TPR- chap 42 – The day has come!

Helloooooooo shellooooooooooooooo Its Sundae sunday time again! What another week has flown by? I hope you enjoy this epi its seriously long…….lamba…mega :)) D-Day is here and what a day! Enjoy and do comment I love to hear from you what you liked and what you didn’t.

Chapter 42 – The day has come!

Her eyes were already open, she lay in bed, in her bedroom of the outhouse. Today was THE day! Turning, she looked at the clock, just approching six thirty, she still had time to lie and reflect, languorously she stretched. After today she would wake up with Maan beside her, a smile lit her face.

She had already had a delicious helping of that last week when he had woken her each morning with a kiss. Each night they had gone to sleep looking at each other. To feel his hands, his mouth on hers again and this time there would be no stopping…her body tightened with anticipation and yet she was a little scared, what if she disappointed him in some way, she had no idea of what to do.

Her phone buzzed, interrupting her racing thoughts, leaning over she picked it up and read the text,


‘Good morning Mishty, are you ready to become Mrs Maan Singh Khurana?’


Teasingly she replied “Maybe”


Her phone rung instantly,


“Maybe? Mishty! Shall I come over and persuade you for sure?” Maan’s deep tones rang in her ear.


“Are you sure you want to see me in the bath?”


He could just see her grinning as she lay in her bed, “have you take up up torturing me as one of your hobbies.”


“that’s getting you back for the chocolate ice-cream yesterday.”


“Hmm! I am looking forward to testing that bravery tonight! Where shall I start? I have been wondering whether to kiss your delicious lips first or start with your payal?


She hesitated then, she was looking forward to being his totally tonight and yet worried about it.


“Mishty?… You know I would never do anything that you didn’t want me to, when we become one, it will be when you are totally ready, you know I burn for for you, but I will wait for you as long as you need me to.”


Tears flowed down her cheeks, how could she have found such a perfect man? He seemed to be tuned into her every thought.




Images of her in his arms in that cave flashed in her mind, she had lost all sense, it was as if he had taken over her whole being, body and soul.


“I….I want to be yours in every sense……….”




“I am afraid……” she had to say it, “afraid that I will not come up to your expectations.”


Taking a deep ragged breath he said, “Geet… you have already fulfilled more than my expectations, as I told you before, this ceremony is just a ritual, we are already one, one soul, you have no need to be afraid.”

His voice deepened as he worried that he was pressuring her. “I will not expect anything more than you are willing to give. When you are in my arms, I feel complete. Mishty, when you touch me I go up in flames. I won’t deny it. I want to make love to you more than anything, I want to hear your sighs of pleasure, I want  to look in your eyes as you fall apart in my arms, but the physical side of our relationship is only one aspect, which we can enjoy when you are ready, after all…Mishty the anticipation of such a delicious dessert makes it more the sweeter.”

“I love you, Maan!” she whispered, smiling through tears.


“Bas, ek problem hai!”




“If you don’t stop crying I will have to come there and kiss you and then we may not get to the mandap at all!”


Brushing her tears away she whispered, “See you soon Mr Khurana.”


“Bahut intezar maat karana, Mrs Khurana.”



A little Later….


She had looked in the mirror at least twenty times already and still couldn’t believe that it was her in bridal clothes. From every angle she sparkled and shone.


The morning had begun early, as soon as she had put the phone down to Maan, daadima had come in with the hairdressers, beauticians and dressers. She had a facial and bathed in rose petals and scented water. Her skin had been moisturised with essential oils, then dusted with sparkling powder and her hair combed and put into order so she could have her bindi woven into it so it rested on her forehead.


It was afternoon by the time all that had been done, then she had been dressed in her bridal outfit, the blouse tight and high formed a cleavage that made her blush, the back was bare with criss crossing doories that tied up. She knew without help there was no way she was going to be able to undo them and blushed even redder when she realised that Maan would be the only one she would have at hand to help her.


The skirt rested low on her hips, her naval flashed with a sparkly diamond and then the heavily embroidered chunni was draped and pinned covering her, one end was pulled up so it covered her head and pinned there also so it stayed in place.


Chotu ran in and Pinky immediately accosted him.


“Chotu tumhara Jijiu ready hai?”


“Yes, he is ready and he looks ekdum chaanga!” he declared loudly making everyone laugh. Pulling out something from behind his back he fired a stream of bubbles into the air.


