TPR chap 47 – 48 Bitter pill to swallow

Faints! Here we go, pain, heartbreak betrayal!…eeesshh! Who stole my ice-cream? :)) Story moves forward, sit in your chair and think about relationships, how fragile they are. When sometimes life changing problems strike, the past and darkness welcomes you like a long lost love even though you know the sunlight is brighter.

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Chapter 47

Geet saw daadima sway. Instantly she put her arms around her. Wondering what had made her so upset suddenly, what was she looking at? She couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary.

Money! Give me the money!” Deepak pleaded.

Geet glared at him. “Shut up!” She held on to daadima and helped her lean against the bridge.

Ajeet!” Daadima said to Geet, her expression so full of pain that Geet gasped. She looked down from the bridge to where daadima was looking to see a coolie bent over double carrying a very large bag.

Deepak eyed the old woman’s bag, should he snatch and run? Both of their attention was diverted looking down at boss and his terrible acting, but there were still a lot of people around and he didn’t want to get thrashed again.

You see I was telling you the truth! You wanted proof there he is! Now give me the money…please!” he was so tempted to snatch and run but he waited, for some reason he didn’t want to hurt this old lady, who looked just now as if she’d seen a ghost.

Absently Savitridevi pulled out the envelope she had prepared, thanking his lucky stars Deepak all but snatched it from her hand and ran, melting into the crowd.

Are you sure daadima?”

Haan Geet beta. But…I never…expected this, I cant believe that he is in such a state. That its come to this, Khurana construction ka maalik!” She saw a younger man approach and hand over a bottle of water to him, she recognised him from the photo. Was this Maan’s half brother? Unable to believe what she was seeing she stood frozen on the bridge her eyes glued to Ajeet and the young man.

He drove like a madman to Tuglakabad, his mind in turmoil. Why, why why? He couldn’t get it out of his mind. His dark eyes filled with tears, in a way he hoped that it was Pandey who had played this trick on them and not anything else.

Last night…last night they had shared something special more than just their bodies, they had become truly one. He had forgotten all the darkness before her, the betrayal and moved forward and now this?

Daadima too? To keep such a big thing from him, didn’t they think he would want to know if his father was alive? He had thirsted for a glance, a smile, a kind word from his father as he grew up. But Ajeet didn’t have time for him, he had been too busy spending his fathers money, partying and going out with other women. Now, he was a man, he wanted those questions answered. If he was alive he had a lot of answers he needed. Anger coursed through his frame at Daadima, at Ajeet and most of all at Geet.

He was nearly there he would see for himself if it was true.

Savitridevi took a hold of herself. Steeling herself she looked at Geet. “Chalo beti lets go down to the platform.”

As she gently guided daadima down the stairs she wished she had told Maan now, this was getting all too serious and deep. She had hoped that it would all turn out to be scam but the now the reality had hit she was frightened of the outcome.

Daadima please…shouldn’t we call and wait for Maan? I mean….now its all too real and I am afraid.”

So you should be.” His quiet angry tone hit her like a blast furnace.

Startled she looked up and right into his face, the pain and anger she saw punched her through and through. His lean frame almost shook with anger.

Daadima?” his voice held so much pain.

Maan!” Savitridevi gasped. “W..What are you doing here?”

Never mind that, what are you doing here? Err I cant see any of your friends coming to meet you here!” His eyes pinned them both for an answer.

Daadima blushed at having been caught out so easily.

Maan your father…he is alive!” It all came out in a rush. She couldn’t bear to see that pained look on his face. Her eyes filled and tears fell unheeded.

Save your tears Geet!” He couldn’t, wouldn’t be swayed by her tears. Not now!


I don’t want to hear it!” His palm came up in her face, it brooked no argument.

So where is he? My supposed father?”

No Maan its true. I didn’t want to tell you because I wanted proof, I didn’t want to put you through the pain for no reason.” Savitridevi said looking him in the eye.

But you told Geet?”

It..wasn’t like that Maan!” Geet pleaded.

What was it like then? You knew and yet…last night…” he gasped in pain turning his back on them.

Geet blushed bright red and then paled as she saw his anger.

This is not the time to go into who said what.” Savitridevi said firmly. “And Maan I am telling you now it was not Geet’s fault, I told her not to tell you.”

A dark look came over his face, but he said nothing.

Dekho Maan there is he is…that coolie and along with him is your half brother.”

Maan stared at the man daadima was pointing to. Was that really his father, dirty, thin, unshaven he looked old and weary. He had a half-brother? Shock set in. The young man was also dirty and unshaven, his eyes had a wild look about them. Dear God! Really!

