TPR chap 57 & 58 – The plot thickens

Hellooooooooo shellooooooooooo Sunday sundae yet again! You guys I hope are having fun ;)) This week thodi se masti and a of lot of pyaarrrrrrr :)) stories moves on. Poor Maan is stuck with the dastardly duo so he is going to take control. But external forces are gathering! UFF! I do hope you enjoy. Please do tell me what you like and what you dont! I love to read them and learn and improve.

Chapter 57

“Maan its nothing. Please don’t get so agitated.” He looked about to explode.

“Who was it?” His fists clenched ready to leap into action.

“It was an accident Maan, nothing more than that.”

“Githhhhhh! Stop beating about the bush!” His hand went to his head in a total gesture of frustration, “come to the point. WHO was it?”

“Anwar.” she said watching his face closely.

His face clouded over in an instant as anger coursed through him.

“How?” the word exploded from him.

She saw his muscles cord with restraint. She had to tell him the truth, she really didnt want this to happen at home again for daadima’s sake.

“I….came home early because Nakul called …he was frantic. Anwar was drunk and throwing things.” She outlined the bare minimum not wanting to add anything more, trying not to distress him further.

“Daadima?” His eyes blazed with fury.

“Thankfully she had gone out and so had ..err your Fa…anyway I came home and between myself and Nakul we got him into his room before daadima came back.”

“How did it happen, did he hit you?” shock and incredulity laced his words. He was ready to go and beat Anwar to a pulp.

“No.. he was wild…he pushed me and I fell and hit my arm on a cupboard.”

Maan sprang off the bed in fury, marching towards the door.

“Maan! Stop!” But he was already at the door.

“Where are you going?”

“Where do you think?” He undid the stopper and was about to pull open the door when Geet sprang into action and stopped him.

“Maan getting angry about it is not going to solve the issue.”

“I dont care! He…touched you! Get out of the way Mishty!”

“Maan..please…” Her hand stayed him pulling at his bandi.

He turned furiously on her. “Look at this!” He glared at the offensive bruise. “You think that I should do nothing about it.”

“Getting angry is not going to solve anything!”

“I am not angry, I am furious! He hurt you! And drinking like that in the house! What if daadima had been in the house?” It didn’t bear thinking about. “He has to be taught a lesson.”

“Anger is not going to solve anything, you have to think of something constructive. Perhaps getting him to come and work at the office, if he is doing something maybe he will be to busy to drink and ..”

“And?” His sharp brain picked up her unsaid words.

“It seemed to me..that..”


“Maan! I think he had taken drugs as well…I mean I have seen drunk people, my uncle was always getting drunk..but he had such a wild look about him..and I notice some white powder on the table in his room.”

The shock of the revelation reverberated through him. She had realised what he had noticed earlier but hadn’t joined together. He had to sort it out now.


“Mishty you cant come like that!”

“Wait Maan!”

Quickly he slid the door open and closed it behind him firmly, not allowing her to follow or hold him back, he pulled the stopper shut from the outside for good measure so she couldn’t follow him. If it was going to get ugly with Anwar he didn’t want her in the middle of it.

“Maan! Where are you going? Open the door” Geet called after him pushing at the door in vain, but he had gone.

Striding to Anwar’s room he pushed the door open without knocking. Anwar was lying face down, out cold on the bed. His mouth was open and he drooling all over the pristine sheets.

With a muttered groan of disgust Maan systematically searched through his cupboards and drawers. He went through the new piles and piles of clothes Anwar seemed to have bought along with watches, shoes, and many flashy accessories. Finally stashed right at the top of one cupboard he found the small white packets. Staring in disgust at them he took them to the en suite and flushed them down the toilet, going to the sink to wash his hands thoroughly.