“Chotu!” Babli giggled, “where did you get that?”


“Nakul chacha got it for me, I filled it with soap from Jiju’s bathroom, he has lots of soaps there. Look didi it makes big bubbles, aren’t they pretty!”


“They are very pretty Chotu, but can you stop that otherwise this floor will become slippery and your didi might slip.” Pinky requested.


He stopped with the bubbles immediately, not wanting his pretty didi to slip.


Pinky and Sunita helped put all her jewellery on whilst Babli and Chotu sat patiently on the bed watching their didi with huge smiles on their faces.


“Geet didi you look so beautiful in this red and white lengha, just like a princess!” Babli exclaimed with a huge smile on her face. She came and hugged her, her usually serious brown eyes full of sparkle.


Chotu, not one to be left out came and hugged his didi also, declaring, “And Jiju looks like a prince.” after a thought he said, “ I guess its OK for you and Jiju but I am never going to get married, it looks like too much hard work all this dressing up and no time to play games.”


Babli giggled, “Silly, you are too young yet!”


Chotu smiled with relief, “That’s true, only old people get married.”


Pinky said, “there will be games after the wedding where your Jiju and didi play at finding the ring.”


“Oh! Can I play too?” His face became quite cross when they all laughed,


Sunita said,”No Chotu, the game is only for the bride and groom.”


“Oh how boring!” Chotu said crossing his arms in front of him.


Smiling at him, Geet nodded “You both look very nice too,” Geet said looking them over and adjusting Chotu’s little dhoti.


There was a knock on the door and Pinky answered it, It was one of the servants with a huge bunch of red roses and a rectangular box.


“Geet! Wow, looks like these are from Maan.” Pinky said unashamedly looking for the card.


“Pinky!” Geet glared at her in mock anger.


Grinning Pinky handed her the gift, Geet opened the box to find a heart shaped chocolates, and scrawled on a card inside it said, “in anticipation of sweet desserts.”


A blush rose over her cheeks, Sunita and Pinky grinned from ear to ear. Chotu was very delighted with the chocolates, taking the card out, Geet handed them over to him and Babli to eat.


“Geet, what does that mean?” Pinky asked her eyes twinkling with mirth. Geet glared at her even harder.


“How romantic! I remember Ashok sent me a single red rose.”


“Err nothing Pinky! It doesn’t mean a thing!”


Pinky’s phone buzzed suddenly, “Oh! That’s daadima, lets go they are ready for the bride, Jaspal Sir is waiting just outside to take you in Geet.”


For a moment Geet couldn’t breathe, this was it! She was getting married to Maan Singh Khurana!


Pinky’s eyes filled with tears as did Sunita’s, she came forward and using the tip of her finger took some kajal and applied it behind Geet’s ear, giving her a quick hug.


“Pinky, Sunitaji, I couldn’t have managed without you!” Geet’s eyes sparkled with tears.


“No! Geet please don’t cry, you will ruin your make up, although I have made sure they put on waterproof stuff, because we all know that your big, big eyes will be rolling out the mota mota tears!” Pinky said sobbing away with a huge smile on her face. “I have never seen a bride as beautiful as you, Geet you look amazing, now lets go! Babli,Chotu come on grab your flowers and lets get your didi married!


Daadima came rushing in, “Geet! Are you ready?”


She nodded, her eyes filling as she saw how excited Daadima was. She reached forward and touched Daadima’s feet to get her blessing.


“Bless you beta. You look very beautiful, Maan ke to dhak dhak baad jaane wali hai! No, don’t cry now, you’ll spoil your make up! I can’t tell you how excited I am that its finally happening.” Daadima beamed. “Chalo, as it is Maan is glaring at everyone, he seems to be in a hurry. Now I had better get to him before he scares the pundit away.” She said as she rushed off again.


Jaspal Sir was waiting for her at the end of the corridor. He looked resplendent in a Royal Blue Sherwani and dhoti. Tied around his head was a splendid stiff pagdi.


He watched Geet approach with Chotu and Babli in front, as soon as she reached he said, “Beti your mother and father would have been very proud of you, I am honoured to give you away, thank you for asking me. Maan is a wonderful match for you beti. Bless you both, saada sukhi raho! Saada suhagan raho” His eyes were full of tears.


