TPR chap 65- Taken! In front of his own eyes!

Morninggggggggggggg ppls Sunday Sundae for your delectation yet again. September is here OMG! Autumn will be here soon, I have been writing this forever ;)) Strap up your seatbealt this epi is actionnnnnnnful ;)) (is that a word) there will be fall out and maybe a laugh out loud too! Enjoyyyyyyy and please dont forget to comment, cos if you stop commenting I will stop writing (grrrrrrrr) , thinking that nobody wants to read! Love ya guyssssssss ;))

Chapter 65.

Arriving at the dhabba they saw the two brothers sitting and chatted in animated voices about an incident that had happened earlier.

“Aree, they are all goondas na…!”

“Haan, Jeeti tum saach bolte ho, they are not people we like in our dhabba but kya kare.”

“Baach ke rehna Tejbhai.”

Tej pulled out a huge danda from behind his seat, “meri basanti hai na..dekho…”

“Hahahaha..Bhaiyya, yeh danda aur naam Basanti.”

“She makes everyone talk and scream so loud!” Tej laughed.

The dhabba looked busier now as it was getting later and more truck drivers were finishing their shift and arriving to have food. Maan went up to the Saardarji, “Thank you for the loan of your Yamaha, is the car fixed?”

“Oh yes Saab! All done.” Grinning, he got up and started walking towards the car.

Maan followed him to their parked car and the mechanic opened the bonnet and started to explain to him what he had done. Maan nodded, he knew he could have done the repair if he’d had the right tools. Just as the mechanic finished his explanation Maan’s phone seem to pick up a signal and beeped frantically.

“Thank god!” He muttered fishing out his phone and checking the calls. There were several missed calls from Major Saab, Daadima and Adi.

The signal looked strong so he pressed the dial back button for Adi, which had been the last call.

“S….S Sirrr!” Adi screamed into the phone. “Thank god you called!”

“Adi calm down! What happened?” Adi sounded as if he was in a box running at full speed.

“Daadima knows everything, Major Saab, files…..” Adi reeled off everything so quickly Maan had to tell him to calm down twice before he could understand what he was trying to tell him. His mind was only half there as the other half was thinking thank god daadima knew. It was a blessing really, keeping it all from her was hard.

“Where is daadima now?” He wondered if she was still at the office.

“S….S…SIR!!! that’s the problem, she has gone off with Major Saab! And myself and Pinky are following her.”


“Yes! Major Saab said he had some idea off where Ajeet and Anwar might be being held! And although she said she is not interested in paying a ransom she says she had to see Ajeet!”

“Held? What are you babbling about Adi?” Maan growled.

“I…….f….forgot to tell you they have been kidnapped!”


Maan’s head spun. He had only been gone a few hours and it seemed all hell had broken loose.

“I….It was Pandey’s m…men!” Adi stammered remembering his very close eventful encounter with them.

“Pandey!” Maan growled. This man just wouldn’t go away.

The Saardarji’s ears pricked up, he moved closer to Maan.

“Where are you all headed Adi?”

“Err…” Adi looked around, “we are on the road that leads to P..P..Parth township.”

“You are coming this way!” Maan looked up to see if he could spot them. “Adi I am at a dhabba not far from there, so come here, I will call Major Saab to come here too. I don’t want daadima to be pursuing Pandey into his lair!”

“S..she is adamant, not listening to anyone!” Adi stammered back.

Maan knew just how stubborn his daadima could be, but Pandey was dangerous.

“You just come here Adi!” He growled, according to Adi they were not far, so should be visible soon he thought.

He terminated the call and dialled Major Saab but the signal died again. Damn it! Where was Geet? She had said she was going to the washroom. He tried Major Saab again but with no luck.

The Saardarji questioned, “did you say Pandey saabji, that politician?”

“More crook then politician,” Maan growled.

“That’s the one, his van is over there look, his men are there too, over there..” the Saardarji pointed to some huts a little way up the road. Maan could vaguely make out two or three men.