Drugs in the Khurana mansion! It didn’t bear thinking about. What if Chotu and Babli had been here! Such fury coursed through him he kicked viciously at a bucket making it bounce around the room in a clattered frenzy. Striding back into the bedroom he noticed Anwar hadn’t even stirred at the noise. Standing over the bed Maan decided he would have to take control of Anwar’s activities. No longer could he put them both out of his mind when he went to the office. First thing tomorrow he was going to do was put Anwar in a rehab clinic he decided. As he walked back to his room his eyes fell on Ajeet’s door, he was sure Ajeet would have known about his sons drug taking, why hadn’t it mentioned it. At least if he had said something they could have got help for him. He had let his emotions shut them out. But reality was that they were both here to stay, he would have to get used to them and make the best of the situation for daadima’s and everyone’s sake.

With a sigh he slipped back into the room, closing the door firmly behind him just as Geet launched herself at him thrusting her body against him, flattening him back on to the door. Her eyes roamed over his bandi clad torso for any signs of injury.

“What did you do? What did Anwar say? Why were you gone so long and why did you shut the door behind you!” Peeling herself off him. She paced the floor whilst he stood watching her antics with amusement. She hadn’t even bothered to get dressed, in her angry state she was still in her black bra and pyjama bottoms.

“Why are you smiling? Maan!” She glared at him hard, her hands on her hips. “Its not funny! You could have been hurt! Why did you locked the door behind you? YOU LOCKED THE DOOR BEHIND YOU!” She shouted thrusting her self at him again unable to believe that he had actually done such a thing.

“Geet, calm down!” He launched himself at her placing one hand over her mouth and the other slid around her waist pulling her into him. “Yes I locked the door for your own good! You could have told me this afternoon when Nakul called about what was happening at home, but no you had to do it all by yourself! You could have told me all evening at dinner, instead you said he wasn’t feeling well that’s why he was not at dinner!”

Her eyes sparked furiously at him from behind his hand. He was holding her so tight against him she couldn’t wriggle free.

Advancing them towards the bed he lifted her against him and tumbled them both onto the bed, still hold his hand over her mouth so she couldn’t speak.

“Abb Maan Singh Khuarana will tell you how its going to be from now on! You are going to be a good Mishty and behave, no more heroics, no more being a martyr. I do not want to see any more injuries on you.”

“UMMM! Ummm!” She squealed from under his hand her eyes darkly passionate in her anger.

For a full minute he watched her struggle against him with a smile. God! She excited him beyond measure, his body rocketed into overdrive. After a while her frenzied struggles slowed replacing the anxiety in her face and showing her awareness of his aroused state. She stilled her body under him still muttering what sounded garbled Punjabi curses at him.

“Tut Tut Tut, Geet Maan Singh Khurana….is that the kind of language a lady uses..hmmm…mujhe paata hai ke you only do these things because you love me, but you are going to listen to me from now on! Where it concerns Anwar and Ajeet you will tell me anything you think is not right. Is that a deal? Yours, daadima’s, Nakuls and everyone’s safety depends on us. Anwar I have decided is going to a rehab clinic from tomorrow and I will be having words with Ajeet to understand why he didn’t tell us. We have to work together…is that a deal?”

She could only nod….he was looking down at her with so much love. His lips kissed the bruise on her arm gently. Her eyes misted over, thanking Babaji for giving her such a perfect man.

“And now I am going to seal this deal with a kiss.” With that his eyes blazed but he didn’t move his hand from her mouth. Instead those hot seeking lips homed in on a lush lace covered breast. His weight shifted and he moved within the cradle of her hips

A deep moan of pleasure escaped her as he licked and nuzzled the burgeoning flesh. His fingers moved from her mouth and started to trace her lips with the tips of his fingers.

“Oh!” gasping with pleasure she raised her head and drew his finger into her mouth sucking on it with pleasure as he was doing to her flesh.

What she was doing to his finger was so erotic, a moan escaped his mouth. He nibbled on the perfect globes in a leisurely fashion knowing it was driving her crazy.

“Maan! Oh!” she arched into him as increased the friction, instantly she was transported back to the cave and the first time he had made her body sing.

