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Chapter 30

“Didi I want to go out to play!” Chotu complained at being made to do his homework.

“Have you finished your maths?” Babli asked not even looking up from her history book.

Seeing that she wasn’t looking up Chotu crossed his fingers behind his back and lied. “Yes didi.”

He needed to go quickly, that nice uncle had said he would show him a remote control helicopter today and let him play with it.

“Ok than you can go, but be back by lunchtime. I don’t want to have to come looking for you.” Babli warned him.

Chotu sped off like lightening, running to his meeting place with the nice uncle.

“Do you like this sari beta?” Daadima questioned, as she opened a blue green combination that glittered.

But Geet had a far away look in her eye. All she could think about was Maan, he must have carried her to bed and tucked her in last night. Why hadn’t he woken her when he had come home? From his smile and the look in his eyes she was sure he had heard what she had said in her message, but he had not said a word this morning about what her voicemail, although daadima dragging her away had not given him much time but he could have phoned or texted she thought grumpily, a frown marring her face.

“Geet! Concentrate!” Daadima said, “beta we need to get the shopping done today as we have so little time.”

“But daadima why do I need all these sari’s I will only be wearing one that day. I will just pick one.” She said feeling guilty about daadima spending so much money and being so distracted.

“Indulge me Geet I want to spoil you. As much as I love Maan, men cant really be spoiled like girls, so at least let me take you shopping and indulge you beti.”

Her eyes filled with tears at how readily daadima had accepted her in their lives. With not one family member from her side apart from Pinky, Geet was feeling very much alone. Daadima squeezed her hand acknowledging Geet’s feelings and Geet accepted that she would not win against daadima’s shopping spree and let her carry on.

By the time daadima finished shopping Geet was wiped out, she didn’t realise that daadima had that much stamina.

Her phone rang it was Maan.

“If you have quite finished shopping we need to get back to work!” Maan growled over the line, totally frustrated at not having seen her all day.

“Err I am coming soon.” Geet replied looking at daadima to give her permission.

“Is that Maan?” Daadima asked frowning, she took Geet’s phone from her hand.

“Maan, Geet will not be coming to the office today! We still have jewellery to purchase.”

“But we have work to do!” Maan scowled into the phone, he didn’t like lying to daadima but sometimes she gave him no choice, she had kept Geet away from him all day.

“Geet hasn’t, not today. I am taking her to the family jewellers in Malabar Hills.”

Maan groaned once daadima used that tone of voice there was no arguing with her. Then a twinkle appeared in his eye, he mumbled an ‘OK’ at daadima and terminated the call.

An hour later Geet felt her eyes glaze over as she looked at the amount of diamonds and gold daadima had in mind to purchase.

“Please daadima I will never ever wear so much jewellery in my life!”

“You will be getting engaged and married to one of the most prominent businessmen in Delhi. Geet people from all walks of life will come to the party expecting Maan’s fiancé to dazzle.” She said firmly, at Geet’s wide eyed expression. “I am not having any arguments.” Turning back to the jeweller she demanded more sets with better designs.

Feeling out of her league Geet bit her lip and sat back. Doubts assailed her, as daadima had said she would be marrying one of the most eligible bachelors in Delhi, not only did he have wealth and status, he had lineage that went back generations. She on the other hand was a small village girl, with a fledgeling company just about making ends meet with two siblings to look after. All she could bring to this union was herself, she gnawed at her lip lost in thought.

“Madam aap ke liye note hai.” A man said approaching Geet.

“A note for me?” Geet turned around and looked everywhere who would be sending her a note? Here?

“Ms Handa, follow this man to the room at the back. Maan Singh Khurana’s life depends upon it!”

All the colour flew from her face. “Daadima I will be back in a minute.” she mumbled standing up to follow the man who stood waiting.

“OK beta.” Daadima replied distractedly her eyes on the jewellery.

She followed the man to the back and he indicated a room which she should enter.

Without hesitation she went in, expecting what she really had no idea, but if Maan was in danger she would face whatever came her way.

As soon as she stepped in the door was slammed shut and a hand grabbed her.

Geet’s mouth opened on frightened scream when a hand clamped over it.

“Think you could get away from me all day? Mishty? Hmm..?”Maan’s dark, mirth filled eyes started into her petrified amber ones.

