TPR – Chap 28 &29

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Chapter 28 – Our relationship is more than just the sum of one word.

The intimacy of the small cave, its red brown rocks glowing warm from the fire, the moonlit starry night as she looked out of its entrance, the sound of the waterfall gushing outside and the serene enchanting setting didn’t escape Geet’s notice either. A more volatile situation she couldn’t have imagined even if she tried, both of them stranded in this place with no route to escape, she wondered if Babaji enjoyed making her life hard.

She leaned forward to warm her hands and the diamond slipped out of her cleavage and hung mid air catching the firelight throwing a thousand rainbows all around them. She had decided that she would give the diamond back to him earlier and with that thought she reached behind her to undo the clasp.

“Leave it!” he ordered tersely.

“I can’t wear it Maan, you have to take it back, people in the office will start to talk. Adi and Pinky saw it earlier and their eyes nearly popped out of their heads. They know its from you, I certainly wouldn’t be able to afford such an expensive rock.”

“What does it matter what people say Geet? You certainly don’t listen to anything I say.” he drawled staring at her intently with dark accusing eyes.

The flames flickered over her face as the emotions ran across it, but she didn’t say anything.

“I never took you for a coward Geet.” He dropped casually, although his dark eyes pinned her for answer.

Her face became taut as she heard him say those words, for a moment she was going to answer that accusation, her lips even parted to throw him a tart reply, then she realised he was right, she was always running from any emotion associated with him.

“Bolo Geet bolo? Why did you give Sonali my number?” He continued when she just stared at the flames, not looking at him at all. She looked like a siren with golden brown hair, the black of his shirt startling against her creamy translucent skin, her long slim legs tucked under her. He watched her huge warm eyes flicker at the question and yet she said nothing.“Even after what happened between us the other night?” he added to try and get a reaction.

She knew exactly why she had given Sonali his number, because she had wanted him to want Sonali, so she could hide again and not allow herself to feel those raging emotions that he instigated in her that night and every time he was around her. She had convinced herself that she had to do it all by herself, look after Chotu and Babli, build up her business, she had to do it all by herself because she feared the hurt, the pain, the rejection. What if she opened herself to him and he decided he no longer wanted her? He was Maan Singh Khurana, the man with everything and she..she was nobody with baggage, although he had never made her feel that way. No, at this moment she didn’t care that he had called her coward, it was imperative she put a stop to this farce.

She turned and shook out her damp hair which had started curling and drying in a golden brown cloud around her face, the warm flames adding to its glow. Her hands went back to the clasp of her pendant, it was as if she needed to give it back to him to break the link between them.

He was right she was a coward.

“Geet!” With a low growl deep in his throat, he moved to kneel in front of her. His hands covered hers as he sought to stop her from removing the necklace.

Her eyes flew to his face which was just inches away from hers. It was a mistake. He looked beautiful and dangerous as the firelight played and created shadows across it. A compulsive tremor ran through her and the tip of her tongue came out to moisten her dry lips.

Flames reflected in his dark chocolate eyes, or was that the heat that suddenly flared in his eyes as he watched her innocent little action. The hands that covered hers, caressed and wrapped themselves around her throat, his thumbs tilting her face so she had to look at him.

“Bolo Geet bolo!” He whispered softly, looking directly into her wide eyes, his gaze demanding. The warm flames teased the spicy cinnamon tones of his aftershave and wrapped the sensuous fragrance around her teasing her nostrils, seducing her. She tried to fight it, she had to fight it.

“The only rishta between us is based on a lie. You want daadima to be happy and so do I.” she whispered like a broken record, closing her eyes so she wouldn’t have to look at his accusing stare.

Again by closing her eyes she was hiding the truth and running from him again, his temper flared imperceptibly as her words sank in.  He decided it was time to take this to another level altogether he would not let her hide this time. His thumbs began to caress and tease her skin. His face lowered and his lips sought hers. He slid a strong arm around her tugging her to him, following her down as he lowered her to the blanket.

Then it began.

That sinful mouth of his began a sensual assault that made her catch the breath in her throat. Lips blazed across her jaw nibbling and tasting down her throat. His lips reached down to the pendant he pushed it aside with his lips and licked the spot in rested on. A deep moan escaped her, she arched and writhed in pleasure as he mercilessly teased her. His hands stared a exploration which had her arching into him. There was no escape, he allowed her none. It was nothing like she had experienced in his arms before.

Before had been tame.

Before had been controlled.

This was Maan. Primitive, male, full on and wanting. Wanting everything, making her burn as he sought out what made her writhe and squirm with pleasure in his arms.

“Maan!” She gasped out loud as his hand reached and cupped her breast, following the line of its curve, teasing her tight throbbing nipple through the shirt. She could deny him nothing, there was no room to manoeuvre, he knew exactly what to do to drive her insane. Her hands reached and traced his jaw as he kissed and nibbled on her lips.