Nodding, Geet smiled a watery smile at him. “Chalo beti,” he said squeezing her hand, he led her towards the mandap.



Maan stood waiting for her, his eyes full of love and pride as she walked towards him. He saw only her. She looked exquisite, her smile radiant and her eyes full of love for him. The rest of the room melted away as she came and stood in front of him.


Tears sparkled on her lashes like diamonds, her soft red lips smiled at him. His eyes drank her in from the tip of her pink toes that peeped from underneath the lengha up across her slim waist, where from behind the chunni a little diamond flashed brightly, up over her chest which was rising and falling fast with erratic, excited breathing, to her face which had been highlighted by subtle makeup. Her eyes were saying everything he wanted to hear. For a moment he could hardly breathe, she was so extraordinarily beautiful, his Geet. His Mishty.


Those dark eyes of his were her undoing. They touched, caressed, cherished and loved her. Chotu had been right, he looked beautiful. The design was deceptively simple but superbly cut. A dark red sherwani fitted snugly over his wide shoulders tapering down to a slim waist, under it he had matched it with white trousers. On his head he wore a splendid pagdi with a beautiful mango shaped broach that twinkled at her. She so wanted to touch him, to wind her arms around him, to kiss those bow shaped lips that were smiling at her so tenderly.


Pinky and Adi held their prospective Jai Mala’s in a tray in front of them as they stood in front of each other. Reaching forward he picked up his mala and she did the same, they looked at each other, their eyes speaking without words. She held up her mala and was about to put it over his head when Adi and Ashok lifted him high so she couldn’t reach.


Everyone laughed, Maan grinned at her. Geet smiled at him, her eyes full of love, they let him down and he stood in front of her again.


“Looks like Maan sir doesn’t want to bow to Geet,” Adi grinned


“Is that so!” Pinky replied. “Humari Geet is no hurry either,” she grabbed Geet’s hand pretending to lead her away.


“Errr Pinky stop!” Maan exclaimed, his face a picture.


Geet’s eyes clashed with his, her heart burst with happiness, stepping forward he bowed his head so she could easily slip the mala over. There was a huge round of applause.


He leaned forward to put his mala on but Sunita and Pinky pulled Geet back , there was a cheer from the girls and a lot of chaotic arguing with the boys. Giving Sunita and Pinky a dark look he moved forward and slipped it around her neck at lightening speed before any more mischief could be had.


“Chalo beti murat ka time ho gaya hai,” Daadima led her to the mandap and Jaspal sir gave her away, performing the kanyadan in place of her parents.


His dark eyes so full of love shone into her warm amber, “I promise to love and cherish you for the rest of our lives,” he whispered as he took her hand in his to take their phera’s.


The rest of the ceremony passed in a blur as he couldn’t take his eyes of her. Finally they were man and wife.


They took daadima’s and Jaspal sir’s ashirwaad, Ashok, Sunita, Pinky and Adi gave them both a huge hug.


Daadima asked everyone to go to the main house where the food had been arranged. Nakul and the others under his direction had surpassed themselves, the food was delicious.


“When are the games?” Chotu piped up, he was getting very bored with all this.


“Soon,” Pinky said winking at him.


“Games? What games, there is no need to play games everyone must be tired!” Maan said about to get up, he just wanted to drag her away to his room, but remembering his promise to her this morning to give her as much time as she needed, he sat back down. He knew he had set himself a impossible task today by saying he would wait for her.


“Yeh to rasam hai Maan beta.” Daadima grinned. “Today you have to do what I say!”




“No, ‘daadima’ business, today you have to follow all the customs, Sunita and Ashok have arranged it.” She declared firmly.


Puzzled they looked at each other.


Ashok and Sunita came in with a large box. “Maan, Geet we have decided to change the game, instead of the usual boring searching for a ring we have decided that you two should do something different. Since we know what accomplished Architects you both are, we are going to play at building your house!”


“House?” They looked at each other incredulously.


She set the box in front of them and opened the lid. Chotu and Babli ran up to it very excited about a game between didi and jiju.


Geet grinned as she saw the Lego bricks, Maan looked perplexed, he raised his eyes to Ashok.

“Hey don’t blame me! It was all Sunita’s idea.” he said grinning.


“OK, in this box are lots of bricks, whoever builds a complete house first will rule the roost! Simple!” declared Sunita. “ You have five minutes each!”


