TPR chap 45 & 46 – Proof & Secrets

Hot Damn Sunday again! Where do my weeks go? Where do your weeks go? I cant believe how fast time is slipping away from us! So here we are again, They are wedding and bedded several times already and its only….ohhh the next day! Who wanted Chotu n babli nok jhok? I am trying to deliver that hope u enjoy ;)) Hahahaha! We carry on with the plot I hope you like the thot ;)) Love u guys! And Champagne for us all we have hit 61K + wooooohoooooooo!

Chapter 45

She watched daadima going up to her room with a determined step.

Errr…Maan I just need to ask daadima where I am supposed to put all the jewellery from yesterday.” She followed daadima to her bedroom.

He nodded watching her go. She was as stubborn as she was beautiful his Mishty, but he would make her see that he was right, Chotu and Babli were his responsibility now and he would start looking for schools for them.

Daadima any more news?” Carefully shutting the door behind her.

Geet beta, I am just about to call the number I have so we can sort it out one way or the other.”

Geet nodded as daadima called the number.

After a few rings he picked up.

So you are interested in finding out after all. Maybe the mother in you needed to know.”

Savtridevi glared at the phone, “never mind all that just tell me where I can find him and verify that it is him, only after that you can have your money.”

Come to the railway bridge at Tuglakabad tomorrow at six o’clock and bring the money with you.”

You had better have proof for me.” She reiterated firmly.

My My, temper temper. Didn’t you get the biggest most expensive proof I have? That necklace I sent?

Savitridevi sat down on the bed with a thump. Yes, that was a big piece of evidence that Ajeet was alive he was the only one who could have taken that necklace so many years ago.

Tomorrow at Six? Daadima we will have to get around Maan somehow.” Geet worried her bottom lip, even saying that made her feel ill. After last night when they had become one body and soul it just didn’t seem right.

Daadima saw the conflict rage within her and said, “Geet I know this is going against every grain in your body. I hate lying to Maan as well. But until I see Ajeet with my own eyes I cannot subject Maan to all the pain and nightmares that all this would churn up again for nothing.”

Geet nodded going up to daadima and hugging her. “I know, it must be hard for you also.”

I have grown used to laying the ghosts of the past to rest, and I can come to terms with it easily. Maan, as you know just bottles up everything, he will find it very hard to come to terms with it if Ajeet is alive. He will wonder why his father ran away, why did he leave him and his mother, why did he never bother to seek out his son for all these years, he will have so many questions but he will not be willing to ask them. I thank god everyday that he found you, I think Geet you are the only one who could help him battle with all these questions and more if Ajeet is alive.”

As she left daadima Geet wondered if she could help Maan, if they really did find his father. First of all would Maan forgive her when he found out that she had been hiding this from him and find out, she knew he would. Again she worried her bottom lip as she walked back to them.

If she didn’t stop doing that he was going to drag her into the bedroom and kiss her silly. He shifted in his chair trying to calm himself down. It hadn’t even been three hours and he wanted her again and again.

Didi are you OK?” Babli piped up, instantly she had cottoned on that something was troubling her.

Maan stared at Babli and then at Geet. Babli was right and he had missed it completely, so wrapped up in his sensual haze that he was. Geet did look troubled, he wondered what she and daadma had talked about.

Are you OK Mishty mine?” he whispered going up to her and asking her softly. “Err I hope I didn’t overtire you, are you sore?”

Maan!” She blushed bright red and glared at him. Her eyes looking at the kids to see if they had heard.

Oh good.” he said in a sexy sultry voice. He had plans for tonight but if she was in any way feeling uncomfortable he would wait.

Jiju, why are you being all secretive and talking to Geet didi making her blush?” Chotu asked, he was very curious about this marriage business.

Well Chotu now that we are married I have to make sure your didi is well looked after. And all her worries are now mine.” He said looking into huge amber pools.

Geet returned his gaze and her eyes filled. His face was filled with such love and sincerity, she torn between telling him everything and hurting him and telling him nothing and hurting him even more. Tears fell down her cheeks and her lip trembled.

Mishty!” He had only been teasing her. Why was she suddenly crying? His arms slid around her and he crushed her to him. He couldnt stand to see her in tears.

Please don’t cry! Tell me what’s wrong!

Maan just hold me,” she slipped her arms around him and held him tight.

Girls! Urg!” Chotu moaned rolling his eyes at them, he was disgusted with all the hugging and sobbing.

