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Chapter 61

Her eyes didn’t stray from his face. She could see he sought very hard to control himself, his jaw was clenched tight as the skin of a drum. When he had asked to open her eyes she knew it was to see if she really wanted this, wanted him. He had sought her permission even when he was under so much strain. She knew he would have never taken her in anger or rage. That rage was now under control and had been replaced by sheer passion and need. She could understand why he sought to lose himself in her arms, even if it blocked out the realities for only a short while, to reach that place that only could be reached by their mutual love for each other.

Her hand reached out and she caressed the side of his face as he entered the bedroom. Instantly at her touch his eyes homed in on her face. The flames burned so bright in them for her she was instantly up in flames. Mesmerised by that look she didn’t even realise that he had placed her in the middle of the bed, stepped backwards to close the doors and pull the stopper across enclosing them in their space, their own world.

The window was open and a soft night breeze swept in to the room caressing every corner, seeking out its cosy corners. The outhouse bedroom felt so right. Candles glowed in the little enclaves. There was no time to wonder who had lit them and why, there was only room to feel.
He stood at the edge of the bed just looking at her for a long moment before with slow determination he took off his clothes. Stripping off his bandi and then with a determined flick he popped open the button off his jeans easing them down with care over his rigid fullness. His muscles shone teak, glistening with the sweat of his work out. Citrus scent mixed with his own virile potent heady mix and enveloped her senses like a blanket.

Geet’s breathing became laboured and he hadn’t even touched her. He shed his boxers and protected him self and stood just watching her. Heat pooled between her thighs, her nipples peaked and hardened under his scorching gaze. He was such toned perfection, his body stood proud and wanting, she gulped a little at the sheer size of him, she was almost ready to explode fully clothed just looking at him.

Almost as if he were too afraid to move in-case he unleashed his sheer need on her he just stood looking at her. Dark peaking nipples showed through the damp white of her kurti where he had suckled them making the area wet, he could almost taste the sweetness of her skin from where he stood.

But she could wait no longer, her arms reached out to him and when he made no move to come into them she raised them above her head arching herself up to him, offering her self.
That seductive action of hers tipped him over the edge he launched himself onto the bed next to her, his lips closing over a turgid peak under her clothes.

“Maan! Now!”

Stripping her efficiently he held her at arms length just drinking in her tousled aroused state.

“Now! Maan!” Her demand broke through to his passion clouded mind, placing himself at her entrance he took a deep laboured breath.

She expected him to surge, to thrust into her as she could see his every sinew was straining. But he entered her so slowly, taking his time, stretching her to full.

Eyes tightly closed, under him she squirmed and arched but he was not to be rushed. Slowly and deliberately he filled her to the hilt and waited.

“I..cant..Maan..” Her eyes flew open and stared at his face. It was face a mask of need, of total control, the veins in his neck stood out with sheer effort.

“M…an. Ahhhhhh!” She urged him to move to slake her thirst.

“Mishty! No not yet!” The growl came from deep within him. He wanted to savour this joining. He wanted to savour this unconditional love that she offered and shared with him.

She tried to move but he held her hips fast, wave upon wave of sensation rolled over her. She dug her nails hard into his back, then without any conscious thought her inner muscles gripped him hard and she started to fall apart.


The scream that left his throat was deep, his body leapt into action and he started to pump hard and fast. He carried on right through her orgasm taking her higher and higher into another and onwards.
The passion that he had tried to leash broke all barriers and it became a coupling that bordered on the frantic. She went with him all the way straining to give him back as much pleasure as he gave her.

As the night wore on the fast and furious pace changed to slow and languid. Raining kisses on her face he made slow sweet love to her yet again looking into her eyes, his own eyes reflected his total love for her.

It seemed to go on and on..long into the night they made love, slept and made love yet again. He lost himself in her fragrance, in her body, in her eyes and in her love.

The full fat yellow Moon rose high and danced across the sky, its rays dancing over their bodies on the bed. But they neither noticed nor cared so lost in each other they were.