“Touch me Geet! Feel what you do to me.” He lifted her hand and placed it on his chest. A hiss escaped from his lips as her hands began to tentatively explore. And then with confidence as she felt him tremble under her touch. Her hands traced his contours with feverish need as his mouth closed on her aching breast. His skin felt heated and so smooth as it rippled over his muscles. He suckled her throbbing breast through the shirt, arching her to get better access. With his other hand he reached down and pulled her leg over his bringing her into full contact with his aroused body, still clad in his jeans.

A low growl, purred deep in his throat as he moved in the cradle of her hips, driving her wild under him. Her nails dug into skin scoring marks as he increased the delicious friction between them, whilst his mouth relentlessly suckled. He moved over her, against her, increasing the pace as he felt her increasingly wild and passionate response. He knew it would be like this between them. He had to show her why she couldn’t run any more.

Something was happening to her, her whole body tightened, a feeling like she had never known before washed over her arching her like a bow against him. He cupped her behind and ground himself against her. Strange feral sounds washed over her, then she realised it was her own moans and pleas that were bouncing around the cave urging him on, mixing with his dark words of encouragement. Her fingers slid over his now sweat covered skin, her nails sank into his back in sheer excitement as the pleasure built and built.

“Maan!” A scream broke from her lips and her eyes flew wide open with shock as she climaxed, it flooded her whole body with ecstasy, exploding her mind. She saw his dark eyes blaze with pleasure as she came, her whole being screaming his name, his reflection in her eyes. Tears escaped down her temples as she shook with emotion.

With a guttural moan his mouth closed over hers and he kissed her deeply holding her trembling, convulsing body close to him, cradling her body against his, muscles straining as he sought control and clamped down on his own needs.

“Mishty…you are so incredibly sweet, so sweet.” he whispered against her throat, nuzzling, kissing and grazing her with his stubble. His kisses became soft whispering caresses as he sought to soothe her, kissing her tears away. He wrapped her tightly against him, his breathing harsh.

It was a long time before her trembling stopped, she looked up at him with huge amber eyes. She knew nothing would ever be the same. The whole axis of their relationship had changed and tipped propelling them to a new level.

He moved off her to her side, his breathing had steadied, beads of perspiration glistened on his warm golden skin from his exertions. He could see that she had been shaken to the core by what had just happened between them. The intensity of emotion had shaken him as well as he had felt her climax for the first time in his arms. He felt humbled as he had watched the sheer shock of it on her face, his Mishty, he had awakened her body. At the same time he was enormously pleased at her wild and uninhibited response to him. Sated, she looked incredibly beautiful, her eyes enormous and drowsy with passion, her cheeks pink and flushed, her lips plump and bruised from his kisses.

Raising himself up on his elbow next to her he just looked at her for a long time, then he said softly, “Geet, we could have taken this a lot further tonight, but I know that if we had, you would hate yourself and me in the morning. Our rishta may have been based on a lie, but this thing between us is nothing but the truth. I saw it in your eyes as you came in my arms. It not just about the physical attraction, although together we are completely combustible, its more than that.”

Gently he moved the damp tresses of her face, and looked deep into her eyes. “I don’t want to put a name to it, I don’t need to. Our relationship is more than the sum of just one word. Its a living breathing thing that grows everyday and I can feel it every time you are near me. I cannot deny it, and now… neither can you, Geet.”

The backs of his knuckles caressed down her cheek, “I want you to tell me if it is the same for you? Bolo Geet!”

She looked into his face, there was a tension about him, his eyes demanded an answer. Her lips trembled trying to form the words, “I….Maan….” Should she tell him that it was the same for her? How could she? He was so close, lying next to her. His fingers still touching and caressing her skin. His chocolate brown eyes looking intensely into hers. He was too much, too much man, too much everything. She couldn’t even think about stringing together a sentence at this moment, her brain refused to answer. Erotic images of what they had done and how she had responded flashed vividly through her mind, her face flamed. She wanted to escape and hide, but there was nowhere to go.

“Geet!” a flash of annoyance crossed his face as he watched her eyes glancing around for escape. “There is nowhere to run, bolo Geet, tell me is it the same for you?” He asked again his fingers catching her chin so she would look at him.

“I….you… are an amazing person.” she mumbled, squirming under his intense dark gaze. Did he have to look at her like that? She had never been in such an intimate situation before in her life. Her breasts tingled and ached for more of his touch, her body throbbed where the delicious friction had created such havoc. She wanted to touch him again and feel him tremble under her touch, the effort to keep her hands to her self took whatever was left of her frazzled brain. Her mind was near meltdown, and this was with their clothes on! What would have happened to her if he had possessed her and made her completely his? At this moment she could barely remember her name!