He felt her straining against him, moving up her slick flesh he quickly removed her bra, and his own bandi settling himself fully over her.

“Yes! Come for me my Mishty!”

She was so close to losing it already but she wanted more now..she wanted him all “..No …I want you..please…Maan. Now!” she ran her hands down his muscled back pushing his joggers down off him.

His hand ran down her back and cupped her bottom. Looking down at her he said. “There is no rush..we have all night.” His tongue delved deeply into her mouth. “Mishty…sweet Mishty I will never have enough of you! Yes, come for me now! I want to see you fall apart in my arms.”

She could hold on no longer, he rocked her to such an intense climax she shattered into a thousand pieces in his arms. Sated she lay limp against his body as he removed the last of their clothes and protected himself.

“And now..” He rasped adjusting her and slipping deep inside her in a slow thrust right to the hilt. He filled her already sensitised flesh making her arch and gasp with pleasure against his cheek. His hand pushed at the swath of hair on her forehead pushing it back off her face. Her soft amber eyes reflected his love and mirrored his passion.

“Mishty mine! You feel so incredible, take me to heaven again.” And she did.

Deepak squirmed in the incredibly uncomfortable plastic chair. Why had Shankar brought him here. Never was he going to touch a drop of liquor again! In his inebriated state he had spilled his guts out to Shankar and now look where it got him! From small time crook to big time trouble.

Pandey! He had heard of him of-course, who hadn’t. Squirming again he broke out in a nervous sweat. Where was he anyway, he had been sitting here for nearly two hours now waiting.

“Shankar did you call Patel?”

“Haan boss, he had gone to that village where Geet used to live.”

“What was he doing there?

“Dunno boss, but he seems to be quite full in the pocket nowadays. Maybe usne side bijjness set up kiya hai, kutta saala!”

“hmmm” Pandey’s eyes sparkled. This was just getting better and better. “Is that other man you were talking about here?”

“Yes boss Deepak is waiting outside.”

Pandey walked out into the courtyard and saw the nervous, sweating Deepak. This little man held the key to his new plan, he should start out being extra nice to him….baadme dekha jaayenga.

“You lazy lot!” He yelled at his men. Didn’t you bring anything to eat and drink for our guest? Kutte! Kamino! What do I pay you for?”

“Mujhe kuch peena aur khaana nahi!” Deepak squeaked. As he watched the huge pan chewing Pandey walk towards him. “Please I don’t know anything let me go!”

Pandey thumped Deepak playfully on the back making the little man fall out of his chair.

“Yes yes…of-course you are free to go anytime….” grabbing Deepak’s collar and holding him back when he was about to run. “But first you need to tell me all about your dealings with the Khuranas!”

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Chapter 58.


Anwar sat in the doctor waiting room along with Maan and Ajeet. Defiance in his every stance. He glared at the perpetrators of these atrocities. Not only did he have to toe the line, now Maan had dragged him to a rehab clinic! He couldn’t believe it. He had thought that once he got into the mansion he would have access to unbelievable riches and be able to indulge in whatever he chose too.

Damn Maan Singh Khurana and Damn Ajeet. He was sorely tempted to tell Ajeet that he had had enough of this. If there was money to made then lets do it and get away from this god forsaken place. He had run out of coke, he wasn’t sure how. There were definitely 4-5 packets left when he had snorted last. Did he finish them all in his drug induced state or did Ajeet find and take them? He wasn’t sure but the first opportunity he got he was going to get his hands on some more.

“Err Anwar beta, did you hear what the doctor said you are to take these medication and slowly we will be able to wean you off the drugs. You will be a good boy and take them wont you/” Anwar glared at back at his sickly fatherly smile. What could he say they had already taken blood and conducted so many painful tests on him already he had no choice to comply for now.

“Either you take these as directed or I keep you here!” Maan growled at the sulky Anwar, not willing to take any chances at home ever again.

“You re not my brother and he is not my dad!” Anwar growled under his breath.

