TPR chap 51 & 52 Gullu’s last stand :)

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Chapter 51

How is it my fault?” she hissed back him.

I didn’t make the car vanish!”

You had to make me stop in the middle of nowhere!”

If you hadn’t been so idiotic all day I wouldn’t have had to resort to such drastic actions.”

And now we are in the back of a police jeep with a tiny Hitler who thinks we are Mirchibhai and Mirchibai!”

Is that my fault too!”

The inspector’s laughter boomed out from the front seat. “Argues betweens yourself soon you wills be on your way to prisons for a very longs times.”

If you will only listen to me!” Maan growled. “My name is Maan Singh Khuarana and this is my wife Geet. We were on our way from Rupnagar back to Delhi.”

And weres you going to walks there?” Gullu laughed loudly at his own joke. “Funny Jokes!Because I don’t see a cars or a bikes or anything!”

No,” Maan ground out. “We were in a car but I stopped for minute and…”

Ands you were walkings on the roads and your cars gaayabs from behind yous ..Poofs! Magics!”

Alsos why did you stop in the middles of the roads? Bolos you answers me thats!”

Because Maan ground out glaring at Geet beside him, “I was having an argument with my wife here!”

Abouts wheres you wills hide the diamonds?

What diamonds?” His brow creased.

Donts gets Bhola withs me Mirchibhais. The diamonds that were stolen last weeks from the Mumbai diamond exchanges.”

I wasnt in Mumbais last week!” Maan growled, “I mean Mumbai!” As he realised Gullu was really getting to him.

They arrived at the police headquarters of Gullu’s small village.

This area mein no ones gets aways with any crimes, Gullus eyes are everywheres.”

Geet giggled despite the enormity of the situation, the little man was a complete and utter riot.

Gitthhh!” Maan growled instantly shutting her up.

My name is Maan Singh Khurana I tell you!” He emphasised to Gullu again.

Ok shows me your Wallets. Driving Licences?”

Err…” Maan’s hand reached into his back pocket making Geet yell as he yanked her arm.

Stupid handcuffs! Take these off!” Maan glared at the constable standing near him.

You Criminals! You needing to be taught lessons!” Gullu boomed loudly.

Glaring at Gullu he changed hands he delved into his pocket to find that he didn’t have his wallet. He had left it in the car. Damn! Phone..he delved into his other pocket but remembered his phone was also in the car. He had been intending to call Adi.

Adi!” He said looking up, “call my right hand man Adi. I will give you the number.”

Okays I will give you a chances give me the number. I will dials it and you can get your Adi (what kinds of names is that) to confirm your ID. But Mirchibhai Gullus nevers makes the mistakes!

Maan reeled of the number for one of the constables to dial, but it rang and rang, Adi didn’t pick up. Growling with frustration Maan left a terse message for Adi to say where they were and to make sure he calls the ACP to call Inspector Gullu and sort it out.

I knews it! You have no ID, no car You are definitelys Mirchibhai!”

You stupid man I am not any criminal! I am a Architect and businessman and this is my wife Geet.”He was losing his temper so fast with this idiot. “Cant you see that the people you are looking for must have stolen our car and are escaping at this moment?”

Maan…Maan!” Geet grabbed him from bearing down on the little man. “You will make this worse!” She tugged at him making her duppata come loose.

Locks thems ups!” Gullu boomed so loudly the doors shook.

As Geet moved back the man practically jumped on her.

What are you doing?” Maan questioned startled by the little man’s speed. “Don’t you dare touch her! That is my wife!”

Grabbing Geets yellow diamond pendant from around her neck in his hand Gullu quickly climbed on to a desk to get a better look at it.

STOP THAT!” Maan shouted at Gullu as he tried to pull the yellow diamond off Geet, pulling her towards him.

Ands what is thiss? If you are not a diamonds theifs how is she wearing the biggest diamonds I haves ever seens?”

I gave that to her, I have a recipt at home!” Maan ground out between his teeth as he tried to wrestle Gullu’s hands of Geets pendant. How dare he touch his Mishty!

Dont lies to me! Lock thems up nows!”

They were both unceremoniously pushed into a cell Geet holding on to Maan whilst he resisted being manhandled so roughly shielding Geet from any contact with the constables, the door locked behind them with a loud clunk, the metal vibrating with the rough shove.

