she has plenty of rest and plenty to eat, she needs to rebuild her strength.”

“Thank God!” Maan muttered angrily.

The doctor smiled, the nurses had been running to her yesterday and all morning and complaining, one of them had been crying about his interference and shouting. But she had seen yesterday how broken up he was at his wife’s injuries, only a fool would miss the fact that this man was totally and utterly in love with his wife.

“Hiding her smile she said, “here are some painkillers and creams that will help the pain. Make sure she takes these. Her shoulder will be stiff and painful for a few days limiting her arm movement.”

“Yes, I will make sure she eats properly,” he said, he knew exactly how terrible she was at looking after herself.

His phone buzzed in his pocket. It was ACP Gupta.

“Maan Singh Khurana.”

“Maan, I am afraid I have some bad news for you, Pandey has managed to get himself out on bail. Some minister has rung and shaken the top brass, whilst I was out they let him go a few hours ago. I have put place an arrest warrant for him, hopefully we will catch him soon. Just be extra careful.”

His brain suddenly went on full alert. “Geet!” her name exploded out of his mouth and he ran out of the doctors office at full speed.

“Mr Khurana!” The doctor called getting up and following him, he had clearly been panicked by the call.

Running down the corridor like a madman he entered to find no one in the room.

“GEET!” His voice shock as he shouted in fear.

The door opened from the washroom and she came out and froze as she saw the terrified look on his face.

He ran up to her and enclosed her in his arms holding her to him gently.

“Mishty! I thought….I thought..” his lips travelled over her face blazing soft kisses as if he was making sure she was not hurt.

The doctor smiled and went out closing the door behind her.

“Maan?” She stared at him in a state of confusion. “What happened? Are you OK?”

“Shhhh! Chup bilkul chup! We are going home now.” he rasped out.

For a moment his world had shook as he had imagined that the new incompetent nurse was Pandey’s plant out to hurt Geet. He swung her up in his arms and started walking out of there.

“Maan my shoes! Maan!”

“Forget the damn shoes, I will get you a hundred more pairs!” he growled. He was not taking any more chances, she would be safer at home where he had already increased the security to maximum.

“Maan why are there so many guards on the gate and patrolling the grounds?” she questioned trying to exit the car, she had seen there seemed to be double the security today.

“I can walk!” she exclaimed, as he slid his arms in to lift her out,

“Just precautions, nothing more.” he said smiling down at her, ignoring her statement about walking.

Daadima was sitting on the sofa reading, she rose as they came in, smiling at Geet.

“Beta, I am so glad you are home.” She followed them up, Maan walked into his room and placed her gently on the bed.

“Maan, I am fine really,” Geet muttered, rolling her eyes as he pulled a blanket over her feet.

“Meine kaha tha ne, chup! You are to listen to me now. Nakul! Geet ke liye tomato soup le awo, Abhi!” he commanded as he saw Nakul hovering at the door.

“Daadima, there is a phone call for you.” Nakul said as he went off to do as Maan sir had directed, smiling as he saw how chota sahib was fussing over Geet madam so much.

“Beta I will just go and check who that is.” Daadima said as she went out of the room.

“Maan I don’t want soup, I have just had breakfast at the hospital. I am not hungry.”

He turned homing in on her, his eyes dark with purpose. “You will eat everything I put before you. The doctor has said that you must build up your strength, Geet do you know you lost so much blood yesterday they had to give you a transfusion!”

“Maan but I cant keep eating all day!” She moaned, “I will have it later.”

“Chup! I don’t care any more what you have to say.”

Picking up the phone Savitridevi grinned as she heard their arguments from down the corridor.


“Its time we met Savitridevi. If you want to know the whereabouts of your son and grandson come to Expression mall, third floor, outside the Raymond store.”

Her face became angry as she replied in clipped tones. “My son is dead and there is no grandson! The only grandson I have is Maan Singh Khurana!”

“Now, now Savitridevi, why would I even bother you if I didn’t have proof that your son is very much alive and that you have another grandson, I know that your son had an affair whilst he was married, that affair produced a son, he is a year older than Maan Singh Khurana.”

“What rubbish!” Savitridevi slammed the phone down bristling with anger.