“What did you say?” Maan’s sharp ears picked those words instantly.

“Errr..Beta take no notice off him, he really needs help and I am so glad that you are here to provide it. Unfortunately I his father didn’t have the means to provide such help.” His face crumpled and he made a great show of crying into his handkerchief.

“As long as he keeps on taking the medication, otherwise I will enrol him in here. Why didn’t you tell me earlier that he had a habit? I could have done something sooner, and that scene at home need not have ever happened.” Hi eyes blazed as they remembered the bruise on Geet.

Ajeet nodded. “I am so sorry …Err he hadn’t taken anything for a while so I thought he had got over it. Anwar will be a good boy I will make sure of that.” Ajeet squeezed the grumbling Anwar’s hand to make sure he kept quiet.

Sick with the whole situation Maan ground out, “I am going to the office, the car will take you home.”

“Errr Beta…can you spare me some cash I need to get a few things.”

Maan stared at his father. Didn’t he just give him cash two days ago. Also he knew daadima had given him cash too. What was he spending it all on?

Pursing his lips he pulled out his wallet and handed him a wad of notes from there. “I only have this much at the moment.”

“Oh that will be fine..just fine…” Ajeet murmured with a smile as Maan turned sharply on his heel and went off furiously.

Patel sat outside the chaiwala in Rupnagar slurping his tea. There was a defeated look on his face. Shankar had called him back because Pandey wanted to speak to him but he really didn’t want to go back to Delhi. Away from Pandey’s eyes he had established a nice little side business that kept him well watered and fed and allowed him the luxury of a few extras that he had never had the chance to enjoy back in there.

After the business with Maan sending a man to clear Geet’s uncle out from the house for a few weeks there had been nothing to do but it wasn’t long before Geet’s uncle and Aunty had slunk back to the house and reopened it. Pretending to have learnt their lesson they carried on living there quietly. Geet’s uncle had become his partner in crime and together they sold illegal alcohol to the whole district and beyond.

He had also kept an eye on Chotu, now and again providing him sweets and small toys. Oh nothing much that would catch the attention of Chotu’s very sharp sister Babali, just enough to keep Chotu sweet and trusting in him. Patel knew he had a ace in the hole here, Geet and therefore Maan Singh Khurana would do anything for Chotu’s safety.

“Patel bhaiyya..why are so lost in thought? Kuch hua?” The chaiwala asked his now very loyal customer.

“Nahi bhaiyya,” Patel replied with resignation. “My aunty ka phone aaya tha Delhi se, she is not well. I will have to go back for a few days but now I love it here so much it pains me to leave this place. But what to do we have to go and help our elders when they need don’t we. “ He would have to go and show his face there and somehow convince Pandey that he was of no use to him so he could come back to Rupnagar and enjoy his new life. Better that than have Pandey send Shankar or somebody that would blow his little racket wide apart.

“Haan, bhaiyya. You are a good son to be doing that. Nowadays the young ones they just don’t care!”

“Haan let me just go and pay my respects to auntyji, who knows when she might pop off!” Patel grinned at the thought of being free of Pandey altogether soon especially as Pandey was yet again tangling with Maan Singh Khurana. Seems he never learnt his lesson.

Geet watched Maan stride in to the office with a thunderous look on his face.

“Huh..huh…aaj gaye sab! Yeh Maan sir ke ankh mein aag ka gola kyu hai Geet?” Adi pushed his glasses up his nose and winced as Maan laid into a junior clerk who accidentally bumped into him as he was walking backwards smiling at a girl.

“Do you come to my office to flirt? I tell you what, lets get rid of Khurana constructions and set up Khurana dating agency instead!”

“B..bu..t! Sorryy…!” The young man turned crimson an went off suitably chastised.

“And tum log!” His eyes fired at anyone who even cared to look in his direction. “Have none of you any work to do? “His words dropped like bombs over their heads, the tone had them all scurrying about like industrious rabbits.

Geet went after him as he stormed into his office.