Saying nothing he started down the stairs in a hurry.

Maan! Maan! Stop!” Daadima called out rushing after him.

But he was already on the platform. Geet following in his wake.

Savitridevi reached the platform and looked across to Ajeet who was on the far side. As she stared his eyes caught her and he stared as if if he was unable to comprehend seeing her there. She saw the young man talk to him and he said something to him pointing to her.

For a moment it seemed that time stood still as she stared at her son. Then as they saw Maan approached them they looked shocked. Grabbing the younger man Ajeet ran away from Maan, away from his mother as if the devil was after him.

Maan frowned at the spot they had been in. Where the hell did they go? They just seemed to melt into the crowd and vanish. He ran all the way up and down the platform running into the offices, waiting rooms, but couldn’t see them anywhere. His dark eyes glared as he turned and stared at daadima n Geet.

Geet ran after him, “Maan?”

He stared at her coldly. “They vanished!” He barked.

Savitridevi came hurrying up. “He saw me and ran…why would he do that?”

I can think of a dozen reasons!” Maan retorted hand on hips he surveyed the platform, how did everything seem so normal when his life had changed in a moment irrevocably. His father was always running, running away from his responsibilities, before and now.

Savitridevi sat down heavily on a nearby bench. “Seems he doesn’t want to be found.” She said almost to herself.

Daadima are you sure it was him?” Geet and Maan both asked in unison.

Maan gave her withering look for butting in.

Yes, it was him I am sure of it. But Maan…he looked so ill and thin.” Her eyes filled. “Where has he been all this time? Why did he not come back home if he was in trouble? Why did he pretend to us he was dead? Why has he been reduced to this? Tears ran down her face as she watched the coolies carrying impossible weights. So many question played in her mind.

All the immediate anger drained out of him as he saw her tears. If anything could knock him for six it was daadima’s tears. She was such a strong, independent woman normally, like Geet.

Daadima…please don’t cry.” he said dropping to his haunches. He took a deep breath and said, “I will find him. I promise.” hoping he wouldn’t regret his spur of the moment decision.

Running a hand over his head, Savitridevi smiled at him through her tears. His eyes held pain but he had promised and she knew he would go to the ends of the earth to find Ajeet for her.

And I will help.” Geet added softly smiling at daadima through her own tears. Her lips trembled.

I think you have done enough!” His tone was brisk and hard as he saw them tremble, pointedly he looked away from her as images of her kissing him filled his mind.

Maan!” Savitridevi stood up and glared at him. “It is not Geet’s fault. I made her promise not to tell you.”

Turning back to her, he held those soft amber pools, his gaze unwavering, saw the pleading in them, but in his mind his own words played, from now on between us there will be no secrets. How could she have kept this life changing one from him, her eyes should have betrayed her, when he had been deep inside her all he had seen in her eyes was love and honesty. What a fine actress his wife had turned out to be! He felt betrayed.

Ajeet looked down from his vantage point at the three of them on the platform. He all but rubbed his hands in glee. His plan had worked so well, the look on his mothers face had been priceless. What a perfect plan he had come up with. If he had stayed and given some sad story she would have never melted like this. No, he had played it very well. Now she was putty in his hands. He would keep throwing a trail of crumbs Maan’s way, playing hard to get for a week or so. Then he would come clean and show himself, after that …Oh! After that he would enjoy life to the full after all his smart clever son had made such a success of Khurana Construction there were millions to spend.

Grinning at Anwar he said, “lets go, you deserve a drink today…beta…hahahahaha!” With his bright ideas and having Anwar as his trump card nothing could stop him now, they owed him, and he was ready to collect.

Anwar grinned back that young woman was hot! It will would be no hardship to stay in the Khurana mansion with such eye candy to hand. Oh yes he could play her he was sure, he had charm when he chose to use it, and he would definitely be using it on her. There was the small problem of his half-brother but looking down at him he didn’t think Maan Singh Khurana was as smart as Ajeet made out. Nope, Anwar was sure he wasn’t going to be any trouble to his plans at all! Smiling, he thought a few drinks and a small snort would keep his wits about him, happily he went along with his pretend dad.

Deepak was also looking down at the old woman from his own vantage point. She looked so sad, he felt bad for her. He didn’t mind scamming most people, but not old ladies. She reminded him off his mum for some reason. He took some of the money out the envelope and tucked it away. He would say to Boss this was all the old woman gave him, he decided to send the money home to his village. It had been a long time since he had remembered his old mum. He saw them moving away, worrying boss would call him any minute, he hurried along to hand him the envelope.

