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Chapter 34

She tried to pull her arm out of his strong grasp.

“Shaaka, you can’t even control her!” Shankar laughed uproariously. “Boss ne kaha tha ekdum phataka hai!”

“Chodo mujhe! Call the police!” Geet screamed to the shocked people in the cafe. “Call the police and tell them that Pandey’s men are trying to kidnap me!”

“Shut up! Pandey sir doesn’t like to be kept waiting!” Shaaka shouted, holding her arm tightly as she struggled, he slapped her hard across the face as the other three were laughing at his failing attempts to control her, she reeled from the blow staggering across the pavement.

Across the road Maan made to jump out of the van he was in, his eyes blazing with anger.

“Maan! Not yet, we have to let her be taken to Pandey, that’s the only way we can finally get him on a charge that will stick.” ACP Gupta’s hand restrained him.

Pain raged through him, the way she was being man-handled by those men was killing him. He decided he was going to exact his very own revenge on the man who had just slapped her at the very first opportunity.

Suddenly out of the blue they saw two burkha clad women with large handbags launch themselves at the men who were trying to take Geet. They were shouting and screaming for help and hitting the men with their huge handbags. Maan, ACP Gupta and the CID men in the van all stared in shock as the women swung their handbags with what looked like deadly effect, it felled one of the men right on the pavement, leaving him dazed and dizzy.

“Who are they?” ACP Gupta said in surprise looking around at his men, “are the burkhawali’s our people?” Everyone looked around at each other and came up negative.

The man on the ground shakily got up angrily and started punching the smaller burkhawali, he started shouting at the others to get a move on. Pandey’s men, unable to shake the two burkha clad women off, had no choice but to bundle them into the van as well. Maan was sure he heard Adi voice shouting for the men to let go of Geet.

He helplessly watched Geet kick and scream as she was forced into the van so roughly, his fingers dug into the leather seat of their van with frustration, he could only wait and watch whilst she was dragged about like a rag doll and driven away.

Was that Adi and Pinky he wondered, it might well have been that together with Geet they’d had hatched a plan of some sort, which looked as if it had gone completely wrong. He had to hand it to them for their bravery though, the way they had both tried to save Geet showed how much she meant to all of them. The question that played on his mind was why didn’t she feel that she could have told him. It hurt him deeply that she would put herself in danger like this, even if it was for him.

Yesterday night as she had left him, running away from him on the terrace, the call he had received had come from ACP Gupta. His constant worry about Pandey trying something that would harm Geet had led him to request that some plain clothed policemen also mingled with the crowd at the engagement party. Thankfully they had spotted Pandey and followed him and somehow they had also been able to record the conversation that he had with Geet. Maan had been shocked to hear what Pandey had threatened Geet with, it was then he had realised the enormity of what she was setting out to do for him.

Her plea that he make love to her came and hit him in the gut with frank realisation, she knew she was walking into a Pandey’s hands and it could all go horribly wrong for her, and yet for him she was prepared to even go through with that. When this was all over and done with he was going to drum it into her beautiful thick head that she if she ever kept any secrets from him again he would not be responsible for the consequences.

He had gone and met with ACP Gupta immediately to sort out what action to take, coming back early in the morning after having put everything in place. Putting his mishty in danger was not something he wanted to do at all, and it was not a plan that he was happy with either but ACP Gupta had persuaded him that this might be their one and only opportunity to catch Pandey red handed. He promised him that nothing would happen to Geet, he had assigned his best men for the job.

Unable to sleep with worry for her, he had crept into her room to watch her sleep just before dawn. She had also been restless, tossing and turning, her mind he knew was filled with turmoil. With a gentle hand he had tried to soothe her restlessness and she had quietened down at his soft touch. He wished he could wake her and tell her that he would be right there watching out for her, but Gupta sir had said that Pandey’s men would probably be watching her and any slip on her part would again mean that Pandey would slip out of their hands. Determined not to let anything happen to her or let Pandey get away this time, he had softly brushed his mouth over hers and left her to sleep.

They had already started following the van she was in. ACP Gupta’s phone rang, he answered it quickly, “Haan, haan, yes good, OK, keep tracking her.”

Maan’s eyes glinted with understanding, the men who had sat next to her in the café were Gupta’s men, they had managed to slip a tracker in one of the men’s pockets, so even if they lost the van in traffic they would be able to track her whereabouts.