“Maan, kya hua? Did you manage to get him to rehab?”



“Nothing else. He will have to take the meds and slowly he can be weaned off the drugs but he has to make sure he is diligent about taking the prescribed drugs.”

“That is going to be difficult to monitor. What did your fa…er…” he gave her such a sharp look, “Err Ajeet say ?”

“Not much he said he would make sure Anwar took his meds and asked for more cash to spend!” Maan shook his head at the audacity of both of them. They were like bottomless pit.

“Money but I …”

Instantly he looked at her sharply. “How much did you give him?”

“Errr 5000.00”

“But I saw the money I put in your cupboard was untouched this morning! Geet did you give him money you had saved for Chotu and Babli.”

“What does it matter?” Her chin tilted up at a stubborn angle.

“If it doesn’t matter why did you give him your money instead of the other?”

“Maan I don’t want to argue with you about this. The more worrying issue is where is he spending it all? I mean I know they have been shopping but really, have they shopped that much? You gave him money, I gave him, and I am sure daadima gave him too!”

“Geet that money I put in the cupboard is for you to spend. Whats the point of me putting it there and you not touching it!”

“Maan! I said I didn’t want to argue about this!”

“Tough!” He was in a foul mood. His own father wanted to spend money like water and his wife, on who he would be happy to spend ALL his money, didn’t want to touch it at all! Why was life so frustrating!

“Geet I expect you to spend the money!”

“Chaddo! Are you listening to me at all? Forget about the money!” With that she flounced out of his office angrily. Why was he so stubborn, getting past that ‘Maan’ was truly hard work sometimes.

Maan sat down at his desk with a thump muttering under his breath. “What was wrong in spending your husbands money? Why was she so stubborn as a mule!”

His phone rang and he scowled at it, then corrected himself as he saw it was daadima.

“Yes daadima?”

“Maan where did you take Anwar and Ajeet so early in the morning? Are they at work with you?”

“Err no Daadima they had other things to do. I am sure they will home soon.” He had given them the car so they could get back home, so where had they gone?

“Ok beta dont worry I am sure they will be back soon.” Savitridevi muttered. Ajeet hadn’t changed at all it seemed even after all these years. Replacing the receiver she sank into the sofa with a resigned sigh, had she unwittingly brought trouble back into their peaceful happy home in the pursuit of her son?

Maan stabbed at the buttons on his phone, his scowl having returned with ferocity.

“Maan beta?” Major Saab answered in his usual no nonsense style.

“Err have you had any further information on Ajeet and Anwar?”

“Some, its not looking good so far. It seems they have been running for a while. So far my men have followed their trail to Bangkok, Singapore. They are in Hong Kong at the moment following some leads. Seems they have been involved in gambling and so many rackets, running as soon as things became to hot to handle. They have some very angry, and some very bad people after them.”

He knew it! Maan’s whole body tensed. Damn Ajeet, how sweetly he had been sucking up to daadima! All the time knowing what kind of people were after him. Bringing trouble home right to their doorstep.

“Major Saab carry on, I want to know all the details. And Pandey have you caught up with him?”

“No not much luck there I am afraid, we could do with a break there. But don’t worry something will turn up soon I’m sure.” Major Saab ran a frustrated hand across his fulsome moustache.

“Thank you sir I will await your reports.” Maan signed off.

The break they needed was walking around in a daze. Pandey had scared all the details out of him. Deepak muttered to himself that he hadn’t meant to spill all the secrets, but what could he do. He was just a little man caught up in a whole heap of trouble. Savitrivi devi’s sad face swam in front of his eyes, and he heard his own mother’s voice telling him not to do anything to hurt or break someone’s heart. Without intending to his meandering steps led him to a a small shrine to Mary in who’s arms smiled the baby Jesus. He stared at the sweet picture they made for a while. Finally he took a deep breath and squared his defeated shoulders. So what if he was just a little man entangled in a very large web of trouble, he still had some integrity. He was going to go to Maan Singh Khurana’s office and come clean. Yes, that poor lady Savitridevi didn’t deserve to have so much trouble heaped on her. First Ajeet had duped her and now Pandey was hell bent on revenge. He would go to Maan Singh Khurana and tell him everything then go back to his village to look after his mother with a good conscience. With a determined step he walked towards his destination.