“Maan the note? It said…” a pained expression came over her face.

“It’s true Maan Singh Khurana’s life was in danger, danger at not having you in my arms all day. You look so adorable in white, my very own angel.” His eyes were warm and filled with laughter.

Pushing her up against the door, his lips blazed a sensual trail across her chin and down her throat, stopping only when he heard her catch her breath on a sob.

“Maan!” Huge tears filled her eyes. “Please don’t ever send a note like that..If anyone tried to harm you or…..if anything were to happen to you…Maan.” she turned away unable to speak her slender form shaking. All those men who had tried to hurt her, Pandey and his goons. She knew that the threat was present always. Pandey would never let go that easily he was after her and Maan.

“No one is going to harm me! Waise tou Maan Singh Khurana ka kuch reputation hai!” his was face haughty. “Who would dare! But you came even though you could have been in danger yourself.”

“If it meant no harm would come to you …I would go to the devil himself…..” her eyes told him she was willing to sacrifice herself to save him.

“Geet! I think you spend too much time with Pinky and her Bollywood dramatics.” Lips pursed she turned away from him but he just spun her back into his arms. She knew her emotions were clearly visible in her stormy pain filled eyes, but he just grinned back at her finding the whole situation funny.

Annoyed that he really didn’t understand that he’d scared her out of her wits she pushed at him. Wrenching out of his grasp she flew out of the room back to daadima brushing the tears away with a back of a hand.

“Geet!” He watched her run, her pale face turned his gut. He had only been joking, did she think he couldn’t look after himself? She was the one who needed his protection.

“Sir here are the items you wanted.” The jeweller came in presenting a couple of trays

His dark eyes annoyed, he turned to look at what he had asked for. Nodding at the man, he looked at the trays.

“Have you nothing better then this?” he demanded, “these are too common, I want something special.”

“These are the latest in designs, and not expensive either.” the man told him.

“I don’t care about latest! I want something special, delicate, gold, diamonds, it has to make a soft tinkling sound, I don’t care about the cost!” angrily he glared at the man.

“Errm I will go and have another look,” the man said running from Maan’s glare. “Kaha se aate hai!” he muttered running to his boss.

Ramlal Zaveri was busy looking at Savitridevi through the camera when his deputy ran in. “We get them all don’t we?” Pointing to the picture for camera two he said, “look at him, he wants something special!”

Ramlal peered at the picture on camera two to spy an impatient Maan glaring into space whilst he waited.

“Idiot! Bewkuff! That’s Maan Singh Khurana! Get him anything he wants and I am going to personally see to Savitridevi, why had no one told me she was here!” He screamed rushing out, his face breaking out in sweat.

Geet sat back down next to Daadima, still unable to control the pain she had felt. Now that she had opened herself up to these new feelings she didn’t realise how painful it would be to entertain that anything could happen to Maan. Playing a joke like that was not at all funny in her eyes.

“Savitridevi!” A dark small man exclaimed. “I am honoured to have you here, why didn’t you just call me I would have had the shop brought to you.”

“Nahi Nahi Ramlal saab, we were in the vicinity so I decided to come along myself, this is Maan’s fiancé, I have come to choose a few things for her.”

“Fiancé! Beti congratulations!” Ramlal gushed compliments at Geet.

Maan had just about run out of patience, when the man came back looking shamefaced with two other people in tow each holding six or seven trays each.

“Sir, aapne baataya nahi ke aapk kaun hai!” he gushed.

Maan glared at him. “I would hope that you would give a good service to everyone not just people who you think are qualified to receive it!” Maan told him.

“Yes yes of-course, please have a look at these.” he mumbled.

After scanning countless trays he chose seven pairs. Each of the seven beautiful and intricate in design, some with diamonds, some pearls, another with kundan and one with rubies, each of them somehow reminded him of her. “Pack these up and give them to me without causing a fuss, I am going to be out there with my grandmother.” he said pointing to where Geet and daadima were sitting.

“Yes sir, of-course sir, of-course!” The man bowed and rushed to get them packed.

“Daadima what have you and Geet chosen?” Maan questioned walking up to and standing next to Geet.

“What are you doing here?” her eyes twinkling, daadima knew he would come chasing after Geet that’s why she had dropped hint about their destination so he could also choose jewellery for Geet.