His eyes became stormy, what was wrong with her? Why wasn’t she saying anything?

“You have until tomorrow evening to say no, if you don’t want to continue with our relationship. After that if you don’t say anything, I will take that as a yes and I am taking matters into my own hands.” he said completely frustrated at not getting the answer he wanted or any answer. “You cannot run from it any longer, we will get engaged next week and be married by the end of the month. After we are married I will not be stopping myself from making you mine in every possible way.”

With that he dropped a hard kiss on her lips and tucked her into his side, spooning her so she got maximum warmth from the fire and his body. “Sleep now.” he commanded, wrapping his arm over her and cupping her aching breast which seemed to instantly soothe it, as if this level of intimacy was completely natural between them.

Geet looked into the flames and felt the strong steady heartbeat of his throb through her. How could she sleep after that mind blowing experience? She had never known such physical pleasure before. And what had he said? That they will get engaged next week and get married by the end of the month? Getting married to Maan Singh Khurana?

As usual he had to have the last word on everything. But she could no longer deny or hide the truth from him. She knew he had seen the truth in her eyes tonight. She couldn’t understand how he had managed to actually string so many words together? Did he not experience the same level of mind blowing pleasure as her? She had felt and heard his groans of pleasure as she touched him. It thrilled and excited her. She would never sleep now she thought and promptly fell asleep in his arms.

When she woke he was not there. The cave looked different in the day light. The warm golden glow from last night missing from its red brown rocks. Without his presence she shivered but she felt fantastic this morning. She had slept very well, warm and cosy in his arms. But remembering the nights events and her wanton behaviour she wondered how she would face him? On top of that he was bound to want an answer from her. He had the tenacity of a bulldog when he wanted something.

When he came back he was fully clothed. It seemed he had been out gathering whatever he could find to eat, there were a couple of green mangoes in his hand. He handed her one of them.

“Let’s go, get dressed.” he said crisply, “I will be outside,” he said turning his back on her and left.

“What happened to good morning?” She muttered, collecting her clothes and sliding into them. They felt stiff and uncomfortable but there was no choice. She folded his shirt up coming out of the cave handed it to him.

He looked at her, his expression unreadable and stuffed it in his backpack. Sunlight had replaced the moon, but the place still looked enchanting. Geet reached out to the pretty waterfall and splashed some water onto her face. She saw him bite into his green mango, make a disgusted face and spit it out.

“We haven’t got time to have a shower!” he growled, watching her splash her face with incredulity. And she looked so well rested, his eyes darkened as he watch her bite happily into her sour mango and make sucking noises as if she was really enjoying it.

“Who got out of the wrong side of bed?” Geet muttered watching his back as he strode off.

The fact was, he had got out of the wrong side of the bed. Barely having slept after having had to stop and restrain himself, he had woken in the night with her plastered all over him. Her cheek resting on his chest, her bare legs entwined through his. Her shirt had ridden up between their bodies and he felt her silken skin against his bare chest, her fingers were curled into his shoulders as if she didn’t want to let go. When he had tried to gently extricate himself without waking her, lifting her and turning her onto her back, she had twisted in his arms until his palm had filled with her soft lush breast, her lips clinging to his chest moaning his name out loud. Looking down to see his own hand cupping her bare breast, its dark rosy centre crying out to be touched had nearly driven him insane. His body had reacted so fiercely he had vaulted off her and run outside having to leave the cave before he stripped her bare and carried out what his body was demanding of him. And here she was looking all tousled, smiling from ear to ear and looking as fresh as the proverbial daisy, whilst he wanted to scream at the heavens from frustration.

He had got an answer from her last night, he had seen it in her eyes, but he wanted her to say it clearly that she too felt the same. He had just about managed not to lose control last night, managing to keep a thread of sanity as he knew it would ruin their relationship if he rushed her. He had to be sure that this was what she wanted with her heart and mind.

“Well, where did all that care and tenderness get you Maan Singh Khurana?” he muttered, “just frustration and more frustration.” He might just be better off throwing her over his shoulder and carrying her to the Mandap! Damn! She was driving him so insane, he had even started talking to himself just like her! He was losing it fast.

Geet had to practically run to keep up with him, he was striding so fast through the bush. She skipped behind him looking at the sparkling sunshine through the treetops, smiling at everything around and giggling as startled birds flew squawking in all directions at having their peace broken by a stomping furious Maan.

Without any warning they both practically stumbled onto a road, she collided into the back of him as he stopped so suddenly.

“Geet!” He ground out and then whipped her off the road with lightening fast speed as a lorry screeched past them within touching distance.

“Damn it!” He muttered his dark eyes furious as he watched the lorry trundle off into the distance.