The suddenly tense atmosphere lightened instantly and Geet found herself laughing into Maan’s shoulder as he chuckled at Chotu’s words. Only Babli remained quiet as she saw daadima come out down the stairs looking even more troubled then Geet didi. Her little mind worked out it had something to do with the necklace and jiju’s father.

Er Maan beta I need to take Geet with me tomorrow evening, err I am going to one of my friends house and she is ill and wants to meet Geet, I hope you don’t mind?”

Of-course not daadima.”

His phone rang and he answered it. “Adi. Haan. Ok I will be there in an hour. No you just hang on for me I will deal with Mr Shetty, he needs to be put in his place.”

Maan but you just got married yesterday! You can’t go into work.” Daadima groaned.

Its Ok” Geet said. She was quite happy that he was going off so she wouldn’t blurt out any thing.

See, she is an understanding wife.” Maan smiled at her. Glad to see her smiling. He would ask her later why she had suddenly burst out crying it was so unlike her.

Daadima Mr Shetty is an annoying upstart Adi won’t be able to handle him.”

Hmm that maybe so but you are supposed to be going on honeymoon!”

Err Daadima,” Geet interrupted. “That’s OK we will go in another few days after all we are married now we can go any time.” Until this issue was sorted out she didn’t want to leave daadima to meet with the go between all alone.

Maan smiled. “Err Geet can you come up I need that file I gave you the other day.”

File? Puzzled she frowned at him. What file. His eyes glared at her to understand, but as usual she was in her own world. With annoyed grunt he went off to the office he would get her for that later!

Geet bit her lip as he left. She knew exactly what he had wanted upstairs. But at the moment she was feeling so vulnerable looking into his eyes would have been hard to do. She threw herself into sorting out Babli and Chotu. She had promised them some sightseeing and ice-cream whilst they were here in their holidays.

Daadima, Babli came and settled herself down next to her. Would you like to come with us? Didi is taking us to the Jantar Mantar and then we are going to have ice-cream. Please say you will come I don’t like seeing you upset, and sitting here alone.”

Savitridevi stared at Babli, astonished at the child’s ability to pick up on her mood. Chotu was giggling like mad as Nakul was making funny faces at him, but Babli was mature beyond her years and very bright. After a long time it was so good to hear children’s laughter in the house.

Why not! Come on lets all go and spend the day having fun.” The next few days were going to be turbulent for all of them.

Babli’s little face brightened up, and she hugged daadima tightly. It was no longer just the three of them, they were a family again, she would do whatever she could to make everyone happy.

After a very busy and fun day with daadima and the children Geet stood in front of the mirror holding up the lingerie Pinky had gifted her. Just scraps of sheer lace and silk she blushed at the thought of wearing them for Maan. He had called from the office in a foul mood. It seemed Mr Shetty had been giving him a headache all day and he was going to be late. She knew exactly how to exactly how to put him in a better mood, grabbing the scraps of silk she went into the shower. Mulling over the day she decided that as soon as the kids went back in a couple of days she would also go back to the office, the project was nearing completion and she was getting very excited.

As she dried her hair she wondered about Maan’s father. Why hadn’t he come back in all these years if he was alive, after all he must have read about and seen that daadima and then Maan had taken Khurana industries forward to such dizzy heights. And why now had all this been churned up. Something about this bothered her but she couldn’t put her finger on it. She slipped into bed wearing the scraps of silk that she knew would drive Maan mad and pulled up the sheets right up to her chin.

It was nearly eleven thirty when he slipped into the house. All was quiet. Damn that Shetty, he had ruined all his plans for spending a lovely evening with his Mishty. Quietly he entered their room and stared, she was fast asleep with the sheets pulled up right to her chin. What the hell was all that about he wondered? Was she trying to give him a message? If she didn’t want him she could just say no! With a dark glare at her he stalked off to shower.

Geet awoke with a start, she heard the shower going on. With a grin she stayed under the covers and pretended to be asleep. She felt the bed dip and snored lightly. Hearing his disgusted grunt she almost burst out laughing.

She heard him mutter something under his breath that sounded very disgruntled as he settled himself down as was his usual habit with his hands behind his head when he was troubled. He would be staring at the ceiling with dark angry eyes.

Maan…” She said in a sleepy voice.

What!” His tone was curt.

In a single fluid movement she straddled him whipping the sheet off.

His eyes widened in shock, his mouth falling open.

Dear God! He had surely died and gone to heaven.

