TPR 39 -Dark pasts & Grey shadows

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Chapter 39 – Dark pasts create Grey shadows on the future


Before she had even reached the stairs Savitridevi turned and came back to her room. If there was conclusive evidence that her son was alive and that Maan had a brother she had to know. Her mind filled with memories of that fateful night when news had come to her from the police that a man’s dead body was found in a burnt out car. From within the charred evidence they had found some ID that indicated it was her son.


Maan’s mother who had become a shell of a woman since her husband had left her for another, deteriorated further so very quickly and died soon after leaving a angry and confused teenage Maan in her care. Since then she had been solely responsible for his upbringing. But now if there was evidence that Ajeet was still alive she had to know. She had many questions to ask him and Maan she knew would have many more. Practically running into her room she fished out the brown envelope from the bin and pulled out its contents.


Photo’s slipped out on to her bed, she stared hard at them. Was that her son? The pictures were taken from a distance, there were similarities, but he had changed. He looked tired and had aged so much since she had last seen him. Her eyes filled with tears, had he fallen on such hard times that he had changed into this old weary looking man? If he had why hadn’t he come to her? Ajeet had always been weak, she remembered how her husband had tried in vain to teach him business, but Ajeet was never interested, living the life of a playboy instead. The last shouting match they had came back to her in a rush, she had warned him if he left his wife and child, all the Khurana doors would close for him. A part of her had always thought he would come running back when he ran out of money, but he never did and then she had thought he was dead.


There was also a photo of a younger man, he looked at little like Maan she thought. He had similar dark eyes but none of the aura that her grandson had. She wondered, did she really have another grandson? And what happened to the woman he had left home for.


Along with the photo’s there was a mobile number, Savitridevi glanced at it. She had to think about this carefully, did she want to open up the past, it could turn out to be a Pandora’s box? But on the other hand could she afford to ignore it?



“Mishty…” he whispered as his lips nibbled hers, tracing her jaw and trailing kisses down her throat “you were surely put on this earth to drive me insane, come on let’s go back to our room.”


Drive him insane? She was the one who was lost in his dark seductive eyes, feeling the caress of his sultry voice, at the mercy of his roaming hands which knew just how to drive her insane. Her body and mind were no longer hers, he had completely taken over her whole being, the thought terrified her.


She pushed at his chest her fear turning back into to anger as she suddenly remembered that he had said he wanted privacy only a few minutes ago.


“No! I am staying here. I am fine now I don’t need your constant supervision.”


A moment ago she had been kissing him with such passion and now she was pushing him away!


“Geet!” He growled, “You’re not staying here, I want you back where I can keep an eye on you!”


“Babji not ten minutes ago you were dismissing me saying you wanted to talk to SHEENA? Who is this Sheena? Kaha se aa tapki?”


“Geet, you are being unreasonable just because I need a moment to talk to someone!”


“I am not being unreasonable, I have spent the last week in your room now I need some space of my own.” she said pushing him back out of the door.




Glaring at each other they stood on either side of the door.


“Fine! If that’s the way you want it!” Maan Singh Khurana wouldn’t beg.




“In just over a week you will have to come and stay in my room.”


“We’ll see!”


“What do you mean we’ll see? You will be Mrs Maan Singh Khurana and you will be sleeping in my room, in my bed with me!”


“I will be GEET Maan Singh Khurana and I will choose to sleep wherever I want, EVEN after the wedding.” Her finger dug into his chest from the other side of the door. “GEET Maan Singh Khurana” she added for extra emphasis.


Fuming at her words, his eyes blazed at her, he growled, “We’ll see,” back at her and stormed off in the direction of the main house. Fine! She could sleep in the out house till next week and then even if he had to throw her over his shoulder and drag her there she would be sleeping in his room in his arms. She had to at some point learn he was the boss.


Storming back into the house he stopped as he saw daadima standing with her back to him, he was just about to start a complain to her about Geet’s antics when he realised that she was on the phone to someone.


“Haan, I will come and see you, where? OK, tomorrow at ten. Yes I know the place, haan I will bring the money, but don’t think that I will just hand it over without seeing more concrete evidence.” she put the phone down and turned. He saw the worry and frown on her face.