“Hota hai Hota hai!” She said grinning, happily.

He glared at her furiously and told her, “don’t you dare say another word unless it giving me the answer to what I want to hear!”

Her own temper flared at his grumpiness, hands on hips she shouted back at him, “is that the way to get someone to give you an answer, how I am supposed to tell you anything when all you can do is shout and glare?”

“This is how I am so get used to it!” he declared arrogantly.

“Well I am not sure I want to get married to someone who shouts and glares me all the time!” she declared sticking her chin up in the air and walking out onto the road.

“Is that right?” he hissed between his teeth. He knew just how to stop that sassy mouth of hers. He stalked behind her and was about to capture and kiss her silly when another lorry came down the road.

Geet jumped up and down trying to get its attention running out onto the road so it had to stop. A large Sardarji looked out of his window and his eyes lit up at seeing Geet.

On seeing this Maan placed himself in front of her and said, “Err bhaisaab any chance of getting a lift to the next town? Our car broke down last night in the storm.”

Not happy about his view being blocked he grumbled “You can go in the back and Soni Kudi can sit with me in the cabin as there is not much room in the back.” he said to Maan.

Glaring at the Sardarji, Maan said “My wife and I will sit in the back, we will manage.” Taking her hand he took her around the back and helped her up. It did look a bit cramped with so many boxes and crates he had to admit, but he wasn’t going to let Geet sit in the front with that lecherous Sardarji.

“Biwi? When it suits you I become your instant biwi, I feel like a packet of Gits,” she muttered. ‘Jab Maan chahe tou istamal karo, chaatpati biwi in minutes!” she advertised, her eyes sparking fury at him. She settled down on the floor whilst he stood and thumped the side of the lorry telling the driver to go.

He glared at her furiously. He did not make her his biwi when it suited him! Is that what she thought? “Shall I stop him and tell him you want to sit in the front with him, so he can salivate and try and get his hands on you?” He stated angrily.

Ignoring him, she stared at the passing road.

She was as innocent as a toddler trying to stick its head in the lions mouth thinking it was a tame cat! he muttered to himself, settling down on a crate.

“Daadima will be worried,” Geet said chewing her lip.

“I know as soon as we get to the next town we will give her a call. My mobile died in the mud bath it had yesterday thanks to you!”

So he was back to that again. “You didn’t have to follow me, in-fact I remember telling you to go home!” She told him her face filled with hurt. “I can manage myself, my life and work without you!” She declared.

“Yes I saw.” Came his sarcastic reply.

“Don’t do me any more favours Mr Maan Singh Khurana.” she said haughtily and promptly fell forward and banged her head on a box as the lorry came to a screeching halt.


She stopped him with her hand. “Don’t you do me any more favours Maan!”

“Chup!” he ground out pulling her up, his temper at the end of its tether. It looked like they had come to some sort of village.

The Sardarji came around and opened the back bolt letting them both out of the back. Fuming she stood at a distance whilst he negotiated a taxi to get them back home calling Daadima from a phone booth to tell her they were fine and heading home.

She badly wanted to call Chotu and Babli but her phone and bag had long since been lost in the mud somewhere at the bottom of the pit they had landed in.  She would call them as soon as she reached home she decided. That had been her third phone since she had met him, was this relationship as doomed as her phones she wondered.

By the time they reached home she was exhausted in much need of food and a shower. They had not uttered a word on the way back each lost in their own thoughts about what just happened and the the night before. His eyes were full of anger. She shied away from meeting them.

He watched her go into the outhouse without a backward glance at him. He wondered if she was actually going to ever admit the truth and give him the answer he wanted. Although he had given her an ultimatum he was not going to force it on her. He wanted her heart and mind, body and soul, he would not compromise, he would have all of her or nothing. Angrily he stomped off in the other direction. He was Maan Singh Khurana he would not beg, she would have to come to him now. He was done with being kind and considerate.

Standing under the hot spray of the shower the events of the night played in her mind again and again. She squirmed with embarrassment as she remembered what he had done to her and even worse what she had done to him. What was she going to do now, what should she do? There didn’t seem much option, she would get engaged and then….marriage! Her eyes closed as she recalled the ecstasy he had made her feel.

She came out of the shower wearing a fresh pair of jeans and a sky blue kurti top. Reaching for the phone she called Babli and Chotu.

“Didi! Why haven’t you called? We tried to call you yesterday but your phone was dead.” Babli’s worried voice came over the line.

“Babli I am sorry, my phone got soaked in the rain and stopped working. I will have to get a new one. In the meantime if you need me call Pinky aunty.”

“I called jiju but his phone was not working either.”

Geet frowned into the phone and asked. “Jiju?”

“Didi!” Babli said in an exasperated voice as if she was explaining to a child, “your maangetar!”