Seriously I feel I am in a Sundae to Sundae time warp! Wooooshhh and its here again. The story moves forward and I can see trouble brewing for our hot couple but until then lets enjoy the ride ;)))))))))))! Please do comment I love to read them spurs me on to write and write 😉

Chapter 46

A tempting sultry siren. And all his. He stared unable to believe what he was seeing. What was she wearing, the image seared and sizzled settling in his brain as if it had been put there by a blazing hot poker. Red lace edged with beige graced her voluptuous curves. Somehow the camisole top displaying her glorious breasts to perfection making them pout and stand high, the whole effect was classy and yet incredibly sexy. Her eyes were dark amber orbs full of heat as they stared down at him.

Mishty!” He made to take hold of her, but she shook her head. Her soft brown hair bouncing around her face in waves. Her hands reached up and slowly traced a light pattern on the underside of his arms up that had him hissing out a breath and pushed his hands down above his head again.

Its my turn today.” she whispered as her lips started to blaze a trail down his forehead, his straight aquiline nose, to those lips she most wanted to kiss. They had driven her wild yesterday and she planned to do the same today. She knew he could with easy strength take a hold of her, but she also knew that what she was doing, taking control was pleasing him no end.

He was burning up instantly. He knew they would be good together but this…he had never imagined that his Mishty would burn in the same fire that glowed within him every time she was near. He wanted to hold her, to crush her to him, to sweep her under him and feast on her but she held his hands down, pressing her soft silk clad lush breasts against his chest. In his wildest dreams he had not anticipated that she would become his equal in passion so soon.

Maan!” A sigh broke from her as placed her lips over his and kissed him. She kissed him pouring out her the love she felt for him, tonight he was hers. In the back of her mind was fear. Real fear once Maan found out what she had been hiding from him he would be devastated. She pushed the thoughts about tomorrow away and concentrated on showing him how much she loved him, how much she wanted him. How good they were together, maybe in the days to come he would remember this and forgive her.

Kissing his clenched jawline she ventured down his throat, keeping the pressure on his hands, she didn’t want him to touch her yet, she was already on fire just looking at his beautiful body. his slightest touch would be her undoing she knew.

‘Mishty Mine! Dear God!’ Her soft hot mouth trailed over his chest and ventured lower and lower just as he done yesterday. With her tongue she laved his flat nipples and then lower circling his navel. Her soft glossy hair trailed over his chest as she dipped her tongue into it, the sensation had him coming off the bed.

In a single fluid movement he had her on her back, he was going to explode any moment.


I cant take any more! Mishty mine.” He kissed her deeply shedding his joggers and her cami knickers in a frenzied flurry of activity as he slid over her and locked his mouth with hers.

With a moan she twisted making him roll on to his back.

I am not done yet!” Her gasp was pained as she loomed over him. She was on the brink. Those sinful hands of his were cupping squeezing, teasing, pushing her towards the edge.

Oh yes you are! I want you now!” He pulled her head down to his again kissing her whilst his fingers sunk into her thick hair moulding her scalp pulling her into him.

They gasped and fought each other driving each other to the brink, her mouth fused with his again as she took him deep straddling him. He thrust up hard, he was inside her so deep she screamed with want. He tugged off her silky lace top, tearing it in his frenzied state, throwing it aside his mouth feasted on her breasts.

He was hers. Looking down at him she savoured the rapturous expression on his face. His eyes were dark sooty slits in his face, his mouth gaped open. His grip on her was tight, the finger pads sinking into her waist urging her on. Relishing the power she had over him, she rode him hard and fast as he moaned her name again and again. She felt her self tightening throwing back her head she gasped out his name.

‘NO! Not yet Mishty mine!’ He pulled her back from the edge and kept the rhythm going until he had her gasping and wanting more. Clamping her to him he rolled her on her back and loved her until there was no room for anything else. Just them. She held him tight wrapping her arms around him as the the stars exploded in her head. She heard him rasp out her name his face buried against her throat as he took his own release, his body trembling and convulsing in waves all around her.

A long while later when they had floated back down to earth he said softly. “Mishty, that was so special, you have given me more than I ever thought possible, your love, yourself, you passion unconditionally. Thank you.” His eyes glittered with love down at her and his smile was of a well satisfied Sher as he drew abstract patterns on the bare skin of her back.

Bas, I just wanted to show you I love you Maan!” She whispered softly. Her eyes filled with tears, she kept them tightly closed so they wouldn’t slip out.

We are truly one soul now.” he whispered as he fell asleep holding her tightly against his heart.