Ajeet smiled, the toast was light and crispy just as he liked it. He gazed at the wonderful breakfast spread of fruit, toast, paratha, yoghurt, pasta, and a selection of tea and coffee. Nakul had definitely been put through his paces this morning, and he was going to make sure from now on the servants knew who the boss was.

“Nakul you lazy dog! I asked you for eggs as well!”

Nakul muttered under his breadth. Why did daadima go out so early? Every time she was not here Ajeet ran all the servants ragged. Thank god that Anwar hadn’t bothered to get up yet otherwise they would have two dragons to contend with. And where was Maan sir and Geet. Even they hadn’t come down yet. He looked up towards their room in hope they would make an appearance soon.

“Nakul! My eggs!”

“Yes right away!”

“SIR!” Ajeet growled at Nakul.

“I am Ajeet Singh Khurana! Owner of this Haveli, don’t you forget that.”

“Not for much longer, if I can help it!” Maan muttered as Ajeet’s voice carried right down the linking corridor to him. Getting ready fast, he had came out early wanting to see if Ajeet and Anwar had arrived home at all. He had risen early, totally refreshed after a night of lovemaking, Geet however was sleeping like a baby. Smiling down at her he dropped a soft kiss on her lips, he had totally worn her out he knew, she needed to regain her strength. Adoring her sleepy tousled form with his eyes he remembered how she had been with him all the way, exploring, arousing him, making him burn as he did with her. For a while he had been able to forget everything and just revel in her love. His Mishty, his wife.

The anger had drained and his brain had now cleared, he knew exactly what to do. He would trap Ajeet and Anwar by their own means. He couldn’t just throw them out on the say so of Deepak, although he completely believed what he said. No he would have to wait just a little bit longer until Major Saab completed gathering all the evidence against Ajeet and Anwar, then he could show daddima, and after seeing that he knew daadima herself would throw Ajeet out along with the trash that slept upstairs, he didn’t even know if he was his real brother. Maybe he should organise a DNA test on the quiet.

“Maan beta,” Ajeet sweetly said as he saw him, “how are you?”

Maan sat down and Nakul smiled at him gratefully. Chotasahib was strict and sometimes even gruff but he always treated all the servants well, like family. How different they were he thought as he quickly served Maan black coffee.

Helping himself to pasta Maan started eating without returning Ajeet’s greeting. It was bad enough to sit at the table and maintain normality when all he wanted to do was punch his guts out.

“Nakul daadima kaha hai?” He fired at him as Geet came running through the linking corridor her eyes wide and frantic, her tousled crushed clothes looked at little worse for wear. It looked like she had just jumped out of bed pulled her clothes on and run.

He smiled sweetly at her, “Geet why are you running? You are not late, don’t worry you haven’t missed anything.”

Clenching her fists Geet took a deep breath. When she hadn’t found him in the outhouse she had panicked imagining all sorts of things. Imagining Ajeet and Anwar lying on the floor dead or the police carting them away. Had he said anything to Ajeet? Daadima? But looking at Ajeet he looked quite normal, obnoxiously so. He sat there happily munching his toast and eggs whilst planning and plotting how to swindle his own mother and ruin his son. She wanted to murder him herself right now!

Maan saw the fire in her eyes, a grim smile lit his face. There was nothing as beautiful like his Mishty when she was angry, he loved her for it. But now was not the time.

“Err Geet why don’t you get ready. I am leaving for the office. I have a number of meetings to attend early and Mr Shah also needs to talk to you about the final finish so I will see you later.

“Err But daadima?” She didn’t want to leave her at home with these monsters.

“That’s all in hand.” Maan said calmly dabbing his mouth with a napkin. “Daadima is going to meet us at the office, I think she said she wanted to go shopping with you.”

She stared at him wide eyed. How could he be so calm.

“Geet just go and get ready. Don’t worry about a thing, everything is fine.”

“Haan beti, why don’t you go shopping and spend some of the Khuarana money. Err by the way Maan you don’t have any cash on you do you I need to get some things.”