Who was she talking to in that tone of voice, forgetting his worries for the moment he asked, “Daadima any problem?”


She looked startled to see him.


“Err nahi kuch nahi beta.” she replied distractedly, walking past him as if in a daze to the study.


Maan frowned, that was most unusual. Daadima had never been so distracted that she had left him standing, even when he was younger and she had been single handedly running Khurana Industries. Worry creasing his brow he followed her to the study. Was she ill? Their doctor had phoned him a few weeks ago and asked him to make sure that daadima looked after herself better because of her blood pressure.


“Daadima what is it? Are you ill?” His face paled, he couldn’t bear it if anything happened to her.


Savitridevi saw her grandson pale and instantly she became alert.


“Errr Nahi beta nothing like that, just…err problems with the caterers but I will sort it out.” She smiled at him. “Of-course there would be problems when my grandson wants me to arrange a wedding within two weeks, wouldn’t there!”


Maan stared at her for a full moment, she was smiling but something flitted across her face. Maybe she was tired and she wasn’t about to admit it, she was just as stubborn as Geet.


“Come on daadima I want you to sit down and rest, the wedding will happen without a hitch, you have made sure of it already I know and I will sort out the rest. The last thing I want is you to get ill and not enjoy what you have been pushing me too do for the last 4 years!”


Daadima grinned, “and where is the woman who made you change your mind and decide to take the plunge.”


Maan stopped smiling instantly,


“Did you have another row?” Daadima asked crossly.


“She is so damn stubborn, now she has decided she will sleep in the outhouse.”


Savitridevi thought for a while and then spoke quietly.


“Maanbeta, she loves you completely, I know, but getting married is a huge step for any girl, Geet is very independent, it will be a big change for her. Maybe you just need to give her some space. She might be feeling a little lost at the moment.”


“But I am here for her, she doesn’t need to feel lost.”


“Maybe she is missing her parents, it’s a sensitive time for her. Give her space and I know she will come to you.”


Maan reflected on what daadima was saying maybe this last week he had crowded her too much, but he had been so anxious for her to get better, for her to be kept safe from Pandey he had not allowed her a moments peace. He nodded and led daadima to the sofa calling Nakul to bring tea for her and coffee for him. Pulling out his phone he called Pinky.



Geet sat on the bed feeling out of sorts, now that she had made her point she felt completely bereft. She had become so used to seeing Maan in the last week at every turn, to feel his presence everywhere, to smell his subtle aftershave, to see his body gracefully moving about the room she felt as if she had cut off her own nose to spite her face.


“Well Geet now what? A few days to go before your wedding, and you are completely on your own.” She moaned into the empty room.


Her phone rang, its mad jingle that Pinky had programmed loudly breaking into the silence. She grabbed it as if it were a lifeline.


“Geet! Listen I am coming tomorrow to pick you up and we are going to have a full days treatment at Shalimar Spa, my treat.” Pinky was practically screaming at her down the phone.




“No buts, I am coming to collect you at One and we are going to get massaged, waxed, painted and buffed, and after that you can treat me to some Gol Guppe. I am getting you ready for your wedding day its next week OMG only 5 days away now!”


“Pinky, are you trying to make me feel better or worse!”


“Bhuddhu! You are getting married to the biggest catch in Delhi, why would you be scared? I don’t know him very well but I can see a man who has fallen head over heels in love with you. A Man who would do anything for you, he is perfect for you.”


Geet’s eyes filled with tears at her friends words, Maan was perfect for her.


“Come on yaar it will be fun, us girls together, and you can tell me ALL about your Sexy Singh Khurana, is as good as he looks? I want to know all the details.” She giggled loudly.


“Pinky!” Geet blushed bright red, as images of Maan making love to her flashed vividly in her mind, She thanked Babaji that Pinky was actually on the phone and not there.


“OK I will see you at One, and Pinky, Thanks!”


“Aree yaar Pinky ke jaan haajir hein teri liye!” she said drama etched in her every word.