“Err I thought I would come along and see, just in-case Geet needed help.”

Geet glared at him, she didn’t need any help from him. Especially now he had already upset her.

Ramlal said, “Of-course Geet madam is so beautiful and lovely. Sir would like to make sure she wears the right jewellery to enhance those lovely eyes, and that lovely skin.”

Geet blushed as the man over enthused about her whilst Maan gave him a dark look and moved closer to her his eyes sending out warning signals that made Ramlal stop in mid flow.

“I have chosen these four. What do you think Maan beta?”

“Four!” Geet moaned, “Daadima really, its not necessary.”

“Geet don’t argue. Whatever you think is best daadima, I like this one, Geet should wear this one on the day.” he said pointing to a really heavy chunky diamond set that daadima had discarded.

Her eyes widened, it was huge, she hated it, she glared at him and than realised that he was joking as the twinkle in his eyes indicated.

“Maan! That will not suit Geet at all, I like this one.” Daadima said pointing to a very beautiful design that was simple yet elegant, with very long drop earrings, “this will show off Geet’s lovely long neck.”

Ramlal piped in, “Yes that one is beautiful, only eight lakhs…”.his voice trailed away as it became too much for Geet. It was as if she was no longer in control of anything. She hated the fact that such an obscene amount of money was being spent on her, if her parents had been alive they would have talked to daadima and taken care of all of this. She had already said to daadima that she would pay for the sari she had chosen to wear at the engagement but daadima had refused to even entertain that thought.

Maan saw her face cloud over with inner anguish. He had hurt her deeply it seemed, he decided he had to make up for it somehow. But as he watched her face he realised it was more then just what he had done, her eyes had a far way look her hands twitched in her lap tormenting the end of her duppata.

“Err Daadima if you have finished, I would like to take Geet to attend to some urgent matters.”

“Haan, I think we have finished, Oh! I nearly forgot, you will need a ring Maan.”

“I will take care of it.” he replied smoothly, than seeing the flash of pain in the amber eyes, he took her elbow and started to take his leave of daadima.

As they were walking out the deputy handed him his package, bowing and rushing to open the door for them.

“Maan I will buy your ring, as it is daadima will not let me pay for the engagement dress I chose.” The diamond jewellery she could not afford and that pained her also. Suddenly she felt she was not his equal by any measure.

Frustrated by her adamant tone he impatiently replied “Geet, I said I will take care of it. Its not such a big issue.” Just wanting to take her somewhere to make her smile again.

“I do have the means to buy you a ring Maan!” Her face was full of hurt, she may not be able to afford diamonds but she could buy him a ring! But it didn’t seem that Maan or daadima thought she would be able to afford it. It was a big issue for her, she liked to make her own decisions. Suddenly she felt unworthy, vulnerable, alone and lost. She just needed to get away from him to collect her thoughts. She turned away from him and ran.

“Geet!” But she was already walking off into the old town, vanishing into the crowd.

“Where are you going, Geet!” he shouted after her, following quickly managing to catch glimpses of her white salwar khameez now and then but being hampered by the crowds coming out of nearby Mosque.

She didn’t know where she was running, she just let the flow of the crowd take her. They jostled and pushed her and in the rush she managed to lose a shoe, but she didn’t notice. Neither did she notice the sharp stones that cut her feet. In a daze she joined some women waiting to pay their respects at the grave of a Sufi saint. As soon as she entered the quiet cool white marble interior, she felt at peace. Picking a thread and a chaddar from a vendor she went to towards the jaali to hand it to the attendees.

Tying the thread on the Dargah jaali wall she whispered “Baba, muhje rassta dekhawo…yeh rishta theek hai?..There is so much difference between me and Maan. Will this work. There is no denying that I love him…but baba..there is so much difference between us.” Her anguished thoughts fell from her lips, soft whispers and yet the pain in them sharp as glass. She ran out of there as the tears threatened to overwhelm her.

Blindly running into an adjacent room she stopped and stood hesitantly having lost her way. The place was dark and small with an doorway she had come from behind her and a path of pale pink marble in front of her leading out to another exit. Through every intricately carved marble window golden light from the setting sun filtered through, making exquisite geometric patterns on the floor.