They were headed into the old city, traffic was heavy as usual and the driver had a job keeping Geet’s van in sight. People, cars, rickshaws and bicycles spilled out of nooks and crannies everywhere, slowing their progress, eventually they lost sight of the van in the chaos that was the old city.

“Don’t worry we are tracking them,” ACP Gupta said to Maan, as he saw his anxious face, he carried on talking to police HQ and relaying instructions to their driver on which way to turn.

Maan’s eyes became dark and stormy, losing sight of the van was not a good sign, anything could happen and Geet would be in danger. He just hoped that those two women with her were actually Adi and Pinky as he had thought, at least the three of them together might have a better chance of getting away.

“Rocky,” Shaaka said turning to the man sitting behind him and Geet, “Get down at Gulshan’s adda and get us some whisky to celebrate, and listen, get imported, desi maal nahi! Aaj to naasha he naasha hoga.” he said running his large chubby hand down Geet’s shoulder, whilst she cringed back into her corner.

Rocky grinned lasciviously staring at Adi, who laughed nervously and edged closer to Pinky, they had both been gagged and hands bound by Shaaka as they had been screaming and fighting so much.

Rocky leered at Adi and said, “Yehwali tou bahut ugly hai, but chaala leenge, kaam se he maatlab haina!”

Shaaka laughed, “tou iss se kaam chaala lele, yeh phataka teri bas ke baat nahi hai!” He said gesturing towards Geet. “ Aur tum! If you scream again I am going to….…” he ran his knife across his throat in a threatening gesture to Pinky.

Pinky glared back at him, her eyes sparking furiously, whilst Adi seemed to swoon and faint at the thought of Rocky’s “kaam” slumping against Pinky’s shoulder with worry. Geet stared at her friends, their plan had gone horribly wrong.

“You leave them alone they have nothing to do with this!” she shouted at Shaaka, “let them go, you don’t need them!”

His eyes insolent, Shaaka continued to stare at her completely ignoring her plea.

Their van kept turning and went through so many streets Geet eventually lost track of where they were taking her, after a while they dropped Rocky off at a junction and carried on through the old city. She looked around the van closely seeing if she could lay her hands on, anything that would help the three of them escape, but there was nothing.

Maan.. A pained whisper broke from her. What had she got herself into. At that moment she felt his presence, he was somewhere near, but how could that be? She pushed the thought away and tried to look for a way to grab one of the men’s mobile’s. Finally nearly an hour and a half after they had taken her from the Barista, they stopped in a very crowded, small lane. She had completely lost her bearings.

The driver hooted and huge doors opened, large enough to let their van through. Wildly Geet looked around for a landmark, but nothing struck her as familiar and then it was too late as they were driven into a parking space which opened out onto a courtyard.

“They seemed to have stopped,” ACP said, still on the phone, “just a few streets ahead, keep going left, yes…yes..down that road and then right.”

They came to a junction where three roads joined.

“Where is it? Where is their van?” Maan questioned looking around the area with urgency.

“It has got to be here somewhere, the tracker has stopped here. You and you,” he said pointing to two of his men, “go and have a look around, make sure you do it without being obvious. Maan you stay inside the van just in-case Pandey’s men are around and they spot you.” Maan sat back down with a worried frown on his face. This didn’t feel right, he looked around at the road, there was no where for a van that size to hide at this junction. Something had definitely gone wrong.

He heard her call his name in his heart. Shutting dark his eyes he told her he would find her, he would be there for her, he would not let anything happen to her. He prayed she had heard him.

The two plain clothed policemen climbed out and split up, going down separate roads. Maan sat stock still, what could be happening to Geet at this moment, dread invaded his body. He should have never let Gupta sir talk him into believing that this plan would work. He shouldn’t have let Geet out of the house today. Dear god! If anything happened to her he didn’t know what he would do.

Geet resisted, frantically kicking and screaming as she was dragged out of the car. Pinky and Adi were pushed out behind her.

“You don’t need them. Let them go, they promise not to say anything, don’t you behn?” she said to Adi, pretending they were strangers.

“It’s too late, Pandey ke ghar aaye mehman have to taste his hospitality, and we have to taste them!” Shaaka laughed at his own joke, his men grinned widely.

They pushed the three of them through another archway leading into a smaller garden courtyard, surrounded by rooms. The courtyard was full of plants and potted flowers and in the midst of it was a large old fashioned ornate swing. Pandey sat swinging on it, his eyes pinned to Geet as she entered. He was flanked by two men, who both looked as if they meant business with the sub machine guns they were holding.