Maan I love you too.” Whispering against his chest she lay awake long into the night. Tomorrow hopefully daadima would be able to put this issue to rest and she would no longer have to keep holding this secret within her.

‘Daadima we need to go otherwise we wont get to Tuglakabad in time.’ Geet said as she hurriedly fed the kids. ‘Now you are to be good for Nakul uncle and he will put on the film you wanted to see.’

Didi I want popcorn too!” Chotu piped up.

Ok, Nakul please give them popcorn and only if they re good maybe ice-cream too.” she said smiling. It was such a treat to be able to spoil her younger siblings.

I am going to be extra good uncle Nakul I want extra ice-cream! Chotu smiled, trying to make his face look angelic as possible.

Geet laughed at his antics but Babli was busy watching daadima.

Daadima looked pale and worried. Now that she was about to go and really find proof if he was alive or not the implications of what she was about to uncover played on her mind.

Didi are you going to Tuglakabad station to see jiju’s father?” Babli asked.

Both Geet and Daaima stopped in their tracks.

Errr Babli no ..eer its not because of that.”

It was the first time her Geetdidi had lied to her. Her little face worried that her conclusion had been right.

Please be careful.” She hugged daadima and then Geet.

Babli look after Chotu we will be back soon.”

Babli nodded and crossed her fingers behind her back.

Deepak stood nervously on the station bridge. Why did boss always send him to do his dirty work. He had just about recovered from the thrashing he had received at the café by that enormous Sardarji. Rush hour was fully upon them and people milled about him pushing and shoving each other trying to get to their respective trains.

How was is going to find her in this crowd he wondered. Mind you he was quite early, and very nervous. Boss had given him specific instructions which he had to follow to a tee if he wanted any money. Pulling out the paper he had scribbled them on he read it for the tenth time.

He looked down from the bridge onto the platform, sure enough he could see boss hanging around dressed as a Coolie, beside him he had that annoying Anwar was also dressed as a coolie. Deepak guffowed. Really! This was bosses plan to get him into that Khurana mansion? If this lady was as sharp as boss kept saying she would realise that these two were no coolies. Anwar was smoking imported cigarettes and boss looked pale as if the Sun had never touched his face. Deepak grinned at his own thought, that was so true the Sun hadn’t touched bosses face for a long time as he was in hiding from the gangsters that were after him, never venturing out unless it was dark.

Glancing at his cheap watch he saw it was still only five thirty. He bought some chaane from a vendor and ate them wondering when his luck was ever going to turn.

Maan came back from the office and settled down on the sofa. Babli and Chotu were watching Harry Potter. Both giggling at Harry’s attempts to fly.

He smiled at them. Daadima was right it was good to hear their laughter as he came into the house. He had already asked Adi to get all the prospectuses from the various schools. He wanted them both to go to the best school especially Babli, he had realised she was extraordinarily astute, bright, just like her older sister.

He groaned to himself, last night had been so special, they were so well matched. He had spent the whole day just thinking about sinking into her soft lush body again tonight. Squirming in his seat he asked Nakul if daadima had said what time they would be back.

Nahi sir, daadima didn’t say anything.”

They will be back late I think.”

Err Babli did they tell you?”

Well….Babli said they didn’t quite tell me…but…” She didn’t want to give anything away.

Munching with his mouth full of popcorn Chotu said, “they’ve gone to Toongalbad.”


He means Tuglakabad.” strictly speaking she hadn’t said anything.

His brow creased he couldn’t recall daadima having any friends there. “Babli do you remember who they said they were going to see.”

He saw her face fall. Something she clearly wanted to say but was working out whether to say it.

Gently going up to her he asked, “Babli is there anything troubling you?”

Jiju if someone you love could be in trouble is it OK to tell some-else to go and help?”

Now Maan was really worried.

Babli yes, its definitely OK to tell me, especially if you think your Geetdidi and daadima are in trouble, remember I said I will always look after her and you all.”

He watched with bated breath as she worked it out.

Jiju do you remember that necklace didi received on the sangeet night? The really old very expensive ones with green stones.”


Well I saw daadima crying afterwards when she was looking at it.”

Maan though back to the sangeet night, daadima had been tired unwell, but OK until…she had fainted when she saw the necklace.

Babli carried on. “Well she said that necklace was given to all new khurana brides by their in-laws, meaning your mum and dad Jiju.”

His jaw clenched, he was almost too afraid of what Babli was going to say next.