Maan came out of his room with a face dark as a thundercloud, he muttered under his breath at Geet’s stubbornness. He wanted to shout and scream at her but he knew she was incredibly fragile at the moment even though she was pretending to be fine. He noticed she had been looking pale and tired just by the journey from the hospital to home. He would have to wait she got better before he laid down the law about her antics. He looked up and saw the anger on his daadima’s face and instantly he was by her side.

“Daadima, what’s wrong?”

Savitridevi looked at her beautiful grandson, he was everything to her, it had taken him a long time to get over his father’s abandonment, his mother had literally of a broken heart. She didn’t want to drag up all the nightmare of the past for either of them. So she smiled and said, “its nothing beta! Just some journalist looking for gossip.”

Glaring at the phone Maan nodded, he was about to turn the tables on the journalists and use them for his own purposes for a change.


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Chapter 37. Not Soon Enough!

He called ACP Gupta and told him what he was about to do. ACP Gupta agreed with him saying this would be the best option to flush out Pandey, once the story blew Pandey’s cover no politician however involved he was himself, would want to be seen to be helping him.

“Maan, let me just get the papers ready and I will send all the details within an hour that you will need regarding his activities to your office, make sure they get all the facts.”

Maan smiled for the first time that morning, terminating the call with ACP Gupta, he dialled the direct number for the editor of the Daily Delhi.

“Mr Bakshi?”


“This is Maan Singh Khurana. I have a story for you, I am sure it will be of interest, can we meet in three hours.”

Sam Bakshi nearly fell of his executive chair. The elusive Maan Singh Khurana actually calling him and giving him a story, must be a really interesting one?

“Yes! Of-course! Maan Singh Khurana! Er…yes please, where would you like to meet?” Bakshi nearly fell over himself to be accommodating.

Maan thought about it and said, “can we meet at the Khurana Office, say in two hours?” he didn’t want to bring Bakshi home, normally he detested the whole lot of them especially after the problems they had caused for Geet, but now was the time he could use them to his advantage.

Terminating the call he went back into the room to find that Geet had fallen asleep still sitting up. Daadima was sitting there on the edge of the bed just gazing at her with tears in her eyes.

“Maan beta, don’t be too harsh on her, she is so brave to do what she did.” daadima whispered.

Brave, yes, extremely, but she really should have told him he thought.

“She should have told me daadima!” he replied in clipped tones.

“Would you have taken extra precautions? I think not! Maan beta she knows you inside out, she knows that you would have dismissed Pandey’s threats as nothing more than irritations.”

“Perhaps,” his face contorted with pain, “ Daadima, she could have been…” he left it at that, his thoughts were just too painful to even think about let alone say out loud. And at the bottom of it all was that he had allowed her to walk into that animals lair, he was as much to blame for this as she was.

He went up to her and gently lifted her into a better sleeping position, softly covering her with a blanket. Every time he looked at her scratches and bandages guilt pierced his gut, he could have stopped this happening to her, why hadn’t he? He just didn’t have any answers now, he had to sort out Pandey first, there was no way he was going to let him get away with it any more.

“Daadima I am just going to the office for a few hours, I am sure she will sleep for now, I should be back later on this afternoon.”

“I will be here, don’t worry,” and as she saw his worried face, “and make sure she eats properly if she does wake.”

“Thank you daadima,” grim faced he went to talk to Bakshi.

The Khurana offices were plush Bakshi thought as he was shown to Maan’s office by a young man from reception. Staff were working diligently everywhere, the atmosphere was professional and friendly, it was one of the top construction companies in India now, he knew that, it seemed that Maan Singh Khurana was a well liked boss.

The young man from reception knocked on the glass door to Maan’s office and Maan looked up and rose as he showed Bakshi in.

“Please be seated,” Maan said politely, Bakshi sat down.

“I am going to get straight to the point,” Maan said, his dark eyes resting on Bakshi’s face to judge his reaction. “I have a story on Pandey the politician that would put him away for long time. I do remember that he tried to stop your paper once when you printed a story about his activities, I recall he was extremely vindictive.”

Bakshi nodded emphatically, his face full of surprise that Maan Singh Khurana actually knew this information and was prepared to give him an exclusive.