Maan smiled sweetly at Ajeet, but his eyes had a steely glint to them. “I’m afraid I don’t, you cleared me out yesterday remember?

The steely glint in Maan’s eye caught Ajeet’s attention. He stared for a moment wondering why there was an edge to Maan this morning, maybe he was overplaying it by demanding money all the time. No matter, he could always take the money later from Geet’s cupboard. Neither Maan or Geet would miss it, but how to get hold of that yellow diamond? That diamond alone would keep him in luxury for months!

“Err Ok Maan.” Geet gave him quick glance, there was a grim determination about him, she stood for a moment clenching her fists and looking at Ajeet with longing. Then at Maan’s pointed stare she nodded and hurried up the stairs.

As soon as she was out of sight, Maan turned a calm face to Ajeet. “You are not to shout at Nakul and the servants like that.”

“Don’t lecture me son! They’re just servants!” Ajeet replied haughtily.

“They are family to this household. If I hear you shouting like that again there will be hell to pay!

And another thing, you are not to take any more money off Geet, do you understand? In the last few weeks you have been taking money off Geet and daadima left right and centre, this has got to stop.

You live here, you eat here, you travel in luxury cars, what an earth are you spending all this money on?”

Ajeet’s jaw fell open. He never expected Maan, his own son to turn on him like this. Certainly he was not a soft touch as he had thought.
“Err beta …er its just things…err cl…..”

Maan gave him a quelling look. He really didn’t want to know what sorry excuses Ajeet could come up with.

“Nakul, bring Geet’s breakfast up to our room.” At Nakul’s huge smiling nod, he got up and walked up the stairs to his bedroom.

Geet came out of the shower, fully dressed to see Maan walk into the room.

“Why didn’t you wake me?” Moaning at him, she pulled off the towel and started drying her quickly.

His arms came around her and he pulled her into him, burying his face in her wet hair he breathed in her fresh fragrance.

“Maan! You are insatiable!” She groaned her eyes closing she threw her head back allowing him better access.

“You make me that way! I couldn’t wake you, not after I totally tired you out last night and this morning.” He muttered, his tone deep and gruff whilst nibbling at her throat.

“I thought when you weren’t there in the room you had gone to throw Ajeet and Anwar out!”

He raised his head and looked down at her, the angry glint came back into his eyes. “No not yet Mishty, we have to wait a while. For daadima’s sake I am going wait until Major Saab collects all the proof of his misdeeds. I believe Deepak but daadima may not. Ajeet is after all her son. But once she sees the proof she will throw them out herself I know.”

“And he is your f…” at his pained looked she stopped but then another thought struck her.” But the meantime..those monsters..daadima!”

“Don’t worry, between you and me we are going to keep daadima busy for a few days. You just be careful of both of them.”

His phone rang with a regretful quick kiss stolen from her lips he pulled it out and answered. “Adi! Yes I am coming…no I will be there shortly.” he terminated the call.

“I have to run Mishty. I will call daadima from the car and make some excuse to get her to the office.”

“I will be there shortly too Maan.”

With a last lingering look on her face he walked out of the bedroom.

Deep in thought Geet started to dry her hair again. It was going to be difficult knowing what they knew now to keep being normal. Sighing she turned to find herself staring right into the face of a leering Anwar.

Alarmed she stepped back as he took a step towards her. The smell coming from him was terrible, it seemed he was already drunk at this time of the morning or maybe he hadn’t sobered up from the night before.

“What do you want?” Her eyes flashed angrily. “And don’t you knock?”

“Kyu knock karu! This…is my house!” There was such a creepy look on his face and a wild look in his eyes. Stepping forward he kept advancing.

“Get away from me!” Her temper reached boiling point as he backed her right against a cupboard.
He swayed towards her, his arms reaching out to get a hold of her, his wrist closed on her slender arm. He gripped hard trying to pull her towards him.

“Let go off me this instant!” Geet told him calmly, but her eyes said something altogether.

“Phaataka ho tum ekdum phaataka!” He advanced a little more, “I want a taste of you.”