Sitting in the back of the car Geet looked at his stony profile, he hadn’t said one word to her. He had been busy comforting daadima, she wondered what it was going to take from her to get through to him. He too needed comfort, the shock on his face had been so intense. Her tears ran unheeded down her face, she knew this was going to happen, he would push her away feeling betrayed and hurt, but what could she have done?

Ready for Sunday Sundae? Emotions, anger and pain float like a heavy dark cloud , the story moves on lets see how they are coping ;))

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Chapter 48

Escorting daadima into the house he stood hands on hips surveying the both of them.

Daaima looked pale and tired, Geet was wringing her duppata nervously. He saw the tell tale tear marks down her cheeks but he was in no mood to wipe them away, hurt filled him, encompassing anything and everything else.

Why?” His one word uttered so quietly held them both captive.

Maan!” They both started at once, then daadima sank back into the sofa defeated and nodded to Geet.

Err Maan,” she wished he would stop looking at her like a man on the very edge of his control.

Go on…I want to hear this!” his look said he was taking no prisoners today.

Well…daadima got some photos a little while ago…”

When?” His bark sounded hard in the cosy warmth of the sitting room.

A f…few weeks ago. S..she wasn’t sure about whether it was true or not.” her eyes pleaded with his but she could see no softening at all.

So….” she continued taking a deep breath, “well she decided to meet with the man who sent them, I..I accidentally found out and wanted to go with daadima, I didn’t want her to go alone. So we went to meet with the person but he never showed.”

He was pacing the room like a caged Tiger. All this had been going on and he had no clue!

Anyway he contacted her again and sent the necklace and told us to go to the station today to see the proof. And..that’s what we were doing there today and you saw for yourself he is alive.”


He never shouted! Both of them shrank back against the fury in his voice.

You have to understand Maan I didn’t want you to be hurt beta.” Daadima whispered her eyes full of pain, her hand absently eased the throbbing in her head.

She didn’t want to tell you in case it wasn’t true what would have been the point to hurt you unnecessarily!” Geet softy finished, trying to get it into his head why they hadn’t told him.

And you think this is not hurting me? My daadima hid such a huge truth from me about the possibility of my father being alive? And you Geet! You lied to me by omission.

Her own thoughts came bouncing back to haunt her, she had been so torn between telling him everything and hurting him and telling him nothing and hurting him even more. Now she wished she had insisted on telling him but then hindsight was always a good thing.

You think this wouldn’t hurt me even more?” His dark eyes homed in on them. “It may have escaped both your notice, but daadima but I am no longer a child!”

His eyes spoke volumes to Geet who blushed bright red at his implication.

What if this had all been a ruse by Pandey to kidnap you both? Did you two ever think of that!” He paced even more.

I am sorry beta but my intention was never to hurt you. I have had blackmailing letters like this before and mostly they have turned out to be nothing more than hot air intended to part me with some money. I really wanted to make sure this was true and Geet had nothing to do with it so don’t take it out on her.”

Daadima! Geet didi!” Babli came in from the outhouse and ran forward hugging them both. “I am so glad you are both safe.”

Haan beta we are fine.” Daadima smiled at babli. “Did you send your jiju because you thought we would be in trouble?”

Babli nodded looking very worried.

I am glad you did Babli because this secret was getting harder to bear everyday.”

Babli smiled, clearly relieved, she threw her arms around daadima. “I was so worried and I knew jiju would fix it.”

Haan, Babli your jiju will ‘fix it’ for sure, I should have listened to my heart and your Geet didi.”

Getting up she fondled Babli’s hair. “Chalo, beta I am very tired I am going up to take rest. I will see you all later.”

They watched her go up, her pace slower than usual.

Without a word Maan turned away from her and stalked off to the study to make calls to Adi to try and find a way to track his father down.

Geet watched him go. It was going to be a long and difficult task to try and cool his anger. She couldn’t even take refuge in the thought that his anger was unjustified. He was well within his rights to be angry with her.

Didi do we really have to go back tomorrow? Can’t we stay longer, I really like it here.” Chotu pleaded tugging at her arm.

Chotu yes, you have to go back. Now go and start packing.” Geet said her heart heavy. The children were leaving tomorrow and Maan was not going to forgive easily. The house would be so quiet with Chotu’s giggles and Babli’s bright wit. Her eyes filled with pain, but it wouldn’t be long now, Babli would finish in a few months and by then she would have organised the school for them.

Chalo,” she took both of their hands in hers and lead them to start the packing.

Adi! What I am about to say to you has to be kept completely confidential.”

Err Maan S…Sir! K..kya!” Adi stood up from his chair, Maan sir sounded so serious and troubled.