“Maan? Why did you call him jiju Babli.”

“Because you are going to get married to him aren’t you? I think you should.” Babli said in her very serious manner.

“Do you like him that much?” Geet asked curiously as Babli had only met him the once.

“Yes.” she declared simply. “Do you remember that day as you left I asked him something?”

“Yes.What was it?” Geet asked. She remembered Maan wouldn’t tell her about their conversation.

“I asked him if he would take care of you, and look after you after you were married.”

“What did he say?” Geet asked in an astonished whisper wondering how Babli at such a young age had asked such a adult question.

“He said that not only would he look after you, he would look after me and Chotu as well. He promised to make you happy and look after all of us, always. He said you were very special to him.”

Geet sat down with a thump on the bed. He had said that to Babli so long ago? He had promised Babli such a thing, when to her he had just pretended that getting engaged was for daadima’s sake. She had read him all wrong.


Tears ran down her cheeks.

“Didi! Didi are you still there? Can I call jiju when I want?”

“Yes Babli you can call him when you want, I am sure he wont mind.” she whispered into the phone.

“Good, because there might be other things I need to talk to him about.” Babali informed her seriously. Geet smiled at her serious tone and asked “Where is Chotu?”

“He is out playing with his friends. Ok didi I have to go now I have a lot of homework to do. Love you and Jiju!”

“Bye Babli.” Geet whispered into the phone.

She sat for a long time just thinking. He had known even then, when he had promised to look after all of them, unconditionally. With every step he was there protecting her, looking after her, chasing her all over town making sure she was safe. All she had given him was grief. Last night he had showed her how it would be between them, giving her so much pleasure whilst keeping a tight reign on himself because of her. Even going as far as telling her how he felt but she hadn’t been able to express her thoughts to him. Then this morning she had given him more grief, he had every right to be angry with her she thought, even furious!

She had to go and find him and tell him how she felt. She recalled his angry hurt eyes as she left him a little while ago. She hoped it was not too late.

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Chapter 29 – I felt I had to do it all alone, without anyone’s help.

Daadima knocked on the door just as Maan pulled on a fresh shirt and started buttoning up.

“Panditji has said this Saturday is a good for the engagement. Maan I know its short notice but shall I start the arrangements, call guests?”

He frowned, he had given Geet until tonight to come up with an answer but at the rate she was going he didn’t think he would get an answer any time soon.

“Daadima I haven’t got time for all that, I am going to the office.” he said sliding his watch on and striding out without a backward glance.

“Maan! Maan! Oh!” Daadima groaned completely frustrated by his lack of answer. She decided she was going to go ahead with it. If she left it up to Maan or Geet they would never be ready.

Running down the stairs he called out, “Nakul! Geet ko lunch bhijwa dena, and mine to the office.” With that he strode out.

Geet heard his voice and walked faster but by the time she had reached he had jumped in his car and driven off.

“He has gone to the office Geet madam.” Nakul said in his happy voice seeing her approach.

Moaning at her luck she turned to see daadima coming down the stairs scowling and muttering to herself, seeing Geet she walked up to her and told her.

“This Saturday the pandit says is very auspicious for the engagement I am making preparations.”

Saturday? But it was too soon! Geet paled.

“Is there something wrong beta?”

“Err nahi daadima.” Geet said lamely chewing her lip would Maan still want to be engaged to her?

But daadima had decided to put her foot down. “The engagement will be this Saturday. Tell Maan I have decided, actually I am going to ring him myself, and Geet tomorrow we will go shopping, no arguments. If you two can’t get your act together I need to step in and take control.” She said walking off shouting for Nakul.

“Geet madam please have your lunch, Maan sir said to make sure you eat something.” He indicated the food on the table and went off to find daadima who was shouting for him.

Geet looked at the food, her appetite gone completely. “Nakul I need to go, I will eat something later.” she muttered. She would have to catch Maan at the office.

Maan sat glaring at the phone. His mood had not improved since Daadima phoned and told him she had arranged everything for Saturday. What was the point? He hadn’t even had an answer from Geet yet.

“Errr M..Maan sir here are the figures you wanted for the Shikotra deal. We have made a sizeable profit and the project has given us a lot of recognition.” Adi said happily, his grin vanishing when he saw Maan’s scowling face.

“A..anything wrong sir?” Adi asked his tension levels rising. Maan sir was like a bear with a sore head this morning.

“Adi organise two more mobiles and make sure the usual contact numbers are input.” Maan barked out an order.

“Two more mobiles?” Adi questioned pushing his glasses up his nose and laughing nervously, he only bought the last lot a few days ago.

“Actually make that four. Ever since she has come into my life it seems I am going through mobile phones like candy. Give one to Geet. In the meantime I will use the office roamer.” he muttered under his breath.