Through the misty haze broken by the filtering light she spotted a lonely old man wearing a long white jhaaba and lungi who sat in a corner singing Sufi qawalies in a haunting voice. Singing as if he was in a trance, serenity and rapture glowed on his dark face, his long white beard swayed as he sang. His mesmerising voice reverberated around the room and settled deep into her heart.

teri ishq a nachiya pyaree thayiya thayiya……teri ishq a nachiya pyaree thayiya thayiya……”

She fell to the floor her anguish flooding her every pore. Love was as painful as it was beautiful.

“Beti!” The sufi baba suddenly stopped singing and spoke staring directly at her, “teri zindagi mein tera humsafar aa gaya hai, beti yeh he teri asli jeevan saathi hai. Tumhara ahsaas pe shak maat karna, jawo beti wo tumhara intezaar karta hai.”

Finally he had found her. She sat sobbing on the pale pink marble, bathed in golden light filtering through the jaali windows, her eyes were on the baba and as he pointed the peacock feather in his direction she looked at him her eyes wide with understanding as if she had accepted and known it could have only been him that came through that framed entrance.

She saw the pain and relief in his eyes, rising, she slowly walked towards him, the love shone out of her eyes even as she waited for his anger at having run.

Dark eyes unfathomable he watched her walk towards him her slender form patterned by the light from the window, one end of her white duppata covered her head and one end trailed behind her. A vision in white she looked not of this world.

His lips pursed as he saw the red blood trail that she had left from her footprints.

Reaching the doorway that framed him she stood just drinking him in. There was nothing she could say, nothing that need to be said. Baba had cleared the doubts from her mind her love shone in her eyes and glowed on her face.

Why did you run? She expected him to question, rant even, instead he just picked her up in his arms and walked to his car, not caring as people stopped and stared. Belting her in he jumped in and drove home. He knew why she had run, if she had done anything less she would not be his Mishty.


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Chapter 31 ~ Nothing is too much for you.

Laying her on the bed without a word he went in search of the first aid box.

Babaji had been right, she shouldn’t have doubted her feelings for him, whatever came their way now she would face it head on knowing Maan would be there with her. She watched him go. He hadn’t said a word to her in the car, she was expecting him to be extremely angry with her. He had carried her up the stairs not looking at her but straight ahead whilst she hadn’t been able to take her eyes off him.

She fidgeted nervously on the bed, her eyes going to the bathroom door wondering if she could hide in there. He came back at that very moment carrying the first aid box and the package that the man in the shop had given him. Catching the look on her face he flashed her a look that said he knew exactly what she had been planning to do, his eyes warned her not to even try it, pursing his lips he sat down and took hold of her ankle to inspect the cut.

She watched his eyes darken, and his face cloud over with anger, but his fingers were extremely gentle.

“You just can’t look after yourself! You need a full time bodyguard.” He muttered angrily.

“Maan….” softly Geet started to explain when a gasp of pain escaped her as he cleaned the wound with antiseptic, her fingers found his shoulder, her nails sank into it.

He felt her pain, he felt her unrest, watching her from under his lashes whilst he cleaned and bandaged her foot. Gently placing her foot on the bed he stood up, and looked down at her, eyes dark and filled with pain. Then without a word he turned as if to walk away.

She couldn’t let him leave not without giving him an explanation, immediately she came off the bed to clasp his arm, sinking to the floor as her foot gave way.

“I am sorry..Maan!” She whispered. “So sorry!” her eyes beseeched him to understand.

He reached down and scooped her back on the bed. Pain flashed across his face.

“Maan…please …I just had to ….at that moment…! Her eyes pleaded.

What was he thinking? Why was he not saying anything? She had expected anger but he was just staring at her, his body language stiff as a board not saying a word.

“Sorry?” Dark eyes dull with pain settled on her pale, trembling form.

“Why are you saying sorry my Mishty? If anyone should be saying sorry its me. I cant believe I made such a grave mistake. I wasn’t listening to your eyes.”

“Nahi Maan.” she reached up to touch his face, her fingers tracing his jaw.

“Yes, Mishty. Its my fault that you ran, meine tumhara atma-samman ko bahut thes pauchaya!” His face clouded over in pain. “I keep forgetting that you are not like the others.”

Her brow pleated with confusion, he sank down on the bed next to her, a teasing hand trailing down her cheek as he looked into her questioning face.