Is it Pandey?”

No, err its a long and complicated story but the long and short of it is that it seems my father is still alive.”

F..Father!” Adi sat back down with a thump, his chair rolled and he went flying.


K…kuch nahi sir, go on!” Adi muttered as he lay in a heap on the floor, valiantly trying to sit up.

He was at Tuglakabad this morning in a coolies uniform.”

C…Coolie!” Maan sir’s father a coolie! He slumped back against his desk on the floor just as Pinky entered.

I want to you contact Major Saab and arrange a meeting with him. I need complete discretion, if the papers catch a hold of this before we check it out we will have trouble on our hands. But I don’t want you to approach him or the other man. I just want to know their whereabouts.”

Ok sir I will arrange meeting as soon as possible. Major Saab could be anywhere in the world we will have to find him first. But in the meantime I can get a discreet presence at the station, if your f…father comes back we will spot him and follow where he goes.”

Haan Ok Adi. I am sending pictures of my father and also another man who was with him, either of them will give us clues to their whereabouts if we follow them. I will come into the office in a bit, Oh, and tomorrow I am going to drop the children back to Jaspal sir did you get any prospectuses?

Err yes sir I have four very good schools with good facilities and they cater for very bright children. Babli and Chotu I ‘m sure will be very happy there. “

Good. Fix appointments for me to visit them.”

Ok sir.”

…and remember Adi, utmost discretion.”

Maan rang off and sat down at his desk. His mind played the events of this morning. Still he was unable to comprehend that he had actually seen his father! Where had he been all this time?

Why wouldn’t he even look at her? Her eyes remained glued to him begging him to soften towards her even a little bit. She served the children their dinner and they chatted away to daadima and Maan. Outwardly he was quite normal with the children and daadima, it was just her that he was steadfastly ignoring.

I will miss Babli and you Chotu.” Nakul said, fondling Chotu’s hair.

And we will miss you too uncle Nakul!” Chotu said hugging him tight.

They will be here to stay soon, Nakul. I have some schools I am looking into for them.” Maan slipped in quietly.

A strangulated sound escaped Geet’s lips.

He ignored it.

Adi has sent prospectuses for four good schools I will be going to see them soon.”

Daadima stared at Geet’s face she looked like she was about to explode. Maan was deliberately antagonising her.

Err Geet will be going with you I am sure?”

Her voice trembling with fury Geet said. “I have my own list of schools I am going to be seeing for Babli and Chotu, thankyou.”

I will not let your aatma samaan get in the way of Babli and Chotu’s education.” He knew she would have chosen schools that she would be able to afford only.

Maan, as I said yesterday they are my responsibility.” Her eyes sparked fury at him.

You seem to forget that you are married to me now.” He said not even bothering to look at her.

Oh! There is no way I could forget such a thing.” He heard her mutter under her breath and looked up to see her furious face. Good! let her get a taste of her own medicine. If she was going to keep secrets from him, he too would rail-road her into doing what he wanted to.

The children watched in fascination as the two of them glared at each other like two gladiators itching to be let loose at each others throats.

Err…Maan have you tried to find out about Ajeet?” Daadima questioned trying to distract them from blood letting in front of the children.

Haan. Leave it with me daadima I promised didn’t I.”

Geet make sure you have the children ready by seven I will go and drop them back to Jaspal sir.” Dabbing his mouth with a napkin he declared “Ok I have some work to finish off.” Grinning at the kids he stalked off to the library again.

Geet beta. He will come around I am sure of it.”

For daadima’s and the children’s sakes she smiled and nodded but she had her doubts he had gone right back to behaving like Maan Singh Purana in one leap, somehow she had to get through to him.

When he finally went up to their room the mood he was in had grown pitch black, it suffocated him. He could hear the shower going, against his will his body tightened off its own accord. His imagination didn’t have to even work over time, erotic pictures of her lush curves, fluid limbs, his mouth feasting on her soft skin came and filled his mind readily as a starving man fills his plate at a banquet.

Only yesterday it had been all so different, he had thought her his equal in everything, a life partner, his better half and an passionate equal in bed. But it seemed to him that she didn’t even trust him, choosing to keep such a huge truth from him. Visualising her in the shower didn’t help his mood one bit, he so desperately wanted to loose himself in her arms again to block out everything, to be taken to heaven again and again, to look into her amber eyes so deep and loose himself in their depths. To go to a place where there was no one else but them just them. But the anger in him was too great, it would consume and take over his body he knew it, she would not be safe in his arms tonight.