Finally the realisation dawned on them that they were locked behind bars handcuffed to each other and being written up by Inspector’s Gullu as master criminals. If it wasn’t so real and frightening it would have been funny Geet thought.

Maan!” Geet whispered his name suddenly clinging to him, “Are you all right?” Her fight with him instantly forgotten as he received a blow from one of the constables that was none too gentle for shielding her from the mans wandering hands. Placing their hands between them he wound his other free arm around her and pulled her into him tight.

Shhhhh! Everything will be all right I promise. Why didn’t Adi pick up? Maybe I should call Daadima.”

No Maan please I don’t want her to worry, we can sort this out somehow. As it is she is so troubled with Ajeet…I mean your father.”

He is not fit to be called my father. The man hasn’t showed his face to us all these years and suddenly now he has popped up like a bad penny! Already he has caused so much trouble in our lives without stepping foot into the house.” His eyes took in her pale face and he crushed her to him.

I am so sorry Geet about yesterday and today. I know daadima means the world to you and I should have understood. I have been trying to say that since this morning but every time something else has happened to make me mad. First that stupid nephew of Jaspal Sirs.”

Jazz!” Geet smiled through her tears.

What an idiot! And now this pint sized idiot inspector Gullu! I cant wait till I speak to ACP Gupta, I will get Gullu posted to a ‘continent’ he has never even heard off. Adding to everything! I want to kick his ‘s’ so badly.”

Geet giggled holding him tightly, its felt so good to be in his arms again although it was awkward with the handcuffs on.

I am sorry too Maan, Chotu and Babli are part of you now as much as daadima is mine, we need to get used to that and share our responsibilities.”

Smiling sweetly down at her he rolled his eyes at her. “As if that’s going to happen.” Gently he wiped the tears away from her cheeks. “I am sure Adi will ring any moment.” he leaned against a wall pulling her into him, he hated being this helpless.

At that precise moment Adi was fidgeting nervously, wiping his brow of sweat, his face as pale as his white shirt. It was nerve racking waiting in an underground car park for Major Saab who was undercover in some government stakeout. Apparently some government minister had been trading secrets for money with a major underworld Don and Major Saab had been hired to find evidence and stop him. Adi had been told to switch off his phone and avoid all communication until Major Saab told him it was safe to do so.

As he watched Major Saab’s men fiddle with their guns and grenades. A nervous laugh escaped him whilst he sat waiting for Major Saab to appear, “W..Why do I end up in situations like this.” he stammered under his breath. He felt faint, what were they planning to do with so much ammunition, were they planning to blow up the whole of Delhi? If Maan sir hadn’t needed Major Saab so much at this moment he would have run for cover long ago. Thank god he had not told Pinky where he was going otherwise he was sure she would have insisted on coming along.

Gunshots rang out in the quiet car park sounding like bombs in the concrete tomb. Adi covered his ears as one of Major Saab’s men pushed him down on the floor covering him. There was huge gunfight of which he saw precisely nothing but heard everything, making his imagination run wild. His heart thumped loudly in his ears adding to the frightening noise.

Damn!” Major’s Saabs voice spoke calmly sliding the door open and getting into the van, “Saala sent only his henchman to pick up the papers!”

Adi! How are you? So nice to see you!”

Adi raised his head just as more gunshots rang out on either side.

Huhhh…huuhhhh!” He laughed and sank back down on the floor.

Ha ha!” Major Saab laughed. “Adi don’t be scared tum ko kuch naahi hoga, you are a solider!” He pulled him up to sit next to him whilst the firing continued.

Err Sir you are mistaken.” Adi almost cried. “I am just an accountant! Just an accountant! Yeah sab meri bas mein nahi hai! This is all Maan sir ke territory.”

Beta don’t worry nothing will happen to you, Trust me! Now tell me what was so urgent?”

Err Geet, about your top, you hair had made it all wet so I took it off but by the time I got a new out you had curled up into a ball. I didn’t have the heart to wake you so I just covered yo with a blanket.”


What else do you think I was doing?” The tiny smile at the corner of his mouth was so incredibility sexy.

She had thought he had decided to make love to her and then changed his mind, caught out she blushed bright pink, ‘Nothing! I didn’t think any thing! Hiding her face in his chest she mumbled “Err..Why did you sleep so far away last night?”