Geet’s eyes filled, she and Adi had both laid their lives on the line for her, she whispered into the phone softly “Pinky thank you, you are one in a million.”


“See you tomorrow Geet.”


After she put the phone down, Pinky rang Maan.


“I am picking her up at One. Don’t worry she will be safe”


“Pinky, there will be a car following you with private security, so don’t get worried if you see two men in dark suits following you.” Maan said.


“OK, don’t worry she will be fine with me.”


“I know Pinky, you and Adi are her best friends, I will never be able to repay what you did the other day, laying your lives on the line for her.”


“Areee Yaa……!” Pinky suddenly realised that she was talking to The Maan Singh Khurana, gulping at the thought of his dark glare she started again.


“Errrr.. Geet I know, would have done the same for us. Bye for now.”



Geet woke up feeling out of sorts. Over the last week she had woken up with a soft kiss from Maan’s lips. She had so quickly become addicted to it that today she felt the loss and in four days time that matter would be resolved and she would spend each morning waking up to his kisses. Groaning at the sudden heat in her limbs she climbed out of bed and went to shower, deciding that she should make up with him today.


A little later wearing a white Kurti top and jeans she went to find him. Daadima was at the breakfast table alone and on the phone. As she approached Geet realised that she was very angry at whoever was on the end.


“Yes! I have the money, but as I said I am not going to give it to you until I have conclusive evidence, a few hazy pictures are not enough!”


She listened for a moment and replied,” OK we will meet as arranged then.” and terminated the call, her hand on her chest as if she was feeling unwell.


“Daadima!” Geet instantly went to her, she looked so pale. Putting a glass to her lips she watched as daadima took a much needed sip.


“Geetbeta, there you are I am fine, don’t worry.”


“Shall I call a doctor? Maan?”


Savtridevi stopped Geet as she started to fish out her mobile “NO! Geet I am fine. Err just some heartburn I think. Why don’t you sit down and have your breakfast.”


“Daadima..where is Maan?” Geet asked sitting down next to her.


“He went to the office early for a meeting, he will be back around lunchtime he said.”


“I have to go to a meeting too beta.” Standing up Savtridevi took a deep breath.


Concerned at her state Geet jumped back up. “Can’t you cancel it?”


“No beta its very important that I go today, in-fact its imperative. Don’t worry I will be fine.”


“Daadima I can’t let you go on your own like this, least let me come with you.”


Savitridevi looked at Geet for a moment. Perhaps it would be better if Geet were to accompany her, if Ajeet was alive Maan would need all Geet’s help to come to terms with it.


“Chalo lets go.” She said grabbing her handbag and some papers.


They hurried out to the car. Daadima nodded to the driver and noted the extra security car behind them. Maan had told her he would be doubling security for their safety.


In the car Daadima looked at Geet intently for a moment and said, “Geet what I about to tell you will change everything for all of us, if it is true, but until I can prove it I am not going to tell Maan so I want you to keep it secret.”


Geet’s face paled at the thought of keeping secrets from Maan, he could always tell when she was trying to hide something from him.


“You have to try Geet! Promise me!”Daadima reiterated as if she could also read her mind.


“Yes daadima I promise.” she agreed biting her lip.


Savitridevi nodded then she carried on satisfied with that answer. “ A few days ago I received a call from a man who said he knew the whereabouts of Maan’s father.”


Geet’s eyes grew as wide as saucers. “But….” she gasped.


“I know, we all thought he had died in an accident but this man said he has evidence to the contrary. He sent me some pictures,” Daadima pulled out a large envelope and handed it to Geet.


Geet pulled out the documents and stared at the picture, it was a little hazy but to her eyes he didn’t look very much like he was related to Maan. Rifling through the pictures she stared at the younger man her eyes looking up and questioning.


“Apparently Maan has a older half-brother, that none of us knew about, so as you can see if this is true it would change all our lives irrevocably.


Geet nodded, it would indeed. She had never talked with Maan about his parents, instinctively knowing that he didn’t want to go there just yet with her.


“H..How will you be able to prove it daadima?”


“I don’t know beta lets just go and see this man and see if he is a hoax or not.”