Just then he saw her walk in. she seemed lost in thought her eyes had a far away look. He wondered if she had eaten anything and then cursed himself for worrying and thinking about her. He was not going to even think about her until she made the effort to give him the answer he wanted. He had already done more then he’d even thought he was capable of in terms of opening himself to her.

She looked up suddenly, straight at him. His eyes registered she was thinking about last night. He deliberately made his face expressionless. Her face flushed red and then paled and flushed again as her eyes roamed over his face, it just made him angrier. Why was she bent on stringing this out when it was so easy? Women!

Would she ever be able to tell him, he wondered. Angrily he muttered an oath and jumped up saying to “Adi, I am going out to a meeting.” striding out straight past her.

“Maan!” She called out to him, but he’d had enough striding out of the office without glancing back.

“Adi where is he going?” Geet asked her face anxious.

“I am not sure. He said was going to a meeting. Err Geet did you get to the site? Did you meet Mr Darbari.”

“No Adi the road became blocked and ….” flashes of Maan kissing her whilst he made love to her flashed through her mind. She went bright red.

“Geet are you all right?” Adi asked watching the expressions on her face.

“Err yes.” she mumbled. Just then Pinky came in.

“Geet are you OK? Why weren’t you answering your phone last night, I was worried about you.”

“The phone died in the rain Pinky.” Geet replied, her head had started to throb. How was she going to tell him, the mood he was in she would be lucky if didn’t flay her alive before she opened her mouth to say anything.

“I had better go and organize your mobile phones.” Adi said signalling to Pinky to care of Geet. Something definitely had happened yesterday he surmised.

Geet’s tummy grumbled so loudly Pinky dragged her off to her office and shoved her lunch box under her nose. “Eat!” she forcefully said knowing full well her friend was neglectful of her health.

“Tell me what happened yesterday I want to know everything!” Pinky said her little face animated as she realised from Geet’s face something monumental had happened yesterday.

“Pinky, Maan wants to get engaged to me!” Geet said shocking herself as she said the words aloud.

Pinky screamed so loud the whole office stopped and stared at them. Pinky glared back at them and shut the office door.

“I want to know everything! Everything, don’t leave out any juicy details.” she said dramatically.

In between taking small bites out of Pinky’s lunchbox Geet told her about the storm and Maan’s car crash and then the jungle trek. A blush came over her face as she told her most of what happened leaving out what happened inside the cave.

“Is he a good kisser?” Pinky asked, grinning from ear to ear. “Of-course he is!” she said at Geet’s bright red face.

Pinky jumped up and down with joy just as Adi came in with the mobiles.

“Pinky why are you screaming?” He asked pushing up his glasses on his nose. Then he saw her empty lunch box next to Geet. “Don’t worry if Geet has eaten your lunch, I will get you something else, please don’t scream like that it scares the office staff and me.” he said clutching his chest and laughing in his funny way.

Pinky glared at Adi, “I DO think about more then just food Adi!”

Adi looked shamefaced at his assumption. “Err Geet here you are, your mobile, all your contact numbers have been already programmed. I have sent Maan sir his with an office boy.”

“Where is he Adi?”

“He has gone to see Mr Darbari to sort out the issues Pinky highlighted yesterday.”

“OH! but I was going to do that?” Geet glared at Adi.

Pinky came around to her and poked her shoulder. “Forget all that! Engaged to SSK!” She said dreamily.

“E..Engaged to whom?” Adi squeaked.


Adi paled and sat down with a thump. “Pinky you want to get engaged to SSK? But…I thought…” he said tailing off unhappily.

“Not ME! Geet and SSK! Are you mad? One look from SSK’s angry glare and would make me faint. Maan has asked Geet! Well, what did you say?” Pinky asked again peering at her friends pale face.

“That’s just it. He was so furious with me, I couldn’t say anything, that made it worse. Now I don’t know how to approach him.”

“Eekk!” Pinky moaned. “Geet tum bilkul bhuddu ho! Give him flowers, chocolates, set up a romantic evening, with candles and dinner.” She paced up and down the office imagining it all.

Adi and Geet stared at her as if she had gone out of her mind.

Coming to a stop Pinky imagined Geet trying to do all things things for Maan and couldn’t get past the glare in Maan’s eyes.

“That’s never going to happen.” all three said in unison staring at each other.

“What’s going on here?” The subject of their thoughts said from the doorway. “Have none of you any work to do?” Maan angrily confronted them.

Three pairs of shocked eyes stared at him. How much had he heard? Geet looked mortified.


“I don’t want to hear anything.” he declared with a look that blasted all three of them, he turned around and walked off.

Sitting down with her head in her hands Geet despaired. Maybe it was too late, he didn’t want to know any more it seemed.