Believe me I wanted to, but I wanted to say sorry first because once I take you in my arms I lose all sense. And I have no such plans to sleep away from you tonight. Once I have sent Gullu to some continent off this planet we will be on our way home. I cant wait to hear your soft moans and watch you come apart in my arms.’ Pulling her in closer he softly said. ‘Rest while you can because you will be not getting any tonight I have missed you so much!’

We have only night!” Geet looked up at him with incredulity.

One night is one night too much. You have no idea how much I want you all the time.”

Smiling, she snuggled into his chest again.

Gullu! Has there been any calls for me?” Maan called out to the little man who seemed to be busy filling out so many forms.

You diamonds theifs! The onlys calls will be for me from the Chief Inspectors to congratulates me!” He called out to his constable, “Chandus make sures you get my rights sides when you take a pictures.”

Maan look!” Geet spoke from the shelter of his arms as somebody familiar walked in to the police station.

Santa! Banta!” Geet called out.

Instantly two heads turned in their direction. Maan gazed in their direction and stared at their drooling faces with resignation.

Auntyji!” He called out with delight as she appeared from behind them.

Oi Teri ke!” Auntyji screamed “Geet! Maan!” What are you doing here. Then her eyes became as round as saucers as she realised they were locked behind bars and in handcuffs.

Her eyes turned, hands on hips she let out a yell that surpassed any Inspector Gullu had earlier.


Gullu shot upright in his chair. “Err Auntyjis whats are you doings heres?”

KHOTE! Why have you got these two wonderful people in jail? Don’t you know who they are?”

Auntijis they are diamonds smugglers! Criminals! They needs to be throwns in jails! And Gulluss has caughts thems by himselfs!”

Err we helped.” one of the constables muttered.

Shuts ups.”Gullu said he was not sharing his glory with anyone.

YOU IDIOT!” She boomed. “I told my cousin when she married you that you were stupid and now you have proved it!” She walked over to him and leaned right into him.

You release these two good outstanding people now! Otherwise I wont be responsible for my actions!” Poking him in the chest she threatened him.


No Buts! Do you know this is Geet Singh Khurana and Maan Singh Khurana! He is one of Delhi’s outstanding citizens and business men. She is a renowned architect who has won many awards! Get them out of that jail NOW!”

Gullu paled. For the first time that evening he was no longer sure of his fantastic catch.

Ares you sures? Theys look likes criminals. She has biggests diamonds I haves ever seens!” He peered at Maan and Geet in the cell. Maan was glaring him so hard he stepped back.

GULLU! Give me the key!” she reached down and pulled at his belt.

Auntyjis STOPS IT! ! Helps!” He called to the constables who were laughing so hard as she picked him up and practically shook the keys out of him.

Stops Stops! Heres I will gives you the keys! Buts be its on your heads!” He shook her off handing her a large bunch and ran around the table to get away from her.

Auntiji threw the keys at one of the constables .“Open the door! NOW!”

Shaking like a leaf the constable opened the door and let them out. “And the handcuffs!” Auntyji’s voice boomed from right behind him.

He undid their handcuffs and Geet rubbed her wrist where the metal had dug in.

Are you OK?” Maan’s eyes swept over her.

Yes and thank you Auntyji! Thank you!” Geet ran up and hugged her.

Now tell me how and why you were put behind bars?”

Maan told her quickly what had happened and she glared at Gullu so hard he seemed to shrink even more.

Just then the phone rang and he jumped on it to try and get away from Auntyji’s loud screaming.

Whatever someone said to him made him sit back in chair with a thump and he seemed to pale completely.

Okays sirs! Yes thanks yous sirs. Nos…I understands. Yes I ams so sorrys and I wills say sorrys to thems boths.” He said totally deflated, putting the phone down he looked at Maan who was glaring at him as if he was going to tear him from limb to limb.

Mujhes mmaffffff karna…” Wailing loudly the little man jumped on Maan’s legs.

What the!” Maan tried to shake him off the sobbing and crying Gullu who stuck onto him like a little monkey.

Gullu get off! Choodo mujhe!”

Geet giggled next to him as she watched Maan trying to shirk him off.

Auntyji reached out and pulled the little man off with one hand. “Gullu! You idiot behave yourself!”

My careers is ruineds!” the little man wailed.

Rolling his eyes Maan groaned out. “Ok Ok we accept your apology. Just stop wailing for god sake!”

Hiccuping loudly he slumped at Maan’s feet.