“Sh…Shouldn’t Maan know? I…mean come with us daadima?” Geet’s eyes filled as she thought how he would feel if he knew where they were going and what they were about to reveal.


“Yes and no. I thought about it long and hard beta. If it’s true I will tell him straight away and if this turns out to be a hoax then its better he didn’t know, because knowing him he would most likely take some drastic action against this hoaxer. I don’t want him to be hurt by raking up the past if this is nothing.”


Geet nodded, what daadima was saying made sense.


They arrived at the meeting place. She could see daadima was very tense, reaching out she squeezed her hand. Savtridevi smiled back at her, speaking with warmth in her eyes she said, “Geetbeta I am so glad Maan found you. You are perfect for him, its taken him a long time to trust anyone. Now even if I am not around I know he will be taken care of.”


“Shhh! Daadima don’t even say that! I have already lost my parents I couldn’t bear to lose you as well!”


Savtridevi smiled, “Chalo we will be late if we don’t go.”


They walked into the mall towards the designated place, arriving at a small cafe. Sitting down they looked around at all the people wondering which one was their contact. There were a few couples dotted about and a few families but no one single man.


“Doesn’t look like anyone here.” Geet whispered.


“Maybe he is late.” Daadima said looking around.




After a while they ordered some tea as they looked a little odd both of them sitting there doing nothing.


Deepak stared into the café. Boss had said only an elderly woman would come, but this woman had turned up with a young woman. The older one did look like the elderly lady boss had mentioned would, wearing a posh cream sari, hair all put up, decent jewellery, but what if he approached her and it turned out to someone else altogether. He wasn’t sure whether to risk it or not. Pulling out his phone he rang the boss.


“Has she arrived?”


“It looks like the woman you described, but she has come with another younger woman. Boss I am not sure if it is Mrs Khurana.”


“Damn! But she said she was coming! With the money too! Those people wont get off my back. What to do?…….. Deepak take a picture and MMS me, I will tell you if its her.”


“Ok Boss hold on.”


Deepak edged closer to the glass and held his phone up to take pictures. But every time he thought he had her someone got up or moved in the way. He edged even closer going right to the door and pointing his camera at the two women.


“Oy! Kothe! Why are you taking pictures of women?” A loud voice rang out from right next to him.


Deepak ignored it.


“OY! I am talking to you!” A hand pushed him. Deepak rounded on him angrily and froze. The biggest Sardarji he had ever seen in his life was towering over him.


“Ladkiyo ke photo leta hai?”


“N….N..nahi! Errrr…aise koi baat nahi!” Terrified , Deepak looked for an escape but the Sardarji’s loud bellowing was gathering a crowd.


Snatching the phone from Deepak’s hand the Sardar started reviewing the pictures.


Unfortunately for Deepak he had inadvertently caught a woman’s bottom as she got up, cleavage of another woman who was bending down to pick up her bag.


“Salla! I knew it! You pervert! Maro sab, lets teach him a lesson!”


“What’s going on out there?” Geet asked the waitress who was walking back from the scrummage outside and grinning.


“Madam some pervert was trying to take pictures of women, that Sardarji caught him and now

they’re teaching him a lesson he wont forget in a hurry.”


Daadima grinned “I am glad, those kind of people need to be taught a lesson.”


The blows came at him from all sides. Deepak realised he had to make a run for it otherwise this crowd was going to break his bones. Struggling out of the Sardarji’s grasp with a huge effort he ran as fast as he could, barely escaping with his life.


A hour passed, daadima looked at her watch and groaned. “Geetbeta doesn’t look like he is going to come. Chalo lets go home I am not prepared to wait any longer.”




“If it is really true I am sure he will contact me again, I know he is after money. Chalo beta lets go home.”


On the way home Geet remembered that she was supposed to call Maan and tell him that she was going with Pinky. She knew he wouldn’t like it, but she had decided she wanted to go. Then an idea struck her, she could just clear with daadima at least Maan could say she hadn’t told anyone.


“Daadima, Pinky was asking yesterday if I could go to the spa with her. Would that be OK.”


Hiding a smile Daadima said, “Yes that will be fine. What time are you going?”