“Women who would never decline at having so much money spent on them, would want more and more. I forget how independent you are. I should have realised that you would want to buy me a ring. You are so different that’s which is precisely what drew me to you and yet I failed to remember that today. If anyone should be sorry, it should be me. I frightened you and hurt your feelings.”


“Nahi Mishty, I cannot forgive myself!”

“When that Baba pointed to the door saying ‘tumhara ahsaas pe shak maat karna, jawo beti wo tumhara intezaar karta hai,’ I knew it would be you in that doorway. I am sorry I ran, will you forgive me?”

Her soft amber eyes clouded over with pain, seeing it his only thought was to make her smile again.

“Geet! What other madman would be running halfway across town for you! Waise Mishty tum bilkul pagal you cant even take care of yourself, seriously I am going to injure my back carrying you home from all your scrapes!” He said faking annoyance.

An outraged gasp escaped her. “Oh! Are you saying I am fat?” Mouth open her eyes sparkled furiously.

A sexy grin appeared at the corner of that sinful mouth, his dark chocolate eyes filled with laughter.

Oh! why did she always take the bait when he teased her. She glared at him, sliding away from him even as he sought to take her in his arms.

“Mishty I am sorry but I cant help teasing, you look so adorable when you are angry.” he whispered leaning right into her, his eyes focused on her lips.

Ineffectively she pushed at his chest, “Maan you have only one thing on your mind!”

“Hmmm..” He muttered not paying any attention to what she was saying but a great deal of attention to her lips. His thumb brushed across the lower lip causing her to shiver compulsively.

“Maan!” She couldn’t think when his eyes ate her up like this, her heart pounded, she breathed him in, the look in his eyes had her melting into him, his tongue ran over the seam of her lips.

“Sweet!” He muttered before his hands threaded into her hair and he pulled her to him, his mouth closing over hers with a desperate need. With his mouth he told her how much he needed her, passionately and thoroughly.

There was a dark flush on his cheeks as he pulled away before he threw caution to the winds and finished what he had started.

“Maan?”she moaned out his name her eyes half open drugged with passion, her lips still trembling at the loss of his.

He was so close she could see the fires of passion that raged in his eyes. One hand was buried in her hair another had curved around her throat where it was busy caressing her skin. She could feel his soft breath on her cheek, and see the rapid pulsing beat in his jaw.

Unable to help her self she reached forward and put her lips to it. A sharp exclamation of pleasure burst from his lips, and he took her lips in a searing kiss that made her toes curl.

“I cant wait to get married.” he moaned finally pulling away, “this is driving me insane.”

Frowning at his heartfelt statement she asked innocently, “Can I help?”

For a moment he nearly said Yes! I want to make you mine right now, but that wouldn’t be right for her he knew. Instead he said “Yes! You can stop getting into all these scrapes! And start acting like other women.”

Immediately she looked crestfallen, she flashed those eyes at him that turned his heart over.

He turned and reached for the package and held it out to her.

“I wanted to talk to you all day but unfortunately daadima had other plans. Mishty. I think I have listened to your voice mail at least a 100 times today, you don’t know how much your voice and what you’re said effects me.”

She blushed at his words.

“You have no idea of how insane you drove me the other night when I lay down next to you.”

“Why didn’t you wake me?”

“When I saw you dressed in that red sari especially for me, I was overwhelmed, you looked so incredibly beautiful I just wanted to look at you, I lay next to you and watched you sleep.”

She stared at him, he had slept next to her all night?

As if he knew what she was thinking he softly said, “I didn’t sleep, I just watched you, I lay next to you watching you sleep,you looked so peaceful just lying there I didn’t want to wake you.” He remembered that picture of her so vividly.

“The red colour bright against your creamy translucent skin, the diamond nestling in your cleavage, every now and then a sigh would break from your lips and you would turn, your payal whispered softly, tantalising me with its soft music, calling out to me. At that moment I decided I wanted to hear that music for ever.” he handed her the package.

“What is it?” Her eyes wide she glared at him, “No more diamonds Maan!”

“Geet! Just open it!” His eyes flashed impatiently at her.

Tearing off the wrapping she opened it, seven slim boxes fell out on the bed all bearing the name of the Zaveri they had visited this afternoon.