Yous are toos kinds Sirs, madams…” he wailed and went for Geet’s feet. Who reeled back in shock. Bumping into Santa and Banta who were right behind her.

Bas Bas GULLU!” Auntyji told him off.

So can we go now?” Maan asked dying to get away from these histrionics.

Haans pleases sirs go.”

But Maan our car?”

Koi baat nahi beta you both are coming home with me I wouldn’t dream of letting you go home at this hour. We will arrange transport for you tomorrow, its too late now.” Auntyji offered.

The phone rang again. One of the constables picked it up as Gullu was still indisposed sobbing on the floor. “For you sir,” handing Maan the phone respectfully.

It was Adi. “Sir..sir! I am so sorry are you and Geet all right!”

Haan Adi.”

Sir I am s..ssorry that I didn’t get your message I was on a stakeout with Major Saab. But as soon as I picked it up I spoke to ACP who said he would sort it out.”

We are all sorted now Adi thank you. And you found Major Saab! Thank god.” Maan let out a heartfelt sigh. Now major Saab would help him find out about his father and look for Pandey.

Adi can you send a car and a phone with some money to this address tomorrow I am about to give you. Its a long story I will tell you when I get home. Oh and cancel all my credit cards with immediate effect they have been stolen.”

Adi took down the details his face filling with surprise. Every time Maan sir went to that village he ended up in some sort of trouble!

Pleases sir don’ts writes a complaints about mes!” Gullu pleaded as he left pulling at Maan’s jeans and wrapping his arms around him tightly.

After much reassurance and efforts Maan managed to unclamp him, glaring at Geet as she laughed finding the situation hilarious.

Geet laugh all you want now. When I get you into that bedroom where I wanted you so much last time but couldn’t do anything about it, I assure you that you will not be laughing for long.” He hissed in her ear sliding himself between her and Santa and Banta, his eyes stripping her there and then.

Hiding her face in the dupptta she giggled helplessly remembering Maan’s disconcerted face when auntyji caught him bare chested and he had seen Auntyji reading ‘The lusty millionaire and the feisty virgin.’ in that room.

Err…Auntyji thank you once again for coming to our aid.” Maan said turning away from Geet’s laughter.

Kuch baat nahi beta. Waise I was only passing, thank god I came in to personally hand the party invite to Gullu, otherwise you might have had to spend the night in the cell.”


Haan we have a big party tomorrow so you cant go home before then.”

They arrived at the house. The lights all blazed brightly, the whole house glowed. As they entered they heard music and laughter.

Geet smiled a wicked smile at him and whispered. “Looks like your plans will have to wait a couple of days.”

Glaring at the crowd he said, “We’ll see about that!”


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 Chapter 52.

People all rushed up to Auntyji talking all at once and generally shouting louder than each other. Maan glared at Geet he would have preferred a night in the cell rather than this loud crowd, at least he could have sat alone in peace and quiet with his Mishty even if he couldn’t do much more.


Santa and Banta slinked like two tubby shadows following Geet everywhere.


“Everyone, this is Geet and Maan Singh Khurana they are very good friends of the family, please make them welcome.”


Loads of people came up to greet them. Uncleji came out from a crowd of people and thumped Maan on the back.


“Oy teri ke! Welcome back Maan, Geet! So nice to see you. Sweety I am so glad you sent them an invite.” He beamed at her.


“Oh Ji! Nahi ji, I didn’t send them invite for our small party, but when Santa and Banta get married I will definitely send out an invite to them. No ji! It was that idiot Gullu I went to give him an invite and found that he had thought these two were master crminals! I tell you that man is completely mad.”


Uncleji roared with laughter, “ Gullu is definitely a one off!”


“Banta and Santa’s wedding, I do hope its soon.” Maan smiled staring at Geet’s two tubby groupies. “I would love to come to their wedding, please do send us an invite when that happens.” Having wives of their own he thought, would keep them from ogling his!


Uncleji grinned. “Well, never mind how you got here but its lovely to see you both. Maan, Geet you will add shaan to our party tomorrow.”


“Err Uncleji, we wont be able to stay tomorrow night as well. I already missed some important meetings today I wont be able to delay them any longer.” He couldn’t wait to get Geet away to himself, and also he really wanted to get back home now Adi had tracked down Major Saab.