“Let go now! I am warning you!” All the anger she had reigned in on behalf of Maan and daadima came to the fore. This man was out to swindle those she loved, how could he even think he would get away with this. Her eyes blazed fire and if Anwar had taken the time to look he would have backed away but he was too high to see anything beyond lust.

Nakul stared at the tense scene from the door, his tray laden with Geet’s breakfast started to shake in his hands. He screamed to the other servants but all that came out of his throat was a squeak.
Shaking like a leaf, he threw the tray down ready to jump onto Anwar’s back to help Geet, but before he could even step forward, Geet moved so fast, reversing positions propelling Anwar hard and fast into the cupboard door and pulling him back with the same momentum she flipped him over.

Anwar lay on the floor wide eyed and frightened, looking up at this slim woman wondering what happened, one minute he had her in his hand and the next thing he had been thrust into a cupboard door and somehow he was lying on the floor in pain and unable to move.

Nakul’s jaw fell open for a moment, then a huge grin lit his little face as Geet gathered up her things and on the way out said to him, “Make sure you take this kaachra out of my room Nakul and lock it afterwards!”

Morningggggggggg Sunday sundae is here again! Jeez u say. The story moves along now the truth is out life for Anwar and Ajeet may not be as safe as they think. Hehehe! Jane laughs like gabbar, tera tou bahut kuch hone wala hai kaaliya ;)))))

Dark clouds are gathering for them sure as the sun shines ;)) I hope you enjoy, do comment, love to read them. Thanks for sticking with this serial I hop eu guys are enjoying ;))

Morningggggggggg Sunday sundae is here again! Jeez u say. The story moves along now the truth is out life for Anwar and Ajeet may not be as safe as they think. Hehehe! Jane laughs like gabbar, tera tou bahut kuch hone wala hai kaaliya ;)))))

Dark clouds are gathering for them sure as the sun shines ;)) I hope you enjoy, do comment, love to read them. Thanks for sticking with this serial I hop eu guys are enjoying ;))

Chap 62

Ajeet reached the top of the stairs to see what the commotion was, Geet brushed past him with fire in her eyes. Reaching their room he saw Nakul dancing about hopping from one foot to another around Anwar who lay on the floor.

“Yeh sab kya hai?” He gasped in shock. Just as the others Nakul had called for ran in.

“She hurt me!” Howled Anwar. “OWWW! My back!”

“Idiot!” Ajeet scowled down at him. “Nakul, you and you!” he pointed to the servants, “pick him up and take him back to his room.” he didn’t want to go into why all this happened in front of the servants. Ajeet groaned inwardly as they lifted him awkwardly whilst Anwar screamed and hollered in pain. For the first time since coming up with this plan he was regretting Anwar’s role. It had been specifically designed so that even if his mother realised that he was a scoundrel she would never turn out another grandson out of the house. But this idiot was bent on ruining everything!

As they soon as the servants closed the door behind them, Ajeet turned to Anwar who lay still moaning on the bed.

“You are the biggest idiot alive. What were you doing in her room? What if Maan had been around do you know what could have happened? You probably would have been on the way to the hospital by now on a stretcher!”

“Waise yeh saali koi kum nahi hai!” Anwar grumbled rubbing the large bump on his head. “She looks skinny and frail but she packs a punch.”

Ajeet poured himself a measure of whiskey that Anwar had stashed in a cupboard.

You promised me I would live in luxury and get anything I want in this haveli! The servants refuse to get me drink saying Geet madam has forbidden it! I cant get money off anyone but you and you are such a miser. I am fed up off this. Either get your hands on the loot and lets get out of here or I tell them everything.

Are you threatening me! Ajeets eyes narrowed. Saap ke saath deal karne ke yahe problem hai he thought.

Take it how you want. I am fed up I want to go back to that Casino and have some fun, at least I am going to get some action there.

A speculative look came in Ajeet’s eyes and he suddenly beamed. “Haan lets go, we had a good time there didnt we yesterday.”

Groaning in pain Anwar managed to get off the bed and get dressed. Thank god bhuddha maan gaya, nahi tou he would surely go out of his mind here in this prison.