Two men with Pandey and three with them, one was at the gate, the other had gone to fetch whisky. Geet counted seven men in total, too many for them to overcome. Frantically she looked around to see if there was any means of escape.

“Kitne der kaarde tum logone! What took so long? Where is Rocky?”

“Boss you said to us to go round and round in case people were tailing us, even Shaarlock Haames couldnt find them now! And I sent Rocky to get more whisky, imported maal so we can have fun later.” Shankar said laughing loudly.

“And these two! Who are they?” Pandey glared hard at the bound and gagged Adi and Pinky.

“They must be Geet’s friends, they attacked us when took her. Although they are pretending not to know each other.” Shaaka pushed them all along towards Pandey.

Pandey got up from his seat, spitting a stream of red paan into a corner, he advanced upon the small group. Going up to Adi he stared at his face, then grinned and said, “God, this is one ugly woman! Are you sure this is Geet’s friend?”

“Don’t worry boss, Rocky said woh kaam chale lega with her, after all he doesn’t need to see her face does he!”

They all laughed loudly at Shaaka’s sick joke. Adi paled even more, his eyes taking on a wild trapped look.

“You have what you wanted Pandey, let them go! I promise they won’t say anything.” Geet pleaded.

Moving in close he ran a chubby finger down her cheek, “Ahhh but Geet, I can’t let them go, they know too much, they have seen me and mere yeh Haveli. If you were that worried about them you should have told them not to come. Now the question is what are we going to do with them, whilst errr I enjoy your company and get better acquainted?”

Fear coursed through her, she really needed to find a way to let Maan or the police know where they were but how?

“Sir, we can’t see the van anywhere!”

“Pinpoint the tracker,” ACP Gupta shouted angrily over the phone, “it has to be here somewhere.”

“Sir, the closest we can pinpoint it to is at the junction.” came back a voice through the phone.

“We’ve lost her!” Maan said his utmost fear coming to the fore.

“OK, everybody start looking for the tracker, go into all the shops, alleyways, every where and find it.” ACP Gupta instructed. Back on the phone he said “we need to find any of Pandey’s properties in this area, has he got any, how many, where and what addresses and then I want all available people to be checking out the addresses.”

The policemen all split and went in various directions at the junction. Helpless, Maan sat in the van praying hard that either they find the van or that Geet find a way to contact him to tell him where they had taken her.

Pinky spotted a pair of sarauta, which were part of Pandey’s paan ensemble. She slowly edged towards them.

Adi rolled his eyes wildly as he realised what she was doing. Pinky signalled to him to keep a lookout for her. Shankar the man closest to her, was at the moment distracted by Pandey’s conversation with Geet and she was nearly there.

Suddenly Shankar turned back towards him and Pinky. Trying to give Pinky the best chance, Adi moved closer to Shankar, swaying in what he thought was a seductive way, winking at him trying to detract the attention from Pinky.

“Oi teri to!” Shankar moved and grabbed Adi around the waist, squeezing him tightly.

“Yeh Ugly kudi to ankh maarti hai! Maybe I can get some action before Rocky comes back,” he grinned showing off his rotting black teeth, he pulled of Adi’s gag and kissed him full on the mouth.

Adi eyes widened in alarm at the assault, he struggled trying to get out of Shankar’s arms, Pinky seeing that all eyes were on Adi and Shankar moved quickly to the table, managing to slip the sarauta in the long sleeves of her burkha, and came back to stand where she had been, just as Adi managed to push Shankar off him with an all mighty shove, trying to wipe his mouth with his bound hands and retching into the pot plants.

“Shankar you should have used mouth waaash yaar! Even ugly kudi’s don’t like bad breath!” Shaaka laughed uproariously.

“Sir, we cant find the tracker anywhere,” the two policemen came back to the car. They opened the door and stood listening as Gupta talked on the phone to HQ trying to get a better position on the tracker. Just then Maan saw one of Pandey’s men coming out of a corner shop carrying some heavy bags of what looked like bottles.

His eyes widened and a thought occurred to him, the tracker must be on this man, that’s why we have been led here, so where was Geet’s van? A curse exploded from his lips. He jumped out of the van like a shot, following the man as he turned into one of the streets hailing a rickshaw.

“Maan!” Gupta shouted but Maan was already hailing a rickshaw behind the one Pandey’s man had jumped into.

“Damn it! Follow that rickshaw!” Gupta shouted to his driver, the two policemen hastily jumped in and they shot off following them both.