Much later that evening when Adi and Pinky had left after having come up with a thousand ideas and discounted them, Geet got up and stretched.

Whatever she did it had to be today and quick. Since this afternoon Maan had gone and not come back, she had called home, he was not there either. Daadima said he had probably gone trekking or camping as he did when something was troubling him or he needed to collect his thoughts.

The office was quiet now. The only light was in her room. Her thoughts went back to last night. He had put his thoughts and feelings to her so beautifully, she needed to the same. She decided to go home thinking maybe he was there but just wasn’t answering her calls as he was so angry with her.

A terrible accident on the road delayed her and by the time she reached home it was already late. She decided to change into something special for her confession to Maan hoping if he saw that she had dressed up for him he would at least stop and listen to her. Going to her wardrobe she rifled through until her eyes rested on red sari which she knew looked good on her. Quickly showering she slipped into her fresh clothes and put the sari on, wanting to look her best she applied a little make up, glossing her lips and brushing her hair till it shone and fell about her in waves. Nervously she walked to the main house.

“Nakul where is Maan and daadima?” she questioned, puzzled to see that no one was about.

“Daadima has gone to bed madam, she said she was very tired. And Maan sir has not come home yet.”

“Oh!” Geet frowned where was he?

“Khana laaga du?”

“Err No Nakul thank you.” Geet chewed her lip, wondering what she should now.

Unable to concentrate she found herself walking up the stairs to his room, she walked in and instantly his fragrance hit her, she breathed it in, was he here?


But there was no answer. The room was dark but she didn’t feel like putting on the light, instead she lit some candles she spied on the dresser. Where was he? Had he gone trekking? After yesterday she didn’t think so. Maybe he had business to attend to. She decided she would wait for him here but how was she going to tell him? As she soon as she got near him she seemed to lose her nerve, especially when he glared at her. Perhaps she should write him a letter? No, she decided she would leave him a voice mail, he had said he wanted to hear it from her lips. Even though he hadn’t been picking up his phone she knew he would listen to his voice mail. Hopefully it would bring him back home.

She pulled out her new phone and dialled the number Adi had preprogrammed.

Maan……” her hands shook. “I know you are angry with me but please listen to what I have to say.” Taking a deep breath she launched into it.

After my parents died so suddenly, I felt so completely alone. Babli and Chotu are so young and totally reliant on me. From all angles people only wanted one thing from us, money. My uncle and aunt our only relatives turned out to be just as bad. I had to become strong for the children’s sake and mine. I decided then that I would never rely on anyone, I had to look after them, build up my company, prove a point to my parents memory and succeed in business. When you came into my life I was totally unprepared for the feelings that you awoke in me. I thought you were a rich arrogant man with no regards for all those women who were in love with you. I thought you were old fashioned in your ideas. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I found a honest, decent man who lived by strict principles. Who at every turn was there, helping me, looking after me, protecting me. I pushed you away because I felt I was starting to rely on you.” Her voice shook as she said, “when I got attacked and you looked after me I knew I was losing the battle with myself. When you said I was your maangetar in front of my uncle and aunt saving me from their taunts I couldn’t believe it. I clung to the fact that you were only doing it for Daadima’s sake as I know how important she is to you.”

She sighed and whispered softly,

Maan there is such a difference between us, you are an amazing, intelligent, handsome, rich man you can have any woman you want, I couldn’t believe that you would even be interested in me and then last night………” her face flushed, she stuttered. “l..l..last night when…we…did …made love…Maan, you made me feel such things, my whole body felt alive, throbbed where you had touched it..I have never know such pleasure before, I couldn’t even think let alone speak after that!”

her eyes filled with tears as she whispered,

I don’t know if what I feel about you is as simple as one word, but I can’t think straight when you look at me, when you touch me I lose myself in your touch, when you look at me I see myself reflected in your eyes. My heart pounds with excitement when you walk by…Maan…when you kiss me I lose all sense of reality and want it to go on and on but I was so scared…so scared I rejected these feelings as I couldn’t bear it if you walked away. Please come home I am waiting for you..Maan…where I can smell your fragrance, where I am close to you.” her voice shook with sobs as she whispered “..come home. I dont know what Babaji has in store for us but I cannot live without you.”

On a pained sob she called off. Sitting on his bed in the candle lit room she waited.

Eleven missed calls, and one voicemail from Geet. Maan stared at the phone darkly. His anger had simmered down now, in his minds eye he could see her wide amber eyes imploring him, stabbing the buttons on his phone he started to listen to the voice mail, her voice was soft, full of anxiety as she spilled her feelings out on the voice mail to him. He could hear the pain in her voice as she told him of her deepest feelings and felt her tears as he heard her fears.