“Haan, Haan beta you young ones are the supersonic age, always aspiring to go further. Chalo kuch baat nahi you are here today lets all make the most of it. Suno!” He called out to the crowd, “Since we are all here already why don’t we all start celebrating from Today!”


There was a huge cheer and everyone started talking at once about what to do.


“Suno tum log lets play some games!” Auntyji declared. “You all sit around in a circle and we will play a forfeit game, who ever gets stuck with the cushion has to do a forfeit.”


Happily everyone settled down into a large circle.


“Maan, Geet tum bhi!”


“Err nahi Auntyji this is not really my thing…” Maan started to say when Auntyji laughed and said “Why so shy, mujhe woh raat sab yaad hai!” She gave him a push that had him practically falling on Geet. Dark colour rose slashing his cheeks, he too remembered that night vividly. “Phir se paagal khaana mein pahoonch gaya mein.” He muttered.


“Sirs! Sirs!” Maan was startled to see Gullu right behind him. “Pleases dont tell ACPs saabs to posts me elsewheres! My biwis will kills mess!! Pleaajjjeees!”


“GULLU! Leave our guest alone.” Auntyji picked him up by the collar and made him sit far away from them, Gullu settled down next to large glowering woman. Maan heaved a sigh of relief, which was short lived as Banta and Santa slid themselves either side of Geet whilst he was staring at Gullu.






“Githhhhhh!” He glared, his eyes telling her to come and sit on the other side of him.


“Err Maan I am fine here.” she teased watching his face cloud over.


“Chalo Chalo shuru karo.” Auntyji declared loudly throwing Geet a bright pink cushion. “Ejj aap ne music set kiya na?”


Uncleji nodded as he settled himself with his pride and joy, his IPOD and speakers, they belted out a loud Bollywood tune and the cushion started travelling from one person to another. Maan cringed at the loud tune, bristling and glaring at Geet as he saw all his plans rapidly vanishing into thin air.


The cushion went to a cute little girl whose forfeit they decided was to do a dance.


“Sweety do chamak chalu!” A lady shouted out.




“What about Sheila ke jawani?”




Uncleji smiled “ I know which song Sweety likes!” He looked at his play list and chose Kajra re……The song rang out and everybody clapped as Sweety danced so well she outshone even Aishwarya!


Everyone settled back after a lot of clapping and whistling, Sweety took many bows. The cushion started on its journey again being passed from hand to hand landing on various peoples laps until it fell on a very despondent looking Gullu’s lap.


He stared at it wondering what he was supposed to do, he been thinking how to save his career.


“Gullu you have to do a forfeit!” Uncleji shouted.


Gullu looked as if he was about to start crying. The large woman next to him glowered and nudged him to get on with it.


He stumbled up, now out of his uniform and in a bright green Indian jhabba and trousers he looked like little Genie. His eyes roamed over everyone and rested on Maan who was glaring at him. Stumbling through the circle he went up to Uncle and muttered something in his ear.


Grinning Uncle nodded.


Gullu came back into the middle and stood waiting for his song to begin.


Yeh duniyaaaa yeh mehfilllllllllll mere kaam ke nahi….meri kaam ke nahi…….Yeh duniyaaaa yeh mehfilllllllllll mere kaam ke nahi….meri kaam ke nahi……yeh duniyyaaaaaaa….”


Gullu ran in front of Maan and went into a Raj Kumar pose, hand on forehead eyes closed.


…kisko sunawo haal dil e bekaarar ka..buj ta hua chirag hoon apne maazar ka…eh kaash bhul jawu magar bhul ta nahiiiiiiiiiii…………kiss dum se utatha zanaza bahar ka…Yeh duniyaaaa yeh mehfilllllllllll mere kaam ke nahi….meri kaam ke nahi……”


He leaned right into Maan, who had to lean back to avoid his face. His dark eyes glared at Gullu determined to send him off to some far off place so their paths never crossed again in this lifetime for embarrassing him to no end.


Yeh duniyaaaa yeh mehfilllllllllll mere kaam ke nahi….meri kaam ke nahi…….Yeh duniyaaaa yeh mehfilllllllllll mere kaam ke nahi….meri kaam ke nahi……”


Geet had to hide her face, her whole body shook with the effort not to laugh out loud. Maan looked as if was about to explode.


Gullu carried on lamenting and posing until Auntyji intervened saying “ Bas…bas Gullu sit down now please, ho gaya.” Everyone was staring open mouthed at Gullu and he mad behaviour. Usually Gullu was so full of himself and his police talk about how he caught this villain and that.