“You can do what you want with these two, but remember don’t leave any evidence. Geet,” he said grabbing her arm and pulling her along with him, “come and sit here with me. Let’s have something to eat and drink and then we will get much better acquainted.” He sneered at her, pushing her to sit on the swing. He settled down beside her. Geet slid far away as possible from his bulk, shuddering and watching with a heavy heart as Adi and Pinky were pushed into a corner near them by Shaaka and Shankar. Adi and Pinky cowered in the corner as all the men settled on stools in front of them, leering, touching and pushing them about.

“Bring me my food.” Pandey shouted, “bhookh lagi hai!”

After about five minutes a frightened looking young woman came out with some plates of tikka chicken, rice and kebabs putting them down in front of Pandey, she went back coming out again with naan, biriyani and lots more besides. She looked at Geet, her eyes filled with sympathy.

“Oi! what are you looking at? Do you want me to show you a good time again?” Pandey shouted at her. “Get lost, can’t you see I am busy.” The young woman started to move back, her eyes still on Geet, a pained expression in them.

“Eat!” He said to Geet, picking up a chicken leg and stuffing it into his mouth. She watched in horror as he stuffed more and more into his mouth dribbling and spitting food as he talked to his men and leered at her.

“Shaaka, Shankar you have done well, get food for my boys!” he said shouting at the scared woman. Geet wondered if this woman too had been kidnapped and held against her will by Pandey and his men.

Shankar went into another room and came back with a couple of bottles of drink and some glasses, he placed a Black label bottle in front of Pandey and went about pouring drinks from another whisky bottle for Shaaka and the rest of the men, whilst the young woman brought out more and more food for the men. They fell upon the food and drink like dogs.

“Khawo, enjoy!” Pandey said staring at Geet really hard. “Time to party.”

Geet watched as the men drank more and more, she was trapped, and she had brought Adi and Pinky into this trap with her, she sat worrying her lip. Then an idea struck her, smiling sweetly at Pandey she poured some more whiskey into his glass.

He frowned at her for a moment, but as she smiled sweetly at him again, he said, “that’s better, I am glad you have seen sense, no point fighting the inevitable.” Geet smiled even broader and poured more whiskey into his glass, then she set about picking up a plate and offering him morsels of food from her hand.

Pandey ate happily from her hand, licking her fingers whilst his beady eyes roamed over her. Geet tried not to throw up, continuing to feed and ply him with drink. She gave him more and more drink, less and less food, smiling and putting the glass to his lips again and again.

After a while, the men started to get more and more drunk, laughing at everything and anything, even the men who were supposed to be Pandey’s bodyguards abandoned their posts, drawing up stools near Adi and Pinky’s corner. Laying down the guns on the floor, they joined in with the others who were enjoying themselves drinking and eating. They kept teasing Pinky and Adi cruelly making Geet angrier and angrier.

“A thousand rupees for you if you don’t loose that rickshaw!” Maan shouted to his rickshaw wala, who turned and stared at him in disbelief.

Pulling out the notes from his wallet Maan waved them at him, showing him that he meant business. The man grinned and stepped on the pedal following the other rickshaw like a shadow at every turn. Maan urged him to stay back a little so their cover wouldn’t be blown.

Suddenly a lorry pulled out between them blocking their path, the driver had to brake so hard they nearly toppled over.

“Damn!” Maan ground out as he saw the other rickshaw speeding off into the distance.

“Aap fikker maat karna saab, mein pakad loonga ga ussko aage se! Hold tight.” the driver said as he took a precarious manoeuvre using the edge of a pavement to launch them across the front of the lorry that even James Bond would have been proud off, he was not about to lose a thousand rupees!

Maan gripped the divider bar hard, his eyes straining to catch a glimpse of the other rickshaw in the distance praying to her Babaji that he was not too late.

“Come on, I have had enough of this, its time to enjoy ourselves, let’s go!” Pandey staggered up, swaying alarmingly, he pulled Geet up by her arms roughly against him trying to reach her lips with his slobbering mouth.

“Urg! You’re disgusting!” Geet screamed at him. She resisted screaming and fighting him tooth and nail as he relentlessly pulled her towards one of the rooms, whilst his men laughed and leered at them in a drunken stupor. She saw Adi and Pinky get up to help her only to be roughly pushed back.

“But you are beautiful and ekdum phataka I am going to enjoy this!” Pandey laughed.


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Chapter 35 –


The Rickshaw bumped along the road skidding to a dust raising stop suddenly.