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    I love the way you are weaving the story, taking the weasel to the rehab was good going but will he abide to the treatment waits to be seen, Ajeet has tasted the honey and has forgotten how to curb his greed, in all this hash Maan zeroed in on the fact that Geet had given her hard earned money to Ajeet and left her allowance untouched, and he went on like a stuck record 🙂

    I hope Deepak manages to get through to Maan, poor MSk & Dadi they do deserve a break….slowly the jigsaw puzzle is being put into place and the result is pretty gripping…..same cry as always by Annie ” looking forward to the next update ” 😀

    • janememe

      July 1, 2013 at 8:54 am

      I love Maan when he is spewing like a broken record and geet just ignores him ;)) So like married life hahahaha! Fikker not Deepak will get to Maan somehow ;))

  20. abi

    July 1, 2013 at 3:53 am

    nice update
    maan getting to know about things from major shab
    just a request dont make it mor dramatic by making deepak caught and not reaching MSK
    and this time want deepak to reach MSK not geet nor anyone just maan and he should tell everything maan i hope u will do that

    • janememe

      July 1, 2013 at 8:50 am

      ooo Abi , whilst i was washing up I thought of a hilarious scene with Deepak/Adi/Pink and Geet – O_O but if u dont want then i have to think of something else ;))

    • janememe

      July 1, 2013 at 8:50 am

      ooo Abi , whilst i was washing up I thought of a hilarious scene with Deepak/Adi/Pink and Geet – O_O but if u dont want then i have to think of something else ;))

      • abi

        July 2, 2013 at 4:23 am

        are if its funny then include it but it shouldnt divert deepak from his ultimate goal to meet MSK that day only

      • janememe

        July 2, 2013 at 7:13 am

        Ok Abi understood ;)) Maan and Deepak will meet no worries!

  21. Kathrina Pheonix( Dumas )

    July 2, 2013 at 1:14 am

    awesome update wait for maan to break both of them bones glad dadima is realizing that in her love for her son she brought trouble to there peaceful life loved the update

    • janememe

      July 2, 2013 at 7:12 am

      Thanks Kathrina ;)) LOL u all are a blood thirsty lot , always want to break bones ;)))

  22. kalyani786

    July 2, 2013 at 8:42 am

    superb … as always!!!1:-)

    • janememe

      July 2, 2013 at 10:52 am

      Thanks Kalyani ;)) Much obliged for your comment, am glad you are enjoying the story.

  23. savitha.

    July 3, 2013 at 3:05 am

    ewwwwww..what a rotten guy this ajeet is..I want to see maan beat the pulp out of him..and some punches from geet to that slimy creature anwar..:D poor daadima..hope her sharp senses are awakened soon!!

  24. Chetna

    July 5, 2013 at 9:39 am

    hi Jane..extremely sorry 4 late comments! Terrific update! Hate Ajeet n Anwar! So Dadi reflecting on her decision! Maan finding out abt Ajeet n Anwar! Ahh Geet will never listen to Maan! So Pandey has a conscious! update soon!

    • janememe

      July 6, 2013 at 9:09 pm

      Hi Chetna no worries..just read when you can and get the time ;)) And pandey get a conscience? never! Its Deepak who has turned ;)) If you go back to the station scenes you will see deepak felt bad about swindling savitridevi.

  25. Chetna

    July 8, 2013 at 5:49 am


    • janememe

      July 8, 2013 at 8:20 am

      LOLL no sorryyyyyyyy ;)) No worry!

  26. nesha2017

    March 4, 2018 at 5:36 pm

    Passionate love yaar
    Maan knew a little bout them redy


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