Damn it! He could smell her fragrance everywhere it engulfed him like a tidal wave of want. But he was not going to fall under its sensual spell again. Casting a heavy black look at their bed he grabbed his exercise joggers and quickly changed, deciding to vent out his anger physically another way. It was the only way he would be able to get rid of this restlessness, this black mood, before he did something that they would both regret.

She came out of the shower into the room to see his bare back disappear from view. Running to the door she saw his angry stride.

Maan, we need to talk!” She called out, but he didn’t even pause. There was no way he hadn’t heard her.

He could only be heading to the outhouse. If it was going to take following and hounding him with reason to get her to listen to him she was all prepared to do that. Throwing the towel from her wet hair aside she followed him with purpose.


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    loving d nok-jhok btwn maneet..

    • janememe

      April 14, 2013 at 12:15 pm

      thank you for your comment, I am happy that you are enjoying it ;))

  15. naina

    April 14, 2013 at 10:46 am

    geet have to work hard for manaofying maan…….feeling really bad for him…….but its only geet who can sooth his pain

    • janememe

      April 14, 2013 at 12:16 pm

      so true and our shernie will make sure that she gets through to him somehow ;))

  16. honeygrape

    April 14, 2013 at 2:13 pm

    now maan is in real trouble 😀 nice one…but maan is not that mad at her as i expected 🙂 thanx to you 🙂 thank u for the part dear…..

    • janememe

      April 15, 2013 at 8:18 am

      he is mad but not livid ;))

  17. Ramya

    April 14, 2013 at 4:10 pm

    Pakka Dusht Danav

    • janememe

      April 15, 2013 at 8:18 am

      pakka that he is ;)))

  18. dreamyyypixie

    April 15, 2013 at 9:53 am

    haayeeee! maan is one heck of a ANGRY YOUNG MAN! If he cud forgive daadi….den y cnt he forgive geet?? she was only obeying daadi, the poor gal! And now wid chotu n babli going off….the atmosphere is sure gona b tense!lol…. somebdy give maan some thanda paani wid extra ice cubes to cool down. I got goosebumps while reading d chappie……angry MSK is sooooo delicious! 😉 I half thought dat Maan wud grab her wen she got outta d shower,pin her to the bed and make mad,furious love to her! (side effect of reading too much fifty shades) U cud almost feel dat heat….wen maan thought abt her in shower. Dis is one of d thing dat i like abt ur fics…….u write all d steamy scenes perfectly n erotically,widout sounding cheap n vulgar. E1 d love making scenes hv so much passion n intensity….its just WOW.
    i hope maan gets manaofied soon….but maaneet nok jhok is cute so a little bit of jhagda is good. And waiting for ajeet n anwar to enter in khurana mansion nd get der ass kicked! btw is pandey still in d picture or kicked outta d story??
    P.S: i jus mean to write “marvellous update” nd end up writing an essay!
    P.P.S: nearly forgot! i keep asking u to do this since forever…..but u never do! 😦 Please please please post a teaser of d next chapter!A tiny glimpse of d next chappie cn keep us going thru d week! pretty please??? three sweet little kisses frm Maan if u do!

    • janememe

      April 15, 2013 at 10:34 am

      WOW! Pixie! what a lovely essay ;))
      The reason why dont post teasers is beacause due to time restrictions I am often writing the chapter till the every last minute. I have a vague idea of where I am going but until its on the page I don’t know if it will work. Often i change and readjust things quite a lot. So teasers are not a possibility. swaarryyyyyyyy.

      • dreamyyypixie

        April 15, 2013 at 2:20 pm

        oh well…if dat is d case…den *sigh* okay! i guess i vil hv to keep bouncing up n down in my seat till d next chappie. u shudnt hv to compromise on ur writing. keep up d fabulous work!

      • janememe

        April 16, 2013 at 4:28 pm

        thanks babes for understanding ;))

    • janememe

      April 15, 2013 at 10:36 am

      I was thinking I should write 18+ on the blog I don’t to shock ppl. And I am sure Geet will succeed in manofying her sanya somehow ;))

  19. Chetna

    April 16, 2013 at 5:46 am

    Hi Jane…terrific update! Maan is angry wid Geet bt also shocked with wat has happened! Maan leaves the room as he does nt wanna succumb bt sherni Geet went after him! update soon:) still waitin 2 epilogue 4 Test of Love….:)

    • janememe

      April 16, 2013 at 4:29 pm

      LOLLL Chetna sweets I just havnt got time to do TPR and that swaaryyyy. But at least you like TPR too thanks goodness ;))

  20. nesha2017

    March 4, 2018 at 10:30 am

    Ajeet is cunning. ?anwar lust over geet


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