Maan fingered his collar in agitation, when was this evening ever going to end. He had a good mind to drag Geet out of here and take his chances on the road.


The cushion started on its journey again being passed from hand to hand landing on various peoples laps until it just missed Geet and landed on Banta’s lap.


“Banta!” Auntyji screamed with delight.


Banta looked at Santa and they both jumped up together and ran off into another room, causing loud whistling from everyone.


“Looks like they have something special planned.” Uncleji roared with laughter as he received what song to play on a txt from the other room.


Maan chose the opportunity to slide himself right next to Geet.


“Why didn’t you come and sit next to me?” Growling quietly, he squeezed her waist.


“Maan! Sab log dekh leenge!”


“I don’t care!”


Just then Banta and Santa came back into the room. There was utter silence for a moment and then everyone fell about laughing hysterically as they saw they had transformed themselves into two Bengali bahu’s complete with Bengali type wrapped saris and huge red bindis on their foreheads. They bowed and nodded to their dad who was grinning from ear to ear and started the song they had requested.


haa….haa…hummm…haaa…..OOOOOOOOOO! Mahiiiiii…………..Dola re……….Dola….re……….hai dola dil dola…maan dole re dolaaaaa….laag dane jo nazariya………..gir jaane do bijuria……..laag dane jo nazariya………..gir jaane do bijuria…….


Baandh ke mein ghunghroo…pehen ke mein payal……….Baandh ke mein ghunghroo…pehen ke mein payal…….jhoom ke mein nachungi…..Dola re……….Dola….re……….hai dola dil dola…maan dole re dolaaaaa….maan dola…

They proceeded to do the most fantastic and hysterical dance, Geet, Maan and everyone had ever seen. The two chubby bengali bahus jumped, wriggled hips, swayed seductively, swung, twirled, wiggled eyebrows and pouted like two consummate artistes making everyone laugh so hard they all had tears coming down their faces.

Especially when they came up to Geet and glaring at Maan they mouthed

‘unke bahoon ka tum ho phoooolll…mein hoon kadmo ke bas dhool………………’.


they acted so funny, a small smile even appeared at the corner of Maan’s mouth. Finally. when it was over they was a huge uproar as everybody cheered and clapped. Santa and Banta took many bows.


Uncleji started the music again and the cushion resumed its journey again being passed from hand to hand landing on various peoples laps until it just missed Geet and landed on Maan who threw it as if it were a hot potato back into Geet’s lap.


“Maan that’s cheating!


“Bhugto!” His whispered using her own favourite word back on her. “You started all this!” he muttered with a sly grin.


Her eyes sparking furiously at him she got up an went to over to uncleji to see what she could do. He showed her his play list and with a grin she picked a song, going back into the middle.


Her eyes homed in on Maan as the song began….


‘Zara zara bahekta hai…..mehek ta hai aaj to mera taan badan……meinpyaasi hoon mujhe bhar le aapne bahoon mein..’Zara zara bahekta hai…..mehek ta hai aaj to mera taan badan……meinpyaasi hoon mujhe bhar le aapne bahoon mein….hai meri kasam…..tuj ko sanam door kahe na ja..yeh doori kehte paas meri aaja re…..’


Maan gulped as she swayed seductively raising her arm and trailing the other down its side. Every word she mouthed was designed to ignite and fan the fire within him to a blazing glorious burn


‘yuhi baras baras kaali ghata barse…meri khooli khooli lato ko suljhaiye..tu teri ungli o se. mein tou hoon es khwaish mein…….’


Zara zara bahekta hai…..mehek ta hai aaj to mera taan badan……meinpyaasi hoon mujhe bhar le aapne bahoon mein..’Zara zara bahekta hai…..mehek ta hai aaj to mera taan badan……meinpyaasi hoon mujhe bhar le aapne bahoon mein..


‘Rootega na muhj se waada kar le………..’


Dear God! She was driving him mad. His pupils dilated as she moved in on him.


‘sarde ke ratoon mein hum soye rahe ek chaadar mein hum dono taanha hoo na koi rahe uss ghar mein..aaajjjaaaaaaaa re aareee…. Tadpaye mujhe sab teri baaten…’


It was as if suddenly they were the only people in the whole room. She held her hand out towards him, he rose and went into her arms completely ensnared in her power over him..


aaajjjaaaaaaaa re aareee….