Well I told daadima that you were an orphan just like us, but she said that yes your mum had died but after seeing the necklace your dad might be alive.”

His world spun. His father? Alive.

Babli you must be mistaken.” His eyes were enormous dark orbs of pain. Why had Daadima and Geet kept this from him.

No jiju, wait here.” she said suddenly remembering something she ran off in the direction of daadima’s room.

Maan stood stock still. No. It couldn’t be true. If it was why would they keep this such a secret. A hundred thoughts raced through his head. Could this be a trick by Pandey to kidnap daadima and Geet. Had he been in such a sensual haze that he hadnt noticed Geet behaving strangely, that crying bout yesterday, the intensity of her lovemaking?

Babli came back with a photograph, one of the many daadima kept in her room. It showed his mum and dad a long time ago in a photography studio, his mum was sitting down whilst his father stood behind her. Babli pointed to the picture showing him the necklace.

It was the same. Staggering across to the sofa he sat down with a thump. When he looked up at her his jaw was clenched and his eyes glittered with held back pain.

Babli tell me exactly what they said please. Its very important that I know everything.”

Savitridevi stood on the bridge over the railway track at Tuglakabad whilst Geet looked around for the man who was supposed to meet them. People stared at the elegantly dressed lady in cream with the beautiful well presented woman in a designer salwar khameez.

Daadima do we have a clue what he is supposed to look like?”

No he is supposed to recognise me. Geet beta if he doesn’t come in a few minutes we are leaving its already quarter to seven, maybe he has chickened out yet again, Maan will get worried.”


She turned to see a little upstart of a man. He looked extremely nervous, hopping from foot to foot.


Give me the money.” His dark beady eyes homed in on her handbag.

First you have to give me the proof.” Her tone was steel brooking no argument.

Deepak hopped nervously again. Boss had said money first and then evidence, he had a good mind to pull out his piece of paper again just to make sure. He watched as the pretty woman came and stood next to the old one.

Look down from the bridge and you will see who you are looking for. Now my money!”

Savitridevi peered down at the platform but all she could see were the usual goings on, people waiting, vendors, coolies.

What am I supposed to be looking for?” She asked irritably.

Give me the money first.” Deepak stared her down.

But Savitridevi was no longer paying him any attention, she had just focused on one of the coolies lugging a huge bag. Her heart stopped.



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        April 1, 2013 at 2:37 pm

        Yeah terrific Geet fan.By the way I had read some of ur stories in Geet FaceBook Page.This was
        when I started seeing Geet from 2011 Jan.Then suddenly everything vanished in that page.I missed ur writing.Accidently saw ur blog!!.Are u writing in IF in also?By the way u are excellent writer Jane.GC and DD has inspired u very much I suppose

      • janememe

        April 2, 2013 at 8:12 am

        Thanks Ramya ;)) so from Geet days hmmmm..
        No I dont write in IF no time ;)) Thank you for the compliment I enjoy the characters and their development ;)) Hope to see u become a regular.

  17. abi

    April 1, 2013 at 5:08 pm

    awesome update
    so maan also got to know now both dadi and geet will face MSK who will do everything to hide his pain from them
    but maan will be very much hurt with the fact that geet did all this for hiding this thing he will be hurt very much from this
    and i doubt if he would any time soon be again close to geet

    • janememe

      April 2, 2013 at 8:14 am

      yes Abi its going to be painful, lets hope he understands what they were trying to do. Enjoy the ride ;))) Nice to see your comments ;))

  18. khwaishfan

    April 2, 2013 at 6:29 am

    hi dear..fab update! Babli tells Maan everything! He is shocked! well written! update soon!

    • janememe

      April 2, 2013 at 8:13 am

      Hi Chetna ;)) thanks babes OOO new name! like it ;))

  19. khwaishfan

    April 2, 2013 at 6:30 am

    hi Jane..Khwaishfan is my wordpress username . Thanks chetna!

  20. anupamachem

    April 7, 2013 at 4:21 pm

    great going! I am really surprised by Babli’s wittiness. Bechara Maan, he is flabbergasted after knowing that Geet has hidden such an important secret.

    • janememe

      April 7, 2013 at 7:18 pm

      Thanks Anupama for your comment ;)) Babli is very bright and observant, just like her older didi.
      Yup Maan is hit hard but hopefully we can make him come around 🙂

  21. nesha2017

    March 4, 2018 at 10:21 am

    He knew it
    Omg wt is goin to happen
    Wl maan tolerate wt geet again


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