On a dark lonely road as the leaves swirled softly in the breeze he listened to her. As her voice faded away he just sat for a moment his heart pounding at her words then a huge sexy grin broke out in his face and he pulled out of the lay-by heading home. Screeching to a halt outside the Haveli, he ran in taking the steps two at a time to his room.

Soft candlelight filled his room, the warm golden glow highlighted her as she lay on his bed. One hand lay in abandonment above her head still clutching the phone, her face turned towards the door, her body lay supine like a luscious feast wrapped in red spilling across his white sheets, her hair trailed across his pillows. The red of her sari showed off her silky translucent skin to perfection as the creamy skin of her flat midriff lay exposed. The yellow diamond nestled in her cleavage. His gut clenched as his dark eyes roamed over all of her, capturing her image in his mind. One of her pretty feet dangled over the edge of the bed and as she sighed and moved in her sleep her payal tinkled softly. He wanted to hear that soft tinkle always, he vowed to buy her a dozen pretty pairs.

She had dressed for him.

I cannot live without you Maan….” her soft words played in his mind.

His eyes glistened with moisture, his Geet, his Mishty. She was so incredibly brave, smart and beautiful. He walked over to the bed silently, laying down next to her and gently prised the phone from her fingers. Raising himself on his elbow he watched her for what seemed only moments to him as the emotions overwhelmed him but it was for hours just watching her sleep. His fingers gently trailed over her face and played with her hair as she slept. Only when he realised dawn was fast approaching, he rose and gently scooped her up in his arms holding her close to his heart, mindful of daadima reaction if she found Geet here like this on his bed. She turned and moulded herself to him, trust implicit in her action.

“Maan..” she muttered in her sleep.

Carrying her, he walked to the outhouse unable to take his eyes of the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. Gently tucking her into her own bed he softly kissed her lush pink lips, sleepily she smiled. He took a lingering look at her and went back to his room to plan the coming engagement and wedding.

Later that morning he came out of the shower clad in jeans, a towel slung around his neck, just as daadima knocked on his door again.

“This time Maan I am not going to let you walk away without answering!” She warned in a voice that brooked no argument.

“Maan! Saturday is a good day, I have started the arrangements for your engagement.”

It was then he noticed Geet standing at the door her face pale and full of anxiety. He knew she was wondering if he had heard her voice mail from the emotions filling her face.

As he reached for a shirt turning his back on her, Daadima suddenly gasped “Maan what are these marks on your back?” She stared at the red scratches on his back with a puzzled frown.

A sexy grin broke out on his face. “Ek junglee billi ne attack kiya tha jungle mein.” he said his voice purring as he remembered her face in the throes of passion.

He watched her face flame as he said those words, her eyes flew to his face in shock.

“Junglee billi? Maan what are you saying? I can’t understand at all. Shall I make the arrangements?”

“Haan!” he grinned, haphazardly pulling his shirt on his dark eyes adoring his Mishty. It was then she realised that he had heard her voice mail. His eyes told her as they looked at her with such intensity. It was as if wanted to eat her alive, her breath caught in her throat.

“Junglee billi? Laagta hai Maan aap pagal ho gaye ho!” Muttered daadima as she watched him. Then she realised what he had just said and let out a whoop of delight startling Nakul who was walking by.

Smiling she turned and spotted Geet standing at the doorway.

“Geet!” Hugging her daadima took hold of her hand and started to drag her away from him.

“Daadima where are you taking her? I want to talk to Geet!” Maan exclaimed his face clouding over with annoyance when he realised what she was doing. “I have some urgent business to talk to her about.” He needed to be with her, to hold her in his arms. Wearing a white salwar suit she looked like an angel this morning.

“No way Maan, now that you have agreed to Saturday I am taking Geet shopping with me!” she said taking a smiling blushing Geet with her.

“You won’t be able to run much longer my mishty.” he muttered as he watched her leave.

Patel and Balram sat in one of the farm outhouse buildings drinking and making merry. Balram was now exactly where he wanted him Patel thought. It was now time to start actioning his plan by kidnapping the children to lure Geet to Rupnagar.

He had it all mapped out. Pandey would be pleased. Pandey would get his hands on Geet without the annoying Maan Singh Khurana spoiling their plans. Pandey need not know about his little side business, he would also get the money from selling Balram’s booze and Balram would get jailed for the kidnap idea. Kya jhaakaash idea hai he thought laughing at one of Balram’s pitiful jokes. He couldn’t wait to action it.


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      Hello Kalyani nice to see a new commentator ;)) WOW thats must have been some lammbaaaaaa session :)) Thanks for the compliments. Yes TPR will continue in a another two weeks I think. Hatching plots now ;)) And yes eye op went well thank you so much for asking ;))
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      THey are there just not in order- toggle up and down menu to chap 72 I think they are under there- – you will find them. Everything was messed up when WordPress introduced new way to upload;((


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