Pandey’s smile was wide, it showed off his paan stained red teeth to perfection. “Tou khabar saachi laya hai na. Those two in the Casino were Maan’s father and brother.”

“Yes boss!” Shankar nodded and his bald head bobbed up and down like a tennis ball.

“Good… good, keep a man there as soon as they come again I want you to tell me. I wonder how much Maan would pay to get his new found father released?”

“Wow boss what a great plan.”

“Of-course.” Pandey grinned “that’s why I am boss!”

Shankar grinned, yeah Pandey would love to think he was that bright, but Shankar remembered the last time he had run from Maan Singh Khurana with his tale between his legs, having to hide out for months on end when had managed to get himself get himself released by hook and crook.

“But boss Maan Singh Khurana is straight as an arrow, how come his father and brother are in a casino. I didn’t think people like that came to places like Casino Lucky.”

“What does it matter? I am glad they are all not white as white it makes our job easier for us. Once I get a hold of those two I will squeeze Maan Singh so tight he will have a hard time even breathing. He will cough up all his money and I will finally escape from here.”

Shankar stared at Pandey, so that was his plan! Well that suited him fine. He would help him kidnap them and once the money came in he would hand over Pandey to the police after that the gang and territory would be all his.

“Er boss I will go there myself and call you when they are there.”

Pandey grinned and nodded. Already wondering which country he would make his new home.

Geet ran into the conference room completely out of breath. The receptionist had just told her Mr Shah had come in to chat to them about the final finish. Everybody was excited at the projects near completion. Mohanji sat on one side of Mr Shah beaming at Geet.

“I am so sorry I am late,” she breathed “I got held up in traffic.” Coming up with a quick excuse. The fact was that Anwar’s attempt had thrown her for six. All the way here she had been debating whether to tell Maan or not, deciding the latter. In a few days Anwar and Ajeet’s days at the house would be over, no point giving Maan more heartache to add to his troubles.

Maan nodded from the end of the table his eyes following her into the room. She seemed to walking in a daze. Her eyes scanned the room missing the empty seat next to him completely, which he was nodding to and she slid her self in an empty chair in between Adi and Pinky where she used to sit before the marriage.

Mr Shah continued. “Geet as I was saying, we are very pleased with the development, your ideas about conservation and new materials, has boosted interest, and with KC as the developers we have hit a record high in sales. All the units have been sold already !” Mr Shah continued.

There was a huge round of applause as Mr Shah smiled widely.

“I need you to go the site Geet, Maan and look around make sure everything is finished to your satisfaction.”

“Yes, we will go this afternoon.” Maan confirmed.

“Daadima?” Geet couldn’t help herself.

Maan threw her an exasperated look. “Adi and Pinky will take care of her, I have already discussed it with them.”

“Really?” Wide eyed she wondered how they would keep daadima ‘entertained.’

“Really!” Maan repeated sarcastically giving her a look that said no more discussion on this matter. Subject closed Maan got back to matters at hand.

“And yes we will do a thorough check, if there is anything we will let Mr Darbari know.”

“Haan, we will relay the details to Mohanji.” Geet repeated smiling at Mohanji. Mohanji beamed with joy at Geet.

Why did she insist on using his first name! Maan glared at her.

“And as soon as you to give the all clear we are having a party to wet the baby’s head as it were. All of KC are invited.”

Why was he glaring at her like that, what did she do now?

“Good, good! Now I had better run, I promised Sunita that I would get home early, Sonali and her brother are here again from the states. You remember them don’t you Geet? Maan?

Geet glared back at Maan, oh yes she remembered Sonali very well! Looking around at Adi and Pinky for backup, but the both of them and everybody else had broken out in huge grins at the prospect of a party.

“Err Thank you, Sir.” Maan said, “I am sure they will all be pleased.” He stared at Geet why was she glaring at him like that? She was the one beaming like a groupie at ‘Mohanji.’ and she had ignored him completely and sat somewhere else.