Maan continued, “But I don’t want my name in this at all, I will furnish you with a lot of information, and then it will be up to you to find out the rest and validate it. Is that a deal? Remember no hint of my name or where this information came from, just say it was your own diligent research or I will personally sue you.”

“Where did you get this information about Pandey and how big is the story?”

“The information is first hand and the story is about all his activities, things he doesn’t want to let out in the open, with the evidence to back the details up.”

They both turned towards the door as Adi knocked and came in with files, nodding at Maan and handing him the papers.

“Do we have a deal?” Maan asked again, his hands resting on the table, he leaned forward and pinned Bakshi with his intense dark eyes that told of no compromise on what he had just stated.

Bakshi realised then why so many businessmen quaked when it came to negotiating with Maan, he nodded his agreement his face filled with admiration.

“Remember you will not reveal where your source came from, but the information I will give you is all true and you can validate it by doing the research, I think you will get some sensational headlines this week.”

Maan smiled and handed him the details Adi had prepared carefully, after receiving the paperwork from ACP Gupta. The paperwork now carefully checked to give make sure there was no mention of Geet, Maan and their involvement. Bakshi opened the file and looked at the pages, his eyes becoming wider and wider as he saw so much juicy information, places, times, everything he needed to make some seriously fantastic print.

“Thank you! Thank you!” He gushed thoroughly excited at this scoop. “Tell me what can I do for you in return?” Bakshi asked, in his experience nothing came free.

“I don’t want anything but to put Pandey away, he has been carrying out his illegal activities, kidnapping, rape, fraud, bullying, without paying the price. I just want him behind bars, and with your publicity it will mean that even his so called friends in high places will not be wanting to be seen bailing him out.”

Bakshi stared at him hard. It was on the tip of his tongue to ask what his involvement in all this was and why he wanted Pandey put away so badly, but at the closed expression on Maan’s face he decided against it. The papers in his hand were worth a lot to him and he didn’t want to get on the wrong side of Maan Singh Khurana either.

“Don’t you worry Mr Khurana, with this information I will make sure that the publicity is such, his own mother would shop him in!”

They shook hands and Bakshi left immediately to prepare the next edition.

“M..M..Maan sir, do you think this will definitely put Pandey away now?”

“Let’s see.” he said brow pleated, he still didn’t trust journalists or Pandey’s ability to wriggle out of jail yet again. “Adi go home now, you need to rest, how is Pinky?”

“Errr she is fine.” He said blushing.

“W..w..will Geet be all right?” Adi asked his voice filled with concern.

“Yes, she will be fine in a few days, although whether I can straighten out her stubborn streak I have no idea.” Maan declared, almost to himself as he packed up some files he needed to take home.

Adi grinned at his confession, it was very rare that Maan sir ever admitted defeat, but this time it looked like he had met his match in Geet.

“Err where is Maan?” She questioned Nakul as he knocked to see if she was awake.

“He has gone to the office, he will be back later madam.”

“And daadima?”

“Daadima is taking a nap. Can I bring you the soup now?” Nakul asked hopefully, daadima had told him to keep offering Geet madam food.

Telling him that she was still quite full, she sent him away, telling him she wouldn’t need him for the rest of the afternoon. She did feel a bit better, if a little battered and bruised. Then certain needs arising she went off in search of the bathroom. She had never been in his bathroom before so she was delighted to discover a large spacious wet room with a huge marble bath tub in the centre of the room. First she attended to her immediate needs, then she went about brushing her teeth, it seemed that all her toiletries had been brought to his bathroom already. Looking in the mirror she groaned, she looked so crumpled and need of a shower, she was just about to turn the shower on when her eyes rested on the huge tub. She eyed the bath with longing, never having access to such luxury in her life, she was unable to resist. She filled the bath and added copious amounts of mineral bath salts, turning the water into a cloudy frothy concoction, thinking that a good soak would do her good, after all Maan had gone to the office and daadima was taking a nap, she had plenty of time.

The water was heavenly, Geet closed her eyes and sank into its hot depths as much as her shoulder bandage would allow without getting wet. Her bruises and scratches felt soothed as she felt the mineral salts working on her body. Groaning with delight, she smiled blissfully, inhaling the wonderful scents.