“Oh!” she opened one after another to reveal seven pairs of payal each more exquisite than the other.

“Seven pairs!” She gasped out in a shocked tone.

“Haan! one for each day of the week.”

“But Maan!” her hands trembled as she pulled out a pair and looked at them. Her head was shaking in a no. “I cant take all these I will take just one pair.”

“Chup! Bilkul chup!” he put his finger to her lips.

Picking up the pair with the diamonds he said, “these remind me of your sparkling eyes.” he reached forward and brushed his lips against her eyelids. She could only stare at him absolutely stunned by what he had bought for her.

“And these remind me of your lush red lips after I’ve kissed you.” he said picking up the ruby ones dangling them in front of her and brushing his lips against hers.

“And these?” she asked on a whisper, picking up the kundan ones.

“The shape of these petals remind of the huge tear drops that sparkle when your eyes filled with emotion. As do these he said picking up the ones that were decorated with pearls. “Then when your teardrop rests in the corner of your eye and I catch the precious drop on my finger this is exactly what it looks like.”

She had never ever thought of him as romantic or poetic but he had proved her wrong on both points.

“And these?” she picked up the one with the pretty sound wanting him to explain why he had chosen each one.

“ A grin broke on his face. “Hmmm, these reminds me of your soft musical laughter.”

Her eyes filled with huge tears. “Maan but this is too much!”

“Nothing is too much for you, anyway these are not for you these are for me! I want you to wear them every night for me, when you are in my arms I want to hear the music as I make love to you.”

“Maan!” Her face flamed her eyes dropped with embarrassment as she remembered how wanton and wild she had become every time he touched her. It was as if her body no longer belonged to her at all.

He reached for the ones that were decorated with black beads, “and these remind me of how dark your eyes become when you are in the throes of passion.” he said on a breathy whisper.

Unable to meet the heat in his eyes she buried her face in his chest just then his phone rang.

With a reluctant groan he pulled away and answered it and listening for a moment before saying. “Yes, daadima we are coming!”

“Daadima wants us to come and look over the arrangements and guest list.” He scooped her up and started walking towards the main house.

“I wouldn’t want you to injure your back. I can walk! ” Geet cheekily grinned at him.

He gave her a dark look, “bahut himmat wali ho gaye ho.”

“I haven’t agreed to marry you yet.” she said, “and you haven’t said you love me, all you said is that you want to marry me, you haven’t even asked me properly yet!”

“I am going to tell daadima to forget the engagement and go straight to the wedding, after that we will see how brave you really are!” He said his eyes dark and full of meaning.

“You wouldn’t!”

“Try me,” he said his voice quietly threatening. “Hmmm mein dekhunga after that suhaag raat kya hota hai!”

With an expression of fierceness he glared down at her snuggled high against his chest, She was staring up at him wide eyed, he took in her face which flushed and paled as her thoughts ran amok, teasing her was so much fun he thought, but in reality he was very tempted to tell daadima to skip the engagement and go straight to the wedding he couldn’t wait to make her his.

Babli stared at her younger brother wondering why he was so quiet.

“Chotu what’s the matter?”

Chotu wondered if he should tell Babli about that nice uncle and then thought better of it. Babli would only tell him off for talking to strangers, and anyway the uncle hadn’t turned up at the meeting place as he had promised. Maybe he will meet him tomorrow, and he would get to see the helicopter as promised.

“Err nothing didi, has Geetdidi called?” He asked instead. “When are we going to go and see her, she promised me last time.”

“I am sure she will call soon, Chotu. Come on lets go and eat.”

Happily he went off with Babli but his mind was still on the helicopter.

Back in Delhi Patel scowled at Pandey.

“Boss why did you call me back! I am making such good progress there, I have a plan which would get you Geet without too much effort and away from Maan Singh Khurana!

“You are too slow Patel! She is getting engaged this Saturday to Maan Singh Khurana.” Pandey looked at the envelope he had been handed with nasty grin on his face. Staring at the exquisite printed invitation in his hand, he ran a fat finger over Geet’s name. “Its time I met you face to face. After all a party like that would be boring if it didn’t have some drama.”


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    • janememe

      October 15, 2012 at 8:46 am

      THanks Chetna for your sweet comments ;))
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      • abi

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      • janememe

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