“Dekho saab! He is just there.”


Maan looked in the direction his driver was pointing to and saw the other rickshaw had come to a halt in the middle of the road. He jumped out, thrusting the wad of notes into the happy drivers hands and ran towards the now empty rickshaw.


“Where is he? The man who was just in here?” he questioned “Did you see which way he went?”


“Err no saab, I was busy on my phone.” said the driver mobile in hand.


Where had he gone! ACP Gupta’s van pulled up next to him and the policemen all jumped out. “Did you see where he went?”


Maan couldn’t speak, he was so angry and frustrated that Pandey’s man had slipped out of his hands again, he just shook his head.


“Spread out, he must be here somewhere.” Gupta said to his men his face creased with worry.



Pulling with all her might, Geet frantically tried to get her hands out of Pandey’s strong grasp. Pandey turned around with irritation and took a swing at her, but he was drunk, he missed his aim and the blow landed nowhere.


Dragging her behind him, he walked towards some steps that led to the bedrooms, trying to climb them and stumbled backwards as she pulled hard, his grasp loosened for a moment. Geet seized the opportunity, grabbing a pot plant from next to her she smashed it over his head.


“Arrghhhhhhhhhhhh!” Pandey screamed loudly like a little boy, clutching his head with both his hands.


“Boss!” Came the urgent shout from Shankar as Pandey reeled from the blow and swayed drunkenly. Shankar too tried to get up but he was also quite drunk and fell down on the floor. Thinking quickly Pinky took the sauruta out of her sleeves and cut Adi’s ties, he cut hers in turn. Adi seeing a chance as everyone was looking at Geet and Pandey, reached forward and grabbed the guns that the bodyguards had placed on the floor beside them.


Standing up he stuttered,“I….I…I’ve got your guns, give up now!” threatening all the men with them.


Pandey shook his head vigorously coming out of his stupor and launched himself at Geet.


“Saali KAMINI! I have been so patient with you and you try to kill me! Aab tu dekh mein tera kaisa haal kaarta hoon!” he shouted his face full of anger, pulling out a flick knife from his pocket he wielded the knife across her, trying to cut her face.


Adi was waving the guns around in the air, Shaaka jumped towards him trying to get the guns back, but Adi had wound his hands around the triggers, seeing the angry huge Shaaka bearing down on him, panicked, the guns went off launching a volley of shots all around.


Dhat dhat dhat dhat! The noise was loud, like a string of diwali crackers going off suddenly.


Everyone dived for cover, as Adi who didn’t have a clue what he was doing staggered about firing away randomly into the air. There was a lot of screaming as Pandeys men hurled abuse at Adi.


For a moment Maan and the policemen stood stock still as they heard the shots ring out.


“This way!” shouted Maan as he ran towards the noise. He was just about to kick the door in when Rocky opened the door and tried to escape, still holding the bag of bottles.


“Geet!” He shouted entering the door and pushing Rocky back in.


“Shaaka grab the guns!” Shankar shouted running towards Adi. Seeing him trying to get Adi, Pinky put her foot out tripping him up so he landed flat on the floor.


The bodyguards now launched themselves at Adi wrestling him to the ground just as Maan and the police ran through a door into the courtyard.


He saw her then, Pandey had a knife pointed at her, she was in the act of throwing an enormous pot plant at Pandey.


“GEET!” A terrified scream escaped him and he ran towards them.


A malicious smile came over Pandey’s face as he saw Maan running towards him, he dodged the plant pot she threw at him easily, taking aim he stabbed at Geet viciously, she put up her hands defensively blocking him as best she could, but the knife managed to stab her shoulder and cut her arms and hands.


There was fighting everywhere as ACP Gupta’s men wrestled with the bodyguards and the others, finally subduing and managing to handcuff them all.


Maan flew at Pandey in a fit of rage, felling him to the ground, punching and kicking him without stopping until Pandey was grabbed by the police and handcuffed too. Battered and bloody Pandey screamed abuse at the police and at Maan.


“Tum mera kuch beegad nahi sakte! You will see I will be out of jail in a matter of hours, I have friends in very high places and then I will come after you both!” his kohl lined eyes were nearly bursting out of head with rage.


“You will never get out of jail Pandey, we have enough evidence to put you away. And don’t think for a moment that any one of your friends will help you, once they know the amount of evidence we have they wont touch you with a bargepole.” Maan ground out.


“Maan? How did you know where I was?”Geet asked in shock.