Maan looked at Geet darkly, his face saying it all.


“Lagta hai tumhara Maan Sir daar gaya Adi, he looks worried.” Pinky laughed.


“Can I help you jiju?” Chotu asked as he saw Pinky gloating.


“Chotu you can’t help jiju he and Geetdidi have to play it by themselves, no one is allowed to help them.” Babli advised.


“Maan sir daar te nahi woh tou daara te hai!”Adi replied and then realised what he had just said as Maan glared at him.


Geet giggled. “Hmmm… Mr Maan Singh Khuarana if you don’t want to play, I will just declare myself the winner, after all my designs are award winning.”


Trying to distract her focus, he gave a her look that almost melted her into a puddle, whispering for her ears only, “I can think of only one room at the moment which I would want to build.” Then louder he said, “Chalo yeh rasam hai tou hum khel lete hai.”


Blushing bright red, Geet just about managed to keep her composure as Sunita said “Ready ….steady……GO!” starting her stop watch.


Everyone cheered as they both grabbed the bases, and then there was a frenzy of activity from them both as they quickly placed the bricks on the bases. Every time their hands clashed in the box Maan squeezed her fingers.


“Oh!” Geet gasped as he grinned at her his eyes twinkling as he prevented her from grabbing a door.


Glaring at him she wrenched her hand away and built the house in a frenzy concentrating hard.


“One minute left,” Sunita said.


Glancing at Maan’s house Geet groaned, he had already finished putting the roof on, she had just started.


“10….9…8….7….6….5…4…3…2….1! STOP!”


“Jiju wins!” Chotu shouted letting off a celebratory stream of bubbles into the air.


“Chotu why have you changed sides?” Sunita questioned fondling the little boys hair.


“I am on the boys side today! Babli is on the girls side. That’s only fair as we love Geetdidi and Jiju the same.”


Everybody laughed at his cute explanation.


“Maan sir finished first.” piped up one of the KC workers, “he wins!”


Sunita give him a dark look. “Chalo, lets look at this house, Maan you have the roof on, hmmm looks solid, but there are no windows! Only one door! Andhere mein rakhna hai Geet ko?


“Geet you have done well! Its small, but it has everything, windows, doors, and a roof. I declare Geet the winner!


“Maan sir yeh apne kya kiya?” Adi moaned, “windows he bhool gaye? Roshni he nahi aap ke ghar mein?”


Smiling tenderly at Geet he said, “Geet, he meri roshni hai, even in my darkest moments I only have to look into her eyes and my world is full of light.” his dark eyes rested on her face, full of love.


There was utter silence as he said that for a moment, and then everyone burst into applause.


“Your Maan sir to baada romantic nikle Geet…Ghalib se raat ko baach ke rehna!” Pinky whispered loudly.


“Pinky!” Blushing to her roots, Geet glared at her as she saw the smirk on Maan’s face.



“When are all these rasams going to finish?” Maan muttered angrily under his breath as the evening dragged on. There was more food, desserts, coffee. No one seemed to be thinking about leaving. Chotu and Babli had fallen asleep on one of the couches already, and Adi and Pinky had taken them up and put them to bed, confirming to Geet when they came down that they were fast asleep.


Furtively, he noted, her eyes strayed to him from under her lashes, hastily looking away when he caught her. What was going through her mind he wondered. She paled and blushed as Pinky ribbed her incessantly. Her hands agitated and she tortured her heavy chunni to no end. His ears rang with the tinkle of her bangles, and the song of her payals, it was as if all the noise around him had faded into oblivion and all he could hear was Geet, Geet and Geet! Her laughter, her sighs, her soft voice, and those eyes that made him burn with heat.


Dear god! He was dying to feel those hands on him. But….


He would give her time, he should give her all the time she needed his heart told him but another part of him was shouting louder, and he Maan Singh Khurana was finding it hard to keep that part under control, but he had to, he decided firmly. Why had he promised such an impossible thing he groaned to himself.


Daadima and Ashok went to check that all was Ok with the servants and the rest of the hired staff had left after cleaning up properly.


Finally Geet was taken away by the women to his bedroom, he heaved a sigh of relief. He stood up to follow them, Adi and the others got up as well. Raising an eyebrow he stared at them, “Where are you all going?”


“Errr to take you up to your room sir.”