“Pinky is coming to pick me up at One. Will Maan be back by then?”


“I am not sure Geet, but don’t worry I will sort it out, if he comes back and you have gone. Maan ke fikker maat karna beta. Aap jayee and get all pampered to your hearts content. I have also arranged for hairdresser, make up and dressers for the sangeet night and of-course the wedding day.”


“Thank you Daadima,” Geet smiled.


“Don’t thank me, I have been looking forward to the day Maan marries for a long time, and now I have a daughter to spoil.”


But as they reached home she spied Maan’s climbing out of his car.


“Damn!” She muttered, “now he wont let me go anywhere, he is totally obsessed with safety!”


“Geet I am sure that will not be the case, just be firm with him, that’s the answer.” Daadima winked at her reassuringly.


“Daadima where did you go?” Maan asked casually, as he saw them walk in, even though he knew they went to a shopping mall and had coffee. There was an apparent skirmish outside the Cafe but his security men had told him it hadn’t effected Daadima or Geet.


“Oh beta just to the shopping centre.”


He looked at them curiously spying no bags.


“Err we didn’t find anything worthwhile. How was your meeting?” distracting him.


“Fine. Very good actually. We have won the housing village project on the outskirts of Mumbai. I will have to and see the site in a few weeks time.”


“Then you will be able to take Geet with you,” daadima smiled.


“Haan, if she wants to come.” Maan said in a tight voice.


What did he mean if she wanted to come? Just because she had slept in the outhouse yesterday, but he started it!


“I am going up for a moment,” Daadima grinned, leaving them alone.


Geet feigned boredom, sitting down on the sofa and flicking through a magazine. “I will see if I can come, it depends on my workload.” Turning towards him, her eyes looked directly into his as she said it.


She saw his eyes flicker. But he said nothing, his face closed.


“And by the way Maan, Pinky is coming to collect me shortly, I am going with her to Shalimar Spa. I hope that’s OK with you?” She smiled at him ever so sweetly.


Steadily he returned her sweet sassy smile, Oh how he wanted to kiss her silly. She looked so sexy in a white kurti top and jeans.


“What will you be doing there?” He asked casually.


“She is getting her hair done then we are getting thoroughly pampered, massaged, and waxed everywhere!” said Pinky from the door, grinding her mouth to a halt when she realised who she was talking to again!


With a raised eyebrow at the last comment he stared at Geet who had jumped up at Pinky’s words.


“Err I will just be a minute, I left something in the car. Geet why don’t you just come out to me.” A very red faced Pinky ran back out of the door in a hurry.


His eyes holding her gaze all the way he walked up to her and whispered, “ Waxed? ”


Geet blushed bright red to her roots.


A sexy grin lit his face. “Really Mishty? Errrr…. everywhere?


She wanted to look away and run from those dark eyes that were oozing meaningful messages at her, but she couldn’t move a muscle. She was frozen to the spot. Heat pooled in her lower limbs. Dear god she was going die of want this very moment. Her lips formed his name but the sound didn’t come out.


In no apparent hurry, his eyes slowly stripped her, caressing every place he knew she burned for his touch, without even touching her he was consuming her. She swayed into him as if he were pulling her by an invisible force, and he knew just what an effect he was having on her. She forgot all about her tiff with him, about Sheena, about everything.


His fingers trailed down her red cheek as he whispered, “I look forward to thoroughly making sure they have done a good job, who knows Khurana Constructions could become Khurana Industries and venture into spa’s if I am ….pleased with the result.”


Throwing her an enigmatic smile he walked off in the direction of the study.


Letting out a breath she didn’t realised she was holding, Geet stood frozen to the spot as if super glued.


“Geet!” Pinky was standing there at the door. “I forgot I don’t have a car! I came in a taxi.”


She turned on Pinky and glared, itching to strangle her big mouth. “Pinky did you have to give such a detailed answer!”


“What me?” Pinky whispered innocently.


Geet glared at her. “Yes you!”


“Waise…err Geet your Maan didn’t looked embarrassed at all, in-fact I liked his way of thinking that KC could expand into Spa’s, it’s a very profitable business!”