All his worry boiled up into anger, dark eyes furious, he ground out, “Do you think I don’t know what goes on in that head of yours? Mishty, I am going to lock you up and not let you out of the house and my sight ever again. You know what sort of animal Pandey is and you still walked into his lair, if anything had happened to you I would have never been able to forgive myself!” Then he saw her hands and the cuts everywhere.


“You’re bleeding!”


Geet looked down at herself in surprise, she thought she had dodged most of the attempts. At once he was all over her, his face strained, his eyes stormy, cursing at all the scratches and bruises on her. He grabbed a cloth from nearby and pressed it against the deepest wound on her shoulder from where blood was oozing out creating a dark crimson stain against her white kurti top.


“I am fine, Maan… just superficial cuts.” she said, even as the pain started to filter through to her brain that it was more than just superficial. But she she didn’t care about her wounds, all she could think was that he had raced in, her eyes drank him in, he was here, her Maan, come to save her as usual. A radiant smile lit her face, she leaned against his strength just holding him tight for a moment. Suddenly she was overcome with relief that it had ended with Pandey and his men being caught and nothing worse for her friends, and Maan was safe, tears ran down her face.


“Geet!” The pain he felt at seeing her tears and cuts reflected in his eyes. He had to get her to a hospital quickly.


“It’s not too bad.” she smiled through her tears, trying to reassure him. “Where are Adi? Pinky? Are they OK?”


“Bilkul chup!” Maan growled swinging her into his arms, she leaned into his strength her fingers clutching to the front of his shirt.


He gathered her against his chest and started to walk towards the exit quickly taking stock of everyone and what they were doing. He could see Gupta sir talking to Adi and Pinky. It was miracle that no one had been shot. The CID men had lined up all of Pandey’s men against a wall and were taking details and others were searching the building.


“They are fine, ACP Gupta is seeing to them.” he said just as Gupta sir turned and walked towards them.


Adi and Pinky ran up to them, right behind Gupta. “GEET! Pinky screamed. OMG! Are you all-right?”


“Maan, go in the police van you will get to the hospital quicker. I will tie things up here.” ACP Gupta urged, walking out of the building with them. There were police everywhere now.


“There is a young girl they have also kidnapped I think, please, look after her,” Geet said, remembering the terror in the girls eyes.


“Will you start worrying about yourself!” Maan said in clipped tones as he walked towards the van, the bleeding looked to be getting worse as he saw the crimson stain had spread right across her shoulder.


“Don’t worry Geet, we will make sure she is secure and helped in every possible way.” ACP Gupta assured her. Looking at Maan he said, “two of my men will go with you so there is no issue in the hospital.”


Maan settled into the van with Geet on his lap, applying pressure on her shoulder. Gupta’s men climbed in behind him. His eyes were thankful as he looked at Pinky and Adi, that they were there for Geet and not hurt in all the fighting.


“I will need you two to give me all the details of what happened here so we can get the evidence filed quickly, are you OK to do that?” Gupta sir asked Pinky and Adi, they both nodded still clad in their long black burkhas.


“Maan sir please call me from the hospital.” Pinky requested, big tears in her eyes, looking at Geet who was now leaning heavily against Maan, her eyes were closing even though she was trying to keep them open.


Maan nodded and the van speed off towards the hospital as Gupta closed the door and thumped the side.


Geet felt herself floating, she could smell his familiar tangy aftershave mingling with his own scent, smiling weakly, she pressed herself closer into him, trying to stay awake but fast losing consciousness, she had to tell him what Pandey had said.




“Chup! Just concentrate on staying awake, Mishty.” Maan whispered down at her. Her eyes kept closing, her face was so pale. Damn it, why had he let Gupta sir talk him into this. He should have never agreed, she looked so fragile and broken in his arms, a few minutes ago she had been fighting like a tigress against Pandey. She had walked into it all for him, his mishty, brave, beautiful and utterly stupid! His eyes glittered brightly as he saw so many small cuts and bruises on her. He vowed to get the best legal help to put Pandey and his men away for life.


They arrived at the hospital quickly and the two officers managed to clear the way for him as he took the semi-conscious Geet to the emergency room.


Refusing to leave her side he watched the doctors work on her. Thankfully, despite Pandey’s evil intentions it looked like the knife had missed her heart, but the bleeding was not stopping and the doctors grew concerned. In the end they managed to stem the flow but had to give her a transfusion, she had lost so much blood.