They danced together fitting together as one body one soul. There was a hush as everyone looked at the love in his eyes for his Geet and hers for him. He swirled and dipped her in his arms before lifting her and showing her off to the world, that she was his!


As the song finished there was a hush and then a huge round of applause and many sighs of wonder. Startled out of their own world they stood awkwardly for a moment staring into each others eyes before Maan took her hand and led her out of the circle.


“Chalooo! Food is ready everybody!”Auntyji declared with a huge smile.


“You two are just like my Mills and Boon characters. Maan, handsome fit hero,” she said staring at his chest, making Maan blush with embarrassment,”and Geet you are such a beautiful girl with a lovely heart!” Sighing again she clapped her hands together and said, “lets go and get something to eat. You two must be famished.”


“I am not hungry for food, I just need you my Mishty.” Softly he whispered in her ear.


“Maan! Please …”she had started this game and now she was paying herself. She needed him just as badly as he needed her.


So many people came up to them and told them how much they liked their dance, offering drinks to Maan and plates of food to Geet. For the sake of peace they took some food and sat on one of the tables.




“Oh God! Gullu!” Maan groaned as a voice called out from under their table.


“Please sirs promise mes that you wont complains about me.”


Maan was about to launch a volley of attack on Gullu when he saw Geet softly nod her head in a no. His face clouded over as he glared down at Gullu’s sad little face, his Mishty was so forgiving of everyone.


“OK, Gullu here’s the deals,” Gullus little aged face broke out into a smile for the first time that evening as Maan used his ‘s’. “If you promise me that you will vanish from my sight in the next thirty seconds, promising me that you will not harass myself or Geet, I will let you go.”


“Oh, thank yous Oh thank yous!” The little man boomed loudly jumping with joy.


He was about to launch into a long loud speech but Maan pointedly looked at his watch, his face staring blankly at Gullu to vanish.




“I am goings!” Gullu started to run vanishing from sight within the allocated time. “But if I can ever dos anythings for you ever agains please calls me!”


“GULLLU!” Maan growled with mock fierceness.


“Thank you Maan.” Geet beamed, she wanted to hug him so much but in middle of this crowd it was impossible.


He saw the look in her eyes and muttered “But we are still stuck here until tomorrow. Damn it Mishty!”


Sitting back Geet looked on at the family gathering, aunties, uncles, fathers sons and daughters as they all ate happily together. Her mind went back to the issues that they were bound to face when they reached home.






“Please give your father a chance once you find him.”


His jaw tightened, he really didn’t want to talk about his father.


“Leave it Geet!”


“No! We both have lost our parents, you at such a critical age and me somewhat older. But I know if I had another chance with my father I would gladly take it.”


“Its not the same Geet!” he ground out. “You don’t know anything!”


“I know one thing Maan, for daadima’s sake and yours, you have to give him a chance to explain why he vanished from your lives.”


“I don’t have to do anything Geet! He is the one who vanished and pretended to be dead all these years.”




“Geet beta your bedroom is ready.” Auntyji came up to them with a sly smile.


“But… “She blushed. “I thought as you have so many guests..”


“Dont worry beta, this lot are going to the terrace for an all night party and they will all be sleeping up there. You are both welcome to join them but I thought after the day you two have had you might prefer to just go and rest. Although I am afraid its not the same bedroom you had last time.”


“Errr no problem Auntyji, anything will be fine.” Maan interjected quickly, things were finally going his way. “Chalo Geet I know you are really tired.” he said grabbing her hand and pulling her up unceremoniously.


“Santa..beta Banta show Geet up to the room I have prepared for them.”


Beaming like truck headlights they escorted them up to their room.


A muttered oath left Maan’s lips as soon as they entered the room.


“Uncle, you can sleep on that one.” Banta declared pointing. “and Geet…” his eyes surveyed her from head to foot whilst his pinky shyly went to his chubby rose bud mouth. “You can sleep in my bed. I have changed the sheets and everything!” He said practically creating a puddle of drool next to her.


Uncle? Did he just hear Banta call him uncle?


“OUT!” Thundered Maan, as he shut the door on their fixed gazes.


“Geet you are not sleeping in either of Santa or Banta’s beds! I would rather we slept on the cold stone floor!”


He turned and eyed the bunk bed in the middle off the room with undisguised horror.





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