Maan strode into the house to find the downstairs empty and quiet, it seemed everyone was either busy or had gone to take a nap. Taking the stairs two at a time he went up to his room, pausing a moment outside his room to open the door as quietly as possible. Creeping in, he gently closed the door behind him, and found the room empty. Where the hell had she gone now? She should be resting, she was still so weak.

Damn! He muttered under his breath and was just about to call out when he heard a small splash coming from his bathroom. Maybe she was washing her face. He frowned, she shouldn’t be up and about when there was no one to help her. Walking softly towards the sound he turned the handle to find it was not locked, his eyebrow arched in surprise, he opened the door slowly and froze at the sight she made.

Candles flickered creating an intimate scene, as the bath salts gave of their fragrance, the whole room smelled of lavender. Her eyes were closed, she was smiling, her head resting on a rolled up towel arching her long neck, her golden brown hair fell like a waterfall at the back of the tub. Sitting up, she was keeping her bandage high giving him a delectable view of her lush round rosy tipped breasts. His fists clenched at his side. He could see the outline of her body but the rest of her was obscured by the frothy translucent water. The blood drained out of his head and settled down south in an instant. Dear God, she was just so heart stoppingly beautiful, sexy, delectable and totally, totally his. He wanted her.

No, it was more than that, he needed her, or he would surely go out of his mind!

Some of what he was feeling must have escaped his lips in a guttural, pained sound that exploded around the quiet bathroom, bouncing of the pale yellow marble and settling over her like a physical need.

Her eyes flew open and stared at him in shock. She couldn’t move, she sat like a frozen water nymph. The heat bounced between them in waves, sizzling and snaking around them, making the atmosphere between them as thick as golden syrup. She forgot that she was naked and in his bath, she forgot about covering herself up, she forgot herself completely, she was mesmerised by the look in his eyes. It spoke of want, that look spoke of desire and need. That desire she had experienced at his hands before, that look said you are mine and I want you. His eyes ran over her body almost as if he was physically touching her, her cheeks flamed as her rosy nipples budded and tightened under his dark sensual appraisal of their own accord.

Her body grew languid and desire flooded low in her belly. Now that she had experienced that heaven in his arms in that cave, her body craved more. She wanted him just as much as he wanted her. Her body responded to his frank appraisal, her breasts ached to be touched, to be suckled as he had done before, to relish the sharp graze of his stubble against her soft skin. To feel his hands kneading her soft flesh.

It was almost cruel to want someone like this, so desperately.

Her eyes caressed the tight contours of his face, she could tell by his clenched jaw he was barely holding himself in check, they ran down the column of his throat where his adams apple quivered, down the valley of the exposed skin of his torso which was encased in a black shirt that just screamed to be torn off, across the wide leather tan belt to those tight black jeans and stopped at the large bulge that he made no attempt to hide.

Her mouth formed an ‘O’ and her body quivered compulsively making her shake. That set of a chain of events that had her slipping alarmingly into the bath, her good arm flailing and a yelp of surprise escaped her whilst she tried not to sink and wet her bandage.

She didn’t know how he got there so fast but a strong arm snaked underneath the water and around her midriff lifting her clean out of the bath into his arms. He slid her down his body and leaned her against him, he let her feel his need, his arousal. His eyes were dark, almost as dark as the midnight sky. Her lush wet nakedness made damp patches on his dark shirt as she leaned against him, the breath seemed to have been sucked out of her, all she could was look at him and lose herself in those dark midnight pools of desire.

His lips found hers and he kissed her with a desperate need. Their tongues duelled, her fingers sank into his shoulder as he created sensation after sensation in her. They broke apart, both breathing harsh, he stared at her for a full moment, dark colour slashed his cheeks, then without fuss he grabbed a large bath sheet and wrapped her up in it, picking her up high into his arms, snagging another towel he walked into the bedroom and laid her on the bed. With the other towel he unhurriedly blotted the moisture from her soft skin whilst his mouth trailing heated kisses across her face and neck. The towel began a sensual journey from her exposed legs, across her toes slowly working up. Her eyes closed, her body quivered arching into him, his hands were driving her crazy, whilst the look on his face had her burning from within.

“Maan!” The desperate plea exploded from her.