Sitting beside her bed in the recovery room he just stared at her, his eyes dark with held back emotion. A million scenarios ran through his head, why hadn’t he been able to get to her earlier, because of him she had gone on this mad plan of hers and he had listened to Gupta sir and now she was in hospital! A tear ran down his cheek as he stared at her bandaged shoulder, it could have been so much worse.


“Maan…..why are you crying?” She opened sleepy eyes and stared at him in confusion. Last thing she remembered was saying she was fine to him.


“Pandey?” She rasped.


“In custody,” he wrung out, “Why? Mishty? Why did you not tell me? Why did you put yourself in danger, he could have…..” Scenarios that made him feel sick ran stormily through his mind.


“He threatened to hurt you!” She whispered with tears in her eyes.


“When will you stop acting on your own, if he had threatened me, you could have told me and I would have been careful, increased security, anything! Instead you walked into that animals lair without back-up or a decent plan.”


“How did you know where I was?”


“I was tailing you right from where you were taken from the Barista with ACP Gupta, his men. You told Pinky and Adi and yet you couldn’t tell me!” He had to say it, it hurt so much that she had done that.


“Maan! It wasn’t like that! I love you! I couldn’t standby and let Pandey try and hurt or try and kill you.”


“You who drive me mad with every little thing, couldn’t tell me what Pandey said to you? Geet it seems you don’t trust me.” His dark eyes were full of hurt, his face tight.


Daadima stood at the door listening to what he was saying.


Geet reached up trying to get hold of his hand. “Maan…please.” falling back as pain gripped her.


“Maan beta this is not the time to be shouting at Geet when she is in so much pain.” daadima said from the doorway.


“You have no idea daadima what she did!”


“Adi told me just now, your phone was on redirect for such a long time I became worried and phoned him. He told me what happened, Maan beta thank god you are both safe.”


“Its a miracle that she is safe!” He glared at both of them and walked out stating, “ she could have been raped and killed by that animal! Would that be a better time for me to vent my anger?”


Sobs broke from Geet, she could understand his point of view but how could she have told him when she knew that for his own safety he would not have bothered to do anything. She recalled his words that he had said at the jewellers, Maan Singh Khurana can take care of himself. No, she was sure he wouldn’t have done anything about his safety.


Daadima ran a gentle hand over her forehead. “Beti, don’t worry he is just furious and worried about you at this moment, he will come back in a while.”


“But will he ever forgive me, daadima I had to do it?” Geet sobbed as the flood of tears could no longer be retained she let them all out, as daadima comforted her.


His head buzzing with anger, he paced the corridor outside. He felt so furious, just the sight of her lying on the bed with the doctors trying to stop the bleeding had nearly killed him. Standing still he put his hand to his forehead and groaned, daadima was right, this was not the time to be venting his anger out on her especially when she was so weak. The doctors had told him it would take a few weeks for her to recover fully. He felt totally responsible.


Walking back into her room he heard her sobbing, daadima was gently telling her everything would be all-right.


“Look, he is back Geet, beti please stop crying now.”


She looked at him with huge tearful amber pools, he stemmed his anger in, pushing the thought from his mind that if he had been a second later she might have been dead. His stormy dark eyes rested on her.


“Err Maan beta, I will go home now, I will get Nakul to prepare a bedroom for Geet in the haveli.


“She will be recovering in my room!”


“Maan!” Daadima looked shocked. “Beta we will arrange for a nurse, she will be fine in the guest room.” daadima said not quite comfortable with the idea of them in the same room yet.


“Daadima,” he reiterated, his face set, “she will be fine in my room. I will sleep on the couch there.”


From now on he was not prepared to let her out of his sight at all until Pandey was behind bars for life!





33 responses to “TPR chap 34 & 35 – Maan to the rescue ;)

  1. Dil Vil

    November 25, 2012 at 11:56 am

    waitin 4 maan’s dhansoo entry 😉

    • janememe

      November 25, 2012 at 12:00 pm

      dhmakedar! dhishoom dishoom!

  2. Annie Jose

    November 25, 2012 at 12:02 pm

    After a long waiting period I get an update which takes me straight to Skyfall 🙂 …….Maan being aware of everything right from the start was such a relief…having said that we should get one chapter where he should drum into Geet’s head that she cant behave like Cat woman and take off….Adi & Pink true friends…am glad and thankful to God that I too have few like them in my life :-)…..Jane you have really managed to describe the lowlifes so well that I could see the whole thing taking place in front of my eyes…..even in adverse situation Geet has her head firmly in place, she has done the smart thing by plying those drinks down Pandey’s throat, that is going to make things easier for her later….now to sit back and wait for the drama to unfold 🙂

    • janememe

      November 25, 2012 at 1:17 pm

      Thanks Anniekins ;)) MSK is antaryami ha haha ha ha!