“They were here earlier, seems somebody had messed up their car, they dragged him out, kicking and beat him while they poured water over him, then bundling him up they threw him back in the Van and drove off, now they have come for their usual evening pan beedi at that hut.”

His brain worked fast, fear struck him suddenly.“Where exactly is your washroom? Maan questioned with some urgency.

“Its just near over there,” the Saardarji pointed out, pointing to near where Pandey’s men were, his face puzzling at why Saabji suddenly looked so worried.

Maan’s heart sank, at that moment he saw Geet appear from behind a small outbuilding, they also saw her. One of the men suddenly got up and was looking at her walking by with a great deal of interest. Maan’s fist clenched, If he shouted now they would definitely know it was her. He saw another larger one of them getting up and start walking behind her, shouting out her name, she turned and looked.

Shankar couldn’t believe his luck, first Anwar and Ajeet and now Geet! Aaaj tou usske lottery laag gaye. Giving a whoop of a shout he ran towards her at full speed.

“Van start karo!” he screamed at his men as he saw Maan running towards them in the distance.

Geet broke into a run as soon as she realised who it was towards Maan, she could see him but he was too far for either of them to do anything. Suddenly she was lifted right off her feet and thrown over Shankar’s shoulder.

Maan was running full speed at them but he was too far.

“GEETTTTTTTTTT!” He screamed unable to do anything as the man’s van pulled up next to him, and he threw a struggling fighting Geet into the van and it speed off away from him.

Both the Saardarji brothers stood with their mouths open, in 20 years of running this dhabba nothing like this had ever happened to them.

His wife Pammi ran up to him and shook him. “Humare dhabbe pe se laadki ko le gaye Tejji!”

“OYEEEEEE!” Tej piped up shaking out of his astonished stupor, “humare dhabbe se ladke ko legaya!!!! Humne kya chudiya pehne hai! Bhaiyyo chalooooooooo! Pammi you look after the place, hum Saab aur uske biwi ko leke aate hai!”

All the others that had been sitting around eating and drinking tea all rallied as they too were astonished at the turn of events and ran to Tej.

Maan was running full speed back to them to get to his car, but the mechanic shouted at him, “Saabji here take my bike! It will be faster! We will follow you in the car!” He threw the keys to a sprinting Maan who gratefully caught them and jumped on the bike speeding off after the van that was vanishing in the distance.

Adi saw the commotion from a distance, he could see people were running about jumping into cars, he screeched to a halt.

“Bhaiyya what happened?” he shouted at someone, anyone who would answer.

“Koi ladke ka kidnap ho gaya!”

“Uska naam tha Geet!”piped up a little boy who had served her earlier, Geet had given him a big tip. “Do chaar goonde usske utha ke legaye! They are all following to get her back!”

“GEET!” Pinky squeaked, “OMG!”

“P…Pinky d…daarna maat, we will save G…Geet!” Adi stammered as he followed the wake of the cars as they all raced down the road.

Maan raced like a madman trying to catch with the van, but it was racing ahead. He just couldn’t believe that it had all happened in front of his own eyes. One minute she was walking towards him and the next minute she had vanished into the van. He knew that moment would live with him forever, he had failed to save her at that moment. He shook his head to clear those thoughts, now was not the time for remorse, he had to get to her and save her from Pandey. He was hard on their trail and he knew that the Saardarji’s were all behind him, if somewhat at a distance. They sped past road after road, he kept up with the van.

“Shankar I can’t lose that biker! Who is he?”

“Must be her ashiq!” Shankar growled as pulled out a menacing looking gun.

Geet tried to sit up from where she had been pushed into the seat, but he roughly pushed her down again. “Kameeni! Sit still! This time we are really going to have fun with you!”

“Shankar leave her for a moment and see if you can get rid off him!” Shouted the driver.

Shankar opened a window and started shooting at Maan. Horrified, Geet used her lying down position on the seat to aim a real hard kick at Shankar’s arm that was pointing the gun out of the window. It slammed against the side with a crack.

“OWW!” Shankar screamed having dropped his gun outside of the window.

“Bitch!” He turned and slapped Geet hard, cutting her lip and making it bleed, but she just smiled, as long as Shankar had lost the gun, he couldn’t hurt Maan.

“Lose him somehow, we are getting close to the adda!”

The van driver swerved and went down small roads that scattered people and carts in his wake. It was a tight squeeze but he knew these roads well and he used that to his advantage. Maan followed like him like a shadow and then a thought struck him so he slowed his speed and hung back slightly, pretending to take the wrong turn.

“Hah! I managed to lose him!” The driver laughed triumphantly.

“Good!”Shankar nodded, “we have lost him, now go straight to the boss! He will be so happy to see Geet.”


“Jeeti! Aaree O! You know where this Pandey’s adda is?” Tej asked, he was driving with some difficulty as he was squashed against the window by no less than four men squeezed into the front, one of then practically on his lap and another who was shifting gears for him as he was sitting on them! There were another six big men in the back all holding batons, and dandas, two were even holding swords.

“Haan Tej bhaiyya, I know because I have had to go and repair their Van and some cars there before.” Jeeti managed to squeak from inside of a truck drivers very smelly armpit.

“Thank God, because I have lost sight of that Saabji and the Van!”

“No problem, we will get there.” Jeeti groaned, managing to open the window so he could breath some fresh air.

Adi followed in their wake with a panicking Pinky besides him.

“P…P…Pinky stop panicking and call Major Saab and tell them what has happened. Use my phone his number is programmed in.”

Pinky nodded taking Adi’s phone and pulled up Major Saab’s number,with shaking hands she pressed call, thankfully she got through on the first try.

“Adi?” Major Saab spoke softly.

“N..No! Its Pinky! Major Saab, they have kidnapped Geet as well!”

“Geet? How?” Major Saab rubbed his forehead in a gesture of incredulity as Pinky relayed the information to him. “Don’t worry Pinky we have reached Pandey’s hideout, I am just waiting for some of my men to come and then we are going in.”

“Is daadima there?”

“Yes she is and she is safe.”

“Pinky I have to go, there is van pulling up!” He terminated the call as he saw the van pull up.

“Geet?” Savitridevi whispered, what was that about Geet? As they all peeped out of the car they were hiding in.

And then as her eyes adjusted to the dusky light she saw a large man drag out a kicking fighting woman and drag her into the building, he was so rough, hitting her several times. Then as they stood waiting for the door to be opened Daadima saw who it actually was.

“Geet! Dear God! They have Geet!” Daadima nearly pushed opened the door to run out but Major Saab stilled her. “Savitridevi haste wont help, my men will be here in ten fifteen minutes. Geet will be fine till then, anyhow Pandey wants ransom so he wouldn’t harm her.”

“But! Geet!”

Major Saab stilled her as he heard another noise and she peeped again and saw Maan pull up a little way back on his bike. He dismounted and stealthily went up to the building hiding behind whatever he could to get a look into a window. They saw him try to see it if it was open, no luck, then he moved back behind the building out of sight.

Maan! Savitridevi hoped and prayed fervently that her two children would be safe. The reason she was here at all was to see Ajeet caught by Major Saab and punished for his deeds. Her hands clenched and unclenched, she blinked rapidly keeping her tears at bay.

Major Saab whispered, “Savitridevi please don’t worry, I will not let anything happen to them, they are both like my children, I am very fond of them both.”

She nodded at Major Saab with a weak smile. Her heart was beating very fast, her conscience pricked her badly. In pursuit of Ajeet she had brought all this to their happy lives. Two more cars pulled up and they watched in astonishment as no less then ten huge Saardaji’s fell out of one of them.

“Isnt that Maan’s car?” Savitridevi asked astonished to see all of them with batons and swords, and even more astonished to see Adi and Pinky jump out of another car behind them and fall in with all those people, they were standing around in a huddle whispering very loudly about what to do.

“Saale Pandey! Broad daylight mein ladke uthwata hai!” Tej growled threatening the air with Basanti. “Chalo bhaiyyo lets find a way in, looks like saab has already gone in.”

“Who are they all?” Major Saab muttered, flummoxed to see all these people.

Major Saab stared in astonishment and jumped out of the car to try and quieten the chaos, Pandey was going to know very soon that he had been caught!

“Adi!” Major Saab called, “Bhaiyyo! Shhhh! We don’t want to alert Pandey!”

But the men were all too excited to listen they were spilling out everywhere looking into windows and talking excitedly. Major Saab ran in front of them to try and quieten them.


Quietly Maan followed the corridor, he had managed to find an open window at the back. He could hear the voices of men laughing in the distance, he came out on to a balcony. Underneath him he could see Pandey was laughing and smiling. Pandey paced around Geet who stood defiantly between Shankar and another man they were holding her arms either side. Ajeet and Anwar were sitting in a corner looking like they’d had a real good beating.

“Wah! Wah! You have out done yourself Shankar! Where did you pick her up from? Geet you do look so good!” He put out his podgy hands and trailed his fingers down her face.

“Get lost!”Geet’s eyes sparked at him furiously.

Although her hands were being held fast, she managed to kick out at him landing a kick on his thigh.

Pandey laughed and slapped her with the back of his hand, “ You wont get away from me! Today you and me are going enjoy getting close up.”

That is never going to happen Pandey! I would rather die than let you touch me!

Roughly he grabbed her chin and pulled her towards him, Geet twisted and tried to move away but his hands were everywhere, he groped her, bile rose up in her throat as his face came so close as he tried to kiss her.

“Atom bomb hai! Where did you pick her up from Shankar!”

Up in the balcony, red mist clouded Maan’s brain as he saw what was being done to Geet, he stood up and moved so he was directly above Pandey.

Shankar puffed up with pride, “at the dhabba place boss! She was just walking past us!” He replied in an excited voice.

“Dhabba? And she was alone?” Pandey quizzed his brow creased.

“Nahi boss! Her Maan was there but we lost him in the chase!”

For a full minute Pandey stood shocked to core his eyes wide and staring at shankar then he screamed. “You mean you led Maan Singh Khurana to our hideout! Kutta…. Kameena! You Ghaada! He grabbed Geet pulling her against him like a shield and looked around in fear.


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  1. druhi

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      Mansia true that ;)) yup she has many who have rallied to the rescue, its gonna be action packed next week too!

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    What an intense and funny update Jane, loved the dhaaba scene the most, arms and brothers 🙂 kash my lub gullu reaches the same place before the actual showdown, then it would be even more fun 🙂 Thank you Jane for weaving the magic yet again :-* :-*

    • janememe

      September 2, 2013 at 3:50 pm

      Hww Thanks Anniekins ;)) Gullus is busy making kachories- usska bhi din aayega fikker not ;)) Abb to Ajeet and Anwar ka kuch ho jayee ;)) Thanks for liking doll ;))

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      Thanks Tanvi ;)) yup we move at a fast paceeeeeeeeeee ;)) pandey ke tou waise ke taise 😉 Yup Geet n Maan – yin n yang ;))

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    hawwwwww..where is my comment gone :o..anyways will write again..loved loved the action packed episode..and poor maan..what a shock to see his geet kidnapped right in front of his eyes 😦 ofcourse we know that he will chun chun ke badla lega..and want a huge huge kick to anwar from geet pleejjjj…get set….action!!!!!

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      Savitha chun chun ke lol .. love those words…but there is still loads to go Anwar ko bhi! OK Ok no problems ek kick Savitha ke taraf se bhi proxy geet ;)) Thanks for your comment ;))

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