It made him blink and realise what he been doing. He closed his eyes and tried to get a grip on himself, she was in no condition to be made love to even though he was desperate to just sink himself into her softness. Raking a frustrated hand through his dark hair, he stood up suddenly looking around for her clothes. Discarding her laid out items with a look he went to his cupboard and pulled out one of his shirts which he surmised would be easier for her to slip into. Coming back to her, his hand went to the bath sheet she was wrapped up in.

“I…I will manage!” Her cheeks flamed.

Those long slim fingers stopped a hairs breath away, his look was intense as it bored into her. He was so close. She saw his nostrils flare a little as he exacted control over himself.

“I know you can manage…” his hands reached for the towel and he slowly unwrapped her to his scorching gaze, she didn’t stop him, she couldn’t, “but its time you got it into your head that I am here, and will always be here in your life,” he blotted the moisture from her skin and let his eyes linger on her perfection, “its no longer about managing on your own, it’s about doing things together.”

His meaning was clear, he was not going to let her go down this path again. Tenderness in his every move he helped her into his shirt, closing the buttons one by one his eyes never leaving her face. Taking one last look at her he ground out, “We are getting married as soon as your shoulder heals. I cant wait any longer to be together and one in every sense.” With that ground breaking statement he walked out of the door shutting it with a firm click behind him.

Groaning with frustration Geet fell back amongst the pillows, she knew those dark eyes would haunt her dreams, she couldn’t wait for them to get married either.

Going straight to daadimas room he knocked on the door that was ajar. He wanted to tell her to arrange the wedding for next week, he couldn’t stand it any more.

“Daadima call the Maharaj the wedding will be in two weeks, no longer!” He declared as he opened the door.

But she wasn’t looking at him, he saw that she was looking over old photos, they were strewn across her bed. Pictures of him, his father, his mother, daadima, daadaji, her eyes looked a little red as if she had been crying.

“Daadima?” He questioned shocked to find her like this. To his knowledge she had never allowed herself to wallow in the past, in-fact she had often told him to move on many times when he had lingered on a painful remembered thought.

So what had triggered this?


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      O I am glad u like it ;)) I love suspense thrillers I hope it stays suspensful buaaahhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaa

  5. kasturi

    December 9, 2012 at 4:52 pm

    Kahaani mein twist…oooohhhhh!! Me super excited…Great sundae Jane..Thanks!

    • janememe

      December 13, 2012 at 9:43 am

      Kasturi yes lets twist again babes ;))

  6. Neetu

    December 16, 2012 at 3:08 pm

    Beautiful update with twist and turns.

    • janememe

      December 16, 2012 at 4:03 pm

      Thanks Neetu ;))

  7. Chetna

    December 16, 2012 at 5:03 pm

    Hi Jane..thanks 4 da double fab intense updates! Wat a twist? Hope dadi tells Maan! Maan really possessive abt Geet! So wat will happen nw! Older brother? ahh Maaneet arguing again! Take care! Hope r u feelin better! 🙂

    • janememe

      December 16, 2012 at 5:35 pm

      Belcome Chetna 😉 kya hoga? dunnoooooooo still thinking! I am much better thanks nice of you to ask 😉

  8. kasturi

    December 17, 2012 at 9:12 pm

    My end comes before the World’s end…don’t have to wait for 21!! Meri Jane meri Jaan le li…haii!! Totally Maaneetilicious..loved it!

    • janememe

      December 17, 2012 at 9:16 pm

      haillaaaaaaaaaaaa kasturi!! Maailicious moments wil remain forever 😉

  9. karam80

    September 1, 2015 at 12:27 pm

    i loved this story for its Twist nd Turns…
    ek Twist kahtam nahi hota dussra shuru ho jata hai…

    • janememe

      September 1, 2015 at 1:41 pm

      Thanks babes ;)) I try very hard to make it interesting for my readers as well having fun 🙂

      • karam80

        September 1, 2015 at 5:30 pm

        ur welcome dear….
        It my pleasure toooo read ur work dear…
        nd i’m always lovinggg it..
        that way i’m reading it again…
        Missingggg ur work soooo muchhh..
        plzzzz start New story on Maaneet Again dear…

  10. nesha2017

    March 3, 2018 at 8:28 pm

    Someone threat dadima wt past
    Is it maan dad alive


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