“PINKY! Were you listening to what he said?”


Pinky rolled her eyes, “would you expect any less from me?” she replied unashamedly.


Geet burst out laughing. “No, I wouldn’t expect any less from you Pinky.”


Pinky grinned and then suddenly her face looked shocked as another thought entered her head.


“OMG Geet! How are you going to cope on your wedding night? That look in his eyes when he looked at you could melt the Polar ice caps! Even from the door I was melting into a puddle!”


At Geet’s suddenly pale face she carried on, “Don’t worry yaar, lets go to the Spa and get you all beautiful everywhere, when he sets those eyes on you in all your glory he is going to knocked out!”


The thumping of her heart seemed so loud, she was sure she didn’t have butterflies in her stomach but elephants. She knew full well that when Maan turned on the heat there was nothing she could do but burn and melt!





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  1. Annie Jose

    January 13, 2013 at 12:19 pm

    Ooooo the story is moving forward…now is Ajeet really alive or has someone got sticky fingers…if he is ajeet then why could he not come forward, who has sent the cronie named deepak…now that the pandora box is open…..did savitri devi or her husband not know that their son was in a live in relationship and a child had resulted…why did they get him married to maan’s mom and that ajeet sure is a spinless chap, when he had a family then why did he not just come out and tell his parents, why did he get married and fathered another child and then promptly left them…I lub the nok jhok between Maaneet..the thrashing of deepak felt so good…instant justice is the call of the hour…Jane thank you for the update after sooooooo longgggggg 😀

    • janememe

      January 13, 2013 at 1:49 pm

      So many questions, opened the Pandora’s box indeed. Ajeet was a notty boy having his cake and eating it too! notty notty Ajeet.
      rofl I was gonna do a very serious update, but then I thought Deepak needed a good thrashing ;))))
      Thanks babes Lub u…tumhara chocoalte cup will come sone or later dont worry ;))

  2. Sarah

    January 13, 2013 at 1:32 pm

    Lovely lovely update Jane 🙂

    • janememe

      January 13, 2013 at 1:49 pm

      welcome babes ;))

  3. honeygrape

    January 13, 2013 at 3:29 pm

    ohhh …and you are back in action….missed tpr very badlyyy ..loved the part….hope dadima wont get herself into some kind of trouble by not lettinng maan know anything about this…and geet, wont her condition be very very bad if maan comes to know that even she was involved in hiding these secrets from him……..anyways dying to read more…..

    • janememe

      January 13, 2013 at 7:59 pm

      Thanks sweets ;))) we will have to see how it goes for daadima n geet, the two most important women in his life

  4. savitha.

    January 13, 2013 at 6:05 pm

    ooohhhhhhh..loved loved the many unanswered questions..he, ajeet reminds me of our beloved villain ajet of mona darling fame 🙂 and you with your words can turn anyone into a puddle.notty notty janey 😉

    • janememe

      January 13, 2013 at 8:00 pm

      aww thanks Savitha ;)) Ajeet and Mona darling is one of my favs ;))

  5. Chetna

    January 14, 2013 at 12:11 pm

    Fab update dear, wonderfully written! Maan notices tht dadi is upset ! she confides in Geet n dey go together! superb Maaneet scenes! Geet missing Maan! it really Ajeet or is someone playing a game! Ahh Pinky is awesum! She teases Geet! Update soon 🙂

    • janememe

      January 14, 2013 at 3:16 pm

      thanks Chetna ;)) Yeah I love Pinky and Adi they were so cute

  6. akshata

    January 16, 2013 at 2:31 pm

    very nice update jane , commenting after a long time sorry i bookmark them to read at free time and then sometimes due to net problem can’t comment.

    • janememe

      January 17, 2013 at 10:09 pm

      no worries Akshata, its nice to read your comments whenever ;))

  7. bindu

    April 28, 2013 at 1:20 pm

    how to get part 1 of this fiction

    • janememe

      April 28, 2013 at 3:01 pm

      its on the main menu :)) The Phoenix Rises part 1-4.

  8. nesha2017

    March 3, 2018 at 8:50 pm

    Hope its nt a trap


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