“Accha! That is settled then. I will wait to hear from you.” He rose nodding at Maan. Shaking hands they all filed out of the conference room. Everybody else rose to follow them out.

“Err Geet, wait.” Maan called as she rose to go out with Pinky and Adi.

“Maan, I need to rush. If we want to go to the site this afternoon, I just need to finish off a few bits of work.”

“Geet!” He sent another dark look that said everything else could wait. “Are you OK?”

How did he always catch her out. The events of earlier played in her mind like a real time film.

“No….err …yes, of-course why do you ask.” She turned away from him trying to look busy collecting her papers.

Those laser eyes scanned her face, taking his time. “Maan really,” she glanced at her watch. “I need to finish some emails before we head out.”

He nodded sensing there was something she was hiding, but it could wait, he would get it out of her sooner or later. Then a thought struck him and dark colour rose in his cheeks as he walked up to her and softly asked, “err Mishty, I didn’t hurt you did I …I know I was…”

Startled at his line of thought she went beetroot at the erotic images that filled her brain. “Maan! No I am fine, really. And you would never hurt me, even unintentionally.” she breathed out on a whisper.

A sexy lopsided grin broke on his lips. His eyes blazed warmly at those remembered moments. “After all you did to me and with me, you are still blushing my Mishty?”

Still beetroot red she gazed into his warm smiling eyes and flew out of the room leaving him beaming.

“Boss! They are here! They are here!” Shankar’s excited voice came down the line.

“Kameena! Kisske liye tumne mujhe jagaya?” Groggy from his afternoon nap Pandey screamed into the phone.

“Maan’s father and brother! Boss! What shall I do?”

Pandey sat up quickly. His eyes opening wide, yeah hue na baat. Now his plan would come into fruition!

“You just keep an eye on them, I will be there soon.”

“Shiva lets go!!!! Chalo we need to get cracking.” Pandey moved his ample body quick as he could into his van with dark windows.

They drove at breakneck speed to the Casino arriving an hour later in the dingy part of town where the casino fitted in quite well in-between the dancing girl bars and other gambling dens.

“Shankar mein aa gaya hoon.” Pandey told him through the mobile. “Are they still here?”

“Haan boss the are still playing. But losing badly. I think they look as if they are going to give up soon.”

“We will be ready and waiting outside. When they come out make sure you don’t lose them. I have Shiva with me, we will grab them as they soon as they come closer.”

Ajeet lost another round. “Curse this place!” he moaned. Glancing at his brand new Omega funded by Maan he groaned.

“Chalo,” he said to Anwar, “lets go! Bhudia will have come back by now. We should be there as we were not there yesterday, I had to make up a lot of excuses.”

Anwar made a face. “Cant we go and find some action?”

Ajeet laughed as Anwar tried to get up moaning and groaning. “You think you could actually be up to getting any action today? Look at the state of you, Geet certainly did a good job on you!”

“Don’t speak her name! Bitch, I will teach her a lesson you mark my words.”

“Hmmmm…”Ajeet speculated, Anwar was an out an out coward, there was no way he was going to go near Geet again. But to humour him he said, “Maybe one day, but for now you will have to play the contrite brother in law. Go up to her and apologise immediately you see her.”

They walked out into the late afternoon heat, Ajeet stretching his arms and blinking to adjust his eyes as the casino had been so dark.

“How are we going to get the keys to the safe?” Anwar asked.

“I will think…”

Before he could even finish his sentence a van pulled up and two very large men got out, they pulled both him and Anwar right into the van and in seconds they were bound and thrown into the van floor.

“Hellppppppppppp! Hellpppppppppppppppp!” Ajeet screamed, Anwar could only croak, he was just too scared. But in place like that in front of a casino where this sort of thing happened everyday hardly anyone batted an eyelid.

Pandey grinned down at them both with his best smile.

“Welcome! I have been looking forward to meeting you Mr Ajeet Singh Khurana! And you must be Maan’s brother!” He slapped Anwar down with a heavy hand as he tried to struggle and scream.

Pandey sniffed the air, making a disgusted face.