“Kyu aap log ko bhi suhaag raat mana ni hai?” he said giving them a dark look.


They all blushed and sat back down.


Maan strode up to his room just as Pinky and Sunitaji were leaving.


“Err Maan you can’t go in yet!” Pinky said barring the way.


“Why not?”


“You will have to pay entry fee!”


“Entry fee!” Adi exclaimed from behind him.


Rolling his eyes Maan groaned, this lot were not going to leave them alone today, as he saw Adi and the other KC guys.


“Adi write them a cheque! Now!”


“But S…S…Sir I didn’t bring the cheque book with me!”


Fishing out his pockets he pulled out a huge wad of notes, “Pinky here take this!” Not even bothering to look at the amount.


“Hmmmm” Pinky took the wad waved it in the air, grinning from ear to ear she stepped aside with a flourish.






17 responses to “TPR- chap 42 – The day has come!

  1. TeeJey-TJ

    February 3, 2013 at 1:37 pm

    awesome, superb and fantastic one Janey….. 🙂
    The wedding has finally happened without any hurdles…. 😀
    every description has been awesome, just perfect….. 😀
    their talk of the mrng has been just perfect…. I loved it so much…. ❤
    continue soon yaar…. waiting like everytime…. 😀 ❤
    love u loads… 😀 ❤ :*

    • janememe

      February 3, 2013 at 6:10 pm

      Aww Thanks TJ it was a perfect wedding wasn’t it *sighhhhh* I love weddings! Thank you for your kind comments. keep them coming!

  2. Naina

    February 3, 2013 at 2:03 pm

    GOD………at least you updated dear…………..WAITING FOR ITS HAPPENIN from last week……………..uuuuuffffffffff the way geet teasing maan n maan bechara……..n the polton…….why they just dont leave them alone

    • janememe

      February 3, 2013 at 6:11 pm

      Naina that toli is awful! But finally he has managed to ditch them now what of Geet will she or wont she have the courage?

  3. anupamachem

    February 3, 2013 at 4:04 pm

    great going! It was so vivid that Maaneet’s marriage came in front of my eyes. Eagerly waiting for the next one.

    • janememe

      February 3, 2013 at 6:12 pm

      Thanks Anupama ;)) Thank goodness you could visualise it, it makes feel good to read that ;))

  4. honeygrape

    February 3, 2013 at 4:55 pm

    aahh another week…….very well written janeyyy 🙂 loved it ………

    • janememe

      February 3, 2013 at 6:13 pm

      Thanks babes! aaahhhhhhh another week and they go fast so dont worry it will come around soon enough!

  5. Radhika

    February 3, 2013 at 8:41 pm

    hey u just cannot stop there! lol anyways u gave us a wonderful shaadi so no complaints… bravo for keeping this simple yet beautiful 🙂

    • janememe

      February 4, 2013 at 11:04 am

      Thank You Radhika 😉 I am happy you enjoyed the wedding ;))

  6. dreamyyypixie

    February 4, 2013 at 12:03 pm

    Haaye…….D-day finaly went widout a hitch….but u evil,evil woman…….u r gona make us wait 4 another torturous week for D-Night!!!!!! Wat a cliff hanger! Damn.! But d update was cuuutie!
    Don’tknow hw m I gonna wait 4 another week…………please don’tlet their b a disturbance during der *ahem ahem* suhaagraat *ahem*
    Waiting eagerly as usual!

    • janememe

      February 4, 2013 at 5:26 pm

      Hey DreamyPixie ;)) What itna detailed wedding diya, new fun games and all u want is SR!!! U will have to wait…sweet desserts ke lie *grins*

  7. Chetna

    February 4, 2013 at 5:00 pm

    hi Jane….Fantabulous update! Beautifully written! Maan teasing n den assuring Geet! Loved their understanding! The wedding happened without any problems! Ahh Maaneet finally married! Update soon! 🙂

    • janememe

      February 4, 2013 at 5:20 pm

      Ello shello Chetna ;)) will update sunday sunday babes

  8. Dil Vil Pyaar Vyaar

    February 4, 2013 at 7:18 pm

    that was superb!
    n yes, finally !
    now i want a complete lambu chapter on wedding night !
    yes, i dunno how u do it…plz ;))

    • janememe

      February 5, 2013 at 3:02 pm

      OHO Dil Vil nice to see you back ;)) HMMM I dunno either!


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