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    update was nice
    but why so much detailing of what they r drinking wha they r eating
    it was really not needed just to shift the climax to next week u extended this part
    i didnt enjoy reading it it was not that much thrill i mean how could anyone enjoy reading about drinks and how to each chiken

    • janememe

      November 25, 2012 at 8:41 pm

      abi I like to give detail, without it I dont think I build a picture of what’s happening clearly. If there hadnt been food and drink Geet wouldnt be trying to get him drunk to make her escape ;)) But I am glad you voiced your comment ;)) thank you.

      • abi

        November 26, 2012 at 5:47 am

        are this drinking and eating for me killed a little thrill for me but its ok i would wait for the dhamaka next wee

      • janememe

        November 26, 2012 at 9:27 am

        ROFL its cos I am a bog fan of eating n drinking, although veggie food for me. I am glad you that you will await the next chap which hopefully will be dhamakedar 😉

  4. Chetna

    November 26, 2012 at 5:54 am

    Hi Jane…intense dramatic update! Ahh Maan knew somethung was troubling her! Maan follows wid Police help bt all in vain as the tracker gets lost! Maan incensed n goes to find his Geet! Adi n Pinky also wid Geet! Good friends! Geet realised wat she has done! Geet brave n plies Panday wid drinks! Wonderfully written dear! Hope all is well wid u! TC 🙂

    • janememe

      November 26, 2012 at 9:28 am

      Hi Chetna
      yes things are settling, thanks for your comments ;)) u TC too babes 😉

  5. Savitha

    November 26, 2012 at 4:30 pm

    Ooohhh….what a dhamakedaar episode…waiting for maan’s entry…already msk’s bgm is playing in my head 🙂

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      BGM?? woh kya hai

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    November 28, 2012 at 5:35 am

    superb jane! can’t wait for the maan to give what’s coming pandey’s way!!

    • janememe

      November 29, 2012 at 9:38 pm

      me neither! Payal :0)

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    November 29, 2012 at 9:09 pm

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      November 29, 2012 at 9:39 pm

      LOL Kasturi
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    December 2, 2012 at 1:55 pm

    Wah ji wah!! Full action Philmy style update!! Can’t wait for all mushy update next week with Geet in Maan’s bedroom 😉

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      December 2, 2012 at 2:23 pm

      OHO why is that then Sarah *wink wink*

      • Sarah

        December 3, 2012 at 6:40 am

        Ohh I trust Janey to do the magic 😉

      • janememe

        December 3, 2012 at 10:17 am

        Thanks babes so sweet ;))

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    December 2, 2012 at 3:58 pm

    Superb update!!!

  10. Annie Jose

    December 2, 2012 at 5:07 pm

    finally managed to read in peace…Maan to the rescue but before that Geet bashed pandey with the flowerpot, that felt so good….Adi & Pinky make a great team :-)…o m g maan insisting Geet stay in his room, am liking that so very much….waiting for the next update 🙂

    • janememe

      December 2, 2012 at 5:13 pm

      :DD yes beat him silly! Well where else is she going to stay? *wink wink*

  11. sha32

    December 2, 2012 at 6:07 pm

    Haila great post

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    December 3, 2012 at 9:33 am

    ohh..what an action packed episode..loved it.. just loving the idea of having my sundae on Maanday 🙂

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      December 3, 2012 at 10:16 am

      ooo lovely to have Maanday back ;))

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    December 3, 2012 at 9:44 am

    hi Jane….fantabulous rocking update dear…loved it. Adi n Pinly trying to help bt Maan to do rescue. Geet injured n Maan upset. He shouts her! Bt Geet did it 4 him ! Dadi comes n assures Geet! Maan wants Geet to recuperate in his rm n Dadi shocked…Maan does nt to let her out of sight! Btw Geet sed she loves him bt Maan will Maan confess? Update soon!

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      December 3, 2012 at 10:38 am

      thanks Chetna I am happy you enjoyed 😉

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    August 31, 2015 at 5:13 pm

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    August 31, 2015 at 9:37 pm

    loll YUP Adi got a full smacker on the mouth ;))) poor Adi he cant catch a break!


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