“Arrey! Kameena! Chi Chi! What have you done!” He glared at Anwar who had just relieved himself all over the floor.

“You surely cant be Maan Singh Khuaran’s brother, chi! Even Maan Singh’s biwi fights like a tigress” Pandey said with reluctant admiration.

Anwar knew all about that at first hand.

“And you! Chi!” he kicked Anwar hard in the side making him sob and squeal uncontrollably. “I hope Maan Singh decides that you are worth paying for, otherwise !” he made a gesture with his hand that showed him slitting his throat.

It was just too much for Anwar, with a terrified sob, his bowels let go completely.


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      July 22, 2013 at 5:13 pm

      Thanks Chetna lovely comments ;)) Yeh will do one day dunno when though.

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    • janememe

      July 22, 2013 at 5:12 pm

      lol Savitha u want him to get permanently damaged ;)) Violent woman ;))

      • Savitha

        July 23, 2013 at 9:26 am

        Ohhhh yeah..permanently damaged where it matters..anwar shd not be able to look at any.other woman, let alone lust 😉

      • janememe

        July 23, 2013 at 3:02 pm

        hahahhaha Savitha ;))

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    July 23, 2013 at 1:53 am

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    • janememe

      July 23, 2013 at 3:02 pm

      Lol chill babes ;)) Anwar wil get his due.

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    • janememe

      July 24, 2013 at 7:28 pm

      Thank you Annie 😉 I am working hard to improve quality ;)))

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      Welcome Kalyani ;)) Glad u enjoyed!

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      Lolllll Anwar is pathetic ;))) Fikker not sweets aage aage padhna when I write it up! LOLLL Thanks for your comments always encouraging ;))

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    • janememe

      July 28, 2013 at 11:43 am

      hahahaha yes beechara Anwar, bahut kuch pain main hai ;)) Exactly Savitha u got it ;)) party party party ke liye abhi time baaki hai ;))

      • savitha.

        July 29, 2013 at 5:32 am

        ya ya..Maan & Geet need time for shopping for the party too na 😉 tere mast mast do nain, mera dil ka legaye chain!!!!!!!! ❤

      • janememe

        July 29, 2013 at 9:14 am

        LOLLLLLLLL shopping ?/ abhi tou do chaar gunde ko neepat le phir shopping ;)) heheheh

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    • janememe

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      me too…lets hope he gets his due ;)) Hmm would Maan even bother to pay – I wouldnt LOLLLLLLLL

  16. shagu123

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    • janememe

      July 28, 2013 at 6:51 pm

      Pandey is astute ;)) maybe or he is just guessing. i hope I am keeping you guessing ;))

  17. anupamachem

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    • janememe

      July 28, 2013 at 6:52 pm

      Nahhhhhhh why would he pay for low life ;)) aww sweet thanks for your comments 😉

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    Hahaha, Maan wont even give a broken glass ka tukda for the 2 of these leeches… He wud instead tell Pandey to kill them and lower his job and not spoilhis image… Lol… ;P
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    Awesome part… :))
    Almost 80K viewers n readers, congrats girl, u r rocking….
    Muahhhhh,loads of love, hugs n kisses… 🙂 😀 :* :* ❤ ❤ ❤

    • janememe

      July 28, 2013 at 6:56 pm

      Awww TJ thanksssssssss doll. yeah what an awesome quality in your other half ;)) SIgh….. but then Maan is special isnt he…just as Geet can read him, he can read her- well at least in my TPR they can ;))

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    • janememe

      July 29, 2013 at 9:17 am

      Thanks babes ;)) Lots of complaining still to do ;)) thanks for you fab comments nice to see u all reading with interest 😉

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      July 29, 2013 at 9:17 am

      Thanks Kalyani abb sunday ke wait karo not long now ;))

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    • janememe

      August 19, 2013 at 7:01 pm

      thanks Mansia – Lol Lara! I love Lara!

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    May 18, 2016 at 2:11 pm

    Mja aagya love it

    • janememe

      May 23, 2016 at 6:23 pm

      Ohh